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Originally aired on Monday, 06/04/2007Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5)Episode Overview: Hell‘s Kitchen returns for a third season with 12 new contestants and the fiery Gordon Ramsay at the helm.Episode Highlights:    * We‘re introduced to a diverse group of contestants.    * Aaron, the Asian Cowboy, breaks down and cries not once, but twice.    * The “best of the worst” makes some surprise elimination nominations.The episode kicks off with a little “quiet time with Gordon Ramsay”.  He sits at a candle lit table, and looks longingly into the camera, proclaiming that he‘s a changed man this season, that there will be no yelling, no swearing, etc.  This is not true, obviously, and he gives a wry “just kidding” before the show kicks off.   Read more », an online gambling music and entertainment website, decided to stop taking bets on the third season winner of Hell’s Kitchen. The gambling site announced Tuesday of its suspicion on the betting patters on one of the 12 contestants of the Fox reality cooking competition. Warning: Identity of possible Hell’s Kitchen 3 winner will be revealed. Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 06/11/2007 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: The women‘s team try to recover from their disastrous first service on Hell‘s Kitchen while the men struggle to maintain their momentum.Episode Highlights: After being ripped apart by Gordon Ramsay for their poor attitude, the women‘s team tries to regroup. Aaron continues to struggle with his nervous reaction to the competition. The service is a slam dunk for one team, but a total catastrophe for another.  Read more »
Joanna Dunn, the 22-year-old Chef’s Assistant from Detroit, Michigan, was eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen last night which ended her chances of becoming the Head Chef of a new fine Italian restaurant at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Las Vegas. Joanna was kind enough to talk with us at BuddyTV yesterday about her experience on the show, the challenges she faced, and what she hopes to make of her culinary career in the very near future. Read the full interview transcript and listen to the mp3 audio below. Read more »
As we reported last month, chef Marco Pierre White has been contemplating on filing a lawsuit against chef Gordon Ramsay, star of the reality show Hell’s Kitchen, for libel and “malicious falsehood.” Now, Ramsay is facing yet another legal dilemma brought up by Martin R. Hyde, a former manager of the Indian-American restaurant Dillons. Ramsay, a 40-year old native of Johnstone, Scotland, is known as a celebrity chef. He is one of three chefs in the United Kingdom to maintain three Michelin Guide stars for his restaurant. He has earned numerous awards and recognitions and has even forayed in several documentaries and TV reality programs such as Boiling Point, Beyond Boiling Point, Ramsay‘s Kitchen Nightmares, Hell‘s Kitchen (UK), Hell‘s Kitchen (US), The F-Word, and Kitchen Nightmares. Read more »
Although Vinnie Fama talked the talk, according to Gordon Ramsay, Vinnie just couldn‘t walk the walk, thus becoming the fifth chef eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen 3 Monday night. Vinnie took some time to talk to us the other day about his experience on the show and what he thought were the real reasons behind his elimination. Check out the full interview transcript and the mp3 audio below.  Read more »
Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsey has been open publicly about his chaotic upbringing, writing in his autobiography, Humble Pie, about his “hopelessly itinerant” early life. He says his father was an abusive “hard-drinking womanizer” and Ramsay moved out of the family home when he was just sixteen. Although the poor souls laboring under him in Hell’s Kitchen might quibble with how far he’s come for the “abusive” piece of his childhood, Ramsay has clearly worked hard to achieve the stability lacking from his youth. Not all of his siblings, however, have managed the same, and his brother, Ronald Watson Ramsay, is currently on trial in Indonesian Bali for heroin possession. What’s more, his lawyer claims that Gordon Ramsay has ignored his brother’s please for help.  Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 06/25/2007 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: While the women continue to dominate in the shorter challenges, neither team can seem to get a streak of success going for dinner service at Hell‘s Kitchen. Episode Highlights: Gordon Ramsay tests the chefs‘ palates in a blind-and-deaf taste test. The teams have another rough night when it‘s time for service. The eliminations this week are more political than merit-based...and Ramsay‘s not happy about it.  Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 06/18/2007 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Everybody does very well at this episode‘s services and Gordon Ramsay is endlessly cheerful, encouraging and grateful. Kidding! It‘s the usual Hell‘s Kitchen screamfest as once again the chefs struggle to get out their meals. Episode Highlights: The women‘s team hits some highs, but they also have some serious lows. One contestant is taken from the show in an ambulance - and doesn‘t come back. The men‘s team has an internal struggle for power.  Read more »
Episode Overview:  Melissa Firpo, one of the stronger female chefs on Hell‘s Kitchen in past weeks, seems to be imploding under the pressure of her role as self-nominated savior for the women’s team. And her implosion is having reverberations that undermine the efforts of the rest of her increasingly resentful teammates. Can she pull it together and help bring her team to victory? Or will the men’s team take advantage of the women’s internal dissent and finally, finally, get themselves a win? There is, as the Tom Hanks character so famously put it in A League of Their Own, no crying in baseball. The corollary to this for this program would appear to be: there’s no support group in Hell’s Kitchen. Bonnie Muirhead learns this as the women return to the dorm after Vinnie Fama’s elimination. She seems to want some kind of nurturing reaction from the other women for having narrowly missed being eliminated.  However, as Melissa icily points out: “This is a competition.” In interview, Melissa dismisses Bonnie as “a failure waiting to happen.” Read more »
Many reality programs depend on the allure of the top prize to create the stakes for which the contestants are willing to endure the difficulty of the competition and the potential for nationally-televised humiliation. Without the possibility of the big win – a million dollars, a top modeling contract, a prestigious job as executive chef – the audience might not be as invested in the struggles of the contestants. However, undermining the best efforts of the producers to instill a sense of excitement and awe at the life-changing potential of the top prizes are the reports of the less-than-rosy realities of winning reality shows that continue to surface. When winners like Adrienne Curry from America’s Next Top Model or Jay McCarroll and Jeffrey Sebelia from Project Runway speak frankly about the limitations of landing the top spot from the program, savvy viewers might find themselves slightly less engaged in following the next season’s progress. Now, a new show is having to deal with the same kind of negative buzz: Hell’s Kitchen.  Read more »
Tension you could cut with mortar saw on tonight‘s Hell‘s Kitchen as the aggressive Melissa meets her match, and Chef Ramsey cooks up a competition with claws – literally.  Who knew cooking could be so intense!  Meanwhile, one of the contestant‘s swanky pastry pedigree is outed, and the competition heats way up past the searing point. Read more »
The writing was on the wall for Melissa Firpo.  She didn‘t want go home, didn‘t think she deserved to go home, but Gordon Ramsay had other ideas.  The Line Cook from New York (who ran her very own gourmet catering and deli service) has been in the culinary industry for over ten years, and her experience showed on Hell‘s Kitchen.  Melissa took some time out of her day this morning to speak with us about her time on the FOX reality show.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview.  Read more »
As we reported last month, a lawsuit has been filed against Gordon Ramsay by a food professional featured in one of his reality shows. It is not, surprisingly, one of his Hell‘s Kitchen contestants suing for the emotional distress caused by his non-stop hollering. Rather, the lawsuit was filed by someone from his show Kitchen Nightmares. Martin Hyde was the manager of a restaurant featured in Kitchen Nightmares, a show in which Ramsay tries to turn around a failing restaurant using his special brand of tough love delivered via expletive-filled screaming. Hyde claimed in the lawsuit that Ramsay and his producers essentially rigged the show, and altered circumstances to better support their show‘s angle. Hyde also alleges that the claims Kitchen Nightmare made about its success in improving business were false. However, additional details have recently come to light that might dispute this allegation.  Read more »
Episode Overview: We‘re down to six chefs on Hell‘s Kitchen and the teams are again evenly divided between men and women.  However, the experience profiles between the two teams are pretty disparate.  What the women‘s team lacks in serious fine dining restaurant service experience, they make up for in unrefined talent and taste.  The men, on the other hand, have the pedigree, but can they pull their team together well enough to capitalize on their experience?  The chefs are having mixed reactions to Melissa Firpo‘s departure. Bonnie Muirhead is somehow inexplicably shocked, even though Melissa was both the target of Gordon Ramsay‘s ire and on the chopping block previously. Rock Harper, on the other hand, is pleased, mainly because it‘s one less chef to compete with. Read more »
Although Brad Miller may have thought he was the king of Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay certainly thought otherwise of young Sous Chef from Scottsdale. After becoming the seventh chef eliminated from Hell‘s Kitchen 3, Brad took some time out to talk to BuddyTV and shed some light on what he thinks happened on the show. Read the full interview and listen to the mp3 audio below.  Read more »
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has gained much notoriety for his callous treatment of participants in the reality series, Hell’s Kitchen.  Since the show’s debut in 2005, viewers have born witness to Ramsay’s explosive temper and often expletive-laden criticism.  In his defense, the Scotland-born chef told TVGuide that when things aren’t going so well in the kitchen, there are only two ways to handle it: his way or “the soft way.” "To me, it‘s far better to reprimand the cook and say, ‘Wake up and get it or you‘ll be flipping… burgers for a… living!‘ I mean, can you imagine being polite in such a setting?” Gordon Ramsay said. Read more »
Episode Overview:  We are getting close to the final stretch of Hell‘s Kitchen.  After an individual challenge that sends a surprise choice on a Vegas trip with Chef Gordon Ramsay, it‘s time for all five remaining chefs to work together as one team.  It‘s not a rousing success, and one chef so frustrates Chef Ramsay that he throws the contestant off the show right in the middle of service.  That‘s not the only surprise of the evening relating to an elimination: another chef is sent home, but not before receiving a shocking send-off from Chef Ramsay. Bonnie Muirhead narrowly escaped the chopping block last elimination. She‘s surprised, and she knows the others are also shocked that she beat out Brad Miller. Rock Harper might be surprised about the elimination, but he‘s not unhappy. He figures that Brad was his strongest competitor, and with only Josh Wahler left on the men‘s team, he feels pretty confident. He says as much to Josh, and as you can imagine, this conversation isn‘t the friendliest they‘ve ever had.  Read more »
Get ready for more Gordon Ramsay, as FOX recently announced it has renewed its cooking reality series, Hell’s Kitchen, for a fourth season.  The new installment will be aired next summer. The show debuted on FOX in the summer of 2005, with its two subsequent seasons following a similar summer broadcast schedule.  The third and current edition of Hell’s Kitchen premiered in early June.  The opening episode earned an average of eight million viewers and a 3.6/10 rating/share in the adults 18-49 demographic, making it the series’ highest-rated premiere to date among total viewers, Teens, Women 18-49 and Women 25-54. Read more »
Julia Williams came into this competition without any formal culinary training. But what she lacked in terms of training and experience, she made up for with her passion and natural talent. Unfortunately, her hopes of winning Hell’s Kitchen were cut short last week as Chef Ramsay was forced to send her home. Julia was kind enough to sit down with BuddyTV the other day to talk about her experience on the show and what she’s hoping to accomplish as a cook in the very near future. Read the full interview transcript and listen to the mp3 audio below.  Read more »
Episode Overview: With only three chefs left, Ramsay decides to take a break from all the shouting and give the chefs a turn at the pass at Hell‘s Kitchen.   Is it any easier to be the one yelling than it is to be the one yelled at?  Not necessarily.   And no matter what, one of them is going home tonight.The final three are ready to battle their way into the final two, but first, they have to deal with the fall-out from the service that took them from four to three. Rock Harper apologizes to Jen Yemola for his attitude during service.  Eeveryone is missing Julia Williams, the Waffle House short order cook who was the surprise of the season up until her elimination.  Read more »
Jen Yemola, the 26-year-old Pastry Chef from Hazleton, Pennsylvania knows what it means to live out her dream. As a big fan of Hell’s Kitchen, she always knew that she belonged on the show and when she made it, she made sure she made the most out of it. After making it all the way to the top 3, and then being eliminated last night, Jen was more than happy to take some time to talk to us at BuddyTV about her experience on the show. Read the full interview transcript and listen to the mp3 audio below.  Read more »
Casting for the new season of FOX‘s Hell‘s Kitchen has begun, and from August 6-13, the show will be looking for new contestants in Charlotte, North Carolina. "This show looks for all types," casting producer Louis Caric told The Charlotte Observer last Friday.  "We want the trained cooks and the cooking moms.  Every type there is, we want to see what they‘ve got." Read more »
Episode Overview:  Bonnie Muirhead and Rock Harper, the final two chefs on Season Three of Hell‘s Kitchen face off in the first part of a two part finale.  There are serious questions about both chefs‘ abilities.  Will Rock be able to control his temper - or at least productively harness it like Chef Gordon Ramsay - and successfully lead his team?  Will Bonnie‘s strong palate and creativity be enough to make up for her lack of experience in a restaurant kitchen and her aversion to killing shellfish?  But perhaps the most important question of all: how are on earth are they going to stretch this out over two episodes? Read more »
After weeks of screaming at chefs, throwing food in their faces, and kicking them out of his kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay has narrowed it down to the final two on Hell‘s Kitchen.  Competing for the position of head chef at the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas are 26-year-old Bonnie Muirhead and 30-year-old Rock Harper.  Before coming on the show, Bonnie was a nanny/personal chef and Rock was an executive chef.  But which one will emerge the victor?  Let‘s analyze the two with a little help from former Hell‘s Kitchen contestant, Brad Miller.I‘d be lying if I said I wasn‘t surprised that Bonnie and Rock ended up in the final two and I‘m not the only one.  What does Brad have to say about it?  "I am surprised Bonnie and Rock were in the finals," he confesses.  "To be honest, I thought I‘d be in the final two.  But I‘m really proud of Bonnie, she is cool and Rock is a great guy and a great friend of mine." Read more »
On Monday, August 13, viewers will find out which of the two remaining finalists will be crowned the third winner of Hell‘s Kitchen.  26-year-old Bonnie Muirhead, a nanny and personal chef from Los Angeles, California and 30-year-old Rock Harper, an executive chef from Spotsylvania, Virginia, each have a good number of people rooting for them, and even the usually foul-mouthed host of the series, Gordon Ramsay, was able to muster up some words of praise for Muirhead and Harper. "The two finalists deserve to be where they are.  The end is always a tough call.  For one, it‘s the end of a dream, and for the other, it‘s just the beginning," Ramsay told USA Today.  "Bonnie has a phenomenal palate.  Chefs across America would love to have what she can taste - a natural ability to connect with food.  Rock is determined and can cook really well.  However, he is bad-tempered, so can he run a brigade?  Can he inspire?" Read more »
Tonight, it‘s time to find out who will come out on top in Part Two of the Season Finale of Hell‘s Kitchen.  Will it be Executive Chef Rock Harper?  He‘s got the knowledge and the experience, but he also has the temperament of Chef Gordon Ramsay: volatile.  Unlike Ramsay, however, he seems disturbed by his own volatility and when he loses his temper, he seems to lose his balance entirely.Or will it be personal chef and nanny Bonnie Muirhead?  Her palate and creativity have so far wowed Ramsay...but she‘s also been in the bottom two more than once for her lack of experience in a service kitchen.  Is she seriously ready to land a leadership role at a major restaurant? Read more »
Episode Overview: In Part Two of the two-part Hell‘s Kitchen Season Three Finale, the two finalists, Bonnie Muirhead and Rock Harper, have their final service with their mainly hand-selected kitchen crew. The teams are neatly divided once again by gender. While there is some comfort in working with chefs the finalists are familiar with, some of those chefs have baggage. Whether it‘s resentment for their elimination or the lack of skills that got them eliminated in the first place, some of the returning chefs give Bonnie and Rock headaches in the kitchen. Chef Gordon Ramsay is watching how they handle these stumbling blocks to determine who will get the grand prize. Read more »
On last night‘s season finale of Hell‘s Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay chose Rock Harper over Bonnie Muirhead.  As the winner, Rock will become the head chef at the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas.  While Bonnie has had her ups and downs throughout the season, and landed in the bottom three times, Rock has performed efficiently and consistently.  This opportunity has changed his life as well as his family‘s and he talked to BuddyTV today about his time on Hell‘s Kitchen.Below, you will find the complete transcript as well as an mp3 of the interview. Read more »
There‘s never a dull moment when you‘re watching Hell‘s Kitchen and this season was no exception.  In the end, Bonnie Muirhead and Rock Harper were the last two standing and Chef Ramsay ended up choosing Rock as the victor.  Along the way, we met some great chefs but better characters, who gave us some memorable moments.Who could forget retirement chef Aaron Song?  He seemed to break down the minute he got there, before Chef Ramsay could utter a word.  He ended up leaving the show for undisclosed medical reasons but before he went, had some major meltdowns. Read more »
For the 27th time in a row, the Fox network has closed out another week last week coming in first in ratings in primetime for the key 18-49 adult demographic. It‘s the longest streak a network has had in eleven years, and the third season of Hell‘s Kitchen has proven to be a solid performer helping to bring in the viewers.Last week, the first part of the season finale of Hell‘s Kitchen helped beat out many of its competitors in its 9pm Eastern Time slot. Initial overnight ratings reports show that the second half of the finale was also a strong finish. It‘s looking to be the summer‘s highest-rated single non-sports broadcast episode.It‘s an impressive performance for a reality cooking show, but this season, the strong finish was even more impressive as the final outcome of a Rock Harper win has been a given for weeks now. Read more »
We reported in June that Ronald Ramsay, the troubled brother of Hell‘s Kitchen‘s Chef Gordon Ramsay was in trouble with the law.  On Tuesday at the Denpasar District Court on the resort island of Bali, Indonesian prosecutors sought a 14-month jail term for Ronald Ramsay.  Chief prosecutor Gusti Ngurah Agung said that Ronald Ramsay was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.Ronald Ramsay, 38, was arrested last February in a supermarket in the main tourist strip of Kuta on Bali over heroin possession.  Police said that he was in possession of 100 mg of heroin with him. Read more »
Hell‘s Kitchen is popularly known for featuring wannabe chefs as they go through a culinary boot camp under volatile British master chef Gordon Ramsay.  While all the flaring continues on the reality show, Josh Emmet, chef de cuisine at Gordon Ramsay at The London, dishes out what‘s it really like to be working for a boss with a notorious reputation. Emmet, a New Zealand-born chef, has been working for Gordon Ramsay for the last seven years.  As the head of chef of Gordon Ramsay at The London, Ramsay‘s first U.S. venture, he heads the daily operations and does everything in a meticulous way. Read more »
The current strike of the Writers Guild of America is impacting the schedules for all of the networks. One show that can weather the storm is Hell‘s Kitchen. As a reality series, it‘s immune from the fall-out from the strike, since Gordon Ramsay can be depended on, apparently, to come up with his foul-mouthed rants against the contestants all by himself.Fox has been reshuffling their spring line-up, and recently confirmed the premiere date and time for the new season of Hell‘s Kitchen, moving it up from its previous announced time in the summer of 2008. Read more »
The next season of Hell‘s Kitchen will be starting on April 1, 2008, and from the request for diners on the Fox website, it would appear the series is in the process of being filmed right now.Most reality shows impose severe restrictions, such as no internet access or other contact with the outside world, on their contestants. So the current batch of masochists who have decided to seek culinary glory via Gordon Ramsay‘s particular brand of humiliation will probably not be helped by the article. However, for their sakes, one hopes they took the time to read Ramsay‘s own book Roasting in Hell‘s Kitchen as it gives a pretty clear roadmap…if not to success, at least to the way to outrage him the least. Read more »