Articles for Hell's Kitchen Season 11

The heat is on yet again! Chef Gordon Ramsay steps back into Hell‘s Kitchen for season 11 of, what is sure to be, another round of culinary circus acts.Twenty brand new chef-testants arrive at Ramsay‘s Hell‘s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas where the competition kicks off. For 10 seasons, these competitors have followed a somewhat routine journey to the job of a lifetime -- executive chef at one of Ramsay‘s five-star restaurants. This season, it‘s all being shaken up. How many rules can Ramsay break in one season? Let‘s find out! Read more »
Tuesday night brings us a brand new episode of Hell‘s Kitchen. After last week‘s 2-hour premiere, the heat is sure to get hotter and hotter as the season progresses, but tonight one would think it were already the finale.Ramsay wants to promote the idea of the "team" today with a challenge that can hopefully help the 19 remaining cheftestants bounce back from a not-so-great beginning. Unfortunately, his efforts are quickly tossed out of each and every window. Read more »
There are only 17 chefs still holding on to their knives tonight on Hell‘s Kitchen. After last week‘s cliffhanger, Jeremy‘s fate still lingers. What will Chef Ramsay reveal?It‘s all about sports tonight as famed Olympians enter the dining room. Will the chefs keep up wit the pack or will they fall short of the coveted gold medal? Read more »
Had enough of Chef Gordon Ramsay and his circus of cooking clowns? Of course not! It‘s Tuesday night and there is another new episode of Hell‘s Kitchen to poke fun at.With 16 cheftestants still hanging on to the hopes of earning the coveted executive chef jacket, the tasks are only getting more and more challenging. Or are they? Breakfast is for champions and the easiest of the meals to execute, or so I thought. This should be the episode shown to anyone looking for confidence in the kitchen. Read more »
No one is getting the hang of Hell‘s Kitchen by the looks of it. Chef Ramsay might be the one to call for a medic by the end of this season. These cheftestants are truly a handful. Tonight, the chefs continue their busy day after cooking breakfast last week. First things first, Chef Ramsay sends Jeremy Madden home. If you remember, last week he brought Gordon Ramsay the sample plate. Big no-no and something that has never been done at Hell‘s Kitchen. There‘s no break for the chef‘s as they jump right into another task, there are sure to be many problems in the kitchen and starving stomachs because of them. Read more »
Tuesday night brings us a new episode of Hell‘s Kitchen and the exciting conclusion to Chef Ramsay‘s possible four-person elimination cliffhanger. Mary, Nedra, Dan and Ray‘s fates are all on the line. Which one will be leaving, if any?Asian Cuisine makes its way to Hell‘s Kitchen tonight after 11 seasons. This fortune cookie tells me that the VIP guests Adam Shankman of "Hairspray" fame and Rex Lee of "Entourage" are in for quite the show. Read more »
Tonight on Hell‘s Kitchen, the children have taken over. It‘s Family Night at Hell‘s Kitchen and Chef Ramsay has big plans to make it one no one will forget. The cheftestants will get up close and personal with some farm animals before welcoming Chef Ramsay‘s family in for a very special kid friendly dinner service. Read more »
How do you spend a Tuesday night? I‘ll tell you how! You spend it with Chef Gordon Ramsay and the remaining 13 cheftestants of Hell‘s Kitchen. In tonight‘s episode, the name of the game is steak. Which contestant will walk the flank and leave the kitchen for good? Read more »
Tuesday is here, bringing yet another wild and wacky episode of Hell‘s Kitchen, where the remaining 12 contestants don‘t seem to be getting that much stronger in the kitchen.JP will be opening the doors of Hell‘s Kitchen to a young 15-year-old girl, planning an extravagant Quincineara, equivalent to the infamous sweet 16 party. Read more »
FOX has picked up Junior Masterchef, a new culinary competition series for talented kids between the ages of eight and 13 who love to cook, as part of a new multi-year deal with award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay. The addition brings the total number of Ramsay-led shows airing on FOX to five, including Masterchef, Hell‘s Kitchen, Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares.  Read more »
Surprise! No, sorry, it is still Monday, yet this one is special. Hell‘s Kitchen is all new and two hours long! Yes, tomorrow has been given to the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance, so join me for more amazing insults from Chef Ramsay!Prepare yourself for two eliminations, two challenges, two dinner services, all in two hours! Read more »
So FOX pulled the old switcheroo on us, folks! Thursday nights will now host the remainder of this exciting season of Hell‘s Kitchen, so please adjust your schedules accordingly.Tonight, the new leader of the Blue Team will be revealed and the remaining eight cheftestants will be cut down to a mere seven! Read more »
Tonight on Hell‘s Kitchen, there will be yelling, cursing, drama and a little bit of cooking. Basically, tonight will be like every other night spent with Chef Gordon Ramsay and his minions except that there are only seven cheftestants remaining.In this two-part opener, the three men of the "Blue-sers" continue to tough it out, challenge after challenge. Will tonight be the night they FINALLY beat the Red Team? Or will Ramsay‘s blind taste test get the best of them? Read more »
The nominations for the 2013 Critics‘ Choice TV Awards were announced Wednesday morning, spanning a wide array of not only network and cable, but from Netflix as well with the popularity of House of Cards on the streaming/rental service. Read more »
The second wave of nominations have been announced for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. And it looks like music and vampires are leading the pack, with Pitch Perfect, Glee and The Vampire Diaries receiving the most recognition.Glee is out in front with five (though we can bump that up to six if you count Lea Michele‘s nomination for Choice Style Icon), with their big-screen equivalent Pitch Perfect next with four. The Vampire Diaries follows with three. Read more »
After episodes and episodes of drama, raw food, overcooked meat and bad risotto, Hell‘s Kitchen will have a new crowned winner. Let‘s skip the formalities and get right to it! Read more »
After two weeks of withdrawals, Hell‘s Kitchen is finally new with the conclusion to the unnecessary three-part sequence of reality episodes.The final five, dressed to impress in their black jackets, are fast approaching the season finale. Tonight, tensions fly as dinner service somehow takes the competition back, way back to the amateur beginning stages. Read more »
Tonight on Hell‘s Kitchen the Final Four are itching for those final moments in the competition. It‘s getting so close they can almost taste it!Jon, Ja‘Nel, Mary and Cyndi will each get their time to shine at the pass, leading the kitchen. From there, Chef Ramsay will eliminate not one but TWO. Who will it be? Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Hell‘s Kitchen is the conclusion of last week‘s cliffhanger. Audiences held their breath as Ramsay welcomed five chefs into the kitchen to cook as a team against the final five. Who could this mysterious band of cooks be? Read more »
Tonight on Hell‘s Kitchen, the final five duke it out for their ticket into the finals, the black jackets. With a little encouragement from their families, Mary, Jon, Ja‘Nel, Susan and Cyndi are faced with yet another challenge with the one machine everyone would expect to see in a fancy, professional kitchen. The pressure cooker! Read more »
Oh, how time flies when you‘re standing in a chaotic kitchen with flames sprouting from the burners in front of you, making sweat drip from every pore and Chef Gordon Ramsay‘s voice rings continuously in your head. Yes! There are only six contestants left on Hell‘s Kitchen tonight, but not for long.Lamb seems to be the weapon of choice as both teams tackle the rack for the perfect service. Read more »
There are many sides to restaurateur and TV star Gordon Ramsay: a devoted father, a raving Hell‘s Kitchen tyrant, a tough critic and judge on MasterChef, an award-winning chef and restaurant owner, and more. Can we trust this notorious swearing perfectionist not to lose his cool and act appropriately when MasterChef Junior premiers this Friday, when a room full of energetic young amateur cooks look to him for guidance?  Read more »