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We left Fringe in a pretty curious situation: Olivia finds herself meeting William Bell, right inside the World Trade Center--in other words, smack in the middle of an alternate universe, the same one where Walter is presumed to have plucked Peter out of.  Of course, that means questions.  How the heck?  Why the heck?  That sort of stuff.Tonight, the series returns with, hopefully, answers to those questions.  We already know that Olivia will be back to this reality, and that something bad will happen to her upon her return, judging from all those clips of her being rushed to the hospital, not to mention that slightly tender moment between her and Peter.  Read more »
Just when we thought things couldn‘t get any fringier on Fringe, it gets a lot more, err, fringier.  Last night‘s season premiere is what I pretty much call a reboot--a change of direction for everyone, and a change of roles for so many people.  Read more »
I hardly thought it possible, to love Glee more than I did after its adorable premiere. A premiere, that begged from the TV screen for viewers to break into song, but after meeting the cast in Los Angeles, I am even more smitten. In the coming weeks I‘ll be posting my interviews with the stable of FOX stars I interviewed--David Boreanaz, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Emily Deschanel, and Eliza Dushku--to name just a few. But today, I wanted to share the story of what happened and what I learned when this converse loving girl donned heels and went to an honest-to-god red carpet event in LA and spent her evening chatting up the cast of FOX‘s hottest new show.   Read more »
At least we‘re getting a steady storyline this time around.The Fringe season premiere last week floated a hell lot of questions--and that‘s just on the scientific front.  What exactly is William Bell trying to tell Olivia?  Why is Charlie, or whatever the name of the creature that‘s posing as him, going for Livy?  What kind of war is happening?  And why?  And is it Walter‘s fault?  I haven‘t mentioned anything about him and Peter yet, although the custard bit was funny. Read more »
In theory, there isn‘t really much to talk about just hours after the second episode of Fringe.  The thought of doing stuff to your wife‘s baby just so that kid inside can survive is a bit iffy, though.  More so, the thought that the only thing that will kill it is being in between the ground and a police car you inadvertently brought to yourself.  But I was thinking about three things--shallow ones, perhaps, but as we all know, it‘s the details that count.  Read more »
In an alternate universe, I‘m pretty sure Blair Brown is my super coolsurrogate Aunt. In that universe, where JFK was never assassinated andthe Twin Towers still stand, Blair and I have tickets to the hottestshow in town--The Beatles reunion tour. She‘s like your Mom‘s coolersister, who oozes grace and charm, before blowing your mind with talk of heady scientific theories and auras.Though her character on Fringe has a chest full of Kevlar, BlairBrown herself couldn‘t be more warm-hearted. She completely lacks theshrewd sharpness of her character and of course, that bionic arm. Butthat‘s not to say she and her character Nina Sharp have nothing incommon. During our interview Blair talked with expertise and passionabout fringe science in a manner that would certainly make the head ofMassive Dynamic proud.  Read more »
We might as well start calling Olivia as "superhearing girl".  But surely that‘s not all that she can do.  Will we find out tonight?  Or, should we put a cape on her?Last week‘s Fringe was a bit slow, but there are a lot of questions, still.  Shallow, as I once said, like that Sam Wise guy who, in the words of Nina Sharp, "put me together".  And then there‘s the supposedly improving relationship between the Bishops.  This week, though, it seems it‘ll be a bit of the same... except when they fly out.  Read more »
To say that Lance Reddick is intimidating in person is, perhaps, theunderstatement of the century. Maybe it‘s the characters he‘s soexpertly portrayed: Lieutenant Cedric Daniels on The Wire, MatthewAbaddon on Lost, and most recently Agent Philip Broyles on Fringe, noneof whom are exactly warm and fuzzy guys. Reddick exudesprofessionalism, class, and a distinctly no-BS aura. Listening to himspeak, in his soft gravely tone about his craft and character, it isclear you‘re not sitting with ‘just an actor‘ but a thespian who really knows his stuff...and that‘s a wee bit intimidating. Once my palms stopped sweating, I enjoyed every moment with Reddick. Hewas a charming and open interview, answering each question thoughtfullyand in great detail. Reddick and I discussed conspiracy theories andfringe science, what it‘s been like working with JJ Abrams again, what he thinks about the kiss he and Nina Sharp sharedduring season 2‘s premiere episode and what attributes he shares with Agent Broyles. Watch my full interview with Lance Reddick belowand then be sure to tune in tonight to an all new episode of Fringe. Read more »
With all this talk of an impending war between realities, and cool typewriter-and-mirror set-ups, and shape-shifting creatures pretending to be FBI agents, and all of that complicated stuff, there‘s still one huge question: why again?Sure, it‘s because Olivia obviously knows something that some say she shouldn‘t, and William Bell is obviously up to something.  Problem is, he‘s stuck in another reality, and she‘s got no idea of what exactly happened, and what is happening to her right now.  (Head trauma, most probably, right?)  Fuss no more: hopefully we get answers tonight.  At least some of the answers.  Read more »
Now that we saw that William Bell told Olivia, do we have answers?  Well, obviously, not yet, else this would end up being a really long chase scene.Setting aside the fact that Livy drunk a worm smoothie without the strawberry flavoring, and the fact that it took a bell to trigger all those memories, I think we have most of the underlying questions for this season of Fringe intact.  Two universes collide, Nina Sharp said: inevitably there‘d be a battle until only one universe survives, since we‘re built to do just that.  In the words of "Willam", it‘s "the great last storm".  Read more »
Here‘s what we know so far: there‘s a war going on, between us folks here and whoever is over there.  "The First Wave", as William Bell called it, are looking for someone who will unlock the portal between the two universes.  They‘ve found that missing head.  And "Charlie" is really dead.  More questions, I sense, right?Maybe not now.  Fringe division are going on a cross-country trip, although calling it a holiday is highly inaccurate.  On tonight‘s episode of Fringe, the team flies to Seattle, where they investigate the case of a man who attacked his boss because he thinks he‘s an evil ram-horned creature out to get him.  Read more »
If you‘re reading this on November 5, then the World Series must be over, and either the Yankees or the Phillies won.  That said, it‘s back to television normality, and back to fringe-y stuff.We left Fringe a few weeks back with a couple of ideas: one, that living off another person‘s dreams is fatal, and two, that Peter is starting to realize that he is not from this side of the world, but is from the other side.  If that aura thing a few episodes back wasn‘t obvious enough, that should be.  Now, I wonder why Peter does not remember being brought to this universe by his dad, or at least our version of Walter...  Read more »
The one thing I got cleared up after watching last week‘s Fringe: once you‘re in it, there‘s no going out.  That should explain for Broyles‘ obsession with the cosmonaut case, one that tore his family apart.  Also, probably, for Walter going towards great lengths to get himself a replacement Peter, possibly something that also tore his family apart (and we‘ll see that soon, now that they‘re casting Walter‘s wife).There is, indeed, a lot at stake.  This season, we‘ve been going through a lot more than we thought of--everything‘s possibly connected to Walter, or to William Bell, or to Massive Dynamic, or to whatever.  And all that, with a possible war between two universes looming?  Ohh, I don‘t know how you‘ll be able to get away from this.  Read more »
This Thursday‘s Fringe is quite a big one, as we finally uncover what the deal is with the Observer--the guy who pops up in every episode, albeit very fleetingly, whose task is seemingly to observe, write in a curious alphabet, and eat every chili he could find.  Oh, and remind Walter of stuff that he shouldn‘t be telling, judging from the first season finale.What we understand is that there are many of these Observers (remember the Observer kid last season?) and they‘re doing something pretty crucial.  Who knows?  Maybe they‘re from the alternate universe, part of the effort to take us down--or maybe they‘re here to help us take the enemy down, especially now that a war seems inevitable.  And they‘ve been around for a really long time, apparently.  Read more »
Fringe is taking a break when Thanksgiving comes along, but we won‘t be left hanging. Tonight will reveal perhaps one of the biggest elements that power the series‘ mythology: the identity of the Observer.We know that the bald dude with no eyebrows and a taste for really spicy food has been around every episode, keeping watch over Pattern-related events. So far, all he‘s done is watch, and he‘s never interfered in anything--except, of course, for the time when he brought Walter to his summer home to help him remember something, something that would prove crucial in killing David Robert Jones, and securing a meeting between Livy and William Bell.  Read more »
A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the set of Fringe and talk to the four principle actors. We toured the set, talked the actors, ate their food and generally had a blast. My first interview of the series was with lead actress Anna Torv. Torv was convinced that she had met me previously although I assured her this was the first time. After a bit of memory searching, she decided I looked exactly like her morning barista. Although that‘s the second time in my life someone was convinced I was someone else, I think the mishap helped to loosen us up for the interview.And I had a lot to talk to Anna Torv about. Olivia has been set up to be the heroine of this war between universes and yet, we don‘t get see much of that right now. "I feel like Olivia hasn‘t been activated," Torv says when asked about Dunham‘s destiny. Although Olivia Dunham is already a strong female character, she has the potential to be so much more and Torv can‘t wait. Read more »
As many of you know, I had the opportunity to visit the set of Fringe a couple of weeks ago. I toured the lab, chatted with the cast and crew and generally had a great time. There‘s so much going on this season that it was hard to keep my questions focused to the most important aspects. We‘ve seen a lot of changes in season two of Fringe and there‘s so much going on: Parallel universes, observers and gory scenes galore.I only had a couple minutes to talk to Jasika Nicole who plays Astrid Farnsworth. Astrid didn‘t have a huge part in season one and we‘re just starting to get to know her and her relationships with the other three principle cast members is slowly growing. Her relationship with Walter Bishop (John Noble) has bloomed into a beautiful friendship and partnership. The two of them work so seamlessly together and it‘s been a joy to see them get closer. Read more »
Fox has released its midseason schedule, announcing return dates for American Idol and 24, and the series finale of Dollhouse, as well as return dates for Fringe and Glee.American Idol returns for its ninth season with a two-night premiere on Tuesday, January 12, from 8pm-10pm. A second show airs the following day, January 13, from 8pm-9pm. Idol will then air every Tuesday, also from 8pm.  Read more »
As expected, I left the last episode of Fringe--the one a few weeks back, the big one about the Observer--in a daze. So, yes, the Observers literally observe events in time, which explains why they‘re in all these historical events at the same time. They‘re pretty much border patrol, keeping watch over those traveling in time. And, yes, those little deviations, the things that should happen than haven‘t. And one falls in love and deviates what shouldn‘t be deviated, and then dies so that deviation wouldn‘t be useless, but... yeah, I know, right?So, with that said, that‘s another page on the complications of the Fringe mythology, and we‘re returning a bit to the case-of-the-week bits on the show... although, of course, the show‘s been kick-ass throughout this season, so I don‘t really mind. That, and the chance to see Walter be his usual self. Seems we‘ll be getting just that. Tonight‘s case finds the team investigating a cargo ship that ran aground, specifically the people inside it who have died, and are scattered in the shore, and contain a slug-like organism inside them. Squid-like, more of.  Read more »
For the few folks like me who wonder where Peter Bishop got half his genes, well, we finally have the answer.Entertainment Weekly reports that Irish actress Orla Brady has joined the cast of Fringe as Walter‘s wife and Peter‘s mother. The character, described as strong, smart and likable, will debut in episodes in early 2010, possibly just before the show‘s winter finale in February. Read more »
Brain power!Sorry, can‘t help but scream that. Yes, the untapped power of the brain has been tackled a handful of times in a handful of Fringe episodes--Livy‘s abilities, Rebecca, that Tyler kid--and tonight is another example. This time, though, it‘s the brain we should‘ve taken a look at eons ago: Walter‘s brain.  Read more »
First, a backgrounder: the first season of Fringe was supposed to have 22 episodes, but they only aired 20 of them. I‘m not really sure whether those two episodes were shot, but judging from tonight‘s special episode of Fringe, it could be. This is, after all, an episode from the first season.Which is why it‘s airing on a special night--tonight from 9pm, to be exact. And it‘s also why you‘ll be seeing things you didn‘t expect to see again. Like, say, Charlie returning. Or Astrid‘s hairdo, which I honestly find cool (and I still miss after she had it tweaked when the second season began).  Read more »
Now we‘re done with last Monday‘s stand-alone, slightly confusing and definite-past-blast episode, we get on back to the groove. Remember, Livy has already met Bellie, Walter‘s learned a lot more about himself... just get back to the second season mindset, please.On tonight‘s Fringe, the team visits Edina City, this little town somewhere in upstate New York, and they‘re there because (obviously) something weird‘s going on. Somewhere there‘s this attack involving disfigured humans, and they‘ve tracked those men down to that little town. They‘ve been hiding there forever, and they hope to keep it that way.  Read more »
J.J. Abrams plans to take a page off the Lost playbook when it comes to his own series, Fringe--and no, he isn‘t referring to a reliance on flashbacks or flashforwards or whatnot. He‘s thinking of giving the Fox series an end date."Just as with Lost, we didn‘t get to a place until the third season where we were saying, ‘Okay, we need to know where halfway is,‘" Abrams told Slice of SciFi. "And I feel like that‘s something that ... if we‘re lucky enough to continue going, I do think that at a certain point it would be a really smart thing to start to say, ‘Okay, let‘s figure out ... what the actual date is so we sort of know ... how far we should push things.‘"  Read more »
Last week‘s Fringe--the one from the second season, note--was pretty interesting. A mysterious humming sound messing with our nerves so we see these people are normal-looking? A sinister plot to kill anyone who figures out? The intentions may make sense but you‘ve gotta admit, they‘re pretty sinister.Tonight, we move away from such interventions, and deal with something more natural, but nonetheless freaky. It‘s a disease! We don‘t usually say that line with such glee, especially if the disease is pretty scary, which is true in this case. So a man enters this office, starts feeling disoriented, and collapses. And then his veins explode and blood sprays everywhere. There‘s your unknown disease.  Read more »
It may have been a slow burn, but the past episodes of Fringe have either dug deep into Walter‘s past, or Peter‘s past, or the complications of William Bell‘s work at Massive Dynamic. The winter finale, which airs in a couple of weeks, drops us into the alternate universe again. And, judging from the show‘s consulting producer Akiva Goldsman‘s comments, we‘re going to end this season with a bang--and then some.To that, I say: ooooh, nice.  Read more »
Since TV‘s greatest mystery began five seasons ago, we‘ve thought aboutwho we‘d want in our Tail Section every time we‘ve boarded a plane. Isdear old Dad really cut out for life on the Island? Could yourconniving frenemy outsmart Ben Linus?Our Lost obsession has even creeped into how we watch other television.Instead of admitting we had a problem when we began to ponder how otherTV characters would fare on the Island, we decided to embrace ouraddiction by making a list of our dream team of TV character‘s we‘dmost like to be Lost with.  Read more »
I love myself more action for Astrid, and that‘s what I got from last week‘s Fringe. You can imagine the grin on my face as she started to do more, and more, and more than previous episodes--and, last week, she went from looking for Walter in the science center to finding that critical bottle of horseradish. In fact, it‘s interesting to see how close she has become with Walter. Perhaps that‘s the reason why he couldn‘t help but let slip perhaps his darkest secret: "I can‘t let him die again.""What do you mean?" Astrid answered. Uh-oh.  Read more »
The last two episodes of Fringe have been rockin‘, haven‘t they? Two weeks ago, we‘ve had Walter vowing not to let Peter die "a second time" in a very intense hour full of personal stakes and surprising moments between characters. Last week, it was the Bishops together again--well, not exactly together, as Walter refuses to accepts Peter‘s apology for selling his father‘s old books. It‘s all a slow but interest build towards what promises to be a very cool winter finale--and that finale is tonight.(But, first, I have to mention that Walter killing that dude with his own invention last week was very gruesome in an unlikely way. I mean, it‘s Walter, the guy who usually gets lost and dribbles on off topic!)  Read more »
Last week two shows created by J.J. Abrams centered heavily on the idea of an alternate universe.  On Lost, the show introduced an altverse where the bomb blew up the Island and Oceanic 815 landed safely in Los Angeles.  On Fringe, the team got one step closer to tracking down the man trying to bring down the walls between two parallel universes.But which altverse is superior?  Which show handles the idea of analternate universe more realistically, more dramatically and morecompellingly?  It‘s the ultimate J.J. showdown between his formerseries and his current one.  Read more »
I just watched Fringe‘s winter finale. It took a while, I know. I figured that with the eight-week hiatus, I might as well delay watching Thursday night‘s episode a bit; the episodes preceding it were just so good, I knew I couldn‘t wait that long.  I ended up watching earlier today, rather than holding out for another week or so.We‘ve always known that the Peter we‘re seeing is from the alternate universe, that our Walter nabbed him after the death of the original Peter. It‘s the one major reveal I expected to see at the end of this season, not halfway through it. Imagine the possibilities of the gang realizing that their connections to the imminent catastrophic collision between two worlds is much bigger and goes way beyond Walter‘s knowledge and experiments. It‘s someone they‘ve been working with! It‘s Peter! Read more »
We still have several weeks to endure before Fringe returns with new episodes but at least there‘s comfort in knowing that the show has already been picked up for a third season, according to Entertainment Weekly. The renewal is definitely something to rejoice about for fans who have been concerned about the fate of the series ever since it was put on hiatus early February.  Read more »
Just when you thought everything that happens on Fringe is freaky--portals to another universe, people being split in half or fused together, and yes, that cliffhanger concerning Peter--we hear this: a musical episode.Let me imagine Olivia Dunham singing. I can‘t.  Read more »
We‘re now just two months away from the series finale of Lost, which means fans who have dedicated their hearts and souls to this epic series will soon have a very big hole to fill.  The dedication of Lost fans is unparalleled by any other TV series, with viewers becoming deeply invested and noticing every little detail.Is there anything else that comes close to filling the void that will be left by a world without Lost?  After May 23, as I see it, Lost fans have four possible options.  Read more »
After a long hiatus, Fringe returns tonight at 9pm on FOX for the first of its final eight episodes of the season.  With a third season renewal already confirmed, Fringe is poised to move in the right direction.  This return episode, "Peter," is easily the best the show has produced, and sets a very clear tone and direction for the rest of the season and series.Fringe Renewed for Season 3>>That new tone was previewed by star John Noble when I visited the set of Fringe in March.  "I can‘t see how we can possibly go back to the monster of the week too much, to be honest with you," he said.  "I think now we‘ve decided to go to the mythology."  He wasn‘t just talking about the rest of season 2, he was alluding to the future of Fringe.  Read more »
The excitement on Brothers and Sisters isn‘t just limited to what goes on on-set. This week, we‘re already hearing about some thrilling developments behind the scenes. Read on to find out what on today‘s news roundup.Check Out Rob Lowe‘s Hints On His Exodus Read more »
Fringe‘s season finale is getting a little bit clearer now.Entertainment Weekly reports that Seth Gabel, previously of Dirty Sexy Money and Nip/Tuck, is joining the Fox series‘ cast for its two-part season finale, and could possibly be a recurring character in the upcoming third season. Spoilers after this paragraph, kids!  Read more »
Admit it: last week‘s Fringe was a complete game-changer. Sure, the idea of Peter being from the alternate universe is quite a revelation, but what more a complete rethink of everything Walter‘s told us about his past? The car crash isn‘t a car crash, for one--it‘s them traveling back to our side.And then there are a lot of questions about Peter‘s importance, and about William Bell‘s whereabouts in 1985, and what the alternate Walter and Elizabeth will do after their Peter disappears into the nether. I‘m sure that‘ll be tackled in the next six weeks, but first, we go to Olivia.  Read more »
Olivia vowed on last week‘s Fringe that she won‘t be telling Peter the truth about his origins. So that means problem solved, right?Tonight‘s episode seems to bring us back into the fold, as the Fringe Division gets back to investigating all these weird cases. This one is particularly scary: commuters inside a passenger train dying in a snap. Just like that. The scarier thing: they‘ll find out that all of their gadgets were drained of power... and the same goes to the people. Literally sapped of their energy. Read more »
The last four episodes of Fringe have been about one thing: Peter‘s past as someone from the other side. Olivia knew, Walter told her everything, and they both struggled to either keep the secret or actually spill it. Judging from the promos tonight... that might finally happen.But first, tonight‘s Fringe, which involves the return of the shapeshifters. Yep, those soldiers (are they?) from the other side who sent Charlie to heaven and tried to masquerade as him to get rid of Olivia. Now, after the discovery of two dead teeners, the Fringe Division is back on the tracks of their leader, Newton. And maybe a shape-shifting embryo.  Read more »
And finally, Peter knows that he isn‘t Walter‘s son. Or at least, not our Walter‘s son. And he‘s off, never to be seen for a while, and Fringe division suffers a blow, especially now that they‘re much closer to the bigger picture.Well, no, you don‘t have to worry about not seeing Joshua Jackson on tonight‘s Fringe. He will be around.  Read more »
I‘ll admit, last week‘s musical Fringe episode was a little distraction. A welcome one--Anna Torv singing "For Once In My Life" was unexpected--but it pretty much set up the mythology of the series for newcomers, and reviewed it for us fans. But the story remains the same: Walter is blaming himself, more than anything, for Peter‘s disappearance. And Peter blames Walter, more than anything, for all the mess he‘s gone through.So, where did Peter go? On tonight‘s Fringe, we‘ll get answers. Just look at the photo above: he‘s happy at work... with someone else?  Read more »
Last week‘s Fringe--the first half of a two-part season finale--gave us too many things to take in, and that doesn‘t just count all those little details that vary between the two universes. So Peter is back to Walternate, and he‘s supposedly part of this weapon that could spell the end of the world. And William Bell is out to reverse the events possibly caused by what they call "Zero Event" -- the time when Walter took Peter, I presume.And then, here I am, wondering: what exactly did Peter‘s kidnapping lead to?  Read more »
Indeed, Fringe‘s season finale was a game-changing event.There are the things we learned about the other side--the different rules, the different set-up, the different perspective--and then there are the things we learned about Walter Bishop and William Bell. So, no, Bell is not the enemy, but he‘s sending the shape-shifters over to our side just to appease Walternate, more or less. He‘s still there to prevent a war of the worlds from happening... but I don‘t think he‘s been successful.  Read more »
This morning FOX announced its fall and mid-season schedule, complete with  seven new shows and some notable changes to the channel‘s biggest shows. Joining the network will be four new comedies and three new dramas, including Running Wilde, a romantic comedy starring Will Arnett (of Arrested Development) and Keri Russell (of Felicity fame). See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>CBS‘ Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>NBC‘s Fall Lineup>>In spite of the exciting news that Gob Bluth will be returning to FOX, we think the most interesting tidbits that came out of the FOX announcements have to do with the network‘s established shows. American Idol will be getting rid of some of the guest performers and cutting down the results show to 30 minutes, Glee will get the coveted post-Super Bowl slot and there will blessedly not be a fall season of So You Think You Can Dance. Here are the full fall and mid-season schedules from FOX, complete with new show synopses: Read more »
CBS has reportedly picked up at least six new series for its upcoming fall season.Leading the new pick-ups is the remake of the classic crime series Hawaii 5-O, the much-buzzed about project from Fringe producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and CSI: NY producer Peter Lenkov. The reboot features Three Rivers‘ Alex O‘Laughlin and Lost‘s Daniel Dae Kim in lead roles, along with Taryn Manning, Grace Park and Scott Caan.  Read more »