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The Summer of Gordon Ramsay has officially begun on FOX. Missed any of last night‘s Hell‘s Kitchen premiere? I‘ll get you caught up with all the highlights before tonight‘s spicy conclusion.  Read more »
After last night‘s premiere, we‘re down to 17 chefs in Hell‘s Kitchen, and another is on the chopping block. Will it be Royce as Tavon predicted? Or someone else? Either way, this is not going to be pretty.  Read more »
What can we say so far about season 10 of Hell‘s Kitchen? The drama can only get hotter! That‘s right! Chef Gordon Ramsay is on the hunt for one lucky chef to hold the reigns of his Steak at Paris Las Vegas restaurant this season. Boys on the Blue Team and Girls on the Red Team, the stakes are being raised higher and higher at each failed attempt at a completed service. There are 16 cheftestants left in the competition and they must prepare an all-American spread for some special diners. Sharpen those knifes, fire those grills, it‘s up to the pass for more exciting reality TV kitchen chaos.  Read more »
We‘re back in Hell‘s Kitchen tonight where the fire is almost too hot to bear! As the men of the Blue Team pulled out the season‘s first successful dinner service last night, the women crumbled under all the drama. Barbie was, once again, up for elimination and, once again, survived the knife. Briana handed over her coat, leaving Chef Ramsay‘s sight after expressing her lack of leadership is her Achilles heel.Tonight, the drama grows greater. Attitudes spill over on the Red Team as the girls continue to turn more and more against Barbie. As for the Blue Team, we might be seeing the last of one cheftestant when he slices and dices his own finger! Who will come closer to the prized title of head chef at Gordon Ramsay‘s Steak at Paris Las Vegas?  Read more »
There‘s no one more associated with food on television than Chef Gordon Ramsay. With Hell‘s Kitchen, MasterChef, Kitchen Nightmares and the upcoming Hotel Hell, Chef Ramsay has become FOX‘s face of its culinary programming - and polarized audiences with his public persona, that of an expert who‘s not to be trifled with. Read more »
FOX has just released its schedule for summer show finale dates. And it‘s... a little bit weird. Keep reading to find out when So You Think You Can Dance, MasterChef, Hell‘s Kitchen and more shows will have their season finales. Read more »
To most, Monday means the beginning of yet another work week. For us, Monday means an all new Hell‘s Kitchen! After the shake-up of last week‘s "switcheroo" -- sending Roshni over to the Blue Team -- Chef Gordon Ramsay is surely to have some surprises for the remaining 14 cheftestants to fail at.Tonight, the chefs tackle Mexican cuisine, welcoming executive chefs John Sedlar and Thomas Ortega as guest judges. Who will come out on top? Can the Blue Team manage another completed service? Or will the Red Team overcome their pettiness and overshadow the men?  Read more »
Thirteen cheftestants are left in the competition and three of those 13 are waiting their fate from Chef Gordon Ramsay. Last night on Hell‘s Kitchen, Danielle, Patrick and Guy stood before Ramsay, waiting patiently, unlike the rest of America, to see who goes home. If you ask me, I would send Danielle home for trying to serve raw pork to diners. Tonight, not only will we learn which cheftestant has next been placed on the chopping block, but also the remaining 12 will marry food and fashion as the dining room is filled with hungry fashionistas.  Read more »
Tonight on Hell‘s Kitchen, we have the exhilarating conclusion to the first ever Fashion Night held in Chef Gordon Ramsay‘s reality restaurant. We left off with Ramsay explaining how dinner service will play out. Kimmie will be helping to plate for the Red Team, while Royce will assist with the Blue Team. No problem there, right? Well, in all the excitement, Clemenza used up four servings of scallops by cooking them before the first ticket is even submitted. Do you think Clemenza will survive tonight‘s service? Or will he go down in flames before the doors even open?With beautiful women strutting their stuff along the walkway, it looks as if the Blue Team might have a hard time keeping focus. Don‘t go celebrating a Red victory just yet! Sabotage is on their menu tonight and the outcome does not look very pretty. Read more »
You can all breathe a sigh, Hell‘s Kitchen lovers! I imagine our double night features of Gordon Ramsay and his fashion faux pas are finished. Please, let‘s not leave lonely men in front of a lit stove while half-dressed models parade around the room ever again! Gear up Blue Team, because tonight is a brand new service! Clemenza was saved from elimination last night, but this episode is sure to bring new shockers. It‘s every man for himself in tonight‘s challenge. Keep your eyes peeled as prized fighters Sugar Ray Leonard and Tito Ortiz make appearances!  Read more »
Let the flames begin! The weekend is over, yet again, Gordan Ramsay lovers, and why not celebrate Monday night with Hell‘s Kitchen? The competition has been slimmed down to eleven cheftestants who are slicing their way towards becoming the executive chef at Ramsay‘s Steak at Paris restaurant in Las Vegas. Being in Vegas, it‘s only fitting that there be a gambling challenge.That‘s right! Tonight in Hell‘s Kitchen, the cheftestants will be cooking to order by say of slot machines. On this odder than ever episode, the saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," may not be the case!  Read more »
We thought we had seen the last of the TO BE CONTINUED warnings on Hell‘s Kitchen, but guess what? it ain‘t over yet! Tonight is Family Night and steak is on the menu. Will the drama that surfaced last night find a spot on the back burner? Or will both kitchens go down in flames?I‘m sure you all have been on the edge of your seat since the credits rolled last night. Kimmie burned her hand just as service was about to begin and was told not to set foot back in the kitchen. Will this put a stop to the drama? Of course not! It‘s reality television! Now, let us observe as we witness the fame-hungry cheftestants in their natural habitat.  Read more »
There are only 10 cheftestants left on Hell‘s Kitchen. Chef Gordon Ramsay has tossed perhaps the craziest of curve balls at them all season long. Yet one has to wonder, had Ramsay not raised the stakes, would their drama and inability to finish out numerous dinner services still have made for such entertaining television? Of course not! We want the whole shebang!After Robyn‘s switch from the Red Team to the Blue, both groups will be adjusting to their new chemistry. On top of this shake-up, three very special diners will ask for the cheftestants to perform at their very best. Let us see who comes out on top!  Read more »
Nine cheftestants remain in this 10th season of Hell‘s Kitchen. After saying goodbye to Royce last week, the competition is that much closer to crowning the 2012 winner and new executive chef of Gordon Ramsay‘s Steak at Paris, Las Vegas restaurant!The show exhibits the cheftestants‘ abilities to cook, yet tonight the tables will turn. Competitive eater Joey Chestnut will join the Red and Blue teams for a wing-eating contest. But that‘s not all folks! Stick around for a blind taste test, as well. There‘s a lot of eating in the kitchen tonight!  Read more »
Last night on Hell‘s Kitchen, the Blue Team dominated in the blind taste test thanks to Justin‘s perfect score. Justin, Clemenza, Brian and Robyn enjoyed a day at the water park while the Red Team slaved away during delivery day. Tensions flared, as always, and prep for dinner service was not running as smoothly as one would hope. Will a distracted Clemenza be sent home for raw quail? Or will the argumentative one trick pony Kimmie be rid of the women don‘t trust her?Tonight is the Red versus Blue menu dinner service. The question is not only which team will come out on top but will all the remaining eight cheftestants survive the night? Chef Gordon Ramsay has already had to raise his voice and the first ticket hasn‘t even been called!  Read more »
Monday has come again and Chef Gordon Ramsay has more in store for the remaining eight cheftestants on Hell‘s Kitchen. After waving goodbye to the indifferent Tiffany who had a problem cooking potatoes last week, it looks as if we‘re finally sifting through the drama for the next best chef to take on Ramsay‘s Steak at Paris in Las Vegas.Kimmie can breathe a sigh of relief as Chef Ramsay welcomes Southern style night at Hell‘s Kitchen. Will the tables finally turn to the underdog‘s favor? Or will drama take over once again?  Read more »
Ding, dong the witch is dead! Well, one of them is at least. Last night on Hell‘s Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay sent Kimmie packing. She couldn‘t step up to the plate during her time to shine for Southern Cuisine night. That‘s pretty bad, if you ask me.Tonight, the spotlight is on Barbie of the Red Team and Robyn of the Blue Team. Their team members have had it with them. (I really don‘t see what Barbie ever did to deserve such treatment. Jealousy is not a good look, ladies.) Could this be the end of the line for one of them?  Read more »
Hang up those medals, Olympic enthusiasts! Chef Gordan Ramsay and his hour-long kitchen tirade returns after two weeks with a brand new episode of Hell‘s Kitchen. Many of you could probably do with another week without listening to Robyn‘s dramatic insults or seeing the remnants of poorly prepared meats on Clemenza‘s jacket. All this aside, the show must go on and it will go on tonight with some familiar faces.The time has come for our remaining six cheftestants to measure their skills against former stars of previous Hell‘s Kitchen seasons. The now assembled black team (before the show‘s hiatus, each of the six were given black jackets.) will strive to complete a near perfect (yeah, right) dinner service matched up against now established chefs in this muppet show of an episode. Read more »
Shake off those back to work woes, ladies and gents! Yes, regrettably, it‘s Monday yet again. But that just means Hell‘s Kitchen is brand new tonight! With five cheftestants left, the competition is definitely nearing its end. Chef Gordon Ramsay should crown the new executive chef at his Steak at Paris restaurant in Las Vegas in no time!So what, might you ask, is on the menu for tonight? First, Dana, Clemenza, Barbie, Justina and Christina are asked to teach others how to cook during their challenge. After that, dinner is served Italian style! Clemenza doesn‘t have that great of a track record when it comes to representing his heritage through pasta, but let‘s hope he gets it right this time.  Read more »
One might think that Gordon Ramsay is far too busy looking for the next Masterchef or dusting his way through Hotel Hell to worry about what‘s happening on the show that started it all. Not true! Well, at least for a few more weeks, that is. Four cheftestants remain on Hell‘s Kitchen, firing up those stoves for the top spot and new title as Ramsay‘s executive chef at Steak at Paris in Las Vegas. After finally saying goodbye to the indestructibly dirty Clemenza last week, Dana, Justin, Christina and Barbie are left standing, but not for long. Two cheftestants will be asked to hand over their jackets tonight after displaying their teaching skills once again. Each of the four will head a team of chefs and fight for a spot in next week‘s finale. Read more »
Tonight is part one of the season 10 Hell‘s Kitchen finale. Chef Ramsay welcomed 18 chefs at the beginning of this cycle and at the top of this episode only three remain. Only two cheftestants will go on. Who will it be?Once the two finalists are determined, Chef Ramsay has big things in store for them to keep their eyes on the prize. There will be a trip to Vegas, spa treatment, front row seats to the Penn & Teller show and champagne, just to name a few!  Read more »
Tonight is the night that the week after dramatic week of burning oil in the Hell‘s Kitchen competition will be put to an end. Chef Ramsay has offered a job as executive chef at his restaurant Steak at Paris in Las Vegas. 18 cheftestants have been shaved down to only two finalists. Will it be Christina or Justin walking through that door and descending down the stairs to a swarm of people, confetti and balloons? Let‘s skip the small talk and find out!  Read more »