Articles for George Lopez Season 6

Aimee Garcia knows what it’s like to work with her idols, after all, she works with comedian George Lopez as George’s niece Veronica on the ABC sitcom George Lopez..  This proud Latina is also set to be the atypical weather girl in Fox’s new comedy Action News.  Aimee took some time from her busy schedule to talk to BuddyTV about working with George, the challenge of comedy and being a Latina in the industry. Read more »
George Lopez is a sitcom on ABC that mostly showcases Latino actors. The comedy series follows the life of George Lopez and his kooky family.  Read more »
One of the most prominent Mexican-Americans to be recognized in mainstream American popular culture, George Lopez has decided to retire from stand-up comedy when he turns the age of 55 in nine years time.  The 46-year-old Latino funnyman explains that he doesn‘t want to risk his health as he hits his 60s.Lopez, who previously starred in the sitcom George Lopez for five years, already had one major health scare.  He suffered from a genetic disorder in 2005, which caused his kidneys to deteriorate.  That same year, he received a kidney transplant from his wife.  Since then, the couple has become spokespeople for the National Kidney Foundation. Read more »