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Fall 2006 New Shows Rank: #17Gist of the Show:A man in his mid-twenties follows his girlfriend to Chicago. In one day, he loses that girlfriend, his job and his apartment. He finds a new, quirky roommate in the process. I assume the main characters like to frequent Happy Hour at local drinking establishments.Cast Member Looking To Reclaim Former Glory:Co-creators Jackie and Jeff Filgo, former Executive Producers of “That 70‘s Showâ€?Similar in Theme to: The music of romantically scorned, Minnesota-based hip/hop artist “Atmosphereâ€?.Time Slot Competition:The Office, Survivor, Smallville.Likelihood of Second Season:.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%Final Word:Happy Hour is universally recognized as both the worst new show and likely first show to be canceled. Happy Hour is apparently terribly lame and unfunny. -Oscar Dahl Read more »
The first new show of the Fall season has been canceled!!!After only three airings of the FOX “comedyâ€?, Happy Hour has been canceled. There wasn‘t a person alive who didn‘t see this coming. First, it was matched up against The Office and Survivor. Second, it was horrendouly bad (or at least that‘s what I‘m told). FOX had no legitmate chance at a success, regardless of what they placed in the Thursday, eight o‘clock hour. So, for now, let‘s say goodbye to the ill-conceived relationship/fish-out-of-water/drinking/buddy comedy we all knew as Happy Hour. Your utter mediocrity will be sorely missed.-Oscar Dahl  Read more »
TVGuide recently released their list for Best and Worst television shows of the year. Their choices are relatively solid, as far as these end of the year lists go. As always, and what proves to be the point of these lists, I have some disagreements, and I‘m sure anyone with a pulse does also.TVGuide chooses not to rank their lists, just listing them in random order. I‘m so used to the clear-cut rankings made by the modern-day list maker that those of the "in no particular" variety feel chaotic. I need order. Nonetheless, their choices are after the jump, followed by some commentary. Read more »