Articles for Greek Season 4

Winter break is over for the Greek guys and gals, and a new beginning will dawn tonight.  Despite the title being a reference to a horror flick, things will pretty much be like a fairy tale on the season 3, chapter 6 premiere.  Hopefully, anyway.Tonight‘s episode, "I Know What You Did Last Semester," will bring the Cyprus Rhodes students together for a little social event, as usual.  They‘re all preparing a "Help Us Rebuild Our Castle Fairytale Ball" in order to help the Gamma Psi‘s.  Their house burned down and funds are scarce, but hopefully this bit of charity will return their former glory. Read more »
Don‘t forget your daily dose of the latest TV news in 300 words.Outlaw on the OutsWe told you last week that things weren‘t looking too well for the Jimmy Smits series Outlaw. Well, worry no more because NBC has canceled the series. Last week the show went on "production hiatus" to stop the bleeding of the doomed legal series. Last week‘s ratings for Outlaw were the lowest ever which forced NBC to pull the trigger. The series remaining four episodes will air on Saturday nights and then we can finally close this chapter in our lives. It was time for Outlaw to be put out of its misery so our beloved Mr. Smits can rebound with something that will cause us to forget Outlaw ever happened. He did it before with Cain. Remember Cain, didn‘t think so. [Ausiello] Read more »
In its final season, ABC Family‘s Greek is pulling out all the stops. Tonight‘s episode, airing at 9pm, is quite simply the most entertaining hour of television the show has ever produced, and it‘s all because of Beaver.  Read more »
Greek has always seemed like a friend you make in college. The time you spent together is fun, you make a lot of memories hanging out on the quad, but after a while, you‘ve done all you can together and it‘s time to graduate and move on with your lives.  Read more »
I‘m popping in again for another round of casting bits, and tonight‘s edition includes an old vampire, a couple of Alcatraz baddies, and the Six Million Dollar man. But we begin with a stripper... Read more »
Freeform has announced premiere dates for its summer 2016 lineup, which includes returning hits and several new series, along with the announcement of the highly anticipated Greek movie. Read more »