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There‘s definitely more to Ashton Kutcher than being the December half of his May-December romance with 1980s brat packer, Demi Moore.  There‘s also more to him than playing the intellectually-challenged Michael Kelso on That `70s Show.  The 30-year old also has writer and producer on his resume, thanks to his successful prank-filled hidden-camera show for MTV‘s Punk‘d.Kutcher has since branched out from playing hilarious tricks on his fellow celebrities, to another hidden camera reality series. Read more »
While some of the big networks have struggled to find viewers throughout the fall season, CBS has been able to brag about their numerous successes.  NCIS is hitting all-time ratings highs, The Mentalist is one of the most popular new shows of the year, and of course the network still has heavy hitters like Survivor, The Amazing Race and the CSI franchise.  While NBC and ABC are canceling shows left and right, CBS is enjoying a string of good luck.Will that good luck continue in 2009?  CBS recently announced their mid-season programming plans, which includes new seasons of Survivor, Flashpoint and The Amazing Race, and the long-awaited premieres of two new shows. Read more »