Articles for Farscape Season 5

Brought to you by the Sci Fi Channel, Farscape is an Australian-American television series following the exploits of astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder), who opens a wormhole by accident and finds himself propelled in a distant part of the galaxy.  With his experimental space mission gone awry, he has no choice but to wander among the alien creatures in a completely different universe.  What‘s worse is that he‘s trapped in a deadly battle between extra-terrestrial beings wielding technology he was never prepared for.  As John is hunted down by foes around him, he tries his best to formulate a plan that would take him back home.  He encounters numerous misfortunes, but he is eventually rescued and brought aboard a ship named Moya (voiced by Lani Tupu).  He later meets the members of the crew, who are being pursued by a cantankerous regime known as the Peacekeepers. Read more »
The CW is already gearing up for next fall. The network is looking to the future by moving forward on four potential shows, all of which have received an order for a pilot episode.The shows all fit nicely in the CW‘s two main genres: female-based teen dramas (Gossip Girl, 90210) and sci-fi dramas (The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural). The four shows include a prequel to Sex and the City, a reimagining of Beauty and the Beast, a new take on comic book hero Green Arrow and a slightly meta series from the creator of Farscape.  Read more »