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Think The Sopranos but with lots of magical fantasy elements. Game of Thrones, the latest brainchild from creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss, is a television series based on George R. R. Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire novel series. Set to premiere on HBO in spring 2011, the show takes viewers to the fictional medieval world of Westeros where "summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime." Read more »
T.S. Eliot might think that April is the cruelest month, but for TV fans, it might be the best. Thre impressive new cable dramas are premiering this April, and based on the previews, all three could be extraordinary.  Read more »
Many of my favorite HBO dramas had to grow on me. Shows like Rome, Deadwood and The Wire had rich, complex stories and it took me a while to fully understand and appreciate all of them. That‘s exactly how I feel about HBO‘s newest show, Game of Thrones.The epic fantasy show based on a popular book series tried to cram one hour of exposition and about two or three dozen characters into the premiere, and while I felt confused at times (how can I be expected to keep track of all of Ned Stark‘s children?), I started to get a grasp on everything as the episode ended. Like the other great HBO shows, this one will have to give me time to catch up.  Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.Everybody loves a royal wedding. Whether it‘s done for love or to consolidate power, royal weddings are ornate affairs full of decadence. With the impending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, TV has been abuzz with royal wedding coverage, but there have also been plenty of scripted shows that take advantage of the excitement.  Read more »
It‘s just TV, people.Sometimes television makes people do stupid things. And not just buy-junk-from-infomercials stupid. Criminally stupid. The results of this stupidity can lead to violence, destruction of property and arrests. Read more »
The HBO drama Game of Thrones is going to have a very busy week at the end of July. The epic fantasy series will make its Comic-Con debut with a panel on Thursday, July 21, and then on Monday, July 25, production will start in Northern Ireland for the show‘s second season.  Read more »
How does a show top killing off its main character? For Game of Thrones, that was the challenge after the shocking death of Ned Stark, but the show somehow managed to get even better.They added freaking dragons. DRAGONS!  Read more »
HBO has clearly decided that Game of Thrones is its next big series. After just one episode, the network has already renewed the adaptation of a popular fantasy book series for a second season. The early renewal should bolster support from fans who might be uneasy about making such a heavy investment in a very complex show.  Read more »
Sunday was a big night for television as two of cable‘s most talked about shows had two unforgettable first season finales, for completely different reasons. Game of Thrones raised the bar with a stellar ending that introduced dragons to the show‘s deep mythology while The Killing earned a ton of backlash for a disappointing ending that didn‘t answer the one question a lot of people thought it would.  Read more »
The 2011 installment of the pop-culture insanity that is Comic-Con is now but weeks away. Those privileged enough to have tickets are anxiously awaiting the official schedule announcement so as to better plan out every minute of their San Diego weekend. While the official 2011 Comic-Con schedule is still to come, several TV shows have officially announced their attendance. Read more »
Single-serving sites are all the rage these days, and great TV shows never go out of style. Here are 15 sites that blend the internet trend with their love of television in all sorts of hilarious, awesome and unique ways. Enjoy. Don‘t spoil your dinner.Emotions with Jon Hamm: Jon Hamm‘s face is the best face. Or, as this site that posts photos of the Mad Men star‘s seemingly infinite range of emotions says, "One day Jon Hamm realized he is the best human in the universe in the Having a Face department. So he decided to bless us all by becoming an actor. Emotions with Jon Hamm is a celebration of his craft." Read more »
Finally! Comic-Con has begun to release its schedule for the 2011 festivities at the San Diego Convention Center. As you might imagine, there are plenty of TV-related events going on throughout the days. In case you didn‘t want to wade through the entirety of the events schedule, we have a listing of just the television events and panels. Read more »
The Emmys often get a bad rap for nominating the same shows and actors over and over again, but this year, the Drama field is wide open. In the five major categories, 10 of the 30 nominees from last year aren‘t even eligible thanks to the end of Lost and extended hiatuses for Breaking Bad and Damages. To put that in perspective, the comedy side only has four nominees from last year who aren‘t eligible.  Read more »
The 2011 Emmy nominations were announced today, and as expected, last year‘s big winners, Mad Men and Modern Family, are the most nominated drama and comedy with 19 and 17 nominations, respectively. However, the nominees this year include a number of very pleasant surprises and big totals for HBO‘s freshman dramas Boardwalk Empire (18 nominations) and Game of Thrones (13 nominations).  Read more »
This year, despite some glaring oversights, the Emmy Awards got a lot of stuff right. They welcomed plenty of new shows like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and The Big C while also including returning favorites ignored in previous years like Friday Night Lights, Justified and Parks and Recreation.  Read more »
We‘re just days away from 2011 Comic-Con and our interview countdown continues today with Executive Story Editor for Warehouse 13, Benjamin Raab.   Raab will be one of the panelists appearing at BuddyTV‘s "Obsession: "How TV and Movies Go from Fascination to Phenomenon" panel this Thursday (July 21 at 11am in Room 23ABC). He recently took some time to discuss season 3 mysteries, guest stars, Warehouse 13 favorites and Comic-Con.   Read more »
2011 Comic-Con starts this Wednesday (if you count preview night, which we do!) and our interview countdown is winding down with Executive Story editor for Warehouse 13, Deric Hughes. Hughes will be one of the panelists appearing at BuddyTV‘s "Obsession: "How TV and Movies Go from Fascination to Phenomenon" panel this Thursday (July 21 at 11am in Room 23ABC). He recently took some time to talk about Warehouse 13‘s new character Jinks,  favorites moments and Comic-Con (having gone to every Comic-Con since ‘95 he‘s a real expert).   Read more »
There‘s a lot going on at Comic-Con every day. A casual attendee might get a little bit overwhelmed when trying to choose exactly which panels to attend on every day of the convention. That‘s where BuddyTV can help. Read more »
The first season of HBO‘s Game of Thrones was a phenomenon, not only earning praise from critics and fans, but also garnering big ratings and a slew of Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Supporting Actor for Peter Dinklage.  Read more »
Usually today‘s daily quiz is a look back at all that‘s happened on TV the past week, but since all of us here at BuddyTV are in Comic-Con mode, we‘ll change things up a bit. Wait, that sounded like Survivor, yes? Read more »
Last season on Game of Thrones, Ned Stark (Sean Bean) was beheaded by King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson), while his daughter Arya (Maisie Williams) was made to dress as a boy to avoid being noticed and captured like her sister, Sansa (Sophie Turner). Ned‘s son Robb (Richard Madden) was crowned the King in the North and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) ‘gave birth‘ to three baby dragons.  Read more »
The people have spoken, and this year‘s nominees for the People‘s Choice Awards are an interesting mix of popular programs and CW favorites.  Read more »
We still have a long wait before Game of Thrones season 2 debuts this April on HBO. But anticipation is running high for this Emmy-winning production that is quite literally of epic proportions. What intrigue will season 2 bring? Who will live? Who will die? Exactly how many characters can the producers cram into a single television series?A newly-released trailer for Game of Thrones season 2 has a few of the answers. Keep reading to watch the video of the trailer. Read more »
And they‘re actually pretty good.Like everybody who spends way too much time watching or thinking about television, I am continuously irritated by most major TV awards. When the same, arguably-inferior shows get nominated year after year, irritation is hard to avoid. But sometimes an award listing gets it right. This year‘s nominations for the Critics Choice Television Awards get it very right. Read more »
The biggest night in TV is here, the 2011 Emmy Awards! Will Modern Family and Mad Men win the top awards once again, or will newcomers like Boardwalk Empire and Parks and Recreation dethrone them? And how will Jane Lynch serve as host?  Read more »
Saturday marked the 2011 Creative Arts Emmy Award ceremony, where technical awards were given out prior to the primetime ceremony on Sunday, September 18 on FOX.The big winner was HBO‘s freshman drama Boardwalk Empire, which picked up seven awards. The record for most Emmy wins by a series in one year is nine by The West Wing for its first season, and with four more categories at the primetime ceremony, Boardwalk Empire could easily beat it.  Read more »
I‘m very proud to be a member of the Television Critic Association, especially on days like today, when the nominations for the organization‘s 27th annual TCA Awards are announced.Television critics often look beyond the traditional shows you might see in other awards to honor the programs and actors who truly represent the best TV has to offer. This year‘s nominations are led by FX‘s Justified, HBO‘s Game of Thrones and NBC‘s Parks and Recreation, but there are also nominations for strong underdog shows like Community, Louie, Terriers.  Read more »