Articles for Hawthorne Season 2

Christina Hawthorne‘s past one personal hurdle, so it‘s time for another hurdle -- a much bigger one.HawthoRNe returns to TNT tonight with quite a big change for Christina and the gang. Richmond Trinity is closing its doors for good, and most of its staff is moved to a new hospital, James River. And no, things aren‘t much better over there. Much worse, even. If Christina already struggled with making sure she fulfills her duty properly under dire circumstances -- well, this time around it‘s going to be harder.  Read more »
Today the NAACP announced this year‘s nominees for the Image Awards, and they feature many of the nominees you might expect. The sad truth is that there is still a lack of diversity on television, and these nominations only serve to highlight that by nominating nearly every African-American actor on TV, regardless of actual quality.  Read more »