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The CW is helping one charming and hard-working farmer find romance through a new reality series called Farmer Wants a Wife.  The show, which is based on a successful British program of the same name, will present the single farm boy with 10 beautiful women, all whom have are fed up with big city dating and looking to give the simple life a try. As with any reality dating series, the ladies will have to go through several challenges, including taking care of farm animals and driving tractor, in order to show just how well (or unwell) they can adapt to life at a farm.  The women will also be able to see just how compatible they are with the “back-roads” guy by going on various romantic dates. Read more »
Tired of the same old reality dating shows featuring unrealistically gorgeous, successful and rich young men on the lookout for the women of their dreams? Reality fans get ready for The CW‘s new fall offering, Farmer Wants a Wife. Already an international TV sensation, the reality series is finally heading to the United States to put the spotlight on one amicable and industrious farmer who has got it all—except for love. Read more »
When I first heard of the existence of Farmer Wants a Wife I thought it had to be some sort of joke.  Certainly a show with such a straightforward, Snakes on a Plane type of title couldn‘t actually be real, right?  Then I learned that it was a reality show on the CW, and soon it all made perfect sense.  As the CW‘s commercials have made abundantly clear, the show is a complete joke, but it‘s a legitimate competition as well.  Starting tonight, 10 city girls will compete for the affections of a 29-year-old Missouri farmer named Matt.  It‘s like The Bachelor, but with manure and a few more ho jokes. Read more »
Farmer Wants a Wife, The CW‘s new reality dating show with a twist, debuted last week on Wednesday, April 30.  It‘s hard not to shake your head with that title, and the premise of the show only proves the point. One lonely farmer is in search of his perfect match and has agreed to bring in 10 city gals to choose from.  Of course, given the title, the bachelor and the setting, beauty and brains aren‘t the only factors farmer Matt is looking for.  He‘s actually more keen on checking out the ladies‘ farm-related skills, using various farm activities as tests to see how well they can manage.  Of the 10 contenders for Matt‘s stamp of approval, two happen to come from Orange County. Read more »
Last week, dozens of people across America were captivated by the crazy Southern fried antics on Farmer Wants a Wife.  In case you missed the series premiere, 10 city girls arrived in Missouri with the hopes of falling in love with a 29-year-old farmer named Matt Neustadt.  He became smitten with Christa after a romantic date involving mint juleps and longing glances, and he somehow tolerated Josie even though she‘s completely insane.  In the end, Matt sent Stephanie home after she was unable to adjust to life in the country.Tonight, Matt has the girls get down and dirty with some pigs, then takes them out on the town for a wild night of playing bingo with the elderly. Read more »
It was exactly one week ago when we reported on the fact that there were two women from Orange County in the running for farmer Matt‘s heart on The CW‘s Farmer Wants a Wife.  Well, that was LAST week, there WERE two and since then, now there‘s just one. So what happened?  One of them got the boot from our farmer bachelor and she sure wasn‘t pleased about it. Josie Goldberg, easily the resident loudmouth of the bunch, did not go quietly off the farm and back into the city.  No sireee. Just the opposite, the spoiled girl from Laguna Niguel stood her ground (more like sat her bum) for hours, insisting on waiting for a farewell present before leaving.  Well, she didn‘t get any and was eventually left with no choice but to ride off into the sunset.  Here‘s what the kicked-out hopeful had to say to The Orange County Register about her all-too brief stint on Farmer Wants a Wife. Read more »
Last week on Farmer Wants a Wife, Farmer Matt finally realized just how much craziness Josie could pack into her tiny little frame.  After he wisely booted the lazy cow for frightening the elderly people at a bingo parlor, Josie refused to leave the competition until she received a parting gift.  She sat around huffing and stomping for hours, repeatedly telling the producers that they were going to have to call the sheriff to get rid of her. Unfortunately, we didn‘t get to see Josie carted away in handcuffs, because she left on her own after realizing that her consolation prize would never come. Tonight, the remaining girls participate in a tractor race, and nearly everyone bonds over their shared hatred of Brooke. Read more »
Could sugar and spice and oh so sweet be as bad as born obnoxious?  It seems that the Orange County girl left standing in the reality show, Farmer Wants a Wife, is no better-liked than her recently eliminated fellow Californian. Last week, we reported that notorious Josie Goldberg, the other Orange County lass in the reality series, was kicked out of contention for farmer Matt‘s affections.  She was unquestionably a popular choice among her fellow Farmer Wants a Wife contestants to get the boot, with her loud potty mouth and prima donna attitude.  What‘s turned out to be a surprise though, is how her much sweeter and nicer compatriot is now getting flak from the other remaining contenders. Read more »
For the past few weeks, we‘ve pretty much focused on Josie Goldberg and Brooke Ward – the two contenders from Orange County on Farmer Wants a Wife.  After Josie got booted in a dramatic episode where she boycotted the decision for several hours, Brooke became the sole OC representative left standing. This week, we take a peek at what tomorrow‘s episode is all about, and get some insight into another one of the hopefuls trying to win farmer Matt Neustadt‘s country boy heart. Read more »
Last week, the nation had a period of mourning as the CW aired reruns of Farmer Wants a Wife in order to avoid the juggernaut known as the American Idol finale.  Not only was I deprived of Farmer Matt‘s abs and butterface, but David Cook won instead of David Archuleta.  Anyway, on the last new episode of FWAW, Brooke and Lisa creeped Matt out by showing up at his house uninvited in the middle of the night.  Prior to that, Amanda impressed Matt‘s parents on their private date together.  Will her wholesome good girl image win the farmer‘s heart forever?Tonight‘s episode features both saucy square dancing and a dramatic corn harvesting challenge.  Let‘s see them do that on American Idol! Read more »
Tired of the same old dirty reality dating series?  Here’s one to freshen up your view on the dating scene—The CW’s Farmer Wants a Wife.  The reality show, which aims to help one charming and hard-working farmer find romance, is based on the successful British program of the same name.  The CW gathered 10 city girls to compete for the affections of 29-year-old Matt Neustadt from Missouri.  Since April 30, we’ve been served up with butterface goodness and city-girl-gone-country antics that surely entertains our Wednesday nights. Read more »
Last week on Farmer Wants a Wife, we learned that stalking a hunky bachelor isn‘t enough of a crime to get someone kicked off the show.  Brooke and Lisa, who previously showed up on Matt‘s doorstep in the dead of night after finding his address on a discarded magazine label, managed to survive the elimination round.  While stalking may be acceptable in the state of Missouri, it‘s apparently illegal to be antisocial and unexcited about square dancing.  Farmer Matt decided to eliminate Stacey after getting the impression that she wasn‘t enjoying his down home country gatherings.Tonight, Matt plays a drinking game with the girls that quickly turns crass, and the contestants battle each other in a bake-off. Read more »
Previously on Farmer Wants a Wife, we saw how the women went into the kitchen and brushed up their culinary skills in a bake off to give Farmer Matt a taste of their pie.  We also saw how the women attempted to shear a sheep, much to Matt’s delight.  He was impressed, up until the women had a revealing drinking game in which Ashley got so drunk she let slip a bad word which rung in Matt’s ears.  The following day, the gang headed to the local fair, where Matt judged the women’s pies and hailed Amanda the winner of the challenge.Tonight, the elimination was stellar as the name of the unlucky girl who was heading home appeared through a giant display of lights in front of everyone to see.  Lo and behold, it was Lisa’s name that appeared, and she openly received Matt’s thoughts about her not being much of a farmer’s wife. Read more »
In last week‘s episode of the CW‘s Farmer Wants a Wife, we saw a whole lot of pie, which were all made by the women to impress our farmer, Matt.  In fact, Amanda was the star baker of the challenge, as Matt hailed hers the most delicious among the batch. Last week we also saw how Ashley placed Matt in an awkward spot more than once.  He tried to get to know her a little more, but to no avail as they soon realized they didn‘t have much in common.  Amidst the drama of the reality competition, Matt has revealed himself as a simple guy with dreams of finding the woman of his dreams.  Last month, he spoke to the River Front Times to let us in on his thoughts about the show. Read more »
Last week on Farmer Wants a Wife, the girls had a bake-off that led to plenty of crass, if subtle, innuendo involving pies.  One person who decided not to keep the innuendo on the down low was Ashley, who came right out and asked Farmer Matt if he‘d like to sleep with her.  This chardonnay-induced inquiry made things extremely awkward when they shared a private date later, but Ashley tried her best to explain away her dirty comment.  Though Ashley dropped an inappropriate F-bomb, it was Lisa who was chosen to pack her bags and head back to the city.  After all, a farmer‘s wife isn‘t meant to be a standoffish, hypocritical stalker.On tonight‘s episode, the girls put on a talent show for the local townsfolk, and Ashley puts Matt on the spot yet again. Read more »
Judging from the ratings, Farmer Wants a Wife is a fairly popular show.  After all, this Bachelor-style reality show from the CW offers a refreshing change from the usual tuxedoed, well-shaved men who vie for a lady‘s affection, or women in sultry long gowns pitted against each other for a man‘s love.  To those who are not familiar, Farmer Wants a Wife takes city women in grueling and at times funny farm-themed challenges.Such popularity, however, comes with a price.  Just like any other show, Farmer Wants a Wife becomes subjected daily to ugly rumors and nasty comments from people on message boards.  This range from the mundane (“Matt is an unattractive nerd,” or “Brooke is wearing an engagement ring on her Facebook account.”) to the downright silly (“The show is not really filmed in rural Missouri.  It‘s just a huge backdrop,” or “Amanda was on Crowned!”) Read more »
Last week on Farmer Wants a Wife, Matt forced the final five girls to show off their special skills in a local talent show.  There was hula hooping, terrible comedy, the Electric Slide, the worst rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" ever warbled by a sober person, and a group butchering of "Old McDonald" that made my ears bleed.  As if that weren‘t demeaning enough, the girls later had to participate in an elimination ceremony that involved shoving their hands up the rectums of pregnant cows.  After that delightful task, Ashley was eliminated for being outspoken and off-putting.Tonight, the remaining four contestants play nice in an attempt to impress Matt‘s family.  Can the city girls dazzle the country folk while facing tough questions, or will they crumble under the pressure? Read more »
The past seven episodes of Farmer Wants a Wife have provided an interesting, occasionally horrifying look at the realities of farm life.  Farmer Matt Neustadt has put his wannabe brides through all sorts of down home trials, forcing them to put on a talent show, bake pies, stick their hands up the rectums of pregnant cows, harvest corn, shear sheep, and play bingo with senior citizens.  Tomorrow night, the farmer with the chiseled abs and the butterface will finally pick his little missus.  The only question remaining is whether he should choose Christa or Brooke. Read more »
For the past seven episodes of Farmer Wants a Wife, we‘ve watched as Farmer Matt Neustadt narrowed down his list of potential spouses.  It‘s obvious that Matt needs a woman who is a bingo champion, a knitting queen, a mean apple pie baker and great at racing a tractor.  She also has to be able to spot a pregnant cow with just one swift punch to its rectum.  This is a rare combination of qualities that could never be found outside the world of reality television.  Last week Matt eliminated both Amanda and Kanisha from the competition, leaving only two ladies to fight for his affections.  Which one will win the farmer‘s heart?On tonight‘s season finale, Matt takes each of the girls on a private date, then calls a town meeting to announce which lucky lady gets to look forward to a life of sheep shearing and pig wrangling. Read more »
During the eight episode run of the CW‘s Farmer Wants a Wife, many viewers were skeptical about the legitimacy of the show.  Was Farmer Matt Neustadt really a nice, down to earth country boy, or would there be a big twist at the end revealing him to be a rich billionaire?  Did he actually have any intention of settling down with one of the contestants, or was it all reality TV manipulation?  In this day and age when shows like The Hills pass as "reality," it‘s natural to be skeptical.After sitting down to interview Matt and Farmer Wants a Wife winner Brooke, I can confidently say that there‘s nothing to be skeptical about.  The couple is just as nice, genuine and completely smitten with one another as they appeared to be on television.  Read on to find out if Matt and Brooke stayed together after the show ended, and what their plans are for the future. Read more »
Just as Matt Neustadt of Farmer Wants a Wife did find a potential wife with winner Brooke, the Portage Des Sioux, Missouri farmer just doesn’t have time these days to think about television.  According to the New York Times, Matt’s farm is just one of the many along the Mississippi and other rivers that are taking a beating from flooding.According to him, the Neustadt family land, near Alton, has flooded at least a half-dozen times in the last 35 years.  Things turned from bad to worse when a levee near his family’s farm gave away, which opened up some 700 acres of their farm to flooding.  Yet even before the levee broke, seeping groundwater had covered the land. Read more »
Let‘s face it.  With the crop of reality dating shows of late, the genre has lost any semblance of credence it may have in finding people their supposed soulmates.  And the endings of these kinds of shows have ranged from the shocking to the downright absurd.  Season 3 of Flavor of Love ended miserably for fans as Flava Flav opted to propose to the mother of his children Liz rendering the whole season utterly pointless.  On the 11th season of The Bachelor, Brad Womack chose no one between the two finalists, Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas.  More recently, Tila Tequila of A Shot at Love picked Kristy Morgan during the finale, only to be rejected.  Kristy would later reason that she “just went with what her heart said.”Apparently, the trend is not true for Matt Neustadt and Brooke Ward, a couple borne out of yet another reality show, the recently concluded Farmer Wants a Wife.  According to The Orange Country Register, Matt and Brooke are still together.  In fact, Brooke drove all the way to Missouri “to see her man.” Read more »
After the finale of Farmer Wants a Wife, media outlets have mostly focused its attention to Missouri farmer Matt Neustadt and Dallas native Brooke Ward, who won the reality dating series.  Now, we focus our attention to Christa Ackerman, the runner-up who went home with a broken heart."I had an absolute blast with you ... and I feel terrible.  I feel a stronger bond with Brooke.  I‘ll never forget you," Matt Neustadt told Christa Ackerman at the time. Read more »
Following a few interviews here and there, Matt Neustadt and Brooke Ward, the woman who captured his heart on the reality dating series Farmer Wants a Wife, finally goes public as they appear together for a fundraising event.  If you want an update on the status of their relationship, you can ask them yourself today at the Big Kahuna Celebrity Bartender Challenge, which will be held at Side Pockets in St. Charles.Matt Neustadt, a 29-year-old farmer from West Alton, Missouri, was the star of The CW‘s Farmer Wants a Wife, which is based on the British program of the same name.  The series, which premiered on April 30, followed Matt as he chose a potential romantic partner among a group of 10 single city women.  In the end of its eight-episode run, Matt chose Brooke Ward, a 22-year-old marketing representative from Dallas, Texas, over runner-up Christa Ackerman, a 21-year-old cocktail waitress from New York. Read more »
Matt Neustadt, a 29-year-old farmer West Alton, Missouri, appeared on The CW‘s Farmer Wants a Wife in attempt to find a potential romantic partner among a group of 10 single city women.  Though he was attracted to several ladies on the show, his heart was eventually captured by Brooke Ward, a 22-year-old marketing representative from Dallas, Texas. And while the premise of the Farmer Wants a Wife certainly suggests the future direction of their relationship, a wedding date has not yet been set for Matt and his potential wife Brooke. Read more »
Matt Neustadt has been busy with charity-related appearances now that he has already found love in Brooke Ward on The CW‘s Farmer Wants a Wife. Two weeks ago, he and girlfriend Brooke participated at the Big Kahuna Celebrity Bartender Challenge, which was held at Side Pockets in St. Charles.  Most recently, however, he was featured in yet another charity event that is most close to his heart. On Saturday, the Farmer Wants a Wife star posed for pictures and signed autographs as part of St. Charles‘ The Concert for Flood Relief, a free public event featuring various musical groups and entertainment exhibits held at Frontier Park along the Missouri River. Read more »
Lisa stirred up a lot of trouble during her few episodes on the CW‘s Farmer Wants a Wife.  After becoming friends with eventual winner Brooke, Lisa was part of the epic toilet papering scandal of ‘08, and also annoyed farmer Matt Neustadt by randomly showing up at his home late one night.   After being labeled fake and hypocritical by some of the other contestants, Lisa was eventually eliminated for failing to adapt to country life.Lisa may not have found love on the reality show, but she did attempt to use the exposure to further her career.  The Los Angeles native recently released a music video on her official website, which you can see below.  Check it out and decide for yourself if Lisa has a shot at stardom. Read more »
If you‘ve ever watched a dating reality show, especially thehigh profile, marriage-goal-oriented ones--think multiple singles competing forthe love of one seemingly perfect mate, like Joe Millionaire, Farmer Wants aWife, and (of course) The Bachelor/The Bachelorette--the phrase has likelybecome a familiar, though still ambiguous, part of your vocabulary: "(s)he‘snot there for the right reasons." It‘s the all-encompassing term for any specious behavior on behalf of a contestantwho appears to harbor ulterior motives, however slight, other than fallinghead-over-heels, puppies-and-picket-fences, babies-and-bathtowels in love withthe star of the show.  And if the phrase gets spoken aloud about you--if anothercontestant accuses you of not "being there for the right reasons," especiallyto the person whose love for which you‘re competing... have your bags packed, buddy,because it‘s also the kiss of death for the next elimination ceremony, or atleast soon after. Read more »
Have a holly, jolly, scary Christmas! Today NBC announced that Fear Factor, once again hosted by Joe Rogan, will return to NBC starting Monday, December 12 at 8pm with two-hour episodes.  Read more »