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The Grey‘s Anatomy premiere night is upon us, and major changes are afoot at Seattle Grace. Read more »
Television shows are like relationships.  In the beginning there‘s the blush of first love, fraught with passion and brimming with excitement.  Everything is all shiny and new and the possibilities for the future seem endless. Then, over time, that burning intensity necessarily morphs into something different, something either reassuringly comfortable, steadfast and true or into something empty and hollow, a shadow of its former self.  On the rarest of occasions, however, deep into a relationship, one falls in love all over again.  In a bold turn of events, unusual for a show seven years into its run, the creators of Grey‘s Anatomy dared to burn the house down in the stunning season six finale and the show has risen like a phoenix from the ashes in a crackling season seven premiere that has turned everything we thought we knew on its ear.  I‘m excited about the show and all of its characters in a way that I haven‘t been in years. Read more »
The biggest gamble of the TV season has paid off. CBS decided to move its hit comedy The Big Bang Theory to Thursday to start a new night of comedy and try to steal the thunder from NBC‘s long-standing Must-See TV lineup.Mission accomplished.  Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy is officially on a roll.  Building on the momentum from the gripping season six finale and the dazzling season seven premiere, "Shock to the System" proves that lightning can actually strike not just twice, but multiple times.  This show is ablaze in goodness right now.  While I‘m pleasantly astounded that the aftermath of the shooting spree is clearly going to play out over several episodes (or perhaps the whole season), here‘s the hard truth.  Our GA friends are a mess.  They are in bad, bad shape.  Season six really was the season that changed everything and the healing has only just begun.Meredith and CristinaThe Twisted Sisters took center stage this episode and for good reason:  they are the heart and soul of the show.  Their friendship may be the greatest "love story" GA has ever told.  As the episode opens, Meredith is trying to convince the trauma psychiatrist (again) that she‘s ready to return to surgery.  He‘s not buying it, so Meredith spends another episode floating throughout the hospital taking care of everyone but herself.  Read more »
What‘s ahead for Grey‘s Anatomy? Quite a lot!(Just watch out for spoilers...) Read more »
The latest episode of Grey‘s Anatomy is yet another solid outing in what‘s shaping up to be a very strong season. Deftly balancing drama and comedy in GA‘s trademark style, "Superfreak" illustrates how we all have a bit of freak in us but also illuminates the progress we make in our lives, step by baby step.Derek and ... Cristina???Derek Shepherd took center stage in this episode, and I really enjoyed getting to know more about his back story. There have been references to his father‘s death, but it was great to learn more about this complicated personal history, as Derek was paired with two women in this episode, neither of whom was Meredith. First, we met his sister, Amelia, from whom Derek has been estranged. Turns out they both witnessed the murder of their father, and that shared experience drove them apart rather than together. While I was glad to see they had made progress by the end of the episode, I was also happy that their tumultuous relationship wasn‘t tied up in some neat little bow either. Life is more complicated than that.Speaking of which, don‘t you just want to say to the writers: Why haven‘t you shown us Derek and Cristina together before now? They are incredible together. Cristina is still incapacitated by PTSD, and it‘s Derek who steps up to help her in a way that I certainly didn‘t foresee. In a series of beautifully written and acted scenes, he reveals that while he respects Cristina professionally, they have become "family" on a personal level. It‘s fascinating to watch him step in and care for her in a way that contrasts markedly for most of the episode with his interaction with his own sister. From the way he reached out to Cristina (and Owen, too) to the way he finally found a way to connect with Amelia, I absolutely loved Derek in this episode and both Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh rocked the material. Read more »
Sesame Street exists on the premise that kids watch TV -- a lot of TV. The show merely takes advantage of couch potato-tendencies in order to educate and inform. It makes sense then that Sesame Street would parody just about everything already appearing on television for the education of the children.Related: Banksy‘s Simpsons Intro: 5 More Epic Couch Gags from Episodes Past Read more »
So here‘s the thing. Every episode can‘t be a barn burner. Not possible. Grey‘s Anatomy has been on a real hot streak as of late. If you count the season 6 finale there were basically five crackerjack episodes in a row, but that trend has now ended. To be fair, there wasn‘t anything really wrong with "Can‘t Fight Biology." It wasn‘t horrible and it wasn‘t wonderful. It was ... fine. It was one of those transitional episodes that moves things along without setting the world on fire. I actually believe that in retrospect it will hold up pretty well. It suffers a bit by immediate comparison to the latest episodes but will rebound over time because it‘s still a tremendous improvement over the erratic season 6. In that spirit, let‘s concentrate on the major developments.The Twisted Sisters are Still a MessOne of the trademark GA storytelling devices is the "patient case as parallel to the doctors‘ lives." This week the "patient anvils," as I‘ve heard them called, were even heavier than usual.  Meredith was dealing with a patient with Huntington‘s disease (which ranks right up there with ALS, in my opinion, as one of the most awful ways one could die), which stirs up her anxiety that she will have Alzheimer‘s disease like her mother before her. This coupled with the news that she has a "hostile uterus" and may never be able to carry a child to term makes for a very stressful day. Thankfully, Derek is wise as he suggests that they stop worrying about the future and "just live." Together. Read more »
Can‘t get enough Grey‘s Anatomy from the TV episodes alone? Feel like an extra few minutes each week would fill an empty place in your soul? Wish that more shows used the Internet as a viable entertainment platform? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you are in luck. Starting this week, ABC will air a series of Grey‘s Anatomy webisodes. Read more »
Whoosh!  That‘s the sound of me exhaling. I didn‘t even realize I‘d been holding my breath all week. Great news, Grey‘s Anatomy fans! The just-OK "Can‘t Fight Biology" was only a momentary blip and we have returned to the awesomeness that is season 7 with a truly excellent installment, "Almost Grown." This was a terrific episode on so many levels. I loved that it was all about the medicine. I loved that, for good or ill, we saw our beloved characters illuminated as doctors. I loved that every member of this ensemble cast had the chance to shine due to exceptionally fine acting, writing and direction (way to go, Chandra Wilson). And I love that I am completely hooked on this show again in a way that I probably haven‘t been since season 2. Read more »
Once again, I‘ve got to hand it to the makers of Grey‘s Anatomy. Season 7 is an exceptionally strong blending of writing, direction and acting. The show is working so well on so many levels right now that it‘s truly a pleasure to watch and a treat to anticipate, especially when things get shaken up in a good way.  Last week the residents got to play Attending for the Day and we saw both the students and the teachers in a new light. The twist this week is that instead of GA‘s usual style of storytelling (voiceovers, patient/doctor parallels, lots of music), we got a faux medical documentary format. Unlike The Office or Modern Family in which this documentary lens is the norm and very, very funny, the Grey‘s approach was the exception to that rule and was extremely serious to the point of being both harrowing and heart-wrenching. The result was an episode that displayed tremendous emotional range as triumph and tragedy on both professional and personal levels was revealed.The PatientsAll three of the main cases in this episode were compelling both medically and personally. It was fascinating to see the inside of a patient‘s home, for example, or to hear the thoughts and feelings of patients and their families without the doctors present. It was freeing and illuminating to get the other side of the story in this way. It definitely made me feel emotionally closer to the patients than usual, which is probably why it was so hard to hear Nicole struggle with the death of her husband or see Lily‘s mom grapple with the very real probability of losing her daughter. The triumphs were sweeter, too, as when Zach got his new arms, and a "homegrown trachea" provided a means to save Lily. But when Mary died after a successful surgery because she never came out of the anesthesia? Well, that‘s where I pretty much lost it. Just that like her dreams of a normal life filled with "lots and lots of babies" were gone and her husband, Bill, was left a broken man. Did you notice how I know all of the names of the patients this week?  Yeah, I noticed that, too, and it‘s perhaps the most powerful indicator of how well we got to know these people. That‘s great storytelling. Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy just lost one very prominent recurring guest star when Mandy Moore‘s surgery didn‘t go so well last night. But don‘t worry! There will always be more prominent guest stars to take the place of the fallen. Read more »
Are you having trouble getting enough Grey‘s Anatomy each week? If so, then we have the contest for you! Not only can you watch a series of Grey‘s Anatomy webisodes right now, but you can also enter to win a free Grey‘s Anatomy season 6 DVD set! Read more »
This was a sneaky little episode. There wasn‘t a train crash or a ferry boat accident or a shooter in the hospital to monopolize our attention in "That‘s Me Trying." Instead, in what was pretty much a normal day at Seattle Grace Mercy West, almost every character was dealing with a lot of baggage, both personally and professionally. Confusion and anxiety were in the air as our friends were filled with doubt. Many questions were being asked and I found myself surprised again and again as the answers given were much different than I had anticipated.Owen Hunt: Surgeon and MentorMuch as I love the Owen and Cristina relationship, one of the pleasures of this episode was seeing Owen Hunt in his professional role as head of trauma. Hunt is an excellent surgeon and teacher in his own right, and it was great to see him putting the residents through their paces in a grueling trauma certification drill. Unrelenting in his approach, Owen managed to make an impression on Jackson (what‘s up with him lately, anyway?) that quitting is not an option, no matter what your personal circumstances (more on that later). I also enjoyed one of many twists of the episode: April has a natural inclination for trauma surgery! I‘ll be interested to see if Owen (who seemed very excited at the prospect of having another student to mentor ... RIP George O‘Malley) can persuade her to leave her dreams of neuro behind and pursue trauma instead.   Read more »
It is the considerable opinion of BuddyTV that the people should not be allowed to vote. This morning the 2011 People‘s Choice Award nominees were announced and the choices are less than inspired. Sure, like a broken clock, some of the choices show an impressive exhibition of taste (nominating Ian Somerhalder‘s highly entertaining performance on The Vampire Diaries), but mostly, it‘s an embarrassment. Read more »
The title of every episode of Grey‘s Anatomy is the name of a song. With "Something‘s Gotta Give," I don‘t know if writer Bill Harper was channeling Johnny Mercer, Leann Rimes or Aerosmith, but the conclusion is still the same. Our characters are under tremendous strain both at work and at home, and they are reaching their breaking points. I‘m reminded of another appropriate lyric, from Billy Joel, "But here you are in the ninth, two men out and three men on, nowhere to look but inside, where we all respond to pressure." It‘s crunch time. Who will step up and who will strike out?CristinaCristina Yang is adrift. The one student Miranda Bailey admits she never had to worry about has quit her surgical residency and is flailing around, lost, unsure what the future holds. Having never had a life beyond working to become a surgeon, Cristina is spending her days "dancing it out" in a sea of unpacked boxes and making trips to the mall to buy rooms of furniture and consume enormous pretzels and cups of frozen yogurt. I sense that she hasn‘t hit absolute rock bottom yet, and that will have to happen before she can finally decide what she wants to do with the rest of her life. In the meantime, Team Cristina is circling the wagons and making a plan. Even Mark Sloan does his part. And the scenes with Cristina and Callie were the absolute highlight of the episode for me, equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking. Read more »
How do you keep things fresh? It feels repetitive for me to gush, once again, how truly excellent season 7 of Grey‘s Anatomy is turning out to be, but there it is. There‘s no getting around it. Nine episodes into this resurgent year, I‘m running out of superlatives to describe the creative renaissance GA is exhibiting. "Slow Night, So Long" was another terrific outing that gave the entire ensemble a chance to shine while playing with the show‘s format in an unusual way. The entire episode took place over a period of roughly 12 hours as the residents worked the night shift while the attendings went out drinking. Here are my impressions of the evening.I‘m ready to see Cristina start to bounce back.I give GA a lot of credit for telling Cristina‘s story in a responsible way. Translation: They‘ve taken their time with it rather than rushing to resolve everything neatly in record time. Having said that, I‘m ready to see my girl make some progress and hope it‘s coming soon. Has she hit rock bottom yet? My suspicion is yes, if her disastrous evening tending bar (!) is any indication. If not, she‘s got to be getting close, and that‘s a good thing because even though I know that the PTSD storyline has been written very realistically (and Sandra Oh continues to rock the house), as a viewer I feel like it‘s time for some positive progress. I‘m crossing my fingers. Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.TV shows like to inject fresh blood after a few seasons with new characters to spice things up. Sometimes the new additions fit perfectly, and sometimes the actors never really gel with the show. Read more »
The Grey‘s Anatomy webisode series, "Seattle Grace: Message of Hope," is available in its entirety now. You can check out any of the webisodes at the Grey‘s Anatomy website.  Read more »
Brace yourself, Grey‘s Anatomy fans, as we have now officially entered the period known as The Dreaded Holiday Hiatus. Even in the best-case scenario, there will be no new episodes for five loooooong weeks. Fortunately, the show closed the first part of the season with a bang in "Adrift and at Peace" in which many characters were adrift but at peace?  Not so much.Meredith/Derek/Cristina/OwenI love these four characters and the actors who portray them.  I‘m also going on-record right now with the opinion that a big reason season 7 has been so strong is because this quartet has been front and center in many configurations and this episode was no exception.  Instead of MerDer and CO, we got Cristina/Derek and Meredith/Owen. No, not like that. Those of you who are freaking out about possible infidelity and such need to stop. This temporary partner swap is in no way romantic. It‘s about friendship and healing and support through good times and bad. Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.It‘s a new year and 2011 is getting off to a fast start with a ton of new and returning shows this January. While my DVR runneth over, I urge you to pick and choose which ones to watch, and hopefully I can help by pointing out what‘s good and what‘s not.  Read more »
Hello, Grey‘s Anatomy Fans! Long time, no see. As the year winds down, I thought it would be fun to do a Best of 2010 column. In the spirit of "glass half full," I‘m sticking with the best developments of the year and overlooking the worst or even the questionable. Therefore, I‘m skipping right over most of season 6, which arguably had its moments but was also wildly uneven.  Instead I‘ll begin with the year‘s Best Episode, the two-part season 6 finale: "Sanctuary/Death and All His Friends." The premise was potentially disastrous -- crazed gunman on the loose in the hospital. Instead, in a wondrous turn of events, the episode was riveting, compelling, edge-of-your seat television that reminded viewers why we fell in love with this show in the first place. Taut storytelling coupled with stellar acting by the entire ensemble made this the best season finale of any show on any network. It also set things in motion for category number two: Best Return to Form. Read more »
Do you hear what I hear? Yes, that‘s the sound of Grey‘s Anatomy fans rejoicing as the show returns tonight following the holiday hiatus. Yes, it‘s been five long weeks since we‘ve had the pleasure of a new episode, so here‘s a guide to the past along with some predictions for the future.Where We Left OffMeredith and Owen were in complete disagreement as to what is best for Cristina, who has quit her surgical residency in the wake of post-traumatic stress following the shooting at the hospital. Owen wants to give Cristina time and space while Meredith feels Cristina needs to return to work stat. Meanwhile, Cristina had what appears to be a significant breakthrough on her fishing trip with Derek.  Read more »
With new episodes about to begin, Grey‘s Anatomy fans are definitely primed for new drama at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Drama will come -- most definitely -- but there will new faces on the show as well. Two new, but probably familiar, actors have upcoming appearances announced. Read more »
Did you ever wish you could have a do-over? A chance not only to do something better the second time around but with the benefit of hindsight and experience. That‘s the blessing the doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital received in "Disarm," yet another wonderful outing in Grey‘s Anatomy‘s triumphant seventh season.  The writers have been walking a tricky tightrope since this story arc began a full 13 episodes ago with the season 6 finale, "Sanctuary" and "Death and All His Friends." Yet "Disarm" shares many common traits with those excellent episodes. It was gripping, even harrowing, without being exploitative. It was both moving and compelling while managing to be neither cloying nor overwrought. Most importantly, it gave the entire ensemble the chance to shine while simultaneously moving the story along and developing the characters.  Read more »
ABC is obviously pretty happy with many of their shows. Even though we‘re not quite halfway through the current season, the network has announced that it will pick up six of its shows for the 2011-2012 television season. Which shows have earned the love of their parent network? Read more »
Today the NAACP announced this year‘s nominees for the Image Awards, and they feature many of the nominees you might expect. The sad truth is that there is still a lack of diversity on television, and these nominations only serve to highlight that by nominating nearly every African-American actor on TV, regardless of actual quality.  Read more »
I wasn‘t quite sure what to expect following last week‘s epic conclusion to the 13-episode story arc that began way back in May 2010. It was certainly a tough act to follow, and I admit I was disappointed. "Average!" proclaimed my friend, Judy, and she‘s absolutely correct. Neither wonderful nor horrible "Start Me Up" was very much ... average. Having said that, a lot actually happened in this episode, so let‘s get to it.Callie and ArizonaWell, the gloves are off and the pretty pink bubble has officially burst. Calzona is in ruins and it‘s getting nasty. Pushed to choose, I‘d be on Team Callie, but, in fairness, outright mistakes and questionable choices have been made by both women, and they are now facing their greatest hurdle to date: Callie is pregnant with Mark‘s child. Read more »
There will be a lot going on during the March 31 episode of Grey‘s Anatomy. There will be singing! And dancing (presumably to go with the singing)! And a missing favorite will return to her Seattle Grace roots!  Read more »
The latest Grey‘s Anatomy hiatus is over and we got a new episode last night. Hoorah! Let me begin by giving a shout-out to one of my favorite guys, Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) who made his directorial debut with this installment, "Don‘t Deceive Me (Please Don‘t Go)." He did a great job, because I wasn‘t thinking about him in the least. I saw no traces as a viewer that he‘d never done this before ... so YAY, Kevin! This was a solid outing, and although I missed Owen and Owen/Cristina (who shared not a single moment onscreen...waaah!), I was thoroughly engrossed in what was going on with everyone else.Derek‘s Clinical TrialThe Alzheimer‘s study is finally underway and, man, this one is going to be brutal. It‘s heartbreaking to see the agony of all involved. We met patients who, in lucid moments, know they are literally losing their minds. We met spouses who are devastated as loved ones slip further and further away sometimes into the arms of a new "love." We even got a glimpse of what the doctors go through doing this essential but, as Karev said so bluntly, depressing work. I give Derek credit for following through with this, despite his own personal terror that he will someday lose Meredith to early onset Alzheimer‘s disease. I give Alex credit for being man enough to tell Derek that Meredith deserves to be the number two on the trial. She‘s got both the chops and the interest. Derek needs to put his personal issues aside ... so he does. I also love that Alex is self-aware enough to know that pediatrics is truly his calling, and he shouldn‘t be spending the next two years on this trial. Besides, if I get my wish, he may be chief resident soon, which will give him lots to do. Read more »
So the season seems to be moving right along and last night‘s outing, "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)", was an example of solid, if not spectacular, storytelling.  I felt like it was a transitional episode - setting up story for the rest of the season - as four of our characters were pretty much coming apart at the seams, albeit for vastly different reasons. Read more »
So if I‘m being honest I have to tell you that I started last night‘s episode of Grey‘s Anatomy, "Golden Hour," not really knowing what to expect. I‘d read that it was structured in real time, so we would be privy to an hour in the life of Meredith Grey as she worked in the ER. I like Meredith well enough most of the time, but the thought of having her (or any one character) in pretty much every scene? That concerned me.   However, I also knew that the episode was written by one of my favorite GA scribes, Stacy McKee. Stacy wrote my favorite episode of all-time, "Elevator Love Letter" (519) and she also penned the other concept episode of this season, "These Arms of Mine" (706), which was in documentary style. Oh, Stacy, how much do I love you? You came through again with an engrossing hour that illuminated how doctors spend the minutes of their days -- juggling their personal issues with their professional obligations all while dealing with life and death stakes. Read more »
So I‘m starting to get just a teensy bit nervous. After an amazing first half of the season, I feel like Grey‘s Anatomy is beginning to meander a bit. Some episodes have been strong ("Don‘t Deceive Me" and last week‘s stellar "Golden Hour" come to mind) while others have been pretty unremarkable ("Start Me Up" and "P.Y.T."). I‘m OK with the journey, but it has to be worth it in the end. Here‘s hoping that in retrospect last night‘s outing, "Not Responsible" will be seen as another link in a deliberate chain of events that are leading somewhere worthwhile. With only six more episodes this season, the pacing is becoming crucial and there‘s no time to waste.A Tale of Three BabiesMeredith and Derek really want a baby. Really, really, really want one. Which means they‘re probably not getting one any time soon. This week‘s obstacle? Meredith‘s fertility treatments are causing her to go blind. Yep. That‘s a problem. She‘s stopping the drugs, so now what? Read more »
Oh, Grey‘s Anatomy, how you torment me so. If "This Is How We Do It," then I‘ve got a bone to pick with you. There were so many great things in last night‘s episode (I‘ll get to them later), but there were also three plot developments that were so heavy-handed in both their purpose and their execution that I wanted to scream.#1:  Callie and Arizona‘s Car AccidentUnless you‘ve been living on Jupiter, you‘re probably aware that next week is GA‘s Big Musical Event, and the accident that closed this episode sets the stage for that development.  Fine, but did it really have to be so blatantly obvious that Calzona‘s weekend away would soon go horribly wrong? Arizona throws Callie‘s cell phone into the backseat. Callie takes off her seat belt to retrieve it and neglects to refasten it immediately. Callie and Arizona (who is DRIVING THE CAR) keep looking at each other for ridiculously long periods of time. Really? On the upside, the previews for next week look and sound amazing, so maybe this will be worth it in the end. Read more »
The March 31 episode of Grey‘s Anatomy would be an important one even if it wasn‘t the big musical episode. This week the show ended with a tragic car accident involving Callie and Arizona shortly after Arizona asked her six-months pregnant girlfriend to marry her.  Read more »
Glee isn‘t the only show that can do awesome covers. Grey‘s Anatomy is getting into the business this week with a very special musical episode that finds Callie literally singing for her life as the doctors of Seattle Grace rush to save her life (and her baby‘s life) after a horrific car crash.  Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy packed a whole lot of songs into its big music event, and while they weren‘t all successful, the episode was. The show has had plenty of episodes where the doctors had to operate on one of their own, but with Callie‘s musical moments as she struggled to stay alive, Grey‘s brought something different.  Read more »
So after months of anticipation and buzz and speculation, last night we finally got to watch and hear the Grey‘s Anatomy music event, "Song Beneath the Song." When this project was first announced my gut reaction was that the result would either be completely amazing or a total train wreck. As is usually the case, the truth fell somewhere in the middle.VIDEO: Watch the Best and Worst Songs from the Grey‘s Musical>>The concept was actually very clever. The show focused on a single storyline: saving the lives of Callie and her unborn child after a horrific car accident. Wisely, the show gave the heavy lifting to its strongest singers. Tony-winner Sara Ramirez (Callie) was the centerpiece, with terrific support from Chandra Wilson (Bailey) and Kevin McKidd (Owen). Other cast members participated in varying degrees, from solo work delivered by Chyler Leigh (Lexie), to snippets here and there and chorus work from pretty much everyone else. Neither Patrick Dempsey (Derek) nor Sandra Oh (Cristina) sang at all, but they both turned in exceptional dramatic performances in their signature styles. Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.If you watched TV last week, you may have noticed a lot more shocking twist endings than usual. The device (popularized by M. Night Shyamalan movies) revealed some pretty big bombshells at the end of some of TV‘s best shows. Sometimes they were successful, but other times, they were just ridiculous.  Read more »
After a month-long hiatus, Grey‘s Anatomy returns this week with the first of four episodes remaining in season 7. Creator Shonda Rhimes has confirmed that this year‘s season finale will center heavily on the remaining three original interns -- Meredith, Cristina, and Alex -- and this new installment, "It‘s a Long Way Back," serves as the catalyst for this shift in focus. Coupled with Callie‘s struggle to recover from the accident, the latest trials and tribulations of the Big Three serve as the foundation of a strong episode, written by one of my favorite GA scribes, William Harper. I love his work, because he deftly combines vintage qualities of Grey‘s (snarky humor, sparkling ensemble scenes, clever twists) with characterization that rings true. Let‘s take a look at these characters we‘ve known for so long and assess their current situations.MeredithWow. Where to begin? Sometimes we do something with the best of intentions only to have it blow up in our faces. You just know that trouble in on the horizon for Meredith Grey. Fueled, I think, by both compassion and guilt in her encounters with Richard and Adele (who, in her unstable mental condition, mistakes Meredith for Ellis), Meredith secretly intervenes in the Alzheimer‘s Trial, making sure Mrs. Webber gets the active agent rather than the placebo. The problem is that there is no guarantee that the drug will do any good, while it‘s almost certain that Meredith‘s transgression will come to light, jeopardizing her career, Derek‘s career, the trial and their marriage. Yikes! Oh, Meredith! What have you done? Read more »
Where do I begin? I was very disappointed in this episode. I was looking forward to it and I wanted to like it. I really, really wanted to like it. But I didn‘t. Instead of the substance I was anticipating there was only frustration as the heavy-handed developments lumbered along, ostensibly setting up the final two episodes of the season.A Tale of Two WeddingsLet‘s start with something I actually did enjoy about this episode: the juxtaposition Callie and Arizona‘s nuptials, and those of Meredith Derek. On the surface, the two ceremonies couldn‘t be more different. Calzona gets a "white wedding," mostly because Callie is into that sort of thing. Remember, this is the woman who wanted scrapbooking and onesie decorating at her baby shower. Of course she‘d want a Wedding with a capital W! Things just went from bad to worse, however, as Arizona‘s father micromanaged every minute of every day (his way of coping with the absence of his late son, I imagine) while Callie‘s mother withdrew completely from her daughter‘s life, rejecting both the Calzona marriage and Baby Sofia. Sad? Yes, but also way too predictable.There was no subtlety in these sequences and my husband knowingly announced that Callie‘s father would return just in time to twirl Calliope across the dance floor. Imagine my disappointment when he was right. Don‘t get me wrong -- I‘m happy for these crazy kids. It was a lovely ceremony, and I‘m a sucker for a daddy/daughter dance. But the whole thing just felt so cumbersome. The only moment that really rang true for me was Arizona‘s scene with Mark (!) of all people. Ah, well. The brides looked great and deserve a little peace. This being Grey‘s Anatomy, they need to enjoy it while they can. Read more »
What a great Thursday night for FOX. Rupert Murdoch broke out the good champagne to fill his pool with last night. Both American Idol and Bones saw sizable increases in viewers over last week. CBS fared well with The Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist.It was announced yesterday that Bones, FOX‘s hit forensic crime figurehead, would be renewed for a seventh season, despite star Emily Deschanel‘s pregnancy. Bones flourished under the news, with a whopping 18% increase over last week, and a total of 11.09 million viewers. Looks like FOX made the right call in renewing Bones. Read more »
At the risk of alienating some readers, I‘ve always been a supporter of gay marriage, and it‘s clear Grey‘s Anatomy is too. Last night‘s episode which featured Callie and Arizona‘s big day beautifully illustrated the arguments in favor of gay marriage.The wedding was almost ruined by Callie‘s mom, who finally expressed her displeasure at her daughter‘s choices, condemning the lesbian wedding and her out-of-wedlock baby, even claiming that she was sad she wouldn‘t see her daughter in Heaven. Mother‘s Day is just around the corner, and I feel confident in saying that Callie‘s mom doesn‘t deserve a card or flowers.  Read more »
Whoa! Grey‘s Anatomy has done it again. Just like last year the penultimate episode was chock full of incredible developments, setting the stage for an epic season finale. Let‘s review where things stand before pondering the promo for next week.Ambition and AmbiguityGA creator Shonda Rhimes has said that the season finale will focus on Meredith, Cristina, and Alex.  Tonight‘s installment, "I Will Survive", got things rolling as the lines between personal relationships and professional aspirations began to blur. Read more »
After a big increase last week for FOX viewers, ratings normalized last night for shows like American Idol and Bones. Idol saw a slight drop, while Bones remained steady. We also saw slight drops across the board.Idol‘s results show last night, in which the Halford-like rocker James Durbin was dealt the voter axe, dipped just slightly in viewers over last week, with 23.58 million viewers tuning in. Still a hefty number, and enough to put FOX on top for the evening. The elimination of James is a bit of a shock to some Idol fans. Many envisioned the young rocker making it to the final two. Will his leaving the show affect the viewership? Likely not. Besides, history has shown that winning Idol isn‘t always the most lucrative prize, as the runner-ups often see more success. Read more »
ABC is pretty confident in its current lineup because most of its current shows are returning to the exact same time slots. Dancing with the Stars, Castle, Body of Proof, The Middle, Modern Family, Grey‘s Anatomy, Private Practice and Desperate Housewives are keeping the network anchored with returning favorites on nearly every night.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Grey‘s Anatomy, "It‘s a Long Way Back."High Five Highlights:1. Teddy and Henry get closer as Teddy visits Henry after every bad date she has. After three dates, Henry has the stage set with candles and flowers for a romantic dinner. Teddy comes in and confesses that the current date is going perfectly and she only brought Henry some food. Teddy quickly returns to the car where her date waits and they kiss passionately.2. Callie‘s recovery is going too slow for her taste and she ruptures her incision, needing emergency surgery to repair. Meanwhile, baby Sofia needs heart surgery to correct a defect. Stark saves Sofia‘s life and mother and daughter are finally on their way to recovery. Five weeks later, baby Sofia and Callie are discharged, only to have Callie freak out about the dangers that a baby can face.3. Alex uses an idea to bring African children to Seattle for surgery as his bid for chief resident. He bullies a patient into leaving some of her considerable estate to the cause. She finally consents, only to die before making it official.4. Meredith and Derek lose a patient from their study, leaving an empty spot in the trials. Meredith convinces Derek to allow Adele into the study. Before Adele‘s surgery, Meredith sneaks into the medication room and switches envelopes so that Adele gets the active drug instead of the placebo.5. The children from Africa are due to arrive any moment and Alex confesses to Lexi that he has maxed out his credit cards and ran up debt for their arrival. Without the money from the patient, he lied and borrowed to get the kids to Seattle. As he is walking out to meet the children, a lawyer approaches him and gives him a check from the estate of his deceased patient. Read more »
That was the sound of lives imploding. While not as showy as last season‘s finale, "Unaccompanied Minor" still managed to upend the lives of Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Owen and Alex in spectacular fashion. Head still spinning? Mine too. Let‘s get to it.MeredithI wonder if Grey‘s creator Shonda Rhimes is fully aware of how many ticked off MerDer shippers are out there in the world. I mean, really. She finally marries her iconic couple legally (vs. by Post-It, for those of you who have been living on Mars), and all of the stars align for them to adopt what is possibly the cutest baby on planet Earth. So, of course, something has to go horribly wrong. In this case it‘s the little matter that Derek finds out that Meredith tampered with the Alzheimer‘s clinical trial. And quicker than you can say summer hiatus, Derek needs "space" and Meredith is taking Zola home all by her lonesome. Read more »
Last night, FOX dominated with the steadily rising American Idol and the season finale of Bones. Bones aired its season finale last night, and ended the episode with quite the surprise. The episode was Bones‘ highest rated finale since 2008, with 10.05 million viewers. Fans are hungry for more Bones, so it‘s going to be a long summer.And if you missed last night‘s finale, check out our Bones recap here. Read more »