Articles for Felicity Season 4

Tangi Miller drew much attention when she was cast on the series Felicity. Her exposure on the drama series as Elena Tyler enabled her to be named as one of TV Guide’s Sexiest Faces. For four years, she played the smart and stylish character. She was Felicity‘s first lab partner who appeared to be fiercely competitive. Eventually, she became one of Felicity’s closest friends. Read more »
Scott Speedman was popularly known for his role as Ben Covington on the series Felicity, which starred Keri Russell as the title character. He was Felicity’s primary reason to move to New York. In contrast to Felicity, he kept his feelings bottled up to himself. He had a complicated family life and often made hasty decisions, which he would regret later on. But in the course of the series, Ben’s true emotions and sensitivity eventually came out. Read more »
I love the CW for bringing me Gossip Girl and for having the guts to resurrect 90210, but there‘s no denying that the network pales in comparison to the glory days of the WB.  For those of us who were teenagers in the ‘90s the WB was a truly special network.  They brought us such classic shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dawson‘s Creek, Gilmore Girls and Felicity, and such charmingly forgettable fare as Blue Collar TV, The Mountain, Tarzan and Black Sash.  It‘s hard not to feel affection for that bygone era, even if it did produce atrocities like 7th Heaven.The WB may no longer exist on television, but it‘s currently enjoying a resurrection on the Internet. launched yesterday and features full episodes of many of the shows mentioned above, as well as games, a blog, desktop wallpapers and some original web series. Read more »
As one crazy sci-fi experiment ends, another begins. Two of the executive producers of Fringe, J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman are working together on a new science fiction pilot. And this one will have robots!  Read more »
To Supernatural fans, Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict might be best known as Gabriel and God, respectively. In their new web series the Supernatural alums are hoping to get fans to know them by different names, their actual names ... well, kind of. In the vein of several other web series, most notably Con Man, Rich and Rob have created a web series inspired by their own lives and their interaction with the Supernatural fandom at fan conventions. Kings of Con is part love letter to the Supernatural fandom, part autobiography and part fantastic buddy comedy. Read more »
It might be fate that brought these couples together, but the writers put them through hell to get there. These are 10 TV couples who came back together in unusual and strange ways. Read more »