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This week on the final season premiere of Gossip Girl, the gang bands together like a rich, bratty version of The Avengers for an extended version of Where‘s Serena? It‘s like Where‘s Waldo? only instead of striped shirts and hats, you‘re mostly looking for gorgeous hair and the cleavage rhombus. Serena should have known she could only hide her light under a bushel, or officiate gay weddings, or whatever it was she was doing for so long. Mostly because at some point, her mother would have to remember she had children, and that usually happens on about a four-month cycle. Read more »
I enjoy the CW. I think The Vampire Diaries is a genuinely great series, I still have fun watching Supernatural and I think Hart of Dixie is endlessly charming. I also think Arrow is the best new series of the fall.But I also think the CW is dying.  Read more »
The final season of Gossip Girl promises to mark the return of many past characters, and now we can add one more to that list: Juliet Sharp. Katie Cassidy will return to the Upper East Side for the series finale this December.  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, everyone decided it was time to grow up and be an adult. Of course, being an adult means vastly different things for our favorite Upper East Siders. For Dan, it means publishing a bunch of mean stories about his friends masquerading as fiction and never cutting his hair. For Chuck it means whining some more about his dad, because there‘s nothing more adult than being fixated permanently on your parents. To Blair, being a grown-up means doing the same things she used to in high school only at fancier parties. Serena, the most invested in becoming an adult, gets a good opportunity when it turns out her new boyfriend is actually a father. And Nate decides being an adult means dating a high school student in a surprising reverse-cougar turn. Read more »
The series finale of Gossip Girl might be a homecoming for two of its original stars who have since moved on. The CW drama is currently filming its series finale in New York, and on Tuesday, star Kelly Rutherford tweeted a photo that might spoil a big surprise.  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, everyone is shocked when something goes awry at a fashion show. This is completely unrealistic, as ‘something goes horribly awry at a fashion show‘ could basically be the tag line for this series. Plus, since when is Serena "whoops there go my pants!" van der Woodsen suddenly the Parents Television Council? In other parts of the episode, Chuck throws around giant bags of money while sporting a fade like a 90‘s rapper. Rufus is shocked at Dan‘s behavior over his newest true love, Ivy, but his face is incapable of registering any emotion. Blair continues her quest to become a powerful woman by being force-fed IVs and getting shown up by teens in ugly underwear. And Sage, with her linebacker catwalk and stupid hat collection, continues to ruin everyone‘s life.  Read more »
With the eye of Hurricane Sandy set to hit the east coast within the next few hours and almost a million people already without power, the storm has affected tonight‘s broadcast television schedule. Read more »
It‘s time to mark your calendars, Upper East Siders. The series finale of Gossip Girl is set to air Monday, December 17.  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, the show finally closes the Upper East Side sex loop. We now know that if you take any two random Upper East Siders, there are strong odds they‘ve had sex while on uppers in a wine cellar.If the rich and famous of the Upper East Side are our modern day royalty, then this is like how they used to keep it in the family to keep the bloodlines pure. Which would certainly explain Serena and Nate‘s intelligence levels. Meanwhile, Blair and Chuck go off in search of a My Little Pony mystery. Plus, we learn that in his spare time, Bart enjoys drowning kittens and turning beautiful thoroughbreds into glue, because who needs dimensions when a character can just be Doctor Evil? "I‘ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!" Bart cackles at Chuck and then flies away on his broomstick to slap an ice cream cone out of a child‘s hand and fill up a gallon of illegal oil. Read more »
When you think of the winter holiday season, you probably do not think of The CW. This December, the network wants to change that. They are airing special holiday-themed episodes of several of their series -- Gossip Girl, 90210, Hart of Dixie, Arrow and The Vampire Diaries -- early in the month.Looks like Christmas is going to be hot this year! Read more »
You know you love this news. According to TVLine, Kristen Bell will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming December 17 series finale of Gossip Girl.  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, the Serena and Dan 10-second sex tape is finally released to reign muppet-haired terror during Cotillion. This group of people have ruined so many Cotillions, you would think their names would be at the top of some kind of society black list. Why are people continually inviting them to events they only subsequently ruin? Throughout season 6, Serena and Dan‘s ill-timed sex tape from last season‘s finale has been hanging over all our heads, waiting to explode in dramatic glory. It was Chekhov‘s sex tape, if you will, which is a saying you can really only employ on Gossip Girl. Like the tree in the proverbial woods, if a sex tape is recorded and not broadcast to a room full of teenagers at a formal event, did it even really happen? We knew it would eventual drop and, like the well-timed gossip bombs of old, destroy newly healing relationships in the process.  Read more »
Mama‘s back! With only five episodes of Gossip Girl left, Blair‘s domineering mother Eleanor Waldorf has returned to take back control of her company.  Read more »
Director Norman Buckley had been inhabiting the Upper East Side for the last six years, helming episodes of The CW‘s Gossip Girl since its first season. He was behind the camera when Nate mistook Jenny for Serena, when Blair and Serena had a tearful tarmac reunion, and when Dan and Serena broke up...the first time. Now with the airing of "Where the Vile Things Are", Buckley has officially left Gossip Girl‘s world of schemes and scandals behind.BuddyTV was lucky enough to speak exclusively with Buckley through email about "Where the Vile Things Are", the Dan and Serena reunion, saying goodbye, and his favorite episodes. Most importantly he answers the question everyone is wondering: who would win in a fight, Gossip Girl or ‘A‘ from Pretty Little Liars? (OK, maybe I‘m the only one wondering about that.)  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, Dan and Serena go through all the stages of post-breakup until they end at the last stage: acceptance that makeup sex is imminent. Meanwhile, Blair decides for the thousandth time that she will become a powerful woman ... by pandering to teenagers. Nate and Chuck learn how to use IMDB but are still outsmarted by Ivy, who doesn‘t even seem smart enough not to shove keys into electrical sockets, if her hair is any indication. And Rufus and Lily have a face-off to see who is the bigger gold-digging housewife which, as you would imagine, Rufus wins. On the Upper East Side, things don‘t so much move forward as they move circularly. In the first season of this show, Nate fretted that they would all end up exactly like their parents. If anything, the show has borne out this truism more than anything else. Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, all‘s fair in love, war and fashion shows. Serena and Dan are obsessed with making amends like they are going through a jerk 12-step process. The first step is admitting that you are a jerk and I‘m hoping step 12 involves a haircut. While Serena and Dan are busy making amends, everyone else is busy scheming and double-crossing at an almost amazing speed. Chuck is still trying to take down Bart, with minimal luck. Ivy manages to hit an old guy trifecta by officially showing her boobs to every gentleman over 40 on this show. Blair and Serena combine their scheming abilities to hack the perfect plan to make Blair‘s fashion line a success. As you would imagine with any Serena plan, it backfires immediately but does so in a way that actually ends up as a win for everyone. I wish Serena would plan everything in the universe; I think we‘d all be riding unicorns to work by now. The thing we always thought we wanted, however, isn‘t always the magic bullet that will solve all our problems. Blair thinks becoming a powerful "Designing Teenagers" woman will make her life better, but she just realizes it‘s bittersweet without Chuck‘s sulky, Batman growl at her side. Chuck thinks taking down his father will make his life magically better but doesn‘t count on losing his only real mother in the process. (Seriously, though, who is his actual mother? Evelyn? Elizabeth Hurley? Lady Alexander the horse? Can someone just ask Bart already?) And poor, sweet Serena thinks she can finally be happy with her first love Dan. But it turns out Dan might have an ulterior motive up his sleeve, as he tells Georgina on the phone that he‘s planning a Serena chapter. Unless it‘s about how well she organizes berries or how she is the only person on earth who can rock a cleavage rhombus without looking like a porn space alien, I doubt it‘s going to be good. Does Dan really turn over a new leaf or is his leaf still on the rotten side we‘ve been watching all season? I guess we‘ll have to wait until next week to find out.  Read more »
Gossip Girl has always loved Thanksgiving, which is ironic since no one eats anything but berries on the Upper East Side. But over the years, Thanksgiving has become the patron saint of Gossip Girl holidays. Save your Christmas and your Valentine‘s Day for shows where no one has ever had fake cancer, Gossip Girl has Thanksgiving covered.So it should come as no surprise that the hands-down best episode of this, the final season, should be delivered on a silver platter thanks to Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be grateful for in these last moments with our favorite Upper East Siders, and this episode is certainly a classic. There is scheming, there is questionable taste-level role play and there is Nate punching a person in the face. Read more »
In the penultimate episode of Gossip Girl, Chuck finally wins in his never-ending battle against Bart, but the consequences turn out to be deadly. Meanwhile Serena decides it‘s about that time in her cycle of turning a new leaf when she runs away. As Dan wisely points out, it‘s not like she doesn‘t always end up back on the Upper East Side eventually. She‘ll just go to LA, kill a dude by accident, sleep with her professor or her boss or a married senator, get nearly killed by wolves, and then head back to the Palace. This is pretty much Serena‘s circle of life. Read more »
The Gossip Girl series finale promises to bring an end to six season of Upper East Side scheming and manipulation. Chuck and Blair are free to be together now that Bart Bass has plummeted to his death (assuming Chuck isn‘t sent to prison for negligent homicide). Nate is going to take on last stab at unmasking Gossip Girl herself.  Read more »
It wouldn‘t be the series finale of Gossip Girl without one last unholy alliance of schemers. The show will end Monday at 8pm with a lot to tie up. Will Chuck and Blair get their happily ever after, or will he be arrested for Bart‘s death? Will Dan and Serena end up together? Will Nate unmask Gossip Girl? Will Rufus make waffles? OK, I think we all know the answer to that last one.  Read more »
In the series finale of Gossip Girl, we finally learn the identity of the titular blogger. But does the revealed gossip monger make sense? Now it could be debated from here to Brooklyn and back again whether or not the show had to reveal Gossip Girl at all. Unlike a show built around eventually solving a mystery, Gossip Girl had never promised us answers to the identity of the show‘s chronicler of Upper East Side misdeed. In fact, in the opening of every episode, Gossip Girl promises that her identity is the one secret she‘ll never divulge. Read more »
On the series finale of Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair get married to avoid prosecution, Serena doesn‘t quite make it out to LA and the identity of Gossip Girl is finally revealed. Spoiler alert: it‘s not Veronica Mars!We‘ve been through a lot of ups and downs with Gossip Girl. It might have felt recently like there have been more downs than ups that we were the proverbial Bart Basses hanging off the Empire and there was nowhere to go but splat. But as the retrospective played before this final episode reminded us, there were plenty of great times on Gossip Girl. The finale, and the final Gossip Girl reveal, will likely be divisive for many fans. In its last chance to shock us, however, Gossip Girl decided to go out with an OMG instead of a whimper. Read more »
It‘s March, which can only mean one thing: March Madness! Here at BuddyTV, we‘re all about pop culture instead of NCAA tournaments. But we do love brackets. So instead of pitting your favorite college basketball teams against each other, we‘re pitting your favorite TV buddies in a death match to determine the ultimate favorite TV duo!  Read more »
It doesn‘t matter whether they‘re on television or in movies -- teenagers love vampires. Though it shouldn‘t come as a surprise, it‘s now made official. In the first set of surfboard nominations for the Teen Choice Awards, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 leads the field with seven, and The Vampire Diaries is not far behind with five. Read more »
Every year, some of our favorite shows go off the air for the last time. Even the most diehard TV watchers would admit that few shows have universally beloved series finales. Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad and The Shield are the ones that come to mind for me.While there are shows with controversial endings that are hated by many, beloved by a few, like The Sopranos, St. Elsewhere and Dexter, we instead want to look at series finales that are controversial for another reason: whether or not they provided "answers" to the long, over-arching mythology the show promised to.  Read more »
Everybody loves a good villain. Sometimes we find ourselves rooting for the bad guys because a dastardly plot can be a thing of beauty. But villains make mistakes too, and here‘s a list of television‘s most ineffective villains -- you know, the ones who just can‘t seem to get their twisted, evil plots to go their way. Even though the bad guys (and girls) on this list are super bad, they‘re not so great at it. Here‘s a list of 17 of television‘s most inept bad guys, who, try as they might, just don‘t ever do the wrong thing right. Read more »
Sigh. It‘s been a whole week since that shocking finale, and we‘re still not okay. We‘re desperately trying to find something to fill the Riverdale-shaped hole in our hearts. If you loved Riverdale and need a substitute to get you through the in-between, here are 10 shows that you‘ll love.  Read more »