Articles for Flashpoint Season 3

The three big networks -- FOX, ABC, and CBS -- were neck and neck last night for ratings, with CBS finally coming out on top in pure number of viewers with shows like CSI: NY and Blue Bloods.Fringe, FOX‘s X-Files-esque cult favorite, was down 10% last night for its season finale, with 3.30 million. But never fear, because Fringe will be back for a fourth season. Fringe has slowly lost viewers over the course of its three seasons, despite progressing tremendously in terms of story. The season 1 finale was watched by 9.28 million, while 5.68 million tuned in for the season 2 finale. Will interest in Fringe continue to dwindle over season 4, or can the show regain some of its following? Read more »
Last night on the CW, Supernatural ended its sixth season with a disappointing dip in ratings. But don‘t worry, because Sam and Dean will return next season for more paranormal shenanigans.Supernatural was down 20%, with 2.21 million viewers for its two-hour season finale. In typical Supernatural fashion, the season ended on a sour note, leaving the characters in a rough situation. You can read our recap here!  Read more »
This is the deadzone, folks -- that dismal time of reruns between the end of our fall, winter and spring seasons, and the beginnings of summer TV. For now, we‘re stuck with whatever new TV we can get. And it‘s slim pickings.NBC‘s, Friday Night Lights was one of only a few shows last night in broadcast primetime with a new episode. It was down from last week, with 2.99 million viewers. Strange to see it drop with so little competition. Maybe everyone‘s away on holiday? Read more »
As fall shows end and you‘re waiting for summer ones to begin, it‘s the perfect time to dig into some TV on DVD titles. Two recent releases worth checking out: the fifth and final season of NBC‘s Chuck and the fourth season of Canadian import Flashpoint. What‘s inside the boxes?  Read more »