Articles for In the Motherhood Season 1

The inimitable Megan Mullally is back on the small screen with In The Motherhood, a comedy about, well, motherhood, plus the “importance of family and friends” for mothers while they try to juggle the multiple roles the have to play in their families, work, and love lives. Mullally, who is best known for drunkard socialite Karen Walker on Will and Grace, headlines the cast of the ABC series, joined by Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Cheryl Hines and Worst Week’s Jessica St. Clair.  In The Motherhood was based on a popular web series of the same name that chronicles the lives of the three mothers as inspired by real-life experiences of viewers shared through ABC’s website. Read more »
Canceled, then bumped.  That seems to be the fate of rookie ABC comedy In the Motherhood.  After announcing that it won‘t be renewing the web-inspired series, it has pushed the burning off of return of In the Motherhood to tonight. Its three-week run was originally slated to kick off June 5 Friday, but instead will start tonight at 8:30pm.  Back-to-back repeats of Samantha Who? will fill its original Friday timeslot, while new episodes of the Cristina Applegate-led comedy will serve as its lead in.  Read more »