Articles for Great American Road Trip Season 1

Produced by BBC Worldwide, Great American Road Trip is set to drive to NBC beginning July 1, 8pm for eight weeks.  The hilarious and relatable new series follows seven families from different backgrounds to take "a journey of a lifetime." Over eight episodes, cameras will follow the families as they travel through large and small cities, all the while competing in a variety of humorous challenges that will ultimately lead one family to victory.  The challenges are all set against iconic American backdrops, such as the Grand Canyon and the Washington Monument.  Along the way, the families (and the viewers) will also discover quirky but little-known landmarks, such as the World‘s Largest Chair to shoes the size of a car. Read more »
In essence, Great American Road Trip--the reality series which premieres tonight on NBC--features seven families travel through this great country, accomplishing tasks and seeing established and quirky landmarks, all with the goal of winning the big prize at the end.  Well, one twist is, they‘re not revealing the prize until the very end.  That aside, it does sound a little similar to one other reality show, and a behemoth at that.  The Amazing Race, anyone?Well, not exactly.  "There‘s no race," the show‘s host, Reno Collier, explained.  "It‘s not timed.  People don‘t have to go from point A to point B in any period of time." Read more »