Articles for Flipping Out Season 1

Flipping Out is the Bravo network‘s latest reality series that follows real estate speculator Jeff Lewis as he buys several million-dollar properties, rebuilds and makes them over, then puts them back on the market, selling them for a few more million.  An obsessive-compulsive businessman, he is able to pull off flipping numerous multi-million dollar houses simultaneously, managing to earn a six-figure profit on every property. He carries out his stressful job with the aid of a diverse group of people, including his executive assistant Jenni, his business partner and ex-boyfriend Ryan, his "trash man" and Jenni‘s husband, Chris, his house assistant Steve, his housekeeper Zoila and his numerous spiritual advisors and therapists.  Together, they not only serve as Lewis‘ business team, but also his somewhat dysfunctional extended family. Read more »