Articles for Howie Do It Season 1

It‘s a deal for Howie Mandel as Howie Do It, an unscripted comedy series which Mandel stars and produces, premieres January 9 at 8pm on NBC.  The network ordered Howie Do It way back in April.  It is a hidden camera series that centers on the Deal or No Deal host as he puts on a disguise to pull a prank on unsuspecting victims. Howie Do It is conceived as a short-term replacement to Deal or No Deal, which currently occupies NBC‘s Friday 8pm timeslot.  The game show will be temporarily removed after the holidays.  According to reports, Deal or No Deal will revert to airing specials rather than take on its regular weekly spot.  It was Mandel who started the game show three years ago in December of 2005. Read more »
Improvisation is one of those skills that have made Howie Mandel so famous.  He gets to improvise on Deal or No Deal from time to time.  But contrary to what most people think, life on the set of the game show isn‘t always fun and games.  Fortunately, his new series, Howie Do It, allows him to have all the fun he wants while playing tricks on unassuming targets. Premiering tonight at 8pm ET/PT on NBC, Howie Do It is a side-splitting one-hour reality show that follows Mandel as he hits the streets and delivers a refreshing and unpredictable new take on the classic TV prank.  In the season opener, Howie and his team pull several outrageous antics on unsuspecting victims, including a singing telegram at a funeral, a dating show gone horribly wrong, and an infuriatingly inept waiter. Read more »