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If you thought fairy tales were all about happy endings, NBC‘s Grimm is out to prove you wrong. In this world, anything from the fair Rapunzel to workaholic dwarfs can come into existence. You‘d think this new series is your usual retelling of those age-old stories. It‘s not, because this one‘s going to be a cop show. Read more »
With Comic-Con merely weeks away now, it‘s time to start thinking about exactly which panels and screenings to attend. The networks and production studios are well aware of this and are already doing their best to lure unsuspecting conventioneers to their shows. Among those vying for your attendance are FOX‘s Terra Nova and NBC‘s Grimm. Read more »
The 2011 installment of the pop-culture insanity that is Comic-Con is now but weeks away. Those privileged enough to have tickets are anxiously awaiting the official schedule announcement so as to better plan out every minute of their San Diego weekend. While the official 2011 Comic-Con schedule is still to come, several TV shows have officially announced their attendance. Read more »
NBC is the final major network to announce its fall premiere dates, and there‘s good news and bad news. The bad news is that Chuck‘s final season won‘t premiere until October 21. The good news is that some shows are getting a special early debut ahead of other networks.  Read more »
The TV-panel fun keeps on going with Saturday‘s Comic-Con schedule. Many of the biggest fan favorites have their panels on this day, so you‘ll have to plan carefully if you want to hit all of your favorite TV shows throughout the day.Just so you don‘t have to wade through everything in the Saturday schedule for the San Diego Comic-Con, we‘ve come up with a list of just the television-related panels for your convenience. If you do want the entire schedule, click here. Read more »
There‘s a lot going on at Comic-Con every day. A casual attendee might get a little bit overwhelmed when trying to choose exactly which panels to attend on every day of the convention. That‘s where BuddyTV can help. Read more »
NBC‘s new supernatural procedural, Grimm, won‘t debut until the fall, but audiences at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con got an advance look at the series when the pilot screened on Saturday.  Read more »
Grimm has yet to debut on our televisions, but that doesn‘t mean you can‘t start getting into the fairy-tale procedural now. NBC presented the new program with a 2011 San Diego Comic-Con panel moderated by Anthony Stewart Head of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Read more »
Reality is, well ... fantasy, in NBC‘s new fall show, Grimm.Melt Law & Order together with classic Disney films and you seem to have Grimm. Imagine a world where the fairy tales your mother read to you at bedtime actually come true. Now envision those heroes and heroines falling victim to the villians. This is Detective Nick Burkhardt‘s reality. He‘s a descendant of a group of hunters better known as "Grimms." With his ability to see the fantasy behind the humdrum life of a Portland, Oregon homicide force, he sets out to take down the imaginative world behind the crimes popping up around the city. What can we expect from Grimm season 1? Read more »
Sometimes, NBC is kind of mean. The network, which had been keeping us from watching some excellent television throughout September and most of October, has delayed the season 5 premiere of Chuck by another week. We now need to wait until Friday, October 28 to see the beginning of Chuck season 5. Read more »
We‘re one week away from the premieres of Grimm, a new and dark fairy-tale based procedural, and of Chuck, the little-spy-comedy-that-could. Unfortunately, a week can be a very long time when you‘re waiting for something. That‘s why it‘s awfully nice of NBC to have provided extended preview clips for both shows, available for viewing online now. Read more »
Before the sports-lovers out there grab their pitchforks and bats to come after me, let me start off by professing a deep and abiding love for baseball. It‘s my favorite sport to watch, and I have many a fond memory of attending games with a baseball-obsessed father. If any sport has to mess up TV schedules, this would be the one to do it, in my opinion.But seriously? The World Series might mess up my Friday night plans to watch Fringe and Chuck? Say it ain‘t so! Read more »
NBC‘s new, fairy-tale based drama, Grimm, may be a source of confusion to many viewers. The show‘s dark and sinister feel bears no resemblance to the fairy tales Disney fed us as children. The criminal orientation of the basic plot more greatly resembles a standard procedural than a fantasy epic. The cast features few recognizable stars to headline any advertising campaigns.However, these are all things that help to make Grimm work. Read more »
A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to visit the set of NBC‘s new fairy-tale procedural, Grimm. In addition to touring the various sets and watching filming of a scene involving a ridiculous number of rats (think "Pied Piper" for an explanation), I chatted with the show‘s star, David Giuntoli, about Grimm. His responses were entertaining, to say the least. Read more »
When BuddyTV traveled to Portland to visit the set of NBC‘s new show, Grimm, we had the chance to talk to Bitsie Tulloch, who plays the girlfriend, Juliette, of the main character (David Giuntoli‘s Nick Burkhardt).  Read more »
Every hero needs a partner and, in Grimm, Nick Burkhardt‘s (David Giuntoli) partner is Hank Griffin. Hank is a no-nonsense cop -- not the type to pay any attention to fairy tales -- played by Russell Hornsby. Hornsby took the time to talk to BuddyTV on a recent visit to the Grimm set in Portland. Check out the video below to find out what he has to say about his character, rats and the show. Read more »
Sasha Roiz (previously seen in Caprica and Warehouse 13) plays police Captain Renard on Grimm. The boss of hero Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), Renard is a seriously shady character with his own agenda. Click below to hear what Roiz has to say. Read more »
Stupid major sporting events making things difficult for TV watchers.Thanks to an impressive rally by the St. Louis Cardinals during game 6 of the 2011 World Series, pretty much everything scheduled for normal television viewing on this Friday night has been messed up. What exactly has been changed? Read more »
After a pushback, Grimm has arrived on NBC. Fantasy lovers may have already checked in on Once Upon a Time, but do not get it twisted. Grimm is not sugary sweet with a cherry on top. No, sir. We‘re dealing with the bad guys here. Keep CSI in mind as you read ahead. You may just have to stretch your imagination a bit when picturing these villains. Off to a Great Start"Sweet dreams are made of these..." plays as a college student, wearing a red hoodie, is devoured by the Big Bad Wolf, maybe better known as a pedophile, as Grimm finally opens. Dectective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is in town, talking to his partner, Detective Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby), when he sees a lovely young woman suddenly take a Buffy the Vampire Slayer demon-like form. Fast forward to the crime scene (the same song is playing) and there‘s a wolf‘s footprint in the forest. Creepy! Read more »
Forget the bedtime stories! By now you may have seen the Grimm pilot on NBC that aired Friday night. That is, if you weren‘t glued to the World Series. For those of you who may be a tad behind, you might not want to continue reading. We‘ve got spoilers for you Grimm fans! Read more »
This week on Grimm, a woman hears her boyfriend get attacked inside of a house they broke into. The family who lives in the house, it turns out, has a dark past. Which fairytale are we dealing with here? Read more »
While the specific identity of the fairy tale referenced in episode 3 of Grimm, "Beeware," remains a mystery, it does look interesting. After all, we‘re talking about some dark creature with the ability to turn a flash mob into murder. This homicidal creature is also related to bees in some way. And NBC has released several clips from "Beeware" to pique your curiosity. Read more »
This week on Grimm, a flash mob ends tragically. Nick tries to piece together whether the killer is part of his Grimm past. Read more »
NBC has released its mid-season lineup, and much like the network itself, it‘s a total mess. Shows are moving, getting delayed, starting and stopping, and fans will most likely have a hard time trying to find what they‘re looking for.  Read more »
This week on Grimm, the death of a woman may be connected to a serial rapist. Somewhere in between, frogs are swallowed whole and ears are cut off. All in a day‘s episode. What I can‘t figure out is which Grimm tale this is related to. Anyone have any idea? My best guess is Three Billy Goats Gruff. Read more »
Finally, some good news from NBC towers: the network has given its new supernatural drama Grimm a full season, according to Entertainment Weekly. Read more »
In a special Thursday episode of Grimm, the rats will be swarming. Thanks to a magical, musical influence, these rodents will cause a whole lot of trouble before Nick and his friends can stop the fairy tale problem. Keep reading to watch videos featuring the disgusting bits of gore we will see in "Danse Macabre." Read more »
Grimm is pulling double-duty this week, airing new episodes on both Thursday (at 10pm) and Friday (at 9pm) nights! That‘s a lot of fairy-tale horror to process, so it might be a good idea to check out this preview of Thursday‘s episode, "Danse Macabre." With photos, interviews and secrets directly from the Grimm set, you will definitely be ready to face anything the show has to offer. Read more »
This week on Grimm, it‘s a special two-night event. A troubled teen, whose father is a rat catcher, is accused of killing the school music teacher. Nick learns he‘s one of the bad guys, but not one who would commit such a crime. So he sets out to find out the real killer.Death By RatsA music teacher is killed inside of his car by a bunch of rats. It leads Nick and his partner to the mobile home of a teen who was recently suspended from the school. The teen is expertly playing the violin. Read more »
This week on Grimm, the Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolves have a long, bad history. Their connection is tied to a possible arson investigation, which also reveals more information about Monroe‘s past. Read more »
Grimm doesn‘t exactly need a lot of stunt casting to get its creepy fantasy point across. But it‘s still a lot of fun to see familiar faces in unfamiliar roles. We will be seeing some of those faces in upcoming Grimm episodes featuring Titus Welliver and Daryl Sabara. Read more »
This week on Grimm, a girl who has been missing for nine years is linked to a crime. Believing she‘s a Blutbad, Nick and Monroe try to find her and help her. Read more »
The spirit of giving and, yes, taking, is everywhere these days. It‘s no surprise that TV networks are joining in. On today‘s Buddy Bites, check out which series are up for streaming and which series are trying to fight the swift and scary stream of cancellation.  Read more »
As Once Upon a Time continues its epic journey through virtually every fairy tale familiar to TV audiences, the cast continues to grow. Recently, a couple of prominent casting decisions have been made. Who will join Once Upon a Time for episodes in 2012? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
This week on Grimm, when three people are murdered, Hank figures out the connection -- that a criminal from the past is back to get revenge on the people who helped put him away. And, as the arresting officer, everyone figures Hank is next. But Nick ends up paying the price. Read more »
These two not only want the same girl, but they‘re enemies in the Grimm world. Mason is a "snake dude" (according to Monroe), while Marty is a meek, harmless mouse. When their paths cross, it‘s not pretty. Read more »
Another round of casting bits, then? Tonight, we have lots, including a new mystery character on Once Upon A Time, a Buffy alum heading to Grimm, and two athletes taking a trip to Hawaii. But let‘s begin in a courthouse... Read more »
While the episode felt a little slow at times, overall I thought it was the best one yet, putting a modern twist on Hansel and Gretel. Read more »
There have been plenty of gruesome monsters on Grimm. But could there be anything more terrifying than a murderous creature with spider-like tendencies? It seems unlikely. You might be able to make a decision on that after you check out a Grimm video from the upcoming episode, "Tarantella." Read more »
Follow the VenomA tall, dark, mysterious man who‘s clearly a womanizer starts putting the moves on a woman at an art gallery function, and then fear for her safety when we see him turn into a creature. This won‘t end well.Back at his place, she‘s resisting his advances but he won‘t give up -- until she flips him onto his back and then also turns into something scary, and there‘s this weird exchange of grossness between them through their mouths and suddenly, he‘s dead, but not before biting her finger off. Read more »
Ahh, pilot season -- that time in a TV fan‘s year when we hear about planned new shows, fall in love with it, and then get anxious about whether we‘ll even see them on our screens. And yet we fall in love with them anyway.Tonight‘s casting roundup kicks off with four pilot-y bits, and once that‘s done, we have a Big Love wife going to New York, a new head vampire in Bon Temps, and a purveyor of knowledge heading to Greendale. But yes, the pilot-y bits, yes. Read more »
This week on Grimm, Nick and Hank‘s latest case leads them to a fight club, one in which one of the rules is "Leave the human out of it." So who does Nick turn to for help? Monroe -- and things quickly escalate out of control.Meanwhile, Juliette and Nick‘s third anniversary is coming up. Read more »
This week on Grimm, the show ignores all the heavy story lines that occurred last time and dives into a bizarre Grimm/Nazi connection that stems from magical coins that have a devastating effect on those who come into possession with it. Read more »
This week on Grimm, the suspect in Nick‘s latest case leads to a world of fire-breathing humans, which ends with Juliette‘s life in danger.  Read more »
NBC has renewed Grimm for a second season in 2012-2013. This marks the first series renewal from the network this spring. Read more »
Before we get into this week‘s episode: While the show was on a short hiatus, it was announced that NBC picked it up for Season 2! The show has had good ratings, emerging from a handful of other new shows that never got off the ground.This week‘s episode of Grimm left more questions to be asked, and what‘s going to happen to Sgt. Wu?  Read more »
Oh, I am in a tizzy after this week‘s Grimm. Sure. there were lots of cool cat and bird people special effects and a riveting plot revolving around these, but Juliette turned down Nick‘s marriage proposal! Nick is her Romeo, but Juliette is not going to be satisfied it seems until Nick spills all of his secrets to her about being a Grimm  Read more »
This week on Grimm, Captain Renard and Adalind‘s plan to get to Nick is fast-forwarded, thanks to the news from his cousin that the family isn‘t happy with the way he‘s been handling things -- it ends with the captain killing two people, including his cousin.  Read more »
Are you the ultimate Grimm fan? Here‘s your chance to prove it and reap the rewards. NBC is giving one lucky fan (plus one guest) the opportunity to  fly to San Diego for a three-night stay and experience Comic-Con VIP style from July 12 to July 15, 2012. Two second place winners will also be randomly chosen to receive an iPad with the complete first season of Grimm. Read more »
This week on Grimm, Nick‘s latest case involves helping a man get away from the bad bounty hunter trying to kill him. In the process, he‘s forced to choose between his Grimm and cop side. How does he handle it?  Read more »
Silas Weir Mitchell co-stars on the new series, Grimm, as Monroe. Monroe is  a bludbad -- better known to most of us as the Big Bad Wolf. Considering that Grimm‘s hero, Nick Burkhardt, doesn‘t try to take out Monroe, it‘s safe to assume that he‘s at least a little bit of a good guy, despite his wolf-y origins. Read more »