Articles for Ghost Hunters Season 6

Ghost Hunter fans can celebrate the fact that today a new DVD of show episodes was released. This one is entitled Ghost Hunters - Military Investigations. The collection of five episodes is all about Grant and Jason‘s investigations on military locations. The specific investigations included are: Read more »
Fans of this Ghost Hunters spin-off can now get the first part of season of Ghost Hunters International on DVD. You‘ll be able to re-live every heart pounding, eerie episode where the team investigates England‘s most haunted castles, a cursed Scottish orphanage and even Germany‘s legendary Frankenstein Castle.This 3-disc set includes episodes "Chillingham Castle," "Evil Unearthed," "Whispers from Beyond," "Haunted Village," "Fortress of Fear," "Frankenstein‘s Castle," "Lamach Castle," "Devil Dog," "Castle of the Damned" and "Shattered Spirit." There are also many deleted scenes that never made it on-air.(Image: Read more »
Another edition of Buddy Bites right at you -- tonight‘s installment features some sad news, some comforting news, and a figure from my childhood coming back to talk about bad auditions. Read more »