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The moment that I have been waiting for all summer is finally here. The new season of Friday Night Lights!The premiere opens at the Dillon town pool. It‘s the last week of summer and the first week of the new football season. Julie (Aimee Teegarden) is working at the pool as a lifeguard, probably as an excuse to make eyes at the fellow lifeguard she refers to as “the Swede.” Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford) is none too happy to have spent his summer watching Julie watch the Swede, and thinks that maybe he should be asking himself WWRD (What Would Riggins Do). Landry (Jesse Plemons) is too distracted by Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) to care. Also arriving at the pool is a very pregnant Tami Taylor (Connie Britton). Julie is mortified that her mother is there, and we learn that Julie has been sullen and moody all summer. Tami‘s water breaks while she‘s in the pool, which, um, ewww. Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) has been in Austin, coaching at TMU for the past eight months, and he hops on a plane to Dillon, just barely making it to the hospital minutes before baby Grace is born. Read more »
NBC‘s critically-hyped yet flailing football drama, Friday Night Lights recently returned to primetime television with a respectable opening of its second season last Friday.  The sophomore series, whose fate remains in the hands of weekly patrons, opened in a tie with the second installment of the freshman vampire show, Moonlight.  On its premiere offering for its new season, the show was watched by 6.5 million viewers overall. Fans of Friday Night Lights must rally behind it if the show is to stay on the air, especially after NBC nearly didn‘t pick it up after the close of its first season.  Perhaps one reason for more viewers to tune in this time around are the sexier sequences said to be in greater abundance as the season rolls out.  Two of the stars of Friday Night Lights clue us in on what could potentially be a bigger draw to aid the ratings-needy franchise. Read more »
In the growing and seemingly continuous list of comic book heroes being adapted for the big screen, the one currently drawing a multitude of Hollywood‘s young generation is Justice League of America.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, director George Miller flew into Los Angeles over the weekend for a marathon casting session. Among the faces that have shown up at the auditions are stars from The O.C., Running with Scissors, Windfall, Grindhouse, Sky High, Wolf Creek, Jumper and Friday Night Lights. Read more »
Taylor Kitsch plays resident bad boy Tim Riggins on the critically acclaimed Friday Night Lights.  He‘s a fan favorite, not just for his brooding good looks, but also for the intensity he brings to the screen in his portrayal of the troubled high school football player.Taylor spoke to BuddyTV today about the dramatic new developments in store for his character this season, how being on Friday Night Lights beefed up his acting chops and how he liked acting in Snakes on a Plane.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a transcript of the interview. Read more »
Previously on Friday Night Lights, Lyla (Minka Kelly) was still the best Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) ever had, Julie (Aimee Teegarden) broke up with Matt (Zach Gilford) , MacGregor, the new coach, kicked Buddy Garrity (Brad Leland) out of practice, Jason (Scott Porter) found out about an experimental procedure that might allow him to walk again, Landry (Jesse Plemons) and Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) had sex.Tonight on Friday Night Lights, Tyra and Landry wake up after their night of sex. He tells her that it was the best night of his life, but she says that it can‘t happen again. Tyra climbs out his window, but his father sees her leaving. Read more »
It wasn‘t exactly Friday Night Lights but Saturday was close enough.  Scott Porter, who plays the Dillon Panthers‘ former quarterback, Jason Street, on the NBC football drama, came wearing a backward-donned Nebraska ball cap and a Maurice Purify jersey to last Saturday‘s Husker‘s game against Texas A&M.The young actor took a break from his regular Friday Night Lights filming schedule to take in an actual football match with his family. Read more »
In the first season of Friday Night Lights, Jesse Plemons was relegated to second fiddle as lovable Landry Clarke, the comic sidekick to star quarterback Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford).  Now into its second season, the Friday Night Lights class clown has been promoted to meatier storylines.  Landry finally got to be with the girl of his dreams, Tyra (Adrianne Palicki), though it comes at the price of having helped cover up his killing of her attempted rapist.  Landry has also joined the football team and we‘re seeing more of his family life, with a local cop father played by 24 favorite Glenn Morshower.BuddyTV spoke to Plemons about all these new and exciting stories for season 2 of Friday Night Lights.  Plemons spoke about upcoming episodes, interacting with the cast, and working with Morshower, who more closely resembles Plemons‘ father than his real life dad.  Below you will fin a transcript as well as the mp3 audio fie of the interview. Read more »
Twenty-eight-year-old Scott Porter portrays the former star quarterback of the Dillon Panthers on the hit show Friday Night Lights.  His character Jason Street suffered from a spinal cord injury during the pilot episode of the series, and has been recovering, both physically and emotionally, from the accident ever since.  Scott Porter consistently brings a warmth and honesty to his portrayal of Jason.  He spoke to BuddyTV about his thoughts on how he identifies with Jason Street, his thoughts on the second season of Friday Night Lights, and what it‘s like living in Austin, Texas.  Read on to find an audiofile and a transcript of the interview. Read more »
Previously on Friday Night Lights, Coach Taylor left but came back, Tammy had a baby and is having a hard time, Julie is being a brat, Tim and Jason are in Mexico checking out some experimental surgery, and the police found the body that Landry and Tyra tried to hide.This episode opens in Mexico with Lila in a cab. When she gets to the hotel, Jason is not happy to see her. In fact, he goes off on Tim for calling her. Tim really is against this surgery for Jason and has enlisted Lila‘s help in convincing Jason that it‘s not a good idea. Read more »
The brains behind Friday Night Lights (FNL) may have to rethink their second season strategy before the flailing and ratings-needy series goes on to lose whatever fan base it has a hold on.  According to the Los Angeles Times, its sophomore offering opening shocker has left Friday Night Lights loyalists wondering what the critically-acclaimed program has been reduced to.Now, more than ever, Friday Night Lights must solidify its grip on its existing fan base, aside from the pressing need for it to gain increased viewership.  Its continued presence on the air greatly depends on sufficient patronage and following. Read more »
This episode of Friday Night Lights begins with The Three Musketeers (Lyla, Jason and Tim) driving back to Dillon from Mexico. Jason turns 19 soon and he‘s having an identity crisis of sorts. This will be a recurring thing for him throughout the episode.At the Taylor home, it‘s Tammy‘s first day back at work. She‘s getting antsy waiting for her sister, Shelly, to get there to help out with Gracie. The mail has arrived and with it Eric‘s first check. When they open it, they discover that it is way short of what they expected. When asked, Eric tells Tammy that he just assumed that he‘d be paid the same as before. She tells him that he needs to get that taken care of. Read more »
Do you like props?  Who doesn‘t, right?  NBC is putting props from all its most popular shows up for auction starting next week, and anyone can bid on them.  I‘ve never heard of anything like this happening before, but I probably just haven‘t been paying attention.  So, on Monday, the auctions will begin with items that I presume will range from the very pricey (Tim Sale‘s Heroes paintings) to the affordable (Dunder-Mifflin warehouse uniforms).  I wonder if this has anything to do with the writers‘ strike, a sort of juvenile ploy by the networks to anger the writers and actors while production is shut down.  It probably doesn‘t, but the timing is a little suspicious. Read more »
You know him as Logan from Gilmore Girls, Rory‘s long-time boyfriend.  The rich one.  His name, if you didn‘t know, is Matt Czuchry.  Today, NBC announced that Mr. Czuchry will be appearing on Friday Night Lights as a Cristian Radio host.  Czuchry played anything but a devout Christian while on Gilmore Girls – it‘s nice to see him branch out.  I‘ve always been a little confused as to how Czuchry hasn‘t gotten more high-profile work in Hollywood.  Perhaps this gig on Friday Night Lights is the beginning of something bigger. Read more »
This episode of Friday Night Lights begins early in the morning on the first day that college recruiters can talk to athletes and Smash‘s phone is already ringing off the hook. He‘s gotten two calls before the show is 2 minutes old and his mama ain‘t happy.Tim‘s brother, sensitive person that he is, brings Tim‘s ex into the house. He makes a smart aleck comment and Tim decides to leave. She tells him that he shouldn‘t leave because it‘s his house. How come she didn‘t think about that before she walked in there with Billy? Anyway, he packs his stuff and shows up on Tyra‘s doorstep. He asks her if he can stay and she gives him 48 hours. Read more »
It wasn‘t too long ago that HBO decided to pull the plug on the profound surfer drama, John from Cincinnati.  However, fans of the show‘s star, Austin Nichols, can get more of the actor as he is currently appearing on NBC‘s critically-acclaimed series, Friday Night Lights. Nichols, whose multi-episode arc began last Friday, plays Noah, a new teacher at Dillon High.  Noah forms a special bond with high school student Julie Taylor (Aimee Teegarden), who happens to be the daughter of the school‘s guidance counselor, Tami Taylor (Connie Britton). Warning: may contain spoilers. Read more »
Friday Night Lights has a new recruit in the person of football and baseball player, Aaron Garza.  The former high school football player and current baseball player is scheduled to appear on the critically hailed NBC drama next month. Garza looks like he‘s finally making good on his promise to venture into acting in the event a career in baseball fails to pan out.  According to his profile in the Traverse City Beach Bums Program, if baseball doesn‘t work out, “He‘s going to Hollywood.” Read more »
Previously on Friday Night Lights, Tim, needing a place to stay, moves in with Guy, the ferret guy. Eric shows signs of jealousy over Tami‘s friendship with Glenn. Carlotta, the nurse, teaches Matt how to dance for Pantherama performance, and Landry tells Tyra about his dad setting the car on fire.This episode begins with the Panthers getting killed on the football field. Everyone is ticked off except for Smash. He‘s flying high and gloating about his upcoming recruiting trip. Tami‘s sister, Shelly, calls Tami‘s attention to Julie being at the game with her teacher. Read more »
This week on Friday Night Lights, not everything goes as planned on a date and a sneaky getaway becomes necessary for Jason (Scott Porter).  Meanwhile, Landry (Jesse Plemons) gets the official third degree in connection with the attack on Mike Caldwell.Read on for spoilers to Friday‘s episode entitled “The Confession.” Read more »
Previously on Friday Night Lights, Tim finds Guy‘s, the Ferret Guy, drug lab and then he rejoins the football team. Buddy takes in Santiago, a new Panther football player whose parents have been deported. Tami and Julie battle, Julie goes too far, tells her mother to go to hell and gets slapped for her trouble. And Landry goes to the police station and confesses to killing Tyra‘s would be rapist.What will happen to Landry? Tim‘s roommate scares me, will he make Tim pay for finding his lab? How many Tami/Julie battles will we be subjected to tonight and will Shelly be a help or a hindrance? What will happen to Landry? I know I already asked that question, but that‘s what I most want to find out tonight. Read more »
As previously reported, Gilmore Girls alum Matt Czuchry has landed a guest-starring stint on the NBC football drama, Friday Night Lights.  Czuchry is set to play Chris Kennedy, a conservative Christian radio show host who becomes friends with the spiritually reborn Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly).  His storyline will tie into Lyla‘s on-and-off romance with football player Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch). “[He is] very strong in his beliefs, but, at the same time, he is very open," Czuchry said of his character in an interview with Read more »
Fans of Friday Night Lights will have to wait until next year to catch new episodes of the critically-acclaimed football drama.  However, those who are itching to find out what is in store for the series in the coming weeks can catch a sneak peek through some good, old fashioned spoilers.Continue reading only if you want to be spoiled. Read more »
It‘s been so long since we‘ve had a new episode of Friday Night Lights, that some of the previouslies seemed almost new! Tami and Shelly fighting, Buddy and his ex-wife, Pam‘s, new man fighting, ferret guy waking Tim up at gun point, Coach Taylor taking him in, and finally Landry telling Tyra that there will be no charges filed against him.What will happen to our favorites, and not so favorite, this week? Will the Dillon residents get hours of warning about the incoming tornado like the Wisteria Lane residents? Will the Dillon and Laribee teams coexist? Will Tyra and Landry get back together? What discontent will Julie the brat cause now? Read more »
On the last episode of Friday Night Lights, a tornado hit the Dillon county area, damaging Dillion High School‘s rival school, Laribee.  Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) reluctantly welcomed Laribee, which now shares Dillon‘s weight room, football field and lockers.  Julie Taylor (Aimee Teegarden) and Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) struggled to adjust to Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) living in their house during a tough transition period, Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly) had to face the reality that her mom is going to get remarried, while Eric unfairly made things difficult for Tim.The drama continues this Friday in the episode “Jumping the Gun.”  Warning: May contain spoilers. Read more »
Previously on Friday Night Lights, Smash took the heat from the major colleges that were seeking a verbal commitment to their program, while the tension between Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins continued to run high regarding the situation with Julie. This Friday, fans will be presented with another new episode that marks the beginning of Matt Czuchry‘s (Gilmore Girls) guest-star stint on Friday Night Lights. Warning: May contain spoilers. Read more »
Previously on Friday Night Lights, we‘re reminded of Tim kissing Lyla, the relationship between Buddy and Santiago, Mrs. Williams venting to Tami about Noelle, and the decision to send Gracie to Day Care.This week, Lyla starts her new job and Tim is initially less than supportive, Santiago‘s past catches up to him, Smash and Noelle‘s relationship is further discussed and Tami has separation issues. Read more »
Last week on Friday Night Lights, Coach and Tami looked into day care for Gracie, but found themselves having a tough time letting go. Lyla started working as a DJ on a Christian radio station, Matt discovered that he is actually in love with Carlotta, and Smash realized that those close to him may not be ready for interracial dating.The drama continues this week in the episode “Humble Pie.” Read on to find out what‘s in store for the 13th episode of Friday Night Lights‘ second season.Warning: May contain spoilers. Read more »
Friday Night Lights fans have been fortunate in that 15 episodes were shot before the start of the writers‘ strike. It‘s incredibly sad to see the season winding down, but I‘m just so grateful that there are still a couple episodes left.On tonight‘s Friday Night Lights, Jason Street (Scott Porter) needs to get a new transmission for car that would set him back $4000. Seeing as he only has $8000 to his name, he‘s in dire straits. Buddy Garrity (Brad Leland) continues to act as the town benefactor and offers him a job at the dealership. The other salespeople aren‘t happy about adding Jason to their team because they are already overstaffed and he‘ll be encroaching on their commissions. He inadvertently steps on the toes of all the other salespeople, including bitchy blond who steals his first sale. (Turns out that bitchy blond pulled the wool over his eyes to get him to give up the sale.) Street vindicates himself by convincing the perennial Looky Lou to buy his dream car. And this portion of Friday Night Lights is brought to you by America‘s twisted and contradictory idea of what it means to be environmentally friendly. Read more »
Previously on Friday Night Lights, Coach Eric Taylor hired wife Tami as the girls‘ volleyball coach and enlisted the help of Tyra, Lyla‘s relationship with Matt Czuchry seemed to be developing nicely as she talks to him about sleeping with her paralyzed boyfriend‘s best friend, Landry got a new physics buddy, while Smash got arrested after his altercation at the movie theater and Eric was forced to suspend him for three gamnes.The drama continues on Friday Night Lights with the episode called “Leave No One Behind.”  Read on to find out what‘s in store for this week‘s episode. Read more »
Previously on Friday Night Lights, Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) broke up with Landry (Jesse Plemons) after the resolution of their accidental murder, Smash (Gaius Charles) accepted a scholarship with TMU but then got suspended for three games for fighting, Matt (Zach Gilford) fell in love with the hot Latina nurse, but was heartbroken when she decided to go back to Guatemala.Matt has nothing left to live for on tonight‘s Friday Night Lights. With Carlotta gone, he has to be the sole care-giver for his Grandma again. Not only that, but his old jalopy breaks down on his way to school. He‘s not a happy camper. At school, he mouths off in his art class, calling his teacher a bitch. He even cuts his Spanish class and football practice. Read more »
Last week on Friday Night Lights, Smash got “the mark of death” and got his TMU scholarship revoked because of his questionable character, Saracen reached a tough point in his life when the Latina nurse he‘s in love with left for Guatemala, forcing him to be the sole care-giver for his Grandma again, while Landry realized that he has to dump Jean to be with Tyra.The drama continues in this week‘s episode called “May the Best Man Win,” which is also the last pre-strike episode of Friday Night Lights. Read more »
Previously on Friday Night Lights, Riggs (Taylor Kitsch) pined for Lyla (Minka Kelly); Jason Street (Scott Porter) got lucky with the waitress who saved him from his date from hell; Smash (Gaius Charles) lost his scholarship to TMU and was suspended for three games.There‘s a lot of church in tonight‘s Friday Night Lights. Riggs is attending Lyla‘s megachurch regularly now, even dragging Billy along with him. On this particular Sunday, Riggs pokes Billy to pony up some cash for the offering basket that Lyla is toting around. At Smash‘s church things are more energetic with an electric keyboard as opposed to the crusty old organ.  Smash leaves to make some calls to the other schools that were courting him. Not looking good, though. He even stalks the Alabama coach to beg him to take him back. Sadly, no cigar. Read more »
Like other primetime underdogs, Friday Night Lights is now facing the possibility of cancellation, as expected, because of insufficient ratings.  NBC has originally commissioned the series for a 22-episode order for the second season, but due to the WGA writer‘s strike, only 15 episodes were aired.  And though there are still remaining episodes left in the order, comments made by NBC chief Ben Silverman during the announcement of the second season DVD strongly indicate that the show will not be renewed for a third season. But while things may look bleak for the Dillon Panthers, avid viewers will be pleased to know that there are several fan-driven movements starting up in an attempt to keep the show on the air. Read more »
Television star Taylor Kitsch, known most for his work on the NBC football drama Friday Night Lights, has signed on to appear alongside award-winning Aussie actor Hugh Jackman on the upcoming superhero movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Although there has been no official confirmation from the studios yet, several online sources are reporting that Kitsch has been cast in the role of Gambit, a mutant who has the ability to manipulate kinetic energy, and is known for his card-throwing skills. Read more »
Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows on television, but like a lot of great shows it isn‘t watched by very many people.  Each new episode in season 2 averaged only about six million viewers, which isn‘t a particularly spectacular amount for a major network like NBC.  However, six million viewers would be considered a great number on networks like the CW, E!, G4, DirecTV, or TNT, which is why NBC is attempting to bring the show back for a third season by sharing it with one of these outlets.  The network has been shopping the show around, trying to strike up a deal where, for a certain fee, one of these channels can broadcast repeats of Friday Night Lights episodes after they‘ve aired on NBC.  This isn‘t the only option NBC is looking into, but is it possible for this show to be saved? Read more »
If there‘s anything that the followers of CBS‘ Jericho has taught us, it‘s that one should never underestimate the power of a loyal fan base.  Keeping that lesson in mind, fans of NBC‘s Friday Night Lights are now rallying together to save the struggling football drama, resorting to several creative ways to get the network‘s attention. As reported previously, a number of online save-the-show campaigns have been launched for Friday Night Lights, with the most popular ones being and The first site is encouraging fans to donate money that will be used to buy mini plastic footballs, which will then be sent to NBC. The second site hosts an online petition, offers Friday Night Lights banner graphics, and -- in keeping with their campaign motto, “Keep the Lights On” -- asks fans to send light bulbs with the words “Lights On” to the network. Read more »
I‘ll admit it:  sometimes I hear a piece of news that makes me squeal with glee.  It‘s a very manly squeal of course, but it‘s loud and shrill nonetheless.  This is the sound I made when I found out that NBC is very close to striking a deal to bring Friday Night Lights back for a third season.  As we reported previously, NBC has been shopping the show around in an attempt to strike a deal with another company that would help alleviate the costs of the low-rated drama.  Now it looks like DirecTV is ready to step in and partner with NBC to help bring the series back for another year.  However, what will this mean for the loyal viewers of the underrated drama? Read more »
Friday Night Lights had its Paley Festival panel last night, and the mood appeared to be optimistic.  TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello moderated the event.  While the entire cast was unfortunately not on hand to speak about Friday Night Lights, there were more than enough familiar Dillon faces to please the fans in attendance.  The big question hanging over the entire panel was, of course, whether or not Friday Night Lights would be returning for a third season.  The fate of the series has been up in the air since it premiered in Fall of 2006, and the speculation hasn‘t stopped since.  The recent announcement of a joint NBC/DirecTV deal that would allow Friday Night Lights to produce a third season has raised the hopes of fans.  By the way the panel discussed that possibility, I think Friday Night Lights fans can feel pretty good right now. Read more »
Fans of Friday Night Lights will be pleased to know NBC‘s Emmy Award-winning yet perennially on-the-bubble drama series will return for a third season, according to cast member Kyle Chandler.  This information comes as a big boost to desperate fans following comments made by NBC chief Ben Silverman during the announcement of the second season DVD that strongly indicate that the show might be canceled.In an interview taped Wednesday with David Bianculli, former TV critic for New York‘s Daily News, for National Public Radio‘s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, Chandler revealed that a deal was already struck, and that it will spread costs and allow the series to continue. Read more »
It seems that the fans‘ efforts of saving the critically-acclaimed NBC drama, Friday Night Lights have finally paid off. The show has indeed been renewed for another season, despite consistently being on the bubble. This is good news for most fans who don‘t mind waiting until 2009 to see the new installment to air on NBC. However, for those who subscribe to DirecTV, you‘ll be in on a great Friday Night Lights treat. Read more »
Fans were delighted to find out that Friday Night Lights has finally been renewed for a 13-episode long third season, which is supposed to come about thanks to the efforts of NBC and DirecTV. The two companies did strike a deal last month, and have agreed to make season 3 of FNL possible. The deal states that the third run of Friday Night Lights will first air on DirecTV come October of this year and will later run on NBC in February 2009.Recently, executive producer Jason Katims sat down with TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello to delve into the details about how FNL‘s season 3 came about, and how they’re going to push through producing the awaited brand new season. Read more »
Jesse Plemons and Brea Grant made quite the couple on Friday Night Lights.  Grant played Landry‘s rebound love interest during the second season of Friday Night Lights and made a pretty darn good impression on fans and TV executives alike.  Jesse Plemons has always been a fan favorite as Landry.  NBC is apparently a big fan of both.  Today, it has been announced that both Plemons and Grant have been cast in two different NBC franchises – one new and one old.  Brea Grant is joining the cast of Heroes next season, while Jesse Plemons will appear in an episode of NBC‘s summer anthology series Fear Itself.  Read more »
In honor of Mother‘s Day, BuddyTV has compiled this list of our 10 favorite motherly moments.An important and difficult part in raising a child is the sex talk. How does a mother talk to her daughter about sex without sounding like a total prude? Might I suggest sitting your daughter down in front of a TV and popping in “I Think We Should Have Sex,” an episode from the first season of Friday Night Lights. Read more »
There‘s a lot to take in here.  NBC head Ben Silverman held a conference call today regarding NBC‘s upfronts.  He went over the NBC Fall schedule, the new series that will premiere next season, what NBC‘s midseason will look like and which shows will return, when they will return and with how many episodes.  NBC‘s big thing is that this schedule is a 52-week schedule, with staggered premiere dates and very few re-runs.  Ben Silverman claimed that next season, NBC will premiere more series than any other network ever.  That‘s probably true.  Read more »