Articles for Hitched or Ditched Season 1

The CW offers a solution to couples who have long been hoping to tie the knot but aren‘t sure they‘re ready yet.  The reality show Hitched or Ditched aims to help those who are in long-term relationships and haven‘t leapt into the murky waters of marriage.On Hitched or Ditched, the couple is nominated by a friend of theirs, who believes that it‘s time for either a wedding or a break-up.  Every one-hour episode follows a different pair, just as long as they accept their friend‘s proposition.  The catch is, the wedding date is set in one week‘s time.  Will that be enough for the couple to evaluate their relationship? Read more »
The idea sounds odd at best, when a couple who has been together for several years takes a leap of faith and decide to either tie the knot or break up altogether.But the CW is anything if not crazy, as it premieres a new reality show tonight called Hitched or Ditched, a one-hour series following long-time couples who are in long-term relationships but have yet to take the plunge.  The couples are nominated by friends who believe it‘s time for the couple to either tie the knot or break up, with each episode featuring a different story. Read more »
Producer Mike Fleiss has yet another reality series to add to his credits. After wrapping up arguably the most controversial season of The Bachelor and having just premiered the fifth season of its spin-off, The Bachelorette, Fleiss is once again trying to capture a new brood of viewers with Hitched of Ditched, which just premiered Tuesday night on The CW.   Though it probably has the same cheesy-reality drama ring to it, Hitched or Ditched offers something different from the reality dating shows Fleiss is known for. The concept of the one-hour series is to feature long-term couples who are nominated by friends who believe it‘s time for the couple to either tie the knot or break up.  Read more »