Articles for Frasier Season 11

Peri Gilpin became a TV regular when she landed the role of Rozalind "Roz" Doyle on the long-running sitcom Frasier. As the producer of Frasier Crane’s Dr. Frasier Crane Show on KACL, she became one of Frasier’s closest friends, despite all the teasing and mocking involved in their friendship. Because of her appeal, as well as her delight in men, her promiscuity was often the subject of many jokes. She had many brief flings with coworkers, including Bulldog Briscoe, had slept with Frasier and had lusted after co-worker Noel Shempsky. She was nominated for a Viewers for Quality Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Quality Comedy Series and won a Screen Actors Guild Award along with other cast members for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series in 1993. Read more »
Kelsey Grammer became a renowned comedic actor when he was cast on Frasier as Dr. Frasier Crane. Initially, his character was introduced on the television series Cheers as a psychiatrist love interest for barmaid Diane Chambers, played by actress Shelley Long. But because of fans’ positive reception of his character, he eventually starred on his own show in 1993 entitled Frasier. Born to psychiatrist Hester Rose Crane and police detective Martin Crane, he was the older brother of Dr. Niles Crane. Having been educated at Harvard and Oxford, he was extremely confident and was often perceived as an uptight intellect with a large ego. He worked as a radio psychiatrist at KACL radio, offering counseling and giving advise that usually meddles in the affairs and relationships of others. Read more »
Everyone has a favorite TV crush--and favorite TV girlfriends are no exception. These small-screen paramours generally fall into categories, from the high maintenance chick, the most popular girl in school, the sexy mother figure or the hot vixen who‘s way out of your league. Which one is your type? Why choose just one when you can have them all? Read more »

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