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If you missed all the shouting and cursing and the occasional cooking on the side on Hell‘s Kitchen, then tune in tonight as infamous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and 16 new chefs try to get on each other‘s nerves as Hell‘s Kitchen season 6 kicks off at 8pm on Fox.According to preliminary previews, the pilot of Hell‘s Kitchen‘s sixth season will feature more dramatic contestants, with some characters not hesitating to talk back to Ramsay and maitre‘d Jean-Philippe Susilovic. Read more »
If the pilot of Hell‘s Kitchen 6 is any indication, this season of the Fox cooking show is bound to be exciting. The harsh exchange between Joseph and Gordon Ramsay, for one, on the second hour of the two-part debut had a lot of Hell‘s Kitchen fans wondering if that‘s a preview of things to come. Ramsay, who for the first time was at the receiving end of someone else‘s angry cussing, admitted previously that this season is the most frustrating yet."It‘s possibly the most demanding in terms of frustration level, but I think we‘ve got some exceptional chefs, which may turn out to be a bit of a surprise I think," he said. "I think the standard of chefs across the board is far greater... We‘ve been a lot more creative in terms of the challenges and there have been a few twists." Read more »
No surprise there.Hell‘s Kitchen 3 winner Rock Harper writes on Reality Wanted that he thinks former US Marine Joseph will be the next to be eliminated following his shocking and, some say, unwarranted display of rage toward Hell‘s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay on the show‘s Tuesday premiere. Yet other than his temper and apparent lack of knowledge on how the show goes, Chef Rock pins the blame on the New York native‘s talent, or lack thereof. Read more »
On the next episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, we get the thrilling continuation of the Joseph-going-off-on-Gordon-Ramsay incident at the end of the Fox cooking show‘s two-hour premiere last week. On tonight‘s edition of Hell‘s Kitchen, the 14 remaining chefs (meaning an additional two will be eliminated at the onset of the episode) are woken up in the middle of the night and called to the restaurant for an impromptu challenge. What they find is Gordon Ramsay and a room full of hungry firefighters waiting.The teams, then, must cook a pasta dinner complete with garlic bread for the local heroes, with the first team to feed their group of firefighters first wins. The reward for the challenge will include a day of relaxation, while the losers will have to deal with washing, polishing, and waxing the fire engines. Unfortunately, Fox is reporting that two contestants are rushed to the hospital for injuries. Read more »
No surprise there.Joseph "I‘m nobody‘s bitch" was shown the door on the last episode of Hell‘s Kitchen after a fiery exchange of words between the former US Marine and Hell‘s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay. Repeatedly pressured and asked to give a name and why and called "slightly stupid," Joseph blew his top off, said he‘s nobody‘s bitch, and started going for Ramsay. When the two were face-to-face, the New York sous chef offered to take the fight outside (to the parking lot perhaps), just when the "to be continued" sign flashed. Read more »
By now, a lot of people are familiar with Joseph "I‘m nobody‘s bitch" Tinnelly. The former US Marine was the stuff of online forums after he showed off his fiery temper on the season premiere of Hell‘s Kitchen last week. As the New York sous chef is the first to show chef Gordon Ramsay this kind of attitude, some float the idea that maybe Joseph is just a ploy to pump up ratings for Hell‘s Kitchen. Ploy or not, it worked, with some critics already predicting that this just might prove to be the Fox reality show‘s most watched season to date. Read more »
Thirteen chefs are left. On tonight‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, the chefs partner up for a challenge that includes making perfectly positioned six-inch sausages. One chef will reportedly explode no thanks to the rising tension between the chefs. As if host Gordon Ramsay wasn‘t pressure enough, Drew Lachey, John O‘Hurley, Tom Green, Melinda Clarke, Chris "Kid" Reid and Kristy Swanson also stop by Hell‘s Kitchen for dinner service.Predictably, some things don‘t turn out right. The red team‘s dishes are sent back to the kitchen for being too salty, while not to be outdone, the blue team‘s food is cold, causing Ramsay to blow a gasket. Read more »
One of the more interesting things on the last episode of Hell‘s Kitchen was the obligatory partnership between rivals Tennille and Suzanne and Van and Andy, thanks to Chef Ramsay coming up with such interesting pairings. But it‘s Lovely who ended up saying goodbye after being nominated twice. I don‘t know about you, but with just four episode in the bag and already having two close calls, maybe, just maybe, this isn‘t working out.No one was really surprised when Lovely, a 23-year-old camp chef from Chicago, Illinois, was nominated again and chucked this time. She had trouble keeping track of the orders, but Chef Ramsay put it more succinctly: "If people were named for their cooking, her name wouldn‘t be Lovely, it would be Useless." Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, the restaurant opens its doors to host a welcome home party for a returning US Marine named Otis James (hasn‘t this show had enough of Marines?) The two teams meet with James‘ wife, and must create two appetizers and an entrée that will meet her approval. The team whose menu his wife will choose will be treated to a sky-high adventure, while the losing team are forced to clean and decorate the dining room for the party.Hell‘s Kitchen host Chef Gordon Ramsay is determined to make this special, he says, so he‘s bringing in wife Tana Ramsey to help direct the losing team on how to plan a party. During dinner service, one team can‘t keep up with the orders, ending up sending cold food, understandably causing Ramsay to blow a fuse. As usual, one chef will be sent home at the end of the episode. Read more »
That‘s what you get if you don‘t listen on Hell‘s Kitchen. 27-year-old New York sous chef Tek got the boot for being stubborn. She obviously had a problem on the grill, but kept on insisting that she had everything under control. When Hell‘s Kitchen host Chef Gordon Ramsay started sending back steak after steak after steak for not being the right temperature, we pretty much know that it‘s goodbye Tek.On the last episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, team leaders Robert and Suzanne sat down with Gordon Ramsay and LaTasha, the wife of newly returned US Marine (not Joseph, we hoped), to get an idea what she‘d like to see served at his homecoming dinner. Read more »
It‘s a very interesting challenge on tonight‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen. The 11 remaining chefs will try to prepare low-calorie dishes, so if you‘re like a lot of people trying to be healthy and such, expect a lot of tips. I‘d probably be taking notes myself. Anyway, specifically, the chefs will try to create three-course meals using only 700 calories. The winning team will enjoy a day on the beach learning how to play volleyball from Olympian Annett Davis, while the losing team will need to prep both kitchens.Later on the Hell‘s Kitchen episode, one chef will do a Joseph I‘m nobody‘s bitch and snap back at Chef Ramsay, while another will be rushed to the emergency room. Read more »
I told you the girls would win the 700-calorie challenge on Hell‘s Kitchen. All sexism aside, it was clear that calorie-counting was a forte of the girls. After winning the first challenge and both teams essentially flunking the second, New Jersey sous chef Jim was sent packing. Later, we would see that he would drag his team at the start of the service by incorrectly cooking the risotto until Chef Scott was tasked to take over the station. But Chef Ramsay put it more eloquently: "At times, I thought Jim was sleepwalking, but then I realized that he just had had no passion. And that‘s why it was time for him to leave Hell‘s Kitchen." Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, the 10 remaining chefs either earn a high-rolling reward in Vegas or end up prepping the kitchens - again - for that night‘s service. Hell‘s Kitchen host Chef Gordon Ramsay has the teams rolling the dice to determine which ingredients they will need to combine to create a tasty dish. One team dares to take a risky ingredient but end up winning big time with a night out on Sin City, while the losing team stay in the kitchens.Meanwhile on the service, things get pretty tough as Chef Ramsay invites chefs from his restaurants to sit at the first-ever Hell‘s Kitchen chefs‘ tables. One team continues to make the same mistakes over and over again, while another has to deal with an annoyingly bossy teammate - good vibes to those who can guess who this is. At the end of the episode, one chef will be sent home. Read more »
If Robert eventually won Hell‘s Kitchen, that would be something. But alas, that won‘t be anymore as the 30-year-old returnee from last season was given the boon on tonight‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen primarily because he served raw food despite the experience and perhaps because of his persistent health problems. In season 5, Robert was one of the final five contestants before having to withdraw due to pericarditis.Elsewhere on the Hell‘s Kitchen episode, the blue team was kind of feeling that they might just do a better job without Robert, who was rushed to the hospital last week. For the first challenge, Chef Gordon Ramsay had each team rolling a dice with letters on 12 sides, and they had to choose an ingredient that starts with the letter that they roll. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, we get to see one Hell‘s Kitchen staple: the blind taste-test challenge. Still on the haunt for the Head Chef position at Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, Canada, host Gordon Ramsay wants to make sure all the candidates‘ palates are up to par. The winner of the challenge will have a chance to dine with Chef Ramsay in the dark at an eatery where they can only rely only their senses of taste, smell, and touch. For the episode‘s dinner service, meanwhile, one team runs out of potatoes while the other team serves raw meat - uh oh.On the last episode of the Fox cooking show, Robert finally bid goodbye from Hell‘s Kitchen. Fans were slightly divided with his elimination, some pointing out he was infinitely better last season, when he reached top 5. Some are even posing questions on whether or not it was right to bring him back in the first place (while mentioning that sweat dripping down his nose was indeed very unappetizing). You can‘t really argue with that one. Read more »
New York sous chef Amanda became the ninth person to head out of Hell‘s Kitchen, and one of the few to get the boot despite not being nominated. Suzanne was one of the nominees because she lacked team work, while Sabrina‘s head was on the chopping block for not taking on the leadership role; that, and for sending out raw meat.Last night‘s episode included a taste test challenge, where the chefs went head-to-head in trying to identify four foods (except Tennille, who sat the challenge out to even things out, to the delight of Suzanne). Andy kind of felt he had the challenge in the bag because he claimed he could taste ingredients others couldn‘t. The women eventually won the challenge, and the reward was a special dinner in the dark. The men‘s team, meanwhile, had to make do with polishing glasses and make all the sorbet for dinner service from hand. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, the chefs are made to create - crepes! The winning team will enjoy an afternoon at a French restaurant, while the losing team has to endure losing one of their members after an injury during preparations for dinner service. For the dinner service, it‘s French cuisine, and Hell‘s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay ends up kicking three chefs out of the kitchen when one disorganized one fails to keep up with the rest of the team. And as with any Hell‘s Kitchen episode, this one ends with someone packing up his or her knives and saying goodbye.On the last episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, the contestants participated in a blind taste test to determine which of the chefs‘ palates are the most, well, refined. They were paired off and blindfolded, and eventually, the red team won, identifying two more ingredients than the blue team. The red team had a dining in the dark experience with Ramsay at the V Lounge in Santa Monica, while the blue team stayed put to make sorbet for that night‘s service. Read more »
Because she is just so insufferable!And that, on some reality shows, is actually a good thing. Around halfway through this season of Hell‘s Kitchen, Suzanne has managed to irk not just her teammates - including usually stoic Ariel - but virtually everyone watching Hell‘s Kitchen. And as annoying as Tennille is, at least she vents out the frustration a lot of people had when it comes to her sworn enemy. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, Suzanne is still there, hanging on to dear life, and I‘m kind of loving it, if only because it annoys the hell out of it Tennille. "Suzanne the mouth" is now on the blue team, and from the looks of it, everyone is hell-bent on giving her a hard time. But regardless of whether she‘s going or not, tonight looks to be a pretty intense episode, with something harsh happening to Dave - so if he goes, Suzanne gets to stay one more week?On "7 Chefs Compete" Gordon Ramsay shows the chefs a glimpse of The Araxi via a satellite tour. They then need to use 15 local ingredients that were flon in from Whistler to create three unique entrees. Olympic gold medalists Sasha Cohen and Jonny Moseley are guest-judging, and the winning team gets to eat with Mark Peel, while the losers are forced to do hard labor on a local farm. Read more »
Because there was the two-hour season finale of More to Love last week, tonight we get two hours of Hell‘s Kitchen - and two chefs going home. There were only 7 chefs left, so it really gets intense and tight at this point. And wouldn‘t you know it, Suzanne - the chef everybody and Tennille love to hate - is still there.Yes, original Hell‘s Kitchen arch-rivals Suzanne and Tennille are still there. Instead, it‘s Van and Sabrina who were sent home on tonight‘s episode of the Fox cooking show. Here‘s how it happened. Read more »
What did I tell you kids? Suzanne is still there. She was up for elimination for as long as I can remember but somehow has eluded it, for different reasons. On the next episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, it‘s the first individual challenge for the five remaining chefs: create a dish that looks just as delicious as it tastes, with experts from Bon Appetit magazine judging the dishes. The winner enjoys an evening at Shutters on the Beach with Ramsay with the magazine‘s editor-in chief. The final five chefs then do dinner service, where, the promo promises, we‘ll see something we‘ve never seen before.Tennille shutting up, maybe? Read more »
There goes my prediction. Hell‘s Kitchen finally bids farewell to Suzanne, who hadn‘t exactly been the most liked contestant on the Fox cooking show because, well,  let‘s just say she hadn‘t exactly been the model of humility during her prolonged stay. For as long as I can remember, all the other contestants have been pushing her for elimination but, somehow, she had emerged unscathed - until tonight, when her big mouth and not so big skills have caught up with her.And then there were four on Hell‘s Kitchen. After Suzanne leaves Hell‘s Kitchen, four chefs remain on the show as things really begin to go down the wire - Tennille, Ariel, Dave, and Kevin. Read more »
I guess it‘s safe to say Suzanne wasn‘t exactly the most liked contestant on Hell‘s Kitchen. For the longest time, everyone wanted her gone, and I‘m sure there were high-fives and sighs of relief when she was finally eliminated last week (the biggest sigh most probably came from Tennille, plus a few choice words that are unfit for public consumption).For Suzanne, who was apparently good enough to make it to the final five of the Fox cooking show, it was a combination of "misinterpretation and personalities" that did her in, as far as not being Miss Congeniality on Hell‘s Kitchen. Read more »
Tonight on Hell‘s Kitchen, it‘s the playoffs, sort of, because there are only four chefs remaining - loud mouth Tennille, downward spiral Ariel, one-handed Dave, and self-proclaimed Mr. Consistency but overcooked the rice Kevin. They are given a mini-pep talk by Felix Light, the so-called mini-me of Gordon Ramsay. The challenge was to prepare 80 vegetarian entrees to serve 80 people. There is a twist, and let‘s just say their guests aren‘t exactly fond of veggies.Come dinner service, something tragic happens to Dave‘s hand, and a surprise twist that will hopefully shock everyone. Read more »
Oh no. Now who will be root against on Hell‘s Kitchen? Who will we yearn to shut up for one minute? Who will annoy us to hell? Maybe Kevin?Tennille was eliminated from Hell‘s Kitchen tonight, just one person shy of making it to the final three and the two-hour finale next week. So the final three would be Ariel, Dave, and Kevin. There‘s really no one to root for here. I‘m a little lukewarm about Ariel, Kevin is an arrogant douche bag, while Dave looks like he can‘t seriously cut it. With Tennille around, at least we have someone interesting. But now that‘s gone. Read more »
From 17 contestants on Hell‘s Kitchen, three remain - Ariel (downward spiral), Dave (one-armed), and Kevin (jerk). Did the best three chefs make it to the final three? I would say so. Did Tennille deserved to go last week? Yes. And as much as I liked her (masochism probably), she is the least capable of the four chefs, a fact that was revealed in the episode‘s reward challenge when she won, as judged by kids. It was also evidenced during the last dinner service, when she screwed up the scallops and sea bass big time - maybe something about the makeover?En route to Wednesday‘s two-hour finale, let‘s discuss the chances of the final three in winning Hell‘s Kitchen. Read more »
Tonight will cap off a so far exciting season of Hell‘s Kitchen, and by the end of the two-hour finale, we would know who among the three - Kevin, Dave, or Ariel - will head over to Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia as head chef. So far I think it‘s a toss up between Kevin and Ariel, primarily because Dave‘s handicap is, well, handicapping his chances. On the other hand, it can also work in his favor because it is pretty kick ass that he can work side-by-side these two perfectly capable chefs with just one hand.On the first hour of Hell‘s Kitchen tonight, Chef Gordon Ramsay wants to check out the three chefs‘ international culinary skills by having them create one dish from various parts of the world. As if that‘s not enough pressure, international culinary experts will be on board to judge the cuisines. Yikes. But since the stakes are high, the reward is pretty amazing, too - they get to sit back and relax while the executive chefs cook and serve them their signature dishes. To make things better, they‘ll have their family to enjoy the meal with. One chef will then be sent home after the penultimate dinner service. Read more »
San Diego, California native Dave Levey, who injured his left wrist early in the competition and has been in a cast since, single-handedly won the sixth season of Hell‘s Kitchen after an intense competition with self-confessed Mr. Consistent Kevin Cottle. In the process, he won a job at the Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia for a year.This is really something, considering that Dave was nearly knocked out of the competition an episode prior to the finale when, in trying to lift something in the dinner service, his injury got so bad that he fell to the ground. Hell‘s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay questioned if he was physically capable of competing on the show, but Dave pleaded to be judged on his merits as a chef, and not on whether he could use two hands - bravo, indeed. Read more »
In retrospect, should Dave have won Hell‘s Kitchen?Well at least we can say he‘s nobody‘s bitch. But seriously, for one thing, it‘s safe to say that things have been a little unfair to Kevin on the final dinner service - and it isn‘t just about Amanda screwing things up royally (because Dave had his share of screw-up‘s, although not in the same scale). For instance, let‘s consider the menu. Read more »
No duh.But probably the question on most Hell‘s Kitchen fans after Dave won this week was: would he have won if he didn‘t have a cool catchphrase like the one-arm bandit? Would he have won if he had use of both hands and therefore no novelty? Would he have won, then, if he didn‘t injure himself in the firemen episode? Read more »
It‘s been some time now since one-armed bandit Dave won on the finale of this season‘s Hell‘s Kitchen, and while he had a won a chance to work at the Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, B.C., just in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics, that‘s not until February next year, so for the mean time, he‘s back in Il Giardino ‘86, the Italian restaurant in Cedar Knolls.And even though Dave will be heading up north soon for his new job, the owner of Il Giardino ‘86, where he worked after he was done filming Hell‘s Kitchen, said he‘s happy for Dave.Don‘t forget to check out: ‘Hell‘s Kitchen‘ Finale: A Postmortem Hell‘s Kitchen: Dave Never Wanted to Go Home One-Armed Bandit Wins ‘Hell‘s Kitchen‘  Read more »