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It‘s the future, apparently.  FOX, as part of their upfront presentation yesterday, where they laid out the Fall and Spring prime time schedules and introduced their new series, made another big announcement: highly anticipated new series Dollhouse and Fringe will both air with nearly no commercial breaks.  Both series will have around five minutes of commercials per hour, as opposed to 15-18 minutes of commercial and promo time usually found in an hour-long series.  Both Fringe and Dollhouse come from high-profile creators – J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon, respectively.  Even though no one has seen even the pilot for either show, the expectations are very high, and this advertising experiment shows FOX‘s confidence in them.  Read more »
FOX‘s Spring schedule is much more interesting than its Fall counterpart.  It also contains the single greatest announcement I‘ve heard all week: the American Idol Results Show is going back to a half hour.  That wasn‘t so hard, now, was it FOX?  FOX has mastered the art of different, high-profile shows sharing time slots in different parts of the year.  As a result, FOX airs less re-runs and makes up for the fact that they run one hour of television less per night than the other three major networks.  FOX January and onward schedule is below, but remember – FOX is always very flexible with their schedule. Read more »
The J.J. Abrams web continues to grow.  The new Abrams pilot, Fringe, which will debut in the Fall on FOX has named a show runner: Jeff Pinkner.  This being the case, it‘s a little bit of a misnomer that Fringe is a J.J. Abrams show.  His clout brought it to fruition, and he obviously had a lot to do with the creation of the pilot, but once it gets up and running, it will be Jeff Pinkner at the helm.  Who is Jeff Pinkner?  Well, if you‘re a Lost fan, then you know Pinker‘s work.  He‘s been a producer on Lost for some time now, and has also written four episodes of the series.  Fringe is a sci-fi series, starring Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble.  The pilot has an exorbitant budget at $10 million, and it will be directed by Alex Graves. Read more »
Joshua Jackson is going to be big again.  I believe it, I really do.  All you have to do is look at J.J. Abrams‘ track record when casting the leads on his TV shows.  Keri Russel broke out, though somewhat modestly, after Felicity.  We all know what happened with Jennifer Garner and Alias.  With Lost, Abrams put a number of unknown actors on the map (Evangeline Lilly, Terry O‘Quinn, Josh Holloway, Naveen Andrews, et al) and, thankfully, revived the career of a man named Matthew Fox.  Now, Joshua Jackson (Pacey from Dawson‘s Creek) has landed one of the lead roles in the J.J‘s new sci-fi pilot Fringe.  Jackson will play the son of the institutionalized scientist, who Jackson‘s character will help break out of the mental hospital in the pilot episode. Read more »
Lance Reddick, at this point, is best known as Col. Daniels on The Wire.  Or, if you like commercials, as the black guy in the trying-way-too-hard-to-be-cool Cadillac commercials.  In roughly a month‘s time, Lance Reddick will be best known for his recurring role on Lost‘s fourth season.  The full details of his Lost character are unknown, but whatever Reddick has done with the role, J.J. Abrams and the Lost team liked what they saw.  Abrams has cast Reddick in his new drama pilot Fringe, which is an X-Files style series about a team of agents who investigate paranormal activity.  Reddick will play the special agent who heads up the paranormal division of Homeland Security.  Read more »
Fringe, Lost creator J.J. Abrams‘ new pilot, has a couple of cast members.  Fringe is in the same vein as X-Files, and it involves a mad genius scientist named Walter Bishop, who will start the pilot out in a mental institution.  With the help of an FBI Agent and Bishop‘s son, the trio will investigate paranormal activity.  Or something like that.  The details are still fuzzy at this point, though it has been announced that the budget for the two hour pilot has been set at an astounding $10 million.  Kirk Acevedo (Oz) and Mark Valley (Boston Legal) have both been cast on Fringe, but the specific roles have yet to be determined. Read more »
FOX hopes it has found it‘s next X-Files in the form of Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams‘ Fringe.  Reuters is reporting that the script for the science fiction pilot has been at the center of an intense bidding war in Hollywood for the past few months, and FOX has emerged as the winner of the property.  Abrams‘ Bad Robot Productions will produce the pilot at Warner Brothers with a budge of $10 million.  Yes that rivals the budget of Lost, but with the U.S. dollar now actually worth less than the Canadian dollar, maybe not so much. Read more »
BuddyTV is looking at the 17 new shows the major networks will premiere this Fall to see which ones are worth getting excited about and which ones we have low expectations for.Show Description: The newest series from mastermind J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias) is a sci-fi thriller.  A female FBI special agent investigates the mysterious deaths of the passengers on a commercial flight.  When her partner is almost killed while investigating, she searches out someone to help.  She enlists the help of an institutionalized doctor, previously considered our generation‘s Einstein and his son.  Together, they investigate paranormal activities. Read more »
FOX is the most creative network around.  You might hate some of the shows it produces (cough The Moment of Truth cough), but you have to give FOX props for the way it creates its schedule.  If there is a new series the network is proud of, FOX promotes the hell out of it, and often premiere it after a veteran, highly rated series for good measure.  Thanks to American Idol, FOX constructs two very distinct Fall and Winter/Spring seasons, dodging the inclination to air most of its big shows year-round.  FOX has embraced the idea of airing its serial dramas with little or no breaks.  Today, FOX released the schedule for their Fall premieres.  There are a handful of two-hour premieres planned, including one for the most highly-anticipated new series of the Fall, the J.J. Abrams produced Fringe.  Read more »
While many fans are patiently waiting for the premiere of Fringe, the latest brainchild from J.J. Abrams (Lost), Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the team behind Alias and Mission Impossible III, some fans have already seen and enjoyed the FOX science fiction thriller.  According to USA Today, the pilot episode has surfaced online on file-sharing network BitTorrent three months prior to the show‘s scheduled premiere date. Based on popular torrent trackers, the leaked $10 million episode is in high demand.  In fact, one copy of the pilot on Mininova has already been downloaded nearly 45,000 times since it the leak out earlier this week. Read more »
Check out the rest of our coverage from San Diego Comic-Con.Entertainment Weekly is putting on a series of panels this year featuring “visionaries” from different mediums.  Today, they held their “TV Visionaries” panel.  The five-man panel featured some of the best and most well-known TV show runners working today: Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Chuck, Gossip Girl), Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (Lost), and Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies).  Moderated by Entertainment Weekly‘s Jeff Jensen, the panel took a light, introspective tone.  Or, at least that was the tone it took when Cuse and Lindelof weren‘t dodging specific Lost questions.  All five men showed a deep appreciation for the work of their peers.  It was a veritable love fest out there, the main link being Lost, which all three non-Lost show runners seem to love (especially Bryan Fuller).  But, mostly, the five smart men discussed television as a medium, what their influences are and gave a little inside info about their own shows. Read more »
Check out the rest of our coverage from San Diego Comic-Con.Fringe is the next big thing.  So says FOX.  So assumes the television media.  But, if we were to judge the excitement for a series based solely on its attendance, then we might surmise that the future is bleak for Fringe.  In the expansive Ballroom 20, many a large panel had been held.  Battlestar Galactica filled the room to capacity.  Following that, Chuck held on to a good part of that audience.  But, unlike most things J.J. Abrams, Fringe did not incite a high level of excitement.  The room was maybe half-full, probably less.  For the first time ever in my experience at Comic-Con, they actually ran out of fans who wanted to ask questions before the panel was over.  It was a little bit embarrassing.  Being fair, the long Saturday at Comic-Con was coming to an end, the Masquerade was about to start, and everyone was probably tired (I know I was).  What they missed was a fun little panel about one of the best new series of the upcoming season.  Read more »
The San Diego Comic-Con has been a TV fan talking point for years now. Come each summer, our favorite TV show creators and TV stars gather in panels to answer fan questions, discuss behind the scenes goings on and, most excitingly, give sneak peeks of their new seasons. Also making appearances are those with brand new shows they want us to watch and love -- like new genre offerings from such famous talents as Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams. This year‘s Comic-Con is only a few weeks away and Kristin over at E! Online has the tentative panel schedule. With a potential actor strike looming and with the otherwise unpredictable nature of those in the business of show, nothing is set in stone, but it looks like the creators behind all of our favorite hit shows will be making appearances -- and letting slip the juicy advance news we all crave. Read more »
FOX is expecting Fringe to be a hit.  I suppose they have their reasons.  J.J. Abrams, Big Hollywood Name, brought Fringe into existence with the help of Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, Big Hollywood Screenwriters.  The staff writers are made up almost entirely of the team that worked on J.J. Abrams ABC series Alias.  There is a certain amount of impressive pedigree, then, involved with Fringe, a sci-fi series in the vein of The X-Files.  But, considering the lack of big names (Joshua Jackson is not a big name anymore, Dawson‘s Creek/Mighty Ducks/Skulls fans, though a resurgence is possible),  and the troubled history of of genre shows on FOX (Firefly, for one), I‘m going to offer an unpopular and possibly overly pessimistic opinion: Fringe will not be the hit that FOX assumes it will be.  Read more »
Being somebody like J.J. Abrams sure is stressful.  He‘s in the middle of producing the upcoming science fiction series Fringe, and he‘s also working on his film version of Star Trek.  While he can sit back on the former, which is set for a September 9 premiere, he still has to work a lot on the latter—and, thankfully, he‘s getting reports that Abrams has screened the first cut for Star Trek to executives at Paramount Pictures.  The film, which acts as a prequel to the original television series which aired in the 1960s, stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and Leonard Nimoy.  Sources from within the studio say the screening was successful, with an unidentified studio veteran thinking the first cut was “very impressive.”  Another thought it was “far beyond expectations”—and these expectations are already high, as the film is slated for a summer 2009 release. Read more »
After frequent comparisons to Lost seeing that both came from the same guy J. J. Abrams, the paranormal show Fringe will now be accessible to British fans as a UK company has recently acquired the rights to broadcast the show.Sky1 big boss David Smyth was reportedly very happy with the acquisition, saying that they expect Fringe to have the same cult following as The X-Files some 15 years ago. Sky1 is also the home of Lost in the UK. Read more »
For exclusive on-set videos and hot features on the new TV season, check out BuddyTV‘s Fall 2008 Preview.Network: FOXPremiere: Tuesday, September 9, 9pmCast: Anna Torv, John Noble, Joshua Jackson, Lance ReddickPremise: An FBI agent (Anna Torv), an institutionalized genius scientist (John Noble) and his rebellious son (Joshua Jackson) team up to investigate the use of “fringe science.”  On Fringe, anything is possible: re-animation, invisibility, teleportation.  It‘s all on the table. Read more »
For exclusive on-set videos and hot features on the new TV season, check out BuddyTV‘s Fall 2008 Preview.When I saw the list of new shows last year, I‘ll admit that wasn‘t that excited.  After Samantha Who, Private Practice, and Pushing Daisies, nothing really caught my attention.  Samantha Who and Private Practice ended up being semi-disappointments while we only got 9 episodes out of Pushing Daisies because of the strike.  From silly reality shows to the latest project from J.J. Abrams to U.S. remakes, I‘m practically salivating over the new crop of programs the networks have for us this fall.  Thank God for TiVo! Read more »
For exclusive on-set videos and hot features on the new TV season, check out BuddyTV‘s Fall 2008 Preview.J.J. Abrams has a pretty solid track record of turning his female leads into popular sex symbols. Keri Russell was once so big that the simple act of cutting her hair caused shockwaves throughout the TV and fashion worlds. Jennifer Garner kicked butt on Alias and now has a solid film career. And Evangeline Lilly moved from small-time Canadian actress to hot leading lady. Read more »
For exclusive on-set videos and hot features on the new TV season, check out BuddyTV‘s Fall 2008 Preview.It‘s impossible to look at Joshua Jackson and not think about Pacey. Dawson‘s Creek was a seminal series in the lives of many 20-somethings, and though there was much debate as to whether Joey should choose Dawson or Pacey, the exposure still made Jackson an instant teen idol. Though his career cooled after the WB drama left the air, he‘s now getting a chance to reclaim that status as the star of one of the most anticipated new shows of the year, J.J. Abrams‘ Fringe. Read more »
It‘s almost impossible to jump into a new show without comparing it to recent television classics from the same genre.  When 2007‘s fall season kicked off, fans couldn‘t help but compare Gossip Girl to The O.C., Reaper to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Journeyman to Quantum Leap, just to list a few examples.  It seems like every new series that hits the airwaves bares at least some resemblance to a previous work, even if it puts an entirely new spin on a well-worn concept.The latest show to garner comparisons to beloved classics is Fringe.  The upcoming FOX sci-fi drama, which is created by J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, can‘t seem to shake the stigma that it‘s nothing but a cross between The X-Files and Lost.  According to star Joshua Jackson, viewers going into Fringe expecting something similar to those sci-fi shows will be sorely disappointed. Read more »
Unless you‘ve been living under a rock this summer, you all know by now that Fringe, J.J. Abrams‘ new brainchild, will be premiering in exactly one week. This new science fiction drama stars Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble, an unlikely trio who band together to investigate strange and often frightening events occurring on the fringes of traditional science. And as talented and as interesting as these actors are, I really have to give props to J.J. Abrams, who collaborated with Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci to come up with the whole thing.I got the chance to catch up with J.J. last week in New York at the Fringe red carpet premiere.  First, let me tell you about the red carpet. It was totally wild. I mean, for one thing, the “red” carpet was actually a nice, tasteful midnight blue. A FOX/Fringe backdrop was set up against a barbed wire-topped chain-link fence, and the various news outlets set up their crews along the carpet. The entire cast and creators were present and made their way along the assembly line of journalists, giving interview after interview. I was relegated along with the other online press at the end of the line, so I had to wait a long time before talking to Abrams. Read more »
Mark Valley has been a reliable character for some time on television.  He‘s played important characters on everything from ER and Boston Legal to Once and Again.  He was most recently seen on CBS‘s summer drama Swingtown.  This fall season, Valley will plays Agent Scott on the highly-anticipated FOX drama Fringe.  Fringe, about a team who investigates the use of "fringe science," comes from TV mastermind JJ Abrams, whose previous TV shows need no introduction - Felicity, Alias and Lost.  Fringe debuts with a two-hour premiere on Tuesday, September 8 at 8pm.  Mark Valley took some time to speak with us about Fringe earlier this week.  This is the first part of our interview.  Part 2 will be published after the pilot airs, seeing as it contains some spoilers.Below you will find a written transcript of the interview along with the full mp3 audio. Read more »
If you‘re just seeing Lance Reddick for the first time, his wiry frame might make you think he usually plays meek guys. Yet in reality, Reddick‘s career is full of some of the toughest bad-asses you‘d never want to meet. From a prison inmate on HBO‘s Oz to the stoic Cedric Daniels on The Wire to the mysterious and nefarious Matthew Abaddon on Lost, Reddick brings a severe intensity to every role he plays.That extends to his latest role in J.J. Abrams‘ new sci-fi drama Fringe. Reddick plays Phillip Broyles, the hardened government agent who oversees the special branch investigating fringe science. BuddyTV spoke to Reddick about his new role, how he got it, and what his status is on Lost. Continue reading for the highlights or to watch our video interview with Lance Reddick. Read more »
When you watch the premiere of Fringe tonight beginning at 8pm, you‘ll notice that there are some very strong female characters who are integral to the show. Anna Torv plays an FBI agent who reluctantly joins forces with a very brainy father-son team to investigate strange occurrences, but her character, Olivia Dunham, is no slouch in the intellectual department herself. On the other side, there is Blair Brown, who plays a top executive at a corporation called Massive Dynamics, a key player in the strange occurrences that become known as The Pattern. Brown‘s Nina Sharp will take a maternal interest in Olivia Dunham, and you know from the minute she hits the screen that she‘s a force to be reckoned with.After chatting with the Fringe cast for a little while on the red carpet at the New York premiere, I also came to learn that the actresses playing these roles are also strong women in their own right. Blair Brown, in particular, shared with me how aware she is the difficulty of being an actress these days. Read more »
It will come to nobody‘s surprise that I am a big nerd. I have spent nearly all of my adult life training to be a scientist, which meant whiling away countless hours in lab. I even wrote a rather depressing Petrarchan sonnet about life as a graduate student, which I‘m rather proud of. (That I enjoyed writing the sonnet more than calibrating my spectrometer is probably why I was not cut out for science.)Now, as a nerd, one of my biggest pet peeves is how infrequently TV shows get science right. TV always likes to show theoretical physicists boiling green liquid in a flask over a Bunsen burner when, in actuality, they would be sitting, twiddling their thumbs, while their computers crunch away. But I was actually really impressed with the authenticity of the Fringe laboratory set. Read more »
Is anyone excited for Fringe?  I‘ve been anticipating the new FOX sci-fi series from the moment I heard about it, but I‘m not sensing much buzz out there for the latest mind-bender from Lost creator J.J. Abrams.  FOX has been promoting it heavily and sunk $10 million into tonight‘s pilot episode, so let‘s hope the risk pays off for them.  Fringe plays like a cross between Alias and The X-Files, which is a mixture that sci-fi fans are sure to go crazy for.Read on for our recap of the first episode, and find out if you‘re part of The Pattern. Read more »
Time will stop again on the set of 24.  As reported earlier this week, production on the FOX series will cease for two weeks, beginning September 15, to re-evaluate the program‘s creative direction after executive producer Howard Gordon expressed dissatisfaction with scripts. But with the long wait ahead before the new season kicks off in January 2009, the network is doing everything it can to ease the wait. On September 14, the network is inviting viewers to buckle up starting at 8pm for a “FOX Sunday Night Thrill Ride” as it airs the encore presentation of the series premiere of Fringe, the heart-pounding first four minutes of Fringe‘s second episode, an exclusive first-look preview of the science fiction remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still and an advance look at the highly anticipated film 24: Redemption. Read more »
Fringe debuted on FOX last night to solid ratings - a little less than ten million viewers, but the biggest show of then night in the all-important 18-49 demographic.  Mark Valley played a huge part in the premiere as Agent Scott, Anna Torv‘s love interest and ultimate betrayer.  The character was a complicated one and, perhaps, the most mysterious during the Fringe pilot.  We still don‘t know where his allegiances lie.  We had a chance to speak with Mark Valley about a week and a half ago, and we published the first part of our interview last week.  The second part, found below, contains spoilers if you have yet to watch the Fringe pilot, so beware.Exclusive Interview: Mark Valley, from ‘Fringe‘ - Part 1Below you will find the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
Fringe debuted last Tuesday to decent ratings, and set up a new Abrams-verse full of mysteries waiting to be revealed. We‘ll see soon enough if the pilot was enough to bring viewers back for a second episode when “The Same Old Story” airs tonight at 9pm.When FOX invited me to attend the Fringe premiere events in New York City, I was initially skeptical about J.J. Abrams‘ new endeavor. After all, I wasn‘t a huge fan of Alias or Lost, mostly because I didn‘t like how aimless the plotlines of those shows often seemed to be. It seemed to me like the writers didn‘t have a clear picture of where they wanted the stories to go, and the episodes seemed to be the results of weekly all-nighters pulled to get the scripts in on time. I was afraid that Fringe was going to follow a similar trajectory, but participating in a roundtable discussion with the creators and writers of the show completely changed my mind. Read more »
Last week‘s premiere of Fringe didn‘t break any ratings records, but it certainly had a solid debut, with nearly 10 million people tuning in to indulge in the sci-fi craziness.  More importantly, most people I‘ve talked to truly enjoyed the pilot, which means that many of them will likely return for tonight‘s all-new episode.  Now that the complicated setup of the series is out of the way, tonight‘s installment will give us some idea how the show will play out week to week.  Can Fringe deliver on the promise of its amazing first episode?The pilot introduced us to wacky fringe scientist Walter Bishop, his genius son Peter, and FBI agent Olivia Dunham.  The trio will be teaming up to investigate strange incidents every week, starting with tonight‘s freakishly bizarre pregnancy. Read more »
After unspectacular ratings last week for its pilot episode, Fringe managed to increase its viewership by 45 percent for the second episode, bringing in a total of 13.2 million viewers. Having FOX‘s popular medical drama House as a lead-in in the second week probably helped a lot, but the performances of two key actors on Fringe couldn‘t have hurt.John Noble plays Dr. Walter Bishop, a brilliant scientist who conducted research on the fringes of traditional science before being institutionalized for nearly two decades. He is brought out of the mental institution by his estranged son Peter, played by Dawson‘s Creek hottie Joshua Jackson, in order to assist the FBI‘s investigations into strange events occurring all across the globe. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Fringe could have been titled "The Case of the Rapidly Aging Man-Baby."  After a newborn developed into an elderly man in a matter of hours, Olivia and Peter tracked down the father, who was actually a lab experiment gone horribly awry.  In addition to that delightfully nasty storyline, Dr. Bishop revealed that some mysterious circumstances surrounded the birth of his son.  Was Peter grown in a lab?  Was he subjected to freaky experiments as a toddler?  We‘ll have to wait and see.On tonight‘s episode of Fringe, the gang question a man who can predict Pattern-related catastrophes.  Perhaps he can help us understand what the heck The Pattern actually is, though I wouldn‘t bet on it. Read more »
Fringe has a tricky balancing act to maintain.  The show wants to pull in the same rabid, Easter Egg-obsessed audience that made Lost a hit, but it also wants to win over the much larger crowd that loves procedural dramas like CSI.  The show risks alienating both types of viewers if it leans too far in either direction.  As someone who is more a fan of serial mysteries than procedural dramas, I‘m finding that Fringe is becoming a bit too predictable in the way it sets up and solves its cases.  I don‘t expect the show to drop its procedural elements and embrace all things Massive Dynamic, but I‘m afraid the series will become stale quickly if it doesn‘t shake things up a bit. Read more »
I‘m really enjoying the way Fringe is subtly tying all of its episodes together.  Last week‘s installment introduced us to a man who had visions of the airplane incident from the pilot episode, and the shady character at the heart of tonight‘s investigation appeared somewhere in the background during each previous installment.  I‘m starting to get a sense that the writers know exactly what they‘re doing, which makes me believe that everything about The Pattern may actually add up to make a hell of a lot of sense.  These bits of connective tissue will certainly make the show fun to rewatch on DVD.On tonight‘s episode of Fringe, the gang springs into action after a mysterious explosion rocks New York City. Read more »
Last week I wrote an article pondering whether Fringe was becoming too predictable with its storytelling structure.  The first three episodes of the series played out in exactly the same manner, and I worried that such a strict adherence to formula would drive away fans looking for Lost-style ongoing mysteries.  Thankfully, the latest episode of the show turned the formula on its head and presented an extremely compelling mystery that wasn‘t neatly wrapped up within the hour.  It was the best episode of Fringe so far, and it left me desperately wanting to see where the writers are taking the story.Thanks to FOX, fans like myself will now get to see what the writers can cook up in an entire 22-episode season.  The network recently ordered nine more episodes on top of the 13 already in production, making it the second freshman series to get a full-season order after 90210. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Fringe, "The Arrival," was my favorite installment of the series by far.  I enjoyed the monster of the week structure that the first three episodes followed, but "The Arrival" finally offered up some juicy mythology that brought new depth to the series.  Of course, along with the new mythology came new questions.  We learned about the existence of a shady bald man code-named The Observer, and we know that he has strange ties to both Pattern-related catastrophes and Dr. Bishop.  What we don‘t know is who The Observer is, where he came from, how he knows the good doctor, and how he can see the future of The Pattern.  It‘s time to start theorizing. Read more »
Previously on Fringe, we were introduced to the mysterious man known only as The Observer.  We may not know what he wants, where he comes from or how he can predict The Pattern, but we do know that he likes spicy food and has been keeping an eye on Walter and Peter for years.  Peter‘s run-in with the creepy bald man finally convinced him that there are some crazy, unexplainable things going on in the world, which hopefully means he‘ll stop making so many snarky comments about his father‘s research.  Dr. Bishop may be nuts, but he knows a thing or two about wacky phenomena.On tonight‘s episode of Fringe, the gang tracks down a man who has the power to harness electricity. Read more »
There‘s no doubt that Fringe is building toward something huge, though it‘s tough to guess where the series is headed this early in its run.  Nearly every episode ends with the investigative team solving the mystery of the week, but it‘s obvious that the strange events they encounter are far from random.  Last night‘s installment, "Power Hungry," introduced us to a mysterious man known as Dr. Fisher.  Agent Broyles revealed that there are numerous shady doctors in the world who have been illegally experimenting on human subjects, with Fisher possibly being the worst of them.  What‘s the ultimate goal of these doctors, and why are they trying to give ordinary people special abilities? Read more »
The ability to manipulate electricity may sound like tons of fun, but last week‘s episode of Fringe taught us that such power is only useful if it can be controlled.  After being experimented on by creepy Dr. Fisher, sad sack Jonathan found himself shorting out clock radios, sending an elevator full of people to their doom, and accidentally disrupting his mother‘s pacemaker.  The FBI arrested Fisher and sent Jonathan to the hospital, but only after plenty of damage had been done.  Last week‘s episode also found Olivia having visions of John (Mark Valley), which eventually led her to an old cellar containing numerous Pattern-related files that he was investigating in his spare time.On tonight‘s episode of Fringe, a woman with a strange disease causes a diner full of people to die from radiation poisoning.  Paging Dr. House! Read more »
Looking back on the many shows J.J. Abrams has had a hand in creating over the years, it seems like they all have one thing in common: the characters always have daddy issues.  Ben had an abundance of drama with his alcoholic father on Felicity, the strained relationship between Jack and Sydney Bristow was one of the best things about Alias, and at least a few of the dads on Lost have murdered people in cold blood.  The daddy issues obviously make for compelling drama, but this recurring theme does leave me wondering if Abrams has some familial issues he needs to examine in therapy.This week‘s episode of Fringe continued exploring Abrams‘ favorite topic, as we learned that Olivia (Anna Torv) has an evil stepfather on the loose.  If the shows listed above are any indication, their relationship isn‘t going to end well. Read more »
After a short break to make room for election shenanigans, Fringe finally returned tonight with its unique brand of sci-fi nuttiness.  It‘s possible this show has me looking for interconnected events in my everyday life, because I‘m starting to notice that Fringe itself follows a very interesting pattern.  It seems that every episode of the series co-written by J.J. Abrams, including tonight‘s installment, ends up being a mind-blowing roller coaster ride.  Abrams previously chipped in on the first two episodes, as well as "The Arrival," which introduced us to that creepy bald man known as The Observer.  I‘d certainly rank "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones" alongside those superior spook-fests.  Not only did it contain some of the strangest things we‘ve ever seen on Fringe, but it also introduced us to another mysterious man who may know more about The Pattern than we realize. Read more »
It‘s impossible to watch Fringe without marveling over how perfectly John Noble brings the character of Walter Bishop to life.  Walter is such a tricky character, and a lesser actor would likely fail at portraying his unique blend of lunacy, vulnerability and comic relief.  The nutty doctor is the best character on a show that‘s shaping up to be a worthy successor to cult classics like Lost and The X-Files.Now that the first season of Fringe is really kicking into high gear, Noble spoke with the press to drop hints about what‘s coming up for his character.  He discussed the strained relationship between Walter and Peter, and also revealed an interesting fact about one of his co-stars. Read more »
The Observer is a mysterious figure seen at the scene of many Pattern-related events on Fringe.  He doesn‘t appear to visibly age, and has a number of odd habits. Last month, BuddyTV‘s Don William‘s gave his theories on who The Observer is, a mystery that has left fans curious to find out more. In an interview with TV Guide, executive producer Jeff Pinkner weighs in on the nature of one of Fringe‘s most baffling character. Read more »
So far, fans have only gotten a speck of the back-story to the main characters of Fringe.  Soon, however, viewers will be meeting a new cast addition that will change all that, and according to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, she‘ll be sticking around for awhile.Ari Graynor, who played Meadow‘s unstable roommate at Columbia on HBO‘s The Sopranos, will soon be joining the cast of Fringe as Agent Olivia Dunham‘s (Anna Torv) sister.  The 25-year-old actress, who is also credited for Mystic River, Book Of Love, Game 6 and For Your Consideration, is expected to arrive on science fiction drama in January.Warning: This article may contain spoilers. Read more »
The year is almost over, and BuddyTV wants to know which shows were your absolute favorites from 2008. We have a huge Showdown featuring 48 of the top shows of the year, from reality staples like American Idol to smash hits like CSI. You can vote for your favorite cult shows like Supernatural, or a small comedy like It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We have shows still going strong like Grey‘s Anatomy and shows canceled before their time like Jericho.VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2008>> Read more »
Fringe has often been compared to shows such as The X-Files, Altered States, The Twilight Zone and Dark Angel, but cast member Joshua Jackson thinks that this is a little more than a lazy reference. The sci-fi series, which details the exploits of FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham, scientist Walter Bishop, and his son Peter as they investigate aspects of fringe science, is “trying to be a hybrid of a few different things,” according to the 30-year-old actor.  On the other hand, Jackson hopes Fringe will eventually be used as a reference point when the next large sci-fi series debuts. Read more »
On Monday, I was fortunate enough to attend a red carpet event and a party to celebrate Fringe, which premieres on Tuesday, September 9 at 8pm. 9/9/08 at 8. Hmm, I wonder if the number 9988 is going to be significant in this series? Look, I know it‘s a stretch, but damn you, J.J. Abrams, for making us all look for symbolism when none likely exists! [Shakes fist at sky]Now, I am not generally a fan of J. J. Abrams‘ work. I didn‘t like Felicity very much because I couldn‘t get past how unrealistic college life was portrayed. For some reason, though, I forced myself to see it through till the end, even the hokey re-doing history bit in which Felicity decides to be pre-med and go for Ben in the final season. Alias started out great but left me cold because I had absolutely no faith that the writers knew where they were going. And Lost. Don‘t get me started on Lost. I watched the first season faithfully, week after week, hoping for some answers to the bazillion questions they kept throwing at us. I just can‘t deal with not getting any answers. Read more »
From FOX‘s official press release:Olivia‘s abduction and possible epidemic reveal a new wrinkle in the pattern on an all-new Fringe Tuesday, January 20 on FOX. Read more »
From FOX‘s official press release:A mysterious virus emerges and agents are forced to go undercover on Fringe on Tuesday, February 3 on FOX. Read more »
After an almost two-month hiatus, Fox sci-fi series Fringe returns tonight with a brand new episode called “Inner Child.”  In this episode, we meet an enigmatic mute child – pale, hairless, no eyebrows – who is found in a chamber that’s been closed for 70 years, right before the building is demolished.  When the Fringe Division is brought in to investigate, the boy mysteriously starts bonding with Olivia (Anna Torv).  Meanwhile, while the boy begins to adapt to his new environment, Olivia and the FBI hunt a bizarre serial killer known only as “The Artist” who resurfaces to publicly display his work. I could be wrong, but I could’ve sworn there’s a CSI episode very similar to this.  The creepy, mute child, however, is all Fringe original.In other news, Associated Press reports that John Noble, who plays quirky Dr. Walter Bishop on the series, says one of Fringe’s biggest mysteries will soon be resolved.  The mystery is about the chilling manifesto that may or may not hold clues to all the weirdness that had been going on which the trio of Olivia, Dr. Bishop, and his son, discovered just before the show went on hiatus. Read more »
Earlier this week it was reported that Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy would appear on the FOX drama Fringe as the mysterious William Bell in the season 1 finale, airing May 12. Bell was Walter Bishop’s old lab partner and is now the head of the technologically advanced company Massive Dynamics.On its surface, this bit of stunt casting might seem like a brilliant move, attracting even more sci-fi fans to J.J. Abrams’ show. But is casting this legend really the smartest move for the show, or just a shameless bit of marketing? Read more »
After a long hiatus, Fox sci-fi series Fringe returned to solid numbers to reign in its post-Idol slot with 10.9 million viewers. It helped, too, that some 10 minutes of American Idol trickled into Fringe‘s timeslot.Perhaps one of Fringe‘s most known actors, 60-year-old John Noble, who plays mad scientist Dr. Walter Bishop, says he feels a connection with the character that he plays. Read more »
After becoming one of the top freshman series this season, Fox sci-fi procedural Fringe is set to freak people out for another season as the network orders a full 22-episode second run."Fringe proved to be a notable addition to our schedule all season, and it really has fans buzzing as it builds to a fantastic season finale," said Kevin Reilly, president of entertainment at Fox.  "[Creator] J.J. and the whole Bad Robot team have been phenomenal partners, and we look forward to years of making great television with them." Read more »
On tonight‘s season finale of Fringe - "There‘s More Than One of Everything" - someone "with close ties" to the Fringe Division is attacked.  Meanwhile, ZFT bioterrorist David Robert Jones returns and Walter mysteriously disappears.  The season finale features Leonard Nimoy of Spock of Star Trek fame as Dr. William Bell.  Fringe co-creator Roberto Orci previously revealed that Nimoy‘s character will return this fall for an extended arc, in at least two episodes, and is going to be "the beginning of the answers to even bigger questions."  In an interview, Nimoy described the final scene of the episode, which he shares Anna Torv, who plays Olivia."It‘s very brief, but I think interesting, entertaining and there‘s enough given in the scene to whet your appetite, that you‘ll want to see more of this relationship and what it‘s all about.  You‘ll want to know what it is he has in mind with Olivia, what he wants or needs her for, why he wants to see her, what their past history is about and where they‘re going together." Read more »
While he may be understandably busy with the Star Trek frenzy as of the moment, Fringe co-creator JJ Abrams reportedly still has time to talk about the Fox series, the debut season of which came to a close last night.  In a media conference call Friday, Abrams detailed the plans he has for the upcoming season of Fringe."Season 2 is getting to know the enemy, but season one is getting to know that there is an enemy, and getting to know each other." Read more »
Today FOX officially announced its schedule for the 2009-2010 TV season, and some of the changes are huge.  Aside from the great news that Dollhouse will be coming back for a second season, the other big story is that So You Think You Can Dance, which premieres its fifth season this Thursday, will air in the Fall as well for an immediate sixth season.The So You Think You Can Dance move is unusual, but helps to balance out the schedule since FOX has American Idol in the Spring.  It also gives FOX the chance to do direct competition with Dancing with the Stars, a show that in recent seasons has taken several professional from former SYTYCD contestants.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW Read more »