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It‘s a whole new world on Homeland. Israel bombed Iran leaving  the situation in the Middle East more hectic and dangerous than ever. Carrie is no longer with the CIA, Saul is working in Beirut, and Brody is a US Congressman. Will Carrie get back into the spy game? And, is Brody a patriot or a terrorist? Read more »
Her disease practically has wrecked any chance at a normal personal and professional life, though at the start of the second season of Homeland, it appears like Carrie is closer than ever to having both. She‘s teaching and, since it‘s Thursday, she‘s cooking dinner for the family (with vegetables from their vegetable garden).There‘s something more potentially damaging to both of her lives than her bi-polar disorder, however, and that‘s her past job at the CIA.Sure, part of Carrie‘s reluctance to go back on a mission was anger and spite for how she was drummed out. But the main reason is because she felt since she was so, so very wrong about Brody that she had no business being there.  Read more »
In the Homeland premiere, Carrie got back into the field and Brody was forced to choose between his loyalty to the United States and his loyalty to Abu Nazir. In episode 2, "Beirut is Back," Carrie goes off-plan, which causes the CIA to question her involvement, while Brody has to make a split-second life-or-death decision about which side he will support. Read more »
There are plot-changing moments that TV showrunners and producers know they need to hit before the "endgame" of a long-running show can begin. Sometimes, they come way, way too late (like Deb picking the wrong time to see her brother on Dexter) and other times, they come at what feels like the right time (like with Hank on the toilet on Breaking Bad).On tonight‘s episode of Homeland, one of those moments comes in the final two minutes of only the second episode of season 2. It feels early -- way early -- but yet so, so right. Now, someone on the side of the good guys knows that Brody is a terrorist. More importantly, they have the proof."You were right." Read more »
Homeland returns tonight with a jam-packed episode. In "State of Independence,‘ Carrie adjusts to her life back home after her adventure in Beirut. Brody has his first big event with the Vice President, and Saul makes the trip back the United States with his startling evidence. Each of them struggles as they try to accomplish the task at hand. Read more »
"I prepared to die."That‘s something Brody‘s prepared to say to a gathering of wounded veterans -- had he actually gotten a chance to give the speech. (We‘ll get to where he was in a moment.)But that‘s a statement and a choice that Carrie comes to embrace at one point during this episode as well. It‘s a brief moment and one she regrets (and does something about) relatively quickly, but it‘s one that she acts on at first. Read more »
Homeland‘s last episode ended with Carrie almost killing herself out of despair and then receiving the biggest validation of her career. Saul showed her the video that proved that she was right, Brody is a traitor. "New Car Smell" moves quickly on that intelligence by putting Brody under surveillance. Read more »
"So what‘s our move?"Estes asks the question we‘ve all been wondering since Saul found the memory card with Brody‘s confession two episodes ago.Estes and Saul decide to put a tail on Brody after Estes watches what‘s on that card. While he‘s clearly a danger to the United States, his boss (Nazir) is an even greater danger. Had Nazir died in that episode, they likely would have had Brody arrested on the spot. But they need Brody to lead them to his handlers and, hopefully, ultimately to Nazir. Read more »
Homeland ended with quite the shocker last week when Carrie confronted Brody about his terrorist actions. Brody‘s new life as a Congressman and potential Vice President candidate was crushed when Carrie went from a delusional CIA officer to one that knew about his suicide vest bomb. Read more »
Just like in last season‘s "The Weekend" episode, Carrie and Brody lay it all out on the line in tonight‘s episode during the interrogation scene. There‘s honesty and intense, emotional relief that comes with that kind of brutal honesty throughout their Q&A.But Carrie isn‘t the first one to question Brody. Instead, that falls upon Quinn, who goes right for the jugular in the first few minutes -- he brings up Issa. Brody, who‘s used to physical and emotional torture from what happened to him in Iraq, easily deflects and denies. He even shows (at least on the outside) very little emotion when Quinn makes him watch Brody‘s confession video.Since Brody is putting up a good fight, Estes is forced to lie to one of Brody‘s staffers about his true whereabouts. (Kidnapping a Congressman, especially one so visible thanks to his "friendship" with the Vice President, is quite hard to get away with.) All the staffer is told is that Brody is helping the CIA with a national security matter and that he‘s told to instruct everyone, including Brody‘s family, that he‘s got a case of a really bad flu. Read more »
With Brody now working with the CIA on Homeland, it‘s a new new investigative game. Can Carrie and Quinn use Brody to uncover Nazir‘s plot against America? On "A Gettysburg Address," Brody is called to make good on his immunity offer. Meanwhile, Dana struggles with the aftermath of the hit-and-run. Read more »
In tonight‘s episode, we learn that whatever Abu Nazir is planning, he‘s planning something big. And while Carrie, Saul and the team have been successful lately by uncovering Brody‘s role and even recruiting him to be a double agent, Nazir now has something the CIA was very close to uncovering and taking possession of.The box carted out of the tailor‘s store in Gettysburg looks big enough to hold a small nuclear sized weapon. And the good guys might have had it earlier -- Quinn only discovers the false wall moments before an armed team comes in and kills seven other CIA agents -- had Brody been upfront about what he knew.But Brody, despite his plea deal, keeps a lot of things close to his vest. While he admits he doesn‘t know the man talking to Roya the journalist at the beginning of the episode -- in an incredibly tense, well-shot sequence that shows how the CIA tails a suspect -- he almost continues to hide what he knows about the tailor‘s death. (He, of course, doesn‘t implicate himself in it.) Read more »
On last Sunday‘s Homeland, Quinn and his team were attacked while investigating the Tailor‘s place. The terrorists removed something from behind the fake wall. In this week‘s "The Clearing" previews, we find out the importance of that box to their plan. Read more »
If you‘ve hated the subplot of the Vice President‘s son, Finn, and Brody‘s daughter, Dana, committing a hit and run as I have, you likely won‘t have liked tonight‘s episode. (There are also other things wrong with it, aside from how that plot rears its head, that may cause you to dislike it.)Brody, who has committed sin upon sin this season and last, is struck with a sense of honesty and duty when he meets Rex, "the guy I could have been," and is later told by his wife that their daughter was involved in a hit and run that the Vice President‘s family wants to cover up. He wants to take his daughter to the police department and allow her to confess.Of course, he can‘t do that. If he does that, he screws up his relationship with Vice President Walden. Which means Abu Nazir will consider him inconsequential. Which means, according to Carrie, the CIA deal is off. Read more »
On Homeland, the relationship between Carrie and Brody became quite heated again this week when they ended up smooching in the woods. Ever since they were forced to work together, it was inevitable that this pair would hook up again, but I never expected it to happen this quickly. Wow! Read more »
The People‘s Choice Award nominations for 2013 have been revealed, and oddly enough, the People‘s Choices have very little in common with actual ratings.  Read more »
Brody‘s situation is getting tense on Homeland. He kissed Carrie in the clearing, he prevented Dana from reporting the hit-and-run, and he is the only one that can help the CIA prevent a major terrorist attack from happening. That‘s a lot of pressure to put on a guy, especially one the is being pulled in two different directions in a life-or-death situation. It only gets worse in "I‘ll Fly Away." Read more »
Homeland continues to surprise week after week. Brody cracked, hooked up with Carrie, and then was forced onto a helicopter with Nazir waiting for him. Wow. At least from the picture above, it looks like this week in "Two Hats," he will get back into the world. Will Nazir re-indoctrinate him? Or, will he keep to his deal with the CIA?  Read more »
What a shocking closing scene in last week‘s Homeland. It looks like Estes and the CIA never intended to honor their deal with Brody, instead they were going to kill him as soon as he was not longer of use to them. Can you imagine Carrie‘s reaction to that? It wouldn‘t have been pretty. Not at all. This week on "Broken Hearts" the team deals with the aftermath of the prevented terrorist attack. Read more »
Where does Homeland go from here? Last Sunday, Carrie was captured and went face-to-face with Abu Nazir, who let her go in order to get Brody‘s assistance. The Congressman reluctantly at first helped Nazir with his plan, but quickly drew satisfaction from killing Vice President Walden.  Read more »
The awards season is in full swing and this morning the nominations were announced for the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Honoring the best in film and television, the SAG Awards tend to be quite conservative, recognizing big names over smaller, more deserving shows.  Read more »
The nominations for the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced Thursday morning, and as always, it‘s a mix of old favorites and wacky new entries. Sure shows like Homeland, Downton Abbey and Modern Family got multiple nominations, but so did ABC‘s Nashville. And somehow NBC‘s Smash got nominated for Best Comedy/Musical Series.  Read more »
Homeland season 2 has been full of surprises and unexpectedly quick reveals. Tonight‘s season finale is sure to continue that pace. The big question: Will Brody by killed? Peter Quinn almost killed him once and now has received orders to do it again. Will he hesitate now that he‘s seen Carrie and Brody together? Or, will it make him even more determined? Read more »
Homeland ended season 2 with a big bang as a new act of terrorism set the stage for the show‘s future. In the episode Carrie and Brody decided to run away and live happily ever after, but just then a bomb in Brody‘s car was detonated outside the memorial service for the vice president at the CIA.  Read more »
Spoiler alert: This article contains some Homeland spoilers for the season 2 finale and for season 3.Just when it looks like things are going according to plan, instead everything goes to shambles.Carrie and Brody were free to be together if they wanted, Nazir was killed and buried at sea, Brody gave Mike permission to be with Jessica, and Dana even got some closure with her father. Read more »
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Showtime has decided to plan out its entire year of original programming at once. Six dramas and four comedies will air throughout the entire year, including the third season of Homeland and season 8 of Dexter, plus the series premieres of new dramas Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex and the final season of The Big C.  Read more »