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Tonight marks the long-awaited return of Hell‘s Kitchen, which is the show that taught us all how important it is to be able to cook a proper risotto and Beef Wellington.  If the contestants in the fourth season of the FOX series have yet to master those two culinary delights, chef Gordon Ramsay will surely raise his voice and go a little crazy.  After all, that‘s what he does best.  Tonight‘s season premiere introduces us to the 15 finalists who will be competing to become an executive chef at Ramsay‘s new restaurant, The London West Hollywood.  Who will be the first person to go up in flames? Read more »
Hell‘s Kitchen is back and last night, we met our first 15 new contestants willing to subject themselves to Gordon Ramsay‘s abuse for a shot at becoming an Executive Chef at one of his restaurants. Once again, Fox has seemed to choose some of their contestants solely based on their personalities (or likelihood to be a good target for Ramsay‘s abuse) rather than on the chance that they could actually realistically win the Hell‘s Kitchen 4 competition. Or that they would even want to, come to think of it.  Read more »
It can‘t be easy to be the first person booted from a reality show, but when chef Gordon Ramsay took away Dominic‘s jacket at the end of last night‘s Hell‘s Kitchen, the stay-at-home dad handled his exit with class.  I fully expected Bobby to get sent home for his poor leadership skills and brash attitude, but Ramsay made the surprising choice to give him another shot.  Instead, Dominic had to go back home to his wife and children a bit earlier than expected.We had the chance to sit down with Dominic today to talk about Ramsay‘s disguise, the stress level in the kitchen, and what happened with all those trashed scallops.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
This week, the fourth season of Hell‘s Kitchen had its premiere episode, filled with exactly what you would expect from Hell‘s Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay getting apoplectic and a bunch of chefs – some with seemingly questionable skills or judgment – running around in panic in his kitchen. The fourth season of Top Chef is already four episodes in, and it would appear that the two shows share some of the same audience. While they are, ostensibly, about the same subject, they are quite different shows, as many of us noted in the comments for the first Hell‘s Kitchen recap. How do these two shows stack up against each other? Each week, we‘ll be comparing the week‘s episode, but for this week, I‘ll also be comparing the shows from what we‘ve seen through the previous seasons as well as the most recent episode.  Read more »
Hell‘s Kitchen 4 got off to a pretty typical start last week, with the chefs being thrown right into the competition, the first night in the restaurant going badly, and Gordon Ramsay having a fit during service and shut down the kitchen. The usual. The structure of Hell‘s Kitchen is focused on how well a chef performs under the grinding pressure of a restaurant service. A kitchen is a team effort, though, so sometimes, an individual chef‘s performance is negatively impacted not so much by their own weakness, but by the weakness of those around them. Because of this, it can sometimes take a few services to start to get a good sense of which chefs really have the goods and which ones are destined to be sent home by Ramsay.  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen, the chefs served Gordon Ramsay their signature dishes, and the good news is that only Matt‘s strange mixture of caviar and white chocolate made Ramsay heave into a trash can.  Nearly all the contestants did terribly, but no one else received such a nauseating reaction.  When it came time for dinner service, both teams failed to move any entrées, but the men proved more incompetent.  Though Bobby nearly went home for his shoddy leadership skills, it was stay-at-home dad Dominic who ultimately got the boot.Tonight, 14 chefs remain, and they‘re all competing for one spot as an executive chef at Ramsay‘s new Los Angeles restaurant.  Is it getting hot in here? Read more »
Last night was the second episode of Hell‘s Kitchen 4 and we saw again that this show certainly believes in practicing what it preaches. In the actual kitchen, the goal is to follow to the recipes and be consistent. In the show Hell‘s Kitchen, sticking to the formula is the name of the game. Once again, we‘ve got the “Barbie” contestant who is supposedly more interested in makeup than cooking, we‘ve got the idea that losing to a woman is more humiliating than simply losing, and we‘ve got Ramsay giving a chef the power to nominate two others for elimination only to pick someone else entirely. Like a good restaurant, if you make a return trip to Hell‘s Kitchen, you‘re sure to get something exactly like what you got before, including some chefs who seem like they might be worth a two-hour wait to Dine and others who seem more likely to make us Dash for the nearest exit of Hell‘s Kitchen. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen featured one of the most surprising eliminations that I‘ve seen on reality television in a while.  After asking Corey to nominate two of her teammates for elimination, Chef Gordon Ramsay was shocked when she chose Christina and Jen for purely personal reasons.  Thinking that both nominees were undeserving of being kicked off, Ramsay decided to eliminate Sharon for her lack of culinary prowess.  If there‘s one thing we learned, it‘s that nobody is safe on Hell‘s Kitchen.Today we had a chance to sit down with Sharon and discuss her elimination, her future plans, and what she thought about all those "Barbie" comments.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Hell‘s Kitchen 4 aired its second episode this week, while the cheftestants on Top Chef 4 moved into their fifth. Tensions ran high among the chefs on Top Chef 4, and this week, the show had its own mildly Hell‘s Kitchen moments as several of them engaged in a Gordon Ramsay-like screaming match. Other than that, though, once again this week, the challenges the two sets of chefs encountered highlighted another difference between the shows: the element of time.  Read more »
We are just into our third episode of Hell‘s Kitchen 4 and from some viewer reaction, it would appear the public has narrowed down which chef they would like to see go home next. However, while Gordon Ramsay might aim to give the customer what they want in his establishment (unless, of course, they make the cardinal sin of asking approaching him at the wrong moment), will he appease the viewers and send home the chef who seems to be rubbing many the wrong way?  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay yelled a lot while 14 contestants scrambled frantically to put together a speedy dinner service.  Of course they failed rather miserably, though some fared worse than others.  Corey elected Christina and Jen for elimination for purely personal reasons, but ultimately Ramsay decided that Sharon should go home for her inability to move any entrées.Going into tonight‘s episode, tensions among the ladies are at an all time high after Corey‘s sneaky move.  Can they put their personal issues aside and make it through dinner service alive? Read more »
In trying to pick some top contenders for the Dine half of this column – that being the designation for the chefs who did the best in the most recent episode of Hell‘s Kitchen 4 – I have to say our commenter BuddysBunny made a very good observation in a response to my Hell‘s Kitchen episode 4.3 predictions column. She noted that “At this point it not who should go home but is there any one who should stay?” An excellent point and one of the challenge of making some picks for a top spot this week: does any one chef‘s performance truly deserve to be called out as a positive? Hell‘s Kitchen the restaurant may need strong chefs, but Hell‘s Kitchen the TV show runs on a fuel called incompetence, and the rattled chefs of this season are certainly keep the engine humming so far. Read more »
Whether you loved him or hated him, there‘s no denying that Jason made quite an impression on Hell‘s Kitchen.  The chef became known for his cocky attitude and sexist comments, but in the end he was sent home before many of the ladies.  Gordon Ramsay eliminated Jason last night after being disappointed by the chef‘s failure to master the dessert menu, as well as his lack of passion for the competition. Today we had a chance to sit down with Jason to discuss his elimination, what happened in the hot tub, and how he really felt about the abilities of the women in the kitchen.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
This week, both Hell‘s Kitchen 4 and Top Chef 4 focused on their areas of strength or weakness, depending on how you feel about each show. Hell‘s Kitchen 4 had several moments of Survivor and Big Brother-like reality show schtick with chicken-killing fake-out and the ladies in a hot tub using their wiles in a strategic fashion against the boys. Top Chef 4 had a few moments of interpersonal drama at the start of the episode, but those tensions from last week became secondary to the story as the chefs returned to creative solo cooking.  Read more »
On the last episode of Hell‘s Kitchen 4, Gordon Ramsay kicked off Jason for general incompetence. However, that doesn‘t really make this job of predicting who could go next any easier: there‘s a lot of incompetence to go around, as is usual on Hell‘s Kitchen. Which chefs seem likely to falter once again in the pressure-cooker environment of the kitchen as we head into the fourth episode in this season of Hell‘s Kitchen?  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen, the contestants discovered that serving dozens of customers isn‘t easy when Chef Gordon Ramsay is yelling up a storm.  After a disastrous dinner service (as if there‘s any other kind on this show) that found Ben trying to serve raw salmon and Rosann flinging crab where crab should never go, Ramsay shut things down and declared both teams losers.  Despite the struggles of many contestants, it was ultimately Jason who went home for making a mockery of the dessert course.The FOX promos for tonight‘s episode have proclaimed that one chef may lose the ability to cook forever.  Is that just overdramatic hokum, or is Ramsay going to cut somebody‘s hands off with a cleaver? Read more »
There‘s more to surviving in Hell‘s Kitchen than simply putting up with Chef Gordon Ramsay and keeping it together during stressful dinner services.  The contestants also have to work as a cohesive team, watching each other‘s backs and helping one another whenever it‘s necessary.  With collaboration being so essential, Craig didn‘t stand a chance after his teammates turned on him during the chicken chopping challenge last week.  Last night, Craig‘s issues in the kitchen finally caught up with him, and he was the latest contestant to be sent home.Today we had a chance to talk to Craig about his elimination, the atmosphere in the kitchen, and the 10-inch chef‘s hat that Ramsay had a problem with.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
You have to give it to Hell‘s Kitchen. Only this show can turn the process of pasta-making into a high-tension event. Last night‘s episode had Gordon Ramsay attempting to give the chefs an easier time by creating a family service that included dishes like onion rings and pasta. We saw the women pull together a successful service and the fellows struggling to focus.So which chefs performed the best (Dine) and which the worst (Dash) on last night‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen? Read more »
The chefs of both Hell‘s Kitchen and Top Chef were thrown some curveballs this week. On Hell‘s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay tried, actually, to toss his chefs a softball by giving them an easier menu designed to be family friendly. The Top Chef cheftestants, on the other hand, wound up facing multiple change-ups as new twists were added to challenge in order to require even more improvisational skills. Despite the fact that Ramsay was trying to give his chefs more of a chance at a successful service by easing up on the complication of the dishes, by this stage of the competition, the chefs seem so rattled that I think some of them might mess up pouring a bowl of cereal and milk if Ramsay were standing over them. However, some chefs were able to rise to the occasion on Hell‘s Kitchen – and Top Chef – and in both cases showed that each show has a tendency to reward certain personality traits over others.  Read more »
Even with the less complex dishes Gordon Ramsay gave his underlings to make on last week‘s Hell‘s Kitchen 4, the chefs still struggled with getting out a successful service. The women managed to complete theirs, but not without an accident that could possibly cost Vanessa her spot in the competition. The men continued to be a little bumbling as Craig, Ben and Matt created some issues with the outgoing dishes. What will happen on this week‘s Hell‘s Kitchen 4? Will Ramsay be able to clear out two chefs this week if Vanessa is forced to leave due to her injury? Because you know it‘s highly unlikely that if she voluntarily leaves, Ramsay will let all the chefs stay another week. The producers might want that in order to keep the same number of episodes…but you know that every week he is just chomping at the bit to toss someone else aside. So who could that be?  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen, the restaurant opened for its first family dinner night.  Believe it or not, the chefs actually succeeded in getting out enough hamburgers and wings to complete the service, though not everyone had a great night.  Vanessa melted her hand with hot oil, Matt attempted to serve raw chicken, and Ben tried to get limp onion rings past Gordon Ramsay.  In the end, Ramsay decided to send Craig home for being a complete failure and having a bad attitude.Tonight‘s episode is all about a dish I have had many long, fulfilling nights with: pizza.  The chefs can‘t possibly screw this one up, right? Read more »
Last night on Hell’s Kitchen, the chefs did something that most viewers wouldn’t expect: they completed a second successful service. Even with the extra-added (and somewhat random) challenge for the men of needing to deliver pizzas during the evening, everyone managed to pull it together, and the errors were – in the context of Hell’s Kitchen – relatively minor. The chefs earned the mercy of Gordon Ramsay who decided that Vanessa’s departure for her injury was enough for the evening. But there were still some chefs called out as best and worst, and here are my picks for those as well. Read more »
It has to be tough to throw your heart completely into a competition, only to be forced to go home due to an accident beyond your control.  That was the situation Vanessa found herself in when she packed her bags and left Hell‘s Kitchen in the middle of last night‘s episode.  The chef wanted to continue, but after seriously burning her hand with some hot oil during last week‘s dinner service, she decided that it would be best for her to take herself out of the running.  Gordon Ramsay was sympathetic to Vanessa‘s issue, and was feeling so generous that he chose not to eliminate anyone else last night.Today we had a chance to speak with Vanessa and see how her hand has healed, what the atmosphere was like in the kitchen, and who she thinks has what it takes to make it to the finals.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
This week on Hell‘s Kitchen, the chefs finally had the chance again to do a Top Chef-style challenge. After several weeks of technique-related challenges, like pasta-making, fish-filleting and chicken butchering, the Hell‘s Kitchen chefs were allowed to let their creativity loose on their own gourmet pizza.I have to admit that I do really like these challenges better than the technique ones. While those might be interesting in the way that watching a footrace might be, I feel like we get enough information on their skills at technique in the service portion. Part of being an executive chef is also menu-development and tweaking current dishes to make them as good as possible.  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay spared the remaining chefs from elimination since Vanessa opted out of the competition due to her burnt hand. The teams put Louross and Christina on the chopping block last week, but Ramsay didn‘t hesitate to let the women know that he felt they made a mistake. Rosann had committed greater errors during the service and initially seemed to be the obvious nominee for the women. Louross botched some meat, and it was apparently for this the men decided he was the weakest link. It‘s possible there was more to it than that. After all, the previous week Matt sent out undercooked chicken. If the chefs still find Louross to be the worst cook, you have to wonder what didn‘t make it into the final episode. So who could go home this week from Hell‘s Kitchen? Well, for this week, I think it‘s more obvious to say who is probably safe.  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen, both teams shocked the world by actually completing a successful dinner service.  Yet instead of leading to tearful hugs and joyous celebration, this culinary triumph caused the chefs to turn on one another.  The women‘s team put Christina up for elimination because she‘s too condescending, and the men‘s team nominated Louross for having a lackluster week.  In the end, Chef Gordon Ramsay decided not to send either of them home.  Maybe he was feeling nice, or maybe the producers needed everyone to stay after Vanessa quit the competition due to her hand injury.Tonight, the 10 remaining contestants whip up tasty delights for a Sweet 16 party.  I hope that the girl being honored takes a cue from South Park and demands someone bake her an Acura cake. Read more »
Memo to Hell’s Kitchen producers: if you’re going to use a wildly over-the-top stereotype of a gay man for something like your party planner, at least put him in a suit that said stereotypical gay man would actually wear. I guess I shouldn’t expect more from this show. Sometimes it’s like Hell’s Kitchen was shot in 1954; women are called “girls” and the idea of them in the workplace is shocking! What’s next? Ladies wearing pants? Anyway, this week’s episode featured a Sweet Sixteen party, which, come to think of it, made me want to go back to 1954 for at least one thing: teaching young people to stand up straight. The birthday girl was pretty but strapless dress + bad posture = bad idea. Somehow, though, she and her fellow guests seemed pleased enough by what the Hell’s Kitchen chefs produced and both teams ended the night with success. Of course, though, there were some low points and so we’ll take a look at the best (Dine) and worst (Dash) performances of the evening.  Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen featured an elimination that I never saw coming.  Despite the fact that Rosann and Matt failed miserably during the dinner service, Chef Gordon Ramsay decided that Shayna should go home.  He felt that the caterer‘s heart simply wasn‘t in the competition, and he was also concerned with how slowly she moved in the kitchen.  These things hardly seemed worthy of elimination, but on Hell‘s Kitchen, Ramsay is the boss.Today we had the opportunity to sit down with Shayna to discuss her future plans, Matt‘s chances on the women‘s team, and why some of her competitors may regret their nasty on-air attitudes. Read more »
Last week‘s Hell‘s Kitchen 4 episode had the chefs taking on a Top Chef-style task where the chef‘s were allowed to get creative with a pizza. This week, the tables were turned as the Top Chef 4 cheftestants had the Mise en Place Relay Race. Rather than creative concepts, this challenge gave us the chance to see how well one of those chefs would do in some of the Hell‘s Kitchen type of competitions. Of course, Tom Colicchio standing over you with a whistle is nowhere near as nerve-rattling as Gordom Ramsay standing over you with a quiver full of rage. That said, I think some of the Top Chef chefs showed that – as some have wondered – they might actually have the potential to do well in the more rough-and-tumble world of Hell‘s Kitchen.  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen 4, Gordon Ramsay opted to send home Shayna for her slower-poke pace rather than Rosann (who had trouble on the meat station) or Matt (who couldn‘t get no respect). While this was a little bit unexpected since Shayna – other than being slow – had seemed pretty competent and level-headed, it does make a kind of sense, both for Ramsay and in the reality show world. For one thing, Ramsay has never hesitated to throw off the person he really wants off (or at least knows is never going to win), whether or not it‘s the most obvious failure of that particular episode. And, while this is sometimes frustrating when the viewers were expecting something else, not meeting expectations is necessary for a reality show to actually build suspense.  Read more »
During last week‘s sparklicious episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, the chefs whipped up a variety of entrées for a Sweet 16 party.  The dinner service was successful, but Matt, Rosann, and Shayna were considered the weakest links.  Despite the fact that Matt and Rosann had been bumbling around and screwing things up for weeks, Chef Gordon Ramsay decided to send Shayna home for being too slow.  To shake things up a bit, he also forced Matt to join the women‘s team, where he‘ll either stand out or fail miserably.Tonight, Ramsay blindfolds the contestants and conducts a taste test challenge, while the ladies adjust to Matt‘s presence in the kitchen. Read more »
This week on Hell‘s Kitchen, the mini-alliance of Ben and Bobby was broken up as Ben was sent home for being unable to get it together. I had had early hopes for Ben due to the fact that he didn‘t seem to be a total idiot (which is saying a lot sometimes on Hell‘s Kitchen) and because he was pretty, but the pretty ones always disappoint, do they not? The diners sure were disappointed during service as after some success over recent episodes the kitchens were once again forced to shut down after Ramsay had had enough. So which chefs still managed to succeed despite the night‘s challenges?  Read more »
According to Chef Gordon Ramsay, the rivalry between Matt and Ben is the sort of thing that legends are made of.  The two Hell‘s Kitchen contestants repeatedly butted heads during the competition, and as the show went on it became a race to see which of them would be sent packing first.  Though things were looking rather dire for Matt in last week‘s episode, he actually stepped up his game last night, presenting Ramsay with a risotto that was one of the best he had tasted.  Ben, however, didn‘t fare so well.  Ramsay finally sent the chef home after he struggled on the meat station all evening, leaving Matt to smirk with delight.Today we had a chance to sit down with Ben to discuss the rivalry with his fellow chef, what it was like to work with Ramsay, and who deserves to win the competition.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Both Hell‘s Kitchen and Top Chef took on the idea of incorporating healthy elements into regular fare this week, although on Hell‘s Kitchen it was a minor detail (the faux meat snuck into the chef‘s taste test) and on Top Chef, it was the focal point of the elimination challenge. This week also had Hell‘s Kitchen taking a turn at the palate challenge, which Top Chef covered a few weeks back. I have to say that I think Hell‘s Kitchen didn‘t quite handle this challenge as well as Top Chef did.  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen 4, Matt joined the women‘s team and redeemed himself by not sucking. He managed to master that most frightening of Hell‘s Kitchen starters, the risotto, which has humbled many a chef during a service. Will Matt be able to keep up the good work? Maybe he is just the kind of person who doesn‘t perform best in a pack of alpha dogs jostling for top spot; rather he‘s best in the pride of lionesses who use cooperative teamwork to accomplish their hunting. That‘s valid, but won‘t Gordon Ramsay ultimately want someone who can master either type of work environment?  Read more »
In last week‘s one-of-a-kind episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay screamed at the contestants, kicked a trash can, and was forced to shut the kitchen down.  Wait, that‘s pretty much every episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, isn‘t it?  Last week, Ramsay unleashed his powerful fury upon Ben, who managed to consistently destroy the Lamb Wellington with his ineptitude.  Though most of the men‘s team failed during dinner service, Ramsay couldn‘t wait to send Ben packing.Tonight, one of the women transfers to the men‘s team, and a chef has an accident in the kitchen that sends a fingertip flying.  Let‘s hope it doesn‘t land in someone‘s risotto. Read more »
There are certain reality shows that you watch at home and wish you could participate in, but Hell‘s Kitchen is not one of them.  The atmosphere in Chef Gordon Ramsay‘s restaurant looks intense, volatile, and extremely brutal.  The chefs that compete on the series have extensive culinary backgrounds, but the insanity of the kitchen is enough to shake-up even the strongest professionals.  One chef who constantly found herself unable to deal with the craziness was Rosann.  Though she initially showed promise in the competition, her continuous mistakes finally forced Ramsay to send her home last night.Today we had a chance to sit down with Rosann to discuss her elimination, her plans for the future, and who she thinks should make it to the finals.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Other than Matt cutting off the top of his finger last night on Hell‘s Kitchen, it was pretty much business as usual. Sure the presence of the critics might have added a little extra pressure, but otherwise, well, you know the drill. There was Gordon Ramsay screaming, in-fighting between the chefs, and some buckling under the rigors of service. However, despite all the conflict and the performance issues, there were still some standouts. Which chefs pulled through and performed and which ones would send customers running for the exits?  Read more »
On last week‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, Rosann‘s luck finally ran out as Gordon Ramsay decided he had given the chef her last chance in service. Meanwhile, Matt, who had seemed to be on the verge of a turnaround last week, chopped off the top of his finger and seemed to lose whatever traction he‘s gained. Christina had a bad night, and while the Blue Team ultimately prevailed, Petrozza also seemed to falter during service. So which chef looks like a potential elimination on this week‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen?  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen, things went terribly wrong for Matt when he accidentally sliced the top of his finger off.  Despite the fact that he may have mixed it in with some sizzling pancetta, this still wasn‘t enough for Chef Gordon Ramsay to send him home.  Instead, Ramsay decided to finally get rid of the dead weight known as Rosann.  The amateur cook had been screwing things up for weeks, but Ramsay finally had enough when she ran out of both carrot puree and gnocchi during a busy dinner service.Tonight‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen not only features a wacky culinary relay race, but also an elimination that is shocking even by this show‘s standards. Read more »
Last week, Gordon Ramsay cut some dead weight in Hell‘s Kitchen when he sent home Rosann, who had slipped so far in the competition she‘d become more of a liability than an asset in the kitchen. This week, it was Louross who was sent home, ostensibly by Petrozza, but let‘s face it: if Ramsay didn‘t agree, he never would have gone with that choice.But Louross was only one weak link in a service that challenged several of the chefs. So who was an asset and who was just some more of that dead weight? Read more »
On Hell‘s Kitchen last week, energetic Louross was sent home due to the lack of faith both his teammate Petrozza and Gordon Ramsay had in his ultimate ability in the kitchen. But he wasn‘t alone on the chopping block. Matt turned out to not be the asset to the Red Team that he had briefly appeared to be, and Ramsay decided to send him back to the Blue Team, and bring Miss Congeniality Jen back to the Red. With the teams back to boys and girls, what is looking likely to happen on Hell‘s Kitchen this week?  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen, the remaining chefs were given the opportunity to design their own three course dinner menus.  One would think that cooking from a menu of their own creation would have made for a flawless service, but of course that wasn‘t the case.  Matt decided to season the appetizers with his sweat, Jen served up a worthless soufflé, and Louross almost killed everyone by cooking up raw steaks.  In the end, Ramsay allowed Petrozza to decide who should be eliminated, and it was Louross who paid the ultimate price.Tonight, season 3 winner Rock Harper returns to dish out some advice, and the two teams are finally merged into one. Read more »
There have been many memorable contestants throughout the four seasons of Hell‘s Kitchen, but few of them have stirred up as much controversy as Matt.  Despite causing Ramsay to vomit with his signature dish, making numerous mistakes, slicing the top of his finger off, and clashing with nearly all of his teammates, Matt held on and somehow made it into the top six.  It was an amazing run, but Matt‘s luck finally ran out last night when he had a breakdown on the meat station.  Gordon Ramsay, who couldn‘t put up with any more of Matt‘s excuses, finally sent the chef home.Today we had a chance to sit down with Matt to discuss his attitude in the kitchen, the main problem with the men‘s team, and his thoughts on who should make the top two.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
This weekend, I went to see celebrity chef and Top Chef judge Anthony Bourdain speak. At one point, an audience member asked him what he thinks about Hell‘s Kitchen. He said that Gordon Ramsay is actually a great guy and an impressive chef. Bourdain also noted that at no stage in his own career was he at a level where Ramsay have hired him to work in one of Ramsay‘s restaurants, so the idea that any one of the contestants on Hell‘s Kitchen actually deserves a spot in a real Ramsay kitchen is absurd. I don‘t think you actually have to have the experience of Anthony Bourdain to pretty much guess the same thing. While I‘m sure the chefs on the show cook better than the average Joe, none of them has been able to perform convincingly at the level you would expect for a chef angling for a spot working for a three-Michelin-starred chef.  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen, the slab of dead weight known as Matt finally received his long overdue walking papers.  The chef had broken every culinary rule in existence since the season began, but he finally went home after screwing things up on the meat station once again.  In addition to that, he also handled Gordon Ramsay‘s criticism like a five-year-old, moping around and making up excuses for his poor performance.  Good riddance to bad rubbish, as the Brits might say.On tonight‘s episode, sexy housewives invade the kitchen to pick up tips on how to prepare a gourmet meal.  Are these really the chefs you want to turn to for culinary advice?  Read more »
Many chefs walk into Hell‘s Kitchen thinking they‘re going to blow away the competition, but few arrived with more self-promotion than Bobby.  The self-proclaimed "black Gordon Ramsay" and "four star General" started bragging about his skills in the first episode of the season, but unlike a lot of the other chefs he nearly lived up to his own hype.  Bobby was a consistent challenger in the kitchen, and was only put up for elimination once prior to his ouster in last night‘s episode.  Most impressively, he also managed to keep a positive attitude while the rest of the men‘s team succumbed to bickering and backstabbing.Today we had a chance to sit down with Bobby to discuss his elimination, whether he really considers himself equal to Ramsay, and his plans for the future. Read more »
You can‘t always (or even frequently) be right, so of course last week, after I predicted that Christina was most likely to make it to the chopping block on Hell‘s Kitchen, she wound up not only safe but stellar (at least in comparison to the other chefs). Bobby, who hadn‘t really distinguished himself of late, was ushered out the door, and now we are left with four chefs – Christina, Corey, Jen and Petrozza – three gals and a guy, just like the finale of Top Chef 4, come to think of it. So where does each of the final four stand in the competition? Read more »
Hell‘s Kitchen may never be considered the sexiest show on television, but that didn‘t stop FOX from shamelessly shoehorning busty babes into last week‘s episode.  For the challenge, the remaining contestants had to teach gorgeous housewives how to cook Gordon Ramsay‘s famous lobster spaghetti.  Christina won the competition, but the finalists ran into more girl trouble during dinner service when a table of ten Hawaiian Tropics bikini models arrived at the restaurant.  Jean-Philippe slipped into a state of bliss, the challengers fell into a state of panic, and things quickly got out of control.  At the end of the night, Bobby was sent home for screwing things up on the meat station.Tonight, the final four cook for some very picky moms-to-be, and one contestant is seriously berated for burning Chef Ramsay‘s hand. Read more »
Whether you loved or hated her, there‘s no denying that Jen had more personality than nearly any other contestant on Hell‘s Kitchen.  The outspoken Chicago native certainly wasn‘t afraid to stand up for herself or her cooking, but her confident demeanor ultimately worked against her.  Jen‘s fellow chefs often accused her of failing to be a team player, and her prickly attitude even rubbed Gordon Ramsay the wrong way a few times.  Despite churning out excellent appetizers and having a successful dinner service on last night‘s episode, Ramsay decided it was Jen‘s time to go.Today we had a chance to sit down with Jen to discuss her elimination, how she got along with her fellow chefs, and her plans for the future. Read more »
Hell’s Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay may be known for his ferocious temper but he was all smiles at the opening of his latest restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood.  The event, which was held earlier this month, was attended by several celebrity guests, including Eric McCormack (Will & Grace), Jeff Probst (Survivor), Khloe Kardashian (Keeping Up with the Kardashians) and Los Angeles Galaxy player David Beckham, who goes back a long way with Ramsay. “It’s nice having him [Beckham] here.  He’s going to be cooking in [the] kitchen tomorrow night,” Ramsay told The Associated Press during the opening celebration. Read more »
On this week‘s Hell‘s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay once again proved that I shouldn‘t gamble any actual money on my weekly Hell‘s Kitchen predictions. It is very depressing to be repeatedly outwitted by a reality show. A reality show on Fox.But I was, and while I thought for sure Jen was being built up to be the baddie contestant of the final two, it turns out she was actually about to be ushered out the door. Ramsay was impressed by the service the final four pulled off, but it was not without its issues. Which chef‘s food made us want to Dine and which would inspire us to Dash? Read more »
This week, the three remaining chefs on Hell‘s Kitchen fight to make it to the final two. I have the task of trying to figure out who it could be heading home, a task I must carry out with the demoralizing knowledge that I will probably be, yet again, outsmarted by the show itself.So let‘s just cover all the bases and talk about why each chef might and might not make it into the final three. Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen, the entire viewing audience took to the streets and did a dance of joy when Jen was finally kicked off the show.  The loudmouthed chef got the boot from Gordon Ramsay for refusing to be a team player during yet another hectic dinner service.  Prior to the elimination, Christina proved herself by wowing a group of 80 pregnant women with her fancy version of a turkey sandwich.  After winning challenges for the past two weeks, Christina just might be the front-runner in the competition.Tonight, the final three chefs each get a shot at taking over for Ramsay and running Hell‘s Kitchen.  Who will step up to the challenge, and who will fall like a shoddy soufflé? Read more »
Out of the three contestants remaining on last night‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, Corey was the last one I expected to go home.  While the Missouri native hadn‘t won many challenges and had been up for elimination a few times, I thought she‘d surely make it to the finals due to Christina‘s inexperience and Petrozza‘s messiness.  However, her inability to successfully step up as a leader in the kitchen forced Gordon Ramsay to send her packing before the finals.Today we had a chance to sit down with Corey to discuss the incident with the Beef Wellington sauce, her thoughts on what it takes to run a kitchen, and what it was like to work with Matt and Jen.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Once again this week, Hell‘s Kitchen unintentionally scores one for vegetarians when another trained palate is unable to discern the kind of protein used in a dish. Granted, Corey just mistook one kind of meat for another, but that, along with the challenge where the chefs didn‘t even realize they were eating meat substitutes, might give some veggies some ammunition about how important the taste of meat really is. But that‘s really not the main point to consider when assessing how well the chefs did in this episode that brought the final three down to the last two standing, Christina and Petrozza. Of those three, though, beyond Gordon Ramsay‘s picks, who had the best performances of this episode of Hell‘s Kitchen and who fell flat?  Read more »
This week, Hell‘s Kitchen will air part one of its two-part finale for this season. Thirteen chefs have already been eliminated, starting with stay-at-home dad Dominic, through Craig and his giant chef‘s hat, Bobby (the “black Gordon Ramsay”) and brassy Jen. Last week, Corey was most recent to be sent home, leaving Christina and Petrozza to battle it out for the top spot. Going into the finale, there is one big question to be answered. No, not will the winner be Christina or Petrozza, rather: how are they going to generate two hours of material out of this showdown?  Read more »
Last week on Hell‘s Kitchen, the three remaining chefs attempted to impress Gordon Ramsay by recreating one of his dishes based on nothing but a taste test.  This led to Christina‘s third challenge win in a row, but she struggled along with the other players when Ramsay allowed everyone a chance to take charge of the kitchen during dinner service.  This is when we learned that Corey doesn‘t like to yell at people, Christina has a screechy voice, and Petrozza can‘t spot an incomplete risotto.  Despite everyone‘s leadership difficulties, Ramsay ultimately decided that it was Corey‘s turn to pack her knives and go.Tonight on part one of the Hell‘s Kitchen season finale, the final two contestants make their signature dishes, design their own restaurants, and even meet Whoopi Goldberg!  I‘m not even joking about that last part.  I hope someone asks her what it was like to star in Jumpin‘ Jack Flash. Read more »
Though Gordon Ramsay is one of the most talented cooks in the world, Hell‘s Kitchen often seems populated with amateurs who aren‘t fit to stir risotto on the same stove as the master chef.  With season 4 of the series offering one challenger the chance to work as an executive chef in Ramsay‘s own restaurant, it was especially important for the foul-mouthed culinary genius to weed out the "donkeys" and discover who has true potential.  Ramsay has settled on two finalists who he believes have what it takes to survive at The London West Hollywood: Christina and Petrozza.  Which of these chefs deserves the grand prize? Read more »
We started this season of Hell‘s Kitchen with 15 chefs competing for a position at Gordon Ramsay‘s new restaurant, The London West Hollywood.  Now we‘re down to the top two.  On tonight‘s exciting season 4 finale, Christina and Petrozza will battle it out to see who is more deserving of becoming a senior chef in Ramsay‘s kitchen.  Will it be Petrozza, who has proven himself a team player and also has years of experience in the catering business?  Or will it be culinary student Christina, who has won challenge after challenge and shown that she‘s not afraid to take charge?  Now that both finalists have created their menus, chosen their decor and selected their staff, it‘s time for one last stressful night in Hell‘s Kitchen. Read more »
Petrozza wasn‘t your typical Hell‘s Kitchen contestant.  While his teammates often stooped to backstabbing and bickering to get ahead, the 47-year-old caterer always managed to keep a positive attitude and a wealth of integrity.  Gordon Ramsay chose him as the best of the worst on more than one occasion, and when he stepped up and won the signature dish challenge last week it looked like he might have a shot at winning the grand prize.  However, after the bustling dinner service seen on last night‘s season finale, Ramsay gave young upstart Christina the chance to work at his restaurant.  Petrozza may not have left with a job at The London West Hollywood, but he did leave with his integrity and sense of humor intact.Today we had a chance to talk with Petrozza about his final dinner service, why he chose Jen over Matt, and why he thinks Christina ultimately won the competition.  Read on for the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Christina has been fairly busy since winning the grand prize on Hell‘s Kitchen, and she hasn‘t even clocked in for her first day of work at Gordon Ramsay‘s restaurant just yet.  Since filming completed in late 2007 she‘s graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, taken a trip to Dubai that she won on the series, and prepared to move to Los Angeles to start working at The London West Hollywood.  Christina took a break from packing her bags to sit down and talk with us about her whirlwind experience on the reality series.  She opened up about her future plans, the struggles she had during the final dinner service, and her reaction to some of the things her teammates said during the course of the show.Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Fans of Hell‘s Kitchen may miss Gordon Ramsay‘s endless yelling now that the series has wrapped up its fourth season.  Those who can‘t wait until season 5 to hear the temperamental chef call people "donkeys" will be happy to hear that a Hell‘s Kitchen video game is in the works.  Ubisoft, which has also created games based on shows like CSI and Lost, will develop the title, which will feature a digitized Ramsay guiding players through high-pressure kitchen and dining room challenges.  Anyone who owns a PC, Nintendo Wii or DS can have Ramsay yell at them personally when the game hits stores in September. Read more »
Twenty-five-year-old St. Louis Missouri native Christina Machamer, despite being the least experienced in the crew, bested her able competitors to emerge fourth season winner on Fox‘s Hells Kitchen. The title, earned after persisting through constant yells from Gordon Ramsay (and incessant comparisons to donkeys), comes with the top position of executive chef at Gordon‘s recently opened The London West Hollywood and a hefty $250,000 monthly paycheck.It was bad enough Machamer had to tell the world she was unemployed while waiting for the finale to air, the recent culinary school graduate says it was just difficult to keep the whole thing a secret. Read more »
Some contestants of Hell‘s Kitchen may have wished Gordon Ramsay ill after constant and admittedly harsh reprimands, but surely this is not something they have in mind.  Ramsay came reportedly close to meeting his creator in that great kitchen in the sky while filming his other food magazine and cooking show The F Word in Iceland. Ramsay, 41, cheated death twice after stumbling off a cliff, then nearly drowning in freezing cold waters, a staggering 85 meters down into an icy creek.  To make matters worse, the heavy equipment he wore weighed him down, forcing him to struggle in the water. Read more »
Star of Hell‘s Kitchen and perpetual TV villain Gordon Ramsay is actually off to something good recently as he spearheads an annual all-star charity football match.  Ramsay, 41, will in fact captain The Rest of the World against England in ITV‘s Soccer Aid.  He will lead a team of celebrities and World Cup veterans against a star-packed England side.The game, which is set at Wembley on September 7, will feature celebrities Jonathan Wilkes and Gareth Gates, plus ex-player Alan Shearer.  Former Scotland star Kenny Dalglish will manage Ramsay‘s side while Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp will lead the English side.  Pop star Robbie Williams also regularly partakes in the charity games, but he had to miss out this year because of a knee injury. Read more »
Last week, we saw the premiere of the second season of Kitchen Nightmares, where Chef Gordon Ramsay returned to save several failing restaurants from biting the dust.  In fact, the beginning of the season saw him revisiting the kitchens of six restaurants which he managed to save from extinction.The two-hour season premiere titled “Revisited: Gordon Returns” reeled in some impressive ratings, as it managed to lead the pack and land in the top spot among the 18-49 demographic, garnering a rating of 2.6.  Because of the successful second season launch, the network has decided to keep Gordon Ramsay for a couple of years to come. Read more »
When it came time to eliminate someone on last night‘s exciting episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay left the decision up to Petrozza.  Though the chef pondered sending Jen home for her terrible communication skills, he eventually decided that it was time for Louross to go.  Louross had stepped up and taken charge earlier in the competition, but he was undeniably the team‘s weak link during last night‘s dinner service.  His inability to send out properly cooked meat almost forced Ramsay to shut down his station, and he paid dearly for his mistakes.Today we had a chance to sit down with Louross to discuss his elimination, his thoughts on working with Jen, and his plans for the future.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »