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Guiding Light is the longest-running soap opera in television history created by Irna Phillips. The show is set in the fictional city of Springfield, bringing light to the complex lives of the close-knit Bauer, Spaulding, Lewis, Marler and Cooper families. Read more »
Guiding Light star Tom Pelphrey has joined the cast of Kevin Mandel‘s new play, A New Television Arrives, Finally, wherein he will play a charismatic man who introduces himself as a television set to a young American couple.  He will take turns playing the lead role with British thespian Victor Villar-Hauser (Cleansed, The Pitchfork Disney). Directed by Kevin Kittle, the production is scheduled to run from September 6 to 30 at Theatre 54.  Other members of the creative team are Chad Brinkman for sets and sounds, Rebecca Lustig for costumes and Robin Paterson for lighting. Read more »
Fans of CBS‘ Guiding Light can expect to see a number of characters re-emerging on the daytime drama series, as well as a new love interest for a member of the Boudreau clan. According to, former Beverly Hills actor Daniel Cosgrove is slated to return to the Emmy award-winning soap opera as Bill Lewis.  Although there is no official word on when Cosgrove‘s exact return will be, there have been reports that the 36-year-old actor will reprise his role in October.  How long his return will last is also unknown at this time. Read more »
In celebration of Guiding Light‘s 70th Anniversary, Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, will release the original novel, Guiding Light: Jonathan‘s Story, next month.  The novel is centered on Jonathan Randall (Tom Pelphrey), as well as featuring a number of well-known characters, including Jonathan‘s mother, Reva Shayne (Kim Zimmer), his deceased wife, Tammy Winslow, and his arch-rival, Alan Spaulding (Ron Raines). Conceived by Guiding Light‘s head writer David Kreizman and co-written by Julia London, the romantic adventure novel opens with Jonathan fleeing Springfield.  Although he had gotten Lizzie Spaulding pregnant, Jonathan saw Tammy as his one true love.  After Tammy sacrificed her life in order to save Jonathan from a hit-man in a speeding car, Jonathan faked his death and left Springfield with his daughter, Sarah, hoping to get away from Alan.  His mother, Reva, is the only one who knows he is still alive. Read more »
Actress Crystal Chappell has signed a new contract with CBS‘ Guiding Light, guaranteeing her one more year with the Emmy-award winning daytime drama.  Chappell plays the villainous Olivia Spencer. "I am so happy to be staying on Guiding Light for another year," Crystal Chappell said in a statement on her official web site.  "They are my family and hopefully, Olivia will find her own light.  Regardless of how some people feel about Olivia, I have always appreciated all the fans of the show." Read more »
Aside from on Guiding Light, fans can catch Bradley Cole when he performs in his Rock Show for Charity in New York on Friday, October 5. Presented by his own label, Nomadic Music Inc., in coordination with the American Red Cross, the event is set to take place at the Red Cross Greater New York Headquarters located at 520 W. 49th street. Cole, who was previously known to the viewers of Guiding Light as the charismatic Prince Richard Winslow in which he earned a Soap Opera Digest Award nomination for Best New Character in 2000, is currently playing District Attorney, Jeffrey O‘Neill on the long-running soap. In addition to acting, he also occasionally performs his songs and plays guitar on the show. Recognized as an accomplished music artist, he has toured throughout the United States and has released and recorded at least five albums. Read more »
John Driscoll, popularly known as Henry Cooper Bradshaw on the soap Guiding Light, will be taking on the stage of New York‘s flourishing theater scene.  The 26-year-old actor has been cast in Matt Morillo‘s Angry Young Women in Low-Rise Jeans with High-Class Issues, which runs from September 13 until October 7. Angry Young Women is a comedy about the battle of the sexes that features a series of witty anxious women and the men they alternately torture.  NY Theater describes the play as “An evening of straight-up, sitcom-style comedy that boasts an outstanding cast, some fine direction, and many funny moments.”  The show has been a known to audience acclaim for some time now and promises an hour and half of sexy comedy. Read more »
After working in theater productions over the past few years, David Andrew MacDonald has decided to return to Springfield and reprise his role as the villainous Edmund Winslow on Guiding Light.  The 46-year-old actor, who was first introduced on the long-running soap in 1999, is scheduled to make his comeback on Wednesday, October 24.MacDonald, who left the show in 2005 and whose character was said to have been imprisoned, is ready to stir up the drama and shake up the town.  Guiding Light fans can expect to see Edmund up to his old tricks and get a taste of the complex storylines that have been going on in San Cristobel. Read more »
Acting must run in Frank DiCopoulos‘ family, as his daughter, Olivia, has been tapped for a role on the CBS daytime drama, Guiding Light, wherein DiCopoulos stars as Frank Achilles Cooper, Jr. Olivia will be taking over the role of Maureen Reardon, Vanessa (Maeve Kinkead) and Matt‘s (Kurt McKinney) tween daughter.  Maureen was last seen on-screen as an infant. Olivia will begin appearing on Guiding Light on Tuesday, October 16. Read more »
Guiding Light has opened a lot of doors for Crystal Hunt, who is most famous for her role as Lizzie Spaulding, the troubled daughter of the long-suffering supercouple, Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines Spaulding on the long-running soap.  Now, the 22-year-old actress, who starred on the soap from February 2003 until January 2006, has a full plate to look forward to, including her upcoming movie, her pet boutique and her own clothing line. At present, Hunt is preoccupied with filming the thriller movie entitled Brooklyn to Manhattan in which she plays a rich girl named Hannah who gets caught up the world of drugs. Read more »
Kim Zimmer, arguably one of the most popular cast members on Guiding Light, will be taking part in a book singing event for Guiding Light: Jonathan‘s Story on Saturday, October 20 at 2pm at the Borders Books and Music Store, located at 80 Wayne Town Center in Wayne, New Jersey.As reported previously, Guiding Light: Jonathan‘s Story, which was released last month, is conceived by the long-running soap‘s Emmy-nominated head writer David Kreizman.  It features the character Jonathan Randall in an all-new passionate and adventure-filled love story that provides crucial information not revealed on the show.  The book also features his beloved deceased Tammy Winslow, Jonathan‘s arch-enemy Alan Spaulding, and his illustrious mother Reva Shayne, who is portrayed by Zimmer. Read more »
Fans of Daniel Cosgrove will not want to miss this week‘s run of Guiding Light, as the 36-year-old actor is set to return to the soap as Bill Lewis on Tuesday, November 13.  Cosgrove, who is also appearing on ABC‘s primetime drama, Dirty Sexy Money, told TV Guide that he decided to return to the soap in order to work in New York City and be with his family. "I‘m taking myself out of the L.A. game to a large degree," he said.  "This is not the career path a lot of people would take, but reality strikes as you get older. I‘m happy and at peace with this."Fans who are eager to know more about Cosgrove‘s comeback, as well as what to expect this week on the Emmy Award-winning soap, read on for spoilers. Read more »
Last week‘s run of Guiding Light ended with Josh (Robert Newman) enlisting the help of Jeffrey (Bradley Cole) to get rid of Edmund (David Andrew MacDonald), and someone returns to Springfield to possibly do just that.  Want to know who is returning and how last week‘s drama will continue to unravel? Read on for spoilers. Read more »
In light of Thanksgiving, last week‘s Guiding Light featured the Coopers celebrating the holiday together, but while the celebration may have gotten off to good start, the happy vibe was curtailed when an intoxicated Rafe (EJ Bonilla) suddenly dropped by and disrupted the gathering.  Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) took his son away from the celebration, but an argument soon ensued at the table.  As Gus was consoling Rafe, Natalia (Jessica Leccia) listened from the outside, after which she readily accepted Gus‘ marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Harley (Beth Ehlers), distraught with how the evening turned out, headed to Towers, where Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) was having a beer.  He told her that she shouldn‘t be wasting the holiday with him at the bar, but she quickly assured him that she doesn‘t feel that way. This week‘s Guiding Light promises to deliver another huge dose of drama, as the love triangles and devious scheming continue to unfold and be played out.  For those who want a sneak peek into this week‘s installment of the daytime drama, read on for some spoilers. Read more »
It‘s not uncommon to see teen characters in soap operas dealing with alcoholism or alcohol-related issues, and on Guiding Light, EJ Bonilla‘s character, Rafe Rivera, is currently going through his own struggle with the bottle. However, the actor has much hope for his troubled alter ego, whose life is close to spinning out of control. “I think Rafe‘s smart enough that he realizes he doesn‘t need [alcohol],” Bonilla told Soap Opera Digest.  “It‘s just that easy way out, that quick fix. Once you sober up, you‘re sort of worse off than you were beforehand.  I‘d like to see him do better in school and get back on track and realize that if something goes wrong, it goes wrong and the bottle isn‘t going to do anything.” Read more »
Fans of Emmy award winning-actor Tom Pelphrey will be happy to know that the actor is set to return to CBS‘ Guiding Light sometime next year.  According to the network, Pelphrey‘s character, Jonathan Randall, comes back to Springfield in order to “resolve some unfinished business with Alan [Ron Raines].”Pelphrey, 25, first joined the cast of Guiding Light in 2004.  Two years later, he captured the Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Younger Actor.  He exited the show early this year, along with actress Stephanie Gatschet, who played Tammy Layne Winslow.  Subsequently, he appeared in such primetime television series as the CBS drama, Numb3rs, and the comedy, The Burg. Read more »
On Friday‘s episode of Guiding Light, Harley (Beth Ehlers) and the newly-divorced Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) found themselves spending more time with one another.  Cyrus has been concerned about Harley and the children‘s safety, especially with Phillip (Grant Aleksander) still on the loose.  Meanwhile, Natalia (Jessica Leccia) confronted Olivia (Crystal Chappell) about her relationship with Gus, but Olivia denied Natalia‘s claims, saying that if Gus is satisfied, then she has nothing to worry about.  Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) also told Natalia that there‘s nothing going on between him and Olivia, although he has been checking up on Olivia since he learned of her heart condition. At Towers, Bill (Daniel Cosgrove) and Mallet (Robert Bogue) got into fight after the former discovered Dinah (Gina Tognoni) breaking into Andrea‘s (Dylis Croman) house. To find out what happens on this week‘s Guiding Light, read on for spoilers. Read more »
As promised by Guiding Light execs, Bill Lewis came back to Springfield a changed man.  He has been stirring up trouble ever since he returned last month, and Daniel Cosgrove, the actor behind the troubled character, isn‘t too happy with what‘s happening. “He‘s getting into a lot of trouble and really acting like a jerk,” Cosgrove said.  “I kind of have a problem with that.” Read more »
A rigged election, a Cooper‘s trip to rehab to strike a deal with an old friend and a frantic search for a dangerous Spaulding are only a few of the dramatic storylines that were featured in last week‘s run of Guiding Light.  The usual love triangles also earned some air time last week, with Friday‘s episode ending with Remy (Lawrence St. Victor) warning Marina (Mandy Bruno) about Harley‘s (Beth Ehlers) relationship with Cyrus (Murray Bartlett). To know what‘s going to happen in this week‘s Guiding Light, read on for spoilers. Read more »
Daytime actress Beth Ehlers, who plays Harley Cooper on Guiding Light enjoys working with costar Ricky Paull Goldin, but she‘s not exactly fond of his character, Gus Aitoro, who proposed to another woman shortly after he divorced Harley. “There are a few scenes written where Harley is sweet to Gus.  I understand that, but no freaking way am I playing that. I hate him. He‘s an a------,” Ehlers told Soap Opera Weekly. Read more »
On the previous episode of Guiding Light, Harley (Beth Ehlers) had one of her panic attacks, but instead of calling Cyrus (Murray Bartlett), she turned to Marina (Mandy Bruno) for help.  The two then confronted each other about Cyrus, and Harley assured Marina that she would never hurt her by getting involved with the man she loves. Bill (Daniel Cosgrove) was forced to jump over the balcony when Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) refused to let him in.  After he jumped, Lizzie was stunned to see a picture of her and Billy in his wallet. Doris (Orlagh Cassidy), proclaiming that she will prosecute the person responsible for rigging the election, had no choice but to agree that Ashlee (Caitlin Van Zandt) should be arrested, to the chagrin of Coop (John Driscoll).  While drinking his troubles away, Coop found Bill‘s plans for Main Street and subsequently burned them.  He threw the burning papers into the trailer, not knowing that Bill was inside.  There was a white flash, and Lizzie, who was on her way to the trailer, was knocked off her feet. Want to know how the drama continues in Guiding Light?  Then read on for this week‘s spoilers.  Read more »
Bill Lewis (Daniel Cosgrove) is easily the “bad boy” in CBS‘ Guiding Light, but it seems another Springfield resident is well on his way to assuming the role.  Lately, “all-American guy” Coop Bradshaw, played by John Driscoll, has been acting out of character, having recently caused an explosion that rendered Bill unable to see. “Up until recently [Guiding Light] has kept Coop as the all-American guy,” Driscoll told Soap Opera Weekly.  “He‘ll do the right thing and say whatever he should say.  Now, we‘ll see that he is a guy who‘s going to make mistakes.” Read more »
Previously on Guiding Light, Harley (Beth Ehlers) offered herself as bait to Phillip, while Marina (Mandy Bruno) revealed to Remy (Lawrence Saint-Victor) that she only said Phillip was involved to scare her aunt.  Remy agreed to help Marina, but Beth (Beth Chamberlin) seemed reluctant to join in.  Harley tried to fight her need to rely on Cyrus (Murray Bartlett), but he assured her that he‘ll always be there for her. Meanwhile, Jeffrey (Bradley Cole) learned that Will (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) killed Alonzo, and the unknowing Cassie (Nicole Forester) brought Will to the Bauer cabin and told the child, of whom she had become afraid, that until she can change him, they will not leave. To know what‘s happening in this week‘s Guiding Light, continue reading for spoilers.  Read more »
Actor Tom Pelphrey returned to Guiding Light last month, almost six months after his character, Jonathan Randall, last appeared on the daytime drama.  Having laid low during his time away from the soap, Pelphrey is happy to be working on the show once again. "While I was away, I hung out and did a few random jobs," Pelphrey told Soap Opera Digest.  "I didn‘t do much.  I hadn‘t watched the show since I left, [so] it‘s great to be back." Read more »
Guiding Light, the longest-running drama in television history, will be breaking soap barriers at the end of this month. Beginning February 29, viewers will be treated to a brand-new look to the show‘s daily episodes.  Say goodbye to the archaic three-walled sets and hello to the permanent four-walled sets with ten-foot high ceilings.  Gone as well are the 300-pound pedestal cameras, all of which will be replaced with handheld eight-pound mini-cameras. Read more »
On the previous episode of Guiding Light, Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) caught Harley (Beth Ehlers) eavesdropping on Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) and Marina (Mandy Bruno).  Cyrus and Harley proclaimed to each other that their relationship is more than just sex, and Cyrus confessed to Marina that he‘s been dishonest to her.  Harley told Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) to take care of Marina. Reva (Kim Zimmer) was still distraught over Jonathan‘s (Tom Pelphrey) departure and told Cassie (Nicole Forester) that her son skipped town again.  Cassie was less than supportive with her response.  During a baseball game, Josh (Robert Newman) stopped Will (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) from hitting RJ with the bat and sent the troublemaking boy to his room.  Will, however, climbed out of his window and tampered with some of the house‘s pipes.  His tampering caused an odorless gas leak, and Josh and Reva passed on the sofa.  When Cassie walked in, she was stunned to see the unconscious Reva and Josh lying in each other‘s arms.Want to know what‘s happening this week on Guiding Light? Read on for spoilers. Read more »
The 35th annual Daytime Emmy Awards are scheduled to air tonight at 8pm on ABC. Daytime regulars Cameron Mathison (All My Children) and Sherri Shepherd (The View) will act as master and mistress of ceremonies.Mathison will be wearing a tuxedo by Arnold Brant, and Shepherd will sport gowns by Badgley Mishka and Angela Dean and jewelry by Chopard.The list of nominations was announced on Wednesday, April 30 with CBS, in particular The Young and the Restless, nabbed the most noms: 56 and 17, respectively. Read more »
The rumor mills keeps churning in the soap circuit.  Recent reports have surfaced that a former Guiding Light star might be headed to Port Charles to play a still uncertain yet pivotal role on General Hospital.  At this point, there has been no confirmation on the said character or the actor who‘s been cast to play the role.  However, many are already pointing their fingers at Tom Pelphrey. Most recognized for playing been the role of Jonathan Randall the son of Reva Shayne and her late former husband, Richard Winslow, on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light, Pelphrey was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Younger Actor" in 2005, and won the award the following year in April 2006.  He received a third consecutive nomination in the same category in 2007 but lost out to Bryton McClure. Pelphrey won his second Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Younger Actor" in 2008.  He remained with the soap for three years before opting to move on to other projects. Read more »
If there‘s no future for Guiding Light, fans can still catch Emmy winner Crystal Chappell as she finds another home on NBC. TV Guide Magazine reports that the 43-year-old actress has signed on to rejoin the cast of Days of our Lives to reprise her role as Dr. Carly Manning Alamain. Dr. Carly Manning Alamain, who appeared on the show from June 1990 to October 1993, was considered front-burner for most of Chappell‘s time on Days of our Lives. She was featured in a romantic plot with lead character Bo Brady (Peter Reckell, Robert Kelker-Kelly), and in a complicated Byzantine storyline that featured her unknown secret identity as a European blueblood. Her story wrapped up in a controversial plot that had Carly buried alive by Vivian (Louise Sorel). Consequently, Chappell left after difficult contact negotiations and differences with head writer James E. Reilly. Read more »
CBS has now confirmed that former Guiding Light star John Driscoll has signed on to join the cast of The Young and the Restless and will be arriving in Genoa City on July 16.Rumors about Driscoll joining The Young and the Restless have been swirling for several weeks now though CBS has been tight-lipped about the casting news. At the time, however, it has already been reported that Driscoll will be appearing as Phillip "Chance" Chancellor IV, Nina‘s (Tricia Cast) son.  Read more »
Soap actress Caroline McWilliams has passed away on February 11 from complications of multiple myeloma, The L.A. Times has confirmed. She was 64.Though McWilliams was popularly known for her role as Marcy Hill on Benson and Sally, she started her soap acting career with Guiding Light where she played Janet Norris from 1969 to 1975. Subsequently, she was cast in a short-term role on Another World as Tracy DeWitt before playing LuAnn Pruit, the mother of Jamie Walters‘ character Ray Pruit on Beverly Hills, 90210.  Read more »
Like many of us, some of Hollywood‘s A-listers had to start out small--many of them on soap operas--before making it big in the entertainment industry. Take Julianne Moore, for instance, whose scheduled to make a return to her soap roots next month.Check Out Julianne Moore on As the World TurnsThe Oscar-nominated actress will return to As the World Turns April 5. Of course, she‘s not the first big name Hollywood actor to hit the soaps. James Franco joined the staff on General Hospital in 2009.  Read more »
The nominations for the 37th Daytime Emmy Awards is out in the open and not surprisingly, ABC‘s General Hospital has taken the lead. The second longest-running American soap opera has received a total of 18 Emmy nods, proving that romance, mob wars, murder mysteries and colorful personalities will always have a special place in the world of soaps. Read more »
The fat lady is singing, not for the end of the opera, but the end of the soap opera. Today, after months of rumors and speculation, ABC officially canceled its long-running daytime soaps All My Children and One Life to Live.  Read more »