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One of VH1‘s highest-rated reality series, Hogan Knows Best, is back for another run. The new season highlights the marital issues of Hulk Hogan and wife Linda and their children‘s attempts to lead more independent lives. In an effort to address the problems in their marriage, Hogan and Linda have decided to start seeing a marriage counselor.  The premiere episode, “Wedlock Headlock,” showed Norma Ross, a certified psychoanalyst who specializes in parenting and relationships, helping the Hogan couple sort through the issues of their 23-year-long marriage. Read more »
Brooke Hogan, daughter of pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan and one of the stars of VH1‘s Hogan Knows Best, is heading to Town Center at Cobb on Friday, August 10, for the Simon DTour Live concert. The shopping mall, located in Kennesaw, Georgia, is hosting the free event, which is geared towards teenagers.  Organizers said that the event will give the audience the opportunity to not only hear live music from different bands and solo artists, but also try out the latest trends in fashion and technology.  Sprint will be displaying the newest line in cellphone technology and accessories, while Company 81 will offer a sneak peek into its latest apparel. Read more »
Hulk Hogan, professional wrestler and star of VH1‘s Hogan Knows Best, shocked the wrestling community recently when he announced he has already raised a portion of the money he needs to start his own wrestling federation, which he promises will be much grander than anything anyone has ever seen before. “If I can do what I want to do in the next few months then this will be bigger than anything ever done before in wrestling,” Hogan told The Sun last week.  “You‘ve seen WrestleMania, the nWo, UFC, steel cages, PPV - but this is something completely different again.” Read more »
Professional wrestler and star of Hogan Knows Best, Hulk Hogan, has made a sizable profit from his bayfront mansion in Miami.  After months of being on the market, Hogan finally found a buyer in the form of big-time director Michael Bay, known for helming such blockbusters as Transformers, Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys 1 and 2 and Armageddon. The 17,339-square-foot house, which was featured in the previous season of Hogan Knows Best, sold for a little more than $18.9 million.  The property includes a five-car garage, pool and cabana, a high-tech security system and direct boat access on Biscayne Bay.  The main house contains six bedrooms and two full guest apartments, as well as a media room and a spacious rooftop terrace. Read more »
Nick Bollea, better known as Nick Hogan on the VH1 reality series Hogan Knows Best, the 17-year-old son of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, was released from the hospital today after getting into a car wreck while driving with a friend Sunday evening in Clearwater, Florida.  Nick, who can be seen on his father‘s VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best, was driving his yellow Toyota Supra with 22-year-old friend John Graziano when the car jumped over the median and flew into a palm tree.Police and firefighters on the scene had to pry Nick and the passenger from the car and they were both sent by helicopter to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Though Nick was released earlier today, Graziano remains in critical condition, according to medical staffers at the hospital. Read more »
On Sunday, August 26, Nick Hogan, who co-stars in VH1‘s Hogan Knows Best, lost control of the car he was driving and subsequently crashed into a palm tree in Clearwater, Florida.  Although Hogan was released from the hospital the following day, his passenger and friend, U.S. Marine John Graziano, remains in serious condition. According to grandmother Catherine, Graziano‘s father called from the hospital distraught and almost incoherent.  He told her that Graziano, who came back from Iraq last year, may have suffered some brain damage. Read more »
Hogan Knows Best star and professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has blasted media reports that his 17-year-old son‘s tarnished driving record and penchant for racing might be the cause of the devastating car crash his son was involved in late last month. "The most important thing to me was from all the eyewitnesses and everyone that was there and saw it was that they were not racing," Hogan told television magazine The Insider.  His son, Nick, had been driving the Toyota Supra that crashed into a tree in Florida on August 26.  22-year-old marine John Graziano, who was on the passenger seat, sustained serious injuries. Read more »
John Graziano, friend of Hogan Knows Best co-star Nick Hogan, has been taken off medication that kept him in a coma while his body heals.  Graziano was severely injured in a car crash late last month, and has since been confined at Bayfront Medical Center in Tampa, Florida.  Hogan, who was behind the wheel, sustained minor injuries and was released from the hospital the next day.Graziano‘s father, Edward, held a press conference on Sunday, saying his son has undergone several procedures on his frontal lobes and is currently on dialysis. Read more »
Nick Hogan, son of wrestling icon Hulk Hogan and one of the stars of the reality series Hogan Knows Best, has made himself even more controversial with his decision to plead guilty to driving almost double the speed limit in a construction zone.Prior to his controversial car accident, which left his friend, John Graziano, in serious condition, he was spotted speeding by a Florida police officer on August 10. During a court hearing in Clearwater, Florida on Monday, September 24, Judge William Overton ordered the 17-year-old reality TV star to complete a 12-hour driver improvement course within 90 days and fined him $1,000 for pleading guilty and an additional $73.50 for not wearing a seatbelt. Read more »
Reports have been circulating that Hogan Knows Best star and professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has signed on to host NBC‘s upcoming remake of American Gladiators.  Hogan apparently visited the network‘s offices in Burbank, California last week and accepted the gig.  TV Week says that while the deal is currently being finalized, both parties have pledged their commitment. Hulk Hogan, whose family stars alongside him on VH1‘s Hogan Knows Best, is considered by NBC to be “the perfect fit” for the American Gladiators remake.  Not only does he have years of physical performing under his belt, he has also proven to be a viewer-magnet, as evidenced by his reality show‘s strong ratings. Read more »
Brooke Hogan, daughter of legendary professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan and co-star of their reality series, Hogan Knows Best, is busy making a name for herself, away from her famous father‘s coattails. Aside from starring in a reality show with the rest of her family, Brooke Hogan is also an aspiring musical artist with a debut album out in the market and a follow up in the making.  She is also becoming a more visible entertainment personality, recently co-hosting the second edition of FOX‘s Reality Channel awards show. Read more »
Legendary professional wrestler and entertainment personality, Hulk Hogan will add to his growing list of responsibilities when he takes on the task of Grand Marshal at this year‘s ACDelco National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).Hogan has just recently been tapped to host the upcoming remake of American Gladiators on NBC.  Aside from this, he and his family, including wife Linda, son Nick and daughter Brooke, star in the reality show Hogan Knows Best. Read more »
For the first time since his sensational and horrific car crash, Nick Hogan/Bollea has posted a new entry on his MySpace page.  The co-star of VH1‘s Hogan Knows Best sounded excited and in good spirits as he proudly wrote about the latest updates regarding his racing career. In other news, Nick‘s dad, legendary professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan, is set to begin filming the revival of American Gladiators. Read more »
Days after Hogan Knows Best star and driftcar racer Nick Hogan announced that Polaroid was sponsoring him for the 2008 racing season, Cheryl Mau, the company‘s vice president of marketing, reportedly denied the claims. Hogan, who was behind the wheel of his Toyota Supra when it crashed on August 26, critically injuring his friend John Graziano, first boasted of the Polaroid sponsorship on his MySpace blog.  As word began to spread, numerous people shared their thoughts on the supposed sponsorship on various websites, most noticeably on, a site that allows consumers to post their opinions and send letters to companies. Read more »
After the controversy surrounding his car crash in August that left his passenger in critical condition, Nick Hogan has been finally arrested.  The star of the reality series, Hogan Knows Best, has been taken into custody on several criminal charges, including third-degree felony reckless driving involving serious bodily injury, yesterday at 9:48am, hours after police in Clearwater, Florida issued a warrant for his arrest upon conduction an “extensive investigation” into the wreck by a team of four officers. According to Hogan‘s attorneys, Sandy Weinberg Jr. and Kevin Hayslett, Hogan is willing to answer to these charges in “the appropriate arena court of law.” Read more »
After flaunting her dance moves on the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars, professional boxer Laila Ali has signed on to join Hulk Hogan, wrestling icon and star of the reality series Hogan Knows Best, to co-host the return of American Gladiators.One of NBC‘s latest midseason primetime offerings, American Gladiators is a competitive series that matches contestants against each other, as well as the show‘s own gladiators in a contest of strength and agility.  The series originally aired in 1989 and has been revived by NBC for a 2008 airing, with open casting calls currently taking place for this new version. Read more »
While NBC poses a promising future for professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) with his upcoming hosting duties on the return of American Gladiator, VH1 remains to be unsure about the comeback of his reality series, Hogan Knows Best.It was reported that taping for a fifth season of Hogan Knows Best halted this summer due to the controversial car accident and felony charges of Hogan‘s son, Nick Bollea, which left his passenger in coma.  Months after the tragic incident, VH1 is still undecided on whether or not they want to carry on with the series. Read more »
There‘s not really any good way to hear that your wife wants a divorce, but it‘s possible that former wrestler and current reality TV star Hulk Hogan found out in the worst way imaginable.  Hogan was contacted by a reporter for The St. Petersburg Times on Friday and, when asked what his thoughts were about his wife, Linda Marie Bollea, filing for divorce Tuesday, Hogan was at a loss.  The divorce filings were news to him.  Shocked, Hogan thanked the reporter for the info, hung up and then called the reporter back five minutes later.  The Hulkster, now 55 years old, has been starring in the popular reality series Hogan Knows Best with his family for the last couple years with his wife Linda.  Reacting to the news, Hogan said, “You caught me off guard. Holy smokes. Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me.” Read more »
Hulk Hogan, apparently having recovered from the shock of his wife Linda‘s surprise initiation of divorce proceedings, actually does seem to know best.  The wrestler/entertainment personality has filed a counter petition to Linda‘s divorce suit, in which he responds firmly to many of her requests. Last week, the star of VH1‘s Hogan Knows Best and patriarch of the Hogan family reeled from the stunning news that his spouse of 24 years was calling it quits with their marriage.  The 54-year old Hogan was reportedly blindsided by the development, having first heard about it from a reporter with the St. Petersburg Times. Read more »
Hulk Hogan, also known as Terry Gene Bollea in real life, is reportedly being convinced by his former wrestling manager and longtime friend, Jimmy Hart, into making his return at WrestleMania this year. Now that the legendary wrestler‘s reality series, Hogan Knows Best, is on hiatus, he is focusing his attention on the upcoming NBC series, American Gladiators, which can be used as a vehicle to cross-promote the most famous and one of the longest running professional wrestling events in the world. Read more »
Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan has expanded his TV credentials as a reality television star on Hogan Knows Best, the series that focuses on Hogan‘s family life and his attempts to manage and assist in his children‘s burgeoning careers.  Although the show has certainly attracted fame and much attention to Hogan and the rest of the members of his family, Hogan admits that his decision to turn the cameras on his family was “perhaps not the greatest decision ever.”“There‘s an upside to it and there‘s a huge downside to it, especially with family members who weren‘t used to it,” Hogan told OK! about his decision to bring his family in the limelight.  “There was a lot gained and a lot lost by doing that.” Read more »
2007 has been a rough year for professional wrestler and reality star Hulk Hogan. His son, Nick Hogan, is facing charges of reckless driving stemming from an August 26 crash that placed 22-year-old John Graziano in critical condition, while his wife, Linda Hogan, recently filed for divorce after 24 years of marriage. Read more »
It‘s been some time since viewers last saw Brooke Ellen Bollea, better known by her stage name Brooke Hogan.  Ever since her show on VH1, Hogan Knows Best, has been halted, no update has been revealed on whether the network will continue on with the series or how the 19-year-old reality star will make her way back to the spotlight. Now, Bollea has found a way to return to reality TV.  She is seriously considering participating on ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars, the Primetime Emmy Award-nominated reality show that pairs a celebrity with a professional dancer in a contest scored by a panel of judges, and the viewers as well. Read more »
VH1‘s Hogan Knows Best may have been pulled off the air indefinitely, but this doesn‘t mean its stars aren‘t busy working. For one, professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has been seen co-hosting NBC‘s revival of American Gladiators, which has proven to be a ratings success. For another, the Hulk‘s daughter, Brooke Hogan, is spending most of her time nowadays working on her latest album.“I‘m working very hard writing and producing my new album!” Brooke recently wrote on her official Myspace blog. “I‘m so excited for you guys to hear it!... I really want it to be perfect for all of you! Only the best for my fans!” Read more »
The car accident that Nick Hogan was involved in last year did more than just send his friend to the hospital with critical injuries.  It also halted production on the new season of his family‘s reality series, Hogan Knows Best, and subsequent events, including his mother filing for divorce, only further fueled speculation that the show would no longer see another year on air.However, it seems VH1 has decided to give Hogan Knows Best another chance, as two of the show‘s stars recently confirmed that a whole new season is in the works Read more »
AJ Barranco, Jr., a divorce attorney for Linda Hogan, firmly believes that pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan is the person behind a damaging article poised to be published on the National Enquirer.  Barranco thinks Hogan, who starred alongside Linda on VH1‘s Hogan Knows Best, is set on portraying his client in a bad light. John Blosser, senior reporter John Blosser, told Barranco in a letter that the tabloid is “preparing for publication an article discussing the Bollea marriage, specifically commenting on Mrs. Bollea‘s erratic behavior, her drinking habits and verbally abusive language directed at both her husband and her children.” Read more »
Recently, BuddyTV reported that VH1 has decided to let aspiring singer Brooke Hogan take over the series, Hogan Knows Best.  The revamped show will be set in Miami, and it seems the 19-year-old is happy to be making the move. “IM MOVING BACK TO MIAMI!” Hogan recently wrote on her MySpace blog.  “I‘m excited cause all my good friends are there but I‘ll miss my family.  I‘m gonna miss everybody… [but] I do know one thing!  I‘m gonna be taaaan!  Miami‘s sun is crazy! It‘s like 10 tanning visits in one day!" Read more »
Brooke Hogan is taking over Hogan Knows Best, but even starring in her own reality series doesn‘t seem to be cheering up the 19-year-old aspiring singer too much. In her most recent MySpace blog post, the daughter of famed pro wrestler Hulk Hogan told of some personal heartache, and asked fans to say prayers for her and her celebrity family. Read more »
Recently, professional wrestler and Hogan Knows Best star Hulk Hogan went on The Insider to defend his son, Nick, against reports that claim the 17-year-old‘s less-than-perfect driving record and penchant for racing was what may have caused the car wreck that left Nick with a broken arm and his friend, John Graziano, in critical condition.  Last week, Hogan‘s wife, Linda, took her turn in defending Nick, saying the public‘s perception of her son is far from accurate. "With the persona from [VH1‘s Hogan Knows Best], it‘s been taken out of context as to who Nick really is," she said in an interview at her Belleair home, adding there is more to her son than the mischievous prankster the public sees on television. Read more »
Late last year, Hogan Knows Best star and pro wrestler Hulk Hogan expressed his hopes for the new year, saying that he is praying the troubles he and has family have encountered will “work out.”  However, it seems Hogan will have to wait a little longer for his wish to materialize. Last week, Hogan‘s wife and Hogan Knows Best costar Linda Hogan, who filed for divorce in November, accused the 54-year-old reality star of “legal shenanigans,” including trying to trick her into signing a post-nuptial agreement and hiding millions that were acquired through a real estate transaction. Read more »
Add this to the growing list of controversies surrounding Hulk Hogan‘s family. A 33-year-old woman named Christiane Plante has confessed to having an affair with the 54-year-old pro wrestler, whose real name is Terry Bollea.  Plante made the shocking revelation by writing to the National Enquirer, which claims that the affair took place last year while the family was filming VH1‘s Hogan Knows Best, before Hulk Hogan and wife Linda Hogan went their separate ways. Read more »
Over the past few weeks, BuddyTV has been reporting about the new spin-off series of Hogan Knows Best, to be led by the Hulkster‘s daughter, Brooke Hogan.  Last week, VH1 finally made an official announcement regarding the series, which is going by the title Brooke Hogan Knows Best. The cable network has ordered 10 half-hour episodes of the series, which will follow the 19-year-old reality star as she goes about in Miami free from her father‘s overprotective ways.  She‘ll be governed by her own set of rules and dealing “with the ins and outs of daily life,” the pressures of handling her music career and finances on her own, new relationships and being away from the nest for the first time in her life. Read more »
Not surprisingly, Brooke Hogan, who catapulted to stardom as one of the stars of Hogan Knows Best, is presently suffering amid recent allegations that her infamous father, Hulk Hogan, had an affair with her best friend, 33-year-old Christiane Plante. The affair, which reportedly triggered the 24-year marriage of Hulk Hogan, also known as Terry Bollea, and wife Linda, surfaced the media earlier this month when Plante told The National Enquirer that she “grew close” to the champion wrestler turned reality TV star and that their romantic relationship began at a time when he and Linda "privately knew their marriage was ending." Read more »
Hogan Knows Best‘s Terry Bollea, popularly known as wrestling star Hulk Hogan, wife Linda Bollea and son Nick Bollea are now listed as defendants to a lawsuit filed by the family of John Graziano, who was critically injured in the crash of a car driven by Hulk Hogan‘s teenage son.The lawsuit, which was filed in Pinellas County, Florida, claims that aforementioned stars of Hogan Knows Best were responsible for the car crash that happened in Clearwater, Florida on August 26, 2007 that left Nick‘s friend, 22-year-old Graziano, on life support with serious brain injuries.  Aside from holding Nick‘s parents accountable for Nick‘s "reckless and negligent driving," it also insinuates that Hulk Hogan and his wife helped fuel their son‘s need for speed. Read more »
Hulk Hogan is everywhere.  The man had his own VH-1 reality series (Hogan Knows Best, though next season will feature his daughter and will be called Brooke Knows Best), hosts NBC‘s American Gladiators and is a tabloid regular thanks to his divorce proceedings with his long-time wife.  It was announced today that Hulk will be heading up another TV show, this time on Country Music Television (or better known as CMT): Hulk Hogan‘s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.  The series, for which eight episodes have been ordered, will feature celebrities pitted against each other, training with former wrestlers as they prepare for wrestling bouts.  Hulk will act as one of the judges. Read more »
A decision has finally been reached regarding Nick Bollea‘s reckless driving case.  In case you haven‘t heard, the son of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has been sentenced to 8 months in jail after pleading no contest in the crash that seriously injured his best friend John Graziano. Known as Nick Hogan on the reality series Hogan Knows Best, Nick was also ordered by a Florida judge to serve five years of probation and surrender his driving privileges for three years. Read more »
For the past couple of months, the Hogan family has been placed under the grueling spotlight, and the public became witness to the numerous issues surrounding the four members of the wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan’s family.  There was the divorce issue which pitted Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) against his wife, Linda in a battle involving their wealth and the welfare of their son, Nick.Shortly thereafter, the family faced yet another shocker—Brooke Hogan’s best friend, 33-year-old Christiane Plante stepped forward, claiming that she had an affair with Hulk Hogan himself.  While Brooke was dealing with this explosive revelation, her brother Nick was sentence to eight months in jail following a suit filed against the family regarding an accident which critically injured his best friend, 22-year-old Nick John Graziano. Read more »
In a freaky and somewhat perturbing turn of events, singer and reality TV star Brooke Hogan suddenly found herself in a situation eerily reminiscent of her brother‘s nine months ago.  The daughter of wrestling great, Hulk Hogan, and his co-star in the reality show Hogan Knows Best, figured in an automobile accident over the weekend. Thankfully, not only does it appear from initial reports that Brooke Hogan is to blame for the mishap, but it also wasn‘t as serious and devastating as her brother Nick‘s back in August of last year. Read more »
Not content with being part of the ensemble cast Hogan Knows Best, which, incidentally, stars the rest of her nuclear family, Brooke Hogan is all set to spread her wings via her very own spin-off.  VH1 has confirmed that Hulk Hogan‘s daughter will star in Brooke Knows Best, scheduled to debut next month. Brooke Hogan‘s upcoming reality series will chronicle her exploits as she experiences emancipation from her iconic father‘s often oppressive rule. Read more »
Hulk Hogan‘s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.  Just the title is enough to make one giggle with joy.  There‘s nothing like a purely ridiculous reality series, produced by one of the most ridiculous celebrities of the past 20 years (Hulk Hogan) and featuring a cornucopia of even more ridiculous celebrity competitors. Country Music Television has decided to air Hulk‘s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, which will feature 10 pseudo-celebrities learning how to become professional (fake) wrestlers and ultimately competing for the title of best fake celebrity wrestler.  Or something like that.  The season is being filmed currently, though the premiere date has yet to be set.  The big news today is the release of the Celebrity Wrestling cast.  Read more »
The Hogan family is in a weird place.  Nick Hogan is currently serving time for vehicular assault.  Hulk Hogan, in the aftermath of his divorce from wife Linda, is dating a younger woman who looks exactly like his daughter Brooke.  The newly single Linda wasn‘t just going to lurk in the shadows and let her ex-husband steal her thunder, however.  Linda saw Hulk‘s Brooke look-a-like girlfriend, and raised him a teenage beau.  Yes, Linda Hogan is now, apparently, dating a 19-year-old kid.  Linda is almost 30 years older than her new boyfriend.  But, that‘s not the weirdest thing.  Look at that picture.  Doesn‘t Linda‘s new man look eerily similar to a young Hulk Hogan? Read more »
We reported earlier that the Hogan clan of Hogan Knows Best is in a very weird place, with, Nick Hogan getting sentenced to eight months in prison, Hulk Hogan outed as having had an affair contributing to the end of a 24-year marriage, and Linda Hogan, matriarch of the Hogan brood, in a new relationship with a young man - err, boy - nearly three decades her junior.How is Brooke Hogan dealing with the fact that her 48-year-old mother‘s new flame, Charlie Hill, is only 19 years old and went to school with both her and Nick? Read more »
The Bollea family is in shambles.  You might know them better as the Hogans from Hogan Knows Best, but for now, with all their legal troubles, it seems like their real name (Bollea) is being used more often than that iconic stage name.  Hulk and Linda recently divorced after twenty-three years of marriage, and son Nick is currently serving eight months in prison for vehicular assault.  Last August, Nick was street racing with friend and former U.S. Marine John Graziano in his car when he crashed into a tree, leaving Graziano brain-dead and in a coma.  Graziano will need assisted living for the rest of his life.  Nick Hogan plead guilty, and will serve the eight months, plus five years of probation.  As one would suspect, the Graziano family is still more than a little upset. Read more »
What can we say about the Hogan family, who stars in their own reality series, Hogan Knows Best?  Judging by the seemingly uninterrupted string of unbelievable nightmares that have plagued them, dare we say, a dysfunctional little circus?  The eye-raising things that have catapulted each member of the Hogan clan of late, would be enough to send anyone to a shrink or even worse, to the actual breaking point.  In the eyes of outsiders like us, Brooke seems to be the only one whose head is still screwed tightly on her shoulders.  She also appears to have more backbone and mental fortitude than the rest of her brood. Younger brother Nick has only been in jail less than a month and he‘s already needed a lot of intervention to keep him from possibly going the deep end.  After initially being refused in their appeal, attorneys for the Hogan Knows Best star finally managed to get their client moved out of seclusion at the Pinellas County Jail. Read more »
Apparently, Linda Hogan might be a little insane.  If the whole Hogan saga wasn‘t crazy (and sad) enough, a tape of Linda Hogan calling 911 was released to the internets yesterday.  It‘s nothing major, nothing disturbing, and is actually kind of funny.  The Hogan Knows Best family has had their fair share of family drama over the last year or so, culminating in the divorce of Linda and Hulk, plus the incarceration of Nick Hogan for vehicular assault.  Daughter Brooke is the only member of the family to emerge unscathed as yet (though her music career may end up being the biggest crime of them all).  All in all, times are not great for the Hogan Knows Best clan.  The 911 tape from Linda Hogan is only more clear evidence that this family is not right.  In the tape, Linda claims that Hulk is breaking a restraining order of sorts by camping out in front of Linda‘s house.  The only problem with this claim: when Linda speaks to 911 she‘s following Hulk in her car, as they drive away from her house.  Below, you can listen to an MP3 of the 911 tape. Read more »
Is it ever a good idea to have your family followed around by cameras for a reality show?  Is that supposed to improve the family dynamic, increase trust, cultivate a good parent/child relationship?  No, of course not.  There are only two reasons that anyone ever puts themselves or their loved ones on reality TV, 1) money and 2) fame.  That‘s it.  Sometimes one of those is more important to the other.  Why Hulk Hogan agreed to have his family followed around by cameras for Hogan Knows Best is probably a combination of the two – his family could use the money, and his kids probably wanted to be famous.  Now, in an interview with People Magazine, Hulk Hogan has admitted that maybe having cameras invade the Hogan‘s home may have been a bad idea and perhaps led to the divorce between him and his ex-wife Linda Hogan.  "I just think the reality show amplified the problems that were already there,” said The Hulkster.  In the interview, Hulk also expresses his continued love for Linda, his relationship with Brooke and Nick‘s time in jail.  Read more »
Linda Hogan, one of the stars on the reality series Hogan Knows Best, is reportedly requesting a judge to keep Hulk Hogan away from her, claiming that her estranged husband is having a hard time giving her the space she asked for. The Hogan Knows Best matriarch filed a motion in Pinellas County Court on June 30 accusing Hulk Hogan, who is also known as Terrence Bollea in real life, of stalking her since she filed for divorce last November, according to documents obtained by Read more »
Brooke Hogan suddenly looks like the calm center of an unstoppable maelstrom.  The 20-year-old daughter of former wrestler and entertainment personality Hulk Hogan gained notoriety on Hogan Knows Best, a VH-1 reality series that focused on the trials and tribulations of the entire Hogan clan (Hulk, Brooke, mother Linda and brother Nick).  Since the last season of Hogan Knows Best, the family has endured an unfortunate series of devastating events.  Nick is currently in jail after getting into a car wreck that put friend John Graziano into a coma.  He is two months into an eight month sentence.  Soon after, Linda and Hulk divorced after 24 years of marriage.  Linda is now dating a 19-year-old former classmate of Brooke.  Needless to say, times have been tough for Brooke, who continues to pursue a career in the music industry.  With her own reality series, Brooke Knows Best, premiering this Sunday on VH-1, Brooke spoke to Access Hollywood about her family. Read more »
With no rules but her own, Brooke Hogan is embarking on a whole new world as she stars on her own show, Brooke Knows Best, which premieres tonight at 10pm on VH1.  The spin-off of Hogan Knows Best, which run for four seasons and followed the real lives of the Hogan family, follows the 20-year-old reality TV starlet as she moves out of her father’s roof and settles into an apartment in Miami. Born in Tampa, Brooke Hogan came to national fame through Hogan Knows Best, where much of the attention focused on Brooke as she attempted to launch a singing career with her the help of her father, legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan. Read more »
Brooke Hogan has survived her family turmoil with her own reality show, a quasi-promising music career, and a sterling reputation relative to the other members of her family.  Hulk Hogan comes out next best, losing points for dating a younger woman who looks suspiciously like his daughter.  Linda is next on the Totem Pole of Respect, docked severely for her desire to incarcerate former husband Hulk, and the fact that she‘s dating a former classmate of her children.  Worst, however, is Nick Hogan, who is in jail for vehicular assault after putting a friend in a coma while driving like a madman.  But, these are all things that we already knew.  We‘re one week into Brooke Hogan‘s reality series Brooke Knows Best, and the world is still trying to wrap their collective heads around the Brooke Hogan era (actually, they probably aren‘t).  What does it all mean? Read more »
After posing in a skimpy and very wet number for Maxim recently, then two years ago in a bikini for FHM, Brooke Hogan is now heading for the mother of all men‘s magazine – Playboy.  According to Access Hollywood, a representative has confirmed that Brooke is “definitely” considering the offer.In fact, when the star of VH1‘s Brooke Knows Best and previously Hogan Knows Best was first approached for a bare-all session with Playboy, she felt flattered by the request.  As with any contracts, however, she will consult with her father, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, first before she decided on whether she‘d go nude or not. Interestingly, the Maxim shoot was also overseen and supervised by Hulk. Read more »
It‘s something out of an episode of The Simpsons.  What sounds like a parody of Hollywood action films is, apparently, a reality.  Kimbo Slice, the dubiously popular Mixed Martial Arts fighter who gained recognition thanks to street fights he participated in that were posted on YouTube, has signed on for his first film role.  That, in and of itself, isn‘t terribly surprising.  Slice is a hot name right now, and his handlers are going to cash in every chance they can before he loses that new car smell.  Then it gets funny – he will be co-starring with none other than Hulk Hogan (whose impressive filmography includes Suburban Commando and Mr. Nanny).  The film is entitled Kung Fu U.  It is about nerdy Southern Californian kids who are sent to a special institution to learn self-defense.  Hogan and Slice will be play instructors at Kung Fu U.  If that all wasn‘t enough, Kung Fu U will be filmed in 3D.  I don‘t know whether to jump with joy or reset the doomsday clock to 11:59pm.  Read more »
Following the chaotic storm that the Hogan family endured earlier this year, Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terrence Bollea, is slowly picking up the pieces and moving on with his life.  His son, Nick, is still serving time for his DUI which severely injured a friend, and his former wife Linda, who recently asked the court for an order for Hulk to stay away, is still dating her younger boyfriend.  Brooke, on the other hand, is happily pursuing her modeling career while keeping the spotlight on herself through the Hogan Knows Best spin-off starring herself.FOX News reports that Hulk Hogan is pretty much content in the romance department, as Brooke recently told Pop Tarts, “My dad is really into his new girlfriend Jennifer — she is awesome.” Read more »
Nick Hogan, eighteen years old, was released from prison early this morning.  Nick Hogan, whose real name is Nick Bollea, was released from prison early this morning from Pinellas County Jail in Florida and immediately taken to the Hogan family home in Clearwater, Florida.  Nick Bollea ended up serving 166 days of an eight-month sentence for a reckless driving charge.  The incident occurred in September of 2007, and it left his friend John Graziano in critical condition.  Graziano will need constant medical attention for the rest of his life.  Nick Hogan pleaded no contest to the reckless driving charge last May.  Though he could have served up to five years in prison, the Graziano family requested a lesser sentence, though the Graziano family is expected to file a civil suit against the Hogan family. Read more »
The Hogans have been surrounded by controversy ever since they decided to make their personal lives the centerpiece of the reality series Hogan Knows Best. After months of public scrutiny, whether regarding Nick‘s criminal charges, Linda‘s cougar adventures or her divorce with Hulk Hogan, another bombshell has been dropped in the ever-acrimonious split. Most recently, Linda announced that she put a close to her 24-year marriage with the Hogan Knows Best star because he had an affair with their daughter‘s former best friend, Christiane Plante. Read more »
A recent interview with Rolling Stone has gotten Hulk Hogan in quite a fix, especially after his words were taken out of context.  The partially retired professional wrestler and actor told the magazine about his feelings about his ex-wife Linda, comparing his situation to O.J. Simpson‘s. Hogan revealed that he saw red every time he though about Linda filing for divorce and locking him out of his house, in addition to allegedly having a romantic relationship with a much younger man.  She has also been accused of spending Hogan‘s assets without his consent. Read more »
Even though Terry Bollea starred on the reality series Hogan Knows Best and hosted the comeback series of American Gladiators on NBC, he will always be remembered as the wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. Staying true to his roots, the 56-year-old wrestling icon has announced today in a press conference that "Hulkamania" is here again. Hulk Hogan has signed with Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (TNA), consequently adding yet another level of star power on Spike TV‘s Thursday nights.  Read more »
We heard yesterday that Kevin Federline became a dad for the fifth time and welcomed his first daughter to the world. So we thought, why not do a quiz on celebrity fathers this time? We‘ve tackled celebrity babies before. We might even have one on moms. But today, let‘s test your skills on Hollywood daddies. After all, they‘ll be there to mold the minds of future showbiz stars, right?  Read more »
In a very special episode of "Dear Lord, my eyes!," the folks over at Gawker have brought us a savory one and-a-half minute snippet from a 30-minute sex tape featuring everyone‘s favorite platinum fringe-tressed wrestler, Hulk Hogan, and an as yet unidentified brunette.Anyone who‘s seen the Hulkster do his thing in the ring knows that clothing simply bursts off his body at the slightest provocation, so really, this might not be too surprising to some. What is surprising about the tape, however, is just how laissez-faire the man is about doing the deed. Although Hogan maintains that he was taped without his knowledge, the fact that there is a man‘s voice behind the camera instructing the couple to "do your thing" while he goes to chill out in the office for a while might shed a little doubt on that assertion. And besides ... ick. Way to make it creepy, Hulk. But I guess since mystery lady insists that she did the deed with Unidentified Male Voice earlier in the day makes it okay right? No? Read more »