Articles for Haven Season 1

Based on Stephen King‘s novel The Colorado Kid, Haven is an upcoming thriller from SyFy that revolves around a spooky town in Maine that turns out to be the place of exile for "cursed folk" because it mysteriously mutes their powers and allows them to live normal lives. When the curses start returning triggered by the murder of a local ex-con, an FBI agent is brought in to the picture to keep the supernatural forces at bay.Jericho alum Emily Rose was picked to play shrewd and confident FBI agent Audrey Parker, who arrives in the small town where people have unusual abilities. Not so surprisingly, her own past is mysteriously entangled with that of the town. Read more »
I‘m not entirely sure that Castle star Nathan Fillion was expecting much more than a chuckle when he declared his love for Firefly in an interview last week. If that were the case, however, then Fillion definitely needs to pay more attention to the (over) reactions common to his old show‘s fan base. Because now he‘s got them mobilizing. Read more »