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Welcome back, Grey‘s Anatomy fans! Where to begin? Given that last season ended with a plane crash, I wasn‘t expecting fun and frolic in the season premiere. Having said that, "Going Going Gone" was even more depressing than I anticipated. Yikes! In addition it was the dawn of a new era. Some things were the same except ... not. Other things were very, very different. The episode flashed forward three months after the crash (apparently we‘ll fill in the gaps next week) and it soon became apparent that this was not business as usual.A Tale of Two BaileysOne of the things I liked very much about the episode was the homage paid to the show‘s past. From the opening music (the same song opened the series‘ premiere episode, 101: "A Hard Day‘s Night") to an intern being chosen to fail performing their first surgery (RIP George O‘Malley), long-time fans took a stroll down Memory Lane. Remember when Miranda Bailey was The Nazi? She abandoned that nickname after operating on a white supremacist, but that‘s not the point. Miranda Bailey used to invoke fear in her interns. She made them quake. She commanded respect. Now, apparently, she makes them laugh. Happy at last with fiancee, Ben, Miranda‘s new nickname is BCB: Booty Call Bailey. Oh, the indignity of it all.  That needs to change. Pronto. Read more »
Much like the year following the gunman‘s assault on Seattle Grace Mercy West, season 9 of Grey‘s Anatomy has a very clear trajectory. The doctors must deal with the aftermath of the plane crash in all its forms.  Read more »
I don‘t know about you, but I‘m going to need to watch that again. In "Remember the Time," Grey‘s Anatomy flashed back, filling in the pieces and answering the questions left unanswered in last week‘s "Going Going Gone". The non-traditional narrative structure worked beautifully, helping the viewer piece together bit by bit what happened in the aftermath of the fateful plane crash. The result was not so much a puzzle as a mosaic or perhaps and impressionistic painting. All those dots ... but when you step back ... wow. A masterpiece unfolds before your eyes.Before I get started in earnest, let me make three random comments. First, how much do I love Richard Webber? He has become the show‘s anchor and touchstone, a rock in times of trouble. Love him. Second, Owen Hunt is totally rockin‘ it out as The Chief 2.0, helping his colleagues and friends through hell on earth while also coping with his own personal hell. Finally, Lexie‘s body was devoured by wild animals? Sadly realistic, I suppose, but still. Oh, Little Grey. I‘m so sorry. Okay, moving on... Read more »
Seattle Grace/Mercy West is about to meet another one of Derek Shepherd‘s sisters. According to TVLine, Grey‘s Anatomy has cast Neve Campbell as one of Derek‘s four sisters for multiple episodes in season 9.  Read more »
After two harrowing hours to open the season, Grey‘s Anatomy returned to more traditional form in "Love The One You‘re With".  This was a perfect example of a transitional episode in which a lot happened and yet there was very little forward motion. Instead, the greater purpose was to set up storylines for the foreseeable future.Getting Her Hand BackIt‘s striking that all of the characters that mean anything to us (sorry new interns, but for now you‘re just glorified guest cast) are wearing navy scrubs. Well, except Cristina, but we‘ll get back to her later. Anyway, Meredith and Alex and Jackson and even newly-returned April are Attendings. They‘re in charge of cases. They take the lead. They have interns for the day. They even get to hang out, much to Miranda Bailey‘s dismay, in the Attendings‘ Lounge.  Yes, the babies are all grown up and it‘s both starling and kind of wonderful to see. I had to laugh when Miranda grumbled about not being used to having all of them hanging around, especially given their usual shenanigans. But leave it to Richard to inform Miranda that he‘s still getting used to HER being an attending! Priceless.  Read more »
ABC is making a lot of decisions about its shows these days. For some series, this is great news. For others, the news is less good. And for one series, Private Practice, the news means the end is near. When will Private Practice actually end? Which series can look forward to additional episodes this season? Keep reading to find out! Read more »
The Good Wife season 4 has certainly been hitting all the right marks with their list of guest stars this season, and it looks like that list is about to get a little bit longer with returning names like Michael J. Fox and new names like T.R. Knight.   Read more »
Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) took the helm of tonight‘s episode, "I Saw Her Standing There," directing for the fourth time. As always, his direction was sure and capable as he delivered the lightest episode of the season thus far. The writing, however, was more erratic.  Some storylines were golden. Others were a bit of a mess. Let‘s review.WHAT I LOVEDCristina and Dr. ThomasWho would have thought that Cristina and Dr. Thomas (William Daniels) would become best buds?  Cristina even considers him her Minnesota Meredith and that‘s high praise, indeed. I love their dynamic: teasing and fun but with an undercurrent of mutual respect and caring. One of my big frustrations with the show is that Cristina, despite her growth over the years, is often written as an unfeeling person who puts surgery above all else. Nothing could be further from the truth. When Cristina Yang cares about you, she will go to the ends of the earth for you. And that‘s just what she did with Thomas, coming to his aid in hopes that he wouldn‘t be forced into retirement. I don‘t know how long Cristina will stay at The Clinic (I mean, she‘s got to come back to Seattle eventually...right?) but I love the Yang/Thomas relationship. Now if we can just bring him to Seattle, too. Read more »
Hey, Grey‘s Anatomy fans! I‘m taking over the role of discussing Season 9‘s latest episode "Beautiful Doom" for this week only. Your trusted recapper will be back next week.In this week‘s episode, it‘s all about Meredith and Cristina, their surgeries and their losses. Read more »
The People‘s Choice Award nominations for 2013 have been revealed, and oddly enough, the People‘s Choices have very little in common with actual ratings.  Read more »
Greetings, Grey‘s Anatomy fans! Like Cristina I, too, am back where I belong this week, so let‘s talk "Second Opinion". Despite being ably directed by Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), I found this episode to be lacking somehow. I wouldn‘t quite go so far as to call it boring, but I kept waiting for something ... anything ... to liven things up. Let‘s review.She‘s Back!Is it just me or does it seem like Cristina was in Minnesota forever? Thankfully The Clinic and the reptilian, chatty Dr. Parker (ewww) are history and Dr. Yang is back at Seattle Grace Mercy West. Professionally, things are going great. Not only is the new cardio attending basically letting Cristina run the department, but she is turning out to be a terrific teacher as well. Who else loved her scenes with Happy/Dopey and Mousey? It warmed my heart to see her channeling her late mentor, Dr. Thomas, and I am cautiously optimistic that Yang has turned a corner as a surgeon.On the home front, though, things aren‘t nearly so rosy. Owen is treating Cristina in a completely professional way. She seems surprised by this, but I can‘t say that I blame him. He‘s just trying to protect himself after getting his heart broken again when Cristina not only left but cut off all contact with him. What does Cristina expect after all that‘s happened? And, yet, Chief Hunt can‘t remain stoic when it comes to Dr. Yang. When he fears she‘s gone off the rails on her first day (don‘t worry, it‘s all good) it turns out that Owen was the one who fought to get Cristina back on staff at the hospital. Busted! Plus he‘s living in Derek‘s trailer and she‘s renting a room in Alex‘s house (!) because neither can stand to be in the firehouse without the other. Aw. There‘s hope for those two crazy kids yet. Read more »
Really? Really? REALLY? SERIOUSLY? To quote Callie, "That came out a little stronger than I intended" but it‘s true nonetheless. In the latest installment of Grey‘s Anatomy, "I Was Made For Lovin‘ You," just when I thought I had seen it all, I had not. Let‘s dive in!The Old Bait and SwitchFrom the moment the promo monkeys trumpeted April‘s possible pregnancy, I was sure she would not be pregnant and, indeed, she was not. Unfortunately, April was a little too relieved when it turned out she was just late. And Jackson finally decided he had had enough and called things off. But is it really over? Nope. I think not.As for the "bombshell" promised by those same promo monkeys? I was equally certain that Meredith (she of the hostile uterus) would be pregnant. And with that the screams of a thousand MerDer fans were heard around the world. Is this a happy development? Sure. Babies are happy news. But it wasn‘t a surprise. Sorry. Read more »
Earlier this season Grey‘s Anatomy was home to William Daniels, the voice of KITT from Knight Rider, and now the guy inside the car is coming to Seattle Grace/Mercy West. Thankfully I‘m not referring to the Hoff.  Read more »
Remember when Grey‘s Anatomy was all fresh and shiny? When Meredith, Cristina, Alex, George, and Izzie were Interns and the Attendings (mostly Derek Shepherd and Preston Burke with an occasional splash of the then-Chief, Richard) and their resident, Miranda Bailey were putting them through their paces? "Love Turns You Upside Down" was meant, I think, to invoke those days, to remind us of how far the original interns have come and let us get to know the new crop of interns a bit better. Unfortunately, this premise fell apart a bit in the execution stage, mostly because the new interns aren‘t all that interesting, but I digress. I am mustering up my energy and enthusiasm now. Let‘s meet the new kids! Read more »
I can‘t believe I‘m going to quote an intern, but here it goes. "What just happened?" That was courtesy of Stephanie (more on her later) but it applies to almost every storyline of "Run, Baby, Run", the winter finale of Grey‘s Anatomy. The episode seemingly revolved around Bailey‘s impending marriage to Ben but in reality became about so much more.If I Have to Go, You Have to GoMiranda Bailey is in a state. Freaked out that her first marriage went belly up, she‘s suffering from a case of cold feet, despite the fact that she and Ben are clearly made for each other. Friends try to intervene. April assures her that patients will be monitored. Not good enough. Callie jokes that she could still run. That was a non-starter, too. Good thing Richard (how I adore Richard...who‘s with me?) was there to calm the waters. He assured Miranda that her point of view was the mature reaction of an emotionally healthy adult, offered her a surgery to soothe her frayed nerves (a throwback to Cristina and Burke‘s non-wedding in season three), and even showed up with a limo since he knew she was in no emotional state to drive. He‘s like a friend, mentor, and father-figure all rolled into one. Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy returns from hiatus tonight and presumably we‘ll get the answers to the cliffhangers from "Run, Baby, Run", the winter finale. Will Bailey and Ben get married? Will Adele live or die? Will Callie and Arizona get their groove back? Will Derek‘s surgery be a success, thereby allowing him to be a surgeon again?The questions that interest me the most, however, all involve Cristina and Owen. Are Cristina and Owen getting back together? Are they getting divorced? Might those two questions not necessarily be mutually exclusive? And, most importantly, do Cristina and Owen even belong together as a couple?  Read more »
The number of votes cast for the People‘s Choice Awards were a staggering 475 million. And the voters have spoken: They love everything Hunger Games and Katy Perry. The usuals won like The Big Bang Theory and Taylor Swift, and the surprise of the night went to breakout artist.Here are some of the highlights from the People‘s Choice Awards, which officially kick off the award season. Read more »
Where to begin? In "Things We Said Today" Grey‘s Anatomy picked up right where it left off in the winter finale, "Run Baby Run", and showcased pretty much every couple on the show (and even a few wanna-be couples) in various stages of their relationships.Cristina and OwenAfter that passionate smooch in the last episode, I‘ve got to start here. The news is mixed. Cristina and Owen were reunited (and, man, does anyone do "hot-yet-tender" like these two?) yet still opted to sign the divorce papers. My inference, however, is that they‘re still very much in love and very much together, just no longer married. While I can appreciate a fresh start for my beloved couple, I‘m not quite sure yet how I feel about this turn of events, especially since I feel that their marriage was neither a mistake nor a cage. I think I‘m going to have to wait and see where this all leads before I can weigh in more fully. Either way, Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd continue to demonstrate the amazing connection and deep, abiding love that Cristina and Owen share, so I‘m intrigued to see what‘s coming next. Plus, since Cristina and Owen belong together, I guess this is a start and preferable to the heretofore endless angsty despair CO fans have been enduring. Lemonade out of lemons, peeps! Read more »
I quite enjoyed this installment of Grey‘s Anatomy, which is just a bit surprising because it was one of those funny episodes that pop up from time to time. One huge development notwithstanding (more on that later) most of what transpired here wasn‘t major at all in terms of plot. Yet this was not a "filler" episode but was, instead, extremely revealing in regards to character. As a result evenness and complexity permeated the proceedings and I found myself feeling very satisfied on the whole. As "The End is the Beginning is the End" opened, viewers discovered that a month has elapsed since our last outing. Meredith is safely through the first trimester of her pregnancy. Derek is rehabilitating his hand. Cristina and Owen are divorced yet happily together. Richard is mourning Adele. Jackson‘s still sleeping with Stephanie. Alex and Jo are friends. Arizona no longer uses her cane. And Bailey is back from her honeymoon. Read more »
So I hate to say it but this episode was, in a word, boring. Harsh yet true. There were some good moments, some lovely interactions, a few throwbacks to vintage Grey‘s, and even a couple of zinger lines. Still, on the whole, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Enter Dr. CahillAt the end of last week‘s installment, "The End is the Beginning is the End", we discovered that Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital was in real danger of closing its doors. Due to a loophole, the insurance company refused to pay the $90 million owed to the plane crash survivors and, thus, bankruptcy loomed because the hospital would be forced to pay instead. Enter Dr. Alana Cahill (Constance Zimmer), a physician‘s representative, whose job it is to observe every possible facet of the hospital and its staff before making recommendations to save money and keep SGMW open. We are meant to believe that Dr. Cahill is the villain in this piece, but by the end of the hour Dr. Bailey (speaking, as is often the case, as the Greek Chorus) expressed her opinion that the woman was truly trying to help and since "some of us don‘t have a few million to fall back on" (ouch!) they should listen to what she has to say. So far Alex‘s program for African orphans is intact because "precious children" are great PR but the hospital‘s ER (!) may be on the chopping block because, despite being a Level One Trauma Center, it‘s not bringing in enough revenue. Oh! And (sidebar) Dr. Webber was once Dr. Cahill‘s teacher. It‘s a pretty safe bet that we haven‘t heard the last of that. How long before we discover why Cahill opted out of a surgical career? FYI, Alana, Webber logged the fewest OR hours over the last month because he‘s still recovering from the death of his wife. Just sayin‘.  Read more »
So the good news is that this week‘s episode of Grey‘s Anatomy was an improvement over last week. The bad news is since there was pretty much nowhere to go but up, that‘s not saying much. In fairness "Bad Blood" wasn‘t really all that bad per se, but it had no spark, let alone fire. For a drama known for mixing business with pleasure, the lack of personal shenanigans this week seemed downright odd and the show‘s trademark sense of humor was also largely absent (Miranda Bailey notwithstanding). Some of the medicine was compelling and I do love it when Drs. Yang and Hunt get to be their badass cardio and trauma surgeon selves, but overall the show felt sluggish. This whole "Will Seattle Grace Survive in the Wake of the Plane Crash Lawsuit" plot has gone on far too long and that in turn is affecting the pacing of the entire show.  Memo to the writers: Wrap up and move on...STAT! "The Patients Don‘t Matter!"Dr. Cahill has been hard at work overhauling procedures and protocols hospital-wide. To that end an expert has been called in to work with the general surgeons (i.e. Richard, Miranda, and Meredith) about a method of streamlining hernia surgeries. The only good to come out of this subplot was Miranda‘s pithy lines (e.g. "Tributes, may the odds be ever in your favor," and "You‘re going to choke, Grey. You‘ll choke and die, and I will dance and sing!") and Richard managing to fluster the trainer so thoroughly that he inadvertently revealed that efficiency is valued more than people. In tangentially-related news, Meredith left the training in a tizzy because she felt a flutter and just knew something was wrong with her pregnancy. Um, Meredith, you‘re a doctor, right? That‘s your baby kicking, sweetie. Deep breaths. Things are fine.  Read more »
There‘s a storm coming on Grey‘s Anatomy, and that storm is named Pegasus Horizons, the EVIL medical conglomerate that wants to buy the hospital. In case you didn‘t realize that a metaphoric storm is coming, this entire episode is surrounded by a literal storm with constant rain and thunder. No one ever accused this show of being subtle.  Read more »
Are the rest of you as exhausted as I am? It took all night. Heck, it took most of the season. But our beloved Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital dodged a bullet, escaped the executioner and lived to see another day. In "This Is Why We Fight" SGMW rose like a phoenix from the ashes and we can all collectively exhale and breathe a sigh of relief...that this storyline has finally come to an end. "We‘re Trying To Buy The Hospital!"In what was the dominant story of the episode The Five (Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Arizona, and Callie) scurried about trying to finder an investor before the hourglass ran out and the hospital was liquidated (!) because Big, Bad Pegasus only wanted it for scrap. This was actually more fun that it sounds because interwoven with all of the cloak-and-dagger covert meetings and tongue-in-cheek riffs on quirky billionaires headed to Dubai were both some clever and some poignant moments.  Read more »
Let‘s start with what worked. Alex Karev provided the voice overs. Owen Hunt looked super-hot in a suit. Cristina channeled her Inner Sawyer (Ponytail McGee!). Torres and Webber hit the road. Best of all, in "The Face of Change", there was an overall sense of fun and frivolity (plus some truly laugh-out-loud lines) that has been missing from Grey‘s Anatomy lately. Having said that, I feel like the show is treading water with no sense of forward momentum ...which is both worrisome and tedious. As for the Big Twist? More on that later!"I Always Look Good!"The hour opened with Alex Karev (the woefully underutilized Justin Chambers) enduring a photo shoot. He‘s a candidate to become The Face of Seattle Grace, a "brand ambassador" for Pegasus Horizons, the behemoth set to swallow SGMW whole as they forge a path To A Brighter Tomorrow. Karev doesn‘t much care about all of this nonsense. He‘d rather take care of his patients in peace. Until he discovers that Jackson Avery is his competition...and then it‘s ON! Jo and Stephanie get into the act as well as each intern coaches her candidate on how to achieve victory. Read more »
It‘s March, which can only mean one thing: March Madness! Here at BuddyTV, we‘re all about pop culture instead of NCAA tournaments. But we do love brackets. So instead of pitting your favorite college basketball teams against each other, we‘re pitting your favorite TV buddies in a death match to determine the ultimate favorite TV duo!  Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy returned from its mini-hiatus with a strong outing, ably directed by Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey). In "Transplant Wasteland" our surgeons discovered that a hospital doesn‘t run itself and that, to quote Spiderman‘s Uncle Ben, "With great power comes great responsibility." And there was a fresh start as we said goodbye to Seattle Grace Mercy West and hello to...more on that later. Read more »
ABC may not be in last place, ratings-wise, among the networks (that dishonor goes to NBC), but they‘re closing out the announcements for this spring‘s season finale dates. Most of their shows end in May, as usual, with The Neighbors and Suburgatory ending in March and April, respectively. Read more »
An idle brain is the devil‘s playground. Or workshop. Or something like that. In "Idle Hands" Meredith went on and on in her customary opening voiceover about the dangers of having too much time on your hands and I was bracing myself for the worst. Instead, this proved to be a light and funny episode in which our doctors continued to learn how to run a hospital, Calzona got their groove back, and MerDer found out the sex of McBaby. Read more »
What a difference a week makes. Last week‘s "Idle Hands" showcased Grey‘s Anatomy at its nimble, funny best. Tonight‘s "Can‘t Fight This Feeling" was also vintage Grey‘s, but of the dire and bleak variety. From a tenacious mother fighting to save her desperately ill son to the multiple people who were critically injured following the collision of an gas tanker with an SUV, there was darkness and despair in spades as both patients and doctors struggled to cope in gut-wrenching circumstances. Read more »
Defying all of the odds and conventions which usually rule the medium of television, Grey‘s Anatomy is on a roll.  The show, which is currently in its ninth year (yes, I said ninth), is firing on all cylinders heading into the final stretch of the season. On the heels of last week‘s excellent "Can‘t Fight This Feeling" comes "She‘s Killing Me", an outstanding episode written by one of my favorite GA scribes, Debora Cahn. In it the theme of truth and all of its repercussions is explored and by the time it was all over, the ground was crumbling beneath the feet of a beloved character.  Read more »
Another huge catastrophe is about to hit Seattle in Grey‘s Anatomy. Following a bomb in the hospital, the ferry boat disaster, a gunman shooting half the main cast and a plane crash, Grey‘s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is once again poised to put the doctors through hell.  Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy returns from hiatus this week with the first of four new episodes to close out its ninth season. At the center of it all is Dr. Miranda Bailey who finds herself the subject of a CDC investigation following the mysterious deaths of several of her patients. Chandra Wilson recently spoke to BuddyTV to offer her insights into how Miranda is handling the pressure as she battles for her professional life. Read more »
"Infections are like sleeping monsters. You can‘t see them. You can‘t feel them. But you must do everything in your power to contain them because when the monsters wake up, they‘re out of control..." intoned Dr. Miranda Bailey in the opening voice over. In yet another terrific outing (this show is on fire!), "Sleeping Monster," the ground is crumbling beneath Bailey‘s feet as she becomes the focus of a CDC investigation. Meanwhile, several other GSMH docs are forced to face their deepest fears as well. Read more »
The first rule of television viewing is to take promos with a grain (or bucket) of salt. The promos for this episode, "Do You Believe in Magic?", posed a number of tantalizing questions. Was the fallout from the CDC investigation making Bailey‘s life unbearable? Was Owen feeling unfulfilled because he wants a child? Was Arizona unfaithful to Callie? The answers to these questions and more fell somewhere on a scale from wildly misleading to dead-on accurate.  Read more »
As I predicted last week, this week‘s Grey‘s Anatomy ("Readiness is All") served as part one of the season finale. It was the classic "set up" episode, moving things along and ramping up both the action and the angst while also evoking memories of days gone by (Mark Sloan!) and reminding us how far some of these characters have come (Alex Karev!). Here we go. Read more »
ABC has been a little late to the game in terms of announcements for the 2013-2014 TV season. While the other four major networks have revealed almost all of their renewals, cancellations and new pick-ups, ABC has been completely silent. Until now.The network has officially renewed many returning shows, including freshman hit Nashville and bubble comedy Suburgatory. Sadly, it also cancelled one of the funniest shows on TV, the low-rated Happy Endings, as well as five other shows. It has also picked up the high-profile series Marvel‘s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. produced by Joss Whedon, the Rebel Wilson comedy Super Fun Night and more. Read more »
ABC is the third network to announce its schedule for Fall 2013, featuring eight new shows and nearly all of its current ones staying in the same time slots. However, there‘s one giant show missing: Dancing with the Stars: The Results.  Read more »
I‘ll say this much. It‘s over. We can collectively exhale. Tonight‘s season 9 finale of Grey‘s Anatomy, "Perfect Storm," was filled with full-on disasters of epic proportion. As the storm raged, love was professed, relationships were broken, a baby was born, and a doctor fought to survive. In the aftermath of all this destruction, let‘s assess the damage. Read more »
May sweeps have come to a close, yet The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, and Modern Family stood their ground throughout. We expect this to change dramatically, though, due to the imminent season turnover of the three shows.  Read more »
The May sweeps period is at its peak this week, characterized by the major network upfronts. Primetime schedules and new programming are being announced in style, so be sure to check out BuddyTV News for the latest in TV along with video extras and expert commentary. Read more »
You can‘t keep a good man down. As Grey‘s Anatomy fans still mourn the death of Mark Sloan and the exit of co-star Eric Dane, the popular actor has already landed his next role. Dane will star in a new TNT series called The Last Ship.  Read more »