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Summer is almost over for our loveable East Siders in tonight‘s season premiere of Gossip Girl. In an attempt to get away from their romantic troubles, Serena and Blair have escaped the chaos of the Big Apple and headed to Paris. Something tells us that trouble will follow them where ever they go.To help keep up with this season‘s love triangles, scandals and who knows what else BuddyTV is looking for a Fan Columnist. A Gossip Girl Fan Columnist will write weekly recaps that will highlight all the important drama while keeping it fun and conversational. We‘re looking for a true fan that can hone in on key moments and have a little bit of fun with it.  Read more »
Oh mon dieu! Gossip Girl is back Sept. 13 at 9pm on the CW. And if you lost a little faith in the show after last season, it‘s time to find it again in the streets of gay Paris.Looking for more reasons to tune in than just The City of Light as a backdrop? I‘ve got five for you.Gossip Girl Fans: Want to Write About Gossip Girl?Vive le Chuck!Yay! Chuck‘s alive! Of course, we all knew that already. Ah, but what we didn‘t know is that just because Chuck is alive doesn‘t mean Chuck Bass still exists. Intrigued? Read more »
Think fast! Here is today‘s latest TV news. Enjoy!Beware: Bones SpoilerIt looks like Angela and Hodgins‘ trip to Paris was quite fruitful. We find out in the season premiere of Bones, September 23 at 8pm on FOX, that (spoiler alert) Angela is pregnant! This is great news for the newlyweds but what does it mean for Brennan‘s onetime quest for a child? Time to dust off last season‘s Brennan wants a baby plot. [TV Guide]  Read more »
Score one for Tim Gunn. As if you needed another reason to love the silver fox, check out what he had to say about his experience working with the infamous Taylor Momsen on the set of Gossip Girl.In a recent interview with E! Tim Gunn had some powerful words for the lead singer of Pretty Reckless. He said: "What a diva! She was pathetic, she couldn‘t remember her lines, and she didn‘t even have that many. I thought to myself ‘why are we all being held hostage by this brat?‘" He went on to say: "She was on her phone during every break, I wanted to tell her, ‘If you weren‘t on your BlackBerry, you can retain this stuff.‘" Read more »
In true Gossip Girl fashion, the whirlwind season 4 premiere delivered enormous amounts of haute couture, an overdose of colorful canapes, a heap of catty comebacks, and a slew of mysteries revealed. But was it worth the wait? Last season concluded by doing what GG finales are so famous for- leaving everything up in the air. Some of our favorite New Yorkers were treated to happy au revoirs, whereas most of them met tragedy face-to-face. Lucky for us, Gossip Girl wastes no time picking up the pieces in "Belles de Jour" and taking us on a wild ride, whether it be in quaint cafes in Paris or disastrous fashion events in Manhattan.  Read more »
What do you get when you mix white lies and the ugly truth? The sophomore episode of Gossip Girl‘s fourth season!. While last week‘s premiere focused on tying up loose ends, re-opening old wounds, and belittling each of the characters to their lesser selves, "Double Identity" offered some redemption and - dare we say it? - character development.The real question is, what exactly are the characters developing into? Granted, it can‘t be much worse than pushing your best friend into a fountain or sleeping your way through the phone book. Read more »
Monday was the official start of the fall season with 12 shows premiering on the major networks. With all networks going head-to-head, the ratings can predict what shows will succeed and which will fail.  Read more »
Even though Gossip Girl has always been a little brighter and glitzier during the summer episodes, I must admit things get a lot more interesting once everyone‘s back in good ol‘ NYC. After all, a new school year means a new reputation -- or in some cases, a chance to ruin the reputations of others. In the latest episode, "The Undergraduates", Gossip Girl‘s website gets a facelift, giving our favorite Upper East Siders heaps more to gawk at -- and fight about. Read more »
Who can tell a massive lie and get away with it? Apparently everyone in Manhattan besides Blair Waldorf. Betrayal transpired left and right in "Touch of Eva," and while some of our favorite New Yorkers managed to escape consequences, others were certainly less fortunate.Everything juicy went down at some charity event Chuck was throwing, in which he‘s supposed to announce which charity he‘s going to support(?). I‘m not sure, let‘s just call it this week‘s Climactic Cocktail Party. Read more »
In last night‘s episode, "Goodbye, Columbia," no one really said goodbye to Columbia at all -- but one of the New Yorkers did say ta-ta to the city altogether. Now is it just me, or does it seem like leaving town every time something bad happens never really works out for this bunch?Although the title of the episode mentions "goodbye," the true theme seemed centered around "hello," as everyone in the city popped up in the most random places -- Chuck at Columbia, Vanessa at Hamilton House and Dan at the Empire Hotel. You know something bad is about to go down when these fish find themselves out of water. Read more »
Much has been said recently about the importance of the Internet when it comes to TV watching. Today‘s viewers don‘t simply tune in to a show and then forget about it until next week. Instead, many will watch the show... And then re-watch the show online... And post to a show message board... And search for spoilers... And... Read more »
After a brief hiatus Gossip Girl is back and explosive as ever, not only throwing Jenny Humphrey back into the mix but also throwing several budding romances right into the fire.Last night‘s episode, "Easy J," offered a countless number of famous faces and lessons to be learned. Let‘s discuss the damage, shall we? Read more »
Birthdays and anniversaries come and go, but Gossip Girl makes sure nothing on the Upper East Side is ever mundane. Jenny Humphrey may have been absent in last night‘s episode, "War at the Roses," but there certainly wasn‘t a shortage of drama or heartbreak as two milestones arrived for some of our beloved New Yorkers. Read more »
It‘s all about appearances on the Upper East Side, and while some struggle to evolve and reinvent themselves, others fight to tip the social scales in their favor. A lot happened in "Juliet Doesn‘t Live Here Anymore," including Dan realizing he‘s still pining for a certain blonde, two devilish brunettes realizing they may still have feelings for each other, and one Brooklyn outsider stepping back into the ring after brutally being knocked out in the last round. Read on to find out who is whom (and who‘s sleeping with whom). Read more »
It is the considerable opinion of BuddyTV that the people should not be allowed to vote. This morning the 2011 People‘s Choice Award nominees were announced and the choices are less than inspired. Sure, like a broken clock, some of the choices show an impressive exhibition of taste (nominating Ian Somerhalder‘s highly entertaining performance on The Vampire Diaries), but mostly, it‘s an embarrassment. Read more »
Gossip Girl was undeniably mind-blowing this week, what with everyone‘s disguises, dishonesty and overall malicious behavior. It was season 1 good! Last week came close to the awesomeness of "The Witches of Bushwick," as Serena broke Colin‘s little cougar heart, Blair and Chuck sexed it up all over town, and Nate cock-blocked Dan for the umpteenth time. But it definitely didn‘t top this episode, so let‘s get into it, shall we? Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television.Thanksgiving is coming! Read more »
It‘s Thanksgiving in New York and everyone knows it wouldn‘t be a Gossip Girl holiday without appetizers like deception and chaos. Two weeks ago, Vanessa, Juliet and Jenny pulled a nasty little prank on everyone, which Juliet took too far by drugging Serena. But now that everyone hates S, who will come to her rescue? Let‘s recap what we have to be thankful for in "Gaslit." Read more »
"The Townie" tied up many loose ends, while simultaneously ripping open fresh wounds for our darling Upper East Siders. It was definitely a worthwhile episode, for the hardcore fans especially.  There were numerous throwbacks to previous GG moments, including Aunt Carol in Miami, Eric‘s infamous Marlins jersey and the Mean Girls. Not to mention actual flashbacks. Let‘s get this recap started by taking a step back in time first ... Read more »
The CW finally unveiled its mid-season schedule today, though there isn‘t much new to talk about. The only real gap in the network‘s schedule came from Life Unexpected coming to an end, a problem being solved by the weight-loss reality show Shedding for the Wedding.  Read more »
Relationships are tricky business, particularly if you‘re either a rich and famous Hollywood star or a fictional character. In Shipping News each week, I break down for you the three most note-worthy (to me!) relationships -- i.e., ships -- o‘ the week into the Tip-Top Ship Shape (for the best ship of the week), That Ship Has Sailed (for romances that fell apart) and You Sunk My Relation Ship (for the most devastating moment in a romance we‘re shipping for). Got a duo you‘re totally shipping for? Drop me a line in the comments, and you may see them featured here.  Read more »
Last time we saw our beloved New Yorkers they were formulating plans for winter break -- and surprisingly, not much has changed since they rang in the new year. Although that doesn‘t mean there aren‘t scandals to be had now that everyone‘s back in town.In "The Kids Are Not Alright," we find out exactly what everyone‘s been up to -- and the havoc they plan on wreaking this year. Read more »
White Collar is welcoming a recurring character to its episodes this season. And that character is portrayed by none other than Andrew McCarthy!  Read more »
Usually our most talked about New Yorkers get away with their insanity, but everyone learned a thing or two this week. We don‘t know if they‘ll take their lessons to heart, but one thing‘s for sure -- nothing could ever be boring when it comes to this bunch. "Damien Darko" featured Blair and Dan competing for an internship, Lily piling more lies atop her already precarious heap, Ben and Serena trying to move forward, and as you may have guessed, the return of the infamous Damien Dalgaard. Read more »
A lot of things bug me about last night‘s TV ratings, but one thing I‘m OK with is Gossip Girl‘s record low rating. Last week when the show returned from its winter break, Gossip Girl had its worst rating ever with 1.58 million viewers. Last night the show beat that record with just 1.5 million viewers. To put it into perspective, that‘s worse than the repeat of The Vampire Diaries the CW aired Friday night, the day after it originally aired.I‘m happy because it‘s proof that I‘m not the only one who grew sick and tired of the dull and ridiculous plots the show was spinning. The viewing public has voted with their remotes, and while Gossip Girl was once the hottest thing on the CW, now it‘s the worst.  Read more »
Even though this week‘s episode featured an enormous promotion, delicious plotting, several epiphanies, and Florence and the Machine ... it still fell flat. Apparently the majority of Gossip Girl viewers agree, as the show‘s ratings have decreased dramatically.Now don‘t get me wrong, it‘s still my favorite show at the moment and last night‘s episode "Panic Roommate" was entertaining -- but nothing spectacular happened this week, and I feel like that‘s becoming a trend. Read more »
It‘s Valentine‘s Day on the Upper East Side, which seems to bring out the worst in just about everyone ... well, if they‘re single. In "It-Girl Happened One Night," most of the New Yorkers moped around about being lonely on Singles Awareness Day, before finally throwing on a fake smile and getting on with it. So basically, real life. Now let‘s dish about all the heartache that took place. Read more »
Poor Eric can never catch a break -- even on his 18th birthday, the Upper East Siders are too busy with sabotage and seduction to pay him much attention.In "While You Weren‘t Sleeping," Damien discovers a way to get everyone to be his drug mule, Blair prefers Red Bull to sleep on her quest to becoming a powerful woman, and Lily and Chuck band together to take down Russell Thorpe. Let‘s survey the damage. Read more »
It was a whirlwind day of second chances and new beginnings on last night‘s Gossip Girl. While some of our favorite talks-of-the-town were set free, others took the risk of being forever caged."Empire of the Son" featured tearful goodbyes, an incriminating document, several surprising returns and a twisted game of Clue -- yet still had time to squeeze in a not-so-unexpected first kiss. Let‘s start dishing. Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television. Read more »
Tonight, Gossip Girl returns with an all-new episode after what seems like an eternity -- but apparently gossip was slow over the break, because for once it returns right where we left off.Unlike 90210, which featured outlandishly bland plotlines, such as monkey bites and more lessons as to Why Drugs Are Bad, "The Kids Stay in the Picture" actually offers a few twists and tricks. Although by now, are we really supposed to expect much less? Read more »
Today Time Magazine released its annual list of the 100 most influential people of the world. The list includes a lot of the people you‘d expect (President Obama, Oprah, Bieber, Zuckerberg), but there are also some strange pop culture inclusions.  Read more »
Our favorite pretentious New Yorkers ran around more confused than ever this week as friendships disintegrated and hearts were shattered, all thanks to a few misunderstandings.Last night‘s episode, "Petty In Pink," reintroduced all of Gossip Girl‘s finer points -- sass, sex, scandal and, most of all, storyline. Could the writers be putting the show back on track just in time for the finale? All I have to say is, it‘s about time. Read more »
The CW has just made a lot of fans very, very happy. Today the network officially picked up The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Gossip Girl and 90210 for next season.In addition, the CW also ordered an all-star cycle of America‘s Next Top Model.  Read more »
Although fast-paced, crammed with drama, and more exciting than just about the entire season put together, last night‘s episode played out sort of like a parody of the Gossip Girl we know and (mostly) love."The Princesses and the Frog" featured two marriage proposals, an apparent murder, a domestic dispute, a possibly psychotic blonde and more backstabbing than outfit changes - not only unusual for an average episode of Gossip Girl, but also starting to sound more like a daytime soap. Read more »
In last night‘s episode of Gossip Girl, everyone returned to Constance Billard for a bit of a high school reunion ... which, instead of proving how much they‘ve matured, let them demonstrate how little they‘ve actually learned after all this time.In "Shattered Bass," Chuck proved to be just as impenitent as ever, Blair demonstrated that her self-esteem just might be lower than it was in high school, Dan continued to try and sleep with everything that moved despite playing the role of pretentious outsider and Serena complained about a girl wearing her dress to a party. Well hello, season 1. Read more »
Overtime during the Heat/Celtics game might have contributed to some of the falling ratings for primetime television last night, with Chuck, Dancing with the Stars and How I Met Your Mother all dipping considerably in viewers from last week. However, a few resilient shows managed to weather the ratings slump. Read more »
Once upon a time, on New York‘s wealthiest and bitchiest side, the Upper East, there lived princes and princesses who floundered around the city in fabulous attire, attending exclusive soirees and biting into unpronounceable delicacies. One day, however, these royals found themselves void of fairies, wearing drab outfits, going to dull events and being too busy tracking down the deceased or getting tied up and possibly set on fire to eat anything. Oh, the events that can transpire over the course of one season of Gossip Girl.The season finale, "The Wrong Goodbye," airs tonight, and although we have the comfort (or threat) of knowing that Gossip Girl has been renewed for a fifth season, it already feels like we‘ve said goodbye to the characters we loved to hate, au revoir to the gorgeous city lights, adieu to storylines that made any semblance of sense. Kiss Gossip Girl goodbye, say hello to the latest nighttime soap opera.But perhaps I‘m getting ahead of myself. Maybe, by some sheer act of God or Georgina Sparks, this show can be salvaged. With just one episode left, perhaps the characters can rise above the ashes (quite possibly speaking in literal terms, here) and be resurrected as the fabulous, dramatic, lovably loathsome individuals they once were (instead of just plain loathsome). That being said, there were some stand-out moments of greatness this season. Let‘s look back on those, shall we? Read more »
After struggling through a few rough patches, last night‘s season finale actually went out with quite a bang -- and by bang, I don‘t mean gunshots (like last year). Sure, some moments were absolutely atrocious -- especially towards the beginning -- but by the end of the night, Gossip Girl landed on solid ground and reestablished itself as a sultry and salacious show worthy of anticipation. "The Wrong Goodbye" tied up loose ends while also paving the way for new mysteries. While I think the first half of the episode was outlandish (and not in a good way), I do think it was necessary. At least now all the snore-inducing plotlines have been tied up as prettily as one of Blair‘s long-forgotten bows. But are more snore-inducing plotlines on their way? Read more »
Finales ruled Monday night, with Chuck, Castle, Hawaii Five-0, and How I Met Your Mother all enjoying hefty ratings increases with their season finales. And of course Dancing with the Stars fared well. We also said goodbye forever to a few shows.Castle wrangled a whopping 13.21 million, while Hawaii Five-0 managed 9.83 million. Both shows featured huge cliffhangers in their season finales, leaving fans hungry for more. How I Met Your Mother had 7.11 million viewers. Chuck‘s season finale drew 4.47 million viewers. All four shows are returning next season (Chuck for its final 13 episodes), but fans have a long summer ahead of them. Read more »
The CW is the final network to release its fall lineup this week, and the network is a bit more ambitious than in the past. They‘ve picked up four new shows for the fall, moved two shows to new nights and pushed the ninth season of One Tree Hill to mid-season.The big changes include moving 90210 to Tuesdays and Nikita to Fridays to make room for two of the network‘s new shows.  Read more »