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Now that Sylar‘s officially back and in the arms of his newfound Carnie family, it‘s time to jumpstart the real Sylar courtesy of Samuel the barker in the Heroes episode "Tabula Rasa." But before we move on to the preview, here‘s what happened so far: Instead of recruiting Claire, the Carnies take in Sylar just in time to hide him from the cops. After some girl-on-girl action, Claire and Gretchen are welcomed into the sorority while Peter and Emma bond over their abilities. Hiro, on the other hand, teleports in Peter‘s apartment and collapses. Read more »
Nothing big really happened in "Tabula Rasa," the sixth episode of Heroes‘ fourth season, so I was a bit disappointed that the story didn‘t significantly make a big leap forward. There was also no mention of Claire‘s college adventures from last week nor did it tap on Angela‘s quest to find her missing son Nathan. However, I give credit to the coherence of the three student-teacher story arcs tackled through Noah and Jeremy, Emma and Hiro, and Sylar and Samuel. Read more »
Now that Emma has seemingly embraced her powers on Heroes, thanks to Hiro‘s little magic trick, we‘ll probably be seeing more rainbow colors as she gets more embroiled in the drama of helping others and saving lives. But there‘s a lot more in store Emma, according to series creator Tim Kring, who promises that the crack Emma made in her wall in the episode "Hysterical Blindness" is the just the beginning of what she‘s capable of. Read more »
Heroes is gearing up for Halloween by kicking off tonight‘s episode with a screaming scavenger hunt. "Strange Attractors," the seventh episode of the fourth season, finds Claire (Hayden Panettiere) and Gretchen (Madeline Zima) being hazed by their new sisters after being invited to join the sorority. However, they quickly realize that the sorority‘s initiation ritual maybe more than just a game when their lives become at risk.  Read more »
This week on Heroes, it‘s all about Noah and Tracy trying to save young Jeremy, Claire seeking a normal college life but exposing herself in the process and Matt trying to quiet those voices in his head but to no avail. After a relatively slow-paced interval, "Strange Attractors" provides us three storylines with continuity and the promise that it will all add up to something someday.  Read more »
Tonight on Heroes, Hiro (Masi Oka) travels three years into the past to save Charlie (Jayma Mays), the love of his life from the hands of Sylar (Zachary Quinto). But as we all know, changing the past results in some dire consequences for the future. So the question is: Is Charlie worth it? We find out in "Once Upon a Time in Texas," the eighth episode of Heroes‘ fourth season. Read more »
Someone‘s going to die on Heroes and it‘s someone that "will go unnoticed by even the most casual fan." Is it Hiro, Peter, Nathan or HRG? Sure we‘ve heard tons of rumors surrounding a major death this season on Heroes, but so far we haven‘t stumbled on anything substantial that will allow us to put a name and a face on the controversial character. But it looks like‘s Kristin Dos Santos has finally learned the identity of the said character and unfortunately, his departure is sure to break a lot of hearts.Warning: Major death revealed after the jump!!! Read more »
Once upon a time in Texas, Hiro met a waitress named Charlie. They fell in love but didn‘t get the happy ending they deserved because Charlie died at the hands of Sylar, leaving Hiro heartbroken and lost. Last night‘s episode of Heroes revisited this love story as part of Hiro‘s quest to right the wrongs of the past only what followed was a complicated set of cause-and-effect, reminding us that toying with the past will most definitely result in dire consequences for the future. Read more »
After taking last week‘s trip down memory lane, it‘s time to revert our focus to what the fourth season of Heroes is really all about: Redemption! But redemption is not only about our heroes seeking salvation, nor is it just about the show‘s attempt to spring back to its former glory. It‘s also about the Carnival trying to recover from the loss of their leader and seeking revenge in the process.  Unfortunately for our heroes, things are already falling into place for the Carnies. Proving that he‘s mastered the art of manipulation, Samuel already has Hiro at his beck and call and this week, he sets his eyes on Claire to get through her dad. Read more »
This morning the People‘s Choice Award nominations were revealed, andas always, it‘s populism at its best.  On the TV side, the nomineesoften look like the top of the Nielsen ratings list, with a few notableand surprising exceptions.  Shows like True Blood and Gossip Girl crept into the Favorite TV Actress categories while Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show features Lost, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.However, those are the very cool exceptions.  For the most part, the list is full of CSI, NCIS, Grey‘s Anatomy, Two and a Half Men and other top-rated shows.  Here are the major television nominees for this year‘s People‘s Choice Awards. To vote for the People‘s Choice Awards, CLICK HERE. Read more »
I recently stopped by AOL‘s popular television podcast DVR Divas. The show is an overall review of the fun and crazy shows on TV, andthis week I stopped by to offer up my unique and very compulsive loveof TV.If you don‘t know, I watch A LOT of TV.  Basically, I‘m like one of those people on the A&E documentary series Horders, only with television.  I watch more than 50 shows every week on a regular basis, everything from cable gems like Dexter and Sons of Anarchy to mainstream hits like Grey‘s Anatomy and Dancing with the Stars to guilty pleasures like One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries.  Read more »
It‘s time to move on from the events that happened in the infamous roadside dinner in Texas to the events that transpired two weeks ago on Heroes. While the three-character arc per episode has made storylines a bit cohesive, it makes the show a little bit confusing to follow because of the sporadic continuity. But if you‘ve stuck by this show through thick and thin, then you‘re already used to this minor glitch. Now on to the highlights of "Shadowboxing," the ninth episode of Heroes‘ fourth season.  Read more »
A mini reunion takes place tonight on Heroes as Peter, Nathan, Sylar and Matt all come together in the same room for the first time after all that body switching mess in the third season finale. Matt, however, is still subconsciously trapped inside his own mind while his body is in critical condition after being shot several times in last week‘s episode. While Matt saw his self-sacrificing deed as an effort to stop Sylar from taking over his mind and body, it looks like he failed to see that his heroic effort will eventually bring Sylar closer to his own body. Warning: Video and episode photos that contain spoilers are posted after the jump. Read more »
After two months of watching Heroes, we finally get some answers to the baffling mystery that is Samuel.  But that‘s not all we get from "Brother‘s Keeper," the 10th episode of Heroes‘ fourth season. There‘s also significant progress about the whole body-switching mess involving Sylar, Nathan and Matt now that the truth has been revealed. Read more »
Good news Chuck fans! Instead of keeping the spry dramedy on hold until March, NBC has set an earlier-than-expected return for the "average computer-whiz-next-door." Chuck kicks off its third season on Sunday, January 10 at 9pm with two action-packed, back-to-back original episodes before officially moving to its regular timeslot on Mondays, beginning January 11 at 8pm. Yes, this means we‘ll be getting three hours of Zachary Levi over two nights is a row!  Read more »
It‘s Thanksgiving on Heroes and Noah has a few surprises for his guests. If you recall, Noah didn‘t really do anything on last week‘s episode but this week he‘ll be hosting an untraditional dinner for the timely occasion which includes ex-wife Sandra, daughter Claire and friends Lauren Gilmore and Doug Douglas.NBC has released a promo trailer for tonight‘s episode that includes some spoilers so watch and read the rest of this article at your own risk.   Read more »
It‘s Thanksgiving but there‘s nothing to be grateful for, at least for most of the characters of Heroes. Hiro still hasn‘t found Charlie, Claire is not in the mood for the holidays while Peter and Nathan are still dealing with the fact that real Nathan‘s already dead.  Read more »
In a new PSA promoting, stars from the teen-centric Gossip Girl and Twilight series joined forces with other recognizable young celebs to appeal to America‘s college students to help fight poverty around the globe.Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester, Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick, Heroes‘ Hayden Panettiere, High School Musical‘s Corbin Bleu, Twilight‘s Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone, 90210‘s Tristan Wilds, Star Trek‘s John Cho and Tropic Thunder‘s Brandon T. Jackson all make appearances in the PSA, urging their young fans to get involved and make a difference with ONE, which describes itself as "a grassroots campaign and advocacy organization backed by more than 2million people who are committed to the fight against extreme povertyand preventable disease, particularly in Africa."Watch the celeb-packed PSA and find out how you can contribute to their cause, after the jump. Read more »
As Heroes concluded what vaguely looked like its mid-season finale, the show alluded to the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance)--- all of which I‘ve gone through unknowingly as I watch the first 10 episodes of the fourth season play out. This week, though, it‘s all about acceptance of the things we can‘t change, what is and what should never be.  Case in point: Nathan Petrelli. Ever since Sylar killed Nathan, and Matt instilled Nathan‘s memories into Sylar‘s head, leading him to shape-shift into Nathan at the end of last season, Heroes fans knew that it‘s only a matter of time before the show officially pulled the plug on the U.S. senator. And so, what might as well be the worst-kept secret of the TV season happened last night. Read more »
Fans mourning the loss of Nathan Petrelli on Heroes may have yet another death to grieve for. Word on the street is that NBC will finally pull the plug on the troubled series after years of enduring harsh criticisms and rocky ratings.  If this is true, season 4, which is ironically called "Redemption," will be the show‘s last. Read more »
Hearing about rumors of NBC pulling the plug on Heroes after its fourth season have triggered a lot of emotions among fans--- with some looking forward to a long overdue cancellation, while others are still hoping for a renewal. But hope is not entirely lost, at least according to castmember Dawn Olivieri, who plays the carnie Lydia on the troubled NBC series. In an interview with Digital Spy, the Heroes actress has somewhat reassured fans that the show isn‘t likely to get the axe, in spite of rumors that season 4 may be its last. Read more »
Heroes continues its fourth season tonight with a two-hour special episode that kicks off by paying tribute to a fallen hero. Last time we saw the NBC series, Peter used the Haitian‘s ability to get rid of Sylar and bring back Nathan, but was forced to accept Nathan‘s fate as his brother leaped over the edge of a building. Read more »
Heroes returns with a two-hour episode that revolves around a fallen hero, a quest for revenge and a diabolical master plan. Last time we saw Heroes, Claire decided to stay in the carnival, while Peter used the Haitian‘s ability to get rid of Sylar and bring back Nathan, but was forced to accept Nathan‘s fate as his brother leaped over the edge of a building. Read more »
With less screen time and a storyline that‘s getting more and more complicated, Hiro Nakamura is turning out to be one of the least intriguing characters on the fourth season of Heroes-- at least in my opinion. He‘s stuck in a love story that will most likely have a bad ending (considering his on-screen love interest Jayma Mays is on another show) and he‘s still struggling with the consequences of his brain tumor. But his portrayer, Masi Oka, seems optimistic about his character‘s direction. Warning: Spoilers ahead! Read more »
Can people with special abilities live in the real world out in the open? That seems to be what the Carnival is struggling with, much like the very premise of Heroes. With five remaining episodes left before season 4 comes to an end, we‘ll hopefully get some answers as Samuel‘s master plan comes to fruition. Series creator Tim Kring hints on several things to expect for the last episodes, including a strange alliance and what should be done to take down this season‘s villain.Warning: Spoilers ahead!!! Read more »
Just wishful thinking? Maybe. But Heroes cast member Greg Grunberg, who plays Matt Parkman, doesn‘t "have any doubt that the show will be back." And that‘s in spite of wobbly ratings and cynical spectators who seem to proliferate each week.  Read more »
After losing Edgar, the former Carnie who was supposed to help Noah take down Samuel, Noah takes matters into his own hands in the Heroes episode "Close to You." To catch up on the latest episode, check out this recap/review. Read more »
The day has finally come for Heroes fans to meet Vanessa--- Samuel‘s long lost love and the one person who could make Samuel‘s world go crumbling down. In tonight‘s episode, we learn a little bit about Samuel‘s love life, Emma‘s grim future and Noah‘s plan to expose the carnival.  Read more »
Haiti native Jimmy Jean-Louis, who is perhaps best known for playing "The Haitian" on NBC‘s Heroes, is struggling to locate his family and friends following the powerful earthquake that struck his nation. "I have not slept yet. The second house that I grew up in was down, and some relatives have died, from what I have been told," Jean-Louis said Wednesday. "I haven‘t been able to reach my parents. I have heard that they are OK, but I do not know what is going on around them." Read more »
Hiro‘s life hangs in the balance as his brain tumor worsens in the Heroes episode entitled "Pass/Fail." Tonight, Hiro is forced to deal with some of his past decisions which may lead to his demise when the verdict of an unexpected trial is revealed.To catch up on last week‘s episode, check out this article. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Heroes shed light on the morality of Hiro‘s past decisions, among other things. Using Hiro‘s worsening condition, the show gave us a glimpse of Hiro‘s time-altering adventures and reminded us of the long forgotten reason as to why Hiro started to use his powers in the first place. Read more »
While NBC is embroiled in a late night scandal, things are just asbleak and horrifying for the network‘s prime-time schedule.  Lastnight‘s new episode of Heroes was watched by just 3.9 million viewers, an all-time low for the once beloved and Emmy-nominated series.If you‘re wondering what happened, ask yourself two questions: did you used to watch Heroes and are you still watching now?  Heroespremiere with over 14 million viewers and hit its highest point in theseason 2 premiere with almost 17 million.  It‘s now less than a quarterof that.  Read more »
Though there are a lot more important things I‘d rather focus on, it seems like Hayden Panettiere‘s new hair do is getting all the buzz and attention these days. Apparently, the 20-year-old Heroes actress, who plays Claire Bennet on the NBC drama, decided to go through a drastic makeover by coloring hair her red. And critics are having a field day over it! Read more »
After paying Claire a visit, sharing that awkward kiss with her and deducing that he must rid himself of his powers in order to be human again, Sylar visits the home of Matt Parkman, whose unsuspecting wife welcomes him in, in the Heroes episode "The Art of Deception." Read more »
"The Art of Deception," this week‘s Heroes episode, sort of served as a turning point for several characters. Samuel had one in the wake of his destructive rage that swallowed an entire town, as did Sylar, who decided that the best way to feel like a normal person is to take away all his powers with the help of Matt Parkman.While most characters were at crossroads, it didn‘t really feel like the show was gearing up for something big even though this episode was supposed to serve as a stepping stone for whatever it is Heroes has planned for the finale.  Read more »
Another actor has joined the DUI bandwagon. Adrian Pasdar, who is perhaps best known for playing flying Senator Nathan Petrelli on NBC‘s Heroes, was busted for suspicion of drunk driving early this morning after police spotted him swerving recklessly. According to TMZ, the 44-year-old actor was caught going more than the 90 mph on the 405 Freeway in L.A. and was "failing to maintain his lane." Read more »
Tonight‘s installment marks the penultimate episode of Heroes‘ fourth season and yet it feels like there are still so many mysteries left to be resolved. Who will stop Samuel? What will happen to Sylar? And will there be more odd revelations? Hopefully, we‘ll inch closer to those answers in the episode entitled "The Wall." Read more »
Dawn Olivieri may be done playing Lydia on Heroes but she‘s well aware of what‘s in store for next week‘s fourth season finale. And while she‘s not divulging any details, she does hint that more secrets will be exposed and even assures fans that they‘ll be pleased at how the season wraps up.  Read more »
With the conclusion of Heroes drawing closer, we‘re now left with two major plots: Samuel‘s wicked end game and Sylar‘s quest for normalcy--- which are likely to traverse in tonight‘s episode entitled "The Wall."   Last time we saw Heroes, Samuel framed Noah as the person responsible for the Carnival shootout that caused Lydia‘s death so he could redeem himself in the eyes of his Carnie family. Sylar, on the other hand, decided that the best way to feel like a normal person is to take away all his powers with the help of Matt Parkman, who then enclosed him with bricks in his basement.  Read more »
Heroes may have pulled the plug on Lydia but at least another TV series will be breathing new life to her portrayer Dawn Olivieri. According to TV Guide, the recently killed Heroes cast member has been cast as a werewolf on True Blood.  Read more »
Curious to find out what‘s going to happen to our Heroes and the Carnies? Check out our spoilers after the jump. And in case you‘ve missed an episode, you can catch our recaps and reviews here. Final Warning: Heroes spoilers ahead!!! Read more »
Heroes, currently on its fourth season, continues to shed light on people with abilities and bring new mysteries to the fold. In the Redemption volume, we meet the mysterious carnival clan whose intentions are unknown while familiar faces adjust to new stages of their lives that will challenge their perceptions of the world and their abilities. If you want to catch up on what‘s happened so far on Heroes season 4, check out our guide after the jump. Read more »
Tonight will be a night unlike any other. It‘s the fourth season finale of Heroes (or possibly series finale) and hopefully, there will be proper closure to the tons of questions that need to be resolved. There are four major story arcs this season that I‘m itching to conclude, including Samuel‘s big reveal to the world; Peter and Sylar joining forces to save Emma; HRG and Claire struggling for survival underground; and Hiro‘s never-ending quest to find Charlie.  Read more »
If past Heroes finales have thought us anything, it‘s that we can expect to see all the good people with abilities, even those long-forgotten ones, to band together to bring down one big baddie. And that‘s exactly what happened tonight in the episode "A Brave New World," only this time, the villain we‘ve come to know and love since season 1 actually turned out to be a hero. Read more »
Now that Heroes has finished season 4, the ball is in NBC‘s court aboutrenewing it for yet another season.  Given NBC‘s recent track record ofdecision-making, we suspect Heroes will be renewed for another fiveseasons right after The Biggest Loser is expanded to three-hourepisodes.But this is a very bad idea.  Despite ending with "To Be Continued," the start of Volume 6 is as good as any place to end the series.  Keeping Heroes on the air is a deadly mistake NBC should avoid at allcosts.  Here are just five of the best reasons we can think of tocancel Heroes right now.  Read more »
Whether it‘s on Twitter, Facebook or some fan-made campaign sites, loyal Heroes supporters are desperately trying to save the troubled NBC series. And all their efforts have seemingly increased now that the show has wrapped up its fourth season, which earned mostly unpleasant reviews.   Read more »
Looking for new updates on Heroes hasn‘t exactly been a walk in the park these days especially since the NBC series already wrapped up its fourth (or possibly final) season. One blind item, however, caught my attention and though it doesn‘t really directly talk about any of the show‘s cast members, it does give away some clues that make me think otherwise.    Read more »
Adrian Pasdar, who played Nathan Petrelli on NBC‘s Heroes, has been officially charged with DUI last Wednesday morning, according to TMZ. His arraignment stems from his arrest last month after police spotted him driving irresponsibly. Read more »
The spectacle of guest stars on The Vampire Diaries just keeps getting better. When the series returns with new episodes beginning March 25, The O.C.‘s Melinda Clarke and General Hospital actor Stephen Martines will be spicing things up in Mystic Falls. But that‘s not all, according to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, who reveals that 24 actor David Anders will also be joining the Vampire Diaries cast for a multi-episode arc.  Read more »
Former Heroes star Adrian Pasdar was supposed to appear on court Wednesday after being officially charged with DUI in January but decided not to attend. Instead, his attorney showed up with an innocent plea from the 44-year-old actor. A preliminary hearing has now been set for March 15. Read more »
Sendhil Ramamurthy, whose character Mohinder became a household name thanks to the NBC series Heroes, has been cast in USA Network‘s new drama series, Covert Affairs. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 35-year-old actor will be appearing as a regular, serving as a replacement to original cast member Eric Lively.  Read more »
On TV, he‘s Matt Parkman from NBC‘s Heroes.  In film, he provided the voice of Captain Kirk‘s stepfather in Star Trek. On stage, he‘s part of the TV actor musical super group Band from TV. On your iPhone, he‘s a creator of the Yowza application.  In videogames, his voice will be heard for the upcoming Halo: Reach.All these titles, and many more, describe actor Greg Grunberg, a truemaster of all media platforms.  I recently spoke to Greg about an upcoming performance of Band from TV in California, the future of Heroes, his musical influences, and his devotion to charity and social media.  Read more »
Though the ratings of Heroes‘ fourth season suggest that it‘s a goner, NBC network president Angela Bromstad remains tight-lipped about the future of the troubled science fiction drama series, neither confirming nor denying whether Heroes will be back for season 5. Read more »
The fate of Heroes is still unknown but Jack Coleman proves that he‘s a man with a plan. The 52-year-old actor, popularly known as Noah Bennet or HRG on the NBC science fiction drama, is keeping himself busy these days with his latest TV project entitled Rock the House, a Hallmark Channel Original Movie which will air in 2011. Read more »
I had never been to Costa Mesa, California before this past weekend.  So why did I make the hour trek out from Los Angeles?  I had to be at Loehmann‘s to see Band from TV!  Like any obsessive House fan, I knew that they would be playing.  Who‘s Band from TV, you ask? Band from TV is a band with TV actors that play solely for the charities of their choice.  So why did they decide to play at a department store?  Well, as it turns out, it‘s not that weird.  According to one of the band‘s founding members, Greg Grunberg of Heroes, playing at Loehmann‘s makes perfect sense because Grunberg‘s iPhone app "Yowza" offers coupons to the discount department store.  Listen to the exclusive interview with Greg Grunberg  Read more »
Mother‘s Day. It‘s that time of the year again, where we pay tribute to our moms--and what better way to honor motherhood than to recall TV mothers that make us realize just how blessed we are with the ones we have. We asked our readers and Facebook followers who they thought TV‘s worst mom ever wasand compiled the short list.  Read more »
Though nothing has been written in stone yet, it really looks like Heroes will not be living to see another season. The buzz surrounding the possibility of getting a fifth and final season has now been extinguished by recent reports of NBC becoming less confident about renewing the once-groundbreaking series. Read more »
Hayden Panettiere, who became a household name for playing Claire Bennet on the NBC series Heroes, has officially signed up for the thriller movie Scream 4, joining cast members Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette and the recently added Emma Roberts. The Wes Craven film, which is written by Kevin Williamson of The Vampire Diaries, is tentatively scheduled to be released next April.  Read more »
All hope is not lost, at least not for Heroes series creator Tim Kring. In a last ditch effort to save his axed series, Kring is planning to meet with NBC execs this month to discuss the possibility of bringing back Heroes for a wrap-up miniseries.Heroes, which ended its fourth season last February with Claire showing the world the truth about her abilities, was one of the shows canceled by NBC last month due to high cost of production and diminished ratings. Since then, however, Kring has been looking into ways to conclude the storylines with a possible movie or mini-series.  Read more »
If the children are our future, then we‘re screwed.  Today this year‘s Teen Choice Award nominees were announced, and as always, the list features some truly absurd nominees.On the television side, Gossip Girl leads the nominees for a TV Drama despite having a subpar season and coming in as one of the CW‘s lowest-rated shows.  Meanwhile, a great new show like The Vampire Diaries was stuck in categories for Fantasy/Sci Fi shows, which is arguably the most interesting category since it also features Fringe, True Blood, Lost and Supernatural.  Read more »
After a midseason kickoff last season, Chuck is back on NBC‘s fall calendar, prematurely leaked by The Hollywood Reporter. Chuck returns to its old Monday 8pm slot, followed by two rookies: global-conspiracy-theory drama The Event and another action drama, this time about a team of US Marshalls who track down fugitives, Chase.See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>CBS‘ Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>Wednesday, meanwhile, is Law and Order night, featuring the spin-off Law & Order: Los Angeles at 10, while J.J. Abrams drama Undercovers and Law & Order: SVU open the night. Mercy and Trauma, as well as former NBC flagship Heroes, are nowhere in sight, although network execs are reportedly in talks to give both Heroes and Law & Order "special event" or two-hour finale send-offs next fall. Read more »
Unless you‘re still reeling from Monday night‘s rather incredible episode (and kiss!), then you are probably ready for more spoiler-y news about Castle. Even if you‘re not, it‘s coming at you anyway. Get ready! Read more »
Last week I wrote about Syfy‘s kickass Monday night schedule (check out previews of tonight‘s Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Alphas here!) so for today‘s quiz, I thought, why not do something about sci-fi on TV? Read more »
At one point in your life, you were bound to wish for superpowers. Too bad you‘re not in a TV show with a plot to make you save the world. Luckily, the fictional world still offers us countless beings able to leap tall buildings, shoot lasers out of their eyes, turn invisible or look less goofy in a cape.  Read more »
I‘ll admit one thing: doing today‘s quiz is a bit awkward for me. One, I‘m more of an eyes kind of guy. Two, cropping all these lips out of photos feels a bit like Dexter Morgan killing serial killers. Read more »
We‘ve done vampires. We‘ve done werewolves. We‘ve even done zombies. Obviously, it‘s time the witches had their turn. And, thanks to The Secret Circle, premiering tonight on The CW, those witches arrive as a force to be reckoned with. Read more »
Kristen Bell is coming back to television! The Veronica Mars star, who followed that up with recurring roles on Heroes and Party Down, will star in the new comedy House of Lies on Showtime with Don Cheadle. Today the network officially picked up her series for a 12-episode first season.The network also ordered a new hour-long drama, Homeland, starring Temple Grandin Emmy-winner Claire Danes and Life star Damian Lewis. This marks the first TV series appearance for Danes since My So-Called Life in 1995. Read more »
This Friday Chiller premiere‘s a new horror film, Remains. Clearly zombie‘s are the new thing and if you‘re a fan of The Walking Dead, you‘re not going to want to miss this. Based on the graphic novel, Remains focuses on survivors of a post-apocalyptic Reno, Nevada as they work together to destroy the zombie population. Sounds cool right? Well, BuddyTV wants to get you ready for the premiere by giving away a Remains Poker set (pictured below).  Read more »
This week‘s casting roundup includes a Broadway veteran, a Grammy winner, the arrival of a love rival and a reunion of sorts. Read on to find out more. Read more »
Ahh, pilot season -- that time in a TV fan‘s year when we hear about planned new shows, fall in love with it, and then get anxious about whether we‘ll even see them on our screens. And yet we fall in love with them anyway.Tonight‘s casting roundup kicks off with four pilot-y bits, and once that‘s done, we have a Big Love wife going to New York, a new head vampire in Bon Temps, and a purveyor of knowledge heading to Greendale. But yes, the pilot-y bits, yes. Read more »
There are plenty of exciting additions on TV in the coming weeks so let‘s get on with today‘s casting roundup.  Read more »
We love our superheroes. The fact that we are just weeks away from the release of The Avengers is exciting. Finding out this weekend EPIX is hosting a marathon of our beloved superheroes hosted by Stan Lee himself really gets us excited. BuddyTV wants to get you really soaring by also giving away a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man Back in Black signed by Stan Lee. Keep reading to learn more about the Marvel Heroes Weekend, how to enter to win the comic book and more opportunities to win signed stuff.     Read more »
The premiere of Project Runway‘s milestone 10th season is only a week away, and iconic host Heidi Klum is thrilled. The breezy, upbeat model and mother sat down to discuss the upcoming season, the new batch of contestants, and her dreams of taking Project Runway abroad.  Read more »
It‘s not just love that Detective Kate Beckett will have to face in Castle season 5. There are other mysteries as well. One such mystery may involve a new character played by Jack Coleman. Keep reading for the details. Read more »
TV and comic-book geeks alike, get ready to freak out: Arrow has booked several rather incredible actors to play opposite Stephen Amell‘s vigilante hero throughout the show‘s first season.Who exactly can we expect? A villain by the name of Firefly should be arriving soon. Then there‘s Fringe‘s Seth Gabel showing up for a Vertigo plot. Oh, and an actor you may have heard of -- David Anders -- has been cast as a criminal released from prisonKeep reading for all of the details. Read more »
The Heroes will rise again. During the Winter Olympics, NBC ran a promo announcing that the Emmy-winning drama Heroes will return to television for a special 13-episode miniseries event titled Heroes Reborn in 2015.  Read more »
NBC has announced its Fall 2014 schedule, which includes surprisingly few changes. But the network has big plans for mid-season, with The Blacklist moving to Thursday nights after getting a high-profile post-Super Bowl episode airing.  Read more »
Super Bowl 49 between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots may be about football, but the telecast is about much more. Besides Katy Perry‘s halftime show and an episode of The Blacklist after the event, the commercials are always entertaining.  Read more »
One of the most lovable and over-eager characters on NBC‘s original series Heroes, Hiro Nakamura (played by Masi Oka) is set to reprise his role in the upcoming NBC mini-series Heroes Reborn.Hiro was a bubbly and eager young man with the ability to manipulate space and time. He was one of the biggest success points of the original series, and his return bodes well for the upcoming successor. Oka was nominated for both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his role on Heroes. Read more »
Heroes: Reborn and Castle make new casting decisions, the latter bringing on a new character and the former bringing back a familiar face. Here is the latest casting news on Heroes: Reborn and Castle. Read more »
American Horror Story, Graceland and Girl Meets World make casting announcements bringing back familiar faces and adding some new ones. Also, Milo Ventimiglia weighs in on Heroes Reborn. Read more »
Rya Kihlstedt, once known as Dr. Michelle Ross on Dexter has officially joined on to the cast of Heroes: Reborn. Additionally, Grey‘s Anatomy, Graceland, and Suits make new casting announcements.  Read more »
At the winter press tour for the Television Critics Association, NBC unloaded a slew of new announcements about projects in development for 2015 and beyond. The news includes a major casting announcement for the Heroes reboot, a new Eva Longoria comedy, another live musical, miniseries and TV movies inspired by the Underground Railroad and Dolly Parton, as well as updates on Hannibal season 3 and the next Chicago spin-off.  Read more »
NBC is the first network to officially announce its schedule for Fall 2015. The line-up includes three new dramas, the return of Heroes, one new comedy and live episodes of the sitcom Undateable on Friday nights.  Read more »
Television pilots are notoriously hard things to accomplish. So many are made and there are so many moving parts within them. It‘s extremely difficult to get a show to air, not to mention make it a quality product. So it shouldn‘t be a surprising that there are more than a few in the new crop of shows that look less desirable this upcoming seasons. Here are five of the least promising and most likely to fail new shows of Fall 2015. Read more »
There‘s someone new checking into the Hotel in the new season of American Horror Story -- but has his character‘s fate already been revealed? Plus, The Good Wife is losing another series regular for its seventh season and some cool casting news may lessen the blow from the latest Orphan Black episode. Read more »
Big changes are coming to some of your favorite TV shows, including a departure on Castle and a demotion on Nashville. In other casting news, an actor known for High School Musical has been hired on The Fosters, another original Heroes cast member is returning for Reborn (along with another newbie), another actor has signed on for Chicago Med and there‘s some exciting news regarding Yvette Nicole Brown and Community. Read on for all the details. Read more »
NBC is the latest network to announce its fall 2015 premiere dates. Sunday Night Football will kick everything off, along with Neil Patrick Harris‘ variety show (right after America‘s Got Talent) five days later. The rest of the lineup will roll out over the course of two months, concluding with Chicago Med in November.Many of NBC‘s fall shows will premiere during the final full week of September, beginning with The Voice and new drama Blindspot on September 21. Law and Order: SVU will return with a two-hour premiere on September 23, following The Mysteries of Laura. (Chicago PD will be added to the Wednesday night lineup a week later.) The next night, September 24, will see three premieres: Heroes Reborn, The Blacklist and new series The Player. Read more »
Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego is almost here! On the final day of the convention, you‘ll be able to check out panels for such shows as The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, Heroes Reborn and more.So to help you plan for the convention, here are all of the television-related panels and event information for Sunday, July 12. Read more »
It‘s that time of year again. All of our favorite TV shows are gearing up for San Diego Comic-Con 2015 and we couldn‘t be more excited to hear from cast and show creators about what we can expect in the upcoming season. Also, first looks at some of the most exciting new shows are in order. Here are the panels that we‘re most excited for at SDCC 2015. Read more »
At San Diego Comic-Con 2015, we finally got a few updates about the upcoming Heroes sequel, Heroes: Reborn. The most exciting news to come out of Comic-Con about the new series is the release of the extended trailer to the series, which you can watch below. Additionally, here is everything we know so far about the NBC series.  Read more »
Yatta! Heroes is back and even better Hiro Nakamura is too! Heroes Reborn would be missing a big part of the original‘s heart without the lovable Hiro.  BuddyTV caught up with Masi Oka at San Diego Comic-Con to get the scoop on his limited return to the series. The Hiro we‘ll see won‘t be the same one we last saw five years ago. Read more »

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