Articles for Help Me Help You Season 1

Fall 2006 New Shows Rank: #20Gist of the Show: A famous therapist (Ted Danson) leads group therapy sessions filled with quirky characters, him being one of them.Cast Member Looking To Reclaim Former Glory:Ted Danson, who should just retire with dignity. "Cheers" was a long time ago, but we all have Nick at Nite. We all remember how good you were, Ted. You don‘t have to keep coming back. Really.Similar in Theme to: "Sex and The City", except no one will pretend Help Me Help You is any good.Time Slot Competition:Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Veronica MarsLikelihood of Second Season:38%Final Word:Help Me Help You feels like one of those typical, quasi-high concept sitcoms that never ends up working. Ted Danson doesn‘t have his fastball anymore and it‘s wishful thinking on ABC‘s part that Danson‘s name will bring an audience. But, again, you never know.-Oscar Dahl Read more »
Ted Danson is joining the CBS crime drama CSI as a series regular from the show‘s 12th season.The Cheers star is taking over from Laurence Fishburne, who left the show last month after choosing not to renew his contract. Read more »