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If I told you that the guy who plays Moriarty in the recent Sherlock Holmes films was on Fringe, would you watch live?Yep, he is -- he always has, actually. And on last week‘s Fringe, one of the series‘ most enigmatic villains, David Robert Jones, is back. Read more »
David Robert Jones returns to Fringe, having built a shape-shifter army on the other side. In an attempt to locate a mineral that can literally tear a hole through the world, he buys his way out of FBI custody and crosses universes to obtain it. With Peter‘s help, the alternate universe Fringe Division catches up with David Robert Jones at the quarry, though he still gets away in the end. In order to convince Walter to help Peter, Elizabeth crosses universes and openly forgives him. Walter finally agrees to the task, realizing that the loss he is feeling for his wife is the same as what Peter is experiencing regarding his true timeline. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Enemy of My Enemy." Read more »
This week on Fringe, Lincoln and Peter remain in the other universe when an old enemy, known only to Peter, returns. Though I was a little skeptical about the changing of the timeline early in the season, I‘ve sort of started to like it.  Read more »
Get ready for some nostalgia, Fringe fans!This week‘s episode, "Forced Perspective" (airing at 9pm Friday on FOX), focuses on a creepy bomber and a teenage psychic. But the episode also features more than one familiar scene from Fringe seasons past. Keep reading to check out three video clips from "Forced Perspective." Read more »
After an Observer‘s shocking reveal to Olivia that she is going to die, Agent Dunham and the FBI investigate a series of deaths that were seemingly predicted by a young artist, named Emily. Olivia, having questioned the girl‘s father and hearing Nina defend Massive Dynamic‘s testing on children, meets alone with Emily, who informs her that there will be a mass death. Walter then hypnotizes Emily to gain further information about it, and information leads the FBI to successfully take down the man behind the bomb. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Forced Perspective." Read more »
This week on Fringe, Olivia and the FBI track a girl who can predict people‘s deaths. This episode is sort of a throw back to the first season of Fringe where there was a disaster every week, and apart from some details about The Observers and Olivia‘s seemingly apparent death, this episode is a fairly solid stand-alone. Read more »
Fringe loves making videos.The two most recent Fringe season 4 videos have a slightly different format than many of those that have come before. Instead of clips, retrospectives or spoilers, these videos give answers to fan questions and take a look at one of the show‘s secondary characters.What will we learn about Astrid or Peter‘s peacoat? Keep reading to find out! Read more »
What happens when Astrid meets Astrid?We will find out the answer to that question in the next Fringe episode, "Making Angels," airing this Friday. The episode brings more than one visitor from the other universe over to ours, even while the Fringe team investigates yet another new threat. Find out what happens in "Making Angels" with these sneak peek video clips from the episode. Read more »
Alternate Astrid stops by this side for a visit with her counterpart, and ends up being instrumental in solving the case. A Fringe division composed of agents from both universes investigates a string of deaths that were seemingly predicted. In order for their deaths to make sense, Neil, the man connecting them, would have to be capable of experiencing time in the same manner that the observers do: as simultaneous instead of linear, which is possible with his device. Closure for the case comes when Olivia and Peter track Neil to Reiden Lake; Olivia ends up killing him after he appears to be shooting at her. Shortly thereafter, two observers sneak into his house and steal the device Neil was using, saying it belonged to September and was lost the night he did not save Peter from drowning. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Making Angels." Read more »
This week on Fringe, Agent Farnsworth and Fauxlivia cross to our universe after Farnsworth experiences a personal tragedy, while Olivia and Peter try to solve a series of murders.  Read more »
The next episode of Fringe season 4, "Welcome to Westfield," places our favorite Fringe characters in one of the most dangerous places ever -- a small town that they cannot escape. This truly excellent episode also brings a significant amount of character and long-arc plot development. So what does any of that have to do with sex and pie?We have two Fringe spoiler videos that answer at least part of that question. Read more »
No, they won‘t all be in the same TV projects. But, in the span of mere hours, all three actors have had new roles announced for the upcoming months. In two cases, this means pilots intended for the fall of 2012. In one case, it‘s a guest-starring role in a current show. Where might you be seeing John Goodman, Ryan Phillipe and Henry Ian Cusick? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
Physically unable to leave the small town of Westfield, Vermont, Olivia, Peter, and Walter investigate why the residents are experiencing bouts of delusion in which they recall memories that belong to their alternate universe counterparts. As Olivia worries that this phenomenon is affecting her, Walter reveals that this could not occur naturally and remembers that he and Bell years ago merged the two universes together in a controlled experiment, creating some of the same effects. They figure out David Robert Jones is behind the worlds merging in this location, and in order to not perish, the team and a group of survivors retreat to the center of the storm. In a cliffhanger ending, it appears that Olivia has obtained the memories of her prior-timeline self. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Welcome to Westfield." Read more »
This week on Fringe, Olivia, Peter and Walter find themselves trapped in a town that‘s being ripped apart by and unknown phenomenon, and Olivia isn‘t feeling like herself. Read more »
Last week‘s Fringe episode, "Welcome to Westfield" had a seriously shocking ending. Olivia remembers Peter? Does that mean he is in his universe (and just forgotten) after all? Or is there more at work?We may begin to get some answers to those questions in Fringe season 4, episode 13, "A Better Human Being." Read more »
If you‘re a regular viewer of Fringe, you probably aren‘t all that used to the concept of answers. Questions, sure -- Fringe provides those constantly. But answers, while they have usually shown up eventually, are few and far-between.But, according to a new promo video for Fringe season 4, episode 14, answers may be coming. Read more »
The Fringe division looks into the case of a teenage boy who is able to hear the thoughts of his murderous half-brothers. Originally committed as a schizophrenic patient, Sean willingly decides to go off his medications in order to make the voices more clear and help with the investigation. The team finds out that he was conceived through in vitro fertilization, and the doctor, who was also the donor, was attempting to improve the human race by altering the DNA of his children. Meanwhile, Olivia says she remembers everything from her former timeline. Walter tests her in the lab due to Peter‘s concern; he finds out she has recently been treated with cortexiphan. Here are the 10 best quotes from "A Better Human Being." Read more »
This week on Fringe, the FBI investigates the murder of a reporter after learning a patient at a mental hospital described the events while they are happening. Read more »
Fringe really wants us to believe that we will be getting answers in this week‘s episode, "The End of All Things." And a new video from that Fringe episode seems to indicate from where those answers might come. Keep reading to check out the video. Read more »
"The End of All Things" is going to be a big Fringe episode.We get the Observer back. Olivia is in trouble. David Robert Jones is on the scene to menace. We have to deal with dueling Nina Sharpes. Peter risks his life to save Olivia. Answers have been promised. And "The End of All Things" happens to be the last Fringe episode we‘ll see for several weeks.Get a glimpse of just how big this Fringe episode will be by watching the official promo video for "The End of All Things." Read more »
The Fringe winter finale (and last episode before a several week hiatus), "The End of All Things," has been promising its audience answers. But what kind of answers can we expect? Keep reading for Fringe spoilers and for a preview of "The End of All Things." Read more »
We‘ve been promised a lot of answers in tonight‘s Fringe winter finale, "The End Of All Things". Quite convenient timing, really, just as rebooted Olivia finds herself with original Olivia‘s memories -- and abducted by David Robert Jones. There‘s also Peter, who seemingly has ended his attempts to return "home" now that his Olivia is in front of him -- only for her to disappear again. And then there‘s September, the seemingly rogue Observer who hasn‘t done a proper job in erasing every trace of Peter in this timeline. Read more »
David Robert Jones returns with the intention of fully activating Olivia‘s powers, having been the one secretly dosing her with cortexiphan in conjunction with alternate Nina. Peter, after figuring out that David Robert Jones plans to do what he did in the former timeline, receives a visit from September, who is severely wounded. Peter decides to go into his mind in order to find out what he knows about Oliva‘s whereabouts. While there, Peter learns the details of the Observers‘ existence. Following September‘s instructions, Peter goes home, where he is kidnapped and brought to Olivia. She then successfully ignites her powers and Peter soon runs off shouting, "I have to go home". Here are the 10 best quotes from "The End of All Things." Read more »
This week on Fringe, Peter tries to find Olivia, while Broyles and Lincoln interrogate Nina Sharp in an attempt to find out why Olivia was being given Cortexifan. Meanwhile, the origin of the Observers is finally revealed. Read more »
Need something to help pass the time until there is a new Fringe to watch? They may not be quite as good as a full episode, but these videos -- featuring several members of the Fringe cast -- might help. Keep reading to check them out! Read more »
Love kind of sucks on Fringe.We‘ve seen traitorous lovers, impregnated doppelgangers, possibly false memories and apocalypse-averting sacrifices all get in the way of love on the show. And it doesn‘t look like things are going to get any better on the next Fringe season 4 episode, "A Short Story About Love." Keep reading for a new Fringe video (with spoilers!) and some Fringe casting news. Read more »
May is just around the corner, and with it comes the end of many TV shows. Today FOX has released its season and series finale dates, including the end of House, an early finale for Raising Hope and a new time for the Glee season 3 finale.  Read more »
There has never been a mad scientist quite like Walter Bishop on Fringe.It probably helps that he‘s more than a little crazy, but Dr. Walter Bishop has some of the most reliably weird lines on television. And, in a fit of pure kindness toward fans and humanity in general, the good people at Fringe have collected many of those lines into one convenient video.  Read more »
After way too many weeks on hiatus, Fringe returns this Friday with a new episode, "A Short Story About Love." Considering the title, we can definitely expect that the relationship between Olivia and Peter will be addressed. Want proof of that? Keep reading to check out five Fringe videos from "A Short Story About Love." Read more »
It‘s back for eight new episodes! Hooray! We last left Fringe on the hunt for Agent Olivia Dunham who had been captured by creepy two-faced David Robert Jones and his dancing shapeshifters. September also invited Peter Bishop and the audience into his universe-like mind to explain the purpose of his kind and that Peter‘s fate lies with Olivia. Our hopes were killed, though, when Peter walked away from our Olivia, only to find his. Aren‘t they one and the same?!  Read more »
During breakfast with Nina, Olivia admits that she is in love with Peter. Olivia is frightened at knowing that Peter is not controlling her memories, and realizes that she is now losing her own experienced memories, but ultimately chooses not to fight it. Meanwhile, Peter goes on a solo mission, resulting in the discovery of another large, silver, mystical egg. From its beacon comes an observer who informs him that he was never in the incorrect timeline.The team is concurrently investigating the case of man suffocating widows and leaving behind trace amounts of their late husbands pheromones on their skin. This man, Anson Carr, is targeting couples that personify being in love, as he is attempting to use science to share that emotion with the rest of the world. Here are the 10 best quotes from the aptly named episode, "A Short Story About Love." Read more »
Everything is changing on Fringe these days.Thanks to last week‘s timeline/universe revelations, we know that relationships are due for a change. But more than relationships are changing in this week‘s "Nothing as It Seems." We can expect mutation-style changes as well! We‘ve got three videos that give you a look at all of the changes in "Nothing as It Seems." Read more »
On this week‘s Fringe, the team investigates a case that Peter realizes is from the former timeline but with slight differences. Olivia assists with the case even though the FBI placed her on temporary leave for her memory situation. The Fringe Division tracks down a few of the individuals involved in genetic engineering geared towards creating a porcupine-bat-like superior species, but fail to capture the first victim‘s sister, her partner, and the man in charge, David Robert Jones. The end reveals that there are numerous creatures of this nature locked away on a freighter in the middle of the ocean. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Nothing As It Seems." Read more »
Could it get any worse? First she can‘t remember Peter, then she can and now she‘s forgetting everything else! Someone give Olivia a bone! Tonight on Fringe, things will only get more complicated as Olivia struggles to remember those she loves (well, except Peter). Plus, there‘s one other tiny thing. There are huge, mutated flying porcupines that are incredibly ugly roaming around. You think I‘m kidding? No, these things are gross. Picture Chewbacca from Star Wars, add in one of the evil gremlins and a bat... you‘re close. Anyways, let‘s get down to business. Read more »
Fringe is about to go Over There again. And we‘ve got the videos to prove it. Read more »
In the next Fringe episode, a mysterious vigilante seems to be targeting the criminal element in the Other Universe. Could it be a shapeshifter? And, if so, what could be the agenda? These three Fringe videos from "Everything in Its Place" give us a look at the investigation into those questions. Also, we see Gene the cow.  Read more »
Tonight we take a break from Olivia‘s forgetfulness and move on to Lincoln‘s story on Fringe. There‘s a shapeshifter causing a stir in the alternate universe and Lincoln volunteers to hop over the border and lend a helping hand. The suspect is only targeting bad guys, throwing everyone off-course. Sounds like the Robin Hood of shapeshifting, or something. Plus, keep your eyes open, guys! There‘s a great chance that we may be losing a fan favorite tonight. Let‘s see how it all pans out!  Read more »
This week‘s Fringe episode, "The Consultant," has it all. Two universes, issues in the David Robert Jones plot, a gruesome-murder-by-science of the week, and some silly Walter stuff all feature. Could it get any better? Check out these Fringe videos from "The Consultant" to find out for yourself. Read more »
Friday the 13th brings us an all new Fringe episode! Forget the overdone horror films hitting the box office and grab that familiar spot on your couch to welcome the Fringe Division into your home once again!Last week, Agent Lincoln Lee decided to remain on the dark side of the universal divide, sticking around in the alternate world to help Fauxlivia after her partner had been killed. Tonight, Walter Bishop will join Lee and the alternates in hopes to uncover the details of an event that will effect both worlds. Plus, stay tuned for another appearance of David Robert Jones and his shapeshifter madness!  Read more »
A plane crash on the other side results in the death of the three men onboard, as well as their counterparts. Collaborating with the other universe, Walter deduces that the two worlds have been linked to vibrate on the same frequency. Just as Alt-Livia suspects, David Robert Jones and his partner are behind it. Jones attempts to blackmail Alt-Broyles into collapsing both universes by reminding him that he is injecting his sick son with medication to save him. However, Alt-Broyles is discovered as the mole and captured before completing the task. Here are the 10 best quotes from "The Consultant." Read more »
What cold, dystopian universe will Fringe show us next? Two videos for this week‘s Fringe episode, "Letters of Transit," give us some clue.  Read more »
Where does Fringe go from here?With only a few episodes remaining before the end of its fourth season and no word yet on the status of Fringe season 5, the crazy and bizarre world shown to us in "Letters of Transit" is more than just a gamble: It‘s a potential revolution. We got a glimpse of Fringe‘s future, and now we all have to consider just what that means.Hopefully, by the Fringe season 4 finale, the show manages to answer at least a few of the questions brought up in "Letters of Transit." Keep reading for a look at these burning Fringe questions -- and maybe for some possible answers. Read more »
The end of Fringe season 4 is nearing and there is still so much to be done! Last week, the alternate Fringe Division mole was found out. Colonel Broyles was being blackmailed by public enemy number one, David Robert Jones. Now that both he and Nina Sharp are behind bars, where do we go from here?In tonight‘s episode, guest starring Henry Ian Cusick, of Lost and Scandal, and Georgina Haig, things get even more serious than they already have been. No, really. Just take a look at the title sequence, showcasing words such as "Community" and "Individuality" and images reminiscent of 1984.. In the year 2036, the Fringe team and the Observers will come together in a monumental battle and by the looks of things, Walter might be stuck in a pretty sticky situation, literally.  Read more »
This post-apocalyptic episode of Fringe set in 2036 follows two resistance agents, Simon and Etta, as they attempted to release the old Fringe team from amber encasings. Back in 2015, the Observers took over the world and reformatted government agencies to serve their agenda, oppressing any resistance that comes along. Simon and Etta successfully free Walter. They then meet with Nina, who gives them information on how to restore Walter‘s brain so he can remember where the rest of his team is located. Although they are being chased by Broyles and the Observers, the team successfully releases William Bell, Astrid, and Peter, but Olivia is nowhere to be found. As Etta speaks with Peter, he realizes that she is his daughter. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Letters of Transit." Read more »
Rejoice, Fringe fans! The low-rated but much-loved sci-fi series has been given a fifth and final season by FOX. Keep reading for the details. Read more »
Fringe fans have much to celebrate this week. Not only is it time for an all-new episode, counting down to the end of the series‘ fourth season, but Fox has just announced a fifth and final season, as you may have seen. Let us not jump too far ahead, though. We still have much ground to cover in the coming weeks. Last week, we traveled ahead to the year 2036 with Walter Bishop. He assisted the future Fringe Division in rescuing son Peter and Astrid from amber after all those years. Along with Peter‘s daughter Etta, the team set out to win a war between Natives and Loyalists of the Observers new rule. Put all of that on the back burner for now because tonight we return to the present. The Fringe team of both worlds will join together in order to investigate new happenings linked to the Cortexiphan experiments.  Read more »
The FBI team visits the other side, where Walter warns them about David Robert Jones‘ plan to collide the worlds, thus creating his own controllable land. To make the universes vibrate at the same frequency, Jones uses cortexiphan subjects as the tuning device, which results in earthquakes across both worlds. In the alternate universe, Nick Lane comes to Lincoln saying that he had a vision about the earthquakes before they occurred. Together they cross over. Olivia realizes that Nick is another cortexiphan kid, and to track down Nick‘s "over here" version, Walter links Olivia‘s brain with the "over there" Nick. Successfully finding him, Olivia then tries to convince this Nick to give up Jones‘ location so that they do not have to close the bridge between universes to save them. However, Nick leads them astray and they must close the bridge. Lincoln decides to move to the other side. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Worlds Apart." Read more »
Only two episodes remain of Fringe season 4. With David Robert Jones out to destroy the universe (or universes, as the case may be), access to the Other Side cut off and a whole bunch of suddenly nefarious Observers, the stakes have never been higher.How will the world almost end this time? And how will the Fringe team stop it? These four Fringe videos may give a bit of a clue. Read more »
The Fringe Division investigates nanites that kill their host once he or she has performed too much motion. An infected woman named Jessica Holt volunteers to be Walter‘s test subject. He realizes that this was the technology of William Bell and insists that he is still alive even when Olivia, Peter, Astrid, and Nina do not agree. David Robert Jones is actually working for Bell and they set off a beacon of the sun, which Olivia and Peter work to shut down. After she first discovered her cortexiphan abilities by controlling the movement of the particles in Jessica‘s body, Olivia masters her powers in helping Peter fight and kill Jones from afar. Following a lead to a warehouse, Walter sees Bell alive and Astrid is shot through the abdomen. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Brave New World, Part 1." Read more »
In the second part of the season four finale, Astrid survives a bullet while William Bell takes Walter aboard his freighter to ride out the apocalypse in a safety zone. Jessica Holt contacts Olivia, who, along with Peter, meets her and an Observer in the abandoned warehouse. They learn that Jessica works for Bell before the Observer and Jessica are shot; Peter and Olivia take her body back to the lab to interrogate about Bell‘s location with Nina‘s assistance. After Olivia realizes that she is the energy source Bell needs to complete the destruction of the worlds, she, Nina, and Peter board a helicopter bound for Bell‘s freighter. When they arrive at its supposed location, only Peter can see it because it is in the other universe. Peter and Olivia combine their abilities to arrive on the ship. Onboard, Bell says that he cannot shut off the collapse, so Walter shoots Olivia through the head, and the worlds are saved. Relying on the cortexiphan in Olivia‘s system to heal her, Walter removes the bullet and waits with Peter for her to wake up, which does not take long. Afterwards, William Bell disappears, the Fringe division receives a massive financial boost from the Capitol, Broyles is promoted to General and offers Nina a job. Olivia may have lost her cortexiphan abilities, but learns that she is expecting. An Observer vaguely warns Walter about a future danger. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Brave New World, Part 2." Read more »
FOX is keeping its schedule mostly similar for next season, but one big show is making a big move. Glee will move to Thursdays at 9pm starting this fall, taking the coveted post-X Factor time slot.  Read more »
If there is one truth to life, it‘‘s that there is an award show for everybody. Thus, we have the Teen Choice Awards, a competition whose winners are chosen solely by voters between the ages of 13 and 19. What will this year‘s teens be honoring? Keep reading for the first round of 2012 Teen Choice Award nominees. Read more »
When award nominations go out, Community gets ignored. That‘s how it works, right? Apparently that‘s not precisely true anymore -- Community leads all shows in the Critics‘ Choice Television Award nominations with a total of six nominations. Check out all the nominees here! Read more »
Comic-Con is just a month away, and Warner Brothers has now released its full slate of TV shows that will be featured. The list spans multiple networks, from CW favorites like Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries to FOX‘s Fringe. The network will also be debuting a number of its biggest new sci-fi shows like Arrow, Kevin Bacon‘s The Following and J.J. Abrams‘ Revolution.  Read more »
Last week NBC revealed its Fall 2012 premiere dates, and now it‘s FOX‘s turn. The network will unveil most of its shows over a two week span in mid-to-late September, starting with The X Factor on Wednesday, September 12. Most shows will debut in September, but Raising Hope, The Cleveland Show and Touch will all have delayed premieres in October.  Read more »
If the people behind Fringe want to keep secrets, they probably shouldn‘t let John Noble talk. The show‘s star went and talked to reporters at the Critics‘ Choice Awards -- and spilled a whole lot of beans on Fringe season 5. Keep reading to find out what we can expect. Read more »
Fringe really is the TV gift that keeps on giving. Even though it‘s summer and there are no new episodes, the show has plenty of news and spoilers to fill the void. Keep reading to learn about a producer‘s departure and the title of the Fringe season 5 premiere. Read more »
You can‘t stop the signal and you can‘t stop the awesomeness. Not at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con anyway. That‘s because Firefly, Joss Whedon‘s cult sci-fi show will be on hand for a panel celebrating the 10th anniversary of the series. Keep reading for all of the details! Read more »
Did you fail to score a pass to the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con? Do you just want even more to do? If so, Warner Bros. Entertainment has your solution. The company will bring its first-ever, free outdoor entertainment to San Diego. This means TV stars, giveaways and even Batmobiles!  Read more »
Here‘s one more thing to look forward to at this year‘s Comic-Con. Warner Bros. Entertainment and Comic-Con will be giving away official Comic-Con bags that put the spotlight on shows like Supernatural, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, Arrow, DC Nation and The Vampire Diaries, as well as films like Man of Steel and Pacific Rim. Read more »
The San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, so it‘s time to get planning. We‘ve got all of the television-related panel and event information for Friday (July 13) right here, so check it out. Read more »
The San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, so it‘s time to get planning. We‘ve got all of the television-related panel and event information for Sunday (July 15) right here, so check it out! Read more »
What happens when you gather Nathan Fillion from Castle, Joel McHale from Community, David Giuntoli from Grimm, Matt Smith from Dr. Who, Maggie Q from Nikita, Liam McIntyre from Spartacus, Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead, Jasika Nicole from Fringe and Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf at one table? All manner of chaos. The fact that these stars are on the Fan Favorite panel at Comic Con just seems to give them license to compete for the title of Class Clown.  Read more »
Fringe says an emotional farewell in the biggest way possible, from Hall H at Comic-Con. Back in April it was announced that Fringe was renewed for one final season. Sad news, but when shows get a proper final season writers are able to finish the story the right way.  Read more »
On the final day of the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, Fringe returned for one final panel to promote its upcoming season 5. What did John Noble have to say about this last visit to the Con? Check out this video for our interview with the Fringe actor. Read more »
The 2012 Emmy Award nominations will be announced Thursday morning at 8:40am ET (5:40am PT) by Scandal‘s Kerry Washington and Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman.There are plenty of shows and actors that don‘t need to worry about scoring a nomination. Shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Modern Family are sure to rake in a ton of nominations, as should Showtime‘s freshman drama Homeland. Odds are also good that past winners like Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) and Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife) will hear their names announced.  Read more »
During the Fringe panel at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, there was crying. Fortunately, however, the tears stopped before it was time for interviews -- check out videos of Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv to hear their thoughts on the final season of Fringe.As we go into Fringe season 5, two characters seem to have truly inseparable fates: Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson). So we just had to put their interviews together. Read more »
But don‘t worry -- it‘s only temporary. Fringe is still coming back for that final season.Filming of Fringe season 5 has been halted for the moment so one of the show‘s stars can seek medical treatment. Keep reading for details on the stop and on when production should resume. Read more »
In just a little more than a month (September 28!), we will begin the final season of Fringe. With the growth of the Bishop family and the coming of the Observers, it should be an impressive return. Get some clues about what we‘ll see in these three Fringe season 5 videos. Read more »
The Observers are bad. We know that much going into Fringe season 5. But how do they subdue the human population and what do they want? That‘s the big question. This promo video for the upcoming Fringe season might just have a few answers. Read more »
Even when they were supposed to be (semi) good guys, the Observers were fairly creepy characters on Fringe. But they‘re not good guys anymore in season 5. This video, featuring one of the leaders of the Observers, shows just how far from good the strange, bald men are. Honestly, the Observers are terrifying in Fringe season 5. Watch the video to see for yourself. Read more »
As one crazy sci-fi experiment ends, another begins. Two of the executive producers of Fringe, J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman are working together on a new science fiction pilot. And this one will have robots!  Read more »
It‘s safe to say that Fringe blows our minds on a regular basis. The show is so creepy, so fascinating and so unexpected that we expect shock and awe from every episode. And Fringe usually delivers. Fringe is so mind-blowing, in fact, that even a website about Fringe season 4 -- Universes of Fringe -- is enough to amaze and astound us. Read more »
The end is near. The beginning of the end is near anyway. Fringe season 5 -- the final season for the series -- will begin soon. What can we expect and when can we expect it? We have spoilers, answers and even some photos here. Read more »
Maybe the Observers really aren‘t so bad in the dystopian future of Fringe season 5? After all, they keep making helpful PSAs so that humans (or "Natives," as the Observers like to call us) will know how to behave at all times!It‘s almost nice. Or it would be, if it were not so menacing and creepy. Read more »
Whatever flaws the evil Observers who take over the Earth in the future have, at least they‘re hard workers. They would have to be to produce so many PSA videos instructing humans on how to behave. FOX has now released a third video to get us ready for Fringe season 5. Read more »
This is why we have Twitter.Thanks to that lovely social media site, Fringe fans got to see three new Fringe season 5 photos, posted by the show‘s executive producer, J.H. Wyman. But not everyone is on Twitter. There are even many people on Twitter who don‘t have the sense to follow J.H. Wyman.** That‘s why we have the Fringe photos here too. Read more »
Peter Bishop is a wanted man in Fringe season 5. This shouldn‘t be much of a surprise, considering he is an insurgent who might just be capable of destroying Observer rule in the future of 2036. But how exactly do the Observers expect to catch him? This Fringe video may have an answer. Read more »
No show can beat Fringe when it comes to inventive, incredible publicity. So it‘s not much of a surprise that the Fringe season 5 official poster is both visually stunning and full of clues about the season to come. Check out the full poster below. Read more »
Things are not going to be easy for the Fringe team in season 5. Stuck in a weird, dystopian future where the Observers want them all dead and gone, how will our heroes survive? Only new episodes will tell us that. But for now, we at least know how the Observers plan to catch them -- watch Astrid‘s Wanted video here. Read more »
Are you ready for Fringe season 5 to begin? Are you sure?Considering that the new season of Fringe brings us a whole new universe -- set in the Observer-controlled, dystopian year of 2036 -- you need to be sure that you are ready. These three Fringe preview videos should help. Read more »
Fringe is back! The fifth and final season of this incredible science fiction show has finally begun! And what a beginning... Trips to the future, family reunions (Olivia!) and life-saving missions all appear in the Fringe season 5 premiere.And now you can relive it all here. Read more »
Walter Bishop is a man who can face apocalypses and alternate universes. But what is Walter going to do in Fringe season 5 when he has to face the future?According to what John Noble says in this video interview, Walter Bishop is going to have a rough time in the upcoming final season. Read more »
Fringe season 5 is bringing many changes to the sci-fi show. And no character is dealing with more changes than Olivia Dunham. 21 years spent stuck in amber, relationship drama, evil Observers and a newly grown-up daughter are only a few of Olivia‘s challenges in season 5. On a recent visit to the set of Fringe (a trip made possible by Warner Bros.), we had a chance to talk to actress Anna Torv about playing Olivia and coming to the end of her show‘s run. Check out this video interview for the details! Read more »
Considering that Fringe has jumped to the future and gotten even weirder (if that‘s possible), we need all of the videos we can get to be ready for each episode. Apparently FOX knows this -- the network released an extended trailer for Fringe season 5, episode 2, "In Absentia." Watch it (and another Fringe video) here! Read more »
Sometimes it pays to follow showrunners on Twitter. This was definitely the case on Thursday, when J.H. Wyman, the executive producer of Fringe, tweeted out a video to his followers. That video contains some serious teases about the upcoming episode, "In Absentia." Read more »
For Fringe season 5, Astrid Farnsworth got herself ambered along with the Bishop family and shot into the year 2036. Now, she must avoid Observers while continuing to solve puzzles and keep Walter from wandering off too much. On a recent visit to the set of Fringe (courtesy of Warner Bros.), we talked to Jasika Nicole about Astrid‘s journey in the show‘s final season. Read more »
Walter found the first clue in his quest to defeat the Observers. Olivia and Etta worked on their relationship. A Loyalist soldier learned why you should never feed pigeons.A lot happened in "In Absentia." That‘s why we need to go over the important parts here in this Fringe review! Read more »
Fringe must have an endless supply of brilliant promo videos they need to burn off. That‘s the only explanation I have for yet another Fringe season 5 video being released to promote upcoming episodes. But this one is different. This one is like a comic book. A moving comic book. Read more »
The Fringe team finally gets to begin looking for those clues that will defeat the Observers. This involves another Walter video and a trip into a mysterious forest. Check out "The Recordist" in these three Fringe videos. Read more »
In this episode of Fringe, "The Recordist," the team has to deal with creepy skin fungus, Walter‘s poor organizational skills, Olivia‘s maternal insecurity, Loyalist pursuit and an irritable historian. It‘s a wonder they make it out alive sometimes. Read more »
It‘s often hard to know where Fringe is going. Especially now in season 5, this sci-fi show constantly twists and turns in ways we never thought possible. Do Fringe spoilers help with this? It‘s hard to say, but we should take whatever we can get. With that in mind, here are a bunch of spoilers -- and a promo video for "The Bullet That Saved the World." Read more »
First, the bad news: There is no new Fringe this week. Now the good news: We do have a new, spoiler-filled Fringe promo video to pass the time until then. Back to the bad news: Things do not look so good for our Fringe heroes. Check out what is coming next in Fringe season 5 here. Read more »
We expect lots of twists and turns when it comes to a show like Fringe. That‘s OK. But sometimes it‘s still nice to have a bit of a road map. That‘s probably why FOX has released official descriptions for the Fringe season 5 episodes airing in October and November of 2012. What can we expect from them? Keep reading to find out! Read more »
Fringe fans, prepare yourself for one of the most epic and emotional episodes ever. "The Bullet That Saved the World" is certainly going to go down as one of those installments of Fringe that people talk about forever. Why? While I can‘t give too much away, here are 10 Fringe spoilers to show you just how amazing "The Bullet That Saved the World" truly is. Read more »
Do not miss this week‘s episode of Fringe, "The Bullet That Saved the World." Not only is it an incredible example of what Fringe has become in its final season, it‘s also something of a major game-changer. Want to get a peek at what you will see? Check out four these preview clips! Read more »
Things start out entertainingly dark and weird in tonight‘s episode and descend into sadness and despair ... kind of like life and definitely in the style of Fringe. Read more »
After the death of Etta in "The Bullet That Saved the World," one of the biggest challenges in Fringe is just going to be moving forward at all. Will Peter and Olivia even be able to function without their daughter? How will Astrid and Walter process it? The next episode, "An Origin Story," is certain to give us lots of clues on this front. But for now, all we have are a couple of videos previewing the next Fringe season 5 episode. Read more »
How do you cope with the tragic loss of a loved one? There are plenty of methods, and it looks like we may be seeing several of them in the next Fringe episode, "An Origin Story." Check out these two video clips from the episode to see the vengeance, sentiment and distraction used to deal with the death of Etta. Read more »
However incredible and mind-blowing Fringe is, fans know that the show must come to an end someday soon. And now we know what day that will be: FOX has announced that the five-season sci-fi series will conclude on Friday, January 18. Read more »
Fringe is a truly great show. I mean, how many network television programs are able to give us something depressing, creepy and terrifying while still producing an entertaining hour of TV? Fringe does just that with its dark and shudder-inducing "An Origin Story." Read more »
Have you ever noticed that, for a super race with a disinclination for small talk, the Observers have an awful lot to tell us about Fringe? That‘s the only explanation that makes sense, when you consider the number of videos we get to see from them. Check out these two Observer videos -- plus two videos that remind us of the sad events in "An Origin Story." Read more »
In the last Fringe episode, "An Origin Story," we saw Peter Bishop insert a creepy bit of Observer technology into his own brain. What consequences will that action bring? These three videos -- all of which have footage from the upcoming episode, "Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There," give us our first hints. Read more »
Everyone on Fringe takes a lot of chances. Considering the fact that the entire team ambered themselves in the hope of coming back to save the world someday, risk is just daily life for these people. So it shouldn‘t be a big surprise that Walter would head off alone to a pocket universe in order to find a clue. What‘s a pocket universe? Find out in these two new Fringe videos from "Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There." Read more »
Fringe is about to get weirder. And probably, if that‘s possible, darker. After Etta‘s death in episode 4 of season 5, all of the characters started down a new path that will -- in a few short episodes -- lead to the Fringe series finale. When visiting the set of Fringe (thanks to Warner Bros.), we had the chance to talk to Joshua Jackson about Peter‘s new, possibly self-destructive path. And, since they were filming episode 6 ("Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There") at the time, there were a few tidbits about the episode as well. Read more »
Lies and WhispersOn this week‘s episode of Fringe, "Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There," Peter continues to grieve Etta by watching one of her final holograms over and over in familiar surroundings. Olivia discovers him and joins in the sad ceremony and they decide mutual support is imperative to healing. Peter lies about the hole on the back of his neck and tells Olivia it‘s just a little scratch from his skirmish with the Observers. She buys his story without ever looking at the wound.Walter WandersWalter retrieves another tape from the amber and sees a familiar locale in Boston. He immediately leaves by himself to investigate. Upon arrival, he‘s told the apartment he‘s seeking has been condemned for 20 years. He trudges through the rubble and finds the apartment. He recalls the pattern for entry into the parallel universe, walks it off on the floor and easily slips down through the floor.When Astrid, Walter and Olivia discover Walter‘s absence, they go after him. They track him down by the tape he left behind. The tape gives them more detailed info as they draw closer to Walter, and they are able to decipher the code and enter the same universe as Walter. They ponder why he would go off alone. Read more »
Peter can‘t wait to use the new toy in his head for more than beating the crap out of bad guys in alleys. Intellectual prowess always trumps physical aptitude and Peter is riding high on the male fantasy of having both--at once! Besides, Olivia could use a distraction from mourning Etta. Read more »
TV and comic-book geeks alike, get ready to freak out: Arrow has booked several rather incredible actors to play opposite Stephen Amell‘s vigilante hero throughout the show‘s first season.Who exactly can we expect? A villain by the name of Firefly should be arriving soon. Then there‘s Fringe‘s Seth Gabel showing up for a Vertigo plot. Oh, and an actor you may have heard of -- David Anders -- has been cast as a criminal released from prisonKeep reading for all of the details. Read more »
On tonight‘s Fringe "Human Kind," Jill Scott guest stars as an oracle that helps Olivia with her mission. As a long time fan of the show, Scott shared her love of Fringe and provided insight into the character she plays. Read more »
Peter is getting closer to joining the anti-Human League, losing his emotionalstanding as his intellect begins to eat the rest of his brain, and Walter finally figuresout how the "tech" works. This is one of the gushiest Fringe‘s you‘ll ever see - andthere was an expectation throughout that a choir of angels would alight on somedamaged plain and start singing "All You Need Is Love" while a montage of happyPeter-Olivia moments played across the screen, sending us all into weep-ravagedsleeps (the montage was there but the angels never showed up). Read more »
It‘s difficult to believe there are only five episodes of Fringe remaining. At least, Olivia was able to convince Peter that emotions and her love were more important than seeking revenge. It‘s a relief that Peter removed the Observer tech from his head. In "Black Blotter," he is back with the team and helping in the quest to save the world. Read more »
The middle of December means hiatus time for TV fans as most shows take the holiday season off. But don‘t worry, your favorite FOX shows will be back in January, along with returning favorites American Idol and Touch and the new serial killer drama The Following.  Read more »
In the first three minutes of Fringe "Black Blotter," the mysterious radio found in the pocket universe starts playing a signal that wakes up Astrid. Plus, Peter is dealing with the consequences from removing the Observer tech from his head. Check out the beginning of this Friday‘s episode now, plus two additional clips. Read more »
The Wizard of Oz, Lost, Powder, Steely Dan, the Green Fairy and a femme fatale make tonight‘s episode a mind-bend that helps Walter figure out an important puzzle from an old friend. Read more »
After overcoming a few hurdles on last Friday‘s Fringe, including Walter‘s LSD trip, the team found the Observer child that Walter hide in the pocket universe. Will he complete the plan to overthrow the Observers? Or, will they still need to track down the evasive Donald? The preview of "Anomaly XB-6783746" will provide some clues as to what‘s coming up next for the team. Read more »
Grab some tissues, because there are only three hours of Fringe remaining. Only two more Fridays of watching Peter, Olivia, Walter, and Astrid attempt to save the world. Will it be a happy ending? They could fail. Or, they could succeed, but at what cost? In this week‘s "This Boy Must Be Saved" we get a glimpse at what it will take to rid the planet of the Observer rule. Read more »
The countdown to the end of Fringe continues with only three hours remaining. John Noble (Walter) called in from Australia to discuss the series finale with reporters yesterday. He was reflective of his time on the show and had nothing but praise about the finale. Read more »
The last ever Fringe Friday is upon us. At least the show is going out with a super-sized two hour series finale titled "Liberty" and "An Enemy of Fate." Will the world be saved from the Observers? Now that the Observers have taken Michael, the team will have to adjust their plan. Will will the team have to sacrifice in order to save the world? Read more »
Is the anticipation too much to handle as you wait for Friday night‘s Fringe series finale? As difficult as it is to see the series end, it‘s exciting to know that there will be a planned conclusion. There are too many series that come to an abrupt and ill-fitting finish due to cancellations, so it‘s refreshing to get a proper finale. Read more »
Throughout Fringe‘s five seasons, one of the highlights has been watching the actors portray multiple versions of the same character. John Noble was always believable in the various incarnations of Walter. With one look or word, it was clear which version of Walter was on the screen.Last week, John Noble spoke with reporters about the show and spent some time talking about the role of Walter, the difficulties of the roles, and his favorites. Read more »
The time has come. We have been warned by the Observers, invited into the future to see the outcome and reintroduced to characters of the past. All of this has lead up to tonight, the season four finale of Fringe. Last week, William Bell was revealed as the mastermind behind the evil plot to destroy both universes and create an all new one under his control. David Robert Jones was sacrificed for the "greater" good and Astrid may be the next casualty. Tonight, the battle will come to an end as the Fringe Division works to prevent a catastrophic event from taking the lives of many.  Read more »
It‘s the first part of a two-part Fringe finale tonight and all is bittersweet. The end of season four is near, yet there are so many answers to open-ended questions to learn! I don‘t know if I‘d rather look away to prolong the inevitable or face my fears head on. I guess I should ask myself, "WWWD?" Translation being, "What Would Walter Do?" Clever, right? Walter Bishop has a childlike nature as seen through most of the season, yet as a leader amongst his Fringe family, Walter has definitely stepped up to the plate. Tonight, audiences will see even more from this lovable character.Last week, the bridge between both universes was closed. We waved goodbye to Lincoln Lee and the alternate Fringe Division, but welcomed the end to the supposed reign of terror from ultimate bad guy David Robert Jones. Tonight‘s episode will require that Walter return to the dark times in his life, forcing him to face his issues head on in order to help explain an event that causes people to spontaneously combust.  Read more »
As Fringe gallops towards its final breathtaking jumps, the show brings Peter, Walter and the tank together in truly emotional moments (including some unexpected but tear-worthy talk between the two main men) and tries to decipher the important impact of young Michael on the saving of the world(s). Read more »
Michael is gone. The Child Observer can‘t be tracked. That‘s because he is being held by Windmark at Liberty Island. "It is in your interest to communicate with me," he tells the boy. Windmark digs at the boy with a line of questioning geared to expose the boy‘s purpose.A humming sound can be heard as Windmark carefully asks his questions. Suddenly his nose begins to bleed. The Observer Boy just stares at him blankly. Windmark asks about the plan, the words echoing in the air around them.Suddenly Windmark gasps and his eye fills with blood. As he stands, he asks forcomplete diagnostic testing on the boy. "Find out what it is." Read more »
Walter and Olivia try to figure out what‘s going on with the Observer boy, Michael. Walter wants to pump him up with drugs of various types in order to find out what he knows. "Who is Donald? Where is he?" Walter is freaking out about finding Donald. The boy remains silent, bald and sleepy-looking. Olivia said the boy used to communicate ideas to her and now he just can‘t. Read more »
The nominations have been announced for the 2014 People‘s Choice Awards.Glee leads the pack with eight nominations, including Favorite Network TV Comedy and nods for Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Jane Lynch and Lea Michele. Both The Big Bang Theory and Grey‘s Anatomy come in second with five nominations each, and How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Castle, The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries all have four. Read more »
With the final bracket decided, the Buddy Battles are truly beginning to commence. Now it‘s time to vote your favorite classic Scooby gang. Remember that Scooby gangs fight crime or solve mysteries, and if a show has ended the gangs are considered classic. Read more »
TV series that are adapted from movies are rarely successful but there are a few exceptions and it looks like CBS‘ Bad Teacher is one of them, at least based on the promos released by the network. If you haven‘t seen the 2011 movie starring Cameron Diaz, who also happens to be the producer of the comedy series, it‘s about a gold-digging middle school teacher who curses at her students and whose motivation includes marrying a wealthy man and getting a boob job. While the groundwork is essentially the same, the TV series has plenty to offer as far as character development and plot are concerned. Read more »
Every year, some of our favorite shows go off the air for the last time. Even the most diehard TV watchers would admit that few shows have universally beloved series finales. Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad and The Shield are the ones that come to mind for me.While there are shows with controversial endings that are hated by many, beloved by a few, like The Sopranos, St. Elsewhere and Dexter, we instead want to look at series finales that are controversial for another reason: whether or not they provided "answers" to the long, over-arching mythology the show promised to.  Read more »
Who needs cable when you can just stream? Instead of waiting for each episode each week, why not try a show that has a few 100 episodes behind it? Or one that‘s already finished? Hollywood is pushing out more TV shows than ever onto streaming sites so you can enjoy a few sleepless binge sessions. So cut the cord. Here‘s what you can watch whenever you want. Read more »
Leonard Nimoy, best known as the logical Vulcan Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek series, has died at the age of 83. Nimoy passed away at his home Friday after a long battle with pulmonary disease.  Read more »
The father of Sherlock Holmes is about to become very involved in his son‘s life. Fringe and Sleepy Hollow star John Noble has joined the cast of the CBS drama Elementary, playing Sherlock‘s wealthy and mysterious father. And it won‘t be a quick visit as Noble is coming aboard as a series regular.  Read more »
Once Upon a Time, Riverdale, The Originals, Star Trek: Discovery, Gotham, Stranger Things, Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow are just some of the major TV shows being featured at Comic-Con 2017 on Saturday, July 22.To help you plan for the convention, check out all of the television-related panels and event information for Saturday. Read more »