Articles for Haven Season 3

You shouldn‘t need specific reasons to watch the excellent Haven season 3 premiere. You should just watch it.But some people need explanations and justification. If that describes you, check out this preview article. I promise that only minimal Haven season 3 spoilers lie ahead! Read more »
Haven is back and weirder than ever! Seriously, after so many bizarre and dangerous Troubles in the first two seasons, the Haven season 3 premiere pretty much had to reach for the stars and take on an alien invasion. Of course, this being Haven, it was a little more complicated than that. Read more »
Most shows do zombies these days. Haven is different. Haven has Troubles, so even zombies aren‘t really the zombies that they seem. The zombie-like Trouble combines with major forward motion on the mystery of Audrey in order to make one pretty awesome episode of Haven.Relive it here! Read more »
Just when you think the Troubles can‘t get any more twisted and confusing on Haven, we get an episode like "The Farmer." New faces, creepy organ removal and heroes in crisis make this one of the darkest Haven episodes yet! So why not relive it with this review? Read more »
As if the Troubles aren‘t bad enough, now Haven has a serial killer on the loose? Add to that a super-secret militia, killer water sports, secret millionaires and past-life regression and you get... Actually you get a pretty normal -- although excellent -- episode of Haven. Read more »
It‘s hard enough for the characters of Haven to escape Justice in "Double Jeopardy." Can they escape fate too? Should they even try? Find out how everybody does in this Haven recap. Read more »
I don‘t know that there has ever been a show better at the surprise twist than Haven.Throughout the show‘s three seasons, there have been more jaw-dropping twists than most shows could manage in a decade.In the first part of "Magic Hour," for example, we didn‘t just get one twist. We got three. And they were incredible. Get ready to be amazed again with this recap. Read more »
Don‘t fret, Haven fans -- you do not need to worry about show cancellation triggering any latent Troubles. Not yet anyway. Syfy has announced that Haven has been renewed for season 4. Keep reading for all of the details. Read more »
When last we checked in to Haven, things were bad. One of the main characters lay dead. A secondary character was revealed to be a serial killer. Would Audrey and Duke -- unaware of what happened -- be next? Find out in this "Magic Hour" part 2 recap. Read more »
The Trouble with Sarah is also the Trouble with time travel. Which makes sense, considering that Sarah existed way back in 1955. So how do we get to know this lady? More importantly, what do we find out about Sarah Vernon (later Lucy Ripley, later Audrey Parker)?Check out this Haven recap for "Sarah" to find out. Read more »
Nothing says Halloween like a haunted house. And nothing says Haven like a Troubled house. We get both in Haven‘s holiday episode, "Real Estate." Read more »