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The CW has an ambitious new line-up with four new fall shows: Hart of Dixie, Ringer, The Secret Circle and the reality series H8R. They include a number of very familiar faces, from The O.C.‘s Rachel Bilson to Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Sarah Michelle Gellar to Life Unexpected stars Kristoffer Polaha and Britt Robertson.The CW Announces Fall Schedule >>Now, check out some video previews to get a taste of the CW‘s newest shows.  Read more »
The CW is the final network to release its fall lineup this week, and the network is a bit more ambitious than in the past. They‘ve picked up four new shows for the fall, moved two shows to new nights and pushed the ninth season of One Tree Hill to mid-season.The big changes include moving 90210 to Tuesdays and Nikita to Fridays to make room for two of the network‘s new shows.  Read more »
1. The name: H8R. Why can‘t it just be Hater? Why does it have to be in that demented "text speak" and make me think its name is "aych-eight-are"? Does anyone even text or type like that anymore? Am I too old to understand? For once I don‘t mind being too old to understand.2. According to this preview, the only types of "celebrities" who will confront their "h8rs" are the ones who get paid lots of money to be ridiculous on reality television, a.k.a. the "celebrities" we have culturally agreed (by way of unanimously loving The Soup) that it is okay to "h8." It is, quite literally, their job to be mockable. They love it, it makes them money! And now this show is paying them MORE money to do nothing/fight/say dumb stuff on TV about how that isn‘t what they do! Do you understand how infuriating that is? That they are trying to convince these "regular" people that they do good things while simultaneously doing the very thing they did to become so famous/loathed? Now I need to calm down before I fill up with h8.  Read more »
It‘s time to break out your September day planners, TV fans, because the CW has set premiere dates for its fall schedule. The fun begins on Tuesday, September 13 with the launch of 90210 and Ringer, and concludes Monday, May 26 with Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie.  Read more »
Just when I thought my expectations couldn‘t get lower.Rose/Puppet-master Mike Fleiss, the creator of The Bachelor, the show that spawned a million unlikable reality stars, has signed on to produce H8R, the CW‘s new Mario Lopez-hosted series about celebrities confronting the outspoken regular folks who hate them. Obviously, the concept for H8R is right up Fleiss‘s (dark, scary) alley. Where loathsomeness, stardom, drama and normal people intersect -- Fleiss doesn‘t just "go there" on a regular basis. He lives there. But in a press release announcing his involvement today, Fleiss says he‘s excited about helping with H8R for a different reason:"This is an exciting show for a number of reasons. But to me, what gives H8R legitimate breakout potential is that it is truly original. So much reality TV is completely derivative. Not H8R. I guess you can say I‘m a ‘h8r‘ of lame, derivative programming."  Read more »
If there‘s one thing I‘ve learned, it‘s that you can‘t please everyone. There will always be people who will try to put you down no matter how hard you try to please them. In the world of show business, however, detractors are more abundant and far more bold and vocal -- sometimes to a point that turns into an obsession. Enter H8R, The CW‘s new reality series that takes advantage of controversial personalities in Hollywood by uniting them with their most passionate haters.   Read more »
With more than 30 new shows and countless returning favorites, the fall 2011 TV season is more loaded than a baked potato. BuddyTV writer Meghan Carlson has looked through all of it and has chosen the three best things about the new season as well as the three worst things.  Read more »
What‘s New? Well, never fear loyal reader we have you covered on what will be premiering this week as your favorite television series return as well as a pack of new series are added to the fold.  The CW kicks this week off with, "The CW 2011 Fall Preview Special!" The one-hour special hosted by CW stars - Nikita‘s leading lady Maggie Q and Ringer‘s Kristoffer Polaha  will begin airing at 9pm Monday September 12.  The pair will give viewers a sneak peek into the network‘s upcoming attractions for the Fall 2011-2012 television season.  The new featured series includes: Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s return to prime time with Ringer, a thriller where viewers will get the chance to see Gellar take on dual roles as identical twins, Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Martin who are polar opposites. The Secret Cirlce, a series following the lives of a group of coven witches starring Britt Robertson; Heart of Dixie, the doctor drama starring Rachel Bilson, and the reality series H8er hosted by Mario Lopez.  Read more »
There‘s a kernel of a good idea in the new CW reality series H8R, which premieres Wednesday at 8pm. The show pairs ordinary people with celebrities who they hate to try and resolve the underlying hatred. As a TV critic, I‘m guilty of hating on various celebrities and reality show contestants and I also have a front-row seat to message boards and forums where anonymous Internet users spew their vile disdain for celebs they don‘t really know.  Read more »
Wednesday night was full of reality TV with the finales of America‘s Got Talent and Big Brother 13 as well as the premieres of Survivor: South Pacific and America‘s Next Top Model. But when the dust settled on the ratings, the returning reality shows hit new lows while the new comedy Up All Night had a solid debut.  Read more »
The CW has no love for H8R. Following in the footsteps of NBC canceling The Playboy Club and Free Agents, the CW has pulled the low-rated reality series off the air. Repeats of Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s Ringer will fill the empty time slot Wednesdays at 8pm.  Read more »