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How did you spend your summer vacation from How I Met Your Mother? Brushing up on the Bro Code? Drawing up various scenarios in which Ted might finally meet his mate? Busy preparing for some legendary baby-making like Marshall and Lily? Or, like Robin, did you sit in a pile of your own filth and let your empty food wrappers slowly enclose you like a tomb of infinite depression?Whatever way you spent your days, last night was a "Big Day" for us all, as HIMYM returned to our lives, and the gang each learned important things about themselves, their relationships and even ... the mother!Here‘s the rundown about "Big Days," plus the best Barney quotes of the night, and a little plot analysis from yours truly.  Read more »
Monday was the official start of the fall season with 12 shows premiering on the major networks. With all networks going head-to-head, the ratings can predict what shows will succeed and which will fail.  Read more »
How about a quick rundown of today‘s TV news in 300 words.Barney‘s Rebound Bro is Back on HIMYMWill Forte didn‘t take too long rebounding from his SNL departure. The MacGruber star is scheduled to reprise his role as Randy in an upcoming episode of HIMYM. Randy will be making Marshall‘s life hell as a helpless paralegal, and Robin will be living with the horror that she may or may not have hooked up with Randy at a Halloween party. Read more »
The ratings for premiere week are always a little inflated due to the excitement of a return, but the second Monday of the fall TV season paints a more accurate picture. Most shows fell in the ratings for week 2, including new shows like The Event, Hawaii Five-0 and even Lone Star.  Read more »
After not-so-subtlety hinting at his daddy issues in last week‘s season 6 premiere, How I Met Your Mother threw Barney into the belly of the beast this week, sending the gang and him to his mother‘s home, where they dredged up old (and false) memories about Barney‘s childhood. Here‘s the this, that and the other about "Cleaning House," plus the best Barney quotes of the night, and my verdict on the episode.  Read more »
Get your Monday off to a great start with some of the latest TV news in 300 words.Joey Fatone to Glee: Hi Hi HiWell this is kind of embarrassing. Former ‘NSYNCer Joey Fatone, has started an online movement to have his boy band‘s music featured on the hit FOX musical Glee. After watching last week‘s Britney episode, Fatone took to his twitter to stage an "‘NSYNC to Glee" campaign. Fatone thinks ‘NSYNC‘s music would be a perfect fit for the show. He kind of has a point. However, here‘s a tip: Let them come to you. Nothing comes off lamer than desperation. Fatone would be better off letting things organically evolve. Let‘s hope creator Ryan Murphy sticks to his script and is not swayed by every washed up pop act who wants to experience the Glee bump. [People]    Read more »
Last night‘s How I Met Your Mother was all about finding closure, but not about any of the stuff we saw in the last two weeks: Barney still doesn‘t have dad-closure, and Marshall and Lily still haven‘t decided when/how to get his parents involved in their pregnancy, and whether to tell their poor kids that Santa isn‘t real. (The answer is NO, they shouldn‘t. Duh.)Instead, we watched as Ted wrestled (but not Mexican wrestled) with Barney‘s wooing of him to be GNB‘s RHQA (resident headquarters architect), and Robin tried to get over what a big, selfish, murderable jerk Don was. Meanwhile, Lily talked a lot about poop. Here‘s what happened in "Barney Always Gets the Yes": Read more »
This week on How I Met Your Mother: It‘s The Amazing Race, New York style! What does that mean? Apparently, a whole freakin‘ lot of Maury Povich. Who knew the man was such an NYC staple? Plus: Marshall turns his journey across the city into a musical "Marshall Versus the Machines" adventure.Here‘s the up, down and all around of last night‘s "Subway Wars": Read more »
... Wait for it ... DARY.All obligatory Barney Stinson jokes aside, I hope you busted out and dusted off your best suits today, boys and hot chicks who like How I Met Your Mother‘s resident fancy-pants ladies‘ man, because today is your holiday. Created by a loyal band of Barney‘s fan-bros, Suit Up Day is the day upon which we honor Barney with our fashion, by fashioning ourselves in Barney‘s likeness. Or, as the official website states, the reason can be even more simple: "Suit up because suits are AWESOME." The website also helpfully lists where and how to wear your suit today: Wear it to work, to school or in the hospital. Wear it anywhere! Make sure to drink in your suit, especially if you can find a bar named McLaren‘s. And, of course, "Play laser tag in a suit.... What up?"CBS can‘t wear a network-sized suit, but they are celebrating the made-up holiday in style: By ordering two additional scripts for How I Met Your Mother‘s sixth season. Does that mean we might get 24 installments of the show this year? This day, like Barney himself, is turning out AWESOME.Get yourself in the holiday spirit with Barney‘s on-air ode to menswear, "Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit": Read more »
Check out this behind the scenes interview (thanks, Zap2It!) with How I Met Your Mother star Colbie Smulders all dolled up as her teen idol past self, Robin Sparkles.How will Robin Sparkles make her return to HIMYM? It‘s even more awesome than you expected: The gang finds footage of a TV show called Space Teens, which Robin Sparkles starred on with her Canadian mentor Alan Thicke and fellow teen queen Jessica Glitter (guest star Nicole Scherzinger)."It‘s just a show about teenagers in space, solving crimes with math," Smulders explains, "which sounds kind of awesome."She‘s right--that does sound awesome. For more about adult Robin‘s upcoming storylines, watch the rest of the interview:  Read more »
Last night‘s How I Met Your Mother introduced the most highly speculated character of the season ... and then, as quickly as Barney could put snake eggs in the basements of our hearts, took her out of the picture as the potential Mother.... Or did it? Here‘s what happened on "Architect of Destruction" ("Sweet wrestling name alert!"): Read more »
Today is apparently International Caps Lock Day on the Internet, and the BuddyTV writers aren‘t just celebrating: We‘re cele-berating, by using our caps lock key to virtually yell at the people on TV who piss us off.They may be kind of hard to read, but isn‘t that the point? It‘s clear these characters are in need of some serious tough love. Read them, then try your own!  Read more »
We‘ve all spent at least a little bit of time pondering which gender we‘d prefer our future children to be. Little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice, but potential nightmares in their high school years (been there). And what if they grow up to be strippers, because of our terrible parenting? Little boys are rowdy and fun, but messy and destructive. And what if they grow up to be multimillionaire athletes who cheat on their wives with strippers, because of our terrible parenting? Tough choices. (As if we get a choice.)And if we haven‘t thought about the baby gender thing, then last night‘s How I Met Your Mother surely spurred the mental discussion with a clever triple story called "Baby Talk," when Ted dates Robin‘s perky new co-worker who talks like a six year old, Barney challenges himself to talk like a little boy to pick up chicks, and Lily and Marshall battle it out over the future name and sex of their as yet uncreated child. Discussion and best Barney quotes (there were lots!) ahead: Read more »
Sometimes in work or life you need a good distraction. TV can be a great source of ideas, and I have found four examples of great ways to waste time, resolve fights, get drunk or just argue with your friends over a trivial matter.  Read more »
How I Met Your Mother kept the Halloween celebration rolling in last night‘s "Canning Randy," featuring guest stars Jennifer Morrison, Will Forte and Ted‘s awesome hot dog suit.Got to keep it quick this week. Here‘s the rundown: Read more »
Last night on How I Met Your Mother: It was Night at the Museum, How I Met Your Mother style--which, of course, means Barney groping ancient artifacts and Ted whispering "poo poo" at old men with monocles. In other words: It was a great episode! Here‘s how and why:  Read more »
It is the considerable opinion of BuddyTV that the people should not be allowed to vote. This morning the 2011 People‘s Choice Award nominees were announced and the choices are less than inspired. Sure, like a broken clock, some of the choices show an impressive exhibition of taste (nominating Ian Somerhalder‘s highly entertaining performance on The Vampire Diaries), but mostly, it‘s an embarrassment. Read more »
Let me make sure I put this as plainly as possible: If you‘re a How I Met Your Mother fan, you will enjoy next Monday‘s episode, "Glitter." I doubt it is scientifically possible that you won‘t enjoy it. The elements within are just too powerful: 1. The return of Robin Sparkles in Space Teens, a TV show about "two average Canadian teenagers who solve crimes in space using math."2. Barney being Barney. (Awesome.)3. Tons of hilarious sexual innuendos. (Take that, CBS primetime! This ain‘t your grandma‘s sitcom!) 4. Lily openly acknowledging that she talks too much about babies. 5. Nicole Scherzinger in a guest role that will (probably) neither appall or annoy you. And, drumroll ... fireworks ... happy Jamaican man enthusiastically beating a steel drum ...  Read more »
Who doesn‘t love Robin Sparkles? People I don‘t want to know, that‘s who. Tonight‘s How I Met Your Mother episode, "Glitter" proved that the HIMYM bosses haven‘t lost their juggling skills. No question, this episode was all about how funny it is that Robin was once a ridiculous teen idol, but it also did a lot more. Ever so slowly, the show is leading us toward the answer to the question posed by its title (or at least doing a good job of pretending that is what it is doing), and also doing what gang sitcoms need to do: Setting up conflicts between characters and resolving them with warm, fuzzy learning moments. Here‘s what happened:  Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television.Thanksgiving is coming! Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.TV shows like to inject fresh blood after a few seasons with new characters to spice things up. Sometimes the new additions fit perfectly, and sometimes the actors never really gel with the show. Read more »
Now living among the many things on TV for which I am thankful this year is the memory of last night‘s How I Met Your Mother episode, "Blitzgiving," which, while it was no "Slapsgiving," had an abundance of charms and laughs all on its own. We got new catchphrases ("Blitz!" "The gentleman!" "Boomawang!"), more mythology, and a visit from Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) that even seemed to cancel out another appearance from annoying Zoey (Jennifer Morrison). For a Thanksgiving-themed episode, I‘d say it was, appropriately, a feast. Read more »
I love The Little Mermaid more than just about anybody, but I wasn‘t as enamored of last night‘s How I Met Your Mother episode, "The Mermaid Theory," as delightfully full of fun costumes and some legitimately funny moments as it was. Here‘s what happened, the funniest stuff that was said, and why "The Mermaid Theory" may be my least favorite episode of season 6 so far. Let‘s dive in: Read more »
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ... bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ... These are a few of Barney‘s favorite things ...NOT. As we learned last night on How I Met Your Mother, Barney‘s favorite things include condoms, remote control helicopters, monogrammed track suits and, of course, strip clubs. I‘d like to hear Julie Andrews sing about those.Last night‘s episode, "False Positive," is one of my favorite things. Here‘s what happened, and why it was great: Read more »
If I was as cool as Barney Stinson and had the means to put together a "Meghan‘s Favorite Things," I‘d probably include a Buffy the Vampire Slayer box set for everyone. So I‘m very excited about this news, and hope I‘m not the only one:When How I Met Your Mother returns in January, two of Alyson Hannigan‘s fellow Buffy alums, Danny Strong and Alexis Denisof (who also happens to be her husband) will be stopping by as guest stars. Danny Strong, who played super-nerd turned nerdy-villain Jonathan, will play a "noogey-loving bully from Marshall‘s [Jason Segel] past" in an early spring episode, CBS tells the LA Times‘ Show Tracker. Read more »
This week marked Larry King‘s last week on Larry King Live (but watch out for his next career in standup comedy!), and this week is also a barren wasteland when it comes to new TV.Luckily, there‘s a fun way to pass the time, honor Larry King‘s passing (...out of the cable world) and say hi to some of your favorite TV stars: "The Larry King Game"! A little context: Kevin Pollak (host of Million Dollar Money Drop) is also the host of "The Kevin Pollak Chat Show," and he has a tradition with his celebrity guests called "The Larry King Game," in which they do an impression of Larry King. That usually means at least three things: Leaning over and doing the husky Larry King voice, making up a gross or weird anecdote (usually about being really old), and then "taking a call" from a weird-sounding town. It‘s really funny. It‘s also an ART. And so many of our favorite TV stars have done it! Check out some of my favorites, and let them bring out the King in you:  Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television. Read more »
It‘s almost the New Year: The exciting time of change and new beginnings, yes. But in order to make that change happen, we also need to make it the time of honest self-assessment and (hopefully) absolution. And so I must come clean: Among these TV-themed bad habits, I have been guilty of at least five. OK, more like seven. Fine, nine. Screw it, I‘ve done ALL OF THEM. Nobody‘s perfect, and me, even less so. But I hope that laying them all out here will put us (talking at you, my fellow mistake-making TV fans out there) on the right track to a better relationship with our shows and screens going forward. It‘s important work, and that‘s why we do it.So here I come, New Year. Here are the TV habits I hope to kick in 2011:  Read more »
I hope your DVR is warmed up and ready to go, because between The Bachelor, The Craigslist Killer and tonight‘s brand new episode of How I Met Your Mother, there‘s finally plenty to watch on Monday night.HIMYM fans won‘t want to miss tonight‘s episode, "Bad News," as it looks like it will mean big steps for Marshall and Lily, who visit a fertility expert to help speed along their baby-making process, and for Robin, who will start her new job as a serious journalist only to have her old co-anchor Sandy Rivers (Alexis Denisof) show up and throw a wrench in her plan.But the big news about "Bad News" is that Neil Patrick Harris will play two roles tonight: That of Barney, naturally, and of his doppelganger, "Dr. Stangel." Given Barney‘s history with fake evil twins and his longstanding, casual attempts to get in Lily‘s pants, you can imagine why Lily is a little wary of the eerie Dr. Stangel. WATCH: Read more »
It‘s always a delicate situation when comedies delve into tragedy. During its six seasons, How I Met Your Mother has never gone into genuine tragedy, but all that changed last night.  Read more »
What did you think of this week‘s jaw-dropping, tear-inducing How I Met Your Mother episode, "Bad News"? My gracious colleague John Kubicek gave you his take this week while I was out sick, and his conclusion made sense to me: The surprise moment was so sudden at the end of the half-hour that we almost need to hold off judgment until we see how the series copes with the tragedy in the weeks to come.Personally, I love when my favorite comedies dip into darkness. Life is hard, and we need to be able to find the laughter in everything, and I respect shows that don‘t play it safe when they have an important story to tell. I have full confidence that the HIMYM gang will handle the tragedy of [SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN‘T SEEN IT YET!] Marshall‘s dad‘s death with their trademark creativity, emotional realism and, yes, a sense of humor. Carter Bays spoke to E! about "Bad News," and assured us that this plot twist wasn‘t just a sensationalist ploy, but a building block for the rest of season 6:  Read more »
Last night‘s People‘s Choice Awards were yet another example of why democracy doesn‘t always work. Sure, it‘s a nifty idea for government, but when it comes to TV, the people typically make bad or confusing decisions. As proof, look at the fact that the painfully unfunny $#*! My Dad Says was named Favorite New Comedy.  Read more »
In consideration for fans whose laughs gave way to tears at the end of the last How I Met Your Mother episode, "Bad News," CBS released Monday‘s episode, "Last Words," to critics for early review. If I had to bet, I‘d bet they did so in the hope that we would assure you of exactly what I am about to assure you now: Everything is going to be OK.As you know by now, or should if you‘re reading this, Marshall‘s father (played so endearingly by Bill Fagerbakke, whom, depending on your age group, you probably remember from Coach or Spongebob Squarepants) died suddenly of a heart attack in last Monday‘s episode, a shock that sent waves through the show and outward, leaving fans to question whether, and how, their favorite Monday night comedy would cope with such a serious topic and still, you know, remain a comedy.  Read more »
The potential Bones spin-off series finally has its star. And that star is... Geoff Stults. Read more »
The gang on How I Met Your Mother has already found all five doppelgangers, people who exactly like the show‘s main characters. I‘ve found the sixth HIMYM doppelganger, a show that looks and feels exactly like How I Met Your Mother, only not quite as good.Say hello to Mad Love, premiering tonight at 8:30pm immediately after HIMYM. The show tells the story of the new love between Ben and Kate (American Pie star Jason Biggs and Scrubs star Sarah Chalke), two New Yorkers who meet on top of the Empire State Building. Along for the ride are their token wacky best friends, Larry and Connie (Reaper‘s Tyler Labine and the always funny Judy Greer).  Read more »
Britney Spears is old news, at least at McLaren‘s. Next Monday, How I Met Your Mother returns with another teen queen pop star in its midst: Katy Perry will guest star as the titular character in the episode "Oh Honey." Check out these Saturday Night Live-style promos for the episode starring Perry and Neil Patrick Harris. It‘s a little weird that they chose to promote the episode this way rather than releasing a clip. [UPDATE: Now there‘s a clip! Below. So nevermind.] Could Perry‘s acting be that bad? Or are the HIMYM bosses just keeping the plot that tightly under wraps? Whatever the case, we‘ll find out when "Oh Honey" airs Monday, February 7 at 8pm on CBS. Here‘s "Honey" with her new B (as in Barney):  Read more »
Anyone who‘s been reading my How I Met Your Mother reviews this season knows my feelings about Zoey (Jennifer Morrison), but for those who are new around here, allow me to summarize:She‘s annoying.She‘s an annoying wet blanket.She‘s an annoying hypocritical wet blanket.She wears too many hats and it makes me think she‘s hiding something.She‘s an annoying hypocritical wet blanket who pouts like a spoiled she-baby.And yet ... last night‘s Zoey-centric episode, "Oh Honey," was one of my favorites of the season, and the big development at the end of the episode (spoilers below) didn‘t bother me as much as I thought it might. Let‘s talk about why (and hear your thoughts!) below: Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television. Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television. Read more »
Ahhh, St. Patrick‘s Day. The day we all celebrate Irish heritage by eating corned beef and cabbage, wearing green, kissing gingers and ... getting monumentally, masochistically, merrily, magnificently TRASHED.Maybe because they‘ve got so many good "This one time, when I was wasted..." stories, or maybe because watching drunk people is just so funnyyyyy, TV comedy writers love to get their characters drunk and let them wreak havoc. And we love watching them do it!So warm up for your own epic drinking adventure tonight with these 9 hilarious drunken escapades from recent TV past. Or use them as a warning to regulate your own behavior this evening. Your choice! Read more »
It‘s been too many weeks since I wrote a How I Met Your Mother review. I blame The Bachelor mostly, but it‘s also been a few episodes since something MAY-jah, anything worth analyzing beyond "that was funny, that was not so funny" happened on the show. It‘s a sitcom, yes, and as a sitcom its first responsibility is to make us laugh, and episodes like "Desperation Day" and "Garbage Island" did just that. But in a way, everything in season 6 (and even further back) seems to have been leading up to "Legendaddy," when Barney would meet his mythical, mysterious father and achieve the sort of breakthrough we appreciate witnessing in all our beloved characters, but appreciate even more in characters like Barney, whose usual one-dimensionality is both his blessing and his curse. Maybe, upon meeting his dad, he‘d turn into a real boy.But for me--and I fully expect and hope some of you disagree with me here--the long-awaited meeting of Barney and his father Jerry, played convincingly (both sides of him) by John Lithgow, left me feeling underwhelmed.  Read more »
If there‘s one thing Michael Trucco is good at, it‘s playing a man who the ladies can‘t resist. According to TV Guide, Trucco will show up on How I Met Your Mother as a man Robin is crushing on, and they also report that he‘ll be returning next season as a big part of Robin‘s future.This should come as no surprise to anyone who‘s followed Trucco‘s career, since he‘s made a habit of wooing ladies on dramas, sci-fi shows, comedies and more. No matter what the medium, Michael Trucco is a man the ladies love.  Read more »
The adventures of Ted and the rest of the HIMYM gang return April 11, but after an emotional reunion between Barney and his father, Jerry (John Lithgow), they‘ve got a lot of plot-thickening ground to cover before the finale. Spoilers ahead!  Read more »
I don‘t really know what to do with this How I Met Your Mother news, except to share it with you the way I found it, lest I mix up the careful wording of this very Russian Nesting Doll development (thanks, TVLine!):A CBS insider tells TVLine that while the Monday sitcom will flash forward to identify the bride and groom at the close of the May 16 season finale, that reveal is merely a piece of a much larger story that will unspool in the present."The wedding takes place ‘a little ways down the road‘ -- an unidentified, unspecified amount of time away," HIMYM executive producer Carter Bays tells TVLine, echoing the onscreen subtitles that have appeared with each of this season‘s glimpses at the future. "We will be jumping forward for the last scene of the finale, but then we‘ll return to the present day when we start Season 7."Adds Bay, "The idea is that we‘re going to keep revealing little details about this wedding day as we build toward [it] within the chronological story of the show." And though clues will be dropped throughout Season 7, the ceremony itself won‘t necessarily arrive before that finale, either.Huuuuuh? Wait. I think I get it, thanks to this helpful "in other words":  Read more »
It looks like nobody watched TV last night. Maybe people were too busy taking advantage of the fact that national parks are still open for business, but viewership was down across the board on Monday night, resulting in some of the worst ratings for top shows.Both Chuck and How I Met Your Mother hit all-time series lows for total viewers with their new episodes, while House had its lowest-rated episode since the first seven episodes of season 1 back in 2004.  Read more »
How I Met Your Mother returned from a brief hiatus last night, but while the title, "Exploding Meatball Sub," seemed to promise a bang of an episode, the trip into Ted and Zoey‘s relationship, Marshall and Lily‘s marital issues and Barney‘s disturbing psyche felt more like a misfire than fireworks. Still, it had its moments. Here‘s what happened: Read more »
After a lackluster hiatus return last week, all it took was one big, drunken blowout night on the town to get How I Met Your Mother back in the groove. Last night‘s episode, "Hopeless," had everything I love about the show (callbacks, time jumps, sassy Lily, crazy Barney, no Zoey, and you know, JOKES!) and more. Namely, John Lithgow being hilarious and Michael Trucco being hot. What more could we ask for? Here are the highlights: Read more »
The gang on How I Met Your Mother love to drink, which is just one of the many reasons I love them. Did you ever notice how on Friends every time one of them would get drunk, it was a rare and regrettable occurrence? For twenty-somethings? In New York City? Not. Realistic. You guys.Tonight, the phantom sixth central character of the series, their old pal Booze, will take the spotlight as Robin and Lily devise a plan to get Marshall and Barney back on good terms after they fall out over Marshall leaving GNB. And to do so, they will take the age-old advice of Homer Simpson, and get the boys drunk to get them back together. ("Here‘s to alcohol: The cause of, and solution to, all of life‘s problems!")But what kind of drunk should they get Barney and Marshall? In this hilarious extended preview, the girls weed out the types of alcohol that won‘t work (and we learn once again that Lily has a little bit of Willow in her after all):  Read more »
In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Carter Bays revealed more information about the upcoming wedding in the May 16 How I Met Your Mother finale. Here‘s the vital stuff, summed up nicely by EW‘s Tanner Stransky: "You won‘t be meeting the mother on May 16 because we don‘t actually see much of the wedding -- viewers will actually just see a brief, wedding-prep scene that reveals one half of who is tying the knot. Then, cameras will quickly cut to black for the summer. But this is the wedding where we will indeed meet the mother, as was promised in the season premiere. [...]  This wedding, as you probably guessed, is set a year ahead of the show‘s present, meaning we‘re at least one full season (but very likely more) away from meeting the girl with the yellow umbrella. This final scene, however, does set things into motion for the series‘ eventual endgame."Raise your hand if you‘re surprised. Yeah, that‘s what I thought. (No hands up, I hope, because I can‘t see you anyway.) How I Met Your Mother fans are used to getting this sort of run-around, and seem to be split on whether they care or not that, six seasons in, we‘re still not that much closer to meeting the titular character of the series. "It‘s all about the non-Ted characters anyway," some say, while others complain that the mystery has dragged on too long and their patience has worn out. Typically, I tend to side with the former camp, who still find new joys in the gang‘s adventures and have learned to forgive the show‘s original conceit and title and just let it do its thing on the way to the eventual Mother reveal. Let it get there when it gets there.  Read more »
Overtime during the Heat/Celtics game might have contributed to some of the falling ratings for primetime television last night, with Chuck, Dancing with the Stars and How I Met Your Mother all dipping considerably in viewers from last week. However, a few resilient shows managed to weather the ratings slump. Read more »
I‘m actually impressed -- no, wait, the opposite -- that Bays and Thomas could pen an episode like "Landmarks," the entire point of which (to get rid of Zoey once and for all) I fully support, and yet along the way found entirely disappointing. Perhaps that‘s the danger of attempting to send off a character with poignancy and drama when she never really earned it, and when we all saw it coming from miles off. But our usually trusty How I Met Your Mother captains steered the episode even farther astray by finally pulling the plug on Zoey with a plot that was as unrealistic as it was unredeeming: For Ted, who desperately needs some redeeming right now, and for the lesson it so heavy-handedly attempted to teach us. Something about deciding which things you can stand to see torn down and which things you have to preserve no matter what. Even though Ted eventually came to the conclusion we all knew he needed to -- that his relationship with Zoey would never work -- his means of tearing it down were terribly problematic. Here are my problems: Read more »
Finales ruled Monday night, with Chuck, Castle, Hawaii Five-0, and How I Met Your Mother all enjoying hefty ratings increases with their season finales. And of course Dancing with the Stars fared well. We also said goodbye forever to a few shows.Castle wrangled a whopping 13.21 million, while Hawaii Five-0 managed 9.83 million. Both shows featured huge cliffhangers in their season finales, leaving fans hungry for more. How I Met Your Mother had 7.11 million viewers. Chuck‘s season finale drew 4.47 million viewers. All four shows are returning next season (Chuck for its final 13 episodes), but fans have a long summer ahead of them. Read more »
Last night marked the end of How I Met Your Mother season 6, a season that has taken us through fun and touching highs (Marshall‘s storyline with his father, and Robin Sparkles three, y‘all!) and painful lows (pretty much anything to do with Zoey). Unfortunately, "Challenge Accepted" ended the chapter on a mostly low note. Here‘s why:1. The return of Zoey. If I had just one word, it would be this: REALLY? Sure, Ted‘s almost reconciliation with her laid the groundwork for Barney and Robin to project and finally lay out their own residual feelings for each other, but did we actually have to see Zoey again for that to happen? And did Ted have to close out the season like a total goon for that to happen? No. The answer to both is no. And instead of giving me the ol‘ Barney and Robin warm and fuzzies, all that plotline did was remind me what a stinker this entire Zoey story has been. If "new is always better," then why did they (the gang, and the show) drag out that completely unlikable character fooor sooo looong? Oh, and speaking of dragging, how about that ...  Read more »
Last year CBS shook up its schedule by moving two of its strongest performers, The Big Bang Theory and Survivor, and now the network is doing it again.CBS has revealed its fall 2011 schedule, and the biggest changes come with moves for two of the networks biggest dramas, CSI and The Good Wife. After years of anchoring Thursday nights, the original CSI is moving to Wednesdays at 10pm, where it will no doubt try to kill Law and Order: SVU once and for all.  Read more »