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Hidden Palms is an upcoming drama created by Kevin Williamson. The show revolves around the community of Palm Springs which is engulfed with dark secrets.  Read more »
Despite his young age, Taylor Handley has already put together an impressive body of work.  Taylor has appeared in both film and television, with memorable appearances on hit shows The OC, Dawson‘s Creek, and CSI.  Fans of The OC will remember Taylor as the infamous Oliver Trask from the show‘s first season.  Taylor stars as Johnny Miller in the new CW drama Hidden Palms, created by Kevin Williamson.  Recently, Taylor took some time out of his day to speak with us at BuddyTV about his new show.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
Hidden Palms instantly recalls the short lived disaster that was ‘Point Pleasant.’  A mostly blond cast of angsty teens brood into their cell phones while bizarre strangeness envelopes them in a sleepy little burb where anybody over the age of thirty is either a moron or evil.  If the pretentious promos that demanded you quiver to their forced air of suspense weren’t enough to convince you that Hidden Palms that missing its own key ingredient, the real thing most definitely will.  Read more »
In the wake of largely negative reviews and anemic ratings, TheCW is rushing Hidden Palms off its summer schedule.  Originally the show was scheduled to run for six more weeks, returning for a second run on Sunday nights.   The plan presently is to run double blocks for three weeks, and the Sunday slot will be given to 7th Heaven.  Should we expect to see more sun soaked blond angst next year?  Don‘t bet on it. As for what will be taking its prematurely vacated slot, no announcement has yet been made. Read more »
Michael Cassidy never expected to get that call from Hollywood.  Growing up in Portland, Michael wanted to be an actor, and so he moved out to New York after high school, studied his craft and went to work in theater.  Next thing you know, he‘s auditioning for the role of Superman and making out with Rachel Bilson.  Not bad.  Michael, best known for his role as Zach on The OC, is back with a new series on The CW, the Kevin Williamson teen drama Hidden Palms.  Michael took some time recently to speak with us about the show and about how his career has led to where it is now.Below you will find both the written transcirpt and the full mp3 audio. Read more »
The Fourth of July fireworks have nothing on the absurdly addictive season (and likely series) finale of the CW‘s sexy summer teen soap, Hidden Palms.  Debuting at the end of May, the eight episodes were filled with surreal plotlines, terrible acting, and a tiny pinch of sex.  Tonight, find out who killed Eddie, however illogical and mind-warpingly stupid the conclusion is.Creator Kevin Williamson, the man to blame for the onslaught of crappy teenage soaps and horrors films when he started with trend with Dawson‘s Creek and Scream, aimed for a Twin Peaks-ian level of intrigue, and wound up with a show so trashy, Paris Hilton would need a shower after only one viewing.  For those just getting into the game, let‘s take a look at the major players.Johnny, The Tween Dream Hero: Actor Taylor Handley‘s blond mop-top and generic good looks are perfectly suited for the role of the sensitive, damaged hero, a character plucked from the fantasies of teenage girls.  An avid photographer and shirtless, poolside sunbather, Jonnny lost his father a year ago when the old man shot himself immediately following a drunken talk with his son about Pablo Neruda.  The trauma turned Johnny into an alcoholic, who is now fresh out of rehab.  Not helping is the fact that his mother and step-father moved him to Palm Springs, where he now lives in the bedroom of Eddie, a kid his age who committed suicide a year ago.  Or not. Read more »