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This week on the fifth season premiere of Gossip Girl, Serena, Chuck and Nate live it up in sunny Los Angeles while back in the cement jungle of New York Blair and Dan try to put out fires of their own making.The episode ends with Serena, Nate and Chuck learning some dubious lessons about reinvention and responsibility. What do Dan and Blair learn? Well they learn that no matter how hard they try, some secrets are too big to keep forever. It seems like in a few months, or should we say trimesters, all will be revealed. It‘s a bright, fun opening which picks up storyline mysteries from last season while avoiding the more dour melodrama of last year. Also, there was Elizabeth Hurley in leopard print!  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl Dan crashes Chuck‘s fight club, Blair fails to hide her pregnancy and Serena and Nate succeed in recruiting more crazy people into the Upper East Side.If there was a theme in this episode of Gossip Girl it might be failure. Ivy/Charlie fails to resist the siren allure of Serena‘s shiny, shiny hair and money. Blair, in a bid to convince everyone she‘s not bulimic, manages to tell just about everyone that she‘s actually pregnant. Nate fails to see that the attractive cougar he‘s willing to whore his mother out for frenzied stair sex is looking at him like an actual cougar would its prey. And Chuck? Well it turns out that Chuck is not only the worst member of Fight Club ever but also has a really lame safe word. It‘s disappointment all around for our favorite Upper East Side elite.  Read more »
Last season, the main mystery on Gossip Girl dealt with manipulative Juliet Sharp‘s agenda against Serena at Columbia University. Another mystery was the battle for power at Bass Industries against enemy Russell Thorpe. Serena tried to date her old teacher, who Lily sent to jail; Lily had to face the consequences of her actions from her family and social circle. Blair got engaged to prince Louis of Monaco, but her troubled relationship with Chuck became an obstacle. The season also focused on Dan and Blair‘s growing relationship, giving Blair three possible suitors. And the deteriorating Dan and Vanessa friendship faced a blow when Vanessa stole and published Dan‘s tell-all novel about his friends on the Upper East Side.  Read more »
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This week on Gossip Girl everyone is trying to avoid their problems except Serena, who as usual is accidentally causing more problems. Blair is avoiding opening her paternity test results by throwing herself into various fashion adventures. Dan is avoiding dealing with the fall-out of his book by crawling into other people‘s problems in the guise of helpfulness. Nate is trying to avoid becoming a male prostitute again by dressing up in a business suit in an attempt to convince everyone he‘s not just a well-paid sex toy. And Charlie ... or should we say Ivy? She‘s desperately trying to avoid getting caught in her elaborate web of lies. By episode‘s end, most of our favorite Upper East Siders have stopped lying to themselves. But have they stopped lying entirely? Certainly, Ivy hasn‘t. But what about Blair?  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl Dan‘s book finally drops and it goes down like a lead balloon with its Upper East Side inspirations. Nate is mad he‘s as useless in the book as he often is on the actual show, Blair‘s relationship is almost destroyed, Rufus goes off to drown his sorrows at having raised such a terrible child in waffles and Serena is back to proving she‘s a real person like it‘s season one again. Only Chuck is mostly unaffected by his portrayal, until his loneliness finally sinks in.  Read more »
Gossip Girl this episode took the phrase "meta" to a whole new level. The show based on a book series that is all about peering into people‘s lives from the outside just got another book published by one of its own characters and is soon going to have a movie courtesy of one of its other characters. How many more layers can we add onto this mess? Dan‘s book sure has the Upper East Side in a tizzy, and no one but Chuck seems to see what good can come of it. Season 5, Episode 4 ("Memoirs of an Invisible Dan") pitted the reality of our favorite characters and against the fiction, and tonight‘s best quotes show how blurry that line really is.‘Gossip Girl‘ Recap: Early Demises, Shocking Surprises  Read more »
After watching tonight‘s Gossip Girl, which camp do you fall under: angry and screeching Blair‘s or warm and supportive Alessandra‘s? Season 5, Episode 4 ("Memoirs of an Invisible Dan") revealed the secrets hidden inside Mr. Humphrey‘s Inside, and the results sure weren‘t pretty. Do you - like Chuck - believe that "the artist must stand alone to observe the crowd?" Or do you take a hurt Serena‘s approach, and believe Dan should know better than to shove his friends into little literary boxes? And some of those friends don‘t even get their own little box! Poor Nate.Here are some of the night‘s cleverest and most insightful tweets, in case you need to observe that crowd before cultivating your artistic opinion about the episode‘s events.‘Gossip Girl‘ Recap: Early Demises, Shocking Surprises  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl: Yom Kippur, Dan‘s book, Diana‘s site launch and Blair‘s pregnancy result in a barrage of scheming, sadness and stealing. It‘s ironic that Yom Kippur throws everyone into a tizzy considering that no one ever seems to eat on this show. Unless you count Dan‘s hair, which is steadily eating all the scenery surrounding him. That thing is assuredly on a constant diet of Miracle Grow.  Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Gossip Girl was all about the lost and found: Nate found his moral compass, Louis found his balls when it came to defending Blair, Chuck found he should have been spending money on therapists rather than prostitutes, and Serena found where she had accidentally misplaced her love for Dan somewhere in season 3.Season 5, episode 5 ("The Fasting and the Furious") celebrated Yom Kippur with a little bit of atonement from our favorite characters, as it seemed that everyone was either making up for a few past wrongs or else covering their old misdeeds up. And how did the viewers celebrate this episode of penitence, you might ask?Well, behold some of the evening‘s most heartfelt tweets. Perhaps the confessions of others will help you decide what sins you think GG needs to atone for:Recap: ‘The Fasting and the Furious‘ Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl opened the eyes and hearts of our characters and made them remember that in order to start over, you have to remember where you‘re coming from. Blair recognized that New York would always be her home and firmly rooted her new family in the place where her old family would always be; Serena and Dan decided to med the broken fences of their romantic relationship in order to start afresh on their professional one; Chuck realized that the only way to turn over a new leaf was to ask someone to help you do it. Only Ivy and Prince Louis seem out of the loop now - both keeping secrets and going behind the backs of the families they‘ve so desperately tried to become a part of. And, of course, Diana Payne will be right there with them ready to chronicle their wrongdoings when everything blows up in their faces.Season 5, episode 5 ("The Fasting and the Furious") helped our characters come to terms with themselves, and the night‘s best quotes helped the audience come to terms with GG‘s ability to veer from the ridiculous to the extremely heartfelt.Recap: ‘The Fasting and the Furious‘  Read more »
The CW is getting into business with Hulu. The network has finally signed a deal with the online streaming site to feature all of its programming beginning later this season.Hulu will offer the five most recent episodes of CW shows on its site. Subscribers to the site‘s premium Hulu Plus program will be able to view episode the day after they air, while the free versions will appear eight days after the episodes originally air.  Read more »
The CW has set its mid-season lineup, including the premiere date for the ninth and final season of One Tree Hill which moves to Wednesdays.  Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Gossip Girl got our characters in touch with their inner, emotional numbers. Dan was number 9 on the bestseller‘s list, Chuck was number 2 in Blair‘s heart, and Ivy was number 1 on the list of potential bridesmaids for the (next) royal wedding of the year. Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl was all about self-awareness and discovery. Dan‘s storyline - short as it was - gave us the episode title when he learned his book wouldn‘t be the hit novel or movie everyone was expecting. Nate became aware of just how often women treat him as a prize but turned the situation around to his advantage. The real meat of the episode, however, focused on the steps Chuck took to become a man so that he would never again lose a girl like Blair. Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl everyone reverts to their scheming ways, despite their best intentions. Blair is trying to choose which of her minions will make a good bridesmaid by putting them through insane, potentially life-threatening obstacle courses. Chuck reacts to finding out his therapist is taking bribes the way he reacts to everything: by being a huge drama queen. Nate spends the entire episode either being whored out by Diana or Ivy, even though he thinks he‘s the one trying to make Diana jealous. And Serena is accidentally ruining Dan‘s life while trying to help, the way she always does.  Read more »
The people have spoken, and this year‘s nominees for the People‘s Choice Awards are an interesting mix of popular programs and CW favorites.  Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Gossip Girl was all about lies, games and theatre. It showed characters playing one another and shed light on potential new couples while reigniting old flames. How did Twitter feel about the romantic developments? Read through our most awesome tweets of the evening to find out. Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl took us to the theatre and also gave us a glimpse into the theatrics of all our characters‘ lives. The masks each character wore - both literal and metaphorical - told us a surprising amount about their true nature. Dan‘s lying to his parents about his stint as a famous author because he‘s too ashamed to be a mediocre one. Serena‘s been trying on all sorts of new jobs as if she were playing dress-up, but it takes an attack on her cousin ‘Charlie‘ to bring her fierce new blog to life. Ivy and Diana have mired themselves so deep in pseudo-relationships and fake identities that, at the end of the day, no one can tell which is real and which is a lie. And finally, Chuck dons the mask of his old, destructive self just so that Blair can keep wearing the mask of her new, perfect life.Season 5, episode 7 ("The Big Sleep No More") seemed to make all of our favorite characters regress once more, some for the greater good and some for their own selfish needs. Check out tonight‘s best quotes and see what you think of each new (or old) path.  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, everyone is wearing a mask of their own devising when they go to a production of Sleep No More. Once there, we are treated to sexy candy talk, secret rendezvous and multiple cases of mistaken identity. So basically an ordinary episode of Gossip Girl, only ramped up to 11, at which point everyone looks like a sexy Phantom of the Opera.  Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Gossip Girl was all about the beauty of friendships and the fine line between integrity and intelligence. We rejoiced at the tear-jerker of a speech Serena gave her bestie Blair, remarked suggestively after Chuck tucked Dan in bed, watched in awe as Nate became even more marriageable than before ... and grudgingly accepted that Ivy is a great liar but Max is an even better blackmailerSeason 5, episode 8 ("All the Pretty Sources") set Twitter ablaze with those of us hoping for (or against) the possible departure of guest stars and the possible reunion of old flames, but mostly we all just enjoyed the fact that Gossip Girl remembered where its heart was: Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl episode reminded us that hos sometimes do come before bros - especially when that ‘bro‘ is Blair‘s meddling fiance who will stop at nothing to alienate her from her best friend in the world, Serena. Creepy, huh? Meanwhile, Chuck and Dan cemented their bromance by commiserating over having lost the girl they both wanted, whereas Ivy and Diana made new enemies out of old allies. Season 5, episode 8 ("All The Pretty Sources") had a lot to say about friendship - from Nate and Serena putting their careers on the line to avoid hurting their friends to Blair and Chuck setting their hearts‘ desires aside to defend theirs  - and tonight‘s best quotes show which characters did right by their fellow friends and which might want to watch who they turn their back on. Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, Louis tries desperately to prove to Blair that her friends are horrible people while the members of the Non-Judgmental Breakfast Club try desperately to save her wedding shower. As if we didn‘t have enough reasons to hate Prince Louis, what with him breaking up our favorite couples, his one stern facial expression and his undecipherable lisping accent this episode sealed our hatred forever. You can mess with Blair and Chuck (or Blair and Dan, if that is your thing) but you cannot mess with Blair and Serena. How dare you sir! Thankfully, the true love shared by our favorite foursome won out in the end, just like every love story between a group of dysfunctional rich snobs. Nate breaks up with Diana because he thinks she outted all his friends, Chuck dives into the shark-infested waters of Blair‘s wedding shower to pull out a drunk-as-a-fish Daniel Humphrey and Serena might send thousands of Gossip Girl tips but she also throws one hell of a Breakfast at Tiffany‘s themed party. One of the best episodes of the season focused on what makes the show so endlessly addictive and oddly touching: the mix of malicious scheming and the power of friendship. It was great to see Serena and Blair‘s friendship take center stage for a change. Even better though was the lonely hearts convention between Dan and Chuck. The combination of those two has been hilarious for years but this season they‘ve really shone in all their scenes together. If it doesn‘t work out between Blair and one of the two boys, maybe they can just settle down together. They already have a dog and it‘s legal for them to marry in New York now.  Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl episode, "Rhodes To Perdition," got all of us tweeting about our expectations for Caroline Lagerfelt‘s return to the small screen as the great Cece Rhodes, our assumptions regarding Louis‘ whereabouts, and the ways in which we underestimated poor Nate‘s abilities to make it in the hardcore world of competitive blogging. Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl episode taught us never to underestimate the people in our lives because we may soon regret it. Serena underestimated her affinity for stalkers and blackmailers and wound up with a tiny bit of a broken heart, just as Max underestimated his ex-girlfriend Ivy‘s street savvy and wound up $500,000 poorer than last week. Blair underestimated how much it took for Chuck to let her go and found herself once more torn between her old love and her new one, while Dan underestimated his own insecurities about Inside and found himself waging twitter-war with his own publicist. Meanwhile, everyone in the viewing audience underestimated Nate‘s basic brain functions and was in for a pleasant surprise when he outwitted his entire family and still maintained his integrity. Season 5, episode 9 ("Rhodes To Perdition") reminded us that even those who love us most don‘t always know everything about us - Nate‘s family didn‘t know he was someone worthy of their respect and Charlie‘s family doesn‘t even know she‘s a stranger - and that sometimes we have to rely on what we know about ourselves to get us through. Tonight‘s best quotes were full of lies and truths, which we‘ve come to expect from our favorite teen drama. The one thing we didn‘t expect, though, was just how many of those lies were filled with good intentions. Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, everyone has the chance to tell the truth, with varying levels of success. Also, Cece Rhodes is back in town for a Studio 54 party in her honor and is more fabulous than everyone else on this show combined. Her steady diet of gin and secrets is doing wonderful things for her complexion. Nate sees through his family machinations and writes a blog post about being honest, which in addition to the adorable suit he sports, means that Nate has been taken over by aliens and this show is about to take a very sci-fi twist. It‘s the only reasonable explanation for that level of competence from Nate. Dan stalks his stalker only to play into the negative publicity game. Cece is maybe dying but looks fabulous while doing so. Serena is confused but also sports fantastic Supremes hair, like a missing blonde Dreamgirl. Carol is covering a horrible secret about the real Charlotte Rhodes like maybe she‘s dead or Gossip Girl or actually Georgina Sparks, which would be the best possible scenario. Meanwhile, Chuck is finally honest about letting go of Blair and his feelings for her, except for how he will never give her up and never let her down, like the sweetest Rick Roll of all time. And Blair? She‘s likely lying to herself about wanting Louis back as her sweet prince. We all know it‘s the dark princes she‘s always liked best. Despite the episode relying a little too heavily on the Charlie/Ivy aspects, there were enough emotional morsels and mysteries to get us through. Besides, this season I feel I have to give any episode in which Serena actually brushes her hair a pass. Let‘s delve a little deeper into this week‘s Gossip Girl, shall we?  Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Gossip Girl was definitely a heart breaker. From finding out your first love has moved onto your best friend to realizing your current love would never stop loving her true love, it seemed like everyone on the Upper East Side was coming to terms with the fact that happy endings aren‘t for everyone. Not all the tragedies were romantic in nature, of course: Nate had to deal with once again being manipulated by his family instead of earning his successes, and Ivy tried to accept the fact that the family she had grown to cherish would never really be hers. The real tearjerker of the night belonged to Chuck and Blair, though; serving as a reminder that even in our happiest moments everything can come crashing down.Season 5, episode 10 ("Riding In Town Cars With Boys") brought on several worldwide twitter trends, from people debating who Blair should choose to shouting at the TV about Chuck‘s possible fate. Let‘s see what some of the best tweets looked like, shall we? Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl episode lifted our spirits and then took our hearts and stomped them into little pieces. In an effort to throw suspicion off of her real identity, Ivy tipped GG off to Blair‘s secret meeting with Chuck at the Empire - a meeting orchestrated by Dan in an attempt to give Blair her happiness at the expense of his own. These two actions were motivated by entirely opposite emotions, but they managed to lead to the same devastating result: almost killing Chuck and Blair as they are in the midst of declaring their love and deciding how to raise Blair‘s baby. Season 5, episode 10 ("Riding In Town Cars With Boys") gave our characters plenty of realizations about themselves even as it threatened to take away the things and people they most loved. Nate became a real leader at his firm but had to contend with the fact that his position was bought by his family and not earned on his own merits. Serena realized Dan was the greatest relationship she ever had just as Dan was trying to take a chance with Blair, who in turn was hoping Chuck would still want to be with her while being too afraid to go after him herself. Ivy, meanwhile, was so afraid of being discovered as a fraud that she accidentally turned on the very people she was fighting so hard to stay close to. And in the middle of all this, Gossip Girl took matters into her own hands in order to win back her audience, but in doing so started what might just be the biggest war the UES has ever seen. Tonight‘s best quotes range from hilarious to heartbreaking, but they all remind us just how much we‘d miss any of these characters if they ever left our screens. Read more »
This week on the mid-season finale of Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair finally get their acts together for one blissful moment before getting the Princess Diana treatment. We‘ll always have those five minutes of Chair joy though! Unless Chuck dies or gets retrograde amnesia.But with all the excellent Chuck Bass quips this episode, including Chuck hitting on Nate, I doubt they would ever kill him off. It was excellent to see the Chuck and Blair dream team back together. Every one of their scenes tonight crackled with tension, loss and love. Dan and Blair also made a hilarious, quippy team as Blair wondered why he didn‘t have a bedside silk scarf and marveled that his romantic Empire love den looked like the staging for a ritual sacrifice. Read more »
Let‘s call tonight‘s edition of Buddy Bites the "legal edition". Do you have your Law & Order ba-bumps handy? Before reading each item, play that sound byte -- it makes for an authentic experience. On to tonight‘s bits then: Read more »
It‘s not over yet for 2011, and these celebrity babies know it. With only weeks left before another year rings in, a few pregnant stars continue to make the headlines before this year finally wraps up.   Read more »
There‘s still time for more romance this year! From a rockstar‘s engagement to someone‘s European vacation with a new girl, these celebrities have made headlines with their latest romantic trysts. But it‘s not all good news. Read more »
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There‘s a lot happening this week in casting news. A True Blood star is getting close to Zooey Deschanel, a couple of funny ladies will bring life to The Good Wife, and someone‘s dad is coming back to Gossip Girl. Read on!  Read more »
Casting bits, anyone? I thought so. Tonight, we have a Gossip Girl returnee, a CIA agent-turned-missionary, and a Marc Cherry cameo. But first, live from New York... it‘s Saturday night! Tomorrow. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Gossip Girl had many fake-outs and even more resolutions, as is customary when one breaks up with an old year and starts their relationship with a new one. We thought Blair had ditched Chuck in order to conduct a secret affair with Dan, but it turns out that she was really trying to keep Chuck safe all along. Nate spent most of the episode on a wild goose chase trying to figure out who wanted Chuck and Blair dead, but it turned out someone wanted to hurt him instead. Lily and Rufus followed leads that hinted at Charlotte Rhodes still being in NYC, but it turned out they were accidentally hunting another Charlie. The real one? We‘ll find out!"The End of The Affair" had people freaking out all over twitter over all their ships (everyone from DB to DS to CB got some action tonight!), and I‘m here to select a few of the best tweets. Remember, just because I don‘t pick your tweet doesn‘t mean I won‘t still love you. Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl episode zipped backwards and forwards through time, straddling the two years it had to represent. Lies were piled on top of more lies in order to protect secrets, relationships, and the people our Upper East Siders love the most. Serena faked a relationship with Dan in order to cover for the fake relationship he was thought to be having with Blair, who was covering up the real reason she left Chuck heartbroken and alone after he woke up from his coma. Ivy Dickens tried to run away and disappear from the fake family she had found as Charlie Rhodes, but didn‘t realize she was leaving behind traces of the real Charlie Rhodes. Finally, it seemed that Nate and - surprisingly - Gossip Girl were the only two people on the path to finding actual truth, seeing as they‘ve teamed up to track down the person responsible for Chuck and Blair‘s accident."The End of The Affair?" broke a lot of hearts - both those of our characters and of our audience members. However, everyone‘s made it out alive (even if they are emotionally scarred for the time being), and a New Year can only mean a new start. From Serena resolving to be the new-and-improved Gossip Girl and Nate setting out to be the greatest detective ever to Blair resolving to stay away from Chuck forever and Chuck himself ensuring that she never succeeds, tonight was full of new directions in which to take everyone‘s story. The episode‘s best quotes show us just how much is changing in the world of our favorites, and just how much they don‘t realize everything‘s still exactly the same. Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, the car crash in the mid-season finale continues to have repercussions for all our favorite Upper East Siders. The person I‘m most worried about having undiagnosed brain trauma, though, is Blair. Read more »
Tonight‘s Gossip Girl dealt with faith even more than last week‘s episode. From the politics of an organized religion that would lead a priest to take extreme measures to ensure he keeps his power to the belief Chuck displays in his love for Blair just as she puts her fate in other hands and tries to compel him to give up, faith in its various forms touched everyone‘s story lines tonight. Here are some of the best tweets about "Father and the Bride." Read more »
Gossip Girl this week focused on many of our favorite characters struggling between right and wrong as they maneuvered their way through religion, careers, family and true love. While Chuck teetered dangerously close to the edge of regression in his quest to win Blair back and Serena resorted to petty lies to recapture what she once had with Dan, Nate was able to cut ties with his family in favor of becoming his own man - a man who wouldn‘t lie or cheat or hurt others for his own gain. Beatrice, on the other hand, cut ties with her former paramour when she realized he would scheme to stay in the royal court but not lift a finger to fight for her love.The Upper East Side may have been dealing with its moral dilemmas in "Father and the Bride," but the episode wasn‘t without some great witticisms. Whether we were sighing over unrequited love, or laughing uncomfortably at various characters‘ misuse of religion, the best quotes of the night left us wanting more:  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, everyone celebrates Blair‘s upcoming nuptials by getting arrested! Blair continues suffering whatever horrible crash-induced brain trauma that caused her to believe God was singularly focused on her love life. Read more »
Another round of casting bits, then? Tonight, we have lots, including a new mystery character on Once Upon A Time, a Buffy alum heading to Grimm, and two athletes taking a trip to Hawaii. But let‘s begin in a courthouse... Read more »
Gossip Girl is going all out for its big 100th episode on Monday, January 30 with a royal wedding. Blair‘s nuptials to Prince Louis are here, but there are plenty of landmines that could derail her fairy tale day.  Read more »
The big 100th episode of Gossip Girl, complete with a royal wedding, is almost here, and to celebrate, the CW is looking back at 99 episodes worth of Upper East Side awesomeness.  Read more »
Love is in the air this week as we find out about one rumored affair, a recent engagement and the big reveal of one relationship. Who‘s dating whom? Read on to find out more.  Read more »
Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode had treats for all the fans that have been along for the ride since the pilot: From Serena echoing Blair‘s doomed "Always have, always will" sentiment to Eleanor reversing her unintentional cruelty towards her daughter to Gossip Girl maybe finally telling the secret she swore never to reveal, every GG fan got a huge taste how far they‘ve come on this journey.It seems the twitterverse, however, was more focused on the present-day and trying to prevent the wedding at all costs. Looks like the Gossip Girl fandom can band together when it comes to a guest star literally no one wants to stick around! Here are some of the best tweets about "G.G." Read more »
Tonight marked the milestone 100th episode of Gossip Girl, and the writers graced us with more callbacks to the pilot than we can count. While "Young Folks" and references to Nate/Blair and Nate/Serena brought us back to that fateful day five years ago when it all began, they also highlighted just how much these characters had grown and matured - to a certain extent. Blair traded a fake Queen headband for a real Princess tiara, even though her royal consort is still not a man who truly loved her; Chuck put aside his schemes and tried his best to let Blair make her own choices, but everyone else still can‘t stop assuming he‘s the same guy as before; Serena decided to fight for Dan regardless of possible rejection, just as Dan continued drifting onto his next muse; and Nate strove to uncover the reason why he always fall for the wrong girls, while accidentally walking right into the same trap of lies he always does.Despite the Royal Wedding being the talk of the episode, "G.G." gave us something much, much more important. It‘s only fitting that, after 100 episodes of being shrouded in mystery, Gossip Girl herself finally makes the most changes of all. She didn‘t provide all of this week‘s best quotes, but the progress she‘s forced our characters to make was embodied in almost everything they uttered: Read more »
This week on the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, Blair‘s wedding nearly gets ruined 50 times, but instead of seeing this as a message from new BFF God that she should cease and desist, she goes through with the royal nuptials anyway. This, of course, after basically every character on the show tells her what a terrible idea it is to marry someone as completely devoid of personality as Louis just to save Chuck from starring in the next Final Destination film. Read more »
The big 100th episode of Gossip Girl turned the happiest day of Blair‘s life into the saddest one. The princess bride refused to run away after countless opportunities, only to have her own words ruin her wedding. But Blair still got married, only to learn that it‘s a sham and Prince Louis does not love her at all following Blair‘s public confession of love for Chuck.  Read more »
Kristen Bell likes sloths. Kristen Bell really likes sloths. And now we have the video to prove it.On the Tuesday, January 31 episode of Ellen, Kristen Bell shared with the world how a special birthday present basically turned her into a quivering puddle of happy tears. That‘s how much she loves sloths. Keep reading for a video that will allow us all to share in that sloth love. Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl episode was all about friendships, and the shady things we sometimes tell to keep our own intact - or to break up other people‘s. Dan and Blair ran off together after her wedding last episode, and tonight opened with everyone else on the Upper East Side searching for the lost Princess Bride. Serena jeopardized her own friendship with Blair in order to help Chuck get his dream girl, while Chuck himself lost another chance to be with Blair because of a dowry. Nate‘s burgeoning relationship with ‘Lola‘ was put on hold because of problems with her family and certain lies she may have been telling to protect herself, but it is Georgina who holds the biggest ace up her sleeve with a secret that could destroy everyone‘s friendships. She knows who really sent the blast that ruined Blair‘s marriage - and the ending montage suggests it might have been Dan, trying to keep Blair‘s friendship for good. "The Backup Dan" had a lot of misinformation and missed opportunities flying around, and tonight‘s best quotes highlighted the paradox of humans unable to communicate with one another in a world built on the instantaneous flow of information. It seems that‘s why Gossip Girl herself is so necessary to the Upper East Side: she tells everyone the things they should be telling each other. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Gossip Girl crushed Chuck and Serena‘s hopes for true love while reaffirming the strength of Dan and Blair‘s friendship. It also answered some very important questions about Georgina Sparks and her relationship to the infamous internet blogger she is impersonating. The episode also shed light on the mysterious Lola and what her story is. The tweeters watching, however, were much more interested in their disbelief that Blair would ever run around an airport in a wedding dress."The Backup Dan" proved that sometimes we can‘t see the forest for the trees, but isn‘t it more fun that way? Gossip Girl herself would be nothing without seemingly innocent situations to make scandalous, and we GG tweeters would be nothing without our impeccable attention to detail. Here are some of the best tweets of the night, focused on the hidden gems of the episode: Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, Blair tries to escape her fate but Louie is hot on her heels like a lisping Terminator with less personality. Sensing a disturbance in the force, which is Blair Waldorf wearing a sweatshirt, the non-judging breakfast club reunite for one night only to fight crime, hit on cater waitresses and look stunning in formal attire. Once again, a spinoff I would much rather be watching than this episode of Gossip Girl.  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, love and heartbreak are in the air as our favorite Upper East-siders celebrate Valentine‘s Day. And what better way to celebrate a day custom built on unrealistic expectations than to go back to high school?  Read more »
Ahh, pilot season -- that time in a TV fan‘s year when we hear about planned new shows, fall in love with it, and then get anxious about whether we‘ll even see them on our screens. And yet we fall in love with them anyway.Tonight‘s casting roundup kicks off with four pilot-y bits, and once that‘s done, we have a Big Love wife going to New York, a new head vampire in Bon Temps, and a purveyor of knowledge heading to Greendale. But yes, the pilot-y bits, yes. Read more »
Tonight, Gossip Girl finally let go of old fights between good friends, of denial between people who want each other, and of the beloved Cece Rhodes. While the elder van der Woodsens had to face betrayals from all sides of their family, Serena actually took it upon herself to forgive Blair for her feelings for Dan and continue their friendship despite the pain it caused. In the meantime, Nate acted as a shoulder to lean on for Lola, who discovered all the ways her family had lied to her. Only Chuck and Ivy were left in the cold after owning up to their mistakes and trying to right them - but perhaps Georgina can remedy that for both of them?Season 5, episode 16 ("Cross Rhodes") upped the stakes for a lot of our favorite characters. Faced with their grandmother‘s death, Serena realized her friendship with Blair was more important than her feelings for Dan, Lola realized her entire life had been a lie and Ivy realized there was actually a will to be dealt with in the midst of all her caretaking. While fans were divided on whether to pay attention to that story or shout hurrah (as well as cry foul) on the Dan/Blair/Chuck element, everyone got to tell Cece their goodbyes. Here are some of the best tweets of the night: Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl mended friendships and brought families back together for better or worse, while sparking new romances ... and leaving Chuck alone, the way he always is. Cece may have left the Rhodes-van der Woodsen clan behind, but her passing brought them face to face with a long-lost family member and allowed them all to make peace with their matriarch. Serena and Blair handled their fight over a boy more gracefully that they are used to, and despite Dan claiming in his novel that SB is nothing compared to his relationship with Blair, the girls were still able to be there for each other when it mattered the most. Chuck slid back to his old ways for a moment or two, but he managed to bring himself back with some stern words from his beloved, even if it‘s too late to win her now that she‘s moved on to another man. However, Hurricane Georgina might have a trick or two up her sleeves to turn those tables once again.Season 5, episode 16 ("Cross Rhodes") gave Nate and Lola their first real chance at love, as well as allowing Dan and Blair to move forward in their romance despite her status as a married woman. Tonight‘s best quotes, however, mostly focused on the relationships and people that were tested or sacrificed in order to make these new love affairs blossom. Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, Blair realizes she has feelings for Dan. But Blair also loves Chuck, Louis and lamp. (Anchorman references forever!) More tragically, however, we‘ve lost our dear, pithy Cece to the great gin bar in the sky. Cece, I hope you‘re up there in your gold lame jumpsuit looking down on the rest of us. If there‘s one thing I think we should all take from Cece‘s untimely (especially since she still looks younger than ever) passing, it‘s that we should spend more time with the people we love. I know Cece wishes she had spent more time with her favorites: gin and vodka. Read more »
Tonight, Gossip Girl celebrated the devious and drunkard life of Cece Rhodes by hosting an Irish wake at Lily‘s home without her permission - which turned out to be fine because it was actually Cece‘s property, and she‘s handed it over to Ivy Dickens. Surprise! That was the most exciting part of an episode filled with so many twists and turns that it felt like getting lost in one‘s own living room, or at least the van der Woodsen‘s living room. Not only did Cece pull a number on everyone from her throne room in God‘s palace, but Carol‘s been keeping a horrifying secret of her own that‘s sure to have the family spinning in their seats.And what of Blair Waldorf and her merry band of men? Season 5, episode 17 ("The Princess Dowry") spent a lot of time doing and undoing her prenuptial clause, only to end up bankrupting her family and caring very little about it now that she has a new boyfriend in Dan. She wasn‘t the only one who didn‘t care, though, seeing as the number of viewers tweeting about the episode tonight was much lower than normal. Those of you who were left, however, had plenty to say about the drama that was going down. Here are the night‘s best tweets: Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl had Cece Rhodes turning the van der Woodsen‘s world upside down from beyond the grave. Not content with stirring the pot in life, she just had to scheme her way into the afterlife, too. Now that she‘s left all her money to Ivy Dickens - the con artist with a heart of gold, that is until she kicks Rufus and Lily out of her own apartment - how will Serena‘s family make ends meet? Well, Aunt Carol has a plan at least, involving a secret love child and an indiscretion that just might tear two estranged sisters even further apart.Season 5, episode 17 ("The Princess Dowry") dropped a ton of bombs, from Georgina finally succeeding in bankrupting Blair‘s family and Blair finally succeeding in falling out of love with Chuck and into Dan to Lily informing Chuck that his evil uncle Jack saved his life and Serena becoming the new Gossip Girl. Perhaps there was too much going on, and that‘s why none of the events really seemed to land? Tonight‘s best quotes have our characters mirroring the same confusion as the audience regarding the current storylines.  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, both Cece and Georgina leave us in a blaze of glory, booze, schemes and Riverdance music. I‘m not going to lie; it‘s an amazing episode. It‘s like watching a Russian nesting doll of secrets, lies and schemes get wackier and wackier. Read more »
Most of the CW‘s shows are going off the air for a few weeks, gearing up for a big finish. Today the network officially announced the finale dates for its shows so fans can mark their calendars and clear their schedules.  Read more »
Upper East Siders, prepare for another Bass family reunion. When Gossip Girl returns on Monday, April 2 at 8pm for the first of seven consecutive new episodes to end season 5, Chuck‘s uncle Jack (Dexter‘s Desmond Harrington) will be returning.  Read more »
It turns out, making love on the Upper East Side isn‘t easy. In this clip from Monday‘s new episode of Gossip Girl, Dan and Blair try their hardest to make sweet, sweet love, but things go as wrong as is humanly possible.  Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl was all about making the best out of a bad situation. Dan and Blair can‘t have sex? Get drunk and do it in dirty public places! Lily and Rufus can‘t get their fancy Prada Marfa loft back? At least they have a new family member in Lola! Ivy‘s assets got frozen? She sure does know how to throw a great party, though. Serena gets fired because Nate suddenly grows some balls? It‘s okay, she‘s Gossip Girl now! Chuck has no family except for a creepy uncle with Hepatitis C? He‘ll just track down his possibly fake mom! Speaking of possible fake moms, Diana Payne is coming back into town just in time to save Nate‘s newspaper from financial ruin and hopefully reveal to Chuck that she is his father. Here are the best quotes of the night:  Read more »
Tonight, Gossip Girl continued its latest tradition of attempting to honor Cece Rhodes, but instead the episode lost focus on her and put the spotlight on petty squabbles between the family members she left behind. Ivy threw a party benefitting Cece‘s Cancer organization with William‘s help, but Mr. van der Woodsen was actually being pushed into helping by his ex-wife in order to out Ivy as the con artist she is. Of course this entire mess ended up on Gossip Girl with Serena‘s help - no one will figure out who she is if she only posts about herself, right? -  so everyone ended up losing until Lola managed to save the day.What happened elsewhere, in the land of the slightly less despicable? "Con Heir" delved into the dark depths of Dan and Blair‘s inability to complete satisfying coitus, and it was hilarious yet depressing. Check out our favorite tweets:  Read more »
This week, Gossip Girl returns with an episode about blood donor regulations, legal mumbo-jumbo and bad sex. Isn‘t that what we all tune into Gossip Girl for, though? Estate law and European blood donation regulations from the early 90s? I mean, personally, there is nothing that gets me more pumped for an episode than knowing that the Gossip Girl writers will completely ignore or rewrite the law for dramatic effect. Read more »
Gossip Girl this week had several schemes and double crosses from the least likely sources. Who would have thought Nate, Lola and Serena had it in them to outsmart anyone? Well, at least Nate and Lola did - if only they hadn‘t forgotten child pornography is illegal. Serena had to follow the tradition of getting screwed over herself and losing more of her old life. It also had plenty of Princess Brides and Princess Peach dresses since Blair needed to mourn her royal life onscreen instead of her baby. But what it was lacking was the one thing every GG tweeter wanted to know: Who is Chuck‘s mother?Tonight, the internet was abuzz with everything from praise for the fine specimens of manhood Gossip Girl provides to confusion over Blair‘s priorities and flat-out mockery of Serena. But the one thing everyone had in common was desperation to know whether or not Diana Payne really is Bart Bass. Here are some of the best tweets from "It Girl, Interrupted." Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Gossip Girl was all about getting what you want and then realizing it was all wrong - or perhaps not getting what you want but deciding you liked your other options better anyway. Serena spent all evening using Lola to get herself off of society‘s pages, but then ended up getting used by Lola herself and maybe remembering how much she liked the spotlight. Nate teamed up with Lola to get Diana‘s cougar self off his back, but was left wanting a little more when Diana finally walked away. Blair, meanwhile, was released from her princess contract with Chuck‘s help but wasn‘t sure if she was ready to give up the tiaras and frilly pink dresses quite yet."It Girl, Interrupted" reminded us of just how much we have left to discover about our favorite characters and, more importantly, how much they have left to discover about themselves. Here are some of the episode‘s best reflective quotes: Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, Serena goes mad with power, using our favorite Upper East Siders like puppets in her gambit to replace herself as resident It Girl. That is, until she realizes that she likes the spotlight almost as much as she likes being Gossip Girl. It would be a more interesting storyline if Serena didn‘t rail against her status as anointed It Girl at least once per season only to then realize that like Tinkerbell, Serena only really exists if people believe in her. Read more »
Dan and Blair‘s intellectual conversations may have fallen flat on this week‘s Gossip Girl, but the mystery of Diana Payne got everyone talking. Rufus and Lily‘s marital problems inspired mockery and sympathy, Serena and Lola‘s GG shenanigans exasperated and confounded the audience, but nothing inspired more SNL-style tweets than the possibility of Nate becoming Chuck‘s new step-father. Here are some of the night‘s best tweets: Read more »
Tonight‘s Gossip Girl was all about secrets - the ones we keep, the ones we reveal, and the ones that change our lives forever. And then there was Dan and Blair‘s failed attempt at a salon party. Serena‘s inability to keep her alter ego under lock and key was aided by Diana‘s need to keep some skeletons inside her own closet, but their carefully laid plans were soon undermined by a whip-smart Lola. Unfortunately, both her and Serena‘s individual sleuthing led to Chuck‘s year being ruined for the fifth season in a row, and so Lola had a change of heart about outing people‘s secrets. Nate, meanwhile, drew a line in the sand about what behavior he is willing to accept from his friends and lovers, and both Lola and her sister-cousin found themselves on the other side of it. Finally, Rufus found himself with no wife and no credit card line after he lied to Lily about his involvement with Ivy Dickens. Seems like everyone learned they were better off telling the truth in the first place. Here are the best quotes of the night: Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, we finally find out Diana‘s big secret, and it‘s the one you‘ve been guessing since her picture turned up in Bart Bass‘ file. That‘s right, she‘s Chuck‘s mother. Read more »
Jack being Chuck‘s father may have been the trending topic of choice during tonight‘s Gossip Girl, but the outpouring of sympathy for Serena‘s daddy issues admiration-turned-to-horror over Lily dismantling her family in the name of vengeance were also very noteworthy. Blair running in circles around the question of who she is and why she‘s in Brooklyn rounded out the GG-related tweets for the evening."Despicable B" answered a few questions while opening up many more, but viewers were mostly exciting to finally have some mystery and scandal in their television world again. Here are some of the night‘s best tweets: Read more »
Tonight‘s Gossip Girl was full of family - from the backstabbing kind to the secret-keeping kind to the kind that unexpectedly turns up to be a little closer than you once thought. Chuck finds out his uncle just might be his father, while Serena finds out her father might be her uncle. Confused much? The only one who wasn‘t confused was Nate, who uncovered every truth there was and divulged it to the appropriate parties. Sherlock Archibald may be the best thing about the season."Despicable B" also had quite a bit of its namesake, of course, what with Blair worried that even Dan‘s spotlight was shining brighter than hers. She eventually realized she had just lost herself and needed some help being found, though. Much like Rufus realized he had lost the thread of his relationship with Lily long ago and needed time apart after her latest scheme to put her sister in jail. And poor Ivy desperately tried to make her way back into the van der Woodsen clan, but Lily doesn‘t have any compassion left in her. Tonight‘s best quotes show how each of the characters grappled with the various takes on family and self-discovery: Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, everyone has overly complicated family drama that involves multiple fake parents, con artists, and jail. It‘s like every episode you‘ve ever seen of the Maury Povich show only everyone is just yelling about money and betrayal instead of DNA tests and baby daddies. It‘s amazing. It is, in my nonscientific estimation, the best episode of the entire season. Now, granted, the bar this season has been pretty low. But this week‘s outing is such an amazing kaleidoscope of crazy, evil, scheming ridiculousness that right now everything is just perfect.  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, everyone schemes and counter-schemes and double-back reverse schemes until they all end up at a haunted house orgy. Seriously. And that last sentence was only the tip of the iceberg. Read more »
Chuck‘s parentage is the song that never ends, but at least this time one of our favorite characters managed to come back from the grave in order to thrill and excite us. Serena‘s merry-go-round of Gossip Girl impersonation seems to have ended for now, but perhaps the most surprising moment of the episode was Dan saying those three little words to the equivalent of an empty loft. "Raiders of the Lost Art" felt like the first real Gossip Girl episode in a long time, and we have several exciting tweets to confirm it. Here are some of the night‘s best tweets: Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl saw a few of the many secrets that had been piling up throughout the season finally come to light. Nate found out Serena was the new GG and made it his mission to teach her a lesson alongside Lola. Serena, for her part, was trying to keep her own secret safe and expose the original GG, but ended up discovering Diana Payne was a brothel‘s Madame with the Non-Judging Breakfast Club‘s help. The biggest secret uncovered tonight, however, was about Chuck‘s parentage. Blair accidentally realized that the question isn‘t who Chuck‘s mother is or who his father is, but rather why his father is still alive. Here are the top quotes from the episode: Read more »
Chuck Bass finally came face to face with his father while Blair Waldorf ran away from her feelings, whatever those may be. Nate Archibald let go of his past with Diana Payne and followed an uncertain future with Lola, but his new girlfriend‘s past with Ivy Dickens may cause some problems in the future. Finally, Serena van der Woodsen came clean to her best friend, but tonight, Gossip Girl may have taken that friend away for good. "The Fugitives" continued raising the stakes and quickening the pace - as if making up for the first 21 episodes of the season. Here are some of the night‘s best tweets: Read more »
This week‘s Gossip Girl unveiled the many mysteries of Daddy Bass and his untimely pseudo-death. Chuck confronted his father on his absence but ended up saving him anyway. Blair, meanwhile, had her own best intentions when it came to the men in her life, but perhaps she‘s hiding a deeper truth about her own insecurities. Maybe the diary that her best friend Serena apparently released will reveal a few of those secrets to the audience next week."The Fugitives" explored relationships that were somewhat forgotten, including Blair and Serena‘s friendship, and Chuck and Bart‘s father-son relationship. While the quotes found in Blair‘s diary may help to explain the recesses of some of those relationships, tonight‘s best quotes illuminated a few of the others:  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, we find out the incredibly sketchy story behind Bart Bass‘ apparent death while the Non-Judging Breakfast Club reunites for another scheme. Everyone says things are life and death a whole bunch, in a super serious soap opera voice and it is wonderful. Read more »
The CW is going to be very full next season. The network previously renewed four shows for next season and just picked up five new ones, now comes news that three more shows have been renewed while two have been axed.  Read more »
This week on Gossip Girl, Blair finally makes her 20th romantic choice this season, Serena breaks free of all the bonds of sanity she had left, Nate is mostly useless, Dan‘s hair has finally taken on intelligent life and Bart Bass smiles, terrifying us all to our very cores. Read more »
Gossip Girl‘s shocking season finale felt like something of a time warp, with characters regressing back to their former, messier selves in some cases and progressing to previous season‘s growth in others. While it might be out-of-left-field for Lily to stay married to a man who faked his death for 3 years rather than one who‘s loved her for 20, or disappointing to see Serena hooking up with the wrong guys while doing drugs on a train and Dan cheating on yet another girlfriend, at least it harkens back to GG‘s better days once more. And, even though Serena lost her best friend, Blair finally found the courage to get her true love back. Gossip Girl tweeters everywhere joined forces to bemoan Blair and Serena‘s actions, root for their favorite couples, and ask important questions about all the story lines that never happened. Here are some of the best tweets from the season 5 finale: Read more »
Tonight‘s Gossip Girl was all about making important, life-altering decisions - for better or worse. Serena chose to return to the old school, party girl ways that destroyed her friendships in the first place, probably because they were all already destroyed. Lily chose to stop working on her marriage with the love of her life and instead returned to the man who‘s been missing for three years. Dan grew tired of always being just outside of his Insider status and decided to take the UES down for good. Blair, meanwhile, chose to stop being afraid of losing everything in order to finally have it all with Chuck - but his choice remains in the balance. "The Return of the Ring" had more callbacks to the pilot than the 100th episode and provided some hope that the final season of GG might be as good as its first. Here are the best quotes from the season 5 finale:  Read more »
The CW has ordered more new dramas than ever before for the 2012-2013 TV season, but that‘s not the only major change. The struggling network is radically moving all of its returning shows to new nights or times except for The Vampire Diaries.  Read more »
If there is one truth to life, it‘‘s that there is an award show for everybody. Thus, we have the Teen Choice Awards, a competition whose winners are chosen solely by voters between the ages of 13 and 19. What will this year‘s teens be honoring? Keep reading for the first round of 2012 Teen Choice Award nominees. Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »
In its bid to become the largest awards show that ever was or ever will be, the Teen Choice Awards have announced their second round of nominees. On the TV side of things, the new nominees include summer shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Teen Wolf, as well as stars like Joseph Morgan (The Vampire Diaries), Dianna Agron (Glee) and Shailene Woodley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager). Keep reading for all of the new nominations. Read more »