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Most episodes of Grimm begin with a passage from a fairy tale. The Grimm season 2 premiere does not. Instead, a short passage from "The Second Coming" by W.B. Yeats starts the new season:"The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned..."What does this mean for the premiere? Let‘s just say that the dark, bloody imagery is very appropriate. Read more »
It‘s hard waiting for a show that ended its spring season on a major cliffhanger. When that show is Bones and we‘re desperate to see the cliffhanger‘s fallout in season 8, it‘s especially hard. That‘s why Bones season 8 spoilers are so very important! Keep reading to find out about all the murder, Booth-Brennan romance and more coming this fall. Read more »
In this week‘s episode of Grimm, Nick and Hank team-up to battle Wessen who start acting like they should be cast in The Walking Dead. Juliette is still struggling to remember Nick, while Monroe and Juliette try to take their relationship to the next level.   Read more »
As a huge fan of anything and everything to do with Halloween, I couldn‘t be happier to hear news of what Grimm has in store for us during the holiday this year. Former Weeds star Kate del Castillo is heading over to the hit NBC series to play a role in the Halloween episode, called "La Llorona," which is said to be based on one of my favorite legends.   Read more »
Poor Hank. For a good portion of Grimm season 1, the guy thought he was truly insane. He was seeing things that shouldn‘t have been there and his partner was acting like everything was normal. It‘s no wonder that he very nearly wanted to quit the police force. I can‘t say that I blame him.  Read more »
Grimm Season 2 is off to an odd start, thanks to NBC benching the series for a few weeks. But the good news is that the series will start up again next week.   Read more »
Grimm Season 2 gets under way again this Friday at 8pm with an episode called ‘The Good Shepherd‘ and judging from the latest preview video, it looks like Monroe is specially qualified to help Nick and Hank with this case.  Read more »
Grimm season 5 gets back under way tomorrow night on NBC and, just in time for the show‘s return, we have some fun casting news.   Read more »
Grimm season 2 continues this Friday with an episode called ‘Over My Dead Body‘ and from what we can see in the preview clips below, it looks like Monroe is going to have his hands full in this one.  Read more »
There‘s a new Twitter campaign on the horizon and the subject of this crusade is one very hot actor. Seems the fans of NBC‘s Grimm wan to see more of Captain Renard. A lot more.   Read more »
In this week‘s episode of Grimm, called "Over My Dead Body," Monroe is in danger when he finds out that someone is out to kill him, oh and that his old girlfriend is back in town.   Read more »
Sasha Roiz‘ sexy scene from last week‘s Grimm was originally cut from the episode, but now fans can catch it online. Turns out there‘s a lot more eye-opening moments than just Renard taking off his shirt.   Read more »
Grimm season 2 continues tomorrow night with an episode called "The Bottle Imp." Judging by what we can see in the videos below, Nick may have more to do than just battle a new Wesen.   Read more »
In this episode of Grimm, Nick and Hank track down a Wesen with a quick temper, Monroe runs into trouble at the spice shop and Renard and Juliette discover they both have the same problem.   Read more »
Grimm season 2 continues Friday night October 19 with an episode called "The Other Side." The preview video shows that Adalind is up to no good as usual, and that things may be getting worse for Juliette and Renard. Read more »
Halloween is almost here and what better way to celebrate it than with a very special episode of Grimm? The hit NBC series is combining forces with Universal‘s Halloween Horror Nights, Telemundo and MUN2 to give fans an all-around scary experience. Read more »
This episode of Grimm featured a nice double twist, Hank discovering that maybe not all Grimm‘s were as cool as Nick, and Renard realizing that he just might be in big trouble.   Read more »
Check out a fun video of the cast of Grimm screaming their way through Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights maze "La Llorona" last weekend.  Read more »
Grimm season 2 continues this Friday with a very special episode for Halloween called "La Llorona,"and I think it‘s going to turn out to be one that people are going to talk about for a while. This one takes the mythology that we‘ve all come to know and basically flips it on its head.   Read more »
Grimm certainly knows how to celebrate a holiday like Halloween. In an episode called "La Llorona," the show takes on the famous legend of the "The Weeping Woman," a ghost who abducts naughty little children and drowns them.  Read more »
Grimm season 2 has been moving along nicely, thanks to a lot of fun new elements being added to Nick‘s story. First, he let Hank in on his little secret, then his wife woke up from a coma and didn‘t recognize him, and now he has no idea that she‘s hot for his captain.   Read more »
In this episode of Grimm, called "The Hour of Death," Nick has got his hands full as he faces troubles at work in the form of an apparent killer Grimm, and at home as things get rocky between him and Juliette.   Read more »
Grimm season 2 continues with what looks to be another tense episode on Friday, November 2 at 9pm on NBC. Called "The Hour of Death," this episode appears to bring another Grimm to Portland.   Read more »
In this episode of Grimm, called "To Protect and Serve Man," Hank enlists Nick‘s help with an old case, while Renard and Juliette decide to get to the bottom of their little problem  Read more »
The People‘s Choice Award nominations for 2013 have been revealed, and oddly enough, the People‘s Choices have very little in common with actual ratings.  Read more »
Grimm‘s season 2 fall finale, called "Season of the Hexenbiest" airs on Friday, November 16 and judging by how many preview videos NBC has released, it looks like this is going to be one heck of an exciting episode.   Read more »
Grimm‘s fall finale airs Friday, November 16, at 9pm. Before watching the episode, find out what Bitsie Tulloch (aka Juliette) has to say about what we can expect from the finale, as well as what its implications will mean for rest of season 2.   Read more »
In the fall finale of Grimm, called "Season of the Hexenbiest," Nick has a series of days that will probably go down in history as some of the worst days ever.   Read more »
Grimm season 2 may be off on hiatus for the winter, but the cast has found a way to make the long break a little easier for fans. Check out videos of the cast sharing their favorite holiday memories and wishing all of you very happy holidays.   Read more »
Grimm season 2 is still on a very long hiatus, but before the show returns on March 8 the cast, including David Giuntoli, Sasha Roiz, Silas Weir Mitchell, Bitsie Tulloch, Bree Turner, Reggie Lee and Claire Coffee, along with executive producers Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt, revealed some hints at TCA 2013 about what we can see the rest of this season.   Read more »
At the end of 2012, NBC was proud as its peacock mascot about its ratings. For the first time since the heyday of Friends, the network stood atop the major networks for the fall season. Sadly, NBC seemed to think that meant they could stop and things would just magically freeze in place.  Read more »
After a long hiatus, Grimm returns in "Face Off," where Renard has not one, but two love scenes and finally faces off against Nick. It‘s an action-packed premiere!Sasha Roiz and Bitsie Tulloch spoke with reporters this week about Renard and Juliette‘s passionate, yet uncomfortable encounter and what that means going forward.  Read more »
Now that Nick has found out that not only is Renard the man that was canoodling Juliette, but also a Royal AND a half-Wesen, a whole lot of crap has hit the fan on this season of Grimm. But with Nick and Renard (kind of) on the same side, the question is: do they make better friends or enemies?  Read more »
We‘re one step closer to having a complete list of season finale dates for all of our favorite network TV shows now that NBC has made it official. There‘s a wide range, starting at the end of March with Whitney and going all the way until the latter half of June with The Voice and Hannibal. Read more »
NBC is killing love and replacing it with monsters. Today the network announced that the new reality dating competition Ready for Love will be pulled from the air and, starting on Tuesday, April 30, the final four episodes of Grimm season 2 will take its place at 10pm.  Read more »
NBC is finally making decisions for next season, and it‘s first move was renewing five of its current dramas for the 2013-2014 TV season. Law and Order: SVU, Grimm, Parenthood and freshman dramas Revolution and Chicago Fire were all picked up. They will all get a full 22-episode season next year. Read more »
NBC is the first network to officially announce its schedule for the 2013-2014 TV season, and it involves a lot of changes. Revolution is moving to Wednesdays, Chicago Fire is moving to Tuesdays and Parenthood is moving to Thursdays.  Read more »
Despite inferior ratings from those of last year, the season finales of Modern Family and Criminal Minds topped the top most-engaged TV shows last week. They were followed closely by The Voice and the soon-to-finale Law & Order: SVU, along with two of NBC‘s new series. Read more »
NBC is the second network to schedule its fall premiere dates, and following in the footsteps of CBS, the week of September 23 will be very, VERY busy for TV fans.  Read more »
NBC has announced which of their shows will be hosting panels at this summer‘s San Diego Comic-Con. Besides the previously announced Revolution and Hannibal, Grimm, Community and the new fall drama The Blacklist are all set to make appearances. And Showtime has revealed that they‘ll be celebrating the final season of Dexter at the big event. Read more »