Articles for Fringe Season 4

Fringe returns tonight, aiming to answer a small question or two from season 3 (Where‘s Peter?!?) and to justify its renewal for a fourth season on FOX. While the season 4 premiere does not resolve all cliffhangers --of course -- it does offer a tantalizing taste of its new universes. Both of them.Here are 10 reasons why you should tune in to the season 4 premiere of Fringe, "Neither Here Nor There." Read more »
Tonight, another season of perhaps the niftiest adventure this side of Friday night kicks off again. And, if you‘ve been following Fringe for the past three years, you know things won‘t start where you want them to start.Remember when we were all in the middle of the third season? We all thought we‘d end with a third universe. We ended up with Peter Bishop not existing at all. And we start Fringe‘s fourth season with pretty much a reboot: our major players have not encountered Peter, and that leads to a different dynamic between Olivia, Walter, Astrid and Broyles -- and newcomer Lincoln as well. Oh, and they still have to deal with their alternate universe versions, too. Read more »
Fringe returns for its fourth season on Friday, September 23. But how will it return? Will Peter exist? How will the events of season 3 change the show? What can we expect from anything when everything has changed?Fringe executive producers and showrunners J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner spoke to reporters this week about the new season, where they‘re going and how a non-existent Peter might come back to the show. Read more »
The fall 2011 has just begun, but we already have a frontrunner for the most anticipated new show of next season. According to Deadline, NBC has ordered a pilot for a new show executive produced by Lost‘s J.J. Abrams and created by Supernatural‘s Eric Kripke.In such early stages of development, all that is known about the show is that it‘s called Revolution and is described as "an epic adventure thriller." Given the people involved, that‘s no surprise.  Read more »
This week on on the season 4 premiere of Fringe, with Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) erased from time and the two universes attempting to maintain an alliance, Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and Fringe Division must track down a strange new killer. Read more »