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In Plain Sight star Mary McCormack has rebuffed rumors that the new season of the USA series, which kicked off two weeks ago, will focus less on the side characters, particularly her crazy non-traditional mother Jinx (Lesley Ann Warren)."I don‘t think the balance of the show has changed," she said in a conference call. "Lesley Ann is in it quite a bit. I think maybe her contract changed a little, but I think she‘s in it the same amount or maybe a teeny bit less. But certainly, Nichole Hiltz is in it just as much and her boyfriend, who‘s played by Josh Malina, and my boyfriend is Cristian de la Fuente." Read more »
Everyone has a favorite TV crush--and favorite TV girlfriends are no exception. These small-screen paramours generally fall into categories, from the high maintenance chick, the most popular girl in school, the sexy mother figure or the hot vixen who‘s way out of your league. Which one is your type? Why choose just one when you can have them all? Read more »
Laura San Giacomo, who is perhaps best known for playing the role of Maya Gallo on the NBC sitcom Just Shoot Me!, will be joining the cast of In Plain Sight when the drama series returns with new episodes beginning June 2. Read more »
Joe Spano, who currently plays FBI Agent Tobias Fornell on NCIS, will be trading off his uniform for a chance to play a man of cloth on USA Network‘s In Plain Sight, which will conclude its third season on June 30.   Read more »
It looks like Mary Shannon and her crews are saving the best for last. Tonight marks the finale episode of In Plain Sight‘s third season and fans can expect nothing but intense twists and suspenseful turns for one of the best dramas on cable. In the season ender entitled "A Priest Walks Into a Bar," In Plain Sight brings back FBI Agent Mike Faber (Steven Weber) to help work on a case involving a priest played by guest star Joe Spano, who is credited for his roles on Hill Street Blues as Lt. Henry Goldblume and on NCIS as FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell. Read more »
How about some of today‘s TV news in 300 words?USA USA USAThe USA network continues its cable dominance with the renewal of 3 hit shows: White Collar, Psych, and Royal Pains. Add the 3 returning shows to the already renewed: In Plain Sight, Covert Affairs, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Burn Notice, and you‘ve got yourself a real rival network on your hands. At this point, USA crushes in the summertime ratings. Bringing these 7 shows back means USA is looking forward to a hot summer 2011.  But if they are able to work their mojo in the fall, basic network channels need to look out. The network could soon be a major contender. USA has their tone, style, and whatever they‘re putting in the water over there on lock. They have successfully mastered their brand to the point that almost every effort is a hit. [THR]Chuck Lands Rob RiggleChuck‘s 4th season has brought with it a ton of casting news. The show cast Linda Hamilton as Chuck‘s mom, and a whole slew of actresses (Olivia Munn, Summer Glau, Stacy Keibler) to play Greta, the revolving undercover agent. Now we have news that funnyman Rob Riggle (The Daily Show) is set to guest star. Riggle will play Jim Rye, a slightly off CIA agent who is brought in to help Chuck with his spy skills. Too bad Riggle is not one of the Gretas; that would be epic! [Ausiello] Read more »