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As previously reported, VH1 has a new reality series called I Love Money: The Challenge Show that will pit former Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and I Love New York contestants against each other.  You can read about it in this article.Meanwhile, more details have also surfaced the internet regarding the program‘s premiere and premise. Read more »
We recently reported that the contestants of various VH1 reality shows are being called back for yet another turn at love—or is it money?  This time, the contestants have been revealed, and a few of them happen to be some of the most memorable personalities on I Love New York.VH1 gathered a total of 17 contestants from Rock of Love, I Love New York and Flavor of Love to compete in another wacky competition that will put $250,000 up for grabs.  The cast has been officially revealed, and we find that eight out of the 17 contenders are in fact I Love New York alums. Read more »
If you think it’s over for the other women who became part of the crazy second season of Rock of Love, think again.  While Bret Michaels and Ambre Lake are living happily ever after the reunion, the other women are trying to move on with their lives.  Most importantly, our little runner up Daisy dela Hoya is busy pursuing her musical career, with appearances all over the United States.  In fact, Daisy will be heading to destinations such as California, Ohio, Washington, Nevada, Florida, New York and Texas in the coming months.  For more information about venues, check out her official MySpace page.  Meanwhile, some of our Rock of Love ladies are heading back to VH1 to compete for another crazy reality series that puts $250,000 up for grabs. Read more »
It’s no secret that Tiffany Pollard, popularly known as New York, will soon be starring in yet another reality series following two seasons of Flavor of Love and two seasons of I Love New York.  The confirmed spin-off is called New York Goes to Hollywood, which is set to premiere on August 4 and will consist of 10 30-minute episodes that follows New York as she goes through Hollywood to find an acting job.  According to the description, “New York has to put her last conquest, Tailor Made, on the backburner as she tries to take on Tinsel Town."While I Love New York season 2 winner Tailor Made will not be starring in New York Goes to Hollywood, that doesn’t mean that fans won’t be able to get the scoop on their relationship. Read more »
In the past few weeks, we‘ve told you that a few of the ladies who tried to win the heart of Poison frontman, Bret Michaels, on VH1‘s Rock of Love, are jumping straight into an all-new reality contest.  Megan, Destiney, Rodeo and Brandi C. have all decided to return to the wacky world of reality television, this time not for the prospect of romance, but for the comfort of cold hard cash.All four Rock of Love alums join a host of other reality show contestants in the race to win a quarter of a million dollars.  While we‘d previously reported that I Love Money, the new VH1 reality series, was scheduled to begin July 13, the network has since jacked up the premiere a week earlier to July 6. Read more »
The wait is over for the newest television series that pits cast members of realisty dating series such as Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and I Love New York against each other in the pursuit of a fame and $250,000 grand prize as VH1 presents I Love Money tonight at 9pm.  After competing for the heart of Bret Michaels, New York (Tiffany Pollard), or Flavor Flav, its time for these reality TV stars to compete for cold hard cash.The premiere episode of I Love Money picks up after the casting special that aired on July 1. Tonight‘s episode is called “A Very Short Trip” and features the 17 contestants who are set to sail for the remote tropical beach paradise of Huatulco, Mexico.  This group of all star misfits include Heather, Destiney, Real, Chance, Heat, Pumkin, Hoopz, Nibblz, Midget Mack, Mr. Boston, Brandi C., Rodeo, 12 Pack, Toastee, Megan, White Boy, and The Entertainer. Read more »
It‘s almost impossible to find fault with I Love Money, VH1‘s latest foray into the world of pseudo-celebreality. This isn‘t to say it‘s not another deplorable, offensive entry in the genre – it totally is. But from the title alone, you know exactly what you‘re getting. Many contestants from Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love have been accused of only appearing on the shows for fame. I Love Money embraces that shamelessness and indulges in the fact that these people just want fame and fortune. Read more »
Mr. Boston, also known as Lee Marks in real life, has returned to the reality TV circuit following his unsuccessful stint on I Love New York.   Now competing as one of the contestants of VH1‘s I Love Money, he has finally decided to stop wasting time pretending to look for true love when all he really wants is some cold hard cash, just like the rest of the contestants from Rock of Love, I Love New York and Flavor of Love.  In reality, however, he doesn‘t have to look for love as he already is dating someone new. “Well everyone, I‘ve been casually dating a French nanny lately that I met in the gym and let‘s just say things are interesting,” the I Love Money contestants wrote on his VH1 blog. Read more »
Rodeo, a contestant on Rock of Love who is now competing for cold hard cash on VH1‘s I Love Money, will soon be appearing in a series of events.  If you want to meet Rodeo, also known as Cindy Steedle, in the flesh, you can catch her in several happenings starting with the fundraiser on August 9.The I Love Money contestant will be gracing a fundraising project in St. Charles in St. Louis, Missouri for the American Red Cross.  In an effort to help storm victims, Rodeo will serve as the Special Enforcer Referee for the main event, which opens at 5:30pm. Read more »
Looks like VH1‘s formula of bringing together contestants from previous reality shows Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and I Love New York has worked.  The season premiere of I Love Money, which aired last July 6, has helped place the network on top of the reports that the reality show, which pits contestants from its previous seasons against each other for a chance to win a quarter of a million dollars, got around 2.3 million people watching its premiere.  Coupled with another VH1 reality program Brooke Knows Best—which got a little under two million viewers—the network was tops among younger viewers, although the title of cable ratings leader still went to USA Network. Read more »
Previously on I Love Money: A disturbing love triangle with Heat, Destiney Moore and The Entertainer emerged. Because Chance refused to kiss Mr. Boston, the Gold Team won and The Entertainer sent his rival for Destiney‘s affections home.This week on I Love Money, the teams finally seem to have realized the best strategy is to make alliances with the other side, throw a challenge, and get someone you both hate voted off. 12 Pack convinces Brandi C., Megan Hauserman, Destiney and Mr. Boston to lose so that, as team captain, 12 Pack can eliminate Whiteboy. Read more »
If his fans are to be believed, of course, Heat left I Love Money far too early than they hoped.  Despite the abrupt elimination, however, the Queens, New York native still describes his I Love Money experience as “great” and “unbelievable.”"It was unbelievable, really.  I mean, it was great.  I believe I was one of the better characters, in every aspect, from the visual to the comedy aspect to even the drama aspect.  I brought a little bit of juice in each department." Read more »
After a rather embarrassing exit from I Love Money, Mr. Boston says he has had it with reality shows.  The nose-picking exhibitionist says he now enjoys being his goofy self as an accountant.  That, of course, doesn‘t mean he‘ll forget and forgive 12 Pack for what he did, and for those “backstabbing b*tches” that are the girls of I Love Money.“I think I‘ll probably be retiring from the VH1 reality shows now,” he said in an interview.  “Mostly because I Love Money wasn‘t the most enjoyable experience for me.  There‘s not much incentive to keep doing these shows. U nless I get my own show or something crazy like that, or I‘m offered more money, this will probably be my last experience.” Read more »
After being eliminated on I Love Money, Chance may just be hogging the gossip headlines more in the future, as he gets involved in a very delicate incident.Some months back, a sex tape featuring Flavor of Love and Charm School contestant Shay Buckeey Johnson came out.  It runs for barely a couple of minutes and showed Shay giving her alleged boyfriend some oral sex and even taking it from the rear. Read more »
Winner of the first season of Flavor of Love and current I Love Money contestant Hoopz is gracing the cover of the latest issue of King magazine, which doesn‘t only feature her stunning body, but is described as one of the more creative covers in a long time.  It shows Hoopz, real name Nikki Alexander, in a revealing two-piece bursting out of a transparent wall of plastic.King magazine is a monthly men‘s publication that primarily targets the African-American and urban audience.  It features articles on music, often hip-hop and R&B, as well as sports and fashion.  There is also an accompanying interview for the cover model, who is always scantily clad.  The magazine is supposed to be an answer to the proliferation of mainstream men‘s magazine that promotes “stick-figured woman” for its models. King leans towards the more curvaceous, full-figured models. Read more »
“It‘s like a fantasy world.  You‘re stuck mostly in a beautiful mansion; sometimes, like on I Love Money, on a beautiful island.  You‘re trapped in a house with however many other contestants.  This time (on I Love Money) it was boys and girls together.  There were a lot more hookups going on.”So said Hoopz, real name Nicole Alexander, who has moved with boyfriend and professional basketball player Boo Jackson to Blount County in Louisville, Tennessee. Read more »
On the previous episode of I Love Money, the remaining 9 contestants were still reeling from 12 Pack‘s elimination.  After the shocking cut, Heather starts to feel distant from a long-standing alliance with The Entertainer.  The challenge was a particularly disturbing one – the Spit Olympics – reminiscent of Pumkin and New York‘s fight on I Love New York.  Heather was eliminated.Touted as one of the most exciting and bizarre episodes yet, the 10th episode of I Love Money which airs tonight at 9pm on VH1, will see the money-lovers cling to stripper poles for dear life.  Aptly titled “Pole Riders in the Sky,” this challenge becomes a matter of life and death as the loser of the challenge will be eliminated right there and then. Read more »
On this week‘s I Love Money, Brandi C. tearfully announced that she wants to leave the show.  Craig gave her a chance to think over this impulse but Brandi had already made up her mind.  And so, she quit and her check was voided.  While everyone seems baffled by her decision to give up, Brandi C. explains that it was all part of her game plan and the fact that her friendship with Megan means more to her than any amount of money.“After I realized Hoopz was Paymaster, I had a feeling I‘d be targeted just because I would be the easiest person to get rid of without pissing anyone else off.  But Pumkin and Toastee turned on Megan and me that day.  We were doomed,” Brandi C. told VH1 in an interview. Read more »
Pumkin (Brooke Thompson) will always be known as the girl who spit on New York (Tiffany Pollard), which practically made the first season of Flavor of Love good for TV.  At the time, Pumkin‘s failure to tell Flavor Flav about her past appearance on Blind Date led to her elimination at the end of the episode and during the elimination ceremony, a near-brawl occurred between her and New York when Pumkin claimed New York was an aspiring actress.  New York, on the other hand, claimed that Pumkin was calling her out so Pumkin then spit in New York‘s face, and then ran away.Two years later, Pumkin was cast in yet another VH1 reality series, this time on I Love Money. Unfortunately, people still associate Pumkin with saliva.  And while that‘s an odd correlation, Pumkin doesn‘t seem to mind as she credits her spitting incident for her new found fame. Read more »
Tonight, I Love Money concludes its first season after 11 episodes of physical and mental challenges that saw contestants from the first two seasons of Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love compete in attempt to win $250,000. Last week, Craig J. Jackson rehashed the season‘s best moments and showed extended scenes and never before-seen footages, including the romances going on between the cast members, the outrageous game of Truth Or Dare, Entertainer and Pumkin making out, Toastee fighting with her boyfriend on the phone on Valentine‘s Day after kissing Heather, and the extended version of the food fight. Read more »
It‘s all boiled down to this, the I Love Money season finale. One former contestant from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love or I Love New York will win $250,000. It may not be true love, but I‘m sure the winner will be fine with that.The final four contestants are all aware that alliances are completely useless and everyone is alone. Real is scared that his fellow Stallionaire Whiteboy wants to get rid of him. They learn their first challenge is physical, which excites Whiteboy and terrifies Megan. Read more »
Nicole Alexander, popularly known as Hoopz on the reality TV circuit, is best known as the first season winner of VH1‘s Flavor of Love.  And as luck would have it, she is also the recently crowed winner of the first season of I Love Money, the series that featured contestants from the first two seasons of Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love as they compete in physical and mental challenges in attempt to win $250,000.  She seems to have mastered the art of winning competitive series but according to the Tennessee native, she‘s done with reality TV, at least, as a contestant. Read more »