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 General Hospital is a soap opera created by Frank and Doris Hursley. It is deemed to be the longest-running daytime series produced on the West Coast. The show entails a lot of intrigue, drama, adventure and romance which is set in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York.  Read more »
Scott Clifton, three-time Daytime Emmy nominated actor, is best known for his role as the character Dillon Quartermaine on General Hospital. However, after spending nearly four years on the ABC soap opera, the 22-year old actor is finally calling it quits."Scott will not be leaving in June, but will exit the show as needed per storyline," a General Hospital spokesperson has stated despite the actor’s contract expiration on May 12. Read more »
It was a big night for General Hospital stars Genie Francis and Rick Hearst at the 2007 Daytime Emmy Awards on June 15th. Francis, who picked up the Best Supporting Actress award for her portrayal of Laura Spencer, first started appearing on the popular soap opera in 1976. She was paired with Anthony Geary, who plays Luke Spencer on the show. Their on-screen relationship made General Hospital the most highly-followed daytime drama in the 1980’s, with their wedding episode in 1981 bringing in a total of 30 million viewers. Read more »
After creating the spin-off Port Charles, which lasted from 1997 to 2003, the producers of General Hospital have decided to create yet another spin-off called General Hospital: Night Shift. With an initial 13-episode order, the spin-off is set to debut this coming July on SOAPnet. While General Hospital features a relatively mature crowd, General Hospital: Night Shift will be comprised of younger characters with ties to core families. It will also further explore the friendships and romantic relationships of its characters, as well as the medical cases encountered at the hospital. Read more »
Apart from landing a spot on the General Hospital spin-off Nightshift, Adrian Alvarado also stars in a horror film entitled Urban Decay.Alvarado, a 31-year old native of New Jersey, is an actor currently playing Cruz Rodriguez on General Hospital. He portrays a detective who works with the Port Charles police department and is a close friend of Lucky Spencer. Apart from the long running soap opera, his other acting credits include Sleepless Nights, Strong Medicine, and Cry of the Winged Serpent as the character Jesus Franco. Read more »
Minae Noji plays Dr. Kelly Lee on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.  Tonight at 11pm on SOAPnet, Noji can be seen on the new GH spin-off, Night Shift.  The new, weekly primetime series focuses exclusively on the hospital aspect of the series (the first episode is titled "Frayed Anatomies").  The young actress took some time earlier this week to talk to BuddyTV about the new show, the hot and steamy scenes ahead for her character, and her experience doing voiceover work on the ‘90s animated series Captain Planet.Read the full interview transcript or listen to the mp3 audio below: Read more »
At the end of last month, actress Natalia Livingston denied rumors that she has been fired from ABC’s popular daytime drama, General Hospital.  Livingston said that she, in fact, has re-signed with the show, and will thus keep appearing on the small screen as Emily Quartermaine. "[General Hospital] and I started contract negotiations several months ago... Both wanting to work something out.  We have finally come to a deal where both sides are happy," Livingston said in a statement.  "With that said, I am, have been, and will always be incredibly grateful to GH for giving me such a wonderful job. I love and treasure every day on the show." Read more »
On July 9, General Hospital viewers watched as the Quartermaines said goodbye to one of their own.  Dillon, played by Scott Clifton, was last seen heading to Hollywood in order to try out his luck in the entertainment industry.  The episode also marked Clifton’s departure from the popular daytime drama series, with the actor saying in May that he is not happy his character‘s development.Currently, the 22-year-old actor is busy working on his music career, telling Soap Opera Digest that this is the first time in his life that he has found the time and energy to pursue music.  He did admit, however, that he never saw himself as a music person, and that he had always felt that acting was his sole purpose in joining the entertainment industry. Read more »
Young Texan actor Josh Duhon is one of the newer cast members of General Hospital, playing bad buy Logan. He began his acting career in Dallas doing commercials, and while taking some college classes began auditioning for independent films. He is well aware of the history involved with General Hospital and is enjoying his time learning the finer points of such a demanding job. Josh spoke to BuddyTV about how he got his start, working with his GH co-stars and the thrills of meeting Billy Dee Williams.Below you will find a transcript of the interview as well as a complete mp3 audio file. Read more »
Julie Berman is one of the stars of the ABC soap opera General Hospital, playing trouble-making Lulu Spencer. Her character is the daughter of Luke and Laura Spencer, possibly the most famous couple in daytime TV history. But Berman is not overwhelmed by that pressure, and this year she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award fr Outstanding Younger Actress. Julie spoke with BuddyTV about her recent engagement, her role on GH and how she feels about interacting with her many adoring fans.Below you will find a transcript of the interview as well as a c omplete mp3 audio file. Read more »
The General Hospital spin-off, General Hospital: Night Shift, premiered on July 12, drawing in an average of 1 million viewers and nearly 500,000 viewers in the Women 18-49 demographic.  Because the figures exceeded SOAPnet and Disney-ABC Television Group‘s expectations, Company President Brian Frons is “obviously thrilled” about the immediate success of their new daytime drama. However, despite the positive reception to the show, Frons told reporters at the TCA summer press tour that the spin-off will not yet be aired on broadcast television. Read more »
When we last left Port Charles, Ric threatened Jason to accept a plea bargain or Elizabeth would be forced to reveal on the witness stand that Jason is Jake‘s real father, not Lucky.  After Lulu and Lucky tried to calm Elizabeth‘s nerves about testifying against Jason, Spinelli warned Lulu that Ric was planning to expose the truth in court!  Jax is being held captive by Irina to get revenge on his brother Jerry who is crazed that he can‘t find his brother.As Kate and Elizabeth discuss their upcoming testimonies, Sonny shows up to let them know Ric is making him testify against Jason as well.  Carly continues her quest to be called as a witness but Diane tells her it‘s not gonna happen.  Jerry nurses his wounds while his brother Jax is still being held by Irina, who‘s determined to seduce him.   Read more »
On yesterday‘s show, Jax was being held captive by a mystery woman who was trying to seduce him.  Sam and Lulu vow to wreak havoc on the lives on Elizabeth and Maxie.  Elizabeth was questioned about the nature of her relationship with Jason and the truth may come out about baby Jake‘s father.While Kate tries to talk business, Sonny shows up with pizza and beer, looking to thank her for sticking up for him the courtroom.  Carly is on her way to Venezuela with Jerry in order to save Jason but would she do the same for Jax?  Speaking of, he‘s got his hands full with Irina.  When he tries to refuse her sexual advance, she throws him down.  Elizabeth is grilled on the stand by Ric as to whether or not she and Jason have ever spent the night together. Read more »
When we last left Port Charles, Elizabeth was grilled on the witness stand by Ric.  Is Jason the father of baby Jake or is he not?  Elizabeth must answer while her husband, Lucky, sits by and watches.  Logan continues to go after Lulu, despite Spinelli‘s warnings to stay away from her.  Jerry and Carly fly halfway around the world to help both Jason and Jax.Jerry continues trying to figure out who is calling him, not realizing it is the brother that he is searching for.  Carly is paranoid, wondering if the call is about Jason or Jax.  Sonny continues to admire the way Kate is playing with his boys.  Nikolas and Sam wait at the courthouse to find out how Elizabeth‘s testimony went.  The answer is - not well.  Ric keeps grilling her about the father of her baby.  She chooses to lie.  LIE!  She just said that Lucky is the father.  Ooh... Read more »
This week, on General Hospital, the show focused on some major issues including Jason Morgan‘s trial, the disappearance of Jasper Jacks, aka Jax, and the Spinelli-Lulu-Logan love triangle.  Perhaps the most riveting storyline was the true identity of baby Jake‘s father: would Elizabeth admit that it was really Jason or continue to let her husband Lucky think it was his?  Would she come clean?  Ric Lansing, as prosecuting attorney, was on a mission to get her to tell the truth while under oath.  Here‘s how it all played out. Read more »
On Friday‘s episode of General Hospital, Elizabeth lies on the witness stand, saying that Lucky is the father of baby Jake.  Sam tries to turn Jason against Elizabeth.  Carly realizes Jerry is hurt and while delirious, he kisses her.  Jax is manipulated and forced into sex with Irina.  Lulu finds she has fun on her date with Logan.Carly pulls away from Jerry‘s embrace to let him know she‘s not Irina.  Sonny and Ric continue their confrontation in the courtroom.  Ric is convinced that Sonny ordered Jason to kill Alcazar and left him to take the fall.  Lucky demands to know if Jake is his son and Elizabeth says that he is.  Liar!  Sam tells Jason to admit that Jake is his son or she‘ll do it for him. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Jason tells Sam not to reveal the truth about Elizabeth and baby Jake.  Elizabeth tries to reconcile with Lucky but ends up visiting Jason.  Lulu and Logan have a romantic date together.  Shots are fired at Carly and Jerry.Robin walks in to find her mother locked in an embrace with Noah.  Seems Robin‘s and Patrick‘s fears were legit.  Elizabeth tells Jason she doesn‘t regret any of the choices she‘s made.  Gunmen burst into Jerry‘s hotel room, firing at him and Carly.  Sonny calls an ambulance for Kate who has collapsed Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Sam pays a visit to Lucky to tell him the truth about Elizabeth and Jason.  Jason refuses to accept a plea bargain.  Carly makes up a story to the cops to spare Jerry from the police after killing one of Alcazar‘s henchmen.  Robin and Patrick are upset to find their parents hooking up.Lulu wakes up to find out there are no phone calls or packages for her.  Just when she begins to lose hope, Monica and Edward surprise her with a birthday cupcake.  They remembered!  Jerry looks to take Carly to the bank but she‘s not interested in stealing Lorenzo‘s money.  Diane pays a visit to Jason to talk strategy before they head into the courtroom again.  She wants to call Elizabeth back to the stand but Jason won‘t hear of it. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Kate was bitten by a poisonous snake.  Carly and Jerry lie to the police and a Venezuelan bank representative.  Lulu celebrated her birthday with Logan.  Skye was called to the witness stand and Elizabeth was called back to court.  Sam paid Lucky a visit to give him more answers.Just when things seem to be getting hot and heavy with Lulu and Logan, she pulls away and says she can‘t go any further with him.  Jerry puts the bank rep on the phone with "Alcazar" but who is on the other end of the phone?  Carly gets on the phone and it seems it actually is him.  Ric is allowed to play the tape of Lorenzo identifying his killer again.  Elizabeth comes home to find Sam and Lucky together playing with her kids Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lulu pulls away from Logan.  Sonny and Kate almost have a moment.  Carly is convinced Alcazar is alive.  Skye is called to the witness stand.  Sam gets in between Lucky and Elizabeth.Elizabeth continues to plea with Alexis to help her get Sam away from her family.  She has good reason as it looks like Sam was about to make her move on Lucky.  Alcazar‘s gardiner is convinced he saw Jason put a dead body in the back of an SUV.  Sonny calls Spinelli in to see him and decides that he can use him for his own personal gain. Read more »
On this week‘s General Hospital, Jason Morgan‘s trial continued as Ric tried to prove that he was responsible for Alcazar‘s death.  Many witnesses were called including Kate, Elizabeth, Amelia, Skye, and a gardener who had personal reasons for going after Jason.  Elizabeth continues to dance around the truth to Lucky regarding the entire story of her relationship with Jason.  Despite everyone‘s warnings, Lulu continues to get involved with Logan.  No new information was given about Jax but Carly and Jerry continued to search for him and try to help Jason while in Venezuela.  Here‘s more details on what went down in Port Charles this week on General Hospital. Read more »
On Friday‘s episode of General Hospital, Lulu grows attached to Logan but he‘s not genuine about his feelings for her.  Lucky and Sam grow closer while Elizabeth stands helpless on the sidelines.  Evidence is entered that Alcazar is alive.Spinelli is upset after finding out that Lulu is planning on sleeping with Logan.  Cooper walks in on him and Maxie in the middle of kissing.  She tries to explain before he punches Logan.  Mac arrests Kate and Sonny tries to figure out what‘s going on.  Carly and Jerry are back and show up at the courthouse just as Diane asks the judge to drop all charges against Jason. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Cooper walks in on Maxie and Logan together.  Lulu does not believe Spinelli when he tries to tell her the truth about Logan.  Kate is arrested and sent to jail for reckless driving and hit and run.  Diane‘s evidence that Alcazar is alive is allowed to be submitted in court.Ric calls Sam to offer her a proposition.  Spinelli shows up as a lawyer so he can get in to see Jason but he‘s looking for advice after Lulu broke his heart.  After attempting to run, Jax is caught and beat up by Irina‘s men.  She tells him that he is only there for one reason and that reason is to die!  Somebody better get in there and save him. Read more »
On the last episode of General Hospital, Sam is called back to the stand by Ric but she doesn‘t help his case against Jason.  Spinelli and Lulu put their differences about Logan aside to maintain their friendship.  Patrick finds out that the reason Robin has been distant is because she thinks she‘s pregnant.  Irina calls Carly but will not let her speak to Jax.  Kate is released from prison in Sonny‘s care.Edward and Monica try to keep Lulu from going out.  Diane grills the coroner to admit that there‘s no proof that Alcazar is dead.  Carly answers a phone call from Irina who tells her that she just had sex with her husband.  Robin admits that she hasn‘t taken a pregnancy test and Patrick looks very worried. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, everyone tries to keep Lulu and Logan away from each other.  Tracy tries to get Scott to take a paternity test to prove he really is Logan‘s father.  Robin takes a pregnancy test which comes out negative and Patrick is overly relieved.  Carly tries to figure out if Jax is in danger at the hands of Irina.  The jury has reached a decision at Jason‘s trial.Carly demands answers from Jerry while Irina promises Jax his brother will be there soon.  Jax fights back against Irina.  Sam is not thrilled to see Elizabeth at the courthouse.  Jason is found not guilty of the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar. Read more »
On the last episode of General Hospital, tensions mounted between Robin and Patrick after she found out she wasn‘t pregnant.  Carly insists on following Jerry and doing whatever it takes to save Jax.  When Jax tries to fight back and escape, he is beaten up by Irina‘s men and she swears she‘s going to kill him in front of his brother.  Jason is found not guilty of murder.  Lucky finds out Elizabeth went to the courthouse to see Jason.Diane and Sonny share dessert as he tries to figure out how to get the charges against Kate dropped.  She has her own plans and wants to leave for Paris tonight.  Carly attempts to be permitted to enter Turkey to find Jax.  Irina is expecting Jerry to show up today but she might get a different visitor.  Jason pulls a box out of his closet, filled with memories of Elizabeth and baby Jake.  Just then, Lucky shows up to tell Jason to stay away from his family. Read more »
On this week‘s General Hospital, the jury finally reached a decision in the trial of Jason Morgan.  Cooper walked in on Logan and Maxie hooking up.  Everyone tried to keep Lulu away from Logan.  Tracy asked Logan and Scott to take a paternity test.  Kate was arrested for reckless driving.  Elizabeth and Lucky are driven apart by Elizabeth‘s admissions in court.  Sam moves in on Lucky.  Robin‘s fears that she is pregnant are eased when her test comes out negative.  Carly and Irina speak on the phone.  Here‘s some more details on some of the major storylines the show tackled this week. Read more »
On Friday‘s episode of General Hospital, Carly chases Jerry to Turkey in order to save Jax.  Jason contemplates confessing his true feelings to Liz.  Sam and Lucky become closer.  Lulu wants to pursue a relationship with Logan despite everyone‘s warnings.  Elizabeth is stopped in the park while with her kids by two men with guns.Jerry wants to handle saving Jax himself.  Logan promises Maxie that he can get Lulu in bed anytime he wants.  Spinelli tries to convince Jason to confess his feelings for Elizabeth.  As Liz is about to be taken by two men, Sam jumps in, pointing a gun at them, and telling them to leave her alone Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Lulu pushed Logan to trust her and let her in instead of protecting her.  Sam staged an attack on Elizabeth so she could look like the hero and Lucky‘s about to figure out that she‘s behind it.  Jason confesses his true feelings to Elizabeth.  Irina finds Carly and Jerry before they can find her.Irina has told Carly that Jax is dead but she doesn‘t believe her.  Kate overheard Sonny and Diane talking about her legal woes.  Lucky finds Sam talking with the two guys who came after Elizabeth.  Jerry wants to talk to Irina alone.  Kate fails to see the seriousness of the charges against her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Sam threw Lucky off her trail after he found her talking with the two men who tried to attack Elizabeth.  After Jason admitted his true feelings to Elizabeth, they realized they cannot be together.  Sonny and Diane try to work with Kate to keep her out of jail.  Carly makes her way to rescue Jax but is caught by Irina on the ship.Noah shows up as Anna, Patrick, and Robin gear up for LifeBeat to tell them he won‘t be performing.  Kate tells Sonny she can‘t see him anymore.  Jason asks Spinelli for help asking to find out who the men were that threatened Elizabeth.  Sam tries to cover her tracks after deceiving Elizabeth, Lucky, and Jason Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Noah had doubts about going on stage as Eli Love.  Elizabeth tried to repair her relationship with Lucky now that she realized there was no hope for her and Jason.  Kate tries to make a deal with Ric to get out of going to court but he‘s not interested in bargaining.  Spinelli and Jason try to track down the two men who threatened Elizabeth.It‘s hard to tell if Kate is excited to see her visitor, who says he‘s the man who knows her best.  Sonny tries to make Elizabeth see how much she‘s hurt Jason.  Spinelli and Jason get closer to finding out the identities of the two men.  Lucky tries to figure out if Sam really wants a bodyguard or is just out for revenge. Read more »
On the last episode of General Hospital, Anna and Robin try to get Eli to perform instead of Noah, who is suffering from stage fright. Sonny tells Elizabeth to stay away from Jason. Lucky agrees to be Sam‘s bodyguard. Jason and Spinelli get closer to figuring out who was behind the attempted attack on Elizabeth in the park.Anna jumps on stage to stall the crowd after Eli‘s mic goes down while Noah stands on stage. Spinelli and Jason head to confront the men who went after Elizabeth. Sonny tells Ric that a New York mob boss is about to make a move on Port Charles but he only wants to focus on Sonny. Carly is thrown into the holding room with Jax, who has been beaten by Irina‘s guards again. Irina throws the fact that she had sex with Jax in Carly‘s face. Read more »
On this week‘s General Hospital, Jason admitted his true feelings for Elizabeth, who also felt the same.  The two agreed that they shouldn‘t see each other because it was too dangerous for Elizabeth and her family after she was threatened in the park.  Kate‘s much older boyfriend, Trevor Lansing, shows up in Port Charles to help her with her legal woes.  He just happens to be Ric‘s father and Sonny‘s stepfather and Sonny seems particularly distressed by Trevor‘s presence.  Jerry and Carly are reunited but Irina is not done with her plans of revenge.  Rick Springfield had his first musical performance on the show as Dr. Noah Drake/Eli Love.  Here‘s more details on the bigger stories that happened on General Hospital this week. Read more »
On Friday‘s episode of General Hospital, Dr. Noah Drake and Eli Love joined forces to put on a great performance at the Lifebeat concert.  Jerry tries to convince Irina he‘s willing to turn on Jax and Carly so they can make a quick escape.  Trevor, Ric‘s father, shows up to come to Kate‘s rescue and Sonny finds out that the woman he cares about and his step-father have a connection.  Lucky kisses Sam and Jason finds out that she was behind the attack on Elizabeth.Spinelli tries to get Jason to relax but he‘s still steaming after finding out what Sam did.  Sam pulls away from Lucky, unsure if she wants to continue what‘s about to happen between them.  Jerry offers to kill Carly to show Irina he can be trusted but Jax says they should kill him instead.  Trevor tells Sonny he‘s in Port Charles to visit his girlfriend, Kate Read more »
He may have spent his first few weeks in General Hospital hiding behind a mask, but actor Jason Gerhardt is very happy to be part of the highly-watched daytime drama series. Gerhardt started acting when he was an elementary student in Nebraska. He won the role of “The Claus” in his school’s production of The North Pole Goes Rock-n-Roll, but subsequently put his acting on hold in order to pursue his other interests. He rediscovered his passion for the performing arts when he was an accounting student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He joined the school’s gospel choir and began to do some modeling and commercial acting.  Read more »
General Hospital fans who are living in the Boston area can expect to see some of their favorite soap stars in the newly-renovated Marriot Boston Tremont Hotel this fall. The two-day event will feature such daytime celebrities as Jason Thompson, Greg Vaughan, Bradford Anderson, Jason Gerhardt and Natalia Livingston. Read more »
Jason Gerhardt has only been with General Hospital for a few months, but his inclusion in the popular soap opera has not only earned him much attention, but has also given him the chance to attend one of the most prestigious television awards ceremony, The Daytime Emmy Awards. “I‘m telling you, it was really a lot of fun, I felt like a little kid while I was in the Kodak Theater,” Gerhardt told last month. “My wife and I enjoyed the entire thing.” Read more »
On yesterday’s General Hospital, Jerry saves Carly and Jax by killing Irina.  Sonny is angry that Trevor has shown up in Port Charles.  Sam tries to pin the men who threatened Elizabeth on Amelia but Jason finds out that it was really Sam.Jax tells Carly that he really did sleep with Irina. Kate is convinced that she can trust Trevor more than she can trust Sonny. Ric tells his father he won’t be dropping the charges against Kate. Elizabeth and Emily run into Lucky and Amelia who were discussing ways to tighten security. Jason tells Sam he found the men from the park and he knows she’s behind the attack on Liz. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Carly tries to get Jax to rehash everything that happened when he was being held by Irina.  Sonny tries to warn Kate about Trevor.  The tension between Lucky and Elizabeth mounts but he vows to try to make their relationship work.  Jason threatens to kill Sam if she goes after Elizabeth again.Maxie takes another golden opportunity to rub Lulu‘s relationship with Logan in Spinelli‘s face.  Carly and Jason are reunited.  Jax goes to the hospital, under Carly‘s orders, to get tested for any STDs that may have some from Irina. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas is disappointed when Emily won‘t go away with him.  At Lulu‘s request, Logan tries to make peace with Spinelli but he‘s not interested.  Trevor tells Jerry that Zacchara has a proposal for him.Logan is about to get in bed with Lulu when he catches a glimpse of Maxie watching them from his closet.  Jerry tries to protect Jax and Carly against their wishes.  Ric tells Sonny that Trevor helped Kate cut a deal to avoid jail time.  Trevor tells Jason that he wouldn‘t want to make him an enemy. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Emily was surprised by Nikolas‘ rude and demanding behavior.  Sonny, and those closest to him, worry about rival mob boss Zacchara showing up in Port Charles.  Logan tries to avoid Lulu finding out the truth about his deal with Maxie.As Lulu tells Carly how much she trusts Logan, the scene cuts to Logan cheating on Lulu with Maxie. Kate keeps avoiding Trevor‘s sexual advances and walks away from him to find Sonny standing there watching them.  Lulu is convinced that Logan wouldn‘t lie to her and Carly is concerned that she doesn‘t know enough about her own boyfriend. Read more »
On General Hospital this week, Carly and Jax were saved by Jerry from Irina‘s clutches.  It wasn‘t all smooth sailing once they were back in Port Charles, though.  An unexpected guest showed up to see Kate, who didn‘t sit well with both Ric and Sonny.  Sonny worried about a new rival showing up on his turf.  Jason found out who was behind the attack on Elizabeth and made sure it would never happen again.  Emily was surprised when Nikolas began acting controlling and rude towards her and those around them.  Lulu became closer with Logan but little does she know he‘s sleeping with Maxie, her rival, on the side.  Spinelli tries to do everything he can to keep them apart but it only distances himself from Lulu instead.  Here are some more details on the big things that went down on General Hospital this week. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Lulu is upset to find out that Spinelli told Jason that Logan once forced a kiss on her.  Logan continues to cheat on Lulu with Maxie, and he swears to Carly that he‘s good for her cousin.  Kate tries to talk to Sonny but he tells her to get out of Port Charles.  Elizabeth tells Lucky they either have to work things out or split up.Lucky wants to make sure he understands Elizabeth: if he can‘t get over the fact that she slept with Jason, she‘ll leave him.  Elizabeth tells him that‘s basically what it boils down to.  Jax tries to talk to Carly but she locks herself in another room.  Kate tells Sonny not to judge her for her relationship with Trevor. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Robin is concerned that Patrick wishes for another life but he assures her that he only wants to be with her.  Lucky and Elizabeth struggle to make their relationship work while Carly and Jax work on theirs.  Kate assures Sonny she no longer is romantically involved with Trevor and Sonny wants to know if they have a shot at romance.Logan tries to stop Maxie from telling Cooper that they‘ve slept together.  Jason tells Spinelli that Logan is fine and he didn‘t go after him.  Trevor pays Sonny a visit to tell him to back off and Kate shows up in time to overhear them talking. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Logan is determined to keep Lulu from finding out the truth about him and Maxie.  Nikolas continues to become angry and impatient in dealing with people.  Jerry becomes directly involved with Zacchara.  Jason works to protect his loved ones.Jax tells Jerry he overheard the conversation his brother was having with Zacchara.  Carly worries she needs to take her kids and leave Port Charles in order to keep them safe.  Sam and Alexis meet to catch up after Alexis returns from Paris.  Sam lets her know that Trevor is in town.  Ric tries to take his daughter away from Trevor, but he won‘t hear of it. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Logan tells Maxie to stay away from Lulu but Georgie steps in to defend her sister.  Georgie and Spinelli bond while spending time together.  Carly worries she needs to take her children far away to protect them from Zacchara.  Alexis is upset to hear that Ric‘s father is Zacchara‘s lawyer, fearing she and their daughter are now in danger as well.Sam tells Lucky that she can hire someone else as her bodyguard, while Elizabeth stands nearby listening.  She jumps in to sell Sam to take her hands off Lucky and get out.  Trevor asks Jason to have a face-to-face meeting with his client.  Sonny continues to be upset that Logan didn‘t show up to protect his children.  Jax looks to protect his children, without looking to Sonny for help Read more »
This week General Hospital took a day off for Labor Day but jam packed the rest of the week with tons of action.  Ric‘s father, Trevor Lansing, has arrived in Port Charles and it seems no good can come from this.  He represents a rival mob boss, Anthony Zacchara, who is planning on making a move on Port Charles, Sonny‘s territory.  Zacchara is known for going to extreme lengths to hurt his rivals, attacking those closest to him.  Elizabeth worked to fix her marriage with Lucky, while Sam made it difficult.  Georgie and Spinelli became close while the object of his true affection, Lulu, was busy with Logan, who had his hands full with Maxie.  Here‘s a closer look at the big things that happened on General Hospital this week. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Sam makes an attempt to separate herself from Lucky but they just can‘t seem to stay away from each other.  Kate is upset that Sonny‘s men have been following her to protect her.  Sonny and Jason go to great lengths to protect their loved ones from Zacchara.  Their efforts are not enough as Carly and Jax‘s nanny is the first casualty.  An attempt on Jax‘s life is also made when a bomb goes off as he heads for his car.Emily is concerned after Nikolas doesn‘t show up for a meeting with Lucky and doesn‘t answer his cell phone.  Kate is slightly uneasy when she finds out Sonny brought Carly back to his house in order to protect her and their children.  Skye stops in to Ric‘s office to figure out who he‘s running from.  Carly calls 911 while Jason secures the rest of the house. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Emily is concerned that Nikolas is keeping things from her.  Jerry sneaks into Sam‘s apartment and tries to persuade her to sleep with Trevor in order to obtain information about Zacchara.  Carly and Sonny break the news to Michael and Morgan that Latisha is dead.  Carly and the boys are taken away for their own safety and Sonny tells Jax he‘ll be in charge now of keeping everyone safe.Lucky is flustered after finding Sam in a sexy bikini, relaxing in the hot tub.  Nikolas tries to explain his recent actions to Emily.  She doesn‘t buy any of his explanations and feels something is up.  Jerry denies having any connection to Latisha‘s murder and turns the tables on Ric, saying he might have done it to get revenge on his brother.  Jax is upset that his wife and the kids are gone, but Sonny says he will do what it takes to keep them safe. Read more »
General Hospital star Kirsten Storms was arrested for driving under the influence on Friday, September 7, at 3:27am.  According to the police report, the 23-year-old actress was pulled over after California Highway Patrol officers saw her throw a lit cigarette out of her vehicle while driving on Laurel Canyon Boulevard. When officers approached Kirsten Storms, they noticed “the odor of an alcoholic beverage” coming from the actress‘ Mercedes-Benz CLK500.  They arrested Storms after she failed the sobriety tests. Read more »
On tomorrow‘s General Hospital, Ric tries to get to the bottom of who is responsible for Latisha‘s murder.  Sonny asks Kate to gather valuable information from Trevor, without his knowledge.  Jax tries to take matters into his own hands to protect his family.  Everyone is concerned for their safety as Zacchara makes his way towards Port Charles.Lucky has a dream about Sam being back in her bikini in the hot tub.  Jerry pays Sam another visit, which she isn‘t happy about.  Lulu bursts in on Jason and Spinelli, telling Jason she won‘t let him fire Logan.  Nikolas tells Alexis how his butler has been meddling in his affairs.  Lulu kicks Spinelli out of the room to talk to Jason in private.  Lucky tries to take care of Elizabeth and the kids but she isn‘t interested in his protection, rejecting him once again. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Elizabeth refuses Lucky‘s every attempt to become closer to her.  Patrick‘s flirtations with Leyla cross a line with Robin when he invites her back to his apartment.  Sam makes her move on Trevor to gather information for Jerry and protect her sisters.Lucky goes to Nikolas for relationship advice.  Sam tell Jason he wouldn‘t do a thing to help her if she really needed him.  Jerry is annoyed when Sonny‘s men drag him into his office.  Patrick tells Robin she is overreacting to Leyla being in his apartment with him.  Nikolas tells Lucky he should let Elizabeth go if he really is feeling the way he is. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Elizabeth continues to shoot Lucky‘s romantic advances down.  Robin and Patrick decide to end their relationship.  Jerry finds out Sonny wants Trevor dead and tries to stop it.  Trevor tries to blackmail Kate into being on his side.  Nikolas tells Sam to stay out of Lucky‘s relationship with Elizabeth.  Lucky tells Liz that she wants him to be the one to leave so she doesn‘t have to.  Sonny asks Kate what it is she has to tell him.  Tensions mount between Robin and Patrick since their break up.  Elizabeth tries to make excuses to Lucky but he doesn‘t to hear it.  Nikolas is trying to protect Lucky‘s family but Sam says she isn‘t forcing anyone into anything. Read more »
On this week‘s General Hospital, Anthony Zacchara made his way towards Port Charles, putting everyone on edge.  Carly and Sonny struggled with how to tell their son that the nanny had been senselessly murdered.  Sonny wanted revenge and all fingers pointed to Trevor, who was busy blackmailing Kate.  Jerry also used blackmail to get Sam to sleep with Trevor and obtain information on Zacchara.  Sonny wanted Kate to get information as well for him.  Who‘s spying on who?  Relationships deteriorated this week between Robin and Patrick and Elizabeth and Lucky.  Things heated up between Lucky and Sam, and she certainly got revenge on Elizabeth.  Here‘s more dirt on the things that happened this week on General Hospital. Read more »
Since joining ABC‘s General Hospital early this year, Carolyn Hennesy has become one of the most prominent recurring figures in the daytime drama series.  At the beginning, Hennesy believed her involvement with the show would be brief, but due to the fans‘ positive reaction to her character, her stint as attorney Diane Miller has lasted longer than she expected. When asked by Soap Opera Weekly what she believes her character‘s appeal is, Hennesy said it is Diane‘s unwillingness to tolerate mobster Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas tries to keep Sam and Lucky apart but he is unsuccessful.  Elizabeth‘s constant rejections of Lucky send him right into Sam‘s arms.  Robin and Patrick have a hard time cutting the tension at work after their breakup.  Jerry tries to help Kate with Trevor, but she isn‘t interested.  Worried that she‘s been drugged, he tells Sonny.  His suspicions were right and driving home that night, Kate becomes unconscious, losing control of her car.Robin asks Jason if he ever wonders what would have happened if they stay together.  Sam tries to stop things with Lucky but he is only interested in continuing what they‘ve started.  Jerry tries to convince Sonny that Kate is in real danger.  Sonny feels that Jerry may be the actual one responsible and is trying to cover up responsibility.   A dark figure approaches Kate‘s car, which is smashed up, while she remains unconscious in the driver‘s seat. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick became jealous after seeing Robin and Jason together.  Nikolas tries to stop Sam and Lucky from having an affair but he is too late.  Elizabeth seems to accept that her marriage is over and Emily hurries to Jason to try to convince him to tell Liz how he really feels.Lucky returns home after his affair with Sam.  Elizabeth doesn‘t ask where he‘s been and Lucky tries to tell her instead.  Kate tries to piece together what happened the previous night.  Trevor says he‘s the only who can get Kate out of her troubles.  He tells her to do what he says and Sonny tells him to stop threatening her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sam defends herself to Nikolas about her affair with Lucky.  Maxie tells Lulu all about the bet with Logan.  Spinelli is enraged when he finds out Logan has hurt Lulu.  Kate stands up to Trevor and decides to stick with Sonny.  Lulu becomes upset, hitchhikes, and gets picked up by Johnny Zacchara.Jason shows up to see Elizabeth but Jason answers the door.  Edward tries to get a court order to keep control over Lulu.  Spinelli can‘t concentrate on anything else except Lulu‘s whereabouts.  Logan can‘t seem to track Lulu down.  Maxie shows up at Logan‘s to see how Lulu‘s doing with the devastating news.  Johnny‘s car is empty with no sign of Lulu. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jax tries to convince Alexis to get away form Port Charles for the sake of her safety and her children‘s safety.  Everyone searches for Lulu.  Jason and Lucky get competitive to find her first.  Spinelli and Jason are shocked when they see Lulu getting in Johnny Zacchara‘s car on security footage.  Lulu tries to get away from Johnny by locking herself in his car.Maxie says it‘s not her fault that Lulu is missing.  If it‘s anyone‘s fault, it‘s Logan‘s.  Ric pays Kate a visit in the hospital to tell her she‘s going to be arrested for felony drunk driving and reckless endangerment.  Trevor pays a visit to Amelia and Sam.  Sonny tries to enlist Diane‘s help to get Kate‘s charges dropped.  Spinelli bursts in with Jason to tell him that Lulu is in trouble. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jason tried to give Lucky information that would help him find his sister but he didn‘t want it, coming from his rival.  Everyone points fingers at Maxie and Logan for causing Lulu to run away.  Spinelli and Jason finally track down Johnny Zacchara‘s car.  They find Lulu hiding in a barn and run into Johnny, where weapons are drawn.Jax and Carly are reunited and are happy to see each other.  Before they can spend quality time together, she wants details on what is going on at home.  Coop and Logan face off over Maxie.  Sonny and Ric look like they might join forces against Trevor.  Johnny drops his weapon first, telling Jason to go ahead and shoot him. Read more »
Port Charles can be a dangerous place to live, especially when rival mob bosses decide to go to war.  It seems no one is safe these days.  Some residents use their common sense.  Sonny ordered that Carly and the kids be taken somewhere safe where rival mob boss, Anthony Zacchara, can‘t hurt them.  Jax tried to talk sense into Alexis, to also take her kids and protect her family somewhere far from Port Charles.  Some don‘t use common sense at all.  Lulu, upset over Logan, gets into a car with Johnny Zacchara, Anthony‘s son.  Jax tries to deal with Zacchara himself and it comes back to bite him when an armed man finds him, Carly, and the kids.  Who‘s safe and who‘s in danger?  Here‘s what happened this week on General Hospital. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Jason and Spinelli come face to face with Lulu and Johnny Zacchara.  They bring her home safe and when Logan shows up to apologize, she doesn‘t want to talk to him.  Ric stands up to his father but isn‘t ready to play nice with Sonny yet.  Elizabeth and Jason run into each other and he tells her that Sam knows that Jake is his.  Johnny intentionally falls backwards off a twelve story building.Sonny gets a text message while with Kate that says, "Your kids‘ nanny was just the start."  Kate tries to convince him to go to the police.  While Jax and Carly catch up, a man with a gun enters the room who just happens to be his brother.  Nikolas loses his cool with Alexis and throws a glass against the wall.  Elizabeth is upset that Sam and Amelia have known about Jake for months and she‘s just finding out now. Read more »
Long-running and multi-awarded General Hospital will soon be seeing three new faces with the addition of a handful of actors formerly with various other popular television programs.  One is a veteran of a much loved Stephen Bochco show from the 1980s.  Another comes from General Hospital‘s very own spin-off, Port Charles.  The third has been a familiar face on a number of political and criminal dramas. All three recruits will initially portray recurring roles but may eventually become regular cast members depending on audience reception. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas denies throwing a glass at Alexis.  Kate tries to convince Sonny to go to the police after he receives a threatening text message.  Robin has a hard time putting her job first since  it involves working with Patrick.  Lulu decides to live with Jason for the time being, which thrills Spinelli.  Lucky tells Elizabeth he‘s giving up on their marriage.Nikolas loses his temper with Emily over the glass incident and yells at her.  Lulu and Johnny Zacchara are in contact via text messages.  Lucky tells Elizabeth it‘s time for a divorce.  Ric is unhappy when his father pays him a visit. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Carly and Jax decide to ignore Sonny‘s orders and come home.  Nikolas feels he did nothing wrong but Emily and Alexis are concerned about his behavior.  Lucky is upset when he finds out Elizabeth hired Diane to handle the divorce, who happens to also be Jason‘s attorney.  Logan tries to apologize to Lulu but she refuses to listen to him.Lucky feels like the separation and divorce are moving fast and Elizabeth suggests they tell Cameron together.  Spinelli has been more focused on taking care of Lulu than tracking the text.  Diane tries to keep Sonny out of Kate‘s legal matters.  Nikolas‘ short fuse continues as he gets mad at Alfred for not keeping the coffee fresh.  He tries to make plans with Emily but she can‘t because she made plans to help Elizabeth move her things.  When she leaves, he starts kicking things out of frustration. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Emily continued to try to get to the bottom of what is bothering Nikolas.  Lulu promises Jason that she‘ll stay out of trouble while staying with him, but Spinelli catches her texting Johnny.   Emily offers to provide financial help to Elizabeth, but she wants to take care of the boys on her own.  Kate gets her day in court and the judge is looking to make her pay for her reckless driving.  As Elizabeth prepares to leave, Lucky tells her not to go.Lucky tells Elizabeth that watching her pack just made it too real for him.  She feels it‘s a mistake to go back on what they agreed.  Jason gets Spinelli to focus by threatening to tell Lulu she can‘t live with them.  That gets his head on straight.  The judge in Kate‘s case comes down hard on her, saying he will consider Ric‘s request that Kate get the maximum sentence for her crimes.  Sonny tries to convince Carly to live with him but she says she can‘t do that. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Kate is sentenced to complete six months community service at General Hospital and must wear an ankle monitor during that time.  Elizabeth and Lucky say goodbye to each other and both put on a brave face.  Nikolas and Emily support Elizabeth and Lucky during their difficult time.  Nikolas tries to figure out if there are any long term effects from Jerry‘s poison.Spinelli tries once again to make Lulu breakfast and serve it to her.  She appreciates the gesture and says he‘s always looking out for her.  Carly show up to Jason‘s to confront Lulu to have a talk about bad boys.  She kicks Spinelli out and the two sit down for a heart to heart.  Emily and Elizabeth go house hunting.  Lucky looks over the divorce papers that Diane handed him and asks if Jason asked her to handle the proceedings. Read more »
This week on General Hospital, one of Port Charles‘ most beloved couples called it quits.  Nikolas has been exhibiting strange behavior and everyone from Emily to Alexis to Alfred is concerned.  Back home and safe, Lulu decided to ignore Tracy and Edward‘s wishes for her to live with and decided to shack up with Jason and Spinelli instead.  Kate went to court to face her punishment for reckless driving and wasn‘t happy when she received six months community service at General Hospital doing jobs that nobody else wants to do.  After finding out that Lulu was texting Johnny Zacchara, Carly poses as her cousin and begins texting him herself.  Here‘s more details on what happened this week on General Hospital. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas attacks Logan and later, has no memory of it.  Kate begins her community service at General Hospital but the work is not exactly what she pictured.  Sonny looks to Diane to take Trevor down, legally.  Elizabeth tells Lucky she has found a place to live.  Carly begins texting Johnny Zacchara, pretending to be Lulu.  Trevor tells Kate that he career at Couture is over.Lucky finds Elizabeth to be hypocritical when she is upset that he hired Alexis to handle their attorney.  Sonny tells Alexis to get out of his office, after fighting with Diane over the divorce proceedings.  Kate tells Trevor she is through with him forever.  Carly begins a game with Johnny Zacchara that will probably get her into more trouble than she can anticipate.   Jax catches her in the act and she‘s going to have to explain what she‘s doing.  Lulu marches right up to Logan after he comes over, once again, to apologize and slaps him across the face.  Way to go! Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lulu tells Logan she won‘t forgive him but second guesses herself later when talking to Carly.  Things between Elizabeth and Lucky get nasty as Alexis and Diane get involved to handle the divorce.  Nikolas has one of his angry spells and goes off on Lucky.  Emily goes to Jax out of concern for Nikolas, but he overhears them talking about him.Nikolas is upset to see Emily talking about him to Jax.  Lulu thanks Maxie for opening her eyes to what kind of person Logan really is.  Johnny stands on a balcony ledge, often losing his balance, texting Lulu.  They make plans to meet in the park.  Sonny tells Kate that she can trust him and he won‘t let her down. Read more »
It seems that the buzz surrounding two long-running soap operas these days either has to do with cast departures, cast additions or cast members and their law infractions.  On General Hospital, two of its younger actresses are often in the headlines these days for two of the above reasons. On one hand, Kelly Monaco has been making the news for some time now with rumors about her imminent exit from General Hospital.  On the other hand, Kristen Storms became news fodder for getting busted for driving under the influence last September 7. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick talks to Lainey about her breakup with Patrick.  Emily tries to help Nikolas, who finally confides in her.  Sonny and Kate spend the night together.   Spinelli tries to get a hold of Sonny or Jason regarding the text messages to Johnny.  Carly meets up with Johnny after pretending to be Lulu.Logan reads the paternity test results and sees that Scott is his father.  Scott tries to apologize, but his son isn‘t listening.  Jax prevents Spinelli from leaving until he finds out where his wife is.  Johnny refuses to let Carly go, holding her at gunpoint.  While in bed with Kate, Sonny gets another text message from Leticia‘s killer.  Nikolas tells Emily he has had a few blackouts, the most important one being the night Leticia was murdered. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Logan finds out that Scott is his biological father and is angry with the man who never made an effort with him.  Emily vows to support Nikolas as he tries to find out what is causing his angry spells.  Kate is concerned when she sees the less tender, more aggressive side of him in dealing with Leticia‘s murder.  Jax steps in to try to save Carly from Johnny but almost causes more trouble than she was already in.  Logan finds Lulu but Johnny finds them both and points a gun at them.Emily steps in and punches Scott after he threatens to sue Nikolas for assaulting Logan.  Jason stops Trevor from speaking to Carly any further, telling him to talk to him if he needs something.  Logan attacks Johnny, who was pointing a gun at him and Lulu. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode on General Hospital, Maxie is rejected twice, first by Coop and then by Logan.  Alexis and Jerry meet to discuss legal matters and he asks her out to dinner.  Trevor convinces Johnny to leave Port Charles, but he continues to be in contact with Lulu via text message.  Lucky tells Nikolas he won‘t be talking about his marital problems after he went off on him last time.  Elizabeth gushes about her new house to Emily.  She tells her about her upcoming meeting with Diane and Emily feels there‘s a better way to handle this, for Lucky‘s sake.  Sonny looks to Diane for the information that will bury Trevor.  Carly invites Spinelli over, looking to team up with him to save Lulu from Johnny. Read more »
This week on General Hospital, Lucky and Elizabeth‘s divorce starts to get nasty as Diane and Alexis step in to handle it.  Logan finds out that Scott Baldwin is, in fact, his biological father.  This makes him angry that Scott has never put out any effort with him for his entire life.  He also tried to patch things up with Lulu, who seems fixated on Johnny Zacchara.  Carly takes matters into her own hands, first meeting with Johnny, then with Trevor, which angers Sonny.  Speaking of anger, Nikolas can‘t seem to control his and nobody knows why.  Here are more details on what happened this week in the town of Port Charles. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Carly goes to Spinelli to help her dig up information on Trevor.  Nikolas attacks another person at the police station and shows up to the hospital with blood on his hands.  Lucky and Elizabeth prepare to battle over custody of their children.  Sonny is angry when he shows up to Carly‘s and finds Trevor there but she says she can handle things herself.Robin continues to go after Leyla for dating Patrick.  Jolene Cromwell‘s sister shows up to General Hospital to visit her and Epiphany isn‘t looking to roll out the red carpet.  Nikolas feels she deserves an apology.  Alexis tries to get Diane to come to agreeable terms.  Carly tells Sonny to leave her house and he tells her that she‘s being worked by Trevor. Read more »
Apart from providing many years of riveting entertainment for its loyal followers, General Hospital has received numerous Daytime Emmy award and countless more nominations.  Besides being cited for its creative excellence however, the long-running soap has also been rewarded for incorporating timely and relevant health-related storylines into their episodes. This year, General Hospital took top honors at the Sentinel for Health Awards which acknowledge television programs for content that informs, educates and motivates audiences towards choices that promote healthier and safer well-being. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, characters from Nigh Shift paid a visit to the daytime series.  Jolene Cromwell‘s sister came to the hospital, looking for her.  Dr. Lee can‘t keep her hands off Dr. Julian and Kate walks in on them.  Carly stands up to Sonny, demanding that she handle her own affairs and protect her family on her terms.   Robin confronts Leyla, who doesn‘t let the doctor intimidate her.  A stabbing victim shows up at the hospital, while a disoriented Nikolas stands outside with a knife in his hands.Robin crashed Patrick‘s date with Leyla, showing up first in her hottest dress.  Carly‘s cell phone goes off, while she‘s busy kissing Jax.  The stabbing victim is Jerry and Dr. Julian gets to work, trying to save him.  Nikolas is questioned by the police. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Logan returns some of Lulu‘s things to her and she is still not ready to forgive him.  The doctors work to save Jerry Jax after being stabbed by Nikolas, who doesn‘t seem to remember anything that happened.  Alexis confronts Nikolas about his behavior.  Robin tries to crash Patrick‘s date but he still chooses to see Leyla.  Andy asks Robin out and she agrees to go.Robin goes to talk Patrick about a patient but finds him making another date with Leyla.  Spinelli expresses concern for Lulu, who debates whether or not to give Logan a second chance.  Nikolas confronts Emily after seeing her pick his burnt clothes out of the fireplace.  Jerry wakes up and Jax asks him who attacked him. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, a representative from Everyday Heroes brings photos to Carly and Jax that were secretly taken and emailed to them.  Robin feels that perhaps she doesn‘t want a boyfriend and what she really wants is a child.  Lulu agrees to give Logan a second chance provided Scott drops the charges against her father.  Luke returns to Port Charles, surprising Tracy.Carly shows Jason the text message saying she is being watched.  Jax tries to figure out what Jerry has done this time to warrant being stabbed.  Nikolas acknowledges how much he hates Jerry to Emily, but says he doesn‘t think he is capable of stabbing anyone.  Kelly questions Robin‘s idea to have a baby on her own.  Leyla calls it an early night with Patrick but he stops her when she tries to go. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jason and Spinelli find out about the text messages Carly have been receiving, saying she is being watched.  Nikolas goes to see Jerry in the hospital, who realizes that he has been having blackouts.  Lulu gives Logan a second chance, not only because of the deal with Scott but because she wants to.  Robin makes a list of potential fathers for her baby and Leyla and Patrick find it.  Carly confronts Johnny about Leticia‘s murder.Patrick is upset with the list that Robin made but she reminds him that he‘s not on it so it‘s not her business.  Max suggests that Sonny take out Trevor, as Kate walks in to hear the idea.  Carly confronts Johnny about Leticia, the pictures, and the text messages.  He calls her crazy and she shoves him into a chair. Read more »
This week on General Hospital, Nikolas continues to have mood swings, outbursts, and blackouts.  He attacked Jerry, stabbing him, and sending him to the hospital.  The characters from GH‘s Night Shift start showing up on the daytime series, with storylines all their own.  Elizabeth and Lucky prepare to do battle over custody.  Robin goes to war with Leyla over Patrick, trying to win him back, then dismissing him the next minute.  Lulu gives Logan a second chance, but for good reason.  Luke returned to Port Charles and immediately did battle with his rival, Scott.  Here‘s more dirt on the big things that happened this week on General Hospital. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Patrick is upset when he finds Robin‘s list of potential fathers for her baby.  Luke goes to Logan‘s to talk some sense into Lulu.  Kate worries when she hears that Sonny wants to get rid of Trevor.  Trevor tells Sonny that he made a big mistake and people are going to die.Lulu is shocked to see her father and wants to talk about her mom, but Luke wants to deal with the Scott and Logan situation first.  Nikolas in insistent on throwing a ball on Halloween but Emily worries he isn‘t ready.  Johnny tells Jason to let him go or someone on his side is going to end up dead.  Trevor tells Sonny that Anthony won‘t meet face to face, but Sonny says that he will if he wants to get his son back. Read more »
Over 30 of the most popular stars from ABC Daytime and SOAPnet are lined up to grace the coming 12th Annual ABC Super Soap Weekend.  Celebrities from favorite shows like All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital will take part in the two-day affair next month.And for the first time, cast members from SOAPnet‘s original primetime drama, General Hospital: Night Shift, will also be on hand. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Carly and Jax try to figure out why Jerry would cover for Nikolas.  Robin is concerned when she sees the way Lainey is affected by Cody.  Carly pushes it with Nikolas and he goes off on her.  Sonny works to convince Trevor to get him a meeting with Zacchara.Luke tries to talk some sense into his daughter, regarding her relationship with Logan.  Trevor tries to track Johnny down, who has taken off again.  Jax goes to Sonny with the theory that Nikolas killed Leticia.  Nikolas loses his cool with Carly, grabbing her, shaking her, and screaming at her.  Max steps in, pointing a gun at Nikolas and telling him to let Carly go. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Max steps in to save Carly from Nikolas, who almost kills her.  Diane and Max almost sleep together but he remains true to the object of his affection, Carly.  Lulu asks Luke to let her make her own decisions regarding Logan and stay out of her business.  Emily tells Nikolas that Alexis and the girls are moving out and he suggests that she leave, too.  Lulu takes off with Johnny again.Patrick tries to explain to Leyla why he is so upset over Robin‘s list of potential fathers.  Carly is furious with Max for interfering in her business.  Logan shows up at the Quatermaines‘ to find Lulu, who has taken off with Johnny for the second time.  Epiphany tells Robin and Patrick to work out their differences, since it‘s affecting their coworkers and the work they‘re doing.  Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick once again steps in to ruin Robin‘s chances of becoming a mother.  Johnny tells Lulu that he took her with him to save her, otherwise his father‘s men would have grabbed her.  Diane and Alexis fail to come to agreeable terms regarding Elizabeth and Lucky‘s divorce.  Logan frantically searches for Lulu.  Luke goes to Sonny directly to discuss the Zaccharas.Carly demands that Jax tell Robin he will not help her and father her child.  Johnny holds the old man at gunpoint and Lulu tells him not to do it or she‘ll go to the cops.  Kate goes to Jason, concerned that Sonny is going to wind up dead. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Robin is furious with Patrick for once again interfering with her attempts to have a child on her own.  Skye goes to Ric, suggesting a play date between Molly and Lila Rae.  Spinelli tracks down Johnny and Jason goes to get Lulu.  Unfortunately, he‘s a little late and Anthony‘s men grab her while she‘s out getting a pizza for her and Johnny.Jax tells Carly that he wants them to have a child of their own.  Patrick asks Robin why she doesn‘t just adopt a child who needs a mother.  Johnny tells Jason that he‘s worried his father‘s men have taken Lulu.  Kate tries to convince Sonny not to go to Zacchara directly and risk his life. Read more »
This week on General Hospital, Carly and Jax talk about the possibility of having a baby together.  Elizabeth and Lucky try to work out the terms of their divorce but things turn nasty.  Lucky files for emergency custody of Jake but loses and also loses his visitation rights.  Nikolas loses his temper with Carly and holds a letter opener to her throat but she is saved by Max.  Luke tries to keep his daughter away from Logan but she is determined to do what she wants.  Robin decides to move on from Patrick and decides she wants to have a child.  Sonny finally gets to have a meeting with Zacchara.  Here are more details on what happened this week on General Hospital. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Sonny shows up at Zacchara‘s house for a face to face meeting.  Robin asks Lucky to be the father of her child.  Logan continues to look for Lulu and ends up at Carly‘s, where he loses his cool with her.Johnny tries to get Lulu to leave his father‘s house.  Ric catches Jason interrogating Trevor and offers to press charges.  Zacchara talks to Sonny but makes no sense, carrying on about gardening instead of the issues that matter.  Patrick tries to get inside Elizabeth‘s head about Robin asking Lucky to father her child.  Carly threatens to have Logan killed if he doesn‘t let her go.  He lets up but she‘s only more convinced that he and Lulu don‘t belong together. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lucky turns down Robin‘s offer for him to father her child.  Sonny realizes that Trevor has been running Zacchara‘s operation and teams up with Jason to target him.  Jax and Kate spend some time together talking about their personal lives, rather than business.  Johnny works hard to keep Lulu at a distance in order to keep her safe.Logan goes to Lulu, telling her that he‘s going to stay out of her life but she feels like he‘s being put up to it.  Carly expresses her guilt over putting her children in danger by being close to Jason and Sonny.  Anthony tries to figure out where Johnny keeps taking off to.  Trevor tells Sonny that he won‘t have a choice but to give up his territory to Zacchara. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sam returns to Port Charles and Lucky is quick to reunite with her.  Jerry shows up telling her that if she doesn‘t get information from Trevor, he will make Lucky pay for it.  Lulu works to convince Carly that Logan is not as bad of a guy as she thinks.  Anthony presses his son, Johnny, for answers as to where he goes when he takes off.Lucky and Elizabeth get ready for their court appearances to fight for custody.  A patient arrives at General Hospital, who looks like a twin of Robin‘s but when she looks back, it‘s just a random woman.  She immediately goes to Kelly to confide in her about what she‘s seeing, which are flashes of her own death.  Sam catches up with her mother over a meal, discussing everything from Jerry to the divorce proceedings. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Robin asked Spinelli to father her child and he said yes!  Lucky and Liz settle their custody dispute on their own terms.  Sam tries to go to Jax to talk to him but Carly steps in and stops her.Patrick is shocked when he finds out that Robin found someone to be the father of her child.  He‘s not the only one who‘s shocked - Lulu can‘t believe it when she hears Spinelli is going to be a father.  Sonny tells Ric that his father is running the Zacchara operation. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Spinelli agrees to father Robin‘s child but then has trouble going through with it.  Trevor decides to take out Sonny when he travels to Puerto Rico for a business meeting.  Lulu tries to talk to Johnny, but he continues to push her away to keep her safe.  Nikolas loses his patience with Sam.Spinelli tells Jason that he felt too guilty about Lulu to go through with being a sperm donor.  He asks Jason to do so in his place instead.  Trevor sets up plans to take out Sonny.  Nikolas lets Sam off the balcony ledge, confused about what just happened. Read more »
This week on General Hospital, Robin continues to search for someone to father her child.  Carly refused to stop taking matters into her own hands, answering text messages from someone who is clearly following her.  Lulu just can‘t seem to stay away from Johnny, who is trying to avoid her in order to protect her.  Nikolas has another blackout and blows up at Sam, holding her over the edge of a balcony!  A resident of Port Charles is feared dead after the Zacchara operation carries out a hit.  Keep reading to find out who as we look back on what happened this week in the town of Port Charles. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Patrick tries to figure out if Robin would have had Jason father her child, if he said yes.  Nikolas says that he doesn‘t remember holding Sam over the balcony, almost killing her.  Trevor puts a hit out on Sonny‘s life and his limo explodes.  Luke confronts Scotty for involving Lulu in any issues between them.  Jax tells Carly, once again, that she is not going to the black and white ball but she says she‘ll be safe with Jason as her date.  Lucky shows up at Sam‘s and they start making out, but Nikolas interrupts them. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, all anyone could talk about was Nikolas‘ black and white ball.  Lucky invited Sam, Lulu invited Logan, and Jason agreed to go with Carly.  Tracy and Luke also decide to go in order to keep a close eye on both Lulu and Logan.  Jason tried to get to the bottom of the explosion in Sonny‘s limo and answer as few questions as possible from Carly and Kate.  Luke broke into Ric‘s office, but was caught soon after.Emily tells Nikolas that if he wants to go somewhere to get better, she will go with him.  Johnny points a gun at Trevor to get him out of his way so he can save Lulu.  Elizabeth sees Anthony outside Kelly‘s and asks if he needs something. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick tries to make amends with Leyla, who agrees to go to the ball with him.  Spinelli volunteers Georgie to help Nadine get ready for the ball and Logan gives Lulu waltz lessons.  Anthony spies on Lulu while Johnny resorts to desperate measures to save her.Nikolas poses the question in a voiceover: "Would you die for love?"  We see Wydemere after the ball has taken place and Wyndemere is in shambles.  He pulls himself up off the ground after being unconscious to see the mess around him and a body across from him.  Next to the body is a mask which we see, in the next scene, belongs to Carly.  Is Carly‘s life in danger?  Let‘s find out! Read more »
With many of today‘s soap operas running for as long as several decades, there is always the inevitable and necessary constant influx of new blood among the cast members.  As stories evolve, new characters are written into the plots, and younger generations are needed to step in as family members who have grown up in the storylines.General Hospital has seen its share of new cast additions who have joined its stable of seasoned and highly respected veterans.  Some of General Hospital‘s veteran and greenhorn talents share their most important and treasured words of wisdom. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, guest arrived for the black and white ball at Wyndemere.  Nikolas proposed to Emily and the two announced their engagement at the ball.  Johnny hit Scott from behind, stole his invitation, and went to the ball in his place in order to get to Lulu.  Elizabeth and Lucky shared a dance, which didn‘t sit well with Sam.  Anthony made his way through the castle, spying on guests, and getting ready to make his move.It is 5am at Wyndemere.  Nikolas is lying on the floor and once again, we see that he finds a body next to him.  He cries out in anguish as he crawls over to see if she is okay.  We are taken back eleven hours earlier, now, and the guests are still having a good time, unaware of what is going to come their way very soon. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Robin asked Nikolas to father her child and he also turned her down.  Nikolas loses his temper with Emily, screaming at her over Lucky and Elizabeth‘s argument.  Carly comes face to face with the person texting her and it‘s Coop!  Sonny returned to Port Charles, alive and well, reuniting with Kate.  Alexis sees something that makes her scream.Kate is overjoyed to have Sonny back.  Coop tells Carly to take it easy with the gun, but she wants answers regarding Leticia‘s murder.  Lulu tries to figure out why Anthony would want to kill her if he‘s never even met her.  Johnny desperately tries to get her off the island.  Alexis screams because she sees that Ric is lying on the floor, stabbed and badly injured. Read more »
This week on General Hospital, Nikolas and Emily‘s black and white ball was the talk of the town as everyone prepared for an unforgettable evening.  Unfortunately, it was unforgettable in the bad way as Anthony Zacchara descended upon Wyndemere to find Lulu.  Chaos erupted when a storm knocked out the power and the guests‘ ability to leave.  Things only got worse when someone was severely injured in an attack and someone else wound up dead.  With everyone trapped at Wyndemere and Jason on his way to try to help them, whose life is in danger next?  Read on to find out more about what happened this week on General Hospital. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Jax convinces Carly to drop the gun and let Coop and Maxie go after she was sure he was Leticia‘s killer.  Johnny searches for his father and tells Lulu that he will stop at nothing, considering he killed his mother right in front of him as a child.  Elizabeth finds a dead body in the closet.  Luke tries to keep everyone safe in the ballroom but Anthony is dangerously close to Lulu.Jason goes as fast as he can on a boat to get to Wyndemere and save everyone from Anthony Zacchara.  Logan holds Johnny up against a wall to get answers but Johnny insists he has to be let go in order to get to his father.  Sam sees Zacchara but doesn‘t realize who he is.  Anthony stands behind Lulu with a wire that he looks like he‘s going to use to strangle her! Read more »
While many General Hospital fans know Jason Gerhardt as the young and hunky police cadet in the fictional city of Port Charles, the soap opera actor reveals to Soap Opera Digest that he is actually a family man. Gerhardt, who plays Cooper Barrett on General Hospital and its spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift, has been married for seven years and already has a 2-year-old daughter.  Moreover, he and his wife Chalae are currently expecting their second child together in December. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jason makes it to Wyndemere and makes his way to Elizabeth.  When Lucky asks Nikolas if he stabbed Jerry, he loses it and attacks his brother!  Guns are fired at Jax, Jerry, and Sam who work to get a boat working.  Anthony grabs Nadine, mistaking her for Lulu, but won‘t let her go just yet.Trevor stands in disbelief at Sonny and Kate half naked on the floor.  He tells Kate that Ric has been stabbed and Sonny says that it‘s the work of Zacchara.  Nadine threatens Anthony with a sword, who laughs at her.  Logan tries to get Lulu back to the ballroom but Johnny says he isn‘t so sure they‘ll make it back there alive. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Ric‘s condition worsens and Patrick and Robin prepare to operate right at Wyndemere.  Jason hides Elizabeth somewhere safe and gives her a gun in case anyone comes ... and someone does!  Trevor offers aid to Kate to get her off the island but she tells him to go to hell.  Sonny holds Johnny at gunpoint, demanding that Anthony show his face.Johnny stays on his knees while Sonny yells to Anthony that his son‘s blood will be on his hands.  Trevor checks in on Ric, who wonders if his father came to watch him die.  Carly is helped unknowingly by Anthony after she fell and hit her head outside. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Emily argues with Nikolas that he is not in the right state of mind to be taking a gun around Wyndemere.  Jason brings Spinelli and Nadine to Elizabeth, who hide in a shed outside.  Carly realizes that she was face to face with Anthony.  Trevor begs Sonny to give his blood in order to save Ric‘s life.Patrick, Emily, and Leyla work hard to save Ric‘s life.  Robin watches, trying to help, and says that they‘re losing him.  Sonny debates giving Ric his blood to save him.  Kate wants him to help while Carly tells him to let him die.  One of Zacchara‘s men come to after being found unconscious on the ground and Spinelli immediately starts questioning him.  Johnny tells Jason and Lulu that he‘s going to kill his father. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Spinelli knocks Lulu unconscious to keep her from leaving the barn.  Sonny gives blood to save Ric‘s life and Alexis suffers from severe appendicitis.  Anthony finds Nikolas and Emily and attacks him. Lucky promises to keep Maxie safe.  Jason tells Sam that she knows why he‘ll never forgive her.  Johnny runs in and pulls his father off of Nikolas.  Anthony fires a warning shot for his son and says the next one will hit him right between the eyes. Read more »
This week on General Hospital, Jason (Steve Burton) puts himself and his mortality on the line to prevent anything fatal from happening to Liz (Rebecca Herbst) while Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) puts several lives in danger but is torn up with grief when he discovers something appalling. Read on for more spoilers on this week‘s episodes of General Hospital. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Sonny tells Carly that he loves Kate after she continues meddling in his personal life.  Worried about his blackouts, Nikolas has Emily lock him in a room in order to keep others safe.   Luke goes to kill Anthony, but collapses in the middle of their struggle.  Sam tries to let the truth out about Jake‘s paternity but Jason stops her.Elizabeth sits in shocked silence while Sam goes off about the lies she has told.  Lucky tries to get Sam to finish what she was going to say.  Jason jumps in and says it himself: he is Jake‘s father.  Carly does not believe that Sonny is in love with Kate.  Emily breaks down emotionally she she sits outside a locked room that holds her husband.  Anthony debates killing Luke or letting nature takes it course. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jason admitted to Lucky that he is actually the father of Jake and Elizabeth tried to defend herself to her ex-husband.  Luke‘s heart stabilized after his heart attack and Emily kept a close eye on him.  Nikolas broke out of the room that he made Emily lock him in.  Jerry tells Carly that Jax is dead.  Anthony found Leyla, calling her by his dead wife‘s name, and telling her to choose if Patrick or Robin should die.Leyla plays into Anthony‘s delusion, answering to Maria, and asking him to put the gun down.  Nikolas finds Lucky and Sam but is looking for Elizabeth, who is with Jason.  Jason tells Elizabeth that he‘s in love with her and the two hold each other.  Carly refuses to believe Jax is dead, saying that he will come back for her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jerry tries to get Carly to accept the fact that Jax is dead.  Anthony goes to shoot Patrick at Leyla‘s request, but she changes her mind and jumps in front of the gun.  Robin and Patrick work together to keep Leyla alive.  Lulu goes looking for Anthony Zacchara and finds him.  Johnny tries to stop his father from killing her.  Nikolas attacks Jason after seeing him try to take Emily somewhere safe.During his struggle with Jason, Nikolas accidentally hits Emily, knocking her to the ground.   As Carly is about to leave to go find Jax, he runs into the room and throws his arms around her.  Johnny tries to pull the trigger on his father but the gun doesn‘t fire.  Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas is tied to a chair after he had another blackout and attacked Jason.  Jax returns to Wyndemere, safe and sound, and he and Carly turn their attention to Jerry, who is badly injured.  Elizabeth admits to Emily that Jason is Jake‘s father.  Lulu is taken somewhere safe to hide from Anthony but someone approaches her hiding place.  Nikolas gets angry when Emily comes back for him.  There is a struggle heard off screen and a body hits the ground.Nikolas lays on the ground unconscious.  He comes to, picks himself up, and stares at the body across from him.  Emily lays on the ground, motionless, as he cries over her body.  He calls to her, asking her to breathe, but she does not move or respond. Read more »
Brandon Barash is now a staple on daytime television with his role as Johnny Zacchara, the son of notorious NYC crime lord, Anthony Zacchara (Bruce Weitz), on General Hospital.  But long before landing his notorious character on the long-running soap, the 28-year-old soap star reveals that acting was something very far from what he originally aspired for. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Barash said that he initially wanted to become a doctor and that acting wasn‘t something innate in him.  The acting bug bit him when he was in high school, where he was actually preoccupied with the basketball team. After an unfortunate injury, he was told by a doctor that he might have to undergo knee surgery or find something else to do.  When he decided to reluctantly quit the basketball team, his girlfriend at that time arranged for him to audition at school musical in which she was also had a part. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, everyone reeled from the news that Emily was dead.  Nikolas refused to accept it and needed to be sedated in order for him to let go of his fiance‘s body.  Sonny left Kate to take care of a wounded Jerry while he hunted for Zacchara.  When he came back, Jerry was unconscious and Kate was gone, taken by Zacchara.Nikolas wakes up and begins calling out Emily‘s name.  Kate does her best to keep Anthony calm, talking about gardening and roses in order to distract him.  Logan is suspicious of the marks on Johnny‘s hands, which looks like marks from holding a rope or a cord. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas starts to accept that Emily is dead and cries over her body.  Anthony holds Sonny and Kate in a room and, after letting her go, shoots him in the shoulder.  Later, he grabs Elizabeth and, when Jason tries to rescue her, make them choose which one of them is going to die.  Someone grabs Carly around the neck and begins strangling her.Distraught over Emily‘s death, Nikolas holds a gun to his chest.  Luke‘s heart starts acting up again and Tracy calls for help.  Luckily, Robin is nearby and runs in to help.  A gunman comes in to a room to see if Sonny is dead.  Kate tries to cover for him but Sonny gets a shot off, killing the man.  Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Anthony threw himself off a balcony just as Jason was about to shoot him.  Johnny seemed to arrive just in time to save Carly, who had been strangled by a mysterious attacker.  Trevor offers Johnny a position in the organization after leaving Anthony to die.  The police arrive at Wyndemere along with doctors and nurses to save everyone and find out who is behind the attacks.Sonny and Luke are brought to the hospital for medical attention.  Jason and Elizabeth are questioned by Detective Harper about Emily‘s death.  Nadine finds Nikolas standing by a ledge, holding Emily‘s engagement ring in his hand. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Skye breaks the bad news to Edward that Emily is dead.  Jason and Elizabeth were questioned about Emily‘s death by Detective Harper.  Ric, Luke, Sonny, and Leyla were all brought to the hospital to receive treatment.  Elizabeth convinces Nikolas to finally let go of his fiance‘s body and the police take her away.Luke wakes up to find Tracy resting nearby.  When he tells her to climb in bed with him, she reminds him that his entire body needs rest - not just his heart!  Ned returns to Port Charles to mourn Emily‘s death but Monica isn‘t too thrilled to see him.  Carly tries to figure out how she‘s going to tell her boys that they‘ve lost Emily the same way they lost Leticia.  Alred tries to get Nikolas to eat but if he can‘t have Emily, he doesn‘t want anything. Read more »
This week on General Hospital, friends and loved ones mourn over the death of Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston).  More drama, romance and some unexpected twists are about to happen in the fictional city of Port Charles, New York beginning today. Read on for more spoilers on General Hospital. Read more »
On the last episode of General Hospital, Ned and Dillon returned to Port Charles upon learning of Emily‘s death.  Monica lashed out at Jason, blaming him and telling him not to come to the funeral.  Carly and Jax spend their first Thanksgiving together as a family.  In the hospital, Luke will have to go through a series of tests before being released.  Nikolas spends his holiday alone, mourning the death of his fiance.Jason delivers the surprising news to Sonny that Anthony survived his fall from atop Wyndemere and is in the hospital with them.  Sam visits Nikolas, worried that he will not leave the ballroom or let the staff clean up.  Lucky arrives at the hospital and seems to be the last to know that Emily has died. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lucky becomes the last to know that Emily has died and takes the news very hard.  When he runs into Elizabeth at the hospital, he lashes out at her.  Nikolas considers not attending the funeral, blaming himself for Emily‘s death.  Carly and Sonny tell their children that Emily has died and Michael wants revenge on her killer.  Luke tries to leave the hospital after hearing from Monica that he‘ll die if he doesn‘t have surgery.  Elizabeth brings Jason to her house to be with Jake but Lucky walks in on the reunion.Luke runs around the hospital to get back to his before before Tracy catches him sneaking around.  Carly‘s boys visit Monica before Emily‘s funeral.  Nikolas continues to have flashbacks to the night of the ball before his fiance was murdered. Read more »
As Jason Morgan, Steve Burton is known as one of the main cast members of General Hospital.  His character was the result of an affair of Dr. Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon) and Susan Moore (Gail Ramsey).  Despite his high level of intellect, he pushed his family away and turned away from a promising career in medicine to become a mob enforcer in the Corinthos crime family.Even though he is a hitman, many consider him as a hero.  And with the current storyline of General Hospital, fans will soon see mobster Jason as he takes an emotional hit. Warning: May contain spoilers.  Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Monica and Edward greeted people at the church for Emily‘s funeral.  Lucky and Elizabeth agree to put their differences aside in order to support Nikolas.  Georgie and Dillon are reunited and she has to answer to him about shutting him out of her life.  Michael wants revenge on the person who killed Leticia and Emily.  Sonny and Jason debate attending the funeral after Monica blamed them for Emily‘s death.Scott runs into Luke as he walks around the hospital, pretending to be a doctor.  Carly sits with her boys, trying to comfort then about Emily, over a root beer float.  Monica looks for Jason at the funeral to keep him away but Edward says that it‘s because she truly wants him there.  Jason does show up but stays out of sight to respect Monica‘s wishes. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Elizabeth gives the eulogy at Emily‘s funeral, bringing tears to everyone‘s eyes.  Jason decides to show up at the church but stays out of sight so that he does not upset Monica.  Johnny pays a visit to Carly at her house, certain that his father did not attack her.  A text message is sent to someone that says, "It wasn‘t Anthony."  Tracy orders Luke to take care of himself and get the bypass surgery so that she won‘t have to bury him, too.Kate rushes to Sonny‘s, needing to use his phone after she says an intruder came into her house.  Elizabeth and Jason don‘t want to let go of each other and she leads him up to her bedroom.  Carly wants to jump into bed with Jax but tells him to wait a second.  Nikolas‘ vision of Emily feels real to him. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Elizabeth and Jason spent time together and professed their love for each other.  Emily‘s ghost visits Nikolas, trying to convince him that she‘s alive and he would never hurt her.  He soon realizes that she is wrong.  Georgie tries to let Spinelli know how she feels but he‘s oblivious, as always.  Jax is suspicious when Carly begins acting strange, like refusing to drink champagne.  Kate is upset when she finds out that Sonny has taken her security into his own hands.Emily sees the front page of the paper and asks Nikolas if it is true that she‘s dead.  Bobbi gives a speech to the staff at the hospital in Emily‘s memory.  Many people receives pages to attend to a patient who was hit by a car on her way to get married. Read more »
Last week on General Hospital, Jason (Steve Burton) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) tried to figure out what‘s next for them, while Johnny (Brandon Barash) realized that he‘s trapped in his father‘s life whether he likes it or not.In the next couple of days, more intriguing confrontations are about to happen in Port Charles as the characters of the long-running soap deal with personal issues, career decisions and ponder about the text killer.Read on for this week‘s spoilers on General Hospital. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Trevor tries to get Johnny to take his father‘s place in the organization and Lulu can‘t understand why he ever would.  Jax wonders what Carly is up to as she has been exhibiting strange behavior.  Patrick tells Robin that he wants her in his life and kisses her.  Nikolas is arrested for Emily‘s murder!Sonny refuses to back down the Trevor and the Zacchara organization.  Johnny tells Lulu that the life he has is the only one he‘s ever known.  Detective Harper admits to Nikolas that he doesn‘t have a warrant, he just wants him to confess and come quietly.  Lucky tells Elizabeth that Jake will be better off if they keep his true paternity quiet. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Robin turns down Patrick‘s offer to get back together with her.  Jason tells Elizabeth that he‘ll stay away from Jake after hearing her tell Lucky that she‘ll keep pretending he‘s the father.  Trevor gives Kate a warning and tells her to watch herself.  Sam shows up to Wyndemere and finds Nikolas talking to, what she thinks is, himself.  Sonny tries to make a deal with Johnny but he has no intention of backing down.Nikolas is surprised when he arrives at the hospital and sees Emily there.  Sonny can‘t figure out why Johnny would want to be part of an organization that kept him a prisoner.  Kate tells Trevor to leave alone and drop the threats.  Lucky tells Sam that Cameron and Jake will always be his children and he‘s planning on raising them both. Read more »
Kristina Wagner is coming to Port Charles.  The 44-year-old soap star will be returning to General Hospital to reprise her role as Felicia Cummings after being replaced by former Another World actress Sandra Ferguson in 2005.  However, her comeback on the long running soap will be ushered by a fateful storyline that regrettably involves the text-message killer.Warning: Contains spoilers. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Johnny refuses to compromise or work with Sonny and it seems that the two are now enemies.  Lucky offers to let Sam spend time with his kids and they may be spending Christmas together.  Trevor offers to give Kate back everything she lost but she turns him down.  Robin, Elizabeth, Kelly, and Lainey arrive at a bar for a girls‘ night out but find a very drunk Leyla dancing on top of a table.Patrick goes looking for Robin at the hospital but Epiphany tells him that many of the women have taken off for the night.  The girls stand in shock as Leyla dances on a table and calls for Robin to join her, saying they‘ve already shared so much.  Johnny tries to tell Trevor that he‘ll do what he‘s told but Trevor isn‘t ready to take a backseat.  Lucky tells Jason to keep his distance from his family. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, a very drunk Leyla ended up in Jerry‘s hotel room but she got sick before anything could happen.  Jason agrees to stay out of Lucky‘s family life as long as he promises to stay clean and sober.  After having too much to drink, Elizabeth tells Patrick off at the bar for letting Robin go because he doesn‘t want to have children.  Johnny tells Jason that he has no choice but to run the operation that his father built.Alexis tries to leave Jerry‘s room, feeling awkward with Leyla prancing around in her robe, but he asks her to stay and says he needs her help.  Trevor tries to throw Detective Harper and Lucky off of Johnny‘s trail by pinning everything on Anthony.  Kate attacks an intruder in her house, knocking him unconscious to the floor.  She calls Sonny right away. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick and Robin try to sort out their relationship but can‘t seem to find common ground.  Patrick receives a call from Jerry and goes to the hotel to pick up Leyla.  Luke goes to the Zacchara house to find Johnny and finds his daughter there as well.  His heart gives out and he is rushed back to the hospital.  Convinced that Alexis is attracted to him, Jerry grabs her and kisses her.Sonny and Jason begin to think that Anthony had nothing to do with the killings and the real murderer is still on the loose.  Whoever he or she may be, they‘re targeting the women in Sonny‘s life and he‘s taking it personal.  Luke refuses to slow down or take care of himself, despite Tracy‘s pleas for him to do.  Georgie gets a text message asking if she‘s seen Maxie but she doesn‘t recognize the number. Read more »
Last week on General Hospital, a drunken Luke (Anthony Geary) was rushed into the emergency room after collapsing and, much to Tracy‘s (Jane Elliot) relief, Luke finally agreed to have the heart surgery necessary to save his life.  Katie (Megan Ward) took matters into her own hands after suspecting Sonny (Maurice Benard) was trying to scare her and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) unknowingly exposed something that puts her life at risk.This week, the long-running soap will feature an unexpected twist as one of the residents of Port Charles dies.Read on for more spoilers on General Hospital. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Sonny and Jason begin to think that Anthony had nothing to do with the killings and the real murderer is still on the loose.  Kate hires Alexis, as her lawyer, to make a stand against Sonny, who has been trying to force his security precautions on her.  Lucky and Elizabeth decide to be pleasant with one another for the sake of their children.  As Maxie prepares to leave her house for work, an intruder grabs her and begins to strangle her.Tracy tells Luke that she wants him to attempt to live instead of abusing his body any further than he already has.  She wants to decide if staying with him is a smart thing to do.  After, she‘s not looking to be a widow anytime soon.  When Sonny shows up at Kate‘s house, she tells him that he can‘t just waltz in there and act like he only has her best interest in mind.  Ric walks in on a conversation between Jason and Lucky about Jake‘s safety.  Georgie finds Maxie on the ground unconscious as the intruder runs out of the house. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Maxie tries to recall details about her attacker while being questioned at the police station.  Both Johnny and Coop continue to appear to be suspects of the attacks and murders.  Sonny calls Kate out when she shuts down and tells her that nothing has changed since they were young: she‘s always pulling away from him.  Monica tells Luke that he needs his surgery right away.Tracy tells Monica that she can‘t perform the bypass surgery on Luke.  Georgie is uneasy when Coop brings up the text message before she could tell him about it.  Lucky brings Johnny to the police station in handcuffs to question him about the attacks and the murders. Read more »
Another Carly is headed back to Port Charles.  Soap veteran Sarah Brown is set to return on General Hospital in early 2008.  Many are speculating that the 32-year-old actress will be reprising the role she originally played on the long running soap, although details on how Brown will fit onto the canvass have not yet been disclosed.  Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that Laura Wright, the 37-year-old actress who has been portraying Carly since 2005, will still remain on the drama. "Laura‘s job is secure," a representative of General Hospital told  "Viewers will just have to stay tuned to see what Sarah‘s going to be doing." Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Georgie and Maxie were unable to identify the intruder and Coop seemed on edge about it.  As Monica prepared to operate on Luke, she had visions of Emily.  Luke woke up after being hit with a bright white light but it doesn‘t seem he‘s dead yet.  Johnny goes to talk to Lulu but finds her in the arms of Logan.  Jason orders Diane to represent Johnny, since he doesn‘t believe that he is the one attacking and killing people in Port Charles.Luke has a vision, which Skye is in, and he‘s convinced that he‘s in heaven.  Convinced, that is, until Lulu comes down the stairs with her kids, her dog, and her husband Logan.  Oh, this must be hell.   Trevor promises to take more people away from Jason and he throws him down with a gun to his head.  Spinelli runs in, begging Stone Cold not to kill Trevor. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Georgie asks Spinelli for help in tracking down the text message killer.  She tells him that she thinks Coop is the one behind the attacks.  An unsuspecting Maxie feels safe in Coop‘s arms and spends the night with him.  Luke has visions of being in hell (involving Mac as his golfing buddy and Tracy married to Scott) but pulls through his surgery.  Jason tells Johnny that he didn‘t help get him out of the police station out of kindness.  They are still enemies.Georgie and Spinelli are thrown off when a softer, kinder Maxie wants to spend time with them.  Lulu goes to Logan‘s for some comfort, since she is worried about her father.  Lucky tells Sam that he thinks Johnny is behind the attacks and tells her to get another bodyguard so she is protected all the time.  She responds by asking him to move in with her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Georgie convinces Spinelli that Coop is most likely the text message killer.  Logan kisses Lulu but worries that he moved too fast or took advantage of her.  Jason and Johnny are brought to the police station for questioning after some of Sonny‘s men were shot.  Lulu gets a note from Johnny to meet him in the park but it‘s from Trevor, who is planning to kill her.Sonny is convinced that Johnny is behind the attacks on his men.  Johnny is upset after spending the day in the police station for questioning about hits that Trevor ordered.  Maxie tells Coop that she wants to go somewhere with him that‘s private - somewhere where no one will find them.  Better rethink that plan, Maxie! Read more »
Last week on General Hospital, Johnny (Brandon Barash) got angry at Trevor (Stephen Macht) for starting a war with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and decided on telling Sonny the truth of Trevor‘s manipulations in hopes of negotiating a truce.  A dangerous Trevor planned on using Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) to keep Johnny under his thumb and after dismissing Georgie‘s (Lindze Letherman) suspicions about Coop (Jason Gerhardt), Maxie (Kirsten Storms) made plans for a romantic evening alone with Coop at Sam‘s (Kelly Monaco) penthouse.The suspense continues in Port Charles as the text message killer strikes again.Read on for more spoilers on General Hospital. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Sonny is convinced that Johnny is behind the attacks but Jason isn‘t so sure.  Spinelli tells him that he and Georgie feel Cooper is the real culprit.  Lucky and Sam decide to take a big step in their relationship and move in together.  While walking in the park, Sam hears something behind her.  Georgie gets a text message and decides to meet the sender in place of her sister.  Trevor orders a hit on Sonny and a sniper puts his mark on him.Jason waits inside Coop‘s apartment but startles Spinelli when he also tries to break in.  Someone approaches Georgie but she seems relieved to see whoever it is.  Maxie is caught off guard when Lucky finds her in the hot tub at Sam‘s apartment waiting for Coop.  Johnny finds Lulu on the pier and shields her when shots are fired.  A shot is taken at Sonny but misses. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Ric investigates the shooting that took place at the restaurant where Sonny and Trevor were sharing a drink.  Shots are fired at Lulu and Johnny tries to convince her that Sonny is behind it.  Spinelli finds Georgie‘s dead body outside in the park and calls for help.  Maxie and Mac hold each other and sob upon seeing for themselves that Georgie has been murdered.Jax and Carly arrive back in Port Charles with the boys.  Mac asks Coop to take Maxie away so that she doesn‘t have to see Georgie like this.  Diane tells Kate to stay away from Sonny if she wants to stay alive.  Sonny orders a hit on Johnny, who is standing right outside with Lulu. Read more »
As reported previously, Kristina Wagner is set to return to Port Charles.  The 44-year-old soap star will be appearing on General Hospital to reprise her role as Felicia Cummings after being replaced by former Another World actress Sandra Ferguson in 2005.  Unfortunately, her comeback will be ushered by a fateful storyline that regrettably involves the death of her daughter Georgie, played by Lindze Letherman.The text message killer, who continues to carefully pick off the women of Port Charles, claimed his latest victim, Georgie, on Monday‘s episode of General Hospital.  While Georgie‘s friends and loved ones already expressed their grief caused by this tragic loss, viewers have yet to see the reaction of Georgie‘s mother Felicia.Warning: May contain spoilers. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, everyone mourns the loss of Georgie.  Lucky blames Spinelli, even wondering if he is responsible for her death.  Johnny keeps pushing Lulu away but only because he wants to protect her.  He tells her he can‘t risk losing her and kisses her.  Elizabeth asks Jason to meet her at the hotel, where she tells him that she needs to be with him.  Sam gets a text from the killer saying she‘s next.Lucky promises Sam that he‘ll protect her.  Johnny pulls away from Lulu and tells her that this can‘t happen again.  Carly insists that Sonny call off the hit on Johnny, saying that he‘s only trying to protect Kate, who can‘t handle being with a mob boss. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lucky promises Sam that he‘ll protect her after she receives a text message from the killer.  Carly tries to get Sonny to call off the hit on Johnny.  Jason and Elizabeth decide to start a new life together.Kate embraces her relationship with Sonny, even if it means being a target.  Michael overhears Carly and Jax argue over the shots fired at the Metrocourt.  Maxie hears someone come inside and worries it‘s an intruder but it‘s her mother, Felicia, returning home.  Lulu shows up to Kelly‘s to cover the shift that Georgie would have had.  Dillon shows up a minute later, looking for Georgie, saying he has news for her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hotal, Felicia returns home to comfort Maxie, but she isn‘t so willing to forgive her mother for abandoning her and her sister.  Dillon shows up to give Georgie some good news and is shocked and devastated to find out that she is dead.  Michael tells Carly that as soon as he‘s old enough, he‘ll be taking over his father‘s business.Maxie decides to ride to Georgie‘s funeral with Cooper instead of her mother.  While Robin and Mac set up for the funeral, he expresses guilt over Georgie‘s death, feeling that he failed her.  Carly tries to hide a surprise she has in a bag from Jax.  Luke tells Tracy that he‘s had a change of heart, mostly due to Lulu, and will go back under the knife. Read more »
On Monday‘s General Hospital, Skye goes to visit Luke in the hospital before his surgery but Tracy throws her out.  Felicia tries to connect with Maxie but she is unwilling to open up to her mother.  Sonny spends Christmas Eve alone, wishing that Kate would contact him.  Luke has a vision of going through a gate into the fog and back in Port Charles, his family comforts each other in the hospital waiting room.Lulu and Johnny run into each other in the hospital waiting room.  Trevor shows up to Kate‘s hotel room to talk to her.  Jason tells Sonny that killing Johnny isn‘t the answer.  Luke is still alive and wakes up in the hospital room next to Tracy.  Lucky walks in on Lulu and Johnny making plans with one another and tells him to stay away from her.  Michael stands up Carly, telling her that he‘s going to work with his father whether she likes that or not. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Luke made it through his surgery and Tracy promises to personally oversee his recovery.  Carly looks to Jason for help when Michael says he wants to join his father‘s business as soon as he‘s old enough.  Patrick is jealous when he sees Jax comforting Robin over Georgie‘s death.  Johnny and Lulu are being watched on surveillance cameras.Carly finds Robin and launches a personal attack on her, perhaps called by Patrick after he saw her with Jax.  Jason tells Elizabeth that he has made a safehouse for them to see each other whenever they want.  Lulu is offended when Johnny asks her why she cares whether he lives or dies.  Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Carly goes on the attack after finding out that Robin was spending time with Jax.  Kelly gives Robin information about finding donors online so that she can have her baby.  Lulu is followed by a man and woman who are contemplating kidnapping her in order to send a message to Johnny.Nikolas returns from Switzerland and immediately sees and talks to Emily once he returns to Wyndemere.  Lucky and Lulu show up to check in on him and see if the doctors have figured out what‘s wrong with him.  Sonny is more determined than ever to show Kate that he can fit into her world.  Elizabeth calls Jason to try to get some time with him but he‘s busy running Sonny‘s operations.  Sam shows up at Sonny‘s, interrupting Jason‘s phone conversation. Read more »
For nearly 30 years, Jackie Zeman has portrayed Bobbie Spencer, the sister of Port Charles‘s central figure, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary), on General Hospital.  Now, the 54-year-old soap actress has been taken off contract, changing her role status from contract basis to recurring. The news doesn‘t really come as a surprise to the veteran actress as her character on General Hospital has been lacking of a solid storyline for quite some time now.  Although Bobbie Spencer remains to be popular among fans, she has largely become a non-existent character, surfacing onto the canvass only a few times a month to visit her family in Port Charles. Read more »
On the last episode of General Hospital, Cassius cheers up Epiphany and surprises her with a phone call from her favorite recording artist.  Sonny goes after a man at Kate‘s party after overhearing him speak badly of her.  He ends up getting arrested.  Carly worries that Jerry is up to no good.  Elizabeth tries to meet up with Jason at the safe house but he is unable to go because of business.Tracy catches Luke trying to place bets with a bookie from his hospital bed.  Elizabeth is surprised after figuring out that Lucky has been checking up on her.  Diane is upset after hearing that Sonny has been arrested but her mood is lifted when she finds out that she‘s been nominated for Litigator of the Year.  Alexis receives news that she, also, has been nominated. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Diane and Alexis both found out that they were nominated for Litigator of the Year.  Tracy is outraged when she sees that Luke is trying to place bets with a bookie.  Speaking with a French accent, Jerry gives orders to dig up background info on Sonny.  With Sonny in jail, Ric thinks it‘s a perfect opportunity to approach the Zacchara family but Skye is skeptical of the plan.  While on the phone with her son, Epiphany hears a loud crash and the line goes dead.Tracy finds Luke unconscious with a cigar in his hand and calls for help.  Luke finds himself stuck in purgatory.  Sonny is questioned by the police in Manhattan about why he is there.  Kate walks in and tries to use her status in the city to get him out.  Epiphany panics after the phone line goes dead, worrying that her son has been in a terrible accident. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Luke went on trial in purgatory and when Tracy convinced the jury that he was not guilty, he woke up in his hospital room again.  Kate uses her charm and connections to get Sonny released from the police station.  Alexis agrees to let Ric watch her daughters while she is out of town.  Epiphany receives the devastating news that her son was killed in a car accident ... an accident that Jerry seems to be responsible for causing.Mac flips out when he sees Lucky and Detective Harper socializing instead of working their hardest to find the text message killer.  As Felicia tells Mac that she wants to help find the killer, Detective Harper runs in saying that another girl has been found strangled.  Jason tries to rearrange his schedule so that he can meet Elizabeth at the safe house.  Carly begs Jason to talk to Michael and convince him that he doesn‘t want to be a mobster. Read more »
General Hospital started the year with last week‘s episodes that stirred a lot of intrigue for the city of Port Charles.  Viewers witnessed Carly (Laura Wright) as she looked to Jason (Steve Burton) for assurances he can‘t really give her and took note of the attraction between Jason and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).  Fans also saw a hotheaded Johnny (Brandon Barash) taking matters into his own hands and Trevor (Stephen Macht) trying to do damage control, while Sonny (Maurice Benard) is forced to leave Kate (Megan Ward) and decided to return to Port Charles.The drama continues this week on General Hospital.  Read on for more spoilers. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Felicia decides to join the search for the text message killer but sees evidence that she found hard to handle.  Carly begs Jason to talk to Michael and convince him that he doesn‘t want to join the mob when he grows up.  Luke worries that Johnny is going to come after Lulu.  Trevor talks business with Jerry, who uses a french accent to throw him off.  Lulu is grabbed by a man in black as she heads outside of Kelly‘s.The claws come out when Alexis and Diane sit next to each other on their flight to the awards ceremony.  Even worse, one of them will have to put their garment bag in the overhead compartment.  It is obvious to everyone around them that Sonny and Kate miss each other but they won‘t admit it to each other.  Carly becomes overly suspicious of Jason and Elizabeth after seeing them talking.  Mac tells Johnny that once they match the skin cells under Georgie‘s fingernails, they‘ll have their killer. Read more »
This year, many stars on ABC‘s General Hospital will be gracing several events to give fans a chance to meet and greet them.  Included in the list are Kin Shriner, Ted King, Tyler Christopher, Bradford Anderson, Greg Vaughan, Derk Cheetwood, Rick Hearst and Sebastian Roche. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Ric makes a play for Skye but she turns cold when he mentions Alcazar‘s name.  Sonny and Kate send each other little messages, saying that they miss each other.  After fighting and causing a disturbance on the plane, Alexis and Diane are removed by airline security.  After being grabbed by a man in black, Lulu is throw and locked in a room while Jerry stands outside.  In an attempt to make Elizabeth‘s life even more miserable than she already has, Sam goes to Carly and tells her that Jason is Jake‘s father.Ric tries to understand why Skye is backing away from him and says that they can have any relationship they want.  Now that they‘re off the plane, Diane and Alexis have no choice but to drive together to the awards ceremony for Litigator of the Year.  Trevor calls Johnny to talk business but he‘s busy visiting his father.  Carly refuses to believe that what Sam has told her about Jason and Jake is true. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, things go terribly wrong with Diane and Alexis try to carpool to the awards ceremony.  Skye decides to end things before they go too far with Ric after he mentions Alcazar‘s properties and how powerful they could be together.  Carly and Elizabeth trade insults after she confronts her about Jake.  Afterwards, Carly confronts Jason, asking him if he has been lying to her all this time about being Jake‘s father.Diane and Alexis are suddenly very much fish out of water when they walk into a biker bar after their car breaks down.  Dressed as a janitor, Luke tries to sneak out of the hospital without getting caught.  Lucky is shocked that Sam would tell Carly that Jason was Jake‘s father.  Jason admits the truth to an emotional Carly. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Diane and Alexis find themselves in over their hands when they are stranded in a biker bar.  Skye makes a decision to leave Port Charles for good and give Ric all of Alcazar‘s waterfront properties.  Epiphany receives her son‘s personal belongings in the mail and gives them to Spinelli so that he can help find his killer.  Elizabeth threatens to tell Lucky every horrible thing Sam has ever done.  After learning that Jason is Jake‘s father, Carly makes a vow to make everything right.Nikolas waits at the hospital to get some answers about his blackouts.  When he starts talking to Emily, Nadine walks in and wants to know who he‘s talking to.  Sonny wants to know where Jason has been, especially as they find themselves in the middle of a potential mob war.  Carly goes back to Emily‘s with the goal of making things right for Jason. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas flips out while waiting to get some answers at the hospital about his blackouts.  He has to be retrained by Robin, Patrick, and Cassius.  Lulu tries to make an escape and leaves Spinelli a desperate voice mail asking for help.  She is caught and thrown back into her holding room, unaware that Jerry is behind the abduction.  Patrick catches Robin looking up information online about anonymous sperm donors.Skye shows up at the hospital to say goodbye to Edward and Monica, who are there for a board meeting.  Carly asks Sonny to track down Diane so that they can file custody papers for Jason and Jake.  Sam and Jason meet and she tells him that she told Carly about Jake to get even. Read more »
Last week on General Hospital, viewers were treated with a suspenseful storyline involving a fire started by Cameron (Braden Walkes) that caught Elizabeth‘s (Rebecca Herbst) house.  The tension blazed further as Elizabeth gets locked out of the house, while her son Jake is still upstairs. Find out what will happen next in this week‘s episodes of General Hospital.  Read on for more spoilers. Read more »
On Friday‘s episode of General Hospital, Skye says her goodbyes to those that matter to her and manages to break Luke out of the hospital before she goes.  Epiphany is too distracted by her son‘s death to do her job properly.  Cameron starts a fire and when Elizabeth chases him outside, the door locks behind them, leaving Jake trapped inside.  Kate and Sonny reunite when he comes to Manhattan to see her.  A man who was denied treatment for his wife at the hospital due to lack of insurance returns with a bomb strapped to his chest.Jason gets word from Max that Anthony Zacchara not only has feeling in his feet but may even be getting his mind back.  Trevor makes a deal with Moreau (who is actually Jerry) in order to get Lulu back but Johnny vows to bring her back safe.  Trapped in a monastery, Lulu tries to convince the people holding her that she‘s not on drugs and not a danger to herself.  Joe, the man with the bomb strapped to him, refuses to leave until his wife gets medical attention.  Elizabeth cannot get into the house to save Jake, while the fire continues to burn. Read more »
Nazanin Boniadi has quickly carved a niche in the soap world with her role as Leyla Mir on General Hospital.  In less than a year, she has established her own fan following, has positively caught the attention of many critics, and is now one of the nominees of the NAACP Image Awards.Presented by the American National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the NAACP Image Awards intends to honor outstanding people of color in film, television, music and literature.  One of the categories in this event is “Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series” in which Boniadi, who was born in Tehran, Iran, and raised in London, England, is one of the contenders. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jason visits Anthony and tries to get information about Moreau.  Elizabeth manages to rescue Jake from the burning house and she rushes off the hospital to get him treated.  Joe holds people hostage after his wife is refused treatment.  Spinelli, Logan, and Johnny form an unlikely trio in order to find Lulu and bring her back safe.Nikolas shows up late the hospital for his board meeting, unaware that there is a man with a bomb holding many people hostage.  In the elevator, he sees Emily, who tells him not to give up hope that Patrick can help his brain tumor.  Elizabeth refuses to leave the hospital with Jake, who needs medical attention for smoke inhalation.  Joe makes a move at Elizabeth but Sam steps in between them, telling him to stop. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sam convinces Joe to allow Elizabeth and Jake to receive medical treatment.  Patrick decides that he wants to try to draw blood from Nikolas while intentionally trying to cause one of his blackouts.  Alexis is shocked when she finds out that Skye has left Ric all of Alcazar‘s waterfront properties.  Julius covers for Sonny when the police show up at Kate‘s looking for him.Sonny surprises Kate by bringing her back to Bensonhurst but she looks more worried than excited to be back home.  Spinelli, Logan, and Johnny work together to try to figure out where Lulu has been taken.  Robin doesn‘t agree with Patrick‘s ideas about treating Nikolas.  Nadine tells Nikolas to keep talking to Emily if that‘s what makes him feel better.  In order to set off Jason, Joe grabs Monica, then Sam.  Lucky stands outside with a sniper rifle, looking to take Joe out. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sonny surprises Kate by bringing her back to Bensonhurst but mood is killed when a rival mobster tells him to watch his back.  Lucky makes his way to check in on Elizabeth and Jake while Joe holds Sam, Jason, Monica, Edward, and others hostage in the hospital.  Patrick intentionally provokes Nikolas and draws blood from him to try to get to the root of his blackouts.  Spinelli finds where Lulu is being held captive but she has already started on her escape.Sonny‘s "rival mobster" ends up being a guy named Moose, a guy from his past who was just messing with him.  Lulu tries to make her way out of the tunnels through the monastery.  In order to stop Nikolas from taunting Joe any more than he already has, Jason punches him and knocks him unconscious.  Joe tells Sam to check on his wife and bring back good news ... or they‘re all in big trouble! Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jax tries to stop Carly from interfering with Jason‘s life.  She finally admits that she has been trying to get pregnant.  Monica sneaks drinks in the hospital storage room to calm her nerves.  Jason attacks Joe and proves that the bomb isn‘t real.  Joe is arrested on the spot by Mac and the police.  Lucky makes his way to see Elizabeth and Jake before Jason gets the chance.  Sonny and Kate reminisce about the old days while on a trip to Bensonhurst.Sonny refuses to read the card that came out of the fortune telling machine to Kate.  Spinelli tries to call Logan from the tunnels at the monastery but loses service.  Johnny and Lulu can‘t seem to get out of the room they‘re trapped in and she demands to know who is behind her abduction.  Patrick tries to get Robin to rest after she collapsed but she wants to push through.  Nadine brings Nikolas food, but he looks like he was expecting someone else. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Sonny surprises Kate by getting down on one knee during their trip to Bensonhurst and proposing.  Robin finds out that she is pregnant and Kelly wants to know who the father is.  Leyla makes a play for Patrick and seduces him in the hospital break room.  Lulu and Spinelli make their way back to the room where she was being held.  Lulu finds Logan being held at gunpoint and Spinelli stays hidden as he may be the only one who can save them!Robin is as shocked as Kelly is when she finds out that she is pregnant.  She conceived around Christmas... does that mean Patrick could be the father?  Nikolas decides to confess to seeing Emily to Patrick in order to get proper treatment.  Logan and Lulu are brought to a boiler room where they are handcuffed to pipes.  Sonny asks Kate to marry him. Read more »
Viewers will have to say farewell to Jason Gerhardt, who is best known for playing Cooper Barrett on General Hospital.  Although the news does not come as a shock to the actor, his departure is deemed unexpected to soap fans since he previously stated how happy was to be part of the long-running soap. Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Robin realizes that Patrick is the father of her baby but hesitates to tell him after she overhears a conversation he has with Leo.  Patrick tells Nikolas that he can get treatment to stop the hallucinations or risk death.  He chooses to risk it, unwilling to let go of Emily.  Upset by Kate‘s refusal to answer his proposal, Sonny buys the restaurant and movie theater in Bensonhurst and then trashes them both.  Jason and Johnny work together and free Logan and Lulu from Jerry‘s men.Mac anxiously awaits the results of the DNA test which will identify Georgie‘s killer.  Coop hangs around to try to get information.  Tracy lets Lulu know that Luke took off from the hospital and then questions her about her "visit with her mother".  Carly shows up at the hospital to taunt Elizabeth about revealing to the world that Jason is Jake‘s father.  Trevor tracks down Jason and, holding him at gunpoint, demands to know where Johnny is. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lulu finds Johnny, who is badly injured, and rushes to get him bandages and medication.  When she returns, he is gone and she has no idea where he is.  Ric takes a trip, leaving Alexis as D.A. in his absence, and visits his childhood home.  The DNA test results that would identify Georgie‘s killer are dropped off on Mac‘s desk but they mysteriously disappear around the time that Coop and Logan are at the police station.  Alexis is grabbed by the text message killer and strangled.Kelly tries to convince Robin to take an appointment with her and get checked out now that she‘s pregnant.  Patrick overhears them and asks why she is keeping things from her.  Jason sneaks into Jason‘s room in the middle of the night to finally see her after the house fire.  Lulu finally tracks down Johnny and promises to keep him safe.  As Alexis is being attacked, Sam finds them and begins punching and kicking the killer. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Logan and Cooper are both questioned about the missing DNA test results that would identify Georgie‘s killer.  Lulu finds Johnny and nurses his wounds and staying with him to make sure he‘s okay.  Ric leaves his childhood home to presumably head back to Port Charles and Trevor shows up at the house a few minutes later.  Sam and Alexis receive text messages saying that one will die while the other watches.Lulu goes to Kelly‘s to pick up food for herself and Johnny when she finds out about the attack on Alexis from Mike.  As she heads back with the food, she runs into Logan who tells her that she‘s in trouble.  Elizabeth had another nightmare about the fire while in the hospital.  Lucky compliments Sam on her bravery and for saving her mother from the attacker.  Jason catches Michael reaching for a gun in Sonny‘s office. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Logan finds out that Lulu has been taking care of Johnny and follows her to spy on them.  Later, he confronts Cooper about the missing DNA test results.  Trevor follows Ric to his childhood home in Cape Cod and tries to manipulate him into handing over the waterfront properties that Skye gave to him.  Jason is extremely concerned when he finds Michael in Sonny‘s office looking for a gun.Lulu tries to say goodbye to Johnny and tells him to run, after hearing Logan tell Scott that he followed her there.  Logan tells Coop that he knows he‘s the match to Georgie‘s killer.  Elizabeth is less than thrilled after calling Lucky to check on her boys and hearing Sam in the background.  Michael meets up with two older kids trying to buy something from them.  Kate returns to Port Charles looking for Sonny. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Kate admits to Carly that Sonny proposed to her.    Jason loses his cool with Carly after feeling that she interferes too much with people‘s personal lives.  Lucky gets an emergency call and leaves Sam to take care of Jake by herself.  A new doctor arrives at the hospital, Dr. Ian Devlin, who catches the nurses‘ eye.  Michael buys a gun from some teenagers on the street.  Maxie sees something that makes her scream.Mike and Jason run upstairs after hearing Maxie‘s screams to find Coop‘s body hanging from the ceiling.  Elizabeth is outraged when she finds Sam taking care of Jake and tells her to get out of the house.  Patrick takes time to show Ian around, who seems to have his eye on Leyla.  Sonny tells Kate that he‘s had time to process what happened and he‘s over her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Maxie loses it when she realizes that Coop is dead and insists that he could not have killed himself.  Logan admits to being the last one to see him alive and tells Mac that the DNA results match Coop, another fact Maxie refuses to believe.  Elizabeth kicks Sam out of her house, after finding her taking care of Jake, and tells her to stay away from Lucky.  Kate tries to make amends with Sonny but he has closed off his heart to her.Tracy is shocked when she arrives back at the Quartermaine house and finds Monica throwing her stuff out onto the lawn.  Ian tries to convince Patrick to get revenge on Leyla, after she ran off with his clothes.  Spinelli asks Jason if he still believes that Coop was not the text message killer, which would mean that the real killer is still on the loose in Port Charles. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Tracy is shocked when she arrives back at the Quartermaine house and finds Monica throwing her stuff out onto the lawn.  Ian makes a play for Leyla, who happily goes along with it in an attempt to make Patrick jealous.  Robin finally blurts out to Patrick that she is pregnant.  Sam goes to the hospital to make peace with Elizabeth, who isn‘t buying it.  Lucky overhears them talking and later asks Elizabeth to tell him everything about Sam.  Spinelli and Maxie team up to try to figure out who the real text message killer is.Patrick asks Robin if she‘s joking after she admits that she‘s pregnant.  Jax (the real one!) returns home and Carly tells him that she has news regarding their attempts at having a baby.  Alexis tries to encourage Sam to come clean with Lucky.  Meanwhile, he puts pressure on Elizabeth to tell him what Sam is hiding from him.  Sonny goes to Jason, asking why Johnny Zacchara is still alive. Read more »
The rumor mill has been hard at work especially with the comings and goings of actors in the world of soaps.  More often than not, what starts as tittle-tattle eventually turns out to be something very close to the truth.  Like other soaps, General Hospital has already been a casualty of much grapevine among its allegedly departing cast members. Previously, there was some buzz about Jason Gerhardt leaving the show.  Rumors turned into reality when his character Cooper Barrett was killed off the canvass in a recent storyline.  Now, speculations are surrounding yet another cast member and he comes in the form of Maurice Benard.Warning: May contain spoilers Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick finds out that he‘s the father of Robin‘s baby after Cassius blurts it out in front of everyone.  Diane and Alexis get all the dirt from Kate on Sonny‘s proposal to her.  Jax convinces Carly to stop worrying so much about getting pregnant and tells her to go with the flow.  Elizabeth tells Lucky the truth about Sam.  Sonny tells Kate to get out of Port Charles and go back to her phony life in Manhattan.Luke arrives "home" but Monica tells him that it‘s not his home anymore.  Elizabeth wakes up to find Lucky sitting in her room, thinking about what he found out about Sam.  The story that Cooper is the text message killer hits the newspaper in Port Charles and has everyone talking.  Claudia, the mysterious new woman, offers to buy Sonny a drink. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas tries to recreate the moment he got angry with Emily before the blackout so that he can remember who killed her.  After learning the truth about Sam from Elizabeth, Lucky ends their relationship.  Monica throws Luke out of the Quartermaine house along with Tracy and Lulu threatens to leave with them.  Sonny and Claudia end up in a hotel room before they‘ve even introduced themselves to one another.Lucky tells Sam that he will do everything he can to make sure she never gets near Jake again.  Jason goes to Carly to let her know that he has serious doubts that Coop is the text message killer.  On the stairs, Michael listens and overhears that the killer could still be out there.  Logan offers to let Lulu stay with him after she leaves the Quartermaine house.  Sonny and Claudia waste no time sleeping together once they hit the hotel room. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Lucky tells Sam that he doesn‘t want to see her anymore and refuses to believe her when she says she received threatening text messages.  Kate admits to Jax that she is actually just Connie from Bensonhurst.  Sonny and Claudia sleep together, then part ways, not knowing the other‘s name.Johnny‘s sister, Claudia, returns to Port Charles and tells him that Trevor asked her to come home.  Sonny is upset after finding out that Kate was spending time with Jax.  Monica, Elizabeth, and Carly all drive separately in the rain, each one having a hard time concentrating on the road.  Sam is attacked by the text message killer and someone runs her over with their car. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jerry brings Sam to the hospital to get medical attention after finding her by the side of the road.  Maxie and Spinelli are suspicious when Logan shows up at Coop‘s apartment.  Ric makes a play for Marianna.Jason leaves Elizabeth at the safe house for a few minutes, who says that she had another dream but can‘t remember everything about it.  Alexis stays by Sam‘s bedside, waiting for her to wake up, while Lucky stares in through the window.  Claudia looks to shake up the Zacchara organization, whether Trevor and Johnny like it or not. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Johnny‘s sister, Claudia, returns to Port Charles and tells him that Trevor asked her to come home.  Sam is run over by a car and there are several different people who could have done it: Monica, Elizabeth, Carly, or Nikolas.  Carly is angry when she finds Kate in her home, spending time with Jax.Lulu puts herself in front of Johnny so that Sonny won‘t shoot him.  Elizabeth has another bad dream and Jason tries to calm her.  Sam lays unconscious on the ground but next to her, the killer begins to stir.  Spinelli and Maxie sneak into Coop‘s room to look for clues surrounding his death while Jerry eavesdrops on them from outside. Read more »
Shell Kepler, who is best known for her work on General Hospital as Nurse Amy Vining, passed away on February 1 after being admitted to the hospital at Oregon Health & Sciences University on the same day.  According to reports, the 49-year-old actress succumbed to renal failure, a situation in the body in which the kidney fails to function adequately."She was a sweet woman with a big heart. She couldn‘t have been lovelier to me and was very welcoming when I joined GH [General Hospital]," former co-star Nancy Lee Grahn, who is known for her role as Alexis, told Soap Opera Digest.  Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Claudia decides to take charge of the Zacchara organization, whether Trevor and Johnny like it or not.  Ric convinces Marianna to give their relationship a chance but she seems to be spying on him for someone.  Lucky feels guilty for not believing Sam when she said the killer was alive and after her.  Elizabeth goes to see Sam in the hospital, wondering if she could have been the one to run her down.Tracy tells Luke that their marriage is over.  Claudia looks forward to "meeting" Sonny and Sonny looks to track Claudia, the mysterious woman he spent the night with, down.  Jax is concerned when Carly says she needs to get the dents in her car fixed.  Who or what did she hit?  Sam wakes up and Elizabeth asks her if she know who hit her.  She just calls out for Lucky and is suspicious of Liz‘s sudden interest in her well-being. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Tracy chooses to walk away from Luke, especially after he let Skye help him escape the hospital on the day he was to be released.  Nadine tells Nikolas that he doesn‘t realize how lucky he is, being able to see Emily whenever he wants.  Sonny tries to convince Michael to let him protect the family because a child shouldn‘t have to worry about that.  Claudia starts making decisions and taking action on behalf of the Zacchara organization.Claudia makes her way to Port Charles and dines in the same restaurant as Carly and Jax.  Lulu finds herself back at Johnny‘s house.  Elizabeth worries that if she did actually hit Sam, no one would believe that it was an accident. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Claudia makes her way to Port Charles and runs into Carly at the Metro Court.  She also sees Sonny for the first time since they slept together.  Mike catches Michael buying bullets on the piers from a group of teenagers.  Lucky tries to get information from Jason about Sam‘s hit and run accident.  Marianna gets a phone call from Trevor.Claudia doesn‘t bat an eyelash as she walks into the meeting with the five families and lays eyes on Sonny.  Trevor looks to Marianna to find out if Ric signed the papers for the properties yet.  He threatens her into convincing Ric not to sign anything.  Lucky feels it‘s more than a coincidence that Jason showed up at the same spot where Sam was hit.  Elizabeth arrives home with her boys. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Ian is suspicious when Jerry shows up at the hospital right after Sam‘s attacker takes off.  Claudia gets physical with a member of the five families who insults her brother.  She later tells Sonny that she has no problem killing him.  Trevor tries to blackmail Marianna into getting Ric‘s legal papers away from him.Alexis goes to the police station to try to get information on Sam‘s attacker.  In the hospital, Sam has another nightmare about the man who tried to kill her.  Jason tries to convince Elizabeth that she‘s not the only one who could have hit Sam with her car.  Lulu stands alone, thinking about the kisses she has shared with Johnny, when Logan shows up. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Epiphany collapses after receiving her son‘s ashes while at work.  Logan decides to let Lulu go so that she can figure out what she wants.  Luke spends time talking with Johnny as the two sit on top of a balcony.  Patrick overhears Robin describing the father of her baby and notices that hit sounds a lot like him.  Morgan finds the box under Michael‘s bed that holds his gun.Luke goes to Sonny, looking to get back on the payroll.  Trevor suggests that Claudia get close to Sonny.  Unfortunately, he‘s a little out of the loop since the two have already spent the night together.  Jason tries to ask Sam some questions about the hit and run but she questions his intentions.  Elizabeth tells Lucky she may be the one responsible for the accident. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sonny tells Luke that he cannot let him back into the organization, saying he should focus on his health.  Michael finds Morgan reaching for the gun he had hidden under his bed and kicks him out of his room.  Kate decides that it‘s time to patch things up with Sonny.  Kristina sees something outside that makes her scream.Tracy is surprised to see Luke working at Kelly‘s, who says that he needed some way to provide for his wife.  Kate calls Sonny out, saying that he‘s acting like a tough guy because he‘s actually afraid of getting hurt.  Claudia and Jason play a high stakes game of pool.  Ian gets Sam back on her feet and for a walk around the hospital.  When he gets a page, he asks Elizabeth to take care of her for a few.  Alexis asks Kristina what she saw that made her scream. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Spinelli delivers a Valentine‘s Day to Maxie that Coop was going to give her.  Ian asks Elizabeth to keep an eye on Sam but the claws come out when the two women are left alone together.  Claudia meets Jason and plays a high stakes game of pool with him in a bar.  Kate puts her foot down with Sonny, saying that she knows he is still in love with her.Michal finds Carly in his room and screams at her to get out.  Maxie and Spinelli debate telling Lulu that they think Logan is the text message killer.  Johnny asks Claudia why she stayed away from home for so long.  Sonny wonders what has been keeping Jason so distracted from his work.  Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she‘s pretty sure he wasn‘t the one who hit Sam. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Jason turns down Claudia for a second time and later realizes who she really is.  Sonny and Alexis try to get Kristina to talk about what she saw that scared her.  Nikolas collapses on the ground in the hospital and, as Elizabeth holds him, says he remembers what happened the night Emily was killed.  Lulu sneaks into Logan‘s room and finds a black mask and gloves hidden in his closet.  Michael tries to dispose of his gun in an alley but he drops it.  The gun goes off with Carly and Kate nearby.Patrick tries to stir Nikolas but Elizabeth asks him to wait.  Nikolas flashes back and sees someone hit him over the head.  He falls to the ground and watches, as Emily is strangled.  Logan arrives him and Lulu confronts him, saying that he is the Text Message Killer.  Claudia goes to Sonny‘s office to seduce him... again.  Carly is lying on the floor in the alley, presumably having been shot. Read more »
Soap fans are mourning the death of yet another veteran actor from General Hospital‘s golden era. David Groh, known for playing Bobbie‘s (Jacklyn Zeman) abusive first husband D.L. Brock, has passed away last Tuesday, February 12 at age 68 due to kidney cancer.In addition to General Hospital, in which he was cast from 1983 to 1985, Groh was famously known as Rhoda‘s husband Joe from his 1974-1977 run on the 1970s Mary Tyler Moore spin-off series Rhoda, opposite Valerie Harper.  When his character and Rhoda Morgernstern split onscreen, the news came as a surprise to viewers given that divorce was not a subject generally addressed on television in the 1970s.  The couple‘s marriage was one of the series‘ highest-rated episodes.  When the pair divorced, some fans even sent condolence cards to the couple. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lulu confronts Logan, saying that she knows he is the Text Message Killer.  He, of course, denies all of it.  Sonny finds Kate, in the alley, after being shot by Michael.  Fearing that his father will punish him, Michael hides on a boat and tries to run away.Sonny calls an ambulance to get Kate some help.  Nadine tries to get Nikolas to dig deep and remember who killed Emily.  Johnny goes to Logan‘s but he grabs Lulu before she can answer the door.  She fights him off and runs to Johnny so that he can protect her.  Leyla tries to make polite conversation with Robin about her baby, but she isn‘t interested in playing nice. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nadine tries to get Nikolas to move on from Emily‘s death and be a good father to his son.  Sonny and Jason find Kate in the alley and she is brought to the hospital to undergo surgery.  Lulu fights Logan off by hitting him, knocking him unconscious.  He is also brought to the hospital and crashes on the operating table.Tracy finds Luke back at the hospital and wonders what he is doing there.  Claudia goes to see her father and holds a pillow, debating whether or not to smother him.  Marianna‘s boss slaps her around after realizing that she has been romantic with Ric.  As Marianna is thrown to the ground, Ric walks in and demands that the man get off of her.  Sonny blames Johnny for Kate‘s shooting but Lulu promises that he was with her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Luke digs up dirt on Monica to help Tracy bury her. Maxie is outraged after finding out that Lulu tried to save Logan‘s life. Kate‘s condition turns serious and Sonny is asked if she has any next of kin. Sonny blames the Zaccharas for Kate‘s shooting and threatens Trevor‘s life.Jason shows up to see Carly, who finally lets him know the good news that she is pregnant. Maxie shuts the blinds in Logan‘s hospital room and tells him that he‘s going to pay. Claudia visits her father, asking what Trevor is doing to him. Sonny is more convinced than ever that Trevor ordered a hit on Kate. Julian tells Sonny that Kate‘s condition is very serious and she will have to be under constant watch but she did pull through the surgery. Read more »
On yesterday’s General Hospital, Johnny and Lulu spend the night together.  Carly and Jax find out that Michael is missing.  Kate wakes up and Sonny asks her if she knows who shot her.  Nikolas asks Emily if Logan killed her but she doesn‘t answer.  The real killer sits in his apartment, deciding that Sam will be his next victim.Johnny and Lulu wake up after spending the night together and he tells her how happy he is. While Logan fights for his life in the hospital, the real killer paces his apartment, sticking a knife in Sam’s picture. Jax is outraged after finding out that Jason wants to look into Michael’s disappearance on his own, without going to the police. Sonny refuses to believe that anyone else is responsible for Kate’s shooting but the Zaccharas. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Michael tries to call his mother from the ship but can‘t find the words to tell her what has happened.  Sonny shows up at Johnny‘s, who is getting ready for a date with Lulu, and fires warning shots at him.  Sam arrives home and finds the killer in her apartment - and it‘s Diego Alcazar!Emily tells Nikolas that Logan was not the one who killed her. Sam tries to figure out how Diego Alcazar could still be alive if she was the one who killed him. Trevor shows up to see Ric and is "introduces" himself to Marianna. Michael finally speaks to Carly, identifying himself on the phone to her. Alexis is confused after Kate calls her Olivia. Claudia steps in between Sonny and Johnny, aiming a gun at the mob boss trying to take out her brother. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Claudia holds Sonny at gunpoint, inviting him to her bed but he rejects her again.  Michael finally speaks to his mother but when he‘s about to tell her where he is, he‘s discovered by the crew of the boat he‘s on.  Nikolas consoles Lulu, who is distraught over what she has done to Logan.  Emily tells Nikolas that Logan did not kill her.  Diego admits to killing Leticia and goes after Sam, strangling her as she tries to call for help.Robin finds a bag on her locker with a little toy for her baby and a card signed by Patrick.  Kate tells Sonny that Trevor was the last person she saw before she was shot.  Carly doubles over in pain but refuses to leave Morgan alone and go to the hospital, worried that Lorenzo Alcazar is still alive.  Diego laughs at the site of Maxie through the peephole, looking to get revenge on two women at the same time. Read more »
Yesterday, Rick Springfield graced Oprah Winfrey‘s highly successful talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and took on the stage as an audience filled with screaming women welcomed the 58-year-old singer-actor.  At ease with all the female adoration, he took his seat next to Winfrey and shared some of his personal stories for everyone to hear.  Additionally, he also gave one of his biggest fans the shock of her life.Springfield has well established himself as the tall, dark and handsome Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.  But prior to joining the long running soap in 1981, he was arguably considered as an ‘80s heartthrob with chart-topping hits in the music circuit. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Robin is put off by Patrick‘s interest in her baby until he shows her a pregnant patient that he took care of.  Sonny warns Claudia to stay far away from Kate.  Lucky gives Spinelli 24 hours to come forward with all the information he has about the Text Message Killer.  Diego drags Sam from her apartment and holds her hostage.Diego straps Sam to a chair, ties her down, and places a bomb on her lap. Sonny promises Kate that Claudia will not bother her anymore.  Claudia asks Jason what Sonny would say if she can offer a truce between their families.  Scott gets in Lulu‘s face for what she did to Logan but Ian grabs him and holds him back.  While running, Nadine finds Nikolas lying on the ground, unconscious. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sonny had his men kidnap Johnny and hold him in a padded cell.  Maxie and Spinelli try to decode a set of numbers and letters that have something to do with the killer.  Diego plants a bomb on a building in Port Charles.Patrick stops Robin as she heads to do her rounds and tells her that they need to talk about the baby.  Jason asks Sonny not to blame the Zaccharas for Kate‘s shooting and Michael‘s disappearance until they have all the facts.  Nikolas tells Nadine that he remembers what happened the night Emily died.  Diego tries to leave Sam‘s apartment but runs into Elizabeth and when he does, he drags her inside. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lulu tries to get a hold of Johnny after he didn‘t show up for their date.  Nikolas goes to Jason, letting him know that Diego Alcazar is the Text Message Killer.  Diego abducts Sam and Elizabeth and drives off with them in his car.  Elizabeth wakes up and attacks Diego, causing the car to crash through the guard rail of a bridge.Lulu shows up at the Zacchara house and finds Claudia instead of Johnny.  Alexis calls Sam, trying to track her down, after not hearing from her for a while.  At Sam‘s apartment, Jason tracks down her cell phone, which was lying on the ground.  Diego‘s car hangs over the edge of the bridge, dangling over the water. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Lucky finds the car on the bridge but Diego shoots him before he can get too close.  Spinelli and Maxie go in search of the killer‘s path through the sewers but end up getting locked down there.  Johnny, trapped inside a padded cell thanks to Sonny, begins writing music on the walls to calm himself.   Robin finally admitted to Patrick that he is the father of her baby.The show begins by recapping everything that happened from the moment that Diego drove off with Elizabeth and Sam.  As Liz tried to rescue Sam, Diego grabbed her and threw her down onto the seat.  After Diego shoots Lucky, Liz tries to wrestle the gun away from him while Jason crouches behind a car, ready to strike.  He makes his move towards Lucky to check on him, but hears another shot fired in Diego‘s car. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Claudia upsets Kate by accusing her of not being "woman enough" to confront Sonny about their night together.  Robin tells Patrick that she doesn‘t plan on letting him be part of their baby‘s life.  Elizabeth tries to nurse Lucky‘s gunshot wound while Jason works to rescue Sam from Diego‘s car.  As he goes to grab her, the car goes over the bridge with Sam trapped inside.Epiphany can‘t figure out where Elizabeth has gone to, after she doesn‘t show up for her shift.  Carly admits to Sonny that she is pregnant.  Trapped in the sewer, Maxie drops her cell phone and can‘t retrieve it.  Lucky crawls over to the bridge while Jason lies unconscious on the ground.  Sam is hanging from the bridge and screaming for someone to help her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Spinelli and Maxie were trapped in the sewers overnight while searching for the killer.  Lucky manages to pull Sam off the bridge, saving her life, despite suffering from a gunshot wound.  As Diego prepares to set a bomb off, Nikolas grabs him from behind and attacks him.Lulu goes to see Lucky but finds Scott there instead.  He tells her to stay away from her son.  Luke jumps in, telling him that he already told Logan to stay away from her.  Still with me? Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Scott tells Lulu to stay away from Logan.  Ian and Sam find themselves flirting with one another while she recovers from being attacked by Diego.  Patrick treats Jason for the injuries he sustained on the bridge and notices Elizabeth spending time with him.  In a struggle with Maxie and Nikolas, Diego accidentally falls over a railing and hangs himself.Carly shows up at the hospital to confront Elizabeth, accusing her of not only causing Jason to lose his son but risking his life for her, too.  Nikolas goes in search of Nadine, with Robin in tow.  Diane visits Kate, bringing her the last issue of Couture magazine that was done without her input.  An issue, she calls a total train wreck.  Kate starts crying and Diane knows immediately that it‘s about Sonny. Read more »
Residents of Port Charles, particularly the women, have been in a state of fear, anxiety and distress over the rampant murders caused by infamous Text Message Killer, also known as Diego Alcazar (Ignacio Serricchio).  This week, however, his fate is going to change as Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) faces off with the person responsible for the death of his beloved Emily (Natalia Livingston). Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jerry paid a visit to his mysterious acquaintance, who seemed to know more about his family than he did.  Patrick catches Elizabeth bringing Jake to visit Jason in the hospital.  Claudia tells Sonny to stop letting his hatred for her family cloud his judgment.  Nikolas finds Nadine, trapped at the bottom of an elevator shaft, and gets to work rescuing her.Patrick, thinking that Lucky is Jake‘s father, feels that Lucky should have some say in his son‘s life.  Spinelli, Cassius, and Maxie search for clues that will lead them to Stanford‘s killer.  Jax tracks down Carly, who just finished a quick meeting with Kelly, and finds his wife in tears.  Sonny offers his house to Kate as she tries to recover from being shot. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Claudia promises to get Johnny back and bring him to see their father.  Emily forces Nikolas to face life without her and walks away from him.  Robin catches Elizabeth comforting Patrick about the baby and gets the wrong impression.  Sonny feels responsible for Kate‘s shooting and Michael‘s disappearance.Ian finds Sam outside the hospital talking to Lucky and pulls her away to check on her.  Jax breaks the news to Jerry that Carly is pregnant but little does he know that his brother already knows about it.  When Mike gets swamped at the diner, Marianna jumps in to help without being asked.  He is so impressed with her that he offers her a job. Read more »
Now that NBC has pulled the plug on Las Vegas, many soap fans are now speculating that Vanessa Marcil is likely to return to General Hospital.  Although nothing has been official, her former on-screen love interest on the soap, Maurice Benard, already likes the idea of her possible comeback. "I‘m all for it," Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital, told Soap Opera Digest.  To find out more about this, grab a copy of Soap Opera Digest‘s March 18 issue, which hits newsstands today. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Marianna tells Ric that she doesn‘t need him to take care of her and gets a job working at Kelly‘s.  Lulu is shocked when she sees Logan‘s hand moving and feels that he is starting to come out of his coma.  Just as she is relieved by her discovery, she receives a phone call from Johnny, who is being held hostage by Sonny.  Nikolas undergoes surgery and asks if he can say goodbye to Emily before the doctors begin.Michael worries that he killed Kate and is afraid to go home.  Sonny tells Max to kill Johnny if he doesn‘t produce Michael in the next 24 hours.  Nikolas cries out as he sees Emily walk away from him in the operating room. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Emily tells Nikolas that he has to make a choice and she wants him to live.  Marianna tells Ric that she wants a life of her own, not one where he controls her.  Scott is outraged when he overhears Lulu talking to Johnny.  Sonny goes to confront Trevor but is stopped by his guards.Jason asks Elizabeth to call Sonny for him.  Claudia walks in on Trevor‘s conversation with Sonny and wants answers about Johnny‘s whereabouts.  Nikolas freaks out on the operating table, knocking people to the floor and waves a knife around. Read more »
There‘s going to be an explosive turn of events by the end of this week on General Hospital. You can read more about in this spoiler article.  Meanwhile, a reunion is also bound to take place in Port Charles when Carly finally reunites with someone very close to her.Warning: May contain spoilers. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Maxie seeks Spinelli out for companionship and tries to help him with his cases.  Lucky observes Ian and Sam flirting with each other.  Ian meets with Nikolas in secret and gives him drugs that will prolong his condition.  Jason tells Sonny that he thinks Michael may have shot Kate but of course, he doesn‘t want to believe it.Jax tells Carly that he can‘t find any information on Michael and thinks they should bring the police in.  Michael debates calling his mother but tries to head out on the run again instead.  Spinelli, naked, calls Maxie from a warehouse, saying he needs her help.  Sonny goes to the hospital, looking for Kate. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sonny tracks down Kate, who tells her that there could be something seriously wrong with her heart.  Tracy tries to force her way back into the Quartermaine house.  Marianna tries to stand up to Trevor, but he threatens Ric to try to control her.  Michael finally calls Carly, saying that he is back in Port Charles.Elizabeth goes to Jason‘s room at the hospital but instead of finding him, she runs into Lucky.  Lulu sits with Logan, suggesting that they take some college classes together when he wakes up.  Michael tells Carly that he doesn‘t want Sonny coming to greet him.  Claudia makes her way into Ric‘s apartment and formally introduces herself to him. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Sam overhears Lucky telling Elizabeth that he will close the case of her hit and run.  Ric goes to a frantic Marianna and finds the dead body of her old boss, Randy, in a warehouse on the piers.  Claudia and Sonny meet while Trevor plans to take them both out.  Carly and Michael are reunited and he doesn‘t want his father to know he is home.  A bomb goes off on the piers where Ric, Marianna, Carly, Michael, Sonny, Trevor, Claudia, and Johnny are.Patrick shows concern for Robin when she experiences extreme nausea but she doesn‘t want his sympathy or attention.  Lulu pays another visit to Logan.  Johnny is the first to get up after the bomb explodes and immediately starts searching for Claudia.  Instead, he finds Michael, who is trapped underneath debris.  He frees him and they search for others. Read more »
Sarah Brown, who is best known for playing Carly Benson on General Hospital, has returned to the long-running soap to portray a completely different character in the form of Claudia Zacchara, the mafia princess who tangles with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) between the sheets and in the streets of Port Charles.While many viewers might still associate Brown with her previous character for which she won three Daytime Emmy Awards, Brown tries to infuse a new twist to her new role to make a distinction. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lulu begs Logan to wake up so that she can find out why he tried to frame Johnny.  Robin is on edge, feeling like Patrick and her coworkers are sticking their noses in her business regarding her pregnancy.  Johnny rescues Michael after the bomb goes off on the piers.  Sonny rescues Claudia while Ric and Marianna try to make their way out.  Jax and Sonny both go in search of Carly, who is still missing.Johnny and Lulu are reunited by the piers after she gets word that there had been an explosion.  Claudia begs Sonny not to leave her but she reaches for him and grabs onto him.  Carly is still unconscious, trapped in the warehouse, but we see shots of her playing a sexy game of pool with Jason in a bar. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Claudia refused to let Robin treat her after finding out that she is HIV positive.  Patrick immediately jumped to Robin‘s defense and told Claudia off.  Ric rescued Carly from the warehouse and she was rushed to the hospital.  Jax tells Sonny to stay away from Carly and Michael, blaming him for the fact that they were injured in the explosion.  In Carly‘s vision, Jason tells her that she has to go back and she wakes up in the hospital, breathing on her own.Lulu expresses guilt over being the responsible party for putting Logan in the hospital.  Elizabeth listens and tries to ease her guilt.  Claudia is suspicious when Johnny wants to head out.  Despite finding out that he saved Michael, she still wants Sonny dead.  Carly wakes up and finds out about the explosion but is put at ease when she realizes her baby is okay. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sam threatens to press charges against Elizabeth but she threatens to return the favor.  Jax blames Carly and Sonny for not teaching Michael that he needs to obey the law.  Johnny calls Lulu, saying that he needs to see her as soon as possible.  Anthony tells Trevor that he‘s the only one who can clean up the mess he made.  Carly stands up to Claudia but experiences sharp pains in her stomach.Elizabeth tells Sam that she can get up to 25 years for aiding in the kidnapping of her son.  Lulu pulls away from Johnny, unable to get close to him after she saw him pull a gun on Sonny.  Carly starts panicking and worries that she is losing her baby. Read more »
Six months ago, on General Hospital, the Zacchara family moved into Port Charles.  Johnny (played by Brandon Barash) is the bad boy with a good heart who has made enemies with Sonny Corinthos.  He has fallen in love with Lulu Spencer but she is afraid of his dark and violent side.  Brandon Barash loves playing Johnny, a complicated character that have GH viewers talking - and swooning!  Today, Brandon spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview, dishing on his costars and what‘s next for his character.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lulu is freaked out after seeing Johnny pull a gun on Sonny.  She tells him that she needs to end their relationship if this is how he wants to behave.  Sam agrees to drop the charges against Elizabeth just to save face in front of Lucky.Nikolas arrives home and sees Emily waiting for him there.  She tries to warn him about taking the drugs that Ian gave to him.  Carly apologizes to Jax for losing the baby but Jax assures her that it‘s not her fault.  Carly and Johnny plot to take Sonny out. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Lucky confronted Monica about her drinking problem while Jason confronted her about her involvement with Sam‘s hit and run.  Sonny, Claudia, and Johnny set terms in order to call a truce.  Ian tries to get more money out of Nikolas by giving him the drugs that will prolong his condition.  Jax consoles Carly after she loses the baby, putting the blame on Sonny.Ric tells Marianna that she shouldn‘t feel irresponsible for Randy‘s death.  Monica is offended at Jason‘s accusation that she hit Sam and left her for dead.  Michael shares with Sonny that his mom is going to have a baby, unaware of what has happened. Read more »
For soap fans who want to meet and greet their favorite General Hospital stars, you can catch them in a series of appearances starting off with the Comcast Spring Break event tomorrow at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California.  Gracing this event is Greg Vaughan, popularly known as Lucky on General Hospital.  Vaughan is slated to introduce the band, The Cocktail Monkeys, and participate in an autograph signing session.If you want to see more General Hospital actors, then third Annual Touched by a Star Gala is the place to be.  The affair, which will be held on April 5 in Sterling Heights, Michigan, will be featuring cast members such as Brandon Barash (Johnny), Steve Burton (Jason), Derk Cheetwood (Max), Drew Cheetwood (Milo), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), Josh Duhon (Logan) and Kimberly McCullough (Robin), just to name a few. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas tries to enlist Monica‘s help in setting up a hospital program in Emily‘s name.  Maxie applies for a job as Kate‘s assistant and asks Spinelli to help her appear more intelligent.  Sam finds out it was Monica, not Elizabeth, who ran her down.  Jason tells Elizabeth that he wishes he had a better relationship with his mother and Monica is seen unconscious behind the wheel of a car accident.Trevor manipulates Ric into handing over the waterfront properties in exchange for Marianna‘s freedom.  Since he is in possession of the  murder weapon, he has a lot hanging over Ric‘s head.  Lucky tries to convince Sam that he has true feelings for her and wants to work things out.  She tells him that she doesn‘t him to be with her out of pity, trying to protect herself from getting her heart broken. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Monica is rushed to the hospital after being in a car accident while drinking.  Robin is amused when Patrick jumps in to help a mother with her baby. Sonny is outraged when Ric tells him that he gave Trevor the properties. Claudia tries to convince Jason to take Trevor out.Jason tells Diane that Monica is guilty of hitting Sam and tries to figure out how to clear her, even though Alexis already knows about it.  While Robin makes plans to decorate her nursery, Maxie asks her if she realizes how much this baby is going to change things.  Claudia makes her way to Luke in order to cut a deal. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Monica invites Lulu to live at the Quartermaine house again but Tracy says that Luke is not welcome.  Diane and Alexis finds themselves at odds when Diane chooses to represent Monica for the hit and run accident.  Jason comforts Carly after finding her crying over a small pink baby dress.  Maxie is hired as Kate‘s assistant and, on her first day, Claudia barges in to trade insults with Sonny‘s woman.Nadine is offended that Nikolas even refuses to discuss with her his reasons for not having surgery.  Carly wonders why Jason didn‘t warn her that Michael wanted to buy a gun.  Sonny walks in as Claudia‘s and Kate‘s claws come out. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Ric cuts off his relationship off with Marianna after finding out that she was working with Trevor.  Nikolas gets angry with Nadine for prying into his personal life and for trying to convince him to undergo surgery.  Claudia lays out a plan for Jason so that he can take Trevor out.Trevor worries that Ric and Sonny are planning on teaming up against him after finding them together.  Carly tries to think of clever ways to get Lulu to forget about Johnny.  Jason can‘t figure out why Claudia doesn‘t just kill Trevor herself.  He‘s not sure he wants to go along with her plan, feeling that she‘s a threat. Read more »
This Tuesday, ABC’s General Hospital will celebrate a big birthday. The soap, which first hit the air in 1963, will turn 45 on April 1st. The show has won countless Daytime Emmys over the years and has featured many famous celebrities. Demi Moore, John Stamos, Ricky Martin, Rick Springfield all got their start on General Hospital. Over the years, fans have followed the trial and tribulations of the Spencers, the Quartermaines, the Webbers, the Cassadines, and many more residents of Port Charles. The cast and crew recently got together to celebrate and look back at the soap’s rich history. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Ric pays Anthony a visit, in order to get revenge on Trevor.  Carly decides that Lulu should be Kate‘s new assistant, instead of Maxie.  Jason asks Spinelli to follow Sonny without his knowledge.  Claudia asks Ian to kill Sonny but Jerry interrupts, saying he wants no part of it.Sonny meets with Claudia and says that he is not happy that she threw their one night stand in Kate‘s face.  Carly gets tough, demanding that Kate hire Lulu in Maxie‘s place.  Alexis walks in on a meeting between Jerry and Ian, unaware that they knew each other.  Ric tells Anthony that he‘s about to become his new best friend. Read more »
Another soap vet will soon return to stir up some drama in Port Charles. Emmy Award-winning actress Finola Hughes is set to reprise her role as Anna Devane on General Hospital for an intriguing May sweep storyline starting on May 12."As we continue to uphold the tradition of good storytelling and bringing back our legacy characters, it was a perfect choice to have Finola return to the canvas as part of the upcoming story for May.  We have listened to the fans by creating one of the most anticipated reunions in daytime television between Robert and Anna Scorpio," ABC Daytime president Brian Frons said in a statement. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jason and Elizabeth got married after she revealed that she is pregnant with his child.  Monica was shocked to find out that Emily never really died at all.  Maxie and Lulu broke down to one another, admitting that they really do care about each other and are now BFFs.  No... April Fool‘s!  Okay, here‘s what REALLY happened!Johnny grills Ric for answers about why he visited his father in the hospital.  Sonny catches Spinelli following him and tells him to steer clear of him.  Patrick and Robin share a tender moment together and she softens up around him.  Claudia puts out an official hit on Sonny. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Monica arrives for her court date and Nikolas tries to get her cleared of the hit and run charges against her.  Claudia and Johnny agree that their father needs to stay put in the hospital for as long as possible.  Claudia tracks down Carly at the Metro Court to face off with her about Sonny!Patrick tries to pick up Robin for a date but she‘s throwing a fit because she can‘t find anything to wear.  Nikolas works to convince the judge to let Monica go.  Sam stands up with something to say to the judge. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sam successfully gets the charges against Monica dropped.  She only has to enter a treatment program and complete community service but will serve no jail time.  Spinelli helps Maxie get Kate‘s shipments to the correct locations but only if she promises to leave Lulu alone.  Patrick takes Robin out on a date.Ian tells Jerry that he plans to take Sonny out when he visits his warehouse to check on his shipments.  Sonny tells Kate that he runs a legitimate business that does not involve violence.  Claudia tries to get Johnny an air tight alibi so that he is not implicated in Sonny‘s death. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sonny and Kate agree to bring Michael to the warehouse so that he can see his father‘s coffee business and how it works.  Sonny tells his guards not to come so that Michael can also see how safe his life can be.  Meanwhile, Claudia finalized the plan for Sonny‘s hit with Ian, who is waiting at the warehouse with a sniper rifle in hand.Ian calls Claudia to let her know that he is in place and waiting.  She and Johnny continue to keep Trevor in the dark about their plan to kill Sonny.  Max tries to convince Sonny to let him come to the warehouse but Sonny turns him down.  Alexis stops by Sonny‘s office as he is leaving to ask about the body that was found in the water the night of the explosion. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Claudia and Johnny cover their tracks and create alibis as Sonny‘s hit is about to take place.  Carly heads to the Metro Court and makes a scene, demanding to see Carly.  Johnny goes off in search of Luke but finds Lulu instead who, after yelling at him, kisses him passionately.  Jason and Elizabeth discuss having a life together to raise Jake.  Ian takes his shot at Sonny, who uses his quick reflexes to shield Kate from the gunfire.  When they sit up, they see that Michael has been shot and is lying on the ground, unconscious.Jason tells Elizabeth that he‘s willing to commit to a life with her.  Alexis yells at Jerry, who almost ran her down while racing down the street to try to protect Michael at the piers.  Claudia accuses Carly of carrying feelings for Sonny. Read more »
Seamus Dever is no stranger to acting.  He‘s been around the block, you could say, with just about every crime show on television.  Though he‘s done some indie film work, he‘s never seemed to have been able to land a steady television job - until now.  Dever joined the cast of General Hospital this year as Dr. Ian Devlin, a handsome doctor with a dark side.  Soon after his arrival in Port Charles, the General Hospital viewers found out that he was connected to not only to Jerry Jacks but to the Zacchara family.  On Friday‘s episode, he carried out Claudia‘s order to kill Sonny but mistakenly, shot his son Michael instead.  Today, Seamus Dever talked to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview about the aftermath of the shooting and how it feels to finally have his feet firmly planted in daytime television.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Elizabeth accepted Jason‘s proposal.  Ian faced the wrath of both Claudia and Jerry for accidentally shooting Michael.  The word of the shooting made its way through Port Charles to Carly, Jax, Jason, Lulu, and those close to the family.  Patrick prepared to operate on Michael and asked for Ian‘s help.Jerry threatens to kill Ian for botching the hit on Sonny.  Jax desperately tries to get home to support Carly at the hospital.  Patrick tells Robin that he doesn‘t want her in the surgery but she refuses to leave.  Carly tells Michael to use all of her strength in order to pull through surgery. Read more »
The fictional city of Port Charles has been infected with mob violence for several years, and by now, fans of General Hospital have already been accustomed to storylines revolving around aggression and bloodshed.  However, a recent plot in which 12-year-old Michael Corinthos was accidentally shot in the head has fueled viewers to pass judgment on the soap and has even prompted them to question the motives of the show‘s writers.After accidentally shooting Kate (Megan Ward), Michael (Dylan Cash) experienced an overwhelming surge of guilt and learned that his actions do not go without consequences.  His dad Sonny (Maurice Benard), who is known as the local mob boss, decided to make some changes in his life to keep his family safe and even invited his son to visit his warehouse in order to make him realize that that his business is more than just violence.  Of course, Michael jumped at the chance, not knowing that his trip to the warehouse would eventually lead to a catastrophic event. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nadine overhears Nikolas telling Ian that the pills he‘s been buying from him aren‘t working.  Johnny and Claudia try to pin Michael‘s shooting on Trevor.  Patrick and Robin operate on Michael and tell Carly, Sonny, Kate, and Jason that he will pull through and be okay.  When they are alone after surgery, they are upset over the truth which is that Michael will not ever wake up.Nadine and Nikolas apologize to each other - Nadine for spying and Nikolas for threatening to report her.  Luke finds Claudia and says that Michael‘s shooting was a botched hit that she ordered.  He‘s right on the money and Claudia has a hard time keeping her composure.  He tells her to keep Lulu away from Johnny but his daughter walks in just in time to overhear him. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Ric visits Kate, who tells him that she may love his brother, but is not willing to die for him.  Tracy tries to bribe Claudia to stay away from Luke but he overhears their conversation.  Lulu visits Carly at the hospital but to make sure that she doesn‘t blame Johnny for Michael‘s shooting, not to check on how she is really doing.  Patrick finally breaks the news to Carly and Jason that Michael will most likely not wake up.Sonny visits Kate and tells her that he hasn‘t seen Michael.  Carly does not believe Patrick that Michael will not wake up.  Nadine stays and spends time with Nikolas after going to the stables with him and Spencer.  Together, they put together a train set for his son. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas lets Nadine spend time with him and Spencer.  When he sees Emily in the room, though, he asks Nadine to leave.  Lulu tells Claudia that she let Sonny know that Johnny had nothing to do with Michael‘s shooting.  Robin meets Patrick out a bar but find that Claudia is sitting with him.  Carly is outraged when she finds out that Sonny protected Kate from the gunfire, not Michael.Claudia accuses Robin of intentionally getting pregnant to keep Patrick in her life.  Monica tells Jason that he is not to blame for Michael‘s shooting.  Sonny tries to defend his actions and Carly slaps him for choosing Kate over Michael. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Diane jumps on Max and kisses him after he comforts her about Michael‘s shooting.  Jason tells Elizabeth that he doesn‘t think that they can be a family.  Kate finds Sonny at the warehouse, kneeling over the spot where Michael was shot.  Carly finds Claudia sitting by Michael‘s bed and tells him to stay away from her family.Lulu stops by Johnny‘s house and interrupts him while he plays the piano.  Jason tells Elizabeth about the guilt he feels for not being able to keep Michael safe.  Claudia tries to explain that she‘s not there to hurt Michael but Carly doesn‘t want to hear it.  Sonny points a gun at himself as he stands in the warehouse. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Claudia finds a necklace of Lulu‘s and ask Johnny why she was in their house.  Feeling that Carly is hiding something, Jax goes to see Elizabeth to find out the status of Michael‘s condition.  Sonny points a gun at himself at the warehouse but is interrupted by Robin, who becomes his shoulder to cry on.  Jax begs Elizabeth to tell him what he can do for Michael but she says that there is nothing anyone can do.  Sonny goes to the hospital to see Michael but Carly tells him to stay away from them.  He tells her that he‘s not leaving the hospital or leaving his son. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick and Robin spend the night together.  Lulu tells Logan that she only thinks of him as a friend but has feelings for Johnny.  Elizabeth tells Jax that she overheard Patrick say that Michael‘s coma was permanent.  Carly backs down and lets Sonny see his son.Nadine wakes up from a dream about Nikolas being in love with her.  Carly tells Michael that everyone is waiting for him to come back.  Jason sits with a box that he took from his closet and clutches it to his chest. Read more »
The fate of Michael Corinthos III is still uncertain as he remains comatose for an unspecified period of time.  Nevertheless, it appears unlikely that General Hospital writers would kill off a child, especially not the son of two of the soap‘s main characters.  This doesn‘t mean, however, that the character‘s portrayer, Dylan Cash, will be sticking around much longer.Cash, who literally grew up on-screen, has been reportedly let go by the ABC soap.  According to a show insider, the 13-year-old actor has been caught off guard by the firing.  The show is now exploring the possibility of "aging" and eventually recasting the role. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Luke reopened The Haunted Star and all of Port Charles came out to celebrate.  Sam was outraged when she saw Lucky with Elizabeth but he insisted that they were only there as friends.  Jax begged Carly to leave the hospital and tell Morgan the truth about his brother.  Spinelli and Jason find security footage from the piers on the night that Michael was shot that shows a car with a doctor‘s hospital ID tag on it.Carly is not happy to see Ian, lurking in the background, at The Haunted Star.  Sonny arrives at the celebration to see Luke.  Logan interrupts Johnny‘s time with Lulu on the dock.  Spinelli traces the plates from the car to find out which doctor was at the warehouse on the night that Michael was shot. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Spinelli traces the plates of the car at the warehouse back to Ian.  Max spots Jerry and Alexis kissing at The Haunted Star.  Carly lashes out at Jax after he tells her that he does not believe that Michael will get better.Jason tries to figure out what Dr. Ian Devlin has to hide and why it‘s so hard to dig up information on him.  Alexis shows up at the Zacchara house to question Johnny and Claudia about Michael‘s shooting.  When Jax shows up at the hospital, Carly tells him to leave.  Sonny goes to see Anthony, looking for information on the person who shot his son. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Ric was shocked to see that Anthony had regained almost all of his mobility.  He warns Claudia and Johnny that they will no longer have control over their father.  Jason asks Nikolas why he has been paying Ian.  Claudia revealed that she had worked with Ian before, in Milan.  Michael opened his eyes, shocking Jax and Carly.Carly tries to talk to Michael but he is unresponsive.  At the warehouse, Kate tells Sonny to stop punishing himself for what happened to his son.  Jerry surprises Ian in the hospital shower room, threatening to kill him. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Carly is happy to hear that Robin and Patrick want to move Michael out of ICU but they want to do it because there‘s nothing more that they can do for him.  Logan accepts a job offer from Ric to become Anthony‘s new bodyguard.  Anthony tells Johnny that if he disobeys him, he‘ll kill Claudia.  Ian catches Maxie in his motel room while Spinelli hides in a closet.Carly refuses to think about long term care for Michael as she is convinced that he will wake up soon.  Sam tells Jason that she genuinely doesn‘t think Ian had anything to do with Michael‘s shooting.  Sonny asks Claudia how far she‘ll go in order to protect her brother. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jason rescues Maxie and Spinelli from Ian‘s apartment.  After Jason said that he felt Ian had some connection to Michael‘s shooting, Sam headed to see him to try to get some information out of him.  Ric shocks Sonny, Alexis, and Diane when he tells them that he‘ll be representing Anthony Zacchara.Nadine shows up at the stables at Wyndemere to take care of the horses since Nikolas doesn‘t have much longer to live.  Elizabeth walks in to updates Michael‘s charts as Carly is telling him that the specialists will arrive later that night.  Claudia shows up to see Anthony and talk things out with him. Read more »
Fans who tuned in to yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital were in for a bit of a surprise when they saw a very different Dr. Patrick Drake.  That‘s because Jason Thompson, who portrays the arrogant yet brilliant neurosurgeon in the fictional city of Port Charles, has taken some time off the long-running soap, leaving his role in the hands of Ethan Erickson.While this sudden recast alert may upset some viewers of General Hospital, fans need not worry because it‘s only temporary.  Erickson, who played rich boy A.J. Chamberlain on Guiding Light for two years, has been hired to fill the void for just four episodes. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Elizabeth tries her hardest to get over Jason.  Nadine tells Nikolas to move on from Emily.  Ian tries to get more money out of Nikolas by offering drugs that will not only keep him alive, but keep his hallucinations going.  Anthony tries to kill Claudia by cutting the brakes on her car but she survives, thanks to Jason.  The two are trapped as Anthony‘s men fire shots at them.Note: Jason Thompson will return as Patrick Drake on Friday, May 2nd.  He abruptly left the show for personal reasons.  In the meantime, Ethan Erickson has taken over the role. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Robin‘s mother returns to Port Charles and is shocked to find out that she‘s about to become a grandmother.  Spinelli can‘t seem to keep his hands off of Maxie.  Diane tries, once again, to get Sonny to allow Max to date her.  Ian threatens Nadine and tells her to stay out of Nikolas‘s affairs.  Jason and Claudia make it to an abandoned cabin but shots are still being fired at them by Anthony‘s men.After getting over the initial shock, Anna tells Robin that it‘s wonderful that she‘s pregnant.  Claudia asks Jason why he saved her life and why he feels that she is of use to him.  Spinelli apologizes for awkwardly (and accidentally) grabbing Maxie‘s chest. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Jason protects Claudia in an abandoned cabin, as shots are fired at them.  Spinelli catches up with Ian, as he tries to leave town, and fakes an illness to get his attention.  Johnny blames Sonny for Claudia‘s disappearance and shoots him, as Lulu watches.At the bar, Robin overhears Patrick wondering what it would be like to be with her mother.  Jerry witnesses Ian trying to get out of helping Spinelli‘s (fake) ailment.   Claudia tells Jason not to move, as their attackers get closer.  Lulu runs to Sonny‘s side and sees that he is still alive. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jax asks Alexis to draw up papers to terminate Sonny‘s parental rights so he can adopt Michael and Morgan.  After attacking Ian, Spinelli and Maxie put the unconscious doctor on a gurney and take him to the morgue, where Epiphany finds them.  Sonny tells Lulu that he‘s going to kill Johnny and will not guarantee her protection if it happens when she is there.Spinelli and Maxie shout to a hospital employee that Ian is still alive and they should not continue with the autopsy.  Johnny tells Lulu that, if she wasn‘t there, he would have killed Sonny.  Claudia fights her attacker off and Jason holds him at gunpoint. Read more »
This morning on The View, the hosts announced the nominees for the 35th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards.  Stars from All My Children, Days of our Lives, One Life To Live, Guiding Light, and As the World Turns were on hand to present the nominations.  Noticeably missing from the morning‘s festivities were cast members from General Hospital, who were overlooked in several of the acting categories.  The View scored a nomination for Outstanding Talk Show Hosts, among others.  The Daytime Emmy Awards will air June 20th on ABC at 8pm ET from Hollywood‘s Kodak Theater.  At the ceremony, Regis Philbin will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Alexis shuts down The Haunted Star, feeling that Luke cooked his accounting books.  Claudia kills the man who was shooting at her before Jason could figure out who he worked for.  Maxie and Lulu accuse each other of manipulating and using Spinelli.  Ian admits to Kate that he shot Michael and she pays him to leave town.Maxie is surprised to see Lulu at work so early, there to impress Kate, no doubt.   Tracy catches Luke counting his money after the lawyers leave his casino. Claudia and Johnny reunite on the piers and she tells him that somebody tried to kill her last night.  Ric prepares Anthony for his trial but Trevor walks in, claiming that he is still his client. Read more »
Tamlyn Tomita will soon be treading the fictional town of Port Charles.  The 42-year-old actress, who was previously chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world, has just landed a recurring role on General Hospital. Not much has been revealed about Tomita‘s storyline on General Hospital.  But she is expected to portray the role of Giselle, the rival magazine editor that will serve as foil to Kate Howard, played by Megan Ward, and her new magazine Crimson.  Tomita will be making her General Hospital debut on May 16. Read more »
On yesterday’s General Hospital, Elizabeth is lectured by Epiphany and Dr. Ford for not putting her job first.  Despite Tracy‘s objections, Luke hires Sam to work at the casino.  Maxie shocks Lulu (and Spinelli) by planting a kiss on him.  Claudia is called to testify against Anthony at his hearing.Spinelli surprises Lulu by sticking up for Maxie. Emily appears to Nikolas at Wyndemere, dressed in a gown, there for one last dance. Luke tells Tracy that he loves her and she tells him that she feels the same way. At her father’s trial, Claudia lies and says she had a date and that Anthony never tried to kill her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sonny tries to send Max to Puerto Rico to keep him away from Diane permanently.  At Anthony‘s trial, Claudia says that her father never tried to kill her and also alludes to sleeping with Jason.  Spinelli recovers Kate‘s deleted email, ensuring that Maxie and Lulu will get to keep their jobs.  Nikolas and Emily share one last dance before he says goodbye to her forever.Good news, GH fans!  Jason Thompson returned to his role of Dr. Patrick Drake today!  Thank goodness! Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Anthony pits Ric and Trevor against each other, further distancing them from one another.  Sonny sends Max to Puerto Rico permanently, to monitor his business ventures there.  Ian calls Kate, saying that he may want more money from her in the future.  Nikolas and Emily finally say goodbye to one another forever.Jason is determined to track Ian down and find out why he shot Michael.  Spinelli tries to figure out why Kate would willingly give Ian money.  Carly asks Jax to get another doctor, one who may have better options for Michael. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Robin retrieves a drunk (and embarrassed) Anna from The Haunted Star.  Carly makes plans to bring Michael home from the hospital so that she can take care of him herself.  Jason finds out that Maxie was hiding in his backseat and leaves her on the side of the road, where she is grabbed by Ian.Jax is upset that Carly made plans to bring Michael home without talking to him first.  Anna asks Patrick, bluntly, when he plans on marrying Robin.  Jerry tries to seduce Alexis but Diane interrupts and yells at her for falling for him. Read more »
The chemistry between the “manipulative little vixen” Sam McCall, played Kelly Monaco and the “nice” Lucky Spencer, portrayed by Greg Vaughan, is gradually becoming a favorite among fans of General Hospital.  In the soap‘s present storyline, however, Sam is heartbroken and single after Lucky called off their relationship.  The question is, will Lucky ever forgive Sam?Sam and Lucky‘s love storyline began when both agreed to be friends and eventually lovers while Lucky and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) await their final divorce proceedings.  They both tried to move past the pain of their past relationships and attempted to move on together.  Unfortunately, their sweet affair became bitter when Elizabeth told Lucky about how Sam witnessed Jake‘s kidnapping and hired thugs to go after Elizabeth and her sons.  A grief-stricken Lucky angrily broke up with a distraught Sam, shooing her out of his home and vowing that he would do all he could to keep Sam away from Jake. Read more »
On yesterday’s General Hospital, Anna encourages Robin to explore how she really feels and push for her relationship with Patrick to work. Claudia tries to pin Michael‘s shooting on Anthony and Ric to Sonny.  Ian threatens to kill Maxie but Jason shoots and kills him first.  Before he dies, Jason asks who ordered the hit on Sonny, but Ian dies before giving an answer.Just when it seemed Emily was gone forever, she reappears to Nikolas while he sits alone at the park. At the police station, Alexis asks Jason what Ian said right before he died. A paranoid Claudia calls Jerry, worried that Ian gave them up to Jason. Carly tells Michael that she will take good care of him while he recovers at home. Jax interrupts her and tells her not to do this. Read more »
In the soap world, nothing is definite as the dead may come back even in the most odd circumstances.  That fittingly applies to Natalia Livingston, whose character Emily died and yet remained on the series for almost a year.  And now that the 32-year-old actress has officially left General Hospital, speculations have emerged about her possible return to Port Charles."I already have the story in mind" show head writer Robert Guza, Jr. told Soap Opera Digest in the May 13 issue should the actress decide to return to General Hospital. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick operated on Nikolas to remove his brain tumor.  Elizabeth celebrated Jake‘s first birthday in the park with Lulu and Robin by her side.  Mac told Spinelli that if anything happens to Maxie, he‘ll break every finger on his hands.  Claudia returned home to find Jason waiting for her.Nadine checks in on Nikolas after his surgery and notices Emily’s engagement ring in his hand. Alexis asks Jerry if he had anything to do with Michael’s shooting. Jason asks Claudia to prove that she didn’t order the hit on Sonny. Carly and Sonny stop Morgan from trying to wake Michael up and tell him that there’s nothing they can do right now for him. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Claudia and Jerry meet up on the docks to discuss Ian.  Anthony convinced Lulu to get back together with Johnny, by threatening her father.  Max asked for Kate‘s help in convincing Sonny to let him date Diane.  At Michael‘s facility, Carly suffered a breakdown.Lulu gets in Johnny‘s car and has him take her far away from Port Charles.  Sam plays cards with the men at The Haunted Star, much to Tracy‘s dismay.  When Claudia threatens to tell Jax that Jerry was involved in Michael‘s shooting, he grabs her and kisses her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Alexis walks in on Jerry kissing Claudia on the docks.  Sonny feels shocked and betrayed when Kate admits to paying Ian off to leave town.  Detective Harper breaks up a card game at The Haunted Star and Tracy encourages him to arrest Luke.  Lulu and Johnny work to convince Anthony that they‘re in a legitimate relationship.Robin goes to Elizabeth for advice on how to stop her panic attacks over her pregnancy.  Luke gets dressed up, in preparation to win Tracy back.  Sonny and his father visit Michael at the facility.  Patrick is upset that Robin continues to shut him out of her life.  Lucky asks his father to slow down his life and to not get involved with the Zacchara family. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lucky and Sam found Nikolas, unconscious, on the floor of his hospital room.  Patrick grew increasingly frustrated that Robin continued to refuse to involve him in her pregnancy.  Sonny confesses to a facility employee that he blames himself for Michael‘s shooting.Nikolas wakes up back in his hospital bed and doctor tells him that he is okay.  Sam is not so convinced and feels that something is seriously wrong.  While sitting with Michael, Jason gets a call from the bartender that Spinelli is about to get himself into some trouble. Read more »
The fictional city of Port Charles is getting a blast from the past as Rick Springfield returns to General Hospital.  Soap Opera Digest reports that the 58-year-old actor-singer is headed back to the soap for a summer story arc, reprising the role he made famous back in the 1980s.Although known for his music career, Springfield also gained a massive following as he became a soap opera star on General Hospital in 1981.  He took on the role of Noah Drake, a doctor who instantly gained a reputation of being a playboy upon his arrival at the hospital.  Some of his most notable storylines during his initial three-year run on soap include his involvement with nurse Bobbie Spencer and Tiffany Hill.  In 1983, Springfield left the show, along with his character that left Port Charles for a surgical position in an Atlanta hospital. Read more »
On yesterday’s General Hospital, Nikolas admits to Lucky, Sam, and Elizabeth that he paid Ian Devlin $10 million for illegal drugs to prolong his condition.  Carly decides to pursue legal action against Sonny to terminate his paternity.  Lulu mouths off to Anthony, telling him to stay out of her relationship with Anthony.Lulu and Maxie were surprised to find Kate at work instead of with Sonny, since today is the day that Michael is being moved to his facility. Following Jason’s orders, Max insists on protecting Sonny. While at the hospital, Jason receives a phone call from Sonny who says that he needs to see him right away. Carly holds the papers to sign in order to have Michael transferred to his long term care facility. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas decides that it’s time to move on and checks himself out of the hospital.  Carly and Sonny take an emotional ride with Michael to bring him to the new facility.  Jerry meets with Claudia on the piers and stabs her.Jax accompanies Kate to a party, since both have pushed out of supporting Carly and Sonny through their grief over Michael.  When Carly and Sonny arrive at the facility, they find Jason already there.  After stabbing Claudia, Jerry throws her into the water just as Alexis steps out onto the piers. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Jax and Kate find comfort in each other while attending a party.  Jason finds Elizabeth on the side of the road, in the rain, after she locked herself out of her car.  Carly panics in the limo ride home from Michael‘s facility and ends up kissing Sonny.Elizabeth tells Jason that he can‘t keep his pain all inside.  Nikolas carries Claudia to get her some help.  Kate tells Jason that she won‘t take his friendship for granted or take advantage of it.  Once Carly and Sonny start kissing, they can‘t seem to stop! Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas brings Claudia into Wydemere and tries to take care of her after she was stabbed by Jerry.  Lulu says that there is no way Johnny can convince her to back off of their relationship. On the plane, Jax and Kate share a comforting kiss with each other. Carly hands Sonny the papers that will terminate his parental rights.Jax pulls away from Kate and apologizes for kissing her.  She tells him that they both know that she wanted it.  Elizabeth tells Jason that she loves him but he pushes her hands away and says that he can‘t do this.  Claudia fears that  Michael will never wake up and that she is partially responsible for his death. Read more »
After the highly successful pilot season of Army Wives, which marked the largest series premiere in Lifetime‘s 23 year history, the drama series attempts to return with yet another bang as it enlists a soap star when the second season premieres on Sunday, June 28.According to TV Guide, Seamus Dever, former cast member on General Hospital, has been tapped as Army Wives‘ new love interest for Catherine Bell‘s character Denise.  The 31-year-old actor will reportedly appear in at least four episodes of the Lifetime drama as funny and flirtatious doctor Getti at Mercer Hospital. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Tracy tries to post bail for Luke, who is being held on federal charges.  Jason tells Elizabeth that he can‘t be with her because he can‘t bear to lose any more people that he cares about.  While delirious, Claudia admits to Nikolas that she shot Michael.  Kate tells Sonny to fight back against Carly, and not let her take his children away from him.Mac is shocked when Alexis decides to have Luke released from the police station.  Johnny goes to Anthony, looking for Claudia.  Carly admits, to Jason, that she tried to have Sonny sign over his parental rights to Morgan and Michael. Read more »
Many General Hospital fans know Maurice Benard as the mobster Michael "Sonny" Corinthos on the ABC soap.  While he‘s no mafia in real life, this 45-year-old actor does have something else in common with his on-screen alter ego.Just like his manic depressive mob boss character, Benard has been struggling with bipolar disorder, a mental illness defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood, clinically referred to as mania.  He has been dealing with it for more than two decades and has since become a spokesperson for the treatment of the disorder with Mental Health America. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lulu tries to figure out her relationship with Johnny but he is more concerned with finding his sister. Jerry grabs Alexis and kisses her passionately. Nikolas decides to let Claudia go and keep her secret. Carly finds a note from Jax in her bedroom that says that he needed to get away to figure things out.Kate tries to talk Carly out of forcing Sonny to sign over his parental rights.  Kelly tells Robin that her video blog about her pregnancy is a success.  Patrick overhears Kelly saying that Robin called her pregnancy "miserable".  Spinelli goes to Kate‘s office looking for Lulu, but only finds Maxie there.  Lulu is with Anthony, who tells him that their deal is off since he had her father arrested. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick is bothered by Robin‘s video blog and decides to make one of his own.  Claudia checks in with Johnny and lies to him, saying that she is okay and they will see each other soon.  Anthony tells Lulu to continue making Johnny happy or he‘ll kill Lucky.  Sonny tells Carly that he‘s willing to leave his business behind in order to keep his loved ones safe.Robin is surprised when her mother blows back into town.  Patrick goes on and on about how hot Robin‘s mother is on his video blog.  Carly asks Sonny to tell Jason his plan for making things safe for his children. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Patrick and Robin make a pact not to look at each other‘s blogs anymore. Lulu ignores the warnings of others and spends the night with Johnny. Carly packs her bags and tells Morgan that they‘re going on a trip but he asks if Michael will be there. Sonny tells Jason that he plans to leave the organization.Patrick tells Robin that he doesn‘t think it‘s a good idea that they share their video blogs with each other.  Carly runs into Spinelli as she is headed out the door with Morgan.  Jason tells Sonny that leaving the organization won‘t change anything. Read more »
SOAPnet has picked up another season of General Hospital: Night Shift, the primetime spin-off of daytime drama General Hospital, after it scored record ratings in its first year run.  Season 2, which will air in July, will be shot in high definition and will feature continuity between Night Shift and its original ABC root program. For those show are not familiar with Night Shift, the show delves “deeper into the relationships, friendships and medical cases seen at the hospital.”  Prior to Night Shift‘s premiere, it has been revealed that General Hospital and Night Shift storylines would be separate.  (For instance, Steve Burton‘s Jason was in police custody on General Hospital, but was not on Night Shift.)  On the other hand, after Night Shift aired its season finale on October 4, 2007, most Night Shift storylines have been mentioned on General Hospital. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick and Robin were shocked and overjoyed when they felt their baby kick for the first time.  Sonny attacked Spinelli and gave him a concussion after he brought up his children.  Maxie took Spinelli home and agreed to look after him for the entire night.  Diane and Max plan a romantic getaway.  Jason tries to convince Carly not to take Morgan and run.Spinelli wakes up and finds Maxie right next to him.  Anthony demands to know where Claudia is and accuses Johnny of knowing more than he is sharing.  Jax arrives home just as Carly is walking out the door.  Jason agrees to take over the organization if Sonny signs over his rights to Michael and Morgan. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sam delivers the bad news to Spinelli that he didn‘t sleep with Maxie. Jason goes to see Elizabeth but finds her on the piers with Lucky and the kids. Sonny signs over his business properties to Jason as well as the rights to his children. Jax returns home to face Carly.Lulu is shocked to find out that Spinelli spent the night with Maxie.  Anthony wants to put a hit on Jason but Johnny tells him not to do it.  Jason stresses out over all the responsibility that Sonny left him with. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Sam vowed to help Spinelli win Maxie over.  Lucky and Elizabeth are suspicious when another hospital patient complains about his medication.  Jason finds out that one of his cargo ships exploded and demands to know who made a move against him.  Johnny, Ric, and Anthony argue over whether or not they should kill Jason.Nikolas, once again, mistakes Claudia for Emily.  Spinelli is extremely sore after a workout with Sam.  Jax comes home to deal with his issues with Carly.  Alexis is shocked to find out that Sonny signed over the rights to his children. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Maxie tries to break up Lulu and Johnny by kissing him.  Claudia finds Nikolas, who blacked out while out for a walk.  Carly tells Jax that she‘s willing to fight for their marriage and asks if he is on the same page.  Jason retaliates against Anthony by setting his office on fire.Claudia helps Nikolas back to his bed, who said that he fell off his horse.  Carly asks Jax to believe what she says and he grabs her to kiss her.  Sonny asks Kate why she seems scared even though he said that he would leave the mob business.  Anthony laughs at Jason, saying he did him a favor by burning down a place that stored 40 years worth of memories for him. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas kisses Claudia, after thinking that she was Emily.  Anthony vows vengeance against Jason and the organization, after his office was set on fire.  Lulu invites Johnny to stay with her.  Jason finds Sam in his apartment, giving Spinelli tips on how to pick up women.Tracy interrupts a perfect moment between Lulu and Johnny and finds them in bed together.  Sonny is surprise to find out from Alexis that someone torched the Zacchara house.  Nikolas tells Claudia that they need to talk about what happened last night. Read more »
Another General Hospital cast member will soon be leaving Port Charles.  Josh Duhon, who is best known as Logan Hayes on the long-running soap, is set to exit the daytime drama this summer.  As of this moment, there is no word yet on how his character will disappear from the canvas, although according to Soap Opera Digest, his departure will be very dramatic.Duhon joined General Hospital in March 2007 as Lulu Spencer‘s eventual love interest.  As an ex-army buddy of Coop Barrett from Hollingsbeck, Texas, he and Cooper became involved in a plan hatched by Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) to blackmail Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner).  Although he was initially attracted to Maxie, in due course, he started to develop feelings for Lulu, which eventually led to a forbidden relationship. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick gives Spinelli advice about women. Sonny steps in on Kate‘s business meeting, when the man she‘s with tries to shelve Crimson for good unless he gets more money out of her. Maxie is amused to find out that Spinelli is posting on Robin‘s blog, in Patrick‘s defense. Nikolas tells Claudia that it‘s too soon for him to even consider being with someone else.Lulu is shocked and appalled to find Claudia at Wyndemere.  Claudia uses that as her excuse to leave and heads home.  Sonny plays hardball with Kate‘s associate, saying that he is totally capable of distributing Crimson without him.  The man finally gives in and even lowers his price for Kate. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jax meets with Kelly to find out if he and Carly can still have a baby, despite her recent miscarriage. Spinelli gets an idea when Maxie says that women can‘t resist men who are dark, dangerous, and sexy. Nikolas goes to Emily‘s grave and tells her how he can‘t imagine life without her. Carly steps in between Claudia and Lulu, who are fighting at the Metro Court.Robin and Patrick fight over the comments on each other‘s blogs.  Claudia stands up to Carly, telling her to get out of her face.  Jason tells Johnny that he has every intention of finishing what he started. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Johnny goes to see Nikolas and asks him to stay away from Claudia. Patrick tells Robin that he plans to stick by her side through this pregnancy and beyond. Spinelli walks in on Maxie going through Kate‘s things. Jax surprises Carly with a necklace - and the news that he is ready to try again to have a baby with her.Kate walks into her office and witnesses Spinelli trying to kiss Maxie.  Sonny finds his father on the piers and he is badly beaten.  Jason tells Lulu that she has no future with Johnny. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Carly tells Jax that she isn‘t sure that she‘s ready to try to have a baby with him. Mike tells Kate that he‘s worried Sonny won‘t be able to stay away from the mob business. Claudia demands that Johnny stop seeing Lulu.Nikolas tells Nadine that he brought her to Wyndemere to only focus on her.  Lulu and Claudia go to war and Johnny is caught in the middle.  Lucky makes plans to see Elizabeth and the boys.  Sonny tells Jason to run the man out of town who assaulted his father. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Claudia tries to pay Maxie to break up Johnny and Lulu. Jason tells Mike that he‘s sorry for not defending him but he feels that he has to keep Sonny out of the mob business. Mac tells Carly that Ian Devlin worked alone in Michael‘s shooting and closes the case. Sonny asks Kate if she would stay with him if he went back to the organization.Claudia works hard to convince Maxie to try to sleep with Johnny.  Alexis asks Jax for help in convincing Sonny to give up Kristina.  Sonny says he doesn‘t want to give in - he wants to just take back what‘s already his. Read more »
Fans have been eagerly waiting to watch soap veteran Finola Hughes, who famously played Anna Devane on General Hospital, in a four-episode story arc on CBS‘ The Young and the Restless as Zara, the flirty, opportunistic mother of Sabrina, played by Raya Meddine.  The character is due to arrive in Genoa City on June 19, just in time for Sabrina‘s wedding to mega-mogul Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).  Unfortunately, that‘s not going to happen anymore. According to TV Guide, the 47-year-old actress has graciously bowed out at the request of ABC executives to drop out of her Young and the Restless role.  This has reportedly left CBS executives fuming. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jax convinces Carly to go talk to Sonny on behalf of Alexis. At the police station, Alexis gets the charges against Spinelli dropped as well as against Nikolas and Nadine. Maxie agrees to Claudia‘s deal to sleep with Johnny and get caught by Lulu. Sonny tells Carly that he won‘t give up Kristina but she feels that he would, if Kate asked him to.Diane meets Max at the office and begins kissing him but Jason walks in and says this isn‘t going to work.  Patrick and Robin have a hard time not being competitive about their blogs.  A patient named Curtis shows up at General Hospital who knows Robin.  Jax asks Carly how things went with Sonny.  Sonny tells Kate that he won‘t go back to the organization. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lucky and Sam figure out that Luke is in Mexico and take off to find him. Carly storms into Jason‘s office and vents about Kate to him. Jason is upset that Carly expresses that she‘s having second thoughts. Jax agrees to help Spinelli learn to how to get women. Robin interrupts Elizabeth‘s plea to Patrick to step up and be a father to his unborn baby.  Nikolas and Nadine meet up at the space for the medical clinic.  Claudia tries to figure out what time Lulu has been coming and going when meeting up with Johnny.  Anthony surprises his children at their new place, much to their dismay. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nadine is jealous when she observes Nikolas talking with Claudia. Lucky and Sam barely arrive in Mexico before getting involved in a bar brawl. Kate is shocked when she sees Spinelli in the hotel lobby, dressed in a designer suit and using a fake Australian accent to charm women. Patrick runs out for a pizza but, when he returns, finds Robin unconscious on the floor of her apartment.Max tries to take Sonny on a fishing trip but he is understandably suspicious of the invitation.  Carly is caught off guard when Morgan shows her a Father‘s Day gift he made for Sonny.  Diane breaks down in Jason‘s office, saying that she misses her father, who passed away right after she graduated from law school. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Lulu visits Carly and apologizes for her selfish behavior when Michael was shot. The mayor pays Nikolas a visit to tell him that the city cannot allow his clinic to open. Spinelli forgets everything he was ever taught by Jax the minute that Maxie walks into the room. Jerry finds Claudia on the pier and grabs her but Jason interrupts them.Patrick takes Robin home from the hospital and waits on her hand and foot.  Alexis begs Carly to try one more time to get Sonny to give up his rights to Kristina.  Nikolas tells the mayor that no one will stop him from opening the clinic in Emily‘s name.  Jerry leaves Claudia alone after being spotted by Jason. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas tells the mayor that he will do whatever it takes to make sure his clinic, in Emily‘s name, opens. Jason arrives home and finds Spinelli, drunk and on top of Claudia on the couch. Alexis shows up at The Haunted Star, accusing Sonny of not caring that Morgan or Kristina could be the victims of violence.Sam and Lucky are thrown into a prison in Mexico after getting involved in a bar fight.  Maxie opens up to Johnny about Georgie, who just got accepted into a foreign exchange program but can never go.  Spinelli crawls around on Jason‘s floor, completely drunk.  Alexis tells Kate to remove herself from her life with Sonny before he ruins it. Read more »
Dr. Patrick Drake, played by Jason Thompson, is slowly growing into his role as an expectant father on General Hospital.  However, he still has the fear that he will somehow fail love interest Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and their unborn child.  Soap fans will finally find out how this storyline will turn out as their baby arrives sometime this fall.  In the meantime, Thompson discusses about his character‘s impending fatherhood and what he has gotten out of his relationship with Robin so far.Dr. Patrick Drake came to Port Charles and quickly obtained a reputation as a lady‘s man, often seen flirting with many of the women at the hospital.  But after falling for his co-worker and friend, HIV positive Robin, he has definitely become a more mature person.  The question is: Can he give up his womanizing ways? Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Carly tells Sonny that Kate can‘t make him happy. Jax and Kate worry that Sonny and Carly are never really over each other. Despite Alexis‘s need to keep Kristina safe, she can‘t seem to stay away from Jerry. Maxie asks Lulu to spin the roulette wheel for a date with Johnny. She agrees but Johnny walks in, gets offended, and decides to take the date to spite Lulu. As Claudia is about to leave Jason‘s apartment, they find out that the building has been quarantined because of a deadly virus.Alexis arrives in her office and finds it adorned with flowers.  Epiphany grabs the phone out of Robin‘s hand and tells Patrick that she cannot take any phone calls right now.  Carly gives Jax permission to sign Morgan up for karate and tells him how lucky they both are to have him.  Kate has a hard time making time for Sonny as she is totally swamped at work. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Alexis tries to make excuses to get out of seeing Jerry again but he is convinced that he‘s good for her. Trevor tells Sonny to come back to the organization, knowing how much he misses it. Ric walks in on Jerry and Alexis kissing in her office. Carly accuses Kate of trying to move in on Jax.Patrick and Robin try to create a diversion to get rid of Epiphany but she walks in on them.  Kate tries to get Carly to allow her photo shoot for Crimson to continue at the Metro Court.  Spinelli panics as he, Claudia, and Jason are quarantined in Jason‘s apartment building. Read more »
The 35th annual Daytime Emmy Awards are scheduled to air tonight at 8pm on ABC. Daytime regulars Cameron Mathison (All My Children) and Sherri Shepherd (The View) will act as master and mistress of ceremonies.Mathison will be wearing a tuxedo by Arnold Brant, and Shepherd will sport gowns by Badgley Mishka and Angela Dean and jewelry by Chopard.The list of nominations was announced on Wednesday, April 30 with CBS, in particular The Young and the Restless, nabbed the most noms: 56 and 17, respectively. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick stands up to Mac and says that he will not be run out of Robin‘s life. Sam and Lucky debate their future together. Mac arrests Patrick, much to his and Robin‘s shock. Jax punches Jerry in Alexis‘s office when he realizes they are sleeping together. Jason tries to storm away from Claudia but ends up collapsing on the floor.As Mac handcuffs Patrick, he tells Robin that he‘ll figure out some charges to press against him down at the station.  Tracy begs Carly to convince Lulu to stay away from Johnny.  Claudia and Spinelli help Jason off of the floor and move him to the couch. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Diane mistakenly thinks that Max is proposing to her when she sees him holding an engagement ring.  Claudia and Spinelli tries to nurse Jason back to health after he becomes ill. Alexis begs Jerry not to reveal their relationship publicly at the police station. Patrick asks Robin to move in with him so that they can raise the baby together. Maxie interrupts Lulu‘s time with Johnny at the cabin. Patrick is angry that Robin doesn‘t think that moving in together is a good idea.  Maxie uses her time at the cabin to make her move on Johnny and right in Lulu‘s face.  Jason refuses to let Claudia take care of him and especially bathe him.  Jerry announces to the entire police station that he and Alexis are in a sexual relationship. Read more »
Although The Young and the Restless nabbed the most nominations, the long-running series didn’t turn out as the night’s big winner at the 35th Annual Daytime Emmys held last Friday in Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre.  Instead the award for Best Drama went to General Hospital, which turned 45 this year.  Additionally, the award for Best Lead Actor went to General Hospital actor Anthony Geary, who is noted for his role as Luke Spencer. The much-awaited event, which was hosted by All My Children’s Cameron Mathison and The View’s Sherri Shepherd, received a makeover this year with a Golden Globes style seating arrangement and digital cameras installed on the tables, putting viewers literally in the audience. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Elizabeth shows up (after being called by Robin) and dumps Jake on Patrick to see how he reacts. Kate begins planning her life with Sonny like prenups and where they‘re going to live. Maxie and Johnny get stuck in an elevator together. Logan finds Lulu at the cabin and tells her that he‘s missed her. Spinelli leaves Claudia alone with a sleeping Jason and she contemplates killing him.Robin refuses to help Patrick babysit Jake, saying that she needs to stay on couch rest.  Maxie tells Johnny that she thinks he‘s a good guy but he‘ll get hurt if he stays with Lulu.  Logan tries to tell Lulu that she will be in danger as long as she‘s with Johnny.  Spinelli collapses in the living room, after saying he‘s not feeling well. Read more »
The wait for the highly-anticipated guest appearance of Jason Cook on General Hospital is over.  Tomorrow, soap fans will see a different side of Cook as he spices things up in Port Charles. Cook was originally slated to appear on General Hospital the first week of June.  You can read more about this casting news in this previous article.  However, his first air date has been pushed back to sometime in late June.  Now, ABC has finally set the date for Cook’s General Hospital debut where he will play Dr. Matt Hunter, the rebellious new surgical resident on the hospital staff. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Patrick calls Robin out for putting Elizabeth up to dumping Jake on him to see how he‘d handle it. Johnny and Logan get into a fistfight in the Metro Court lobby over Lulu. Kate calls Sonny into the bathroom and he finds her in the bathtub waiting for him. Maxie tells Lulu that illnesses run in families and asks why she‘s taking the same chances her mother did.Kate shares her exciting news, that she is getting married, with Lulu and Maxie.  The girls are not as enthusiastic about it as she had hoped.  Jason rushes to General Hospital to check on Spinelli but is less than thrilled when Claudia shows up there, too. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Anthony is disappointed when he finds out that Claudia didn‘t kill Jason. Kate tells Jax that she‘s engaged and he tells her that Carly might be pregnant. Patrick is upset that Robin refuses to move in with him and leaves him out in the cold. Lulu observes Claudia stroking Johnny‘s face in a way that seemed a little more than just sibling love.Jax breaks his promise and gets on Carly to take a pregnancy test again after she starts to feel queasy.  Nikolas and Nadine prepare to open up the health clinic in Emily‘s name.  Anthony promises to do whatever it takes to get Johnny out of the police station.  Claudia walks in on Jerry and Alexis kissing in her office. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Carly meets with Diane and tells her that she‘s pregnant and that the father could be several different people.  Alexis goes to Jerry for help, saying that she just witnessed one of Anthony Zacchara‘s men watching Kristina at her daycare. Maxie bumps into a doctor and starts yelling at him - until she sees how hot she is. Nikolas opens up the free clinic in Emily‘s name and Nadine makes sure that there patients there to take advantage of it.Lulu shocks Tracy by rushing into the police station and kissing Johnny.  Patrick tries to surprise Robin with breakfast but she passes, heading to work instead.  The doctor that Maxie bumps into accidentally steps on and breaks her PDA.  Sonny tells Carly that he knows that she‘s pregnant and asks if he‘s the father. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Claudia gets Johnny released from prison and takes him to see their father, pulling him away from Lulu. Patrick gives papers to Robin that will fight her for visitation rights. Jerry storms into Anthony‘s room and holds Johnny at gunpoint, saying that he has a message for them. Matt, General Hospital‘s newest doctor, walks into Spinelli‘s room and mistakenly thinks that Maxie is trying to sleep with him. Sonny tells Jax that he might want to get a paternity test.Patrick confronts Robin, saying that he refuses to back down and give up the rights to his child.  Carly admits that she told Sonny that Jason was the father of her baby.  Jerry holds Johnny at gunpoint while telling Anthony to leave Kristina and Alexis alone.  When Jerry tries to leave with Johnny, Claudia offers herself in his place. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Maxie accuses Lulu of flirting with Matt at the hospital. Anna tells Diane that she feels that she‘ll have to testify on behalf of Patrick. Claudia runs into the warehouse as Johnny turns the gun on Jerry. When Carly returns home, Jax asks her straight out if she slept with Sonny. Elizabeth tells Patrick and Robin that the last thing they want is to go to court and fight with each other over the baby.  Carly denies to Jax that she slept with Sonny and also tells him that she‘s not pregnant after all.  Jason explains to Sonny why she tried to say that he was the father of her baby when she thought she was pregnant.  Jerry tells Johnny not to kill him or Jason will find out the truth about who ordered the hit on Sonny. Read more »
Like most soap opera actors, Bradford Anderson is already used to attending fan events and making public appearances.  His General Hospital character Damian Spinelli, on the other hand, has already retired from public appearances for good.As Damian Spinelli, Anderson tries to emulate a speaking style like that of Spicoli, a character played by Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Spinelli‘s dialogue, a rapid-fire mix of surfer lingo and Internet slang, has offered comic relief, and an unusual "tech-savvy" character to the show, that has been called "one of the quirkiest characters daytime has ever seen." Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Claudia admitted to Johnny that she made a mistake involving Ian Devlin and Jerry Jax in the hit on Sonny.  Johnny becomes worried when he finds out that Nikolas knows that he and his sister are responsible for Michael‘s shooting.  Spinelli was overjoyed to have Maxie taking care of him upon being released from the hospital.  Logan tried to win Lulu back by asking her on a date but she turned him down.  Sonny explodes on Carly, yelling that he wants his kids back.  Despite a lack of faith in the clinic, Nikolas insists that he will do everything in his power to keep it open.  Matt agreed to sell Logan prescription medication if the price was right but Maxie tells the doctor to stay away from him. Read more »
On Thursday‘s General Hospital, Kate tells Jax that Carly is so concerned with what Sonny is doing that she doesn‘t take the time to appreciate her. Anthony calls Claudia a whore and the bad seed of the family. Nikolas admits to have some shady business deals with Ian, and promises to keep quiet, unless Johnny betrays his trust. Logan confronts Maxie for ruining his life and grabs her, holding her hostage. As Logan knocks her to the ground, he looks up and sees Lulu watching him from Johnny‘s apartment.Anthony tells Claudia that she made some serious mistakes in her past and she has been very manipulative.  Lulu tries to call the police but Logan calls her first and tells her that he‘s on his way to talk to her.  Claudia yells at Anthony for killing her mother when he was actually trying to kill Johnny. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Robin visits Sonny to congratulate him on his engagement to Kate.  Anthony and Claudia rehash their past and blame each other for what went wrong.  Johnny finds Maxie unconscious on the floor of the Crimson offices.  Logan grabs Lulu and holds her hostage, telling her that they belong together.  She finally breaks free and stabs him with a kitchen knife.Patrick is surprised when his father shows up at General Hospital to see him and Robin‘s mother waits for her at her apartment.  Jason tells Carly not to blow her entire life apart, and ruin her marriage, because she is grieving over Michael.  Sonny tells Claudia to put her clothes back on.  Logan tells Lulu that she‘ll never get over him before he collapses to the ground. Read more »
As reported previously, Finola Hughes has graciously bowed out at the request of ABC executives to drop out of her role on The Young and the Restless.  And because of this, the network has planned a big summer storyline for the 47-year-old actress, “revolving around the characters of Anna Devane and Robin Scorpio as the mother-daughter relationship continues to grow in the face of Robin [Kimberly McCullough] becoming a mother for the first time.”In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Finola Hughes gives her take on what‘s in store for her character Anna Devane on General Hospital. Read more »
General Hospital: Night Shift, the successful primetime spin-off of ABC‘s top daytime drama that recently celebrated its 45th anniversary, returns this summer following a record setting freshman season.  The new season will consist of 13 episodes and is scheduled to premiere on July 22 at 11pm ET/PT on SOAPnet. Fans can look forward to steamier episodes that follow the lives of doctors, nurses and patients who embark on journeys of self discovery, love and heartache as Antonio Sabato, Jr., who began his acting career on daytime‘s General Hospital, reprises his role as Jagger Cates on General Hospital: Night Shift. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Maxie tries to help Lulu get her story straight so she is not pegged as a suspect in Logan‘s murder. Robin tells Patrick that she loves him but she doesn‘t want or need him to do the right thing. Jax tells Carly that there will never be anything between him and Kate because he loves her.  Nadine and Nikolas find Logan‘s body dumped in front of their clinic. Lucky asks Nikolas and Nadine for any details so that he can help track down Logan‘s killer.  Diane accuses Spinelli and Jason of being involved in Logan‘s murder.  Lulu reaches for the phone in Maxie‘s apartment, to call the cops and tell them what she‘s done. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Mac begins questioning everyone in the case of Logan‘s murder. Maxie tries to stop Spinelli from figuring out that Lulu was the one who killed him. Patrick tells Robin that he has to go through with the court proceedings because he loves her and their unborn baby. Matt receives a mysterious phone call and says he has to move on to Plan B since Logan has been found dead. Anthony wants Claudia to tell the cops that she witnessed Jason killing Logan. Nadine stares at a lineup, one that Jason is in, and is asked to identify the driver that dumped Logan‘s body.Spinelli asks Maxie for proof that would back up her claim that Jason didn‘t kill Logan. Carly interrupts the line up at the police station to stop Nadine from pointing the finger at Jason. Lucky and Mac show up at Johnny‘s to question him and are surprised to find Lulu there. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Claudia goes to Sonny, looking for some comfort, after her father makes her feel horrible about herself.  Spinelli shows Carly a picture of Jax and Kate, caught in a compromising position, and she marches over to Sonny‘s to show him.  Johnny and Maxie find Logan dead in his apartment and tell Lulu that they have to cover things up.  When Claudia walks in and finds the body, Johnny steps in for Lulu and says that he killed Logan.Kate tells Sonny that she would never cheat on him.  Johnny tells Claudia that Logan tried to kill him but he killed him first.  She says that she needs to know all the details in order to help cover this up.  Robin tells Elizabeth that she needs to try to show Patrick that their baby is better off without him. Read more »
On Friday’s General Hospital, Sonny tells Carly to back off Kate and stay out of his business. After the trial is dismissed, Robin tells Patrick how much she appreciates the fact that he fought for her and the baby. Anthony demands to know Maxie‘s version of how Logan died, including every detail.Anthony threatens to make sure that Maxie disappears without a trace if she doesn’t play by his rules and tell him how Logan really died. Claudia points a gun at Jason, who tells her that killing him won’t accomplish anything. Jax walks in on a conversation between Sonny and Carly, finding out that his wife is, once again, trying to take down Kate. After Jax leaves, Sonny warns Carly that she’s about to lose her husband and tells her not to come crawling back to him. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Maxie runs into Spinelli‘s arms after being threatened by Anthony.  Jax tells Carly that their marriage is no place for ultimatums and insists that they work through their problems.  Claudia and Jason are arrested after they are caught talking together in a parking garage.  Johnny tells Lulu not to confess to killing Logan and she agrees, as long as he promises to run away with her.Johnny tells Lulu that they can‘t run away because it‘s too late for that.  Mac informs Claudia that her car is being impounded and searched for evidence.  Jax promises Carly that he would never cheat on her with Kate or anyone else.  Sonny is outraged that Kate isn‘t disputing the claims in the press that she and Jax are having an affair.  Maxie tells Spinelli that she needs him and continues to kiss him passionately. Read more »
It‘s Carly versus Kate on General Hospital and it all started when Carly‘s husband Jax (Ingo Rademacher) shared a kiss with her rival Kate (Megan Ward).  Naturally, Carly is very upset over this and is now determined to get her sweet revenge, even though Jax already explained everything to her.So why is Carly still hung up on her husband kissing Kate? Carly‘s portrayer, Laura Wright explains it all in an interview with Soap Opera Digest. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Kate continues to let people think that she and Jax have something romantic going on, in order to promote Crimson.  After sleeping with him, Maxie meets with Spinelli and tells him that it was a mistake. Mac takes Lucky off the Zacchara case, saying it‘s a conflict of interest since Lulu is involved. Jason tells Lulu that he knows that she killed Logan and tells her to hang tight while he attempts to fix things for her.A woman rushes her daughter to the clinic, telling Nikolas, Nadine and Matt that the medication she was given has made her condition worse.  Kate sends Sonny flowers, delivered to him by Max.  Lucky tries to interrogate Johnny but Lulu steps in and says that she would rather answer his questions. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Eli Love joins Spinelli at the bar and offers him some advice on how to mend a broken heart. Sam meets with Lucky and tells him that they have to figure out who is tampering with the medication in Port Charles. Diane warns Sonny to let Kate be her own person and not insist that she cater to his wild mood swings. Maxie goes to see Johnny at the police station and tells him to keep Lulu calm because she‘s about to crack under the pressure. He grabs her hand, asking for her help but Lulu walks in and catches them. Just as Jax and Carly make up, Kate shows up at their house to drag Jax off to an important business meeting.  Spinelli tells Jason that he‘ll try to help him keep Lulu safe but is preoccupied by his broken heart.  Lulu screams at Johnny that she doesn‘t want Maxie‘s help.  She wants him to trust and put his faith in her. Read more »
Genie Francis will soon be reprising the role that brought her to instant stardom in the soap world. Beginning August 26, the 46-year-old actress will be appearing on General Hospital to play the role of Laura Spencer, a character that had become an international phenomenon, and, along with Luke (Anthony Geary), the most popular super couple in daytime history.Appearing on the covers of TV Guide, Us Weekly, and People magazines, the television couple Luke and Laura wed on November 16, 1981 with 30 million viewers tuning in, making the episode the highest-rated hour in soap opera history. Read more »
Ingo Rademacher, who is known to daytime fans as suave tycoon Jasper Jax Jacks on General Hospital, is officially a father. The 37-year-old actor and fiancée Ehiku welcomed their first son into the world on July 11, according to Soap Opera Digest."Dad, mom and baby are all great," a General Hospital spokesperson said.  "The cast and crew of General Hospital are very excited for Ingo, Ehiku and the entire Rademacher family. We wish them all the best during this important milestone." Read more »
After six years since he last appeared on General Hospital, A Martinez returns to daytime television. However, he won‘t be reprising his mobster- FBI informant role he once made famous.  This time, he‘ll be appearing One Life to Live in a newly created role that goes by the name of Ray Montez.Though introduced to viewers as Cruz Castillo on Santa Barbara, Martinez became an even more popular household name when he was cast as Roy DiLucca on General Hospital from 1999 to 2002. During his stint on General Hospital, he was awarded three consecutive ALMA Awards from 2000 to 2002.  Additionally, he landed primetime gigs such as his starring roles on Profiler and L.A. Law.  Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lourdes shows Johnny a picture of himself studying with his piano teacher, saying that the boy in the picture is a Zacchara. When two men try to mug Eli after his concert, Anna beats both of them up. Carly continues to try every trick she can think of to try to seduce Jax. Nadine stages a fight with Nikolas to make Matt thinks she needs money so he‘ll let her in on the drug scam. Jerry makes his own side deal with Karpov and his organization. Sam gets a phone call from Karpov that she‘ll be working for him and got the job.Robin apologizes to Anna for setting up a mugging so that she would rescue Eli.  Max shows up to see Diane and sports a black eye, which apparently he got from a fight with a grandma.  Carly and Jax wake up lying in bed together but he says that he still plans on leaving her.  Nadine tells Sam that she‘s doing some undercover work of her own but Nikolas steps in and says that she will not. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Eli tries apologizing to Anna, but a woman walks in and claims that he is the father of her son. Nikolas interrupts Nadine‘s conversation with Matt to stop her from being able to form a connection with him. Ric meets up with Sonny and asks his brother if he‘s ever tempted to get back into the mob. Carly finally lets Jax go but says that she‘ll be waiting for him with open arms. Anna asks the woman claiming Eli fathered her child to step away for a second and she kicks him in the face.  Nadine is thrown off when Nikolas compares their relationship to that of a brother and sister.  Jason visits Monica, saying that he won‘t come see her once she goes home.  Claudia instigates Sonny and Ric, asking if they tell each other everything. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nadine is offended after Nikolas compares their relationship to that of a brother and sister.  Monica returns home after her stint in rehab, but not before Jason warns her that he‘ll be keeping his distance in order to keep her safe.  Spinelli lets Jason know that he found out that Karpov has been transferring money to Sonny‘s account. Noah sits with Anna and comforts her over what Eli did to her and the two end up kissing. Lourdes gets Johnny alone and tells him that she knows who he is.Johnny tried to convince Lulu that they were safe hiding out in his former piano teacher‘s apartment but Lulu can‘t help but feel guilty for the two of them being on the run.  Lucky meets up with Sam at the clinic and the two share some much needed kisses.  Spinelli gives Jason more information about Sonny‘s dealings with Karpov. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Jerry runs into Sam, who is snooping around the warehouse. Matt finds Nadine in the supply closet looking at the medicine. Spinelli lets Jason know that he found out that Karpov has been transferring money to Sonny‘s account. Noah sits with Anna and comforts her over what Eli did to her and the two end up kissing. Nikolas interrupts Nadine and Matt‘s conversation again and tells her to stop digging for information. Lourdes gets Johnny alone and tells him that she knows who he is.Lulu screams in horror after seeing Logan standing in front of her and Johnny holds her to calm her down.  Robin and Patrick head to an on call room for a little private time but encounter an awkward moment when they find Anna and Noah in there.  Lulu lies and says that she saw a rat in the apartment and can‘t live in these conditions.  Nikolas tries to convince Nadine and Leyla that Matt has nothing to do with the drug tampering. Read more »
On yesterday‘s episode of General Hospital, Nadine snoops around Matt‘s room but is forced to hide when he comes home unexpectedly.  Robin and Patrick give their parents their blessing to continue seeing each other. Sam finds Nikolas at the clinic to tell him that she thinks that Jerry is a suspect in the drug case. Jason calls Carly to his office to let her know that he thinks that Sonny is back in the mob. After Lourdes pulls Johnny away for a minute, Lulu takes the opportunity and disappears.Maxie and Matt continue to argue at his door while Nadine hides behind a chair.  Sal tells Johnny that he hasn‘t seen Lulu anywhere.  Lulu shows up at the institution to see her mother and says that she‘s afraid that she‘s turning into her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Maxie arrives home and finds Matt waiting there for her, which scares her. A man with a gun comes into the apartment that Johnny and Lulu are hiding out in and tells them that the owner, Johnny‘s former piano teacher, is dead. Carly tells Jax to kiss her goodbye, which he does, but still opts to leave her for good. Claudia goes to Jason and begs him to convince Spinelli to track down Johnny and Lulu.The man with the gun tells Johnny he never heard the professor say anything about Joe, the fake name he gave.  Spinelli shows up at Maxie‘s and gets into a struggle with Matt.  Robin comes in and says that Matt, in fact, is Maxie‘s new roommate. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nadine walks in on Matt grabbing medicine in the dark from the clinic supply room. Sam apologizes to Lucky that she wasn‘t at the police station when Johnny and Lulu went on the run. Diane tries to figure out who the woman was that Sonny was with at the bar, unaware that she works for Andre Karpov, the Russian mob boss. Lulu and Johnny sleep together and afterwards, he begs her to stay with him and promises to protect her at any cost.Sam tells Lucky that as long as they haven‘t heard anything about Johnny and Lulu, they must be safe.  Tracy goes to Nikolas to tell him that a gun is missing from her house.  Anthony tells Claudia that she‘s a danger to Johnny but apologizes for blowing up on her the night before. Read more »
On yesterday’s General Hospital, Diane is outraged when she finds out that Sonny is associating with members of the mob. Sam admits to Lucky that she‘s starting to gain a little respect for Elizabeth. Johnny begins teaching lessons to Sal‘s niece, who finds herself swooning over him instead of learning how to play piano. Carly goes to Spinelli and tells him that she knows Lulu kills Logan. She also wants to help her cousin and Johnny by pinning the murder on someone else.Claudia tells Jason that she has no idea where Johnny and Lulu are. Diane tries to quit working for Sonny but he won’t let her. Johnny works to finish a song that his piano teacher had started writing. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Lucky and Nikolas ask Spinelli to track down Lulu but he acts as if he does not know anything. Sonny goes down to the police station to try to help get Jason released. Ric asks Claudia what she would do for him if he got Johnny acquitted. Carly and Jax share a tender kiss on the plane, with her feeling confident that she can save their marriage.  Scott goes on a local television channel to ask people for information on Johnny and Lulu’s whereabouts. He offers a $10,000 and Lourdes is glued to the television as their mugshots flash across the screen.Lourdes calls Sal into the room to see Johnny and Lulu‘s mugshots on the evening news.  As Johnny comforts Lulu with a kiss, she flashes back to killing Logan.  Jason feels that Sonny is acting as if he wants the business back from him. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Johnny and Lulu found out that the Zacchara organization killed Lourdes‘s father.  Diane gets Jason released from the police station and he expresses concern that Sonny hasn‘t let go of the mob business. Ric asks Claudia to sleep with him in order to save her brother. Jax parachutes of their plane after he finds out that Carly told the pilot to circle around so that she could try to win him back. Ric reveals to Jason that Sonny is working with Karpov.Sam gets a job on the docks moving cargo, in hopes of finding out about the medication that is being tampered with in Port Charles.  Jason tells Ric that he doesn‘t believe anything that comes of his mouth.  Carly tracks Jax down at a hotel to try to win him back.  Anna shows up to Eli‘s concert, despite the fact that he has been ignoring her. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Sonny makes a deal with a new mobster, and is seen by Claudia. Matt asks Nadine out on a date, which completely catches her off guard. Jax tells Carly that if she messes with his investments one more time, he‘ll leave her. Kate tells Clarice that she plans to try to break up Jax‘s marriage. Lulu is about to take out her gun when Johnny grabs it from her and pretends to hold her hostage in order to keep her safe.Johnny holds Lulu at gunpoint and when someone fires a shot, they use that distraction as their opportunity to head out on the run.  Maxie worries about being named as an accessory in Logan‘s murder case.  Lucky drags Jason into the interrogation room to try to figure out what he knew about the escape plan.  Claudia tries to warn Sonny about his new business associate. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Johnny tells Lulu that he loves her and would rather be with her than anywhere else. Nadine goes to dinner with Matt, in an attempt to get some dirt on him. When Carly arrives home, Jax tells her that he‘s leaving her. Sonny meets with Karpov and tries to strike a deal with him. Claudia storms into Spinelli‘s place and tells him to find Johnny and Lulu right away.Maxie tells Claudia that she has no right to barge into Spinelli‘s apartment but she fires back, suggesting that Maxie do as she say.  Nikolas plays the family bond card with Jason and begs him for info about Lulu‘s whereabouts.  Johnny and Lulu break into an apartment but it turns out that it‘s his former piano teacher‘s place, which is currently vacant.  Jax tells her that he won‘t settle for the kind of love Carly wants to give him and he‘s ready to give up. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Patrick punches Eli on Anna‘s behalf for making her feel bad about herself for being a soon-to-be grandma. Lucky and Sam go undercover to figure out the medication mixup in Port Charles. Nadine tells Nikolas that Matt knows more than he‘s saying but he overhears her talking about him.Carly meets with Claudia, to see if they can work together to get rid of Kate Howard.  Maxie tells Spinelli and Jason that she doesn‘t have time to talk about anything else other than Lulu, who‘s about to crack.  Lulu walks into the police station, with a gun in her purse, and asks to see Johnny. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Diane warns Jason that Karpov is looking to take over the Port Charles territory, which means that Sonny truly is working against him. Maxie goes to Spinelli and asks him for information on Matt but he tries to keep his distance. Scott showed up to see Laura, but missed seeing Lulu. She returns back to Manhattan to reunite with Johnny, feeling better after seeing her mother. Jason meets with Karpov, to do some business dealings of his own.Sonny asks Claudia if she was the one who told Jason that he‘s working with Karpov.  Maxie storms into the hospital, demanding to see Matt.  Just as Lulu tells Johnny that she‘s feeling better after visiting her mom, the cops show up at the door. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jerry spies on a conversation between Sonny and Karpov down at the piers. Anthony shows up at the Quartermaine house, which only angers Scott further. Anthony tells them that if anything happens to Johnny because of Lulu, he‘ll tear the town apart. Lourdes thanks Johnny for covering for her and promises to keep his secret safe.  Carly takes matters into her own hands and meets with Karpov herself. He tells her that he wants to get to know her better and asks her to go for a drive.Carly tries to avoid getting in the car with Karpov but he wonders why she is so scared of him.  Johnny comes into the apartment and finds a freaked out Lulu, who had another vision of Logan.  Kate tries to ask Sonny questions about the wedding but says that he only cares about what makes her happy. Read more »
On yesterday’s General Hospital, Sam tells Lucky and Nikolas that she is convinced that Jerry is involved in the drug tampering. Nadine sneaks down to the warehouse and finds Matt there, who grabs her and tells her to mind her own business. Carly reveals to Jason that she stole Karpov‘s PDA. Sonny inspects one of Karpov‘s shipments and is not happy to find drugs in the boxes being delivered.Jason lectures Carly for putting herself in potentially dangerous situation with Karpov. Sonny tells Karpov that he thought that he made himself clear when he said that he didn’t want drugs coming through Port Charles. Matt tries to tell Nadine that he is also trying to figure out who is behind the drug tampering. Johnny snaps Lulu out of another vision of Logan Read more »
On Friday’s General Hospital, Nadine goes to find Nikolas, grabs him, and kisses him. Sonny tries to end his business relationship with Karpov but he tells him that things aren‘t over. Spinelli heads down to the piers to do a little investigating of his own but is grabbed by two of Karpov‘s men. Jerry fires shots at Claudia, Jason, and Carly on the piers.Lulu freaks out after her hallucination in which a bloody Logan holds her birthday cake out for her. Nikolas pulls away from Nadine’s kiss and tells her that she misread the situation. Maxie tries to talk her way out of getting Spinelli free of Karpov’s thugs. They finally let him go when she says that they’re just there to have sex. Claudia, Carly, and Jason hide from the gunfire and wait for it to stop. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Maxie goes to Carly and tells her to ask Jason to watch out for Spinelli more. Nikolas explains how Laura ended up in a catatonic state to Claudia, in order to help Johnny and Lulu. Johnny wakes up in the middle of the night and finds Lulu sitting on the roof, staring off into space.Nikolas runs into Claudia, who is out for a jog in the park.  Alexis asks Maxie to come see her and tries to find out what she knows about Johnny and Lulu.  Spinelli spills, in front of one of Jason‘s men, that the two of them are going on a stakeout today.  Patrick expresses how much he is hoping for a boy to Robin. Read more »
Bradford Anderson has always been associated for his role as the young hacker criminal Damian Spinelli on General Hospital. Recently, his storyline took an interesting turn as he finally achieved his heart‘s desire by sleeping with Maxie.  So what‘s next for the Jackal?In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Anderson talks about his romantic storyline, where his character is headed and why he doesn‘t feel threatened by newcomers on General Hospital.  Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Jason allows Spinelli to come along on the stakeout. Claudia warns Nikolas that Anthony and Trevor are stepping up the search for Lulu and Johnny. Patrick makes it to Robin in the exam room just in time to find out about the baby - and find out that it‘s a girl. Alexis freaks out when she finds Anthony talking to Kristina in the park.Trevor shows up at Sonny‘s to let him know that Anthony is slowly losing his mind with Johnny being gone.  Anthony taunts Alexis and asks her if it makes her feel better to know where her daughter is at all times.  Johnny returns to the apartment after grabbing some groceries but finds Lulu staring catatonic out the window.  Jax returns home to Carly and the two run into each other‘s arms. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Spinelli is devastated after Maxie admits that she finds Matt attractive.  Carly begs Jax to stay with her, which he does, until Kate shows up at the door.  Jason is upset that Sonny is making mob deals with the enemy.  While Anthony and Claudia try to figure out how to bring Johnny home, Sonny barges in and says that they‘re going to pay.Kate asks Jax to let her in, saying that it‘s an urgent business.  Elizabeth begs Jason to talk to her and let her in and he does, admitting that he can‘t believe that Sonny would turn against him.  Sonny tells Anthony that he‘ll kill him if he comes after his family.  Lulu tells Johnny that she doesn‘t want to be the reason that he goes to prison. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Nikolas shows up at the Zacchara house and tries to cut a deal with Anthony to keep Lulu safe. Jason confronts Sonny about his dealings with Karpov. Carly runs into Karpov on the piers and he offers to take her out on his boat. While Sam gets the shipment ready, the police begin firing at her and Karpov‘s men. When she tries to run to Lucky, she gets shot. Johnny insists that Lulu stay at the institution and says that it is the best choice for both of them. As soon as he starts to leave, the police arrest Johnny and she starts screaming for them to let her go.Lucky runs to protect Sam from the gunfire and from getting arrested.  Karpov tries to figure out why Carly is suddenly giving him the cold shoulder.  Lulu is forced into a straitjacket while the police try to contain Johnny at the institution.  Nikolas runs in just as Lulu is injected with a sedative to calm her down. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Carly successfully connects with Jax and starts kissing him. Lulu is convinced that she‘s crazy and tells Nikolas that it‘s her fault Johnny got arrested. At Sonny‘s, Kate is angry at the interruption by Karpov‘s assistant and a little jealous, too. Elizabeth nurses Sam‘s gunshot wound and promises to keep it a secret. As Jason is about to pull the trigger to take out Karpov, he sees his daughter run to him and hug him.Claudia tells Johnny that Scott thinks he has everything he needs to convict him of murder.  Nikolas runs into Lulu‘s room where he hears her screaming after another one of her hallucinations.  Jason has a hard time sleeping after what he saw at Karpov‘s warehouse the night before. Read more »
Julie Marie Berman, who plays Lulu Spencer, the troubled daughter of Luke and Laura Spencer on the popular daytime soap General Hospital, married commercial real estate broker Michael Grady in Los Angeles on August 15.  This is the first marriage for both."Mike is my best friend, and ultimately he is my soul mate," Berman told People.  "He‘s the guy I want to do everything with – the guy I want to be with when he‘s old and wrinkly." Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Claudia and Nikolas meet for a quick meal and to update each other on Johnny and Lulu. Lulu goes to visit Laura in her room and lets her know that she‘s now right across the hall from her. Nadine tries to check in on Nikolas at his house and the two end up kissing, despite the fact that he continues to resist her. Scott goes to see Lulu and tells her that she‘ll have to testify against Johnny in court. Alexis tells Johnny that if anything happens to her daughters, it‘s on him.Karpov‘s lawyer tries to seduce Jason but turns her down.  Nikolas asks Nadine if being with him is what she really wants.  Scott provokes Lulu, calling her a fake, and starts screaming at him.  Sonny walks in and tells him to back off of her, saying that she‘s still in shock. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Maxie visits Lulu as Shadybrook and brings her some chocolates to cheer her up.  Nikolas tells Nadine that the kiss that they shared won‘t be happening again.  Sonny tells Johnny that everyone needs to make sure that Lulu doesn‘t testify or she‘ll crack under the pressure.Spinelli continues to search for evidence that would prove that Jason slept with Sasha, Karpov‘s lawyer.  Lulu calls the police station pretending to be a private investigator so that she can talk to Johnny.  Scott hangs up the phone on him and says that he will prove that Johnny and Lulu are working together to cover up Logan‘s murder. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lucky tells Lulu that he will not sign her out of Shadybrook so that she can see Johnny. Spinelli decides to go on another stakeout at the piers and takes Maxie with him. Karpov expresses to Jerry that he‘s concerned he‘s been gathering information against him to give to Alexis. Nadine arrives at Wyndemere and sees that Nikolas has prepared a candlelight dinner. Patrick gets on the PA system at the hospital to tell everyone there that he‘s in love with Robin.Sonny returns the wedding gift that Karpov sent him, a move that seriously offends him.  Lulu asks Jason to tell the staff at Shadybrook that he‘s her brother so that he can take her home.  Johnny tells Claudia that he blames himself over the fact that Lulu has lost her grip on reality.  In front of the staff of General Hospital, Patrick gets down on one knee and gives Robin an engagement ring. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Jason takes Lulu out of Shadybrook to reunite with Johnny at the police station.  Nikolas invites Nadine over for a candlelight dinner and then offers to teach her to waltz. A pin that Kate is wearing cuts Sonny‘s hand and gets blood on the dress, which she sees as the worst possible sign ever. Lulu sees Logan while talking to Johnny and starts to break down again. Maxie and Spinelli get out of their car as another one speeds right at them.Nadine imagines herself, dressed as a princess dancing a beautiful waltz with Nikolas, while he teaches her to dance.  Lulu has a vision of Logan while visiting with Johnny and starts freaking out.  As the car approaches, Spinelli throws Maxie out of the way and the car runs him over. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Spinelli wakes up in the hospital, after being hit by a car, and Maxie is right by his side. MTrevor is offended when Claudia tells him that she wants Ric in charge of Johnny‘s defense. When Kate steps out of the room, Sonny calls Lois‘s mother back in Bensonhurst. Alexis walks into her office late at night to see Claudia going through her things. At Shadybrook, Lulu sits on the floor and vents to Laura. As she cries on her mother‘s lap, her hand touches her head and Laura is suddenly awake.Lulu is shocked to see that mother is lucid and talking to her.  Maxie agrees to let Matt operate on Spinelli.  Anthony heads to the police station to visit with Johnny.  Alexis threatens to arrest Claudia for breaking and entering. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Nadine is thrown out of the operating room for questioning Matt while he performed surgery on Spinelli. Nikolas meets with Johnny and offers to help him, only because he is so worried about Lulu. Jerry tries to figure out how far Sam would go to keep him from dating her mother. Claudia promises to do whatever Ric wants if her returns to Port Charles and takes care of her brother. Maxie slaps Matt when he tells her that Spinelli is in critical condition following his surgery. Carly visits Lulu at Shadybrook, unaware that Laura is awake and aware. Maxie blames Matt for the fact that Spinelli‘s infection is spreading and his condition is not improving.  Ric walks in just as Johnny is about to transferred out of the Port Charles police station and stops everyone from leaving.  Kate walks in to discuss business with Jax but finds Carly lying in his bed.  Diane tells Sonny that he cannot invite Carly to his wedding. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, all of the nurses tell Robin that she should give in and marry Patrick. Sam is insistent on continuing to shadow Jerry and try to figure out what his involvement is with Karpov‘s organization. Jerry tells Carly to stay away from Karpov, saying that he has a violent history with women. Kate shows up at Sonny‘s and confessed what she did to Carly. Alexis tries to offer Ric a deal but Scott says that no deal will be made and he‘ll be prosecuting Johnny himself.Sonny walks in while Kate checks out her wedding dress and tells him to leave so that he doesn‘t cause any more bad luck.  Karpov sees Jax kissing Carly and implies to the couple that he is jealous.  The Quartermaines visit Lulu at Shadybrook and while they talk to her, she sees Logan standing right behind them. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lulu tells Laura the story of her relationships with Logan and Johnny and admits to killing Logan. Ric becomes frustrated when Johnny refuses to tell him any information that would help his case because it would mean implicating Lulu and Maxie. Sonny takes Kate to his private island to spend some quality time with her. Karpov threatens Jax to Carly after becoming jealous of the couple.Alexis warns Jax that he shouldn‘t be getting involved in any business or personal matters with Karpov.  Lulu tells Laura how scared she was and her mother tells her that it must have been an accident.  Sonny and Kate lie in bed together and talk about the wonderful life they‘re going to have together.  Anthony interrupts Claudia and Johnny‘s conversation at the police station and asks them why they‘re so upset. Read more »
On Friday‘s General Hospital, Maxie asks Jerry not to shoot Matt after he catches him holding her and covering her mouth to keep her from screaming. After Jerry leaves, he overhears Matt say he‘s trying to track down the counterfeit drugs. Elizabeth tells Jason that she needs to be with him and the two share a passionate kiss.  Patrick and Anna film a video blog to try to convince Robin to accept his marriage proposal.  Laura tries to explain to Lulu that instinct took over when she murdered Logan, and she knows that she didn‘t mean to kill him.Jason and Elizabeth don‘t waste any time before finding the nearest bed.  Kate is upset when Sonny‘s maid mentions that the flowers he gave her were also Carly‘s favorite.  Karpov becomes angered with Jax, feeling offended by his behavior.  While hugging her mother, Lulu has another scary vision of Logan.  Laura holds her until she stops seeing him. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lulu unleashes all of her anger onto Logan, telling him everything that she felt about the relationship while he was alive. She then tells him that she forgives him for all that he did to her and he disappears. Claudia sits alone with Johnny in the interrogation room and yells at him for throwing his life away over Lulu. Clarice overhears Diane and Max talking about the Sonny/Carly/Kate situation. Sonny tells Kate that she‘s the only woman in his life and she doesn‘t need to worry.Morgan and Jax surprise Carly with a breakfast platter full of her favorite foods.  Lulu finds her mother sitting outside and thanks her for helping her get past Logan‘s murder.  Elizabeth and Jason encounter an awkward moment when they run into each other in Spinelli‘s room. Read more »
Word on the street is that another series regular may soon be leaving General Hospital and he comes in the form of Rick Hearst.  The 43-year-old actor has been with the ABC soap since 2002 as Ric Lansing, a role that earned him seven Daytime Emmy Award nominations, winning for "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series" in 2004 and 2007.  Recently, however, he has expressed concern over his character‘s lack of new story.  And while the actor has no intentions to willingly leave the show, he does hint that General Hospital executives might have other plans."I‘ve got three months left on my contract," Hearst commented at the General Hospital Fan Club luncheon in July.  "We‘ll see if it‘s in the minds of our creators if I‘ll get a chance to go further.  It would be nice.  We‘ll see what happens." Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Anthony plants someone in the jury to ensure that Johnny receivevs a not guilty verdict.  Alexis doesn‘t want to represent Jax in closing the deal on a new house with Carly because she doesn‘t want to see him get his heart broken again.  Clarice shows up at Sonny‘s and tells Diane and Max that she needs to speak with Kate as soon as possible.  Johnny is shocked when he finds out that if he is found guilty, the death penalty can be requested.Sonny and Kate arrive home from their trip and Clarice says that there is something that she needs to know.  Scott tell the judge that he can prove that Logan was a police officer.  Carly tells Jason that she wishes all the happiness for Kate and Sonny, even though she hates her. Read more »
On yesterday‘s General Hospital, Lulu panics when Lucky tells her that Johnny could get the death penalty. Ric begins poking holes in Scott‘s case, getting one doctor to admit that he couldn‘t properly identify the murder weapon. Jerry goes to see Jax, on Alexis‘s behalf, to convince him not to back to his marriage to Carly. Maxie decides that she‘ll be staying with Jason, to make sure that Spinelli gets the best care possible. Once Kate returns to the office, Clarice tells her that Sonny and Carly had sex back in May.Maxie refused to leave Jason‘s apartment, insisting on staying by Spinelli‘s side.  Robin becomes more frustrated when she realizes that Nikolas has also teamed up with Patrick to convince her to accept his proposal.  Scott called Claudia to the witness stand, questioning her about Johnny‘s relationship as well as her alibi.  Kate is shocked when she learns that Sonny and Carly had sex while she was with him. Read more »
Lisa LoCicero, who appeared as Maria Storm on from 2004 to 2007 on Reno 911, will soon be making her debut on General Hospital.  However, the 38-year-old actress won‘t be embroiled in just any other storyline as she‘ll be creating havoc and distress in time for an upcoming wedding.Read on to find out what‘s in store for Lisa LoCicero‘s character on General Hospital.Warning: May contain spoilers! Read more »
Fans of General Hospital have always been accustomed to mafia-related storylines.  Soon, however, the show is bringing in some big names from the organized crime circuit.  According to, Vincent Pastore has signed on to join the long-running soap as a mob boss.Best known for his stint on HBO‘s award-winning series The Sopranos, Pastore returns to his mob roots after years of portraying Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero.  On General Hospital, he‘ll be playing the character named Maximus Giambetti, a big-time mob boss who is frustrated to learn that his firstborn son, Max, is not following in his footsteps. Apparently, the younger Max is presently a bodyguard for a mob boss instead of actually being a mob boss. Read more »
It’s safe to say that on General Hospital, Dr. Patrick Drake and his father Noah have had their issues. Noah hasn’t exactly won any awards for his parenting skills and Patrick is about to become a father himself. In fact, Noah’s poor parenting skills are exactly the reason that Patrick had a difficult time when Robin Scorpio first told him that she was pregnant. However, Patrick was determined not to follow in the footsteps of his father and tried to commit himself to Robin. He proposed to her, at the hospital, but she turned him down, feeling that he was only asking her out of obligation. When Noah got on board to help Robin and Patrick come together, it started to repair a broken relationship between a father and his son. However, a shocking revelation on today’s episode tore the two apart and, perhaps, caused irreparable damage. Read more »
Earlier this month, Rick Hearst expressed some concern over his character Ric Lansing‘s lack of new story on General Hospital.  And while the 43-year-old actor, who has been with the ABC soap since 2002, has no intentions to leave the show, General Hospital executives might have other plans. "I‘ve got three months left on my contract," Hearst said at the time.  "We‘ll see if it‘s in the minds of our creators if I‘ll get a chance to go further. It would be nice.  We‘ll see what happens." Read more »
Two weeks ago, BuddyTV reported that Vincent Pastore, best known for his role as Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero on the HBO mob series The Sopranos, has signed on to join the cast of General Hospital to stir up some mafia-related plot in Port Charles. At the time, it was hinted that he‘ll be playing the character named Maximus Giambetti, a big-time mob boss who is frustrated to learn that his firstborn son, Max, is not following in his footsteps. Recently, however, Soap Opera Digest was able to interview General Hospital head writer Robert Guza Jr., who has revealed more details regarding what‘s in store for Pastore on the long running soap. Read more »
Get ready for a General Hospital reunion, the biggest we‘ve seen in a long time!  Night Shift, the spin-off of the ABC Daytime soap that follows the nighttime adventures of familiar and new characters around the Port Charles hospital, will be wrapping up its sophomore season with an overload of some General Hospital‘s biggest names.According to TV Guide, the season ender of Night Shift will boast some of General Hospital‘s ‘80s favorites, including Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and super couple Sean (John Reilly) and Tiffany (Sharon Wyatt).Warning: This article contains spoilers!!! Read more »
A few months ago, on General Hospital, it seemed that Sonny Corinthos might actually be able to leave the world of organized crime and live a normal life.  His son was shot during a hit that was meant for him.  Michael still remains in a coma and is currently at a long term care facility.  Unable to cope with the shooting of her son, Carly took action against Sonny and demanded that he sign over the rights to his other son with her, Morgan.  Sonny sat on the sidelines as Jax swooped in to take over the role of Morgan‘s father and decided that he needed to make some serious changes to his life.  He gave up his organization to Jason but when a Russian mobster came to Port Charles looking for someone to help him facilitate business relationships, Sonny couldn‘t help but put one foot back into the mob world, kicking off a series events that almost cost him the woman he loves. Read more »
The rumor mills keeps churning in the soap circuit.  Recent reports have surfaced that a former Guiding Light star might be headed to Port Charles to play a still uncertain yet pivotal role on General Hospital.  At this point, there has been no confirmation on the said character or the actor who‘s been cast to play the role.  However, many are already pointing their fingers at Tom Pelphrey. Most recognized for playing been the role of Jonathan Randall the son of Reva Shayne and her late former husband, Richard Winslow, on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light, Pelphrey was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Younger Actor" in 2005, and won the award the following year in April 2006.  He received a third consecutive nomination in the same category in 2007 but lost out to Bryton McClure. Pelphrey won his second Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Younger Actor" in 2008.  He remained with the soap for three years before opting to move on to other projects. Read more »
Soap veteran Jon Lindstorm, who is best known for portraying Kevin Collins on both General Hospital and its spin-off series Port Charles, is set to return to daytime TV.  This time, however, he‘ll be heading to the town of Oakdale as he joins the cast of As the World Turns.Lindstorm first played the resident psychiatrist on General Hospital in 1994 until 1997 before appearing on the spin-off Port Charles from June 19997 until 2003.  During his portrayal of Kevin, he was involve in several controversial storylines, including the abduction of Ian Thornhart, whom he tried to bury behind a brick wall, the stalking and kidnapping of Felicia Jones after suffering a nervous breakdown, and the strangling of Lucy Coe, just to name a few. Read more »
Following the footsteps of Bret Michaels (Rock of Love with Bret Michaels) and Flavor Flav (Flavor of Love), who‘ve sought out love on cable, former General Hospital actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. has decided to star in his own reality dating series sometime next year.Though he first gained attention as a Calvin Klein underwear model, Sabato quickly moved on to acting as he joined the cast of General Hospital as Jagger Cates, a role he originated in 1992.  He played the complex character until 1994, and then briefly in the fall of 1995.  Most recently, he reprised his infamous role for the second season of the spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift, 13 years after the actor last stepped into Jagger‘s shoes. Read more »
After getting Anthony Zacchara‘s son Johnny acquitted of the murder of Scott Baldwin‘s son, Logan, Ric Lansing fell in the good graces of both Anthony and his daughter Claudia.  Eventually, Ric and Claudia became intimate, and though the sex was just something Claudia promised him if he got Johnny cleared from all the charges, they continued to see each other and occasionally went out together.  Though it seems that Claudia may just be using Ric to get him more drawn into the web of Zacchara intrigue, General Hospital veteran Rick Hearst insists that his character Ric is well aware of what‘s really going on in Claudia‘s mind. Read more »
Filling in the shoes of a beloved actress on a long-running soap opera: who says that‘s impossible?  It may not be the same, but it‘s true that a network would make any gamble just to improve ratings.  For a series like General Hospital, it‘s going to be tough to find a replacement for Vanessa Marcil‘s own Brenda Barrett.  But hold your tear-jerking horses, since it‘s only a rumor as of now.  In 2003, Vanessa Marcil left General Hospital after returning to the show following her six-year stint.  She was offered another chance to play Brenda this year, but she hasn‘t responded yet since she was busy with another series, Lipstick Jungle.  However, someone who seems to have a lot of time on her hands is actress Alyssa Milano, who has been rumored to be the new Brenda. Read more »
Last month, a rumor surfaced that a former Guiding Light star might be headed to Port Charles to play a still uncertain yet pivotal role on General Hospital.  At the time, the actor was said to be Tom Pelphrey, best known for his role as Jonathan Randall, the son of Reva Shayne and her late former husband, Richard Winslow, on the CBS soap opera.  Recently, however, another soap actor has been rumored to play the much talked about role on General Hospital and he comes in the form of Emmy winner David Lago. The former star of The Young and the Restless is said to have landed the role of Dante, Sonny‘s son with Olivia.  On the other hand, a General Hospital spokesperson had no comment so at this point, there‘s no confirmation on the said character or the actor who‘s been cast to play the role. Read more »
Since 1963, General Hospital has been annually treating viewers with a special Christmas episode in time for the holiday.  While it‘s always exciting to look forward to what‘s in store for the current season, it‘s also nice to look back and relive memories of year‘s past.  Next month, fans can do so as SOAPnet airs a special three-hour marathon of classic General Hospital Christmas episodes.The General Hospital event, which is called "The Most of Christmas Past," will be co-hosted by Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) and Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli). Read more »
Soap fans will be pleased to know that Claudia Zacchara will be sticking around Port Charles for quite some time.  According to Soap Opera Digest, Claudia‘s portrayer, Sarah Brown, has signed on for another year of playing the troubled mob princess on General Hospital.  The 33-year-old actress confirmed the extension of her contract on her Facebook page, updating her status with "Agent Rhonda Price, who she loves, closed a deal to keep Sarah on GH another year ;) Oh Happy Day!"Prior to landing the role of Claudia Zacchara, Brown first played Carly Corinthos when she joined General Hospital in 1996. She won three Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Younger Actress and for Best Supporting Actress prior to her decision to leave the show. Read more »
Scott Clifton will soon return to the daytime TV after going on hiatus for nearly a year.  This time, however, he won‘t be reprising his character Dillon Quartermaine on General Hospital.  According to Soapnet, the 24-year-old actor will be joining the cast of One Life to Live next year.From 2003 to 2007, Clifton played Dillon Quartermaine on General Hospital where he has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Younger Actor” in 2004, 2005 and 2006.  His character was the son of Tracy Quartermaine, portrayed by legendary actress Jane Elliot, and became part of one of the General Hospital teen romances, having been paired with Lindze Letherman, who played Georgie Jones.  When Clifton‘s contract expired in July 2007, he opted not to renew. Read more »
Jason and Elizabeth, or “Liason” as some would call it, have mostly been positively received by General Hospital fans.  Elizabeth first became involved with Jason in 1999 after she treated him for a gunshot wound and housed him in her art studio.  They became close friends as Jason began to develop feelings for Elizabeth, who returned them as well. Read more »
Doors have always been left open for Natalia Livingston ever since she left General Hospital in May.  Best known for playing Emily Quartermaine, adoptive daughter of supercouple Alan and Monica Quartermaine, the 32-year-old actress was killed off in November 2007 but remained with the ABC soap as the character continued for six more months as a hallucination brought on by a tumor in Nikolas‘ brain. Soon, Livingston will be gracing the streets of Port Charles.  But don‘t expect Emily to miraculously rise from the dead or resurface as yet another hallucination.  According to ABC, Livingston will be taking on a new character when she rejoins the cast of General Hospital in January 2009. Read more »
Reports that Vanessa Marcil may soon be arriving at Port Charles just won‘t die.  Ever since NBC pulled the plug on her primetime series Las Vegas, many started to speculate that the actress might return to daytime TV to reprise her infamous role as Brenda on General Hospital.  Even her former on-screen love interest on the soap, Maurice Benard, has welcomed the idea of her possible comeback. "I‘m all for it," Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital, told Soap Opera Digest at the height of the rumors. Read more »
Jason Mesnick has already started his quest for love in the 13th season of The Bachelor, which premiered on January 5.  After getting his heart broken by DeAnna Pappas in the second season finale of ABC‘s The Bachelorette this past summer, the 32-year-old a single father from Seattle tries to narrow down his search for love from 25 women to the one that will capture his heart.  Hoping to lend an additional helping hand, soap stars Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms will treat Jason and six women to a behind-the-scenes look at long-running drama General Hospital. As Jason and the ladies visit the Los Angeles-based General Hospital set, Anderson (Damien Spinelli) and Storms (Maxie Jones) will be coaching the women in the fine art of screen kissing.  The women will also get the chance to act out their secret fantasy with Jason. Read more »
As part of the “Soap Nation Tour,” ABC Daytime Division‘s ongoing initiative to interact with fans on a year-round basis, the network is urging soap fans to participate in the upcoming "ABC and SOAPnet Salute Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS" benefit, which will be headlined by All My Children stars Susan Lucci (Erica Kane) and Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery). "ABC and SOAPnet Salutes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS" marks the fifth benefit produced in conjunction with the network in support of the organization.  To date, this annual benefit has raised over $1 million for the organization. Read more »
General Hospital will soon welcome yet another "aged kid" in Port Charles. Following the recast of Michael Corinthos (Dylan Cash was replaced by Drew Garrett), Kristina Corinthos-Davis is expected to resurface with daytime newcomer Lexi Ainsworth as her portrayer. According to Soap Opera Digest, the 16-year-old actress will make her General Hospital debut on Thursday, June 4. Read more »
Fans can expect Port Charles to be a little more crowded by the end of this month. According to Soap Opera Digest, Canadian actor Dominic Zamprogna has just joined the cast of General Hospital and will be making his debut on the ABC soap on June 22.Zamprogna catapulted to stardom for his role on Edgemont, a Canadian television series that aired from 2001 to 2005 and revolved around the everyday dealings of teenagers in a fictitious suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia. He played Mark Deosdade and was paired with Kristin Kreuk‘s (Smallville) on-screen character in a storyline that was very reminiscent of a soap opera, yet aired in seasons much like a primetime television program. Read more »
It seems that the rumor is true: Rick Hearst is leaving General Hospital after all! The 44-year-old actor has expressed some concern over his character Ric Lansing‘s lack of new story last year, fueling rumors that show executives might eventually pull the plug on the his character on General Hospital. ABC has remained tightlipped over the issue but has presented Hearst with a new contract last September, suggesting that he will "continue with us for the foreseeable future." Six months later, however, the network has set Rick Lansing‘s last day on General Hospital on June 25 as Rick Hearst has decided to join the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful.  Read more »
Sebastian Roche, who is best known as terrorist Jerry Jacks, will resurface on General Hospital this summer, and according to Soap Opera Digest, he‘ll be stirring up some serious trouble beginning July.  Jerry, who originally went by the pseudonym James Craig, was first portrayed by Julian Stone from April 10, 1998 to December 14, 1999. Roche, who eventually assumed the role in January 2007, had been signed to a contract on General Hospital, keeping his character around for the foreseeable future. Jerry supposedly died in a boat explosion in late November 2008, but turned up alive in early April 2009. He is believed to be currently hiding somewhere in Port Charles. Read more »
Lisa LoCicero has officially been placed on contract on General Hospital. The 39-year-old actress has played Olivia Falconeri on the ABC soap since September 2008 and has earned quite a fan following. With her contract in place, it seems that LoCicero will have a lot on her plate in the near future, especially now that her son Dante is in town while her steamy affair with Johnny continues to heat up. And according to, she is also slated to tape scenes with Megan Ward (Kate) on July 13 for future episodes.  Read more »
Antonio Sabato Jr., the sexy soap star who originated the role of Jagger Cates on General Hospital and its spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift, will embark on a love quest on the new reality dating series, My Antonio, beginning Sunday, August 16 at 10pm on VH1. The 37-year-old actor will choose from 13 beautiful women who will travel to an exotic paradise in Hawaii where they will attempt to capture his heart.My Antonio, a 10-episode series, kicks off with the General Hospital actor‘s sexy swim ashore to meet the women competing for his attention. Within the first few moments, however, he makes a shocking elimination, leading the women to realize that anything can happen when Antonio is in charge. Read more »
You‘ve probably heard the news about Spider-Man star James Franco joining the cast of General Hospital for some time now. As ridiculous as it sounds, we‘re here to tell you that this is not an elaborate hoax and we even have his soap debut photo to prove it!Franco is slated to appear on the long-running ABC daytime series for two months beginning November 20, which coincides with November sweeps. Without doubt, Franco‘s addition is expected to bring in more viewers to General Hospital, which is struggling to keep ratings high these days.  Read more »
James Franco‘s daytime debut is no laughing matter now that we‘ve seen his General Hospital promo picture. Still, there are fans who remain puzzled by this unusual career move considering the 31-year-old actor has already made name for himself with films like the Pineapple Express, Milk, and the Spider-Man trilogy. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, General Hospital executive producer Jill Farren Phelps explains how Franco‘s was cast on the ABC soap and what‘s in store for his character. Read more »
It‘s time for the mystery man to finally reveal himself. James Franco, who is notably credited for his work in the Spider-Man trilogy, Pineapple Express and Milk, officially makes his debut on General Hospital today. To keep things interesting, though, we‘ve only been given a few clues about his character Franco, who reportedly has an unusual goal and will supposedly be the "worst nightmare" for mobster Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read more »
Here‘s proof that Julianne Moore‘s stint on As the World Turns is not a practical joke. As you may have heard, Moore is returning to the soap where she began her acting career, won a Daytime Emmy Award and played Frannie and Sabrina Hughes from 1985 to 1988. According to CBS, the 49-year-old actress will reprise her role as Frannie, who returns to Oakdale to celebrate her father and stepmother‘s wedding anniversary on the April 5 episode of As the World Turns. Read more »
People are seemingly interested in the name Chad Duell these days and that‘s in spite of the fact that the young actor has only appeared on Wizards of Waverly Place and The Suite Life on Deck. Evidently, he‘s been cast to play Michael Corinthos on ABC‘s General Hospital. Read more »
Like many of us, some of Hollywood‘s A-listers had to start out small--many of them on soap operas--before making it big in the entertainment industry. Take Julianne Moore, for instance, whose scheduled to make a return to her soap roots next month.Check Out Julianne Moore on As the World TurnsThe Oscar-nominated actress will return to As the World Turns April 5. Of course, she‘s not the first big name Hollywood actor to hit the soaps. James Franco joined the staff on General Hospital in 2009.  Read more »
The nominations for the 37th Daytime Emmy Awards is out in the open and not surprisingly, ABC‘s General Hospital has taken the lead. The second longest-running American soap opera has received a total of 18 Emmy nods, proving that romance, mob wars, murder mysteries and colorful personalities will always have a special place in the world of soaps. Read more »
Romance, mob wars and murder mysteries are nothing extraordinary in the fictional city of Port Charles, New York. This summer, however, things are about to get wickedly wild as the show brings back a deranged artist who wants nothing more than to blur the lines between fiction and reality. Franco, played by James Franco, surfaces on General Hospital once again to plot his ultimate revenge against Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). To refresh your memory, Franco‘s creepy obsession with the mob hitman began after Franco witnessed Jason disposing the body of Claudia Zacchara. Franco eventually confronted Jason about how much he idolizes his work, even calling it art and telling Jason they are the same. But Jason couldn‘t care less while Franco is less than thrilled with Jason‘s lack of respect for Franco or his work. Since then, he‘s been sending Jason several messages--hinting that he‘s back...and he‘s dead serious.  Read more »
The results are in for what could possibly be the final Emmy Award show for Daytime TV. The highly anticipated event, broadcast live tonight from the Las Vegas Hilton and hosted by Regis Philbin, featured performances by Cirque du Soleil and The Jersey Boys, as well as tributes to Dick Clark and As the World Turns, which will ends its 50-year run in September. Producer and writer Agnes Nixon, who created One Life to Live and All My Children, was also honored with this year‘s Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award. But enough of the event fillers and on to what the show is really about.   Read more »
Answer: Today is their birthday!That‘s right, March 1 is a special convergence of strangely awesome celebrity birthdays. Not only is today the day Justin Bieber turns 17, but it‘s also the birthday of the man who shot Bieber on CSI, Supernatural‘s Dean Winchester, Saved by the Bell‘s Zack Morris, musical superstar Ke-Dollar Sign-Ha and more. Here‘s a quick list of the many awesome celebs celebrating their birthday on March 1, 2011.  Read more »
The fat lady is singing, not for the end of the opera, but the end of the soap opera. Today, after months of rumors and speculation, ABC officially canceled its long-running daytime soaps All My Children and One Life to Live.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital.High Five Highlights:1. Brenda decided to take a DNA test to know if Lucian is really her son. You bet it is big news for Sonny.2. Lisa took off her clothes, AGAIN! But, here‘s the catch. It was Anthony, Johnny‘s father, who saw her bare some flesh. Oops!3. Sonny is having no luck in trying to end Michael‘s relationship with Abby.4. Sam will have a fertility reconstruction surgery and Maxie advised her that this is a bad idea, thinking that she is just doing this because of Jake‘s death. It looks like Jason has to reconsider having a baby now.5. While Brenda and Robin were chatting, Lucian suddenly went to see the jukebox. Brenda burst into panic as she realized that Lucian was not with them anymore. Uh-oh. Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital, "June 8th 2011."High Five Highlights:5. Friendship was the name of the game in today‘s episode. While Sam and Abby discussed Abby‘s relationship with Michael and Maxie reconnected with Spinelli, Nikolas went to Robin about his concern that Elizabeth‘s grief might be compromising her job performance. It is good to know these characters can still rely on their friends in times of need.4. Kristina went to big sis Sam for relationship advice. Though Sam has plenty of failed relationships in her past, she was right to warn Kristina that her crush on Ethan may be one-sided and that getting involved with someone who is still legally married is never a good idea.3. While everyone assumed Lisa had fled from Port Charles as quickly as possible, the unstable doc was still lurking around town. Lisa went to Johnny for help, not realizing that her former lover had just told Patrick that he realized Lisa was too far gone and he would not be tricked into helping her again. Perhaps Johnny will change his tune now that Lisa has arrived on his door-step.2. Abby may want to find a new place to live, preferably with better security so crazy Anthony can‘t drop by whenever he wants. Anthony claimed he was there to offer Abby a new job opportunity but in truth, he was there to provoke Michael. And since Michael showed up just in time to see the two together, Anthony‘s plan will probably work.1. Former Days of Our Lives star Martha Madison made her first appearance as Elizabeth Webber. Madison was brought in to sub for Rebecca Herbst while Herbst recovers from viral meningitis. The recast is temporary and Madison‘s first performance was solid.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital.High Five Highlights:5. A kind gesture went awry. Steve decided to sort through Jake‘s things to spare Elizabeth from the job but when the grieving mom returned home to find her son‘s belongings packed away, she was furious. When Olivia reminded Elizabeth that she had asked Steve to perform this task, Elizabeth apologized and confessed that she thought she might be losing it.4. Love is back in the air. Abby told Michael that while she still does not approve of his desire to enter the mob, she was wrong for judging him and she accepts him for who he is. The couple reunited.3. The trip of a lifetime? Kristina decided to join Ethan as he traveled to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce. The only problem? Kristina did not tell her parents where she was going. I‘m thinking her folks might have a bit of an over-reaction once they find out what their little girl is up to.2. Parents know best, don‘t they? Sonny, Carly, and Alexis started the day by planning Michael and Kristina‘s graduation party. However, with Kristina acting reckless in an attempt to win Ethan‘s love and Michael still insisting on skipping college to join the mob, I don‘t think these proud moms and dad have much to celebrate.1. Lisa and Anthony would make a great team. The former doc took a page out of Mr. Z‘s book and persuaded Johnny into agreeing to help her flee the country. Unfortunately, Anthony then flipped the script by manipulating Lisa into staying in town and fighting her enemies rather than running away.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital.High Five Highlights:5. Worst honeymoon ever. Newlyweds Lucky and Siobhan finally got to spend some quality time together in a tropical locale. Unfortunately, their trip to Florida was not a relaxing vacation but a search for Lucky‘s MIA father. At least the hotel room was nice.4. Travel was all the rage. While some of our characters were already in Florida and the Dominican Republic, Maxie gave Dante and Lulu the tickets (to France) she had purchased for her own romantic rendezvous with Matt. Unfortunately, Lulu was so caught up in her father‘s problems that she refused to leave town.3. Sam better not be the jealous type. Jason was visited two pretty, young blondes today. Lulu pleaded with Jason to let her father live upon his return to town, while Maxie dropped by to apologize for sending Lulu Jason‘s way. Tongues were involved but only used for talking.2. Lulu‘s downward spiral continued. Luke‘s little girl lashed out at anyone who dared to speak ill of her beloved daddy, running on the dangerous mix of anger and booze. Luke is proof enough that no good can come of using alcohol to fuel your rage and one can only hope that Lulu‘s loved ones manage to save her before she really does become a chip off the old block.1. Alexis and Sonny showed up just in time to stop a certain proceeding. Luckily for the worried parents, Kristina was not marrying Ethan but merely helping him get his divorce. Ethan and Kristina shippers still had plenty to celebrate though, with the duo growing closer by the day.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.Family drama was the theme in today‘s episode. Lucky did his best to convince Luke that he wasstill needed in Port Charles but Luke disagreed, saying he refused to go back and fit himself intothe roles his family has created for him. While Lucky dealt with his troubled father, Sonny andAlexis had their hands full with their rebellious daughter. Kristina did eventually return homewith her parents but Lucky was forced to leave without Luke, who later confessed that he tried tomake his son hate him so Lucky could finally be free. Apparently, it is no easier having a parentthan it is being one.High Five Highlights:5. Brenda better watch her back: The former model and recent mom continued to learnthe dangers of being married to the mob when she was confronted by Anthony Zacchara. Sonnyshould have been less concerned about his daughter‘s safety and more about leaving his wifebehind in gangster central.4. Ethan finally got his divorce: And Mayan fans everywhere threw their remotes attheir televisions and prayed for the failure of the new Charlie‘s Angels remake. After all, Mayacould always return to rekindle things with Ethan if her portrayer, Annie Ilonzeh, no longer hasother commitments.3. Kids say the darndest things: Kristina told her loving parents that they should butt outof her life, as she is now an adult and should be allowed to make her own choices. Sonny andAlexis did not agree.2. Love isn‘t conditional: Lucky told Luke he wanted him in his life, regardless of whatLuke has done. Unfortunately, as far as Luke was concerned, it was too little too late and Luckyreturned home without his father. With his son and his dad seemingly lost to him, I think we areall glad Lucky had new wife Siobhan to turn to.1. Lisa‘s got a plan, which can only mean chaos is right around the corner: Anthonywas so impressed with Lisa‘s plan (which was sadly discussed off-screen) that he said he woulddo everything he could to support her in her new (probably psychotic) endeavor. As this planinvolved a gun, I imagine it will not end well.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.Celebration was in the air as Michael and Kristina‘s graduation day arrived and everyone agreed to playnice for the kids. Unfortunately, the day did not go smoothly as Kristina was reminded of her formerboyfriend/abuser and Michael brought the ceremony to a crashing halt by getting into a fight with aclassmate who was tormenting his sister.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.Today was all about the fallout from the graduation ceremony. And while some people jumped toMichael‘s defense, others were upset by his tendency to resort to violence. But Michael and Kristina‘saccomplishments were enough to stop their family‘s disagreements so they could congratulate theirchildren on this important milestone. The good news continued when Dante told Michael that his parolehad finally been completed.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.In today‘s episode, Lucky‘s friends and family were all afraid he might spiral out of control. Maxie wentto tell Lucky that he was actually Aidan‘s father, thinking the news would help Lucky come back fromJake‘s loss. Unfortunately, Lucky was not home and Maxie and Siobhan ended up arguing over whetherlearning the truth would help or hinder Lucky with his grief. Nikolas, Elizabeth, Lulu, and Dante alsoexpressed their concern for Lucky but none of them thought to actually stay with him to make sure hedid not act out.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.Today was a bad day to be a patient at General Hospital. Of course with loony Lisa throwing everythinginto chaos, this was the day two Port Charles citizens had to be rushed to the hospital. With Siobhan andSam checked into GH, their friends and family were in attendance when Lisa chose to take her revenge.Although Spinelli was there for Sam, the assassin of cyberspace sprung into hero mode to save hisMaximista and was shot in the process.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.Lisa‘s reign of terror continued in today‘s episode. After shooting Spinelli, Lisa kept up thepretense of her false trial and refused to let anyone help the dying man. Steve and Patrick tried toreason with Lisa while Dante attempted to negotiate with her, but nothing could stop Lisa‘s questfor revenge. Jason provided a distraction so Spinelli could be pulled to safety but by that time,his lungs had filled with blood and even rushing him straight into surgery may not be enough tosave his life.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.In today‘s episode, Lucky learned that he is Aidan‘s father. At first, Lucky thought Elizabeth was merelytelling him a kind lie to keep him from drinking. When Elizabeth told Lucky that she had gotten theresults on the night of Jake‘s death, Lucky accused her of playing God with his and their children‘s lives.But once Elizabeth explained all of her reasons for keeping the truth from Lucky, Lucky realized that hewas wrong and Elizabeth was only trying to protect the people she loved. Lucky thanked Elizabeth forsaving his sobriety and offered to go with her to tell Nikolas the truth. Elizabeth said it was somethingshe needed to do on her own and Lucky went back to the hospital to see his wife.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.In today‘s episode, questions were brought up about how Alec will fit into Brenda‘s life withSonny. At Kelly‘s, Brenda and Alec were threatened by Anthony Zacchara. Anthony let Brendaknow that he will always have someone watching her family and to pass that message along toSonny. After telling Diane that he had no intention of adopting Brenda‘s son, Sonny promisedhis wife that he would keep them all safe. Sonny then decided to respond to Anthony‘s threatwith one of his own. If Anthony ever goes near his family again, Sonny will send his ownmessage via Anthony‘s only surviving family member, his beloved  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.In today‘s episode, the real Spinelli was still M.I.A. Jason told Spinelli that there was 20 milliondollars missing from their off-shore accounts and he needed Spinelli to track it down. ImagineJason‘s surprise when Jackal PI informed his boss that he was not a ‘keyboard jockey‘ and couldnot give Jason the help he needed. Jason and Sam tried to bring Spinelli back to reality whileMaxie worried if her best friend would ever return to his normal self.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.In today‘s episode, Michael was pulled in many different directions. While Johnny failed inconvincing Michael to join his organization, Jason and Sonny wondered if Michael might besafer if he went to work for Edward at ELQ. After her talk with Edward, Abby went to seeMichael at the warehouse and told him about the proposal Edward made. Michael eventuallyaccepted Edward‘s deal but only if Edward kept his word and gave Abby the job she waspromised.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Carly and Abby worried that spending time with Edward might change the way Michael sees them. After learning that her son may go to work at ELQ, Carly told Jason that she was afraid Edward would try to turn Michael against her. Abby also confided in Jason that she was scared she might lose her place in Michael‘s life all-together because she would be seen as ‘unsuitable‘ for the Quartermaine heir. Jason just hoped that working for Edward would keep Michael safe and out of the mob once and for all.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.In today‘s episode, the paternity drama continued. Lucky confronted his brother with the truthabout Aidan but Nikolas was still in deep denial. Convinced that Elizabeth‘s grief caused her tolie, Nikolas said he understood but he would not let anyone take his son from him. While Luckywas dealing with his brother, Elizabeth confessed to Sam that she believed everything was herfault. Sam assured Elizabeth that everyone lies once in a while and Elizabeth should let Luckyand Nikolas work things out on their own.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.In today‘s episode, Jax put together his witness list for the custody battle. Even though Brendatold him she would never testify against her husband, Jax refused to remove her name from thelist and hoped that would change her mind once she got on the stand. Jax then told Carly thatMorgan could be called to testify. Carly did not understand how Jax could claim to love Morganand still put him through this ordeal. Jax told Carly that she only had herself to blame becauseshe continued to put her children in danger by associating with mobsters.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.In today‘s episode, Nikolas decided to leave town, possibly for good. Nikolas told Luckyand Elizabeth that he was letting Aidan go because he did not want to re-ignite the Spencer-Cassadine war. Nikolas also said Port Charles held too many memories and he needed a freshstart. Lucky tried and failed to convince Nikolas to stay but the brothers parted on good terms.The exit should come as no surprise since Tyler Christopher was set to leave the show but I washappy the writers managed to give his character a decent send-off.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episodeof General Hospital.In today‘s episode, Maxie rushed to Spinelli‘s defense. While Maxie was pleading with Jason tohelp her get the real Spinelli back, Jackal PI was busy angering the most dangerous man in town.Sonny had no patience for this new version of Spinelli and told him that if he did not get themisplaced 20 million dollars back, Sonny would no longer have any use for him. Later, Maxiearrived and asked Sonny to promise he would not hurt Spinelli, arguing that Sonny owed herone for the times she has stepped up for him. Jackal PI eavesdropped on their conversation andcaught his favorite dame in a compromising position with the mob boss.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Dante begged Lulu to come back to Port Charles with him. Dante continued to pose as a customer and paid for Lulu‘s time so he could get her alone. Once they had some privacy, Dante asked Lulu to come home with him but Lulu refused to leave until she had a lead on Luke‘s whereabouts. Eventually, they decided Lulu would leave with Dante if she had not heard anything about Luke by the end of her shift but a phone call from her absentee dad may have changed things.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Jax and Carly prepared for their custody hearing. While Jax and Alexis discussed his approach to the custody battle, Carly apologized to Sean and Jason for what Jax may ask them on the stand. Carly told both men that she did not want them to be hurt because of their pasts but that she could not give up and let Jax take her daughter away. Later, Carly lost her temper in front of the court-appointed mediator, playing right into Jax‘s hands.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Anthony started to make some moves in his war against Sonny. Anthony told Johnny that codes were for suckers and they needed to hit Sonny where it hurts. Once again, Johnny warned Anthony against involving the women and children but Anthony had already made plans to do just that. Anthony then used Brenda and her son to send Sonny a message, knowing that Sonny could not retaliate because of the custody battle.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Jax and Carly went before a judge. The custody hearing took place without lawyers since Alexis resigned so late in the game, which means that the judge will have the final say. During the hearing, the court-appointed mediator testified that she believed Carly was unable to provide a safe home environment for her daughter and that Jax should be granted sole custody.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Jax appeared to be winning the custody hearing. Once Brenda testified about the dangers she faced as Sonny‘s wife, the judge called Sonny to the stand. Sonny did his best to defend Carly but he could not explain away the violence that surrounds him. After Sonny‘s testimony, the judge put an end to the proceedings and said he had enough information to make his evaluation. Then, Carly told Sonny and Jason about the mediator‘s testimony and that with the little time she had spent with Carly and Jax, there was no way the mediator could have reached her decision objectively.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Maxie thought she found a cure for Spinelli. Maxie believed that if Jason proposed to Sam, it would bring the real Spinelli back to them. Jason broached the topic with Jackal PI but he was less than impressed. Still, the idea prompted Jason to have the marriage conversation with Sam once again. Sam tried to evade his questions and Jason thought it was because she believed anything that made her happy would be taken from her. Maxie interrupted them before they could finish their conversation but it seemed like Jason was not going to let this one go.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Dante thought he had finally made some progress. Unfortunately, while Dante was making in-roads with Javier, Lupe told Lulu that she had spotted Dante‘s badge and she realized that he is a cop. Lulu managed to stop Lupe from telling Javier by saying that she would handle Dante herself. Later, when Lulu told Dante that Lupe discovered the truth about who he really is, Javier overheard their conversation. Now it appears that both of their covers have been blown.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Lupe had to pay the price for Dante and Lulu‘s deception. At the brothel, Javier confronted Lupe and asked her why she did not tell him that she knew Dante was a cop. Lupe tried to explain that she trusted Lulu to handle things but Javier did not accept her excuses and killed her for what he saw as a betrayal. Lulu, believing that her cover was still in-tact, showed up at the brothel only to find the place closed down. Javier then informed Lulu and Dante that Lupe had died accidentally but they were not buying it.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Javier tried to bribe Lulu into sleeping with him. Javier knew how desperate Lulu was to find her father so he told her he would give her information about Luke if she had sex with him. Later, Lulu told Dante about Javier‘s offer and said she could make it work with Dante‘s help. Lulu‘s plan was for Dante to hide out in Javier‘s closet, that way if Javier tried anything, Dante would be there to protect her. Despite his reservations, Dante agreed but when he got to the brothel, Javier‘s men ambushed him. Lulu arrived at Javier‘s office, assuming Dante was already in-place, and found herself alone with a killer.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, the search was on for the missing kids. After receiving the faked random note, Carly wanted to bust Morgan on the spot but Jason advised her against that. He told Carly they needed to keep the incident quiet so Jax did not find out and use it against Carly in their custody battle. Meanwhile, Molly wrote up a reconciliation contract Jax and Carly would have to sign before they could get Josslyn back. But Kristina found the kids before their plan could take effect and brought them home. Carly was angry at both kids for taking Josslyn but her lecture was cut short by a phone call that said the judge would have a decision about the custody hearing in the morning.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, the judge made his final ruling in the custody battle. The judge told Jax and Carly that the court is pre-disposed to order shared custody but that there were other factors in this case. The judge, having seen the report on Jax‘s arrest, said the court only dealt in facts and the facts showed that Jax posed a danger to Josslyn. The judge granted Carly full-custody and said Jax would only be allowed to see his daughter at Carly‘s discretion.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Jason went to Maxie for help in planning his proposal to Sam. Jason asked Sam out to dinner that night on the rooftop of a building he and Sonny own. Sam knew something was up but she agreed to meet Jason for their ‘dinner‘. As soon as Sam left the apartment, Jason called Maxie and told her he was planning to propose. Maxie took charge and began to organize the whole evening, including the very important measure of helping Jason pick out a ring for Sam. Eventually, Jason found what he thought was the perfect ring and in trying to show him how it would look in the light, Maxie accidentally flung the ring over Jason‘s balcony. Here‘s hoping Jason was smart enough to get it insured.  Read more »
Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today‘s episode of General Hospital. In today‘s episode, Brenda and her son left town with Jax. The moment Brenda arrived at his home, Sonny knew she had come to say goodbye. Brenda asked Sonny to apologize for what he did to Jax but he evaded her question. Sonny confessed to never being good at love but said he understood power and knew how to hold onto it. Sonny said that is why he would never give up his power for anyone. Brenda knew that meant he would never leave the mob and her son would never be safe so she made the choice to leave Sonny before Alec could be hurt. Brenda then accepted Jax‘s offer to leave town on his private plane, something Sonny found out that prompted him to prep his own plane, presumably to chase after his wife.  Read more »
Dysfunctional family drama has always been front and center on General Hospital, thanks to the Corinthos, Quartermaines and the Spencers. But the fictional city of Port Charles, New York has so much more to offer including mob wars, romance and murder mysteries. Read on to find out more. Read more »
Last week on daytime TV, the murder case of Skye Newman took center stage on The Young and the Restless while Project Orpheus was explored on All My Children. Viewers also learned about the identity of Chloe‘s mystery attacker on Days of Our Lives. This week, it‘s all about returning characters, shady proposals and on-going bitter rivals. Read on to find out more. Read more »
This week marks the beginning of the end for All My Children as the 41-year-old soap prepares to bid farewell to Pine Valley‘s most notable families, including the Kanes, the Hubbards and the Chandlers. Additionally, viewers can also look forward to the return of James Franco on daytime TV, as well as wedding related disasters on General Hospital. Read on to find out more. Read more »
Last week, All My Children aired its final broadcast on ABC, leaving viewers with a staggering cliffhanger that will set up major storylines for its online reboot. The ending, which featured JR shooting someone, is the big mystery fans will have to keep guessing until the show resumes online in January. Meanwhile, there is so much drama to look forward to including Liam‘s bachelor party on The Bold and the Beautiful and the return of Carrie, Austin, John and Marlena on Days of our Lives. Read on to find out more. Read more »
This week on daytime TV, one more person is found dead in Llanview, a mystery patient is revealed and several people are put behind bars. Read on to find out more.  Read more »
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This week on daytime TV, someone discovers she may have a child out there, a killer is revealed, a ghost makes another visit and  a mysterious text unites several people who have something in common. Read on to find out more.   Read more »
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This week on daytime TV, a couple agrees to renew their vows, someone undergoes hypnosis, while someone might be pregnant with a dead character‘s child. Read on to find out more! Read more »
This week on daytime TV, family secrets are revealed, a couple gets hitched, someone fires a gun and someone has a "fake" memory. Read on to find out more. Read more »
This week on daytime TV, several couples get hitched, reunions take place and someone finds out that he has a son. Read on to find out more. Read more »
It‘s Thanksgiving week on daytime TV which means our favorite characters will be celebrating the holiday by throwing dinner parties and making peace with one another. In the soap world, though, it also means big revelations, secret affairs, the discovery of a plastic surgeon altering someone‘s face and death.  Read more »
This week on daytime TV, a new suspect is revealed in a murder case while one family deals with a disaster that will change their lives forever. Read on to find out more. Read more »
This week on daytime TV, shocking discoveries are revealed, two people are kidnapped and viewers learn more about the "woman in white."  Read more »
This week on daytime TV, a groom gets cold feet, someone is being accused of stealing and several couples go under the sheets. Read more »
The soap world celebrates Christmas this week but not everyone will be in a jolly good mood. While several couples plan to renew their love, someone plans to leave town, the verdict on a controversial case is revealed and someone spends the holidays in jail and goes through a journey with an angel. Read more »
Daytime TV kicks off the New Year with explosive and controversial storylines involving gun shots and weddings. Read on to find out more. Read more »
Familiar faces are bound to turn up in Llanview as One Life to Live makes way for its big finale this week. As for the rest of daytime TV, expect big revelations, a shocking affair and wedding bells. Read on to find out more.  Read more »
Someone has an odd fantasy in Salem, two people passionately hookup in Genoa while an ultimatum is made in Port Charles. Read on to find out more. Read more »
This week, someone drops a shocking and life-changing revelation, a bride has a change of heart about marrying her fiance and someone gets shot at his own wedding. Read on to find out more. Read more »
This week, one marriage falls apart due to infidelity while another couple plans to renew their vows. Read on to find out more.  Read more »
The summer‘s most ridiculous new dating game show has a cast, and it‘s so wonderfully absurd. When FOX‘s Voice-esque dating game show, The Choice, premieres on Thursday, June 7 at 9pm, it will bring some rather notable stars. According to EW, celebrities like Joe Jonas, Rob Kardashian and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino will be looking for love.  Read more »
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ABC announced this morning on Good Morning America the new season 16 cast competing for the Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars. Did TMZ get it right with their scoop on Kellie Pickler, Wynonna Judd, Aly Raisman, Sean Lowe and Andy Dick? Read on to find out which 11 celebrities are about to put on their dancing shoes. Read more »
Tonight, Dancing with the Stars enters its 16th season. After a ratings dip last year, the show has a lot to prove this time around. Some have complained that the stars aren‘t as high-profile this year -- I‘m excited to see what Andy Dick will do, but then I‘m kind of sick -- while others have complained that the lineup is a little too predictable. We‘ll see if the magic of celebrity dance is back this time around, as I live-blog the proceedings. Read more »
The Originals, How to Get Away With Murder and New Girl are just a few of the latest television shows to add some new names to their rosters. Get all the details about new characters and who will be playing them in the latest casting roundup. Read more »
The cast of Dancing with the Stars season 23 will be revealed on August 30, but rumors are already starting to swirl about potential celebrities. The list includes Kanye West‘s ex, a former Disney star who more recently appeared on The Fosters and a Bachelorette.  Read more »
For over a decade, Dancing with the Stars has been entertaining audiences and giving celebrities a chance to shine. The ballroom has featured a wide variety of talents, from the stars of the past to up-and-comers.  Read more »