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Remember when Hell‘s Kitchen used to be about cooking? Okay, maybe not cooking, exactly, but is seems like past contestants have had the actual ability to prepare and serve a decent meal. This season, it seems like the producers not only went out of their way to cast the most amazing group of misfits, but they even conspired to keep the worst of the worst on the show. War is the theme of Season 8 and it looks like it could get bloody.  Read more »
If there‘s a pattern so far this week in the ratings, it‘s that CBS is still the top dog. On Wednesday night the network had the highest-rated shows in all three hours of prime time and The Defenders became the season‘s third highest-rated new show of the season (behind Hawaii Five-0 and Mike and Molly, both also on CBS).  Read more »
Hitting the 100th episode mark is an achievement for any TV series, but it‘s especially amazing for Hell‘s Kitchen. Just think about the number of bleeped curse words, the amount of food thrown in the garbage, not to mention the long line of shattered dreams. 100 isn‘t just an episode number, it‘s also the number of times Hell‘s Kitchen has opened for service and there are real restaurants that never make it that far. So what‘s the secret to Hell‘s Kitchen‘s longevity? I believe it‘s the fact that they cook with love. I‘m sure that‘s it. Aren‘t you?  Read more »
Hell‘s Kitchen season 8 kicks off with a new graphic that shows the contestants as Lilliputians doing battle with not only a giant Gordon Ramsay, but with each other. Sounds about right seeing as this whole season was designed to emphasis the fighting which, to quote Ms. Newton-John, will be getting physical. Maybe they should do away with the cooking part of the competition and turn this show into an off-shoot of the WWE. And in this corner ...  Read more »
When you have a Band-Aid stuck to your skin, they say the best way to deal with the pain of removal is to rip it off quickly. Do you think that‘s what Fox had in mind when they scheduled this season of Hell‘s Kitchen? We‘re only two weeks in and already we‘ve lost five contestants. Next week is another two hour shows so at this rate, we‘ll know the winner by Halloween! Read more »
In the second episode of the night, Gordon Ramsay stopped a few hearts by saying he needed to set something right. He called out Melissa, but not to send her home -- just to send her to the men‘s team. Time to mix up chefs, but did it help or hurt? Read more »
Tonight, Hell‘s Kitchen celebrated its 100th service with an ugly cake, a visit from four past winners and a couple of recurring stars from Glee. Whoopee! Now that‘s what I call a party. Before that, though, the chefs had a bigger challenge, feeding Gordon Ramsay‘s kids during Family Night and for the first time in a long time, it wasn‘t a total fiasco.  Read more »
In another two-hour edition of Hell‘s Kitchen, the chefs had to mix cocktails, milk cows and create a ravioli dish worthy of making the menu, all while trying to maintain some semblance of order in the kitchen. The first three - got it. The last part? See the photo of Gordon? He‘s pointing to the way out.  Read more »
As we‘ve seen in dozens of horror movies, prom night can be hell so I can‘t imagine why Beverly Hills High School decided to tempt fate by having their big night in Hell‘s Kitchen! It was one of the most inappropriately abusive episodes to date, and I say at least one contestant owes the viewing audience a big apology. Read more »
It is the considerable opinion of BuddyTV that the people should not be allowed to vote. This morning the 2011 People‘s Choice Award nominees were announced and the choices are less than inspired. Sure, like a broken clock, some of the choices show an impressive exhibition of taste (nominating Ian Somerhalder‘s highly entertaining performance on The Vampire Diaries), but mostly, it‘s an embarrassment. Read more »
Over eight seasons, we‘re all pretty used to seeing moments on Hell‘s Kitchen that made us go, huh? But last night there were quite a few fake-outs, wrong moves and plain old batty behavior. So here‘s a look at the Top Five "What the Heck?" Moments from episodes 9 and 10.   Read more »
Usually things go wrong when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, but tonight on Hell‘s Kitchen, the opposite was true as one chef after another was tossed out during dinner service. It all began with Trev standing toe-to-toe with Ramsay, still waiting on the cliffhanger that happened two years ago. (Felt like that, didn‘t it?) But instead of going home, he was sent to join the ever shrinking men‘s blue team and he was thrilled . . . for a few minutes, anyway.  Read more »
Last night, Sabrina Brimhall was eliminated on Hell‘s Kitchen. Though Gordon Ramsay said she needed to grow-up a little more, we think that Sabrina had a unique outlook that we could all benefit from. And so we present, Sabrina‘s Guide to Life.  Read more »
We‘re down to the final four in Hell‘s Kitchen and it‘s been a long, badly-fought war. We lost Sabrina, aka Baby Spice and her feisty, kitten with a whip attitude. We lost Raj, the crazy kitchen ninja and Boris whose cooking was Bad-enough to get him sent home early. And then there was Antonia who collapsed on the first episode and has dropped off the radar. Yes, it‘s been a long season plagued with multiple double episodes, weeks of preemption and enough ruined scallops to make them an endangered species. But now it‘s time to take a closer look at the final four to see who, if any of them, deserves to be the head chef at LA Market.  Read more »
It‘s time for the black jackets! If you‘re a Hell‘s Kitchen fan, you know what that means. No more red team and blue team, now the remaining chefs have to work together to serve the entire dining room out of one kitchen. If you didn‘t see it, let me give you a hint - "my heart will go on and on. . . "Before the doors open though, Gordon Ramsay has a very special treat for the challenge winner and a whole table-full of special guest judges in order to make the call. It‘s all about first impressions when the chefs are asked to create an amuse-bouche that looks as good as it tastes.  Read more »
After this many weeks of cooking nearly the exact same food every week in Hell‘s Kitchen, you‘d figure these chefs would have it down to a science. More like weird science. Trev can‘t grill a steak, Jillian can‘t brown a scallop and Nona can‘t cook spaghetti. Of course, if everything went right, they wouldn‘t have much of an episode would they? And shouldn‘t they have taken turns running the pass by now? No wonder Ramsay walked out of his own kitchen.   Read more »
We‘ve seen shocking moments before on Hell‘s Kitchen. Chefs carted off in an ambulance, chefs threatening violence and unexpected eliminations. But tonight‘s episode beat all. Because tonight, this late in the game, Gordon Ramsay delivered a happy ending. Huh? Someone should check under his bed for a pod, because this just ain‘t right.  Read more »
Last night, the cooking gods conspired to bring TV viewers something truly special, Hell‘s Kitchen and Top Chef on the same night. It was an interesting experience, watching the two shows back-to-back and it got me thinking. So today, I present to you, Hell‘s Kitchen vs Top Chef, a side-by-side look at what makes this two culinary competition shows so totally different. Read more »
Tonight on Hell‘s Kitchen, the final four got to show they have what it takes to run a restaurant as each of them got a turn at the pass. Unlike past seasons, this experiment ran rather smoothly, probably because all of the remaining contestants have a positive attitude ... with the exception of one.   Read more »
Eleven weeks ago, sixteen aspiring chefs stepped into Hell‘s Kitchen with the dream of becoming the head chef at Gordon Ramsay‘s LA Market. Some made a good first impression, others were horrendous from the start and one didn‘t even make it past the first dinner service. Yesterday there were four and now there are two. But even with Ramsay‘s careful coaching and meticulous standards, none of the final four has all of the ingredients of the perfect head chef. So in honor of this week‘s challenge theme, it‘s time for some finalist fusion.  Read more »
Tomorrow night, Hell‘s Kitchen Season 8 will come to a close with either Nona or Russell taking home the big prize. Before we get there, we thought we‘d take a look back at how we got here. It all began on September 22, when 16 chefs arrived, most of them inappropriately dressed, for their first taste of Hell‘s Kitchen.  Read more »
Winning was never a sure thing for Nona Sivley, a 29-year old sous chef from Georgia. The young mom came to Hell‘s Kitchen to follow her dream even though it meant being away from her son for so long. She missed his birthday, his first steps but she says now that it was worth it. As of last night, Nona has a new job -- as the head chef of the LA Market and spokesperson for Rosemount wine. It means a better life for her family, and for Nona, that was what the whole competition was about.  Read more »
Tonight was the end of the longest season in Hell‘s Kitchen history. It felt like that, didn‘t it? Luckily the producers decided to spare us with any more suspense by delivering a one-hour finale that kept moving at a decent clip. Speaking of clips, that‘s how it all began, with a quick look back at the highlights of the season, which actually matched many of those we featured here yesterday. The fights. Raj. The raw food. Raj and more Raj and then it was on menu planning and a final meet-up with Chef Ramsay.  Read more »
Sometimes there‘s a lot of little bite-sized morsels of TV news, so I‘m here to collect them all into one place like a bowl of mixed Halloween candy. So enjoy some nougaty True Blood casting news, a caramel-covered reality renewal and some Emmy rule changes (I think those would be the nickels and toothbrushes).  Read more »
Today FOX released its summer schedule with premiere dates for So You Think You Can Dance, Hell‘s Kitchen and MaserChef.  Read more »