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Grey‘s Anatomy is entering its eighth season, but the writers aren‘t out of crazy medical cases and intense relationship drama quite yet. After last season‘s depressing finale that saw the two main couples, Meredith and Derek and Cristina and Owen, split up, the show is coming back in desperate need of fixing the problems.  Read more »
Greetings, Grey‘s Anatomy fans!  After a seemingly endless summer hiatus our favorite TV obsession returned with a season opening double whammy, "Free Falling" and "She‘s Gone", destined to keep us chattering for days.  I had decidedly mixed feelings on these opening episodes and I imagine many of you did as well, so let‘s get to it.The Big ThreeAnytime the remaining original interns interact with each other, good things happen, even when the actual things that happen to them are bad things.  Case in point:  I may not always love the Twisted Sisters, but Meredith and Cristina remain, for better or worse, the show‘s centerpiece.  Read more »
The last time ABC released never-before-seen interviews with the cast, we heard from Grey‘s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, along with actors Sara Ramirez and Chandra Wilson. Now, another batch of cast members have been tapped to talk about their roles and the journeys they‘ve undergone while being on the acclaimed medical drama.  Read more »
Where to begin? Anyway I slice it, "Take the Lead" was a bit of a hot mess. Despite some promising moments I found myself mightily irritated for a lot of this episode. Thankfully, there were also some highlights along the way. Here we go.Part One: Seriously?  aka You‘ve Got to be Kidding Me1. Yes, this episode revolved around the fifth years stepping up and being the lead surgeons for the first time, but did the Attendings have to be so awful to them? Really? With the exception of Richard (I‘ll come back to him later), I was thoroughly unimpressed. Could Arizona, Teddy, and Derek have been any more unsupportive and undermining? And, for heavens sake, why could they not shut up? I swear they were on my last nerve. Speaking of which...  Read more »
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OK, let me just start by saying that I loved this episode. Loved. It. "What Is It About Men?" proved to be a delight from beginning to end, a self-contained outing that reminded me of what drew me to Grey‘s Anatomy so long ago. This is the GA I‘ve been missing of late. The GA that‘s fizzy, frothy, and fun. The GA that‘s packed with sly humor and hilarious one-liners while grounded in solid drama. The GA that‘s not mired in contrived angst but, instead, is rooted in complicated relationships which take many twists and turns. The Grey‘s Anatomy that‘s disproportionately populated with gorgeous guys who, despite this, still struggle with disappointment, frustration, and anger. For the first time in a long time, I actually felt uplifted after finishing this show.  Here are the lessons I learned from this episode.Men Are All About the ActionWasn‘t it Yoda who said there is no trying? Do or do not? Something like that? Owen is trying to adjust to being the new Chief, while longing for the action of his former job as Head of Trauma. Richard is transitioning to no longer being the Chief and struggling to get a meaningful case ("This is my Sexy Zombie Nurse!"). Alex is trying in vain to log required hours in other specialty areas and write a research paper, when his heart lies in pediatric surgery. Avery so desperately wants the chance to actually cut that he‘ll cozy up to Shepherd in Neuro rather than press his luck with Sloan in Plastics. And as Derek said in his voice over, while men are perfectly capable of talking about their feelings, much of the time they choose not to, preferring to hammer nails and cut lumber to openly emoting. Read more »
Last season on Grey‘s Anatomy, two fan favorite couples looked to be headed to splitsville. When Derek (Patrick Dempsey) discovered that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) had tampered with his Alzheimer‘s trial, he was furious and stormed out of the hospital before Meredith was told that she and Derek had been granted custody of baby Zola. And while Meredith was looking forward to motherhood, BFF Cristina (Sandra Oh) was left to deal with a very unwanted pregnancy. When Cristina told husband Owen (Kevin McKidd) that she had made an appointment for an abortion, he kicked her out of their apartment. In another surprising twist, April (Sarah Drew) won the coveted Chief Resident position. Grey‘s Anatomy Season 7 Comes to DVD >> Read more »
So to be honest, my gut reaction to this Grey‘s Anatomy episode was ... meh?  Maybe my expectations were too high after last week‘s stellar outing, but I found "Love, Loss, and Legacy" to be pretty weak on the whole. There were some good moments and some very funny lines, but the parts never quite came together in this one.  My thoughts:1.  Not Enough Big ThreeI know this is an ensemble show...blah, blah, blah...but there wasn‘t enough Meredith, Cristina and Alex in this episode of Grey‘s Anatomy. Or Derek. Or Owen. Interestingly, if I analyze the screen time objectively there wasn‘t really too much of anyone. Instead, it was one of those GA episodes (and they come around from time to time) that give us a little bit of everyone and not enough of anyone. I find it unsatisfying. I‘ll say it again. This show works best when we have MerDer, CO, and Alex Karev at the forefront and everyone else in supporting roles.   Read more »
This week, Grey‘s Anatomy‘s "Poker Face" (season 8, episode 6) dealt with the unrealized desires of its characters--and I‘m not just talking about Cristina and Owen unsuccessfully trying to get it on in every corner of Seattle Grace Mercy West. April yearns for the ability to be authoritative as chief resident while Callie wishes Arizona and Mark would stop smothering her with their cooking and new patient Tyler arrives hoping to fix a wicked bend in his neck. The good news is your need for the episode‘s best quotes can be filled right now! Grey‘s Anatomy Recap: Deny, Deny, Deny Read more »
Tonight the Twittersphere was abuzz with Grey‘s Anatomy--not only were the fans speaking out, but Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt and directed tonight‘s show, was also live streaming tweets. On the rotation: April Kepner trying to find her footing, Lee Majors and Kevin McKidd‘s directorial turn. Here are tonight‘s top tweets: Grey‘s Anatomy-style. ‘Grey‘s Anatomy‘ Recap: Deny, Deny, Deny  Read more »
Let me offer my congratulations to writer Peter Nowalk and director Kevin McKidd for serving up one of the strongest episodes of Grey‘s Anatomy so far this season. Like all of the series‘ best outings, "Poker Face" deftly juggles the dramatic and comedic elements. It‘s a tricky balancing act. Tonight we got patient angst (butterfly brain tumor, anyone?) and surgeon struggles (Meredith in OB and April still botching things as Chief Resident). Yet there was also the counterpoint of humor and hijinks (Mark and Arizona‘s cooking adventures, for example, or Richard‘s sneaky plotting to get reinvolved in the clinical trial he created). The net effect was a light-hearted hour that was just what the doctor ordered, especially for our highly-stressed fifth-years residents.MeredithMeredith is wearing pink scrubs, you say? What‘s up with that? Simply put, Meredith and Derek have an agreement that if their marriage is going to work, they can not work together in the hospital. So Meredith (no longer in neuro) is exploring a new path: delivering babies. In her spare time she‘s also secretly sending Derek a whopper of a tumor, assisting with Bailey‘s (formerly Richard‘s) diabetes trial, and playing mother hen to pretty much everybody. Hmmmm...wonder how long this can last? Read more »
This week, season 8 episode 7 of Grey‘s Anatomy saw the doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West teaming up on a hospital softball team, but just because they‘re wearing the same jerseys on the field doesn‘t mean that there will be harmony in the O.R.--or anywhere else for that matter! Teddy‘s teaching methods perplex Cristina, while Meredith and Derek continue to agonize over losing Zola, and Owen steps up to coach the team whether they‘re wielding bats or scalpels. That softball team may have been a little rag-tag, but the best quotes from "Put Me in, Coach" are a homerun! ‘Grey‘s Anatomy‘ Recap: The Calm Before the Storm  Read more »
I wasn‘t quite sure what to expect from tonight‘s episode of Grey‘s Anatomy. Last week‘s promo had me dreading yet another Teddy/Cristina smack down. The sneak peeks alluded to Derek going off the rails and the still photos revealed that there would be a lot of...softball? Happily, "Put Me In, Coach" proved to be a fun, light, and quite delightful hour in which almost all of our characters had good things happening to them. At the same time. Which is kinda spooky. Downright eerie. Something‘s got to be wrong with this picture, right? Right? Medicine and MentorsLet‘s be honest. GA is a drama about relationships, so much so that the couples, triangles, and even the friendships it showcases often come to the fore even as the medicine recedes to the background. This week, however, was all about surgery: actual surgery, preparation for surgery, and the complicated teamwork successful surgery requires. Read more »
Yes, dear TV fan, I know it‘s sort of unbelievable, but eight years into its run, Grey‘s Anatomy still finds new ways of coupling up young doctors/interns/nurses/general hospital staff in an entertaining fashion -- and thankfully mostly without reverting to ghost sex storylines.  Read more »
Well, in case you didn‘t know it‘s sweeps at Seattle Grace Mercy West. This week‘s "Heart-Shaped Box" (season 8, episode 8) pulled out all the stops with a medical miracle, a major break up and plenty of emotional wallops when a familiar face returns to the hospital. George O‘Malley‘s mom is back to drudge up all of our post-George sadness but the moment she shares with Callie is a vintage Grey‘s Anatomy tear-jerker.  Read more »
The winds of change are blowing, my friends. After two strong back-to-back outings ("Poker Face" and "Put Me in Coach") Grey‘s Anatomy offered up "Heart-Shaped Box". On the surface this episode could be perceived as bland, I suppose. I‘m sure some fans will even call it boring. I‘m going to disagree and argue that while this certainly wasn‘t the most exciting GA installment ever, it had both a sense of history and a sense of humor, if one chooses to look a little more closely and delve a bit more deeply.Mama O‘MalleyOf all the original interns, George O‘Malley was the one that came from the most normal upbringing, which included having a stable home life complete with functional parents. George‘s father died epically back in season three and George himself followed suit at the end of season five, revealed to be the John Doe who jumped in front of a bus to save a woman‘s life.  I found myself, like Bailey, to be both grateful to see and fiercely protective of Louise O‘Malley, who had come to SGMW because of a botched surgery at Seattle Presbyterian.   Read more »
The people have spoken, and this year‘s nominees for the People‘s Choice Awards are an interesting mix of popular programs and CW favorites.  Read more »
Between the devastating patient outcomes and the major life changes for some of the doctors on Grey‘s Anatomy, "Dark Was the Night" left a big impact for the rest of the season. While  some of the episode‘s most powerful moments were wordless, there were still several quotes worth mentioning on this week‘s list. Read more »
What‘s that saying? Ignorance is bliss. How I wish I had been completely in the dark for "Dark Was the Night", the mid-season finale of Grey‘s Anatomy. Maybe it was all the hype. Maybe it was the sneak peeks. Maybe it was that I knew from the start that Henry would die. Maybe it was the fact that I could not, for the life of me, identify the Big Cliffhanger. Regardless, my lingering feelings after watching this episode are a cocktail of depression, disappointment and a vague sense of having been let down. I know it was well written, well directed, and well acted. And yet it felt strangely empty to me. Where to begin?RIP Henry BurtonWhy, Shonda? Why? Why did you have to go there (again) and kill Henry? Yes, I knew in my head that Henry was doomed from the moment we met him in that elevator. The man was in ridiculously ill health. Yes, it made for Big Drama for him to die in Cristina‘s OR as she was unaware of his identity. Not buying that turn, but whatever. Yes, I totally called it in last week‘s column. But still, you really killed him? He was so sweet, so adorable, so funny. He did the impossible and made Teddy tolerable, dare I say even likeable. And then you killed him. I am so mad at you. It‘s like Denny all over again or Dylan the Bomb Guy. Have you learned nothing in eight seasons? You regret killing Denny. You regret killing Dylan. And you‘re going to regret killing Henry, because now Teddy is pretty much useless again. There. I said it. Goodbye, sweet prince. You might as well have been wearing a red shirt. Sigh. Read more »
Did you know that watching Grey‘s Anatomy can actually be beneficial to your health? And who -- of the many, many actors now gone from the show -- might come back? Keep reading to find out more. Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy is now in its eighth season. Eight. That‘s a lot for a show. They should be congratulated for making it this far. Did you know that three of ABC‘s top-rated shows of the past 8 years all debuted in the same TV season? Those shows were Desperate Housewives, Lost and yes, Grey‘s Anatomy. Lost ended at six years, though they did it for creative reasons that only helped the show. Desperate Housewives will be ending in May after eight years, which is probably for the better. After this season, all we‘ll be left with is Grey‘s Anatomy. And ABC president Paul Lee has said that Grey‘s will still be around after Housewives ends. Read more »
We‘ve all heard the rumors and talk over the last year or so of the possibility that Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey could leave at the end of the current Grey‘s Anatomy season, which is when their contracts end. On Tuesday, I recapped what they and show creator Shonda Rhimes have said on the matter. Read more »
Time for another romance roundup, for us who believe in true love, both on and off the screen... and judging from the items we have tonight, they‘re mostly good news. But let‘s begin with the bad (err, sad) news, shall we? Read more »
Over the past couple of days, we have been discussing the possibility that Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey could leave Grey‘s Anatomy at the end of the current season, when their contracts end. Near the end of 2011, TVLine reported that ABC is in negotiations with castmembers for a new contract. Based on those comments, it does seem like the two leads could come back. But that doesn‘t mean they won‘t end up leaving sometime during, or at the end of, season 9. Read more »
In this week‘s Grey‘s Anatomy (season 8 episode 10), the theme was sudden impact: how often the initial collision isn‘t as bad as everything that happens in the aftermath. Between the family that Meredith and Alex found scattered along the road at the beginning of "Suddenly" and Teddy‘s achingly slow realization that she‘d lost her husband that theme could absolutely be seen weaving itself in and around the entire episode. This was a tough episode filled with impossible decisions and realizations and the top quotes reflect that, but don‘t worry--read on and you‘ll find there‘s a cherry on the top of "Suddenly" that will leave you with a smile! Read more »
Greetings, Grey‘s Anatomy fans! Long time, no see, but let‘s not waste time with pleasantries. After a marathon-like-nearly-two-month hiatus, GA was back with a bang in an hour of non-stop intensity. In "Suddenly" Meredith Grey and Co. experienced the Day from Hell as they battled grueling injuries, performed amazingly disgusting surgeries (eyeball!), and coped with the very real fallout from the choices they‘d made and the cards they‘d been dealt. Random aside (SPOILER ALERT): I‘m going on the record right now to say that I‘m glad Meredith and Derek got Zola back (yay!) because that was one ray of sunshine in an otherwise very depressing hour of television. Where to begin?Never Wonder What Else Could Go WrongPoor Lily. In the span of a few short hours she went from being a carefree teenager to an orphan who must now shoulder the responsibility of her younger brother and sister. Their tragedy gives new meaning to never knowing what a day might bring. For our doctors the day was a seemingly endless spiral of calamity with a sprinkling of personal insights gained for good measure. Meredith nearly lost her life, but ultimately gained her baby. In the meantime she was a rock for Lily, an anchor in her darkest hour. Alex Karev once again proved himself to be the Real Deal as he protected both Meredith and the baby they were dispatched to save. Miranda and Ben took tentative steps toward each other in the wake of a surgical emergency and Lexie, to her surprise, discovered that she liked Mark‘s new girlfriend, Julia, who rocked the most nauseating GA surgery I have ever witnessed (and that‘s saying something). Read more »
What was THAT? In what was arguably the season‘s weakest outing, "This Magic Moment" was anything but magical. Instead we got a jumbled mess of an episode that was all over the place with a few inspired scenes but also a multitude of miscues. My musings on various characters:Meredith, Derek, and ZolaIs that Zola a cutie pie or what? Oh, look! She clapped her hands in the gallery! She took her first steps! They‘re a family! Yay! Did I mention Zola‘s adorable?  Read more »
On Grey‘s Anatomy this week, we were treated to a theater of sorts, with all the trappings of the stage. We have our bossy director in Arizona, a back-stabbing diva in Chief Webber and Alex as the naïve starlet with big dreams. "This Magic Moment" treats us to a disastrous dress rehearsal, and although opening night doesn‘t go off without a hitch, the surgeons are treated to a metaphorical standing ovation by the surgery‘s end. The whole episode wasn‘t all bright lights and complex choreography--Ben prods his relationship with Bailey into the next step, we‘re treated to some totally adorable Zola moments, and we still have the fallout from Henry to deal with including how Teddy will resolve her relationship with Cristina. Read on to find some of the most funny and touching quotes from "This Magic Moment." Don‘t forget to vote for your favorite below and if there‘s a good one I missed, let me know in the comments! Read more »
Today the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the NAACP both announced their annual awards nominations. While there are several gay and African-American characters on TV, these awards usually highlight the lack of diversity by picking out such obscure nominees. The effect only emphasizes how few roles for African-Americans there really are on mainstream television.  Read more »
Izzie Stevens, where art thou? That‘s the question former Grey‘s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl wants answered. In a recent interview with E! promoting her new movie, One for the Money, Heigl revealed her desire to return to the show that won her an Emmy and helped launch her film career.  Read more »
For an episode entitled "Hope for the Hopeless," this week‘s Grey‘s Anatomy  didn‘t end on an especially hopeful note. The tensions that have been lurking just under the surface for Cristina and Owen all season finally erupted at a birthday party for Zola, leaving the future of their relationship in question. It wasn‘t an especially easy episode for other characters as well. While Meredith struggled to declare a specialty, Lexie and Derek learned just how tough surgery on a "lost cause" patient can be and Chief Webber‘s big 10,000th surgery was complicated when Adele showed up confused and upset, in the throes of her Alzheimer‘s. It was gratifying, though, to see just how much he‘s grown from the start of the series; he‘s finally able to put Adele before his own ego and career. So check out the awesome quotes below and vote for your favorite in the poll! Oh...and is it just me or did anyone else cringe when Owen told Meredith she was drowning? She actually did drown. Awkward! Read more »
Now that‘s more like it! After a rather dreadful outing last week, Grey‘s Anatomy returned to top form with "Hope for the Hopeless". With one notable exception (more on that later) there weren‘t any Big Moments in this episode. Instead, there was a series of almost vignette-like stories featuring the whole ensemble. Tonight I was reminded that GA still boasts one of the strongest casts in television, all of whom brought their "A" Game to the proceedings.Cristina and OwenWhat can I say? Once again Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd rocked the house. Their Cristina and Owen bring the angst like no one else, which is my personal theory as to why they always get such gut-wrenching drama. Ostensibly, their storyline tonight revolved around Cristina and Teddy defying Owen by stealing a patient from Karev and Dr. McQueen (who, random aside, only turns up when needed for plot purposes). Fueled by Teddy‘s grief and Cristina‘s guilt, Drs. Altman and Yang were both insubordinate and disrespectful to Chief Hunt. This led to my least favorite (and I mean that in a good way) moment of the night: when Cristina and Teddy mocked Owen as he left the OR.    Read more »
There‘s quite a lot of casting news tonight, so let‘s get on with it. We‘re talking about a couple guys coming to True Blood, three musicians on Hot in Cleveland, and more!Summer comes to Seattle Grace: Grey‘s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes made a Twitter announcement saying Summer Glau will be appearing in an upcoming episode. TV Line reports that there aren‘t any details about her character yet, so we‘ll just wait and see.  Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy has featured the afterlife, a crazed gunman, flashbacks, crossovers and a musical. But this week the ABC drama is getting weirder than ever with an alternate reality episode.  Read more »
Welcome to Greattle Sace Hospital! Yes, everything is backwards tonight on Grey‘s Anatomy as the show dives headfirst into a wacky alternate reality where Ellis Grey never got Alzheimer‘s and everyone‘s lives were dramatically changed, except not really.  Read more »
Eight seasons into a television series, it‘s hard to keep things fresh. The very elements that contribute to a show‘s ongoing success can also become tedious over time. So I give Grey‘s Anatomy credit for mixing things up now and again and being willing to take risks with the narrative structure of the show. These variations on the familiar theme have included a documentary, an episode in real time, and the infamous musical. Now we can add one more to the list: alternate reality. The premise of "If/Then" is simple. Would our lives have been completely different if we‘d made other choices? What if fate had dealt us a different hand? Or do we find our true path despite these variables, because all roads lead to an inevitable destination? Is there such a thing as destiny?Happy, Shiny MeredithAccording to GA creator, Shonda Rhimes, this one shift is the foundation for the entire alternative universe. What if, instead of being dark and twisty, Meredith Webber (!) was happy and shiny? What if Ellis hadn‘t gotten Alzheimer‘s disease and died? What if she had married Richard Webber and become the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital? What if Meredith was engaged to Alex Karev (!) and her "person" was April Kepner (!)?  Read more »
The 13th episode of season 8  brought us back to the beginning of Grey‘s Anatomy, asking if things had been different from the get go, then where would everyone be now? We get clues about some old favorites: Burke fled Cristina, just like before. Izzie was fired after Meredith found out about her shenanigans with Denny and reported her to Ellis Grey, chief of surgery. George never got a second chance after failing his intern exam and nobody heard from him again, which sort of makes me hope that he‘s off somewhere, alive, working as a dentist or something.  Read more »
Valentine‘s Day at Seattle Grace Mercy West...nobody really thought it would all go perfectly, but surprisingly a lot Grey‘s Anatomy‘s couples had a pretty romantic night. Isn‘t it nice to see Bailey so happy? You could just see her expecting things with Ben to go the same way they always did with Tucker, but she‘s finally found someone who really knows her. And Meredith and Derek‘s attempts to find a baby-free area for a V-Day tryst were fun.  "All You Need is Love" is not all romantic dinners and giggle-filled sexy time though. It seems that all the things that the holiday inevitably brings--love, friendship, frenzy, dashed expectations, loneliness--touch someone, somewhere in the hospital.I didn‘t get you guys a valentine, but I did collect 10 of the best Valentine‘s Day-themed quotes from the episode for you! Read more »
Is there a holiday more emotionally loaded than Valentine‘s Day? I think not. Roses, chocolates, and unrealistic expectations all come together in a concoction bound to make you sick to your stomach. "All You Need Is Love" explored the many facets of the dreaded holiday from virginal April literally decorating The Pit with hearts and cupids to Lexie‘s hot date with Zola (and near-miss with Mark). We learned of Adele‘s heartbreaking decline from a heartbroken Richard and witnessed Ben‘s heartwarming triumph with Miranda. Callie and Arizona got their romantic getaway. Meredith and Derek didn‘t, but it doesn‘t matter because they are (at long last) in a good place. The same can‘t be said for Cristina and Owen but I‘ll get to them later. Here are my favorite couples from this week‘s Grey‘s Anatomy.Nico and ClementineOK, so they‘re ten years old, but I really don‘t care. How ridiculously adorable were Nico and Clem? Despite their problematic mothers, they are hopelessly devoted to each other. Sure his chocolates sent her into anaphylactic shock (and as someone with a tree nut allergy, I‘m NOT making light of that, by the way) and one of them seemed to have given the other head lice. No worries! They love to hold hands and jump on the trampoline together and Nico wouldn‘t leave without making sure Clem got his message of undying love via pediatrician-with-a-heart-underneath-all-that-bravado, Alex Karev.  They were too cute for words and far more mature than most of the adults on this show. Read more »
This week Grey‘s Anatomy starts off the big Grey‘s/Private Practice crossover event. Dr. Amelia Shepherd comes to Seattle Grace Mercy West to convince her big brother to help her operate on her coworker‘s baby mama‘s giant brain tumor--one of Derek‘s lost causes. It‘s a struggle for her to get him on her side, and most of the doctors elsewhere in the hospital are struggling too. Cristina and Owen continue to fight for their marriage, as they battle against the other. The other residents try to find a way to study for their boards. While some pair up with study buddies, Alex uses his interns and Meredith attempts to persuade Callie that she‘s worthy of a major boards-studying boon. Check out the top quotes from "Have You Seen Me Lately?" Read more »
When I sat down to watch Grey‘s Anatomy, I was under the impression that no math would be required. Imagine my surprise when complex diagrams were necessary to make sense of the multitude of storylines in this episode. Unlike last week‘s "All You Need Is Love," which deftly probed matters of the heart while skillfully giving every member of the ensemble something meaningful to do, "Have You Seen Me Lately?" felt overstuffed yet underbaked. There was too much going on but not in a satisfying way. I found myself feeling underwhelmed and vaguely annoyed at the widely varying quality of the show from week to week. Once again, GA was all over the place.Owen and CristinaWhere to begin? Things are bad. They are very, very bad. Owen and Cristina, having tentatively called a truce last week, are in couples‘ therapy. On  the upside, the therapy sessions brought out the best in Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh, who proved once again that they are some of the best actors on this or any other TV show. On the downside, the therapy sessions proved, as some of my GA-lovin‘ pals noted, that you can have brilliant acting with really poor writing. Owen was written particularly badly, lacking the nuance that I‘ve come to expect from this character. My sense is that the writer was trying to do right by Cristina, who‘s been written pretty erratically all season, and in so doing, overcompensated. This couple‘s problems are real and neither of them is completely right nor completely wrong. Things are not black and white and neither character is clueless. Thankfully, McKidd and Oh manage to convey the love these two desperately feel for each other, even in the worst of times. But, really, writers. You‘re going to have to do better than that. Read more »
This week‘s episode of Grey‘s Anatomy, "If Only You Were Lonely," is full of people who have been burned: two patients are scalded in an espresso-related accident while Chief Webber‘s arm is burned as a result of Adele‘s Alzheimer‘s. Meanwhile, Derek is all fired up because he thinks people are racist against Zola and Christina simmers with jealousy that looks like it might turn out to be well-placed. Check out this week‘s top 10 quotes, vote for who you think had the best one, and let me know in the comments if I missed a good one! Read more »
It was Gustave Flaubert who said, "There is no truth. There is only perception." In this week‘s Grey‘s Anatomy, "If Only You Were Lonely", the doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West experienced the buckling of truths in the wake of shifting perceptions. Some scenarios were funny, as when Derek discovered that strangers observing him with his African daughter, Zola, weren‘t being racist. They were merely aghast at her hair style gone wrong. Some were heartbreaking, as Lexie sought refuge in pediatrics only to long for the good old days of catastrophic brain surgery. And, as in many a GA episode where nothing much (on the surface at least) seems to happen, a lot happened...with many a shocking reveal.Take One For The Team!So I really shouldn‘t start with Mark Sloan and his attempts to get his "better half", Avery, some action, but I just can‘t help myself. Eric Dane is a master of sly, understated comedy and he was pure gold in his scenes tonight. Whether insisting to his protege that "there‘s always time", encouraging April to become more than a study buddy to Jackson (ok, fine, it could be perceived as inappropriate and crass, but ---admit it--- it was hilarious), or speaking in Spanish to daughter, Sofia, McSteamy was firing on all cylinders and I was loving every minute of it.  Shocking Reveal: Mark discovers that Jackson is still in love with Lexie. Read more »
In increasingly strained marriage between Owen and Cristina on Grey‘s Anatomy reached a new level this week when Cristina revealed her suspicions that Owen is having an affair with a nurse.  Read more »
On Saturday, March 3, the Internet was treated to a wonderful live-stream of a staged reading for 8, a new play about the trial over Prop 8. The play, which consists primarily of transcripts from the trial where Prop 8, California‘s ban on gay marriage, was overturned, was a sublime blend of drama, comedy and politics.  Read more »
A lot of TV shows are on hiatus right now but there are still a lot to talk about, including pilot additions and a bunch of casting news. Read on to find out more. Read more »
May is just around the corner, and with it comes the end of another fall season. TV shows are gearing up to say goodbye until next fall (and possibly forever). Now ABC has announced its finale dates, with an early end for Castle, a one-hour wedding finale for Cougar Town and a two-hour series finale for Desperate Housewives.  Read more »
This week‘s post-hiatus Grey‘s Anatomy dealt with pushing boundaries and the difficulty of judging how far is too far. Are our suspicions empty paranoia, or are they grounded in some sort of reality? Is our flirting just for fun, or are we heading down a road that we‘re not prepared for? Are we being a good boss and a good friend, or are we slipping into a different roll altogether? "One Step Too Far" explores these questions, and puts its characters in various positions in relation to "the line"--some toeing it, some hurdling past it. Check out this week‘s 10 best quotes, vote for your favorite, and let me know in the comments who you think crossed the line.  Read more »
Full disclosure.  My Cristina and Owen-lovin‘ heart is still reeling from the body blow of that final scene, but more on that later.  In the meantime, let‘s reflect on how "One Step Too Far" illustrated the paths we take with widely varying results.  Sometimes we get a pleasant surprise and other times things go horribly, sickening wrong.Stupid, Arrogant MistakeOh, Derek, you couldn‘t leave well enough alone, could you?  You and Meredith have been in a good place.  You‘ve got Zola, your marriage is back on-track, and Meredith is thriving in general surgery.  Then you put her back on your service against her wishes and, worse, blamed her when things went freakishly, terribly wrong with a surgery.  Not fair.  True, she and Lexie shouldn‘t have gone ahead with the tumor removal without your (or the patient‘s) consent.  But this is why you and Meredith can‘t work together.  Mistakes are going to happen and you can‘t hold them against her when they do.  Read more »
On Sunday, March 18, 2012 ten actors from ABC‘s long-running hit TV show, Grey‘s Anatomy, took the stage of Royce Hall on the campus of UCLA. Extending the concept of season seven‘s musical episode, the cast performed in a concert, "The Songs Beneath The Show", to benefit The Actors Fund, "a nationwide human services organization that helps all professionals in performing arts and entertainment." By the end of the evening $100,000 had been raised and the GA fans in the audience had a memory to cherish forever, but that‘s not the whole story. In my review of the concert I promised a second article focusing on the question and answer session that followed the performance. Read on for the scoop!Other than priority seating for the concert, the best perk of having a VIP ticket to the benefit was admission to the Q&A after the performance. Following the briefest of intermissions while the rest of the audience left, VIP ticket holders stayed in the hall to participate in this exclusive bonus event. The stage was reset and then they appeared (in order): Eric Dane (Mark Sloan), GA Creator Shonda Rhimes, James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber), Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins), Sarah Drew (April Kepner), Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres), Kim Raver (Teddy Altman), Justin Chambers (Alex Karev), Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt), Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), and Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang). The panel was moderated by Grey‘s Anatomy director and producer, Tony Phelan, who also served as the director for the evening‘s activities. Questions were solicited on index cards before intermission, which I think was a better (and less risky) approach then giving a bunch of excited fans (ahem) an open microphone! Another plus to this strategy was that the questions were varied in scope and everyone on stage got a turn to respond, so there was something for everyone to enjoy.  Read more »
Sometimes dreams really do come true. At least one did for me. Over the weekend I flew to Los Angeles to attend "Grey‘s Anatomy: The Songs Beneath The Show", a benefit concert for The Actors Fund put on by the cast of Grey‘s Anatomy. VIP ticket in hand, I arrived at Royce Hall on the campus of UCLA and found myself enveloped by the warm embrace of my people. That‘s right. Turns out there are lots of folks who love the show as much as I do! Seriously. It was as if the mother ship had called me home.Having already taken advantage of my preferred parking status, I checked in at the VIP table and received a packet of information. Most vital? A Golden Lanyard which would get me into the exclusive Q&A session after the show. I kid (the lanyard was plastic with the GA signature Seattle skyline on it), but it was a Wonka-esque moment. Ooh! I also had to put a bright orange dot on the aforementioned lanyard in order to receive my coveted Grey‘s Anatomy Swag Bag at the end of the night. Hee. More on that Q&A in another article (watch for it!), but for now...on with the show!Update: Click here for the Q&A with the cast. Hospital hookups, crazy Fan encounters and more Read more »
A doctor from St. Elsewhere is coming to Seattle Grace. Mr. Feeny is about to give some advice to Cristina Yang. The voice of KITT will drive into Grey‘s Anatomy. And I say vote "Yes" for independency, and this casting news.  Read more »
So which do you want first, the good news or the bad news? The good news is that after a stretch of winter hiatus in which we only got one new episode of Grey‘s Anatomy in six weeks, the show returned tonight with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", the first in a run of seven uninterrupted episodes until the season finale on May 17. The bad news is that the lion wasn‘t the only one sleeping tonight. Aside from the Cristina/Owen story this was the definition of a filler episode and I found it difficult to stay awake, let alone care about what was happening.Cristina and OwenMy biggest gripe about this current storyline (aside from the fact that I don‘t believe for one second that Owen Hunt is a cheater, no matter what the circumstances) is that it seems so contrived on so many levels. Cristina and Owen have been on the ropes since she decided to abort their baby back in the season premiere. Is it just me or does that seems like a million years ago? It feels to me like an attempt to balance the scales, so to speak, so that now Owen and Cristina have both done something the other finds terrible and must forgive. They must (Anvil Alert!) build new hearts from scratch! It just kills me because Cristina and Owen are the ones who "mate for life" and had never cheated. All men aren‘t cheaters, writers! Just sayin‘. Read more »
Eric Dane is going to be a huge comedy star when Grey‘s Anatomy is over. Mark Sloan has become one of the funniest characters on TV, and this week he takes over as Chief for a Day with hilarious results. The actual chief, Owen Hunt, picks up the emotional slack as he and Cristina spend the entire episode locked in their apartment while she forces him to tell her all about his affair.  Read more »
When one link in a chain fails, everything else is affected: this is the message of this week‘s Grey‘s Anatomy. When Owen calls out sick, Sloan steps in as interim chief, shaking up the system at Seattle Grace Mercy West. What turns out to be a benign tumor nearly compromises a man‘s life when he needs a multi-organ transplant. As for Cristina and Owen‘s relationship, it looks like there are too many degraded and missing pieces here to keep them together. Check out the top 10 quotes from the episode:  Read more »
From time to time Grey‘s Anatomy does a Very Special Episode with widely varying results.  Sometimes the outcome is spectacular (think code black and pink mist or the shooter in the hospital) and other times it‘s awful (three words: ferry boat debacle). Luckily, "The Girl With No Name" was a solid outing, taking it‘s "ripped from the headlines" premise and somehow making it work. Guest star Vanessa Marano did stellar work as Holly, a young woman who had been kidnapped at age six only to finally escape her captor years later having suffered beatings, torture, and sexual assault. Unable to connect with her heartbroken parents, the young girl imprinted on Meredith and as she slowly began to recover her storyline had repercussions (as per usual) for many of the doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West.Finding My Way Back HomeIn the wake of Cristina‘s abortion, Owen‘s cheating, and all of the emotional upheaval in between, Doctors Yang and Hunt find themselves in an awkward place. Early in the episode, they avoid each other even at work, which is how Meredith ends up on Holly‘s case in the first place. They take tentative steps towards each other, though, as Cristina offers to have Owen stay at the firehouse (he‘s completely overwhelmed by his role of Chief as this case becomes the focus of the national media) while she‘s at Meredith‘s "until the boards are over." Later Cristina reassures Owen that he‘s doing the best he can in a difficult situation. These are tiny steps, yes, but given where the two of them have been emotionally lately, it‘s a start.  How heartbreaking (yet awesome) was it when the only applause that matters to Owen at the close of the case was Cristina‘s? And how much did I cheer when Owen told off Teddy (at last!), telling her to make her own case for Cristina to stay in Seattle and warning her to never talk to him again about "my wife." Yes! Read more »
It‘s time to leave the nest on Grey‘s Anatomy. That was the overriding sentiment of this week‘s episode as the five residents went across the country on job interviews. Meredith, Cristina, Alex, April and Jackson are about to take their medical boards, but that doesn‘t mean all of them will have bright futures.  Read more »
It wouldn‘t be a Grey‘s Anatomy season finale if something terrible didn‘t happen. And so it comes as no surprise today that TVGuide is reporting that a beloved character is going to die.  Read more »
In a year when the weather is topsy turvy, here are three sure signs of spring: baseball, taxes, and May Sweeps. Yes, the 2011-2012 television season is careening towards closure at a frenzied pace. Gone are the mid-winter doldrums with the endless sea of reruns and preemptions. In their place are brand new, eagerly-awaited installments of our favorite shows, all culminating in cliffhanging season finales, but first things first.  The next few episodes of Grey‘s Anatomy will set the stage for what is coming in those last few episodes. This week‘s episode, "Moment of Truth" focuses on the residents as they head to San Francisco to take their board examinations and it‘s looking like things don‘t go smoothly, either personally or professionally, leading to fallout in next week‘s installment, "Let the Bad Times Roll".  The residents make decisions about their futures in the penultimate episode of season eight, "Migration", which then segues to the season finale, "Flight". Read more »
"They started out with so little promise. I feel like I‘m witnessing a miracle!" Oh, Bailey, how I love you (more on that later). So begins "Moment of Truth" in which our intrepid residents leave Seattle and head for San Francisco to take their oral board examinations, the test which will either make or break their careers. First came pep talks. "You are a soldier!" Owen insisted to April. "Kick ass!" Teddy hopefully advised Cristina. Mark offered Jackson a wad of cash and told him to only eat fresh salmon lest he lose omega threes. And with a tap of Bailey‘s hand on the shuttle bus, they were off.One in Five People Fail the BoardsI found that rather disconcerting. A twenty percent failure rate for doctors? Yikes! And in one of the worst-kept secrets ever on television we already know that one of our five residents will fail the boards. Ack! Who will it be? Meredith is vomiting her guts out (stomach flu or shocking pregnancy?) and can barely stand let alone take an examination. Cristina is distraught over her situation with Owen. For someone who is supposedly all about the medicine, she is so not right now, despite her "mind over matter" mantra. Alex ends up going back to Seattle because Baby Tommy has taken a turn for the worse. April gets into a bar fight, with chivalrous Jackson by her side.  They do the horizontal mambo (!) after which we find out that formerly virginal April is a Christian who now fears that Jesus hates her. Jackson was feeling ok about both things (the exams and the sex) until he discovered that his mother and Dr. Webber had knocked boots (!) and that April was spooked in the aftermath of their impulsive tryst. Then his lucky pencil broke. Is it a sign? Read more »
Is it just me or did "Moment of Truth" remind everyone of the intern exams? A difficult death kept one of our fearless five from taking the test, Callie uses her system to help one study but it seems like they might not pass anyway, and there are LOTS of inappropriate hook-ups. I personally love it when Grey‘s Anatomy draws parallels between what happens now and what‘s happened before; it‘s like no matter how much these doctors grow up and advance their lives and careers, life keeps throwing the same obstacles in their way. The question is whether they can adapt, learn, make better choices and be better doctors. Here are tonight‘s top 10 quotes: Read more »
In an episode of Grey‘s Anatomy fraught with anxiety, we‘re primed to see one of our five Seattle Grace Mercy West doctors fail their boards. We already suspected this from last week‘s suggestive statistics that one in five doctors will fail the exam, and just in case we didn‘t get the hint we‘re told point blank by Dr. Catherine Avery--Debbie Allen herself--one of our five has failed. With this information in mind, "Let the Bad Times Roll" bombards us with vomit, traffic, excessive sweat, arrogance, finicky cabbies, mom-sex, curmudgeons, religious upheaval, bathroom sex, trick questions, self doubt...pretty much anything that could go wrong leading up to or during a test. Luckily, we get to see a happy ending for at least most of our doctors...and for the fifth? It‘s not looking so good. Check out this week‘s 10 best quotes: Read more »
Well, thank goodness that‘s over. For what seems like forever our residents have been singular in their focus: preparing for and passing their board examinations. Don‘t get me wrong. I‘m well aware that this test is no small matter. It practically exemplifies the phrase, "It all comes down to this." Yep. Here is where careers either take off or implode. In "Let The Bad Times Roll" four residents got the news they wanted to hear, while a fifth saw her dreams collapse. Meanwhile, back at the Mother Ship, the attendings were dealing with their own problems.San FranciscoIn a fun change of pace and structure, we began after-the-fact as the residents grumbled, panicked and shell-shocked, about what they had just endured. All were convinced they‘d failed and, truthfully, one could see why. As their examinations were revealed in flashback, not a single one of them had calm sailing in the biggest test of their lives. Read more »
It looks like Seattle Grace won‘t be getting a facelift any time soon. Following an extended period of doubt and mystery as the contracts for many of Grey‘s Anatomy‘s original stars were up at the end of this year, six Grey‘s actors have signed deals to stay with the show for two more years, provided ABC renews it (which they almost certainly will).  Read more »
Man, oh man! Just when you think that the old girl might not be what she used to be Grey‘s Anatomy pulls out all of the stops and serves up a whopper like "Migration".  Somehow managing to be both achingly poignant and uproariously funny, this episode evoked the past while envisioning the future and then kicked us in the stomach on its way out.Decisions, DecisionsMuch of this episode focused on the fallout from the board examinations and what fellowships our residents would be accepting...or not. Meredith wanted to stay in Seattle, despite promising offers for both her and Derek in Boston. And, true to form, she was basing her decision way too much on Cristina and not enough on her husband. Cristina, meanwhile, was considering offers from Columbia, Stanford, and the Mayo Clinic, while struggling to decide what way, if any, her relationship with Owen factored into the equation. Alex found himself as Top Dog, at long last, as he played SGMW and Johns Hopkins against each other in their efforts to recruit him. Seems he impressed his exam proctor after all. Jackson was being wooed by several programs as well but poor April, having failed her boards, had every one of her offers rescinded, even Seattle Grace!  Read more »
The newest network to hop on the early renewal train is ABC. The network has just announced the renewal of 7 of its scripted series for the 2012-2013 season. Which shows made the cut? And which still await their fates? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
Even knowing how many cast members renewed their contracts for next season, imagining the halls of Seattle Grace without Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Alex, Avery and April is just sort of sad. Of course, that‘s probably nothing compared to what Grey‘s Anatomy has planned for us next week, but let‘s not even get into that until we have to!"Migration" was an episode of transition and exodus. Nearly every character has a major life change coming their way. All five residents are planning to leave Seattle Grace, either with the glory of a prestigious fellowship or in the shame of failing their boards. Bailey is losing her relationship, Owen is losing his wife, Arizona is losing her friend. And Mark, of course, is stumbling all over his Lexi/Julia dilemma. So check out the episode‘s 10 best quotes below, and gear up for the season finale-- it‘s bound to be a doozy! Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy is no stranger to big tragedies. There was the ferry boat crash and the gunman in the hospital, but the season 8 finale might be the most horrifying ordeal yet: a plane crash.  Read more »
Following the earlier leads of NBC and FOX, ABC has announced its TV broadcast schedule for the fall of 2012. Much of the schedule does look familiar -- only 5 new series will debut in the fall -- but there are some big changes to watch for. Get the ABC fall 2012 schedule scoop here! Read more »
Like Arizona, I may be in a state of shock. I‘m supposed to give you my opinion of the season finale of Grey‘s Anatomy, but I‘m not sure I‘ve sorted it all out yet. On the one hand, "Flight" was an adrenaline-filled thrill ride: solidly acted and expertly paced. On the other hand, after one-too-many crazy things happening (more on that later) on the never-ending roller coaster that is Grey‘s Anatomy, I feel so worn out by not only the episode but the entire season that some of what happened didn‘t resonate the way it probably should have and I find myself grateful on some levels for the four month hiatus now upon us.No! Not Lexie!That right. Shonda killed Lexipedia. In a knife to the heart of Mexie fans everywhere, Little Grey was mortally wounded by injuries sustained in the plane crash, surviving just long enough for her and Mark to declare their love for each other. Harsh, Shonda. So harsh. The moment the light drained from Lexie‘s eyes my husband immediately turned to me and said, "This show is dead to me." I wonder how many other fans feel the same way. I was never a Mexie fan, but I liked Lexie and I like Mark and I feel badly for their shippers. Ugh. Devastation. Read more »
There are two kinds of Grey‘s Anatomy season finales. There was that one good episode where everything was happy and shiny (season 4 when Derek and Meredith got together in the House Made of Candles). And then there are all the others where creator Shonda Rhimes dumps so much tragedy onto her characters that it makes Job consider himself lucky.  Read more »
Cutting down the best quotes to 10 has been pretty difficult so I included a few extras in here. Whether it was the gore, the general terror or the sadness of losing Lexi, "Flight" was a really rough episode. There were lighter moments, sure; Teddy and Owen‘s friendship is back on track with each of them finally putting the other‘s needs before their own. April, Alex and Avery have decided to enjoy their moment of glory with the chief and leave the uncertainty of their future for tomorrow, and happily, Bailey and Ben are moving ahead with their engagement. It‘s lucky we had these bright spots back at the hospital, because things for Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Mark, Arizona and Pilot Jerry are looking pretty grim. Here are the best lines from the season 8 finale: Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »
When award nominations go out, Community gets ignored. That‘s how it works, right? Apparently that‘s not precisely true anymore -- Community leads all shows in the Critics‘ Choice Television Award nominations with a total of six nominations. Check out all the nominees here! Read more »