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CBS isn‘t doing a whole lot with dramas for the 2013-2014 TV season. With only three new dramas ordered, it‘s the smallest scripted drama order in more than five years. But they don‘t need it.  Read more »
CBS is the first network to announce its premiere dates for the Fall 2013 season. As usual, the most efficient network on TV will launch nearly all of its shows in a single week starting Monday, September 23, with Survivor and the new sitcom We Are Men as the only outliers.  Read more »
CBS Studio has announced the CW and CBS shows that will have panels at this year‘s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), including the new summer hit Under the Dome, fan-favorite Beauty and the Beast, and two new shows Intelligence and Star-Crossed . The event takes place in San Diego from Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21 Read more »
The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con will be here before we know it, so to help you plan for the big event, take a look at all of the television-related panels and event information for Thursday, July 18. Read more »
Josh Holloway returns to TV in CBS‘ Intelligence. Playing Gabriel, the first human with a supercomputer microchip in his brain, he is able to access and hack information anywhere at any time, thus becoming the most important piece of technology the country has ever seen. Clearly an advantage over the USA‘s enemies, his unpredictable behavior and knowledge value leaves him needing to be protected from others and himself. TV fans were treated to a special pilot screening of Intelligence at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 with a Q&A with the cast and executive producers. There was frequent applause and laughter. Here are three things to know about Intelligence. Read more »
CBS brings its own version of a futuristic drama series where man is the machine with its new show Intelligence.  Lost‘s Josh Holloway plays Gabriel, a man who is organically connected to the world‘s information grid  (telephone, internet, and satellite) using a chip implanted into his brain. From tapping into satellite feeds to hacking into enemy systems, Gabriel can mentally process any type of Intel, making him the perfect government agent. One of the ways he shows off his new abilities in the First Look video is his use of facial recognition. Just by taking one look at a person, he can visually pull up every documented record of their life - criminal records, text messages, test scores, and the like. Described as a "super spy who has a unique superpower" by Executive Producer Tripp Vinson, Gabriel is the all American hero that doesn‘t always play by the rules.  Read more »
CBS has a new show hitting your television screen this week. Intelligence is about a former member of the elite Delta Force who becomes the greatest asset of the United States government. He had a computer chip put into his head that allows him to access information databases, satellite feeds, and much more. Read more »
CBS‘s new show Intelligence hit the ground running in its series premiere.  As promised in the preview, we see Gabriel (Josh Holloway) trekking through the Himalayas, where he was sent to deliver a computer virus. He stops in a clearing, taking off all of his gear to look at the big satellite in the distance. As the Internet chatter fades in, you already know he‘s tapping into it.The info he‘s receiving manifests all around him in bits and pieces, from criminal records to a large room where people are frozen in time. The focus goes to Amelia Hayes, a sweet picture of her and Gabriel floating across the screen. Instead of the sweet face smiling in the picture, we her frozen, holding a rifle. Before we get anymore info on who she is and where she is, his downloading is interrupted when he is captured by men with guns.While being interrogated by a man speaking very good English, we learn that Gabriel tapped into their information systems. They tracked the signal to him but of course couldn‘t find any electronic equipment on him. They ask him where it is and Gabriel responds by telling him about the married girl he gets coffee from -- information he had no way of knowing otherwise. While his captor is thrown off his game, the digitally locked door is opened. Gabriel makes a Jason Bourne type of escape, taking out a few men before running into the forest. He seems to know exactly where he‘s going until he comes to a cliff. Realizing he has no place to go, he takes the crazy route -- off the cliff into the rushing waters below. Read more »
In the Intelligence premiere, we were introduced to Gabriel, a man with a chip in his head. He‘s the countries most important asset and integral to the national security of America. In the show‘s second episode, "Red X," the Clockwork team go into high gear to stop a suicide bomber. Read more »
Intelligence keeps the action and intrigue roller coaster going in its second episode. While a lot of questions get answered, even more pop up, proving that nothing really is what it seems. This episode is a little low on action, but the twists and the overlapping plot lines kept you watching -- not wanting to miss a thing! Read more »
Intelligence didn‘t hold anything back in its first two episodes. It‘s been a show full of action and shockers. BuddyTV jumped on the phone to talk with PJ Byrne (Nelson) to get the scoop on the show, what‘s coming up and whether or not there is a sibling rivalry between Nelson and Gabriel.  Read more »
This week‘s episode of Intelligence picks up where the season premiere left off, bringing Mei Chin and Amos back into the picture. We have a hunt for a rogue CIA agent, a grieving Gabriel, and Agent Riley who seems to be the only one who can keep the super agent on task. Read more »
Intelligence moved the story along quickly by partnering Gabriel with Riley in the premiere, killing off Gabriel‘s wife in episode 2 and bringing Mei Chen back in episode 3. All of those women have a huge influence over Gabriel‘s life, though in very different ways.  Read more »
Staying true to its fast moving style, Intelligence wastes no time moving on from the Mei Chin craziness and straight into the next crisis. This week‘s mission is to rescue two American journalists  abducted by Syrian terrorists. Suspected as spies, the clock is ticking to save these two from a televised death that could launch the US into another war in the Middle East. With no intel available on the facility where they‘re being held, Riley and Gabriel have to go undercover. Read more »
Gabriel and Riley are tasked with a highly sensitive case when a US Senator‘s daughter is kidnapped by a Mexican drug lord. They have to find and save her before the kidnappers decide to kill the girl in "The Rescue." Read more »
The latest episode of Intelligence opens with the abduction of Mackenzie Bradshaw and her friend Samantha by a Mexican Drug Cartel. Mackenzie is the daughter of Senator Bradshaw, who is the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in DC. It just so happens that he‘s set to vote on the sale of a satellite to Mexico that, if approved, could mean bad business for Hector Villareal and his cartel moving drugs across the US/Mexican border.An interesting twist is that once the senator and his wife watch the video of his girls tied up and being threatened with a chainsaw, he does nothing. So who gets Gabriel and his team on the case?None other than Lillian‘s dad, Leland Strand. Read more »
Like many people who love technology driven action shows, I was psyched when I watched the previews for CBS‘s new show Intelligence. Besides the really cool concept of a man with a computer chip in his brain, I was excited to see two of my favorite actresses Marg Helgenberger (CSI) and Megan Ory (Once Upon a Time) back in action. I tuned into the premiere and, like many premieres, it was less than perfect but promising nonetheless. I was willing to tune into the next episode.Now that we‘re five episodes in, I‘m starting to lose faith in that this show will see a second season at the rate it‘s going. Here are five things we‘d like to see happen this season that just might save itself from cancellation.  Read more »
Gabriel and Riley are sent out to save the world once again on Intelligence, but in "Patient Zero" the threat is worse than another human. It‘s a deadly virus! Is it worth possibly exposing America‘s top weapon, Gabriel, to the virus to save lives? Read more »
In this week‘s episode of Intelligence, a very dangerous and ultimately fatal virus is spreading in Texas. It‘s infecting people at an alarming rate and mutating as it goes from victim to victim. Gabriel and his team need to find the source, aka Patient Zero, so they can synthesize a vaccine and stop it in its tracks. The show‘s opening scene of a convict being put to death by lethal injection puts us right to the heart of an even bigger conspiracy. Read more »
Gabriel‘s become accustomed to the chip in his head on Intelligence, but when a case hits home he begins to question it. In "Size Matters," malicious nanites are programmed to kill scientists. Will Gabriel and Riley be able to stop them before Cassidy is targeted? Read more »
In last week‘s episode of Intelligence, we dealt with a man-made (and very contagious) virus. Just when we thought the dangers couldn‘t get any crazier, Gabriel and his team are up against another tiny but dangerous threat -- nanites that get into the blood stream and cause fatal damage. Tonight‘s target? The world‘s top scientists, who meet their death by inhaling a small container of dust sent to them. Not only is Dr. Cassidy the key to helping stop this really smart bad guy, but he‘s also a target. Read more »
Intelligence gets personal in "Delta Force" when Gabriel is pitted against someone from his military days. Riley and Gabriel are called in to protect a presidential candidate in Bolivia from an assassination attempt. Did his friend go rogue? Or, is there more to the story than Cyber Command knows? Read more »
CBS revealed its schedule for next season, and it‘s very comedy-heavy with four new sitcoms and an extra hour on Thursday to compete with NBC.  Read more »
This week‘s episode of Intelligence starts in La Paz, Bolivia, where an opposition leader is killed while visiting a brothel. His murder is the third in a string of assassinations in a country that controls one of the largest supplies of energy and is looking for a new president. The US government calls on Cyber Command to protect Javier Leon, the moderate candidate they want in office. As the team checks out the intel on all three murders, Gabriel recognizes the man responsible -- his best friend. Read more »
CyberCom is infiltrated, which puts Project Clockwork at risk. Gabriel‘s been indestructible up until this point, but that all could change in "Athens" when his memory is wiped. Instead of relying on his teammates, he trusts Jin Cong and helps the former Chinese spy. Read more »
Intelligence shows us the dark side of advanced technology in this week‘s episode. In the first 10 minutes, Jin Cong (remember him from the premiere?) breaks out of prison, and an EMP hits CyberCom, crashing its network and taking Gabriel‘s memory along with it. With an intro like that, you know things are going to worsen before they get better. Read more »
On this week‘s Intelligence, Cybercom gets called in to investigate a potential terrorist attack when one of the most secure databases is hacked. "Cain and Gabriel" is even more intense for the agents with a loved one in danger. Will Gabriel and Riley be able to stop the chemical attack? Read more »
It‘s Lillian Strand‘s turn to get her heart strings pulled in the latest episode of Intelligence. A computer hacker has gotten into the District of Justice‘s witness protection database to find ex-criminals to do his bidding. One of them is a criminal turned exterminator who gets his hands on dangerous chemicals to be delivered to a chemist named Anton. A trip to the coffee shop turns into a really bad day for him, with the hacker calling his cell and ordering him to do what he says or his family would get hurt. Where does Lillian come in? It‘s all going down in San Francisco -- where her daughter lives. Read more »
Intelligence is on a roll with the computer hacking thing in this week‘s episode "The Grey Hat."  The west coast goes dark thanks to a highly sophisticated cyber worm sucking the life out of the power grid. The only one who could even pull this off is a young and notorious computer hacker named Troy. When he‘s saved from an assassin in his swanky apartment in the first 10 minutes of the show, we know there‘s much more to this story. Read more »
CBS has become the latest network to announce spring 2014 finale dates for its shows. Most end in May, as usual, but two will close out in April and there are even some shows ending as early as the end of March.How I Met Your Mother kicks everything off with its previously announced one-hour series finale on March 31. Mid-season drama Intelligence is closing out its freshman run the same night. Read more »
The season 1 finale of Intelligence jumps right into the action of last week‘s episode. A hurt Gabriel is on the run with Riley and Mei Chin is in tow. Going to the hospital or a government safe house is out of the question, so they go to the only place where anyone would feel safe -- Gabriel‘s mom‘s house. The ex-army field nurse tends to his gunshot wound on her kitchen table and Mei Chin takes his mind to a render of Governor Christy Cameron giving a speech. Another primary win could send Cameron to the White House as president. Before Mei Chin high-tails it out of there, she tells Gabriel that the same government people who tried to kill them are going to kill the governor. Read more »
It‘s a good rule of thumb that if a show wasn‘t one of the 18 that CBS renewed in mid-March, the odds of another season were bad. On Saturday morning CBS cancelled five of its freshman shows while renewing the long-running procedural The Mentalist.  Read more »